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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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dow jones on a day where we came within a point of dow 20,000, there's the closing bell for all of team fox business on the ground of las vegas in the consumer electronic show, we need to tell you it has been a rocking day here no dow 20,000. david, melissa, you're breaking that and of course breaking developments out of ft. lauderdale. melissa: absolutely. stocks losing steam in the last moments of trading. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq still closing at new records. the dow, though, coming within a point of 20,000 today before pulling back and didn't even break a record. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asmand. very busy day. thank you very much. we've got you covered on the market day but first breaking new new brunswick out of florida. ft. lauderdale airport on lock down after five people dead, eight others injured. we are now hearing from the sheriff that at this point it
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appears the apprehended shooter acted alone. he is in custody. he has been preliminary identified as u.s. -born of new jersey. he reportedly had his gun checked in his bag. was carrying a military id as well as a concealed carry permit. here is how one man described the scene as he was told to take shelter. >> there had been reports gunshots fired in the garage, and they're locking us down again. they said they think somebody is in the garage right now. they just said that seconds ago. they told everybody get on the floor. michelle, get down. they told everyone to get down. oh. oh, god. everybody's laying down on the floor between the carousels. david: now, those reports of a second shooting turned out not to be true.
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but authorities were acting with a lot of caution. they are stepping up security at airports all over the country. we will have much more on this as details develop, and they are developing throughout the hour. melissa. melissa: meanwhile markets rallying despite that news. the dow coming extremely close to 20,000 during today's trading session. adam shapiro is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam, markets not reacting to the shooting, but we couldn't hit that record. close.h. and we came so i mean, at one point this morning what? 19,999. but this market is all talk no action. and the dow, you know, for the first trading session of the year this week, it's up a little over 1%. but the, you know, year over year, the dow is still up over 20%. t generating to 20,000. take a look at nike. nike is up almost 2% today. their sales in the united states up 11% in 2016.
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don't count out adi out adidas, though. german sportswear company. goldman sachs up 1.6%, disney up 1.6%, visa up 1.4%. the traders are saying next week 20,000. melissa: all right, adam, thank you for that. here to react we have chief economist michelle front yard, we have paul of alvarez and forbes media chairman steve forbes. wow quite a panel we have there. michelle, let me start with you. talk to me a little bit about the jobs report we have today and what it tells you. we saw hints some of wage growth there. what do you see? >> yes. you know, i think we saw the economy ended a year on a relatively solid note. of course this is all before we had any of the real benefit that we expect to see in 2017 from a more pro growth fiscal
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policy. but even with the somewhat disappointing if you will versus maybe estimate of job gain, we did see the wage numbers continuing to firm. the year over year rate rising to almost 3%, the highest since mid-2008. and i think this is good news. it's finally to the point where the labor market enough slack has been absorbed. we're starting to see some wage growth. and, again, this is something to be cheered. we're still at levels that by no mean should have anything worried about inflation overshooting significantly. melissa: yeah. paul, your take. >> i think the results came in as expected. particularly in a u.s. economy that's been growing at a 2% gdp over the last eight years. i think an important thing to take away, though, in particular is that this metric, the jobs data is essentially a lagging index. and i think, you know, reconciling that, i think the market has largely looked past that and by evidence of what we saw today almost closing in on 20,000. melissa: yeah, that's a great point. steve, what do you think?
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>> i think it underscores just, though, how sluggish the economy has been when you look at labor force participation rates. we should be going at the 250, 300,000 a month consistently to take up that labor force. so good but not great. melissa: yeah. jack, do you agree with that? and also, you look at this market that we have now, a lot of people think the reason we've roared toward 20,000 and haven't been able to cross it has been the reversal in the bond market. that has indicated that maybe we got a little bit ahead of ourselves. does this jobs report reflect that? >> the jobs numbers are strange; right? the wage growth suggests to me that the labor market has gone a little bit tight. but as steve says, there are so many people who have fallen out of the labor force. plenty of workers who you would think would come right back in. it means we have a mismatch out there between the people who have lost their jobs, they're not necessarily finding opportunities in the same line of work, and that's a problem we're going to have to fix going forward.
