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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 9, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> have a great day, everybody, we'll be back tomorrow from the j.p. morgan conference here in san fran with jamie dimon. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much, maria. i'm going to call it a frenzy of hatred. the left cannot handle donald trump's win. good morning, everyone. what a way to start the week. the rally and keeping jobs in america. just look at this. an outpouring of contempt from the hollywood elite led by meryl streep. the golden globes awards became a parade of hostility, directed at the president-elect. and calling him out, what merrill lynch said--
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meryl streep said. forgive the slip, please. stuart: instead of the boos of that mike pence did, hillary clinton got three standing ovations. and saying the presidency was already tainted beyond redemption. [laughter] >> already tainted beyond redemption, already. this is an attempt to spoil the inauguration next week and disrupt the cabinet this week. it's going ton contentious and i think it's going to be ugly. now, the rest of the news, stealing that expression from someone else. chrysler fiat bending to trump's pressure. they will spend a billion dollars and create 2000 jobs in america. general motors going the other way, saying they will not move small car production back to america. gm has not fully repaid the taxpayer bailout money.
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the market is firing up again in a half hour. the election, rally added. gee, will the hollywood types give back their trump rally gains? no. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch, but football and mixed martial arts and the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, it kind of broke my heart. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. join me in supporting the committee to protect journalists because we're going to need them going forward and they'll need us, to safeguard.
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stuart: that was last night and as you might expect, mr. trump, the president-elect tweeted his response to meryl streep this morning, directly responding to her. what did he say. ashley: yeah, okay, let's begin with his response, says, in a tweet, meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood doesn't know me, but attacked me last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky he goes on who lost big. for the 100th time, i never mocked a disabled reporter, but never would do that, but simply showed him grovelling, changing a 16-year-old story that he wrote to make me look bad. liz: how does name calling make america great again? doesn't it under cut mr. trump's agenda by responding in ways like this? and he demeans himself. you cannot expect people to climb on board with your agenda when your judgment is doing-- is so poor in making attacks like that. stuart: i got it and i think you're right.
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meanwhile, hillary clinton, well, she to in a peormance of "the color purple" on broadway over the week. i believe the audience, as you can see, gave her three standing ovations, liz, is that right. liz: boy, you could see the smart phones and cell phones popping. she was at the saturday night performance, and you're right several ovations and bill clinton you could see in that clump and also chelsea clinton. quite different from when mike pence got wrongfully booed at "hamilton", i say wrongfully you should never single out anybody for an attack. stuart: it's a contradiction for the pay that mr. trump is perceived and talked to and the rest of the celebrities. now, i want to get to the market fast because at precisely 12:43 p.m., last friday, we almost made it to dow 20,000. ashley: look at that. [laughter] >> very, very close, about as close as you can get. it seems to me that it's just a
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formerty to let there. ashley: we've struggled for almost a month, new money coming in, the earnings season and i think it will be okay. the new money is going into the equity markets and i see us moving higher. stuart: we're down at the opening bell, 40, 50 points so we're moving away from 20k. i believe we'll get there very shortly. don't forecast the market, stuart, don't to that. news this morning, according to the media reports, fbi arrested a top vw, volkswagen executive on conspiracy charges regarding the emissions scandal. all rise, we brought in judge napolitano on this. it's a criminal charge. >> yes, yes, the fbi doesn't tell us the exact charges until the person appears in court. and of course, he can't be prosecuted until he's indicted. in order to arrest him, they have to present a criminal hen
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indictment for an arrest warrant. to lie to the federal government about emissions from the diesel engines, so, it is the conspiracy to mislead the government that forms the basis -- i suggest. i haven't seen any paper work, none of it's made public for the arrest. stuart: it's interesting, that we don't have any perp walks after the bailout of wall street eight years ago and we have a perp walk and emissions scandal involving a foreign car company. >> a very, very astute observation, mr. varney. >> sarcasm is a low form of wit. >> the answer is that if the government wants to embarrass you, they call for your arrest. >> what about the other side of the corner. chrysler fiat agreed to spend a billion dollars in america and
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pushing by president-elect trump. >> i know why you're smiling. you know that i'm happy that donald trump is going to be the president of the united states in ten days, but you also know that this type of behavior goes against my view of the pre market. which is those entrusted with the investments of others, like the management of general moto motors, investments of their shareholders should be able to manage as they see fit. the government should not put its finger on that scale. stuart: i understand that, however, general motors is saying, we're not going to bring back small car production out of mexico and bring it back to america. and this is the company that was bailed out by the federal government and has not fully repaid the bailout money. >> it's easy for me to weigh in on this, there never should have been such a bailout. stuart: should we strong arm and tell you should bring it
