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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX Business  January 6, 2017 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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obnoxious they are. c i think they might forget which country they are representing. it seemed like i was watching a foreign parliament where they were getting all rabble rouse the. at this point is what it is and i enjoyed -- agree with joe biden is over. lou: and what was at the biden said byron at the end, all hail the queen or something? that's what he resorted to. your thoughts. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it ended any other way. after all there was an effort when the electoral college voted last month to try to influence that. and by the way we did see this the last time in the year 2000 after that very contested election. they were members of congress who stood up in the house during the electoral college certification protested in the interesting twist there was al gore the loser about election was a sitting vice president at the time and had to rule them
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out of order. they were working on his behalf. lou: as annoying as this is it's the first time we have been annoyed in the joint session. what do you think of all of this consternation over russians trying to intervene in our election, president who told us he knew about it in september, probably before but talk about it with putin but did nothing about it, said he should cut it out and to his own intelligence agencies and the american public knew about it in october. they still did nothing but now in these final hours of the lame-duck the obama administration he wants to have a big talk about it. c i think it's really complicated. russia is and has been a thorn in our side. we have had difficult relations and obama is suddenly decided to take a hard line.
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his political about this election would instead if you want to be successful about taking a hardliner pressure you have to elevate the discussion on cybersecurity overall. this is a mistake he does it's becoming a clinical score mentioned people are getting on board with it. people are confused by it. lou: let's be clear but who isn't getting on board. the democrats are not getting on board with it because the left appears to be so silly, i mean they are being stupid. this is reached too far even for the schumer clowns and for the head clown himself, don't you think? >> well there is no doubt that this is mostly just partisan politics although the issue of the russian hacking in general is something that you know very well republicans have criticized the obama administration for not being tougher on over the years. there so many different moving parts in this story but i think
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this unclassified version of the report that was released today is not going to satisfy a lot of people because it's a series of conclusions without any of the evidence that underlies the conclusions so if you are inclined to be skeptical you are still going to be skeptical of this report. lou: after you see this report be sure to look at this element and i want to bring this up are contained within the report about what looks to be at least the intelligent agency's assessment of the putin motivation. moscow's approach evolved over the course of a campaign based on russia's understanding of the electoral prospects of the two main candidates. when it appeared to moscow the secretary clinton was likely to win the election the russian influence campaign began to focus more on undermining her future presidency. it reads blackmail. does not read in support of donald trump. they never expected according to
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the reports the very agencies that this obama white house politicized and pushed to carry out their stratagem of subversion blows up even on the pages of a report that was released to the public. >> it's funny i was just reading that segment right before we came on and you know the thing to remember here is that putin and the russians were reading the american press. they were following the election and they thought clinton was going to win because everybody was commenting in the press thought clinton was going to win. lou: the idiots who're trying to explain to donald trump why he should use the most effective communication tool he has which is his twitter account that he uses to great effect and which drives the left-wing media because they can't color filter and distort his words. >> it's absolute his wit being heard and it's the only way he can be heard unfiltered sillies
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using it to set the conversation that everybody is disgusting and i think it's very effective even though people might label it dangerous. lou: only left-wing idiots will do that. or right-wing idiots who still can't quite understand the will of the people sometimes rarely but sometimes actually matters and shapes outcomes and our electoral process. byron york in recorder i feel better about the country, don't you? >> absolutely. lou: thanks so much. the reason for investigating the possible motive for today's deadly shooting at the fort lauderdale airport. a law enforcement official telling us the gunman told the fbi in november that the government was controlling his mind and was forcing them to watch islamic state videos. "fox news" correspondent phil keating is at the airport with the very latest for us tonight on the attack. good evening, phil.