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melissa: yeah, michelle, some people look at the unemployment rate and say it's so low here we are sitting at full employment and yet people aren't feeling that's the case. do wages reflect the fact that maybe people are employed but maybe not as much as they would like or don't have the money they need? >> well, i think, again, we make the point that 2.9%, the wage growth numbers are far from levels that would be seen in a much better economic environment. and i mean 3 to 4% is a level you would say would be consistent with just 2% inflation. so we've seen some firming. but i think as the point has been made, you've got a lot of people that are still on the sidelines that are not in the labor force that can be drawn back in if the economy improves and if wage growth continues to improve. melissa: yeah. >> so i think that these numbers are okay. but they're certainly not -- there's nothing here that suggests to me that the economy is performing in any kind of stellar fashion. melissa: yeah, paul, you deal
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with the markets. and that's always how optimistic the companies are going forward. does it feel the spirits are coming back to the deal business? >> oh, absolutely. historically january, for example, has been one of the slowest markets for m and a and this year we're flat out. we couldn't be busier. and i think also when looking at the jobs data, it's important to look at the various segments or the sectors in there. melissa: yeah. >> and professional services where i work, we can't hire people fast enough to meet client demand at this point. melissa: interesting. david: steve forbes, let's look how the news is affecting the markets. obviously today the shooting down in florida sent jitters through the market. that's what took it off of that dow 20,000 mark and eventually closed before 20,000 again. we are still waiting for donald trump to become president. and waiting to see what he focuses on in the beginning. very important as we saw with obama. the first thing that a president focuses on and becoming president is usually the most important. what do you think it's going to be and what is the market
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want it to be? >> well, i think one reason why we didn't break the 20k today is as you know there's a lot of uncertainty, growing uncertainty out there about whether or not they're going to push for a radical tax cut at the beginning, whether they're going to wait. what actually are they going to do on health care? there seems to be a little disarray. david: steve, what should they do first? health care or tax cuts? or both? >> repeal obamacare, especially the employer and the individual mandate and the taxes and still keep the -- what you might call safety net parts until you come up with something better in the next few months. but they've got to lead with a radical tax cut both in rates cleaning up the code, having good incentives for people to put money to work. you lead with that and the markets are going to respond. david: let me get michelle to respond to that. michelle, there are has been a focus on obamacare in the past couple of weeks. suggestions from inside the beltway, that's what they want to focus on.
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don't taxes have more importance for the market right now? >> exactly. don't get me wrong, a rolling back of regulations is going to be very positive for businesses. but what the markets want and need are the tax rates. and that's what folks are waiting for more information on. waiting to be sure they're going to be retroacademy to the start of 2017. that's the biggest risk here. if this stuff breaks out and if are companies are in a wait and see mode because they don't want to take action because we have more clarity, we could see a situation where the start of 2017 is somewhat disappointing. and so that's one of the things that i think this administration has to be careful to avoid. david: well, paul, nobody knows the pain of paying taxes than a guy in business like donald trump. don't you think that's where his focus should lie and is lying and maybe he's being distracted by the folks inside the beltway? >> all important priorities. i do agree with someone like
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president-elect trump that that would be one of his top priorities and hopefully he's not get the distracted by some of the other things. this is someone who's a deal maker; right? he should be very focused on taxes. >> be careful about putting too much trump in your investment decision right now. let's say that everybody is saying trump is going to be gung-ho for growth. what have we been saying during the obama years? the growth has been lousy because rates are so low. maybe you see growth pick up but also rates pick up and the market doesn't like it. david: steve forbes, that's a great point. i know a lot of investors who when president obama was reelected, they began selling off their stocks. they lost one of the best rallies in recent years. >> the key thing too, though, in terms of interest rates, the fed should really just get out of the way and let markets set rates between lenders and borrowers. this is a critical reason why small and new businesses have had a hard time getting reliable lines of credit. why we haven't had the kind of job creation and innovation we