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back because you owe us money. the time they bailed them out, they failed to get concessions from them. if they had said here is $100 billion to bail you out and you have to do xy and z. they'd be legally bound by the xy and z. but we failed to say bring it back to the u.s. stuart: you will live for another block. [laughter] >> jeff sessions, for attorney general, the nomination hearing-- confirmation hearing starts tomorrow, on this program. we'll be all over this. in the meantime, the left appears to me to be in a full-court press railing against mr. session's nomination. here is the latest example. the new york times editorial board out with this headline, what are you hiding, jeff sessions? come on in, please, the attorney general, the great state of texas, mr. ken pac
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>> can they stop. >> the answer is no. president obama said many, many times, elections have consequences. in this case, elections have consequences. inventory' spent the last two years fighting the obama administration. it's a breath of fresh air to have an attorney general nominee who will actually follow the rule of law and follow the confusion. stuart: now, when the voting takes place, it's a simple majority to confirm or not confirm, they need 50 votes in the senate, they've got 52. however, is it not possible that a couple of republicans could waiver and say, no, we reject this nominee? not necessarily jeff sessions, but maybe rex tillerson? >> sure, i mean, anything is possible, but in this case, i think that, you know, jeff sessions has the respect of the entire senate. i think he has the respect of the legal community as an incredible background, an attorney general of alabama,
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he's been a u.s. attorney and obviously, a u.s. senator for over two decades. stuart: we're saying that the left is going to move heaven and earth and create a great deal of noise to undermine the president-elect and his incoming administration, and to spoil the inauguration. are we right? >> no, i have no doubt. i'm looking at some of the articles as you are. again, elections have consequences and the republicans control this process, they have a majority in the senate and i think you're going to see jeff sessions confirmed and i think a great choice for america. the fact that trump nominated him sent a signal very early that he was going to be nominating really quality people who are going to make a difference in our country. stuart: you confidently expect the confirmation of all of mr. trump's nominees? >> i do. stuart: okay. sir, welcome to the program, thanks very much for being with us. it was very short, but i'm sure you'll be back later in this week, we appreciate you being here. >> hey, have a great day. thank you.
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stuart: how about this? varney talks football. aaron rogers and green bay packers defeating the new york giants. this is the nfl wild card playoff round. key highlight, a hail mary. i know what that is. liz: you do? [laughter] >> a hail mary pass, you see randall cobb. the next one sunday versus the dallas cowboys. by the way, just to show you how much i know about this, this was the third hail mary from mr. rogers in the last two seasons. >> does the church of gland still say a hail mary? >> i'm on dangerous ground. >> you are, move on. stuart: quickly. look at that, this is california. severe flooding after storms dumped several inches of rain central and northern california at higher elevations, several feet of snow came down or are expected at least in the sierra nevada.
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when there are widespread evaluations, the storms are expected to relief california's lawn drownout drought. what's next? tucker carlson star of the fox news channel. we take a look at the apoplectic left and donald trump's wit. back in a moment.
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>> well, meryl streep accepted a lifetime achievement award at the golden globes last night. now, her speech was full of real contempt for donald trump. she attacked him on several fronts, including his alleged mockery of that disabled reporter during the election. well, mr. trump hit back early this morning with a series of tweets. here is one. meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood, doesn't know me, but attacked last night at the golden globes. tucker carlson tonight is the new show, debuts on the fox
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news channel at 9 eastern today, this evening, and tucker carlson is with us this morning. tucker, i don't like the president using that kind of personal attack and i don't think he should have demeaned the acting talent of meryl streep. what say you? >>. [laughter] >> i can't speak to the acting talent of meryl streep, i personally-- he shouldn't be responding to meryl streep. meryl streep shouldn't be boring the rest of us with her political views and hollywood should take a second and think through what the last message meant and what the message america was sending to it, and hillary lost and the message there. the pose behind it all, meryl streep, we're the persecuted ones, we're the underdogs, we are no, you're the overdogs. to pretend that you're a victim when you're succeeding is
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really annoying to me. stuart: do you think that the left can win, win on this one? they're going off the inauguration, there will be huge demonstrations and the media is going after president-elect trump and his cabinet selections and the celebrities have contempt for the man and you put it together, a full court press by the left to undermine the incoming president and i wonder if there will be a degree of success for the left in this particular issue? >> of course there will be. of course, this is a powerful group, right, and there are a lot of them and basically every famous person in america hates trump. what i'm struck by, it's not about specific issues. if they were to get together and say we disagree on him about x, and until he changes x, but we don't like his style, he's a bigot, his soul is dark, they're nonspecific charges. if you want to succeed, you
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know, you've got to narrow down your ask and i don't know what their ask is other than trump go away and that's not going to happen. stuart: who do you have as your first big guest on your new show? >> i can't tell you that. i'm afraid he'll cancel if i say it out loud. we have tom friedman, new york times and a bunch of people. it going to be good. stuart: we'll all be watching, tucker and congratulations on the new time slot. you're going to knock them flat and that's a fact. >> appreciate that. stuart: i know, you do. it's a fact. tucker carlson, 9:00 eastern time. we will be watching. tucker, thanks for watching us this morning. >> good to see you. >> sure thing, sir. coming up next, the latest on the fort lauderdale airport shooting. a gentlemen for judge napolitano, did the fbi drop the ball on this one? of course, we're watching dow 20k. watch this, 19, 999.63? think we can hit it in the next three hours? i'm opening.