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c good evening lou. six hours after the airport when on absolute lock down, nobody about to come to the airport property, nobody allowed to leave everyone was evacuated from terminal one. people interminable to have been stuck there for six hours. finally some relief. the terminals one, three and four are now being empty. people who have cars can walk to their car and leave the airport property and if they done have a -- they can go to the port of everglades where he can get on a cruise ship. they have a terminal set up so a lot of people can at least get some food and water and try to make some hotel arrangements. take a look over here at terminal one. these three jets just pulled up, too united and one west je these are planes that landed on the airport property right before security and law enforcement but the airport on lockdown said they were stuck out on the tarmac sitting in those planes for roughly six
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hours. finally they were able to get to a jetway, get to a gate and get inside and make their way out. you can see some of those people earlier walking in through the windows. you know that was not the experience in there but it wasn't a happier scene here as well. it was an absolute terrifying and panicked scene for about two solid hours. initial shooting happened at roughly 12:55 when the suspect identified as esteban santiago apparently from new jersey who served in the puerto rican national guard deployed to iraq in 2010 and 11 according to reports and his brother contacted by the new york daily news, when he returned from middle east via quote lost his mind and had been in recent months in anchorage alaska where he was living being treated for mental health issues. in fact we heard from law
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enforcement sources to "fox news" that a november, just two months ago he went into the fbi field office in anchorage complaining that u.s. intel was planting seeds of isis propaganda in his brain making him watch their videos. clearly they thought he was disturbed. they sent him for further study and he was taken for mental health evaluation and according to the brother he was recently being treated. but what law enforcement believes here as he checked himself in his luggage on the plane in anchorage alaska this morning flew domestically to minneapolis and then on his way to fort lauderdale. he had put a handgun apparently interlocked box within his luggage and he checked that in anchorage which you are allowed to do as long as you let the airline know your gun is in there and your ammunition is separated according to witnesses when he got his luggage at the baggage claim here at terminal
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two which serves primarily delta and air canada he got in the baggage claim area and got access to his luggage, removes the gun and goes in the bathroom at the gun and ammunition, was the gunman comes out and just start shooting complete strangers in about four minutes of absolute terror and carnage in panic. five people killed, shot in the head, eight others wounded. they are all currently at broward county hospital where reportedly all are in stable condition but according to witnesses there was blood everywhere, blood all over people. people were running and sheer panic all over the place.knowing whether this was a lone gunman are part of the team when it was terror-related or just a very disturbed individual. according to the broward county sheriff who's leading operations here at the airport on the shooting control the security of
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the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport they believe this was a lone gunman who acted by himself. around one 8:00, 1:30, 1:45 that was the assessment that it was a single one on act shooting that happened. it was horrible, five dead, eight injured but planes were starting to take off again and land again and it seemed like the airport was trying to resume some normal operations but suddenly ran 2:00 there was a second wave of chaos and panic and fear for their lives and there were reports of gunshots in the garage here at terminal two. s.w.a.t. teams are running in their with their weapons in the air and then suddenly thousands of passengers who were already is in terminal one at terminal two waiting at the gates, they fled out the jet ways onto the tarmac because there was another report by several sources of passengers who thought they
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heard gunshots in the air. thousands of people are back here behind me running all the way to the north end of the property is far from the terminals as you can possibly get hauling their luggage with them. finally six hours after all of that it appears buses are here on site and people are being evacuated out of here at the airport will remain closed for the night, no flights in or out of fort lauderdale hollywood until sometime tomorrow. lou: thank you very much. we did see live pictures of the aircraft moving as you reported. they are just being move to a gate for services. there had been earlier reports that the airport with the able to return to normal operations at 659 eastern time. obviously that is not the case. phil keating as always a terrific job of reporting and giving us an account of what has been a horrible, horrible day, five lives lost, eight others tonight in stable condition as
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phil reported in fort lauderdale all of the questions that will only grow in number as we will be frustrated as we have been far too many times in this country by senseless, senseless acts of violence. up next year president obama has failed the city of chicago for the past eight years. now, after being asked about his record of failure he is offered one of the most unimaginably bad answers. pastor robert jeffers will join us to talk about how it is that so many people murdered in chicago could apparently be considered by this administrator in the democratic party that has controlled the city of chicago simply acceptable collateral damage. pastor robert jeffers joins me next. stay with us.