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should have. so if you let the markets operate, they will take care of themselves. we saw that in the '80s and '90s. step back and by golly, people will do it. david: michelle, is there a price to pay for having been at 0 interest rates for so long? while we unwind that, which both donald trump and the fed have said they want to do, is there a price to pay? >> well, this is the point that i think is a good one that's been made. we've been sitting and living with rates that have been artificially depressed, and as we move, it allows the markets to let rates move to levels that are more appropriately fundamentals or maybe let the fed get out of the way and rates move up. it is going to be an adjustment in the marketplace. but that's why getting these tax cuts to get the economy growing is going to be so important. there's an offset to the fact that the fed, you know, we see it with the dollar, we see it with rates rising, i mean, those things has to happen. we can't not let rates normalize. but, again, that's why there's
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going to be so much pressure to get the pro growth fiscal policy offset. david: guys, we have two screens. the airport on the left side, the markets on the right side, this whole hour we're going to be toddle back and forth between those two stories. melissa: ft. lauderdale international airport at least five people killed, eight others injured after being gunned down at baggage claim. the shooter appears to have acted alone and is in custody according to officials. cheryl casone has the latest information from the newsroom. >> that's right, melissa about 12:55 p.m. eastern time today, shots fired. they encountered one gunman and they're now saying -- and they just had a press conference about 30 minutes ago -- that one gunman appears to be responsible for the shooting. he is in custody. again, five fatalities confirmed from the sheriff's office. eight people currently being treated in local hospitals.
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the 25th busiest airport in the nation, and it is right now the busy season, so the airport was likely very crowded. as far as we know right now, the airport is still closed. with those live pictures what you can see still is still a bit of a chaotic scene because it takes a while to unwind what certainly became so many unknown questions. you have that first shooting that was reported. there was a secondary shooting reported. that turns out to not be the case. the noise came from the garage, luckily that second shooting a false alarm. what do we know about the gunman? senator bill nelson id'd him. he was carrying a military id, 26-year-old, had a florida driver's license on him. he had landed on a air canada flight. took his bag off the baggage cart, went into the bathroom, loaded his gun, went back out into baggage claim, and began shooting. witnesses were calling it a shotgun. but we don't have confirmation exactly what type of weapon he used, melissa. then he reloaded.
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so he stops, he reloads the gun, and he tries to shoot again. again, five people killed in the baggage claim. this is terminal two. one of the busier terminals. delta, air canada, midwest. reportedly coming in from air canada, and we should say that he had a concealed carry permit on him, melissa. so he legally -- legally checked that gun on that air canada flight and then collected it and n baggage claim. so right now we're waiting to get some updates from the hospitals in ft. lauderdale area and also we're trying to figure out when the airport is going to be open. we should say right now most animallers are advising passengers to check status. some planes were on the run ray and taking off from the incident. but at this point the airport is closed. former white house press secretary saying he is okay, he is safe. but he also on twitter
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describing this, melissa, as sheer panic in ft. lauderdale. melissa: wow. i can't even imagine how terrifying it was. cheryl, thank you for that. please come back on with us when you get more updates. david: joining us now is pat, former nypd detective. he is literally right down the road from ft. lauderdale airport. by the way, the people, pat, around the airport who live in surrounding areas, they must have been a little panicky today as well. >> hey, david. i'm actually right outside the airport. we have our office just minutes from the ft. lauderdale airport. it's very, very chaotic scene. federal, state, and local law enforcement converging everywhere for the last couple of hours. it's astonishing. it really is. and, you know, we took a quick dive on this guy. we were monitoring him on our whole operations center outside manhattan, and it's very interesting. we did a dive on his record. all he has is some reckless driving charges, very minor
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stuff. and, unfortunately, what he did today was precisely how i flew into ft. lauderdale yesterday is he checked his weapon like i do. you put it in a locked box, and you put the ammunition in a separate container, and you put a little piece of paper on it, and you're good to go. he went into the bathroom, evidently, took it out of the locked box, and put the bullets into the gun, and then it was off to the races. so it's terrifying. david: it's extraordinary and of course it's going to be days before we figure anything about motivate. for the moment, though, it does appear he's a lone gunman. brow browar county sheriff's office, considered a good possibility that it was terrorism, the fbi would be taking the lead; correct? >> quite likely. quite likely. it would depend on his act.