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in fact, i think it's going to be neil cavuto, who i know is sitting there eager and waiting for 20k and he thinks it's going to be during his show. ashley: i can see him smiling.
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>> look at the price of oil.
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it is way down today. the opec agreement does not include iran and they have upped the amount of oil that they are producing and exporting. that's why the price of oil is down this morning. this is a warning. we have graphic video of the moment that the alleged fort lauderdale airport gunman opened fire on those unsuspecting travelers. this comes to us courtesy of tmz. sources now tell fox that esteb esteban santiago told agents back in november that agents infiltrated his mind and forced him to watch isis propaganda videos. they took this away from him and gave it back to him. >> i think in this case, this one shouldn't have been closed. >> shouldn't have been closed? >> shouldn't have been. >> do you think the fbi messed up? >> i think that the fbi would tell you this is not what the fbi wants.
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they do a very good job, but they obviously missed this one. stuart: the fbi missed this one. the judge is back. i think this boils down to the following. should the government, under what circumstances be allowed to take a gun away from a legal owner if they deem him to be mentally unstable? >> you know, the deeming of instability needs to be made by a judicial officer and not by the government itself, but i dare say, we need to know why they gave the gun back and we need to know why they took it. we haven't seen the fbi report that at some point will become public. suppose he said to them, if you give me that gun back, i'm going to shoot you. they wouldn't give it back. if you give me that gun back i'll shoot my mother. they wouldn't give him the gun back. if you give me the gun back i'll go to an airport and shoot, they wouldn't give it back.
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and the theoretical concept of your question, can the government take guns? no, the government demonstrates you are so dangerous, so mentally unstable that you can't be trusted with a gun. stuart: on your screen, by the way, that's santiago arriving at the courthouse earlier today in fort lauderdale. now, they took him away, took his gun away, took him away to a mental facility. >> yes. stuart: had he been evaluated there and then, he could claim privilege. you can't say what i said to the psychiatrist. you could say that, he could have said that? >> that is true, but for the fbi to confiscate something, there has to be a record of why they confiscated. and for the fbi to return what they confiscated there has to be a record of why they did it because we have to be able to judge whether the fbi dropped the ball and how. stuart: so we need that information? >> and we will get it soon. stuart: we will? >> yes. stuart: thank you, judge. >> you're welcome. stuart: see you at 11:00. >> you got it. stuart: what we've got here, we've got a few minutes away of
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the opening of the market. please remember on friday we were less than a point from 20k. we're going to get there today, this week? well, we're not going to get there in the first few minutes of trading today, maybe later. we'll see. back in a moment. for your goa, this is a strategy i'd recommend. this aually makes sense. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. yeah, that's great. being clear and upfront. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> well, we are 36 points away from dow 20,000. we will not hit 20,000 in the first few minutes of business. we are probably going to open lower to the tune of 40, maybe 50 points. it's monday morning. it is now precisely, bang, here we go! 9:30, we're off and we are running and we're going to be down. yes, sir, we are, down 29 points in the very early going. narrowly mixed i think is probably the best expression. of the left-hand side of your screen is red. it's changing around, but there's plenty of red there. s&p 500 down .13 and the nasdaq ever so slightly lower, look at that, no, it's not. it's .1%. the price of oil is way down, that could be hurting the stock market today. $52 a barrel and iranians are producing a whole lot of oil and are not subject to the
9:31 am
restrictions of opec. who is with us on monday, the price of gold is up $6. who is with us? we thought we would be approaching dow 20,000 in the early going. we're not, we're moving away from it. ashley, liz, keith fitz-gerald, all of them ready to go this monday morning. here is my question, i think it's a for malty that we hit dow 20,000. my question is when we hit it, keith, do we then start a new leg up for the market? is that what's going to happen? >> that is what i believe. we're going to fight it out around 20,000, we have not had a selloff following the trump bump. so we have several months of profit that people have to come to terms with. lower oil, and they're waiting for consumer credit and data. all of that is conducive to a market that's working normally and wants to move higher.
9:32 am
stuart: so we shouldn't move away from the market because it's close to 20,000. liz: profits have been going down for five straight quarters and suddenly an a quarter, year over year gain and we are can he cutting into earnings season so that could bump it higher. stuart: the companies are reporting profits if it's good to pretty good, it's confidence for the market. ashley: a lot of money ready to come in. stuart: a couple of individual stocks, here we go. here is what it happening. fiat chrysler is going to invest $1 billion in the united states. the stock is up 1%. give me the details. ashley: the latest auto company trying to get on donald trump's good side. making three new jeep models in the u.s. plus, the ram heavy duty pickup truck now being built in mexico will now be made in the united states, adding 2000 jobs, also, they're going to retool, they say, factories in michigan and ohio. donald trump responding by, how else, by tweet. stuart: what's he saying?