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to a question about what is driving the crisis and this president who fancies himself a very smart fellow told a local news outlet in chicago this, quote it appears to be a combination of factors. i don't think there is one reason and i don't think there is a silver bullet answer for it that's right, he said there's no silver bullet without even the slightest sense of irony or inappropriateness. eight homicides a been reported in chicago so far this year. that's better than the 12 murders that a been committed i. joining me now to talk about this the pastor of first baptist church in dallas pastor robert jeffers. pastor is great to see you. i have to say this president hasn't talked about those murders, that level of violence in chicago his hometown. rahm emanuel talks about illegal immigrants in the sanctuary city
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and has a sense of pride about his teaching continued support for singh shorey cities even as the city is no sanctuary for some of the most deprived people >> we can talk about violence in chicago and in america. this terrific thing we saw in chicago, teenagers torturing a disabled man. what causes this? weekend talk about the breakdown of the family and we can talk about disrespect for law enforcement that racial tensions that i think obama has exacerbated, those were all secondary causes. at the root there is a spiritual sickness in america. the russian writer doshi askey said without got everything is permissible and for the last 60 years in this country of allowed two separate this country from its judeo-christian moral principles and the result is everybody creates his own
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morality and we are reaping the consequences of that now. >> it's not an accident that this country has become far more secular. secular is even to kind of a word for what we have become. we have become anti-religious. we have not only become godless but we have become anti-god, try to bury god in our society and our personal lives on every level. but what i cannot understand is why the left make its their mission to do so because it's the mission of the left. it is not a mission of the conservatives or the republican party. it is specifically the left. >> absolutely. for the first 160 years of this nations history there was a general adherence to the judeo-christian ethic. did you know for the first 100 years of our nation's history
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school children would actually read from and memorize the new england primer that included memorizing scripture verses live the beginning of wisdom, honor your father and mother. nobody saw constitutional conflict with doing that but this war against christianity happened 60 years ago. lou: keeping religious -- out of the public square. president trump says he's going to get rid of it. you talked with them recently, your thoughts? >> president trump is going to deliver the promises that he has made and even the secular mike resident trunk -- president trump doesn't think it's in the nation's best are service that people go to church less. he thinks we ought to embrace spiritual values more and i believe he's going to make it possible to do that and more fashionable to do that than we have seen in recent days. lou: it's interesting that were
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fashionable that you use there. there's a lot of role model and a man come isn't there? i think they are going to see that develop a more stronger and vivid images when his presidency begins. the man is taken over the leadership of the country. pastor is great to have you with us. appreciate it. up next travelers passing through florida's fort lauderdale airport today describing hours of violence and chaos. >> the shooting started in this building and mass chaos of people running by. was hard to decipher what was happening. lou: dan longino and bo dietl join us as the search for answers begins. stay with us, we will be right back.
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lou: we are learning a little
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more about the gunman in a florida airport shooting. officials say 26-year-old esteban santiago is an army veteran. he complained the government was controlling his mind. he was having a serious, serious mental episode. he served in iraq with the national guard but was demoted and discharged last year for unsatisfactory performance in general. his brother said he had been receiving psychological treatment recently. joining us now former nypd officer former secret service agent dan bungee no and former at and wine tea -- nypd detective bo dietl. bowie will start with you. this is the man obviously having mental problems and you know the questions are going to come about the gun, first how he had it in the fact that an airline let him fly without having any kind of declaration or paperwork
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and here we go again. >> supposedly he and alaska went to some fbi people and was talking to them and he was saying he was being controlled and they were forcing him to become an isis member. at that point i think alarms go off a little bit but then again maybe in their mind they thought it wasn't serious. lou: we did take them for psychological help but what we don't know is obviously wasn't enough and it wasn't appropriate or successful. dan, your thoughts? >> lou this is the classic trade-off between liberty and security. we have these people who have clear psychopathological issues. we can't just have some blanket process where they are all relinquish other constitutional rights. i'm not suggesting that. i'm just saying there's no due process that we do that. what it really comes down to is a matter of family and personal responsibility.
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family members who saw there was a problem here, there was something going on they should be the ones doing an active, proactive reach out to law enforcement to make sure they know something is going on and then it's on law enforcement officials to do an appropriate investigation. there's really no easy answer for this lou. if every time someone claims to be a little bit depressed they have to worry about having their gun rights taken away nobody's going to say anything. lou: this is far more than being depressed. one family member described him as being out of his mind, losing his mind about a month after his young son was born and that was sometime in october. >> again with their gun rights in our country you have a very lax gun right laws in alaska and florida where he ended up. people realize you can check an unloaded gun in your leg it into your bag, you are supposed to claim it.
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depending on what airports in what state you are supposed to claim that gun is in that bag even when it's unloaded. there's not supposed to the ammunition that same bag so there's a little drop there but every bag is checked is not x-rayed so a lot of times they don't know what's going on. lou: i suppose we should say the suspect is clearly video pictures of this person, another military person who is in deep mental trouble whether directly related to his service in iraq, either way we are back to what donald trump's been talking about. we are not taking care of our veterans. we are talking about people who desperately need help. >> lou we have been talking about this for years and your show. we are losing 20 veterans everyday committing suicide in this is ongoing.
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that's almost 6000 i believe a year, 20 a day and this is something we are facing. their other ones sitting at home and committing suicide so there are a lot of mental problems with our veterans and we have got to help them. i hope the new head of the va is going to deal with this in give them psychological help. lou: we have a -- as a country have got to make sure it happens this wouldn't have even been discussed if donald trump with a number of issues over the course of a presidential campaign if donald trump hadn't made it a point. you have to believe he's going to make certain that this is taking care of. dan you get the last word here. >> lou at subjecting our veterans to third world medicine. the third payer party system with zero accountability. everybody knows it's a problem and you know what the moral stain on society as lou democrats or republicans believe


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