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broward will take the lead until they get more color on this guy. david: you don't want to take a chance. and of course airports, you know, the port authority has been on high alert as a result of what's happening. i'm sure the same is happening in major airports all over the country. l.a. chicago, et cetera. that's a good precaution, is it not? >> you could be certain they will be. this is just another example, david, we live in a society that's pourous. it's legal to take a gun unloaded and have the bullets in another compartment. bad actions and bad intentions, you have a horror show. and that's what we have here isn't we're headed into a weekend, most of the passengers either getting on or about to take off were vacation bound or coming from vacations. i see melissa is shaking her head because she was just involved in that kind of travel as well. so i'm wondering how this is going to slow up the whole
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system. we have a lot of businesses that are dependent on tourism on this country, particularly this time of year. this is going to slow things down quite a bit for them. >> no. question at all. i mean, you see every time there's a tsa or otherwise a violent incident, you have protocol and policy changes, which basically evolve into giant disruptions of service. david: forgive me for interrupting but is it likely that as a result of what apparently happened with this passenger going into a bathroom after grabbing his gun, loading up, and then shooting passengers that that kind of thing will be stopped? that people will not? is it possible that they may change a protocol on carrying a weapon on a plane? >> it's only in the last three years, david, that this -- it's called hr218 was the law that obama signed in january of 2013.
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up until then, you weren't allowed to take weapons. even in a vehicle, never mind a plane. so you may see a reversal in that policy or law. david: of all those protocols. all protocols involving weapons onboard. pat, thank you so much for calling. we really -- pat who is just down the road from ft. lauderdale. melissa. >> any time. melissa: plets bring in former homeland security adviser for new york state. sir, thank you very much for joining us. what jumps out at you of this situation? >> the timing, the fact that he waited until he was in an area where he had a lot of unarmed. he could just -- very spontaneous attack. take out as many individuals as he could as quickly as we could. these types of incidents are nearly impossible to anticipate and stop. security and law enforcement
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right now. melissa: we heard one of the witnesses who was inside the baggage claim area described eeriely what happened. in the fact that he came out of the bathroom and was shooting people and then stopped to reload and then shooting people again. is it surprising to you that he would be able to go on for that period of time, given that there had to be security and police in the area? i mean, if you think about what it looks like when you are down baggage terminal, and you're getting ready to leave. you know, it does seem like there would be law enforcement in that area not so far away that they wouldn't be able to come in the time that it took to reload. >> we don't know yet and hopefully there are surveillance cameras in the area that will tell us this iwhd around ahead of time and decided that there weren't any law enforcement individuals around and available to stop him or at least giving him a window.
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if there's an indication he did not want to die. he was planning to get off his rounds as effectively as possible. so we really need to know what did he do ahead of time? and in terms of just -- and because of the spontaneous nature and remember, it's seconds -- even though it seems like a lifetime before it's over. so it's very hard to respond in a way where you're right on scene, you have the line of sight, you're able to engage with a firearm the individual who's doing this. very, very difficult. . melissa: of course we pick apart as well how it could have. in this case of the nightclub, they said there should have been more armed guards. in this case no doubt people are going to attack the idea of people traveling with a weapon. it wasn't too long ago i knew people going on hunting trips. you couldn't check your weapon when going onboard. and it was impossible to transport, even for a hunting trip or whatever you were trying to do to transport
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weapons. as the prior guest pat said hr218 changed that. will that be reversed now? >> as a red flag for the folks that do the screening of the luggage, the baggage to try to spot are being transported -- when weapons are being transported and perhaps alert officials ahead of time that there would be a way that they'll have to pick up these weapons separately, maybe in a separate part of the airport. because i think the gun lobbyists are going to push back on the able to put these things and travel with them, particularly for hunting and things like that. so i think initially for legislation might be handled best in terms of inspection and response should someone want to travel with this. melissa: michael, thank you so much. david. david: all right. here now is bill daly, former fbi agent.