9:33 am
>> it's finally happening, fiat chrysler, investing in ohio and michigan, 2000 jobs after ford said it will expand in michigan and the u.s. thank you, ford and fiat c. stuart: he's taking the credit by tweet. ashley: why not. stuart: of course. toyota stock that went down last week after the trump tweet about a big border tax. keith, you've got to be a little worried as a money manage are buying any stock that could get trumped because that could push it down. any worry about that? >> well, you know, of course there is that worry because he's very loose with the tweets, but here is the thing. it's not so much that the ceo's are fearing for trump or looking as an investor to have trouble with trump. no ceo on the planet wants to appear unpatriotic right now. never mind trump and the tweets, if they're with the unpatriotic brush, then toyota's brand is strong and
9:34 am
they'll move nicely no matter what he tweets. stuart: check the big board, we're three, four minutes into the session monday morning, we're about 100 points away from dow 20,000. 19-9 is where we are, the market is down this morning, off 60 points in the very, very early going. now, let's have a look at big retailers because last week, they were all in the red. we're looking at kohl's, macy's, penny's, l brand. all of them are down again this monday morning. more in a moment. vw, as in volkswagen, an executive has been arrested on federal charges, this is stemming out of the emissions scandal. volkswagen stock holding right around $31 per share. the arrest not affecting negatively vw stock price. look at netflix. "the crown", that's their production, "the crown", won golden globes best series and best actress nomination.
9:35 am
the stock was at a record high of 133. so up a bit this morning. big deal in the pet business. all right, nicole, i know this involves mars. who knew that mars was involved in pet food, but apparently they are. nicole: apparently they are, and actually goes back to 2014 when we think of mars, you think of m & m's and snickers. but back in 2014 they made a deal and they picked up from procter & gamble a couple of the big pet food names, aims and natural. and the hospital for pets is up. and premium on the deal 31%. this is with the debt, 9.1 billion deal. so mars now, finest health care provider vca and they want to expand in this area and i want to tell you what people spend on their pets, do you want to know. stuart: yes, a lot. nicole: pet food $23 billion. supplies and medicine 14 billion.
9:36 am
vet care, grooming, boarding, regardless of the economy, everybody loves their pets. stuart: exactly. recession proof. nicole: right. stuart: people will spend a great deal of money on their cats and dogs and pets and they just do that kind of thing and mars sees it and is putting 9 billion-- they're really a pet medication company more than anything else. nicole: vca has hospitals and 60 diagnostic centers so this expand not only into food, but also pet care, 100%. stuart: who knew? i did not to that. nicole, good story. check the big board. it dropped a little and we're now below the 19,900 level. more on the retail problem here. the clothing retailer, the limited is going to close, wait for it. all 250 locations. liz: yeah, it's a rare move by a retailer to go strictly on-line, fully on-line. that's the strategy right now. what are the results in the holiday season?
9:37 am
on-line sales were triple what they were at department stores. that's astonishing. so, you're right that the trend is there, you know, all of the departments stores are hit and their sales are down 40% the last 15 years. ashley: and i think another hit for the mall operators out there, yet another staple of malls of america has gone. stuart: that's true. keith fitz will you buy any retailer unless that retailer has a big footprint in on-line selling. >> not in a million years, no way. stuart: short and sweet, not in a million years. mr. trump has gone after the car companies ap industrial companies. he's more or less stayed away from the big names in technology. i've got a question, is that going to change after the inauguration? by the way, look at that, amazon reached $800 per share as of right now. all of them are up except microsoft, down a fraction there. do you think mr. trump goes after them, when he's the president of the united states of america?
9:38 am
>> i do. he'll go up to anybody, let's be honest, i think he's focused on the auto industry, yes, i do. stuart: he wants them to bring their money back it america and build phones and gadgets in america. liz: i don't think he's going after them. i think he's got bigger fish to fry in terms of job creation, moving jobs. silicon valley makes a lot of things and apps here, they don't require a lot of workers, but it's the car guys feeling it right now. stuart: on that subject, look at this. now, google, they have this division, i think they've spun it off, it's called waymo. they've developed a new self-driving car system for cars, which i am told, liz, is way, way cheaper. liz: it's way cheaper and what these guys did, gep, you're right, it's a spin-off, they caught their costs for r & d 90% some how. they're not buying r & d to buy the robot cars, they did it internally, cutting costs.