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bill, as i mentioned before, the fbi is not taking the lead, it's the broward county sheriff's office. that usually indicates it's not a terrorist situation. on the other hand, whoever this was, if it's who his id claims he is or whether he was using that as false identification, clearly he knew how to use a weapon and use it effectively. perhaps he does have military training. i would think that someone in the fbi would be suspicious that perhaps this is somebody that a terrorist organization would like to link up with. so i don't think that terrorism has been ruled out entirely, has it? >> nothing initially that suggestions it but of course that's the fbi is staying involved, david, to just dig deeper into it and see if there are any connections with individuals, or has he been in some way inspired by outside actors to do something. but at this point, there's no indication of it. and that's why we do see the fbi taking -- at this point heavily involved or involved
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in doing the interview as we speak along with detectives. i'm sure as well as the atf to understand better what the whole complexion of this -- david: boy, bill, does it surprise you that the gunman just laid down his weapon? he just walked away casually from the authorities when they drew their weapons. eventually just sat down. it seems like the act of a almost suicidal murder act, but clearly it wasn't. >> there are so many twists to this thing already we understand. i mean, between him being authorized to carry the weapon and inquiry into that how did he get that authorization, even under hr218 to be able to carry the weapon. but even the fact when committing this act, he didn't run, he didn't then confront police, which you would assume. david: he doesn't fit the psychological profile. >> you knew it was going to happen, and instead he surrendered. david: bill, i'm sorry we have to cut you off. we have to leave it there. bill daly. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. melissa: any new information out of ft. lauderdale, the president-elect is now weighing in on the shooting. his response is coming up next
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melissa: president-elect donald trump reacting to the deadly shooting at ft. lauderdale international airport just moments ago. this as trump just receiving a brief from u.s. intelligence director on evidence that russia hacked democratic targets to tip the election in trump's favor. fox news john roberts is standing by at trump tower with the latest. john. >> melissa, good afternoon to you. donald trump, the president-elect and his vice president elect mike pence keeping a close eye on developments there at the ft. lauderdale international airport. trump tweeting out a short time ago quote monitoring the terrible situation in florida. just spoke to governor rick scott. thoughts and prayers for all. stay safe. the shooting happened just as donald trump was beginning
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what was arguably the most significant intelligence briefing of the campaign and his transition period. the heads of the director of national intelligence, rather, the heads of the cia, the fbi, and the national security agency spent about 90 minutes with him after that meeting, after that briefing, donald trump releasing a statement saying quote had a constructive meeting and conversation with the leaders of the intelligence community while russia, china, and other countries outside groups, and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our government institutions, businesses, and organizations, including the democratic national committee that was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election, including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines. so donald trump making at least a acknowledgment there, melissa, that the russians may have been involved in trying to hack the servers at the democratic national committee. donald trump said that improving america's cyber security is a top priority. one that he will take very
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seriously when he takes over the reigns of power on the 20th saying that he will appoint a group to look into cyber security, do whatever it needs to to make america safe, and he will do that within the first 90 days of taking office. melissa. melissa: john roberts, thank you for that report. david. david: and more specific on this breaking news, according to a declassified intel report, u.s. intelligence agency say russian president vladimir putin ordered a quote influence campaign to aid donald trump in the election. here now to react is scott, former cia operations officer. scott, yesterday general jim clapper, the head of national intelligence said it's the most difficult thing for an intel officer or agency to figure out is the motivate for any kind of mischief, any kind of intel mischief like what happened in the elections. how certain do you think they are? how certain do you think the cia is that the reason that russia was interfering with
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our elections was to elect donald trump president? >> there may be some truth to that statement. however, i k wehould keep in mind that, you know, russia is always going to attempt mischief in u.s. politics. and the fact has done so for many years. this isn't the first time. but what was unique during this incident was that the democrats let themselves open themselves to vulnerability because they had such a poor -- they basically very embarrassing -- internal communications, which were then exposed perhaps by the russians. but it doesn't change the fact that i think it's more a political gambet for the democrats to shift the blame for their rather crushing loss in the election than -- and suddenly they've discovered that russia is a threat whereas intelligence professionals such as myself understand that they have been a formidable threat for more than ten years. david: another thing that general clapper said yesterday it happens on both side. people in glass houses
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shouldn't throw stones. we interfere with other country's elections as well. do we not? >> certainly and even cases where the united states government does not, the perception is there is that the u.s. government does so. there are a lot of, for example, that have been active in russia and many other countries and they're legitimate governmental agencies. many of them look at them that they refuse to believe that the ngo have that sort of status and believe that they're the pawns of the u.s. government. so they also tend to see sometimes innocent participation by ngos as proof of u.s. medaling. david: scott, very quickly. what do you think -- how does this if at all change donald trump's relationship with intel agencies of which there are now 17 in the u.s. government as a result of this information now coming out? does it -- will it change his relationship at all with intel? >> i think mr. trump has shown that he is a very mature attitude toward intelligence.
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and his recent -- now he's recently named ambassador to be the likely to be the future dni and his choice cia director. and also general flynn. all of these people are known to be very conceptual of russia. general flynn in recent book was speaking about the russian, iranian nexus. so all of these people around mr. trump are very wary of russia, and i'm sure that will have a great influence on mr. trump's policies. david: scott, former cia director, thank you very much for joining us, scott. melissa. melissa: donald trump's victory but a few last minute protests disrupted the progress. we're going to take you live to the capitol for an update. that's next
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david: after a slow start, the dow surging today all the up to within just a half of a point of 20,000. teddy on the floor of the new york stock exchange. teddy, i know it's just a number but why couldn't we get a half a point for goodness sakes? >> i guess it just wasn't in the cards. darts and horseshoes. oh, so close but yet so far. we'll get there, david. i don't think it's a problem. whether it's next week, next month. i think the direction's quite clear. the least resistance on the upside. we'll get to dow 20,000 and probably get well through it. david: teddy, ever since the
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election, we saw this huge initial pop of the trump rally and then flat line for a couple of days and then for the past three weeks, we've been flat lining just below 20,000. why? what's the hesitation? are they waiting for something from trump? the fed? or what? >> well, i think we all agree there's nothing really rational about stock markets and the price of individual stocks, david. i think the direction is higher. you know, things just don't go in a straight line, you know? there's all sorts of cross currents going on all the time with markets. clearly the election was a huge game changer for the stock market. i think all this pieces are still in place. we'll get where, you know, for the bulls -- the bulls will be satisfied. i think we're going up, and we're getting through 20,000, you know, whether it happens in a straight line or zigzag line, which is usually the case, i don't think it really matters. the fact is we'll still get there. david: teddy, great advice. have a great weekend.oo, david. thanks. melissa: congressman after
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counting electoral college votes on the house floor. fox news' mike emmanuel is standing by with the details. give us the nitty-gritty, mike. >> melissa, good afternoon to you. it's typically just a final check of congress over the electoral college's certification. but this of course was not your typical election. vice president joe biden, senator majority leader mcconnell were on hand to review the 2016 electoral results. somehow democrats tried to protest those results in ten different states that were won by donald trump. but senate democrats would not join them. so vice president biden had to shut down his fellow democrats. >> even as people waited hours. >> there's no debate. if there's not signed by a senator, the objection cannot be entertained. >> it's signed by a member of the house but not yet a member of the senate. >> well, it is over.