9:39 am
what they're doing now is putting the system into chrysler, pacifica minivans, doubling the fleet of robot cars. they have a lexus robot car right now and that's what they're doing. so, this is the trend. stuart: i want to see who is going to emerge as the leader in the autonomous car marketplace. which, every single car company has an autonomous car division or an operation of some sort. who is going to win this one. liz: right. stuart: maybe they'll all do it. liz: maybe they will. stuart: sorry, keith, what are you going to say? >> not detroit, stuart. they're not going to be the winners and they don't know it. stuart: really, why do you say that? >> well, because look at the budgets. look at with a google and amazon bring to the thing. look at their specious with big data. detroit has made nothing more than 5,000 pound metal paper weights for a decade and struggling to keep up. a company like this is coming at it from the intellectual property side. building a car is going to be easy for them. stuart: he doesn't say much, but when he says it, it hurts. keith. you're from the nice pacific
9:40 am
northwest. [laughter]. stuart: amazon, alexa, talking a many son, alexa was the hit of the consumer electronic show, details. ashley: why yes, amazon's personal assistant. she didn't know you, stu, initially, but she's up to speed. they sold 5 million echoes as of the end of november. it's the surprise hit. what's interesting now, things, products and services are made alexa friendly so you can have air purifiers, refrigerators and self-driving cars. pretty soon you'll have the house, much live apple has with the system. alexa is a surprise hit and more and more are signing on and people are building products around it. stuart: you can no longer wander around the house talking to yourself. ashley: no. stop laughing, keith, seriously. [laughter] talking to yourself and get
9:41 am
some answers, how about that? thank you for being with us early, early on the west coast there. thanks, keith. the big board shows a loss of 50 points. we were down 60 odd and now 50 odd, 19-9 the-- with this. a former obama advisor warns of financial crisis upped donald trump trump's, and says paul krugman, nobel prize winner writes for the new york times, deficits matter again. remember, the title of his blog is the conscience of a liberal. we're on all of this. first, this, wait for it. look at this, this is from the bbc, a skit named "the real house wives of isis", it was a parody. it's satire. i call it an effective anti-terror tool. find out why at the top of the 10:00 hour.
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>> here we go. action from the u.s. navy in the straits of hormuz that separates iran, what happened. liz: three shots were fired when four revolutionary guard gun boats approached at high speed a navy war ship accompanying two other u.s. navy ships. one of the ships had a thousand marines on board. the gun boats, iranian gun boats ignored the warning shots, but they did back off. they ignored, too, the radio calls from the u.s. navy to stand down. it was a swarming action in the strait of hormuz. stuart: the market doesn't like it. down now 70 points.
9:46 am
i'm wondering if that's a minor reaction. ashley: i think that oil is dragging the market down, too. stuart: that, too. we have former larry summers, he says that trump's plan for deregulation sets the stage for the next financial crisis. trump economic advisor steve moore is with us now, that's a powerful person on the economy, criticizing the proposals that you helped write. respond, please. >> it's hard to understand how larry summers can come to that conclusion. how could tax cuts for businesses be bad for stock market, be bad for the economy? i don't get the logic there. in on deregulation, look, we've had a regulatory onslaught now, stuart, to are eight years with more and more regulations, strangling businesses. one of the statistics i've used
9:47 am
on your show, and one of the reasons so many businesses have been moving off shore so i don't get the logic of this. larry summers was one of the architects of obamanomics and what that gave us was one of the weakest recoveries in 95 years. stuart: i think what larry summers is doing in conjunction with paul krugman on the new york times, they're focusing on the deficit and quite a few republicans who say, look, you cut taxes like that, you swell the deficit all over again, and that's not what we want for this economy. so, answer that charge. that if you cut taxes dramatically, you actually raise the deficit dramatically, at least in the early going. >> so paul krugman, i've debated paul krugman many times, a nobel prize on economics. remember the morning after the election he said the stock market would never recover from a trump election and of course, we've had this incredible bull market run since then. so, he's almost wrong on every time he opens his mouth.
9:48 am
but, you know, it's so interesting that people like larry commerce and paul krugman are crying about the deficit. these are the accurate tickets of obamanomics that seeing the 10 trillion dollar increase in the debt and now they're saying we can't do anything to increase the debt. if we get the economy going, what's my number, stuart, 4% growth, if we get anywhere near the 4% growth number the deficit will come down because you'll get so much revenue into the government. people off welfare paying taxes not collecting them. the best way to balance the budget is to grow the economy. stuart: some republicans are saying, we cannot afford to swell the deficit in the short-term, therefore, they're putting the tax cuts off until they've dealt with obamacare, and dealt with regulation. >> that's crazy,crazy. stuart: i'm hearing it. >> i know, you are, i'm hearing the same thing.
9:49 am
i'm here to tell you that's crazy. if that mentality held the day in the early 1980's, ronald reagan never would have got his tax cut passed and we wouldn't have had the boom of the '80s through the '90s. first you get the economy moving. of course, stuart, we're going to have to cut government spending, no question about it, we're going to have to take the chain saw to a lot of the agencies and get rid of wasteful spending, no question about it. but i'm telling you, you can't get that deficit down with an economy that's growing at only 2%. the math doesn't add up. it just doesn't. stuart: you're on the inside of this. you know what's going on. are we going to have a tax cutting bill for corporations and individuals on the president's desk within the first 100 days of his administration. >> my guess is not the first 100 days. stuart: by the summer? >> give me the first 150 days. i think it can been do. there's a big debate now, stuart, whether to do the business tax cut first to really get some juice in the economy and then deal with the individual taxes. in my opinion, that would be the wise way to go and maybe
9:50 am
you add in some infrastructure spending and i think you might be able to get a bill with 75 votes in the senate for that, democrats, democrats. stuart: push for it on our behalf, please. mr. moore. >> we're going to cut taxes, deregulate. i don't care what paul krugman or larry summers say, we're going to do this. stuart: we'll take that. steve moore as always. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: see you soon. check that market, down 67 points, a lot of red on the big board and going down this morning. then there's this. martin shkreli, the wildly disliked pharmaceutical entrepreneur suspended from twitter after he harassed a journalist. find out what he said exactly. i'll have that for you. and ivanka trump harassed by a man on a flight. jessie waters confronted that man, this next. >> do you regret verbally abusing ivanka trump on the plane?