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[laughter] [applause] >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi told reporters that she understood her members raising concerns. she supported them raising those concerns but was not actively encouraging them. but with no senators joining the protest, pelosi knew it wasn't going anywhere and donald trump will be our 45th president. >> this joint session having been concluded pursuant to the senate resolution 2 of 115th congress, the chair declares the joint session dissolved. [cheers and applause] >> two weeks out from election day and congress has signed off on the 2016 election results. republicans up here on capitol
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hill like house speaker paul ryan say it is time to move on. it is over. but we'll see, melissa. melissa: and god save the queen. he just through that in there at the end. i mean, why not? >> that's right. melissa: mike emmanuel, thank you so much. david: interesting times. okay. we are awaiting florida governor rick scott. he's going to be giving an update any moment now in the deadly shooting at ft. lauderdale airport. we're told it's at 4:45 eastern time. that's about three and a half minutes from now. we'll take you there live. stay with us
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david: and back now to that deadly shooting at ft. lauderdale international airport. at least five people killed. eight others injured after being gunned down at a badge claim. the apprehended shooter is reportedly in custody. we're expecting the governor at a press conference any moment. let's go back to cheryl casone in the newsroom. cheryl. >> we are and governor scott has just been briefed by the broward county sheriff's department. so we're going to get those
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comments from him as you mentioned at any moment, david. also, we're just learning from the faa that the airport hollywood international expected to reopen at 6:59 p.m. expected being the key word. just because an airport opens doesn't mean that flight operations are going to be back to normal. it's nothing but canceled and delays if you look at the board. delta, jetblue, and spirit. many airplanes diverted when this began this afternoon. now, here's what we know about the gunman. the sheriff says it was a lone gunman. esteban santiago was the name, he was carrying a military id, a florida driver's license, 26 years old. we do not have a motivate as of yet. there are reports that he was a member of the alaska army national guard. several news organizations saying alaska army national guard. working to get more details. 26 years old. now, according to reports, he actually came in on a air canada flight.
4:46 pm
we don't have the origination yet. but air canada flight. he comes in, he picks up his bag, he legally checked a firearm in that bag, and then he goes to the bathroom, takes out the gun, takes out the ammunition, which were separated, loads the gun, goes back to the baggage claim in terminal 2, and begins to shoot. five fatalities are confirmed, eight are wounded being transported to local area hospitals. we have not gotten any updates on the other victims that are no doubt fighting for their lives. as for the airport, it's still frankly a scene of chaos right now because you've got passengers that either just abandoned their bags as they were running or, david, you know, were actually filed out through the tarmac. we saw a lot of pictures earlier today from that. so we're trying to get new details for you. david: by the way, i believe what you're seeing on your screen right now -- i may be wrong in this, but that's very much like the kind of vehicle that carries prisoners. that may be the suspect being taken out of the airport. that's a guess on my part. but that does look like the type of vehicle used to transport prisoners.
4:47 pm
cheryl, thank you. melissa. >> you bet. melissa: all right. here now is ron wheeler, former dc homicide detective and fox news contributor. rod, what jumps out at you now about this situation? >> well, right now, i can tell you and the viewers that the law enforcement investigators are really trying to determine, melissa, exactly why did this individual choose the ft. lauderdale airport to commit this horrific crime? now, there has to be some connection as to why he decided to go there. and in addition to that, why did he decide to take his firearm and put it into luggage when in essence all he had to do was drive to any airport and do -- accomplish the same thing. so that's right now what the priority is for law enforcement. the other thing is whether or not this individual if there were any warning signs with this person, had he made mention to any of his friends or associates that he was going to do something like this. so the investigation is still very preliminary. believe it or not, even though they have this guy in custody, they're still aggressively trying to figure out what, in
4:48 pm
fact, motivated him. melissa: no, i mean, that's a great point. he was already through security on the other side, he was in an area where they let people come in and pick other people up. so there was no reason sort of to take that flight and then take it back out. he could have walked into, you know, the airport that he departed from if it had been here in the u.s., and he's originally from new jersey. so that's a very interesting question. i don't know -- what are your thoughts on that? >> well, you know, the thing is there had to be some connection to the ft. lauderdale area, maybe the miami area. i'm thinking maybe the guy had family or relatives in that area. something had to drive him to that particular airport. and whether or not he even knew someone there that worked at that airport. now, why do i say that? because there are has been some reports, although unconfirmed, that maybe this was domestic-related. maybe there was someone that worked at that airport that's fine or that he knew in the past. we don't know. but, again, that's what our job as investigators is, melissa.