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> now, there's ford motor company stock right around $12 a share. they've announced plans to revive the ford bronco suv and the ford ranger light pickup truck. . ashley: they're going to make them in the michigan plant there.
9:55 am
the year 2020, the all new ford bronco mid-sized suv returns. whenever i think of the ford bronco, i think of oj, i can't help it. and the ford ranger mid sized pickup truck reintroduced to the market by ford 2019. heaven forbid that oil go, gas goes up. ashley: if gas goes straight up it could hurt the sale of cars. stuart: and you remember martin shkreli, a very unpopular guy. he's been suspended by twitter. what has he done? >> he harassed a teen vogue junkist, donald trump, gas light. she rejects him and he harasses her, a photo of her and her
9:56 am
husband and taking her husband's face off and putting his face in and till death do us part and he was booted off twitter. stuart: california, a massive winter storm packing heavy rain, strong winds, mudslides, widespread flooding. what have we got on this? is that breaking the drought? >> no, need two or three of these. 15 inches of rain, maybe, and snow added to, it's like an atmospheric river draining into northern california through the bay area and on up. it's very dangerous, creating mudslides and avalanches and all sorts of things. ultimately it's good for the drought, but need more. t.z: they need two or three stuart: they like to get the snow pack going because it melts gradually, a constant stream of water. liz: that's right. stuart: this time around the snow pack is up there. ashley: it's at 9,000 feet so the snow level is high because it's a warm system.
9:57 am
stuart: that's sacramento, california. look at that, i don't expect that in sacramento, the state capital. there it is. ashley: that's sacramento? >> now, the question, did you see this? a skit by the bbc called "the real house wives of isis kwo", we're talking extreme mockery here. is it an effective tool against islamic terror? my take in a moment. also in the 10:00 hour, lou holts, an outspoken trump supporter, what does he think about mr. trump making personal attacks via twitter. we'll ask him about that and the big college game tonight. .
9:58 am
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10:00 am
comedy skit called the real housewives of isis. yes, you heard that right. the real housewives of isis. it is satire. in hollywood, however, by contrast, the golden globe audience was treated to a display of thinly disguised hate speech, full on straight at you. celebrities. meryl streep except in a lifetime achievement award was utterly contemptuous of the president-elect. a couple of points. when has hollywood ever gone after islamic terror? the islamists are slaughtering christians and, killing americans in our backyard and terrorizing the western world but not a peep from tinseltown. just hatred and contempt for mr. trout. has hollywood learned nothing? film stars give money and over-the-top support to hillary clinton and she lost beard it's time to face reality. they enjoy access to power for
10:01 am
eight years. now they don't and they just can't handle it. back to the real housewives of isis. you will see more of this skit in a moment. i think it is an effective anti-tabor tool. it is extreme ocarina. president obama couldn't bring himself to bring the turn in the next hour. in so doing points out the cool nature of isis. what a contrast. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. we begin with this breaking news from the ceo of toyota motor company. now what's he saying saying about mr. transporter tax? ashley: north american ceo jim lentz by this as okay perhaps
10:02 am
her son and his raise, but certainly not for the auto industry. the consumer and the worker of america doubled as now. take a listen to this. >> you know, today's 35%, whether it's 15, 20 or 25 companies to come down. the challenge is a trillion dollars that someone has to find to pay for that. i understand why they are having this discussion about a porter tax. this is not good for industry and not good for american jobs. ashley: a bit of pushback from toyota always seen other companies they will start manufacturing south of the border. by the way, talking of which cometh the chrysler announcing they will invest a billion dollars towards making three new jeep autos here in the u.s. they're also going to make the ram heavy duty pickup in the u.s. made in mexico, creating 2000 jobs. via chrysler given the praise of donald trump this morning saying
10:03 am
thanks to ford for reinvesting in america. stuart: fiat chrysler playing ball. toyota pushing back. stay the playoffs we speak. hollywood versus trump at the golden globes. meryl streep slamming mr. trump during her acceptance speech of the lifetime achievement award. roll tape. >> i lost my mind sometime earlier this year so a lot of us in this room did not do the most vilified segment in american society right now. think about it. hollywood, foreigners and the price. and if you kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts and the person asking in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. disrespect invites disrespect. violence invites violence.
10:04 am
ashley: it was the democrats inciting violence that trump rallies let us not forget. i ruined asked if they're not here legally, al. stuart: the most persecuted group are the hollywood elite. that's good. this morning about meryl streep, called her a hillary loves her and a flunky. i've got to say i don't really like them this morning. meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. i don't think you should be doing that. tammy bruce, your opinion on what we saw in its entirety last night. >> is rather ironic. they are saying their vilified that they are at an event funded by the foreign press. aliens of dollars in the room on international television and there are the reviled group of people. but she is clearly a talented women, has entertained people
10:05 am
through great performances for decades. so that's undeniable. the issue issues not just complaining about trout. that's effectively complaint about americans who voted for him. the nature of what americans are saying. she is the platform. a lot of people appreciate that. the fact that the matter is they are in an industry where their job is to remain blank canvases so we can enjoy their work. that is the agreement. the big thing i have to tell you especially to a foreign audience or can send about in europe that governments find the art. they don't have to worry about the marketplace. they don't have to worry about appealing to the consumer. that's what they expected to have happened in america is the government that would begin to fund films and control television in general like they do in europe. and now they realize they have to in fact work harder and i think that bothers them. stuart: i am just intrigued at this attack to undermine the term presidency from the
10:06 am
hollywood elite. the media is backing them up and politicians are backing them up is about when it comes to confirmation hearings this week at a full-court press on three different fronts. spoil the inauguration and undermine his. liz: i don't think hollywood needs to think of itself as an uncollected class of people. i don't think donald trump should be demeaning himself, personally insulting and attacking others. stuart: i am with you on this one. liz: it lowers the level that is not presidential. we can take care of the commentary. we get it in the american people get it. ashley: the spiegel -- people spoke. the liberals lost and they will not let go when they are doing everything they can to bring down the term presidency. stuart: contrast that with the real high flows of isis. that title came as a surprise for me. a satirical comedy skit from the
10:07 am
bbc. the state-run media organization. watch some of it. >> it's time. >> are you ready, girls? >> he surprised me with it yesterday. [inaudible] >> donate a lot to kill that one. >> hey, ladies, what do you think of this? she knew i had that jacket. copies everything. copy this. >> oh my god, that should not
10:08 am
see. turns out i should have never moved out here. [laughter] stuart: i laughed out loud when i saw it even though risk-adjted isys terror. i think it's effective ridicule. you laugh at them. at the same time you don't understand the brutality. i want to see i don't know whether you approve or disapprove of this. i don't know where you stand, but i think it's an effective anti-terror talk. you laugh at them. >> absolutely. we are in 100% agreement. this is extremely affect to because it makes the women who flock to iss look like fools and then face. it is great. it's daringly done. take no prisoners. sort of monty python meets
10:09 am
aristocracies. instead what we do with our government issues these carefully worded don't offend anybody legalistic arguments about why a 19-year-old shaddai kilian. god bless the bbc for doing it. it really does have an effect. it plays into communities. you don't want to do that. it really, really a fact. entertainment matters. as the golden globes would tell you, too. i'm another% for this. i wish we could do it. here the atmosphere of political correctness is too pervasive. the braves still have that little sense of humor that comes out. stuart: can operate there. palestinian terrorist plans his truck into israeli soldiers. four dead, 15 injured it i'll show you the video. a warning here. it is disturbing footage.
10:10 am
we bring this to your attention because clearly a check is now the new terror weapon of choice. i don't know what we're going to do about this. >> unfortunately, you see a track or an suv or a car is a brilliant type it. it takes everyday tools of life and turns them against us very effectively. we cannot stop all of these attacks. more intelligent and sophisticated profiling, preemptive arrests. but some clown will get through. i shouldn't even say clown. some monster will get through. we underestimate the insight, the effectiveness of the terrorist who are always looking for newer and effect give ways to wage war. stuart: do you think that attack with the truck over the weekend will be justified by what
10:11 am
happened at the united nations with the anti-israel boat saying that this settlement and the people in east jerusalem are there illegally. is that sort of a justification for that action with the tribe? >> for some people it would be. that vote and the u.n. sort of last parting and close to the obama to israel was utterly unforgivables i've said many times, israeis the only civilized countr deal the rule of law country where women have rights in the greater middle east and we should never forget that. we still have many questions here. was this guy affiliated with isis? palestinian terror. we do know is a new wave of amateur hour terrorism that has very professional effects. stuart: it has the fact i'm all of us because we are out looking for what could go wrong.