4:49 pm
it's to try to put the pieces together, connect the dots to see exactly what drove this guy to go to that airport and to commit this crime. now, one other thing real quickly. i just spoke with an individual high level military, and he says that it is possible that this guy could have been in the military and as you just reported, they're saying he was a member of the -- i think the alaskan state military or national guard. so it's not unusual that you can actually take a weapon and check it in your luggage. people do that every day. now what we have to look at, though, is the process in which you pick that weapon up. maybe that weapon should be picked up at a law enforcement agency once you arrive to where you're going. melissa: yeah, fascinating insight on a terrible situation, rod wheeler. thank you so much. >> sure. melissa: david. david: when we come back, we're still awaiting the presser. we'll take you there as soon as it happens with the governor of florida. meanwhile, look at this. just under the verge of 20,000 the dow is. what do you need to know from steve's forbes, forbes magazine and jack. coming up next ♪
4:50 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . david: the markets slugging off the attack for the most part in ft. lauderdale and a weak jobs report and surging to an all-time high. most of them, anyway. but where gorelick from here, jack and steve forbes are back with us. first to you, steve. i'm kind of surprised. it always shocks me when we have an event like the shooting in florida, how quickly the markets have absorbed terrorism news or whenever this turns out to be. >> well, we've been coping with this for over 15 years now. and so we know these things tragically are going to happen. so unless it's something with the infrastructure, we absorb the blow and hopefully we're going to do better next time. david: and, jack, i guess thankfully this does seem to be a lone gunman.
4:54 pm
when there's no after effexor accomplices on the loose or something, the markets quickly forget about it. >> yeah. the market doesn't really price in people's sorrow and disgust. it just looks as what the likely effect on commerce is, and there doesn't seem to be any broader sign that this is going to have an effect. david: okay. focusing now, jack, on the markets. what do you think happens on monday? and what is the market waiting for? it has been in this three-week kind of flirtation, if you will, tease with dow 20k without going much beyond it. >> yeah. i've been asked, like, 18 times the past few weeks when dow is going to hit 20,000? my answer is the same every time. the next trading day. i'm guaranteed this time, mind you, david. the market next year is -- my prediction for the market next year is you get 7% earnings growth, which is much better than we had last year. but you only get a 5% gain in the stock market. add your 2% dividends, a 7%
4:55 pm
return. not piling into shares like lack of better options like they have for the recent years. david: steve, on the other hand what donald trump claims to be able to do a 3 or 4% gdp growth rate would be double what we've had the last couple of years. the market can't ignore that. the market has to rise. but at least as strongly as it's been rising for the past year; right? >> well, the key thing is how quickly do they move forward with these big tax cuts and removing the burden of obamacare, especially on small businesses. getting these things done in washington, getting confirmations done, it's going to be a very difficult thing. you saw this with ronald reagan. took over a year and a half before his boom hit. david: but didn't we learn from that, steve, you shouldn't compromise. particularly if you have a republican congress, just bull ahead full speed ahead and don't look back. >> yeah. some people are hard to educate, you have some people in the house and senate talking about let's do it later in the year.
4:56 pm
let's be deliberate about it. we can't think about it too much. they get timid and trump has to push it through, and i think that's what the markets are going to be looking at the turn of the year. how hard and how fast is he going to push this? and how quickly will the house and the senate respond and pass a tax bill that he can sign? because the democrats are going to fight it every inch of the way. david: all right. i'm shaking my head because timid of growth, timid of putting more money -- >> timid of doing anything. david: okay. >> a lot of sloth in washington. david: steve, thank you very much. steve forbes will be forbes on fox on fox news it channel saturday at 11:00 a.m. thank you, guys,. melissa: and we'll be right back
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5:00 pm
scott, he is expected to give an update. at the shooting at ft. lauderdale airport. david: we'll bring everything to you live as soon as it happens. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> before:1 testimony today we have an active shooter in term that 2, investigation continues, we have s.w.a.t. team clearing the airport. there will be no movement in or about the airport until s.w.a.t. teams give me real-time information that it is safe, right now we're taking this scene is considered fluid and active. liz: breaking news, broward county sheriff tweeting, if you are near the airport, don't be alarmed, but a bomb squad will detonate a suspicious package near


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