10:12 am
ralph, thanks for joining us. we would see assuredly. the alleged shooter is in court this morning facing federal charges. these pictures show him leaving jail and being transported over for the hearing. watching this closely bring any details of course earlier today in fort lauderdale. so more disturbing footage this time out of mexico. they had rights across the country there. warning again this is graphic video. the protester wins his truck in to a line of police officers. seven officers injured. protester angry at a 20% hike in gas prices. they started last week and that is the truck used as a weapon. jeff sessions, his confirmation hearing to start tomorrow. the democrats will make the
10:13 am
hearing as painful as possible. more "varney" in a moment. ♪
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10:16 am
stuart: at the top of the hour we heard toyota ceo on trump and terror. pushing back on those border taxes. our own jeff flock just spoke with the ceo of ford motor co., mark fields. just, come on and because you asked him about those border taxes. what did he say? >> i did and i tell you he was not as strong as in land was on this topic. it's fair to say he took some pains not to take on donald trump i'm not. i will let you hear for yourself mark fields a moment ago. >> with the trump administration coming on in his stance on trade, they will take a look at that. when you put tariffs on trade,
10:17 am
that cannot bring medications because here at math to here at nafta come in in supply chains are so integrated. they support a lot of american jobs. the devils in the details of what the reform looks like. >> in fairness, and make our executive doesn't like the idea of tariffs. it's amazing to me, mary bar earlier today mark fields, nobody wants to come. stuart: must push back so far. you are right it's come from toyota is about the american carmakers could take you back indeed. we will be back to you throughout the day. confirmation hearing tomorrow as the attorney general pick will be senator jeff sessions. democrats do not like this pick, but the question is can they actually stop there? come on and commit tony perkins and author of the book, no fear. tony perkins is here with us
10:18 am
now. welcome to the program. it's good to have you back. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> it's going to be a 50/50 vote. you get 50 votes in the nominee is in. do you think that could republicans can hold the line with all of the nominees, including senator session and get them passed because it will only take a couple republicans to say i'm not sure about this guy to have him go down. >> well, i think jeff sessions will be confirmed. most if not all of the nominees will become earned, especially sessions. these are his colleagues he has worked with for years. i have been jeff sessions for probably 15 years and is one of the most congenial men on capitol hill. he is liked by his colleagues. he's judicious. he has a very good reputation. this is the last effort just to try to marginalize and demonize everybody who donald trump has
10:19 am
appointed. if the same playbook, just a different quarterback. stuart: i'm sorry i keep interrupting here. i expect these nominees to be appointed. i think they'll get the votes required to become cabinet members. but the amount of noise that the left is going to make well in fact undermine the president elect. they could win a pr battle here. >> well, as i said, the same playbook, just a different quarterback. disassembles the radical. marginalize, stigmatized to try to silence and hamburger the individual select it. i can understand why the left is so upset because for the first time in eight years, the justice department is actually going to have the word justice back in it. jeff sessions is going to uphold the law. he's going to protect a constitution and religious liberty, simply not in the last eight years.
10:20 am
we had an attorney general in contempt of congress as a former law enforcement officer is located to a number of former colleagues and friends to law-enforcement and they are very encouraged by this election of jeff sessions. in fact, that's what you see so many by enforcement agencies endorse this nomination. he is going to bring back confidence in law enforcement. he will work to ensure that local communities instead of in writing confrontation and division between the public and my first day, we'll bring communities together. trade to the hearings will start tomorrow and we will be all over it. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> stuart, good to be with you. stuart: a cow stranded in oregon rescued with a lasso. onto land the cow is able to get its footing. it literally walks to his barn. we like that.
10:21 am
two takes on obamacare. mr. obama himself says that will live on, possibly renamed tribe care. bernie sanders has thousands of people will die if obamacare is repealed. we cover it all on "varney & company" and we will be right back.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
>> dozens of people are going to die. thousands of people who are sick will not be able to go to a doctor, will not be about to go to the hospital. these guys have no alternative plan. 20 million people off of health insurance.
10:25 am
stuart: tammy bruce commit thousands of people will die if obamacare is repealed. that's an over-the-top, what is? >> this is basic fear mongering. the american people live with it every day. they are denied that they can't get a doctor's appointment. obamacare is a festering carcass in the living room and they are being told by bernie sanders that if you don't move it -- it's really fertilizer. it's great for your life. americans know it's not. they are denoted as bank demand on because there's so many people in the program they can't get an appointment. stuart: since he repeated it, they are going to take it away. i have no plan. >> we are not reliant on the rhetoric. americans already know that's a lie because of their own daily experience. >> president obama says it is time if republicans make changes to obamacare.
10:26 am
it's going to survive the presidency. that doesn't mean it's a good idea. and people are going to find in the first year were getting health care versus just having health insurance to know what that really means. i was hoping he was going to die over the weekend and he didn't. he went back to prison after being in the hospital and it just needs to go. stuart: i just hope i never get on the wrong side. football from stuart varney. green bay packers beat the new york giants in the nfl. look at this. the very last seconds of the first half. that is a hail mary pass from rogers, the quarterback and he got it. final score 38-13. o. dell back in june or place
10:27 am
for the he was soaked eras in the locker room he punched a hole in the wall. either way, the packers play the cowboys signed monday. a big game coming up. donald trump name calling. he's calling people clowns, fools. he said meryl streep was an overrated actress. football coach lou holtz has an opinion on this name calling. he joins us in a moment. the march to 20,000 we nearly had a friday. could still have been this week. the trump rally has gained 1.9 trillion. we will be back in a moment.
10:28 am
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10:31 am
>> you must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. the crown must win. must always win. >> the crown is from netflix. huge win. two wins yesterday at the golden globe awards ceremony. details? that was a big one to beat out in restaurants. she prays screwing those others then choose the next ordinary women. stuart: netflix was close to its all-time high this morning. it is up a little bit this morning. the all-time high as 133. president-elect trump, as you know, he tweaked up a storm constantly inside does, you
10:32 am
often see some name calling. a couple examples blockade senator chuck schumer. here is the tweet. head clown chuck schumer. now how about obamacare is. and this, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only people or fools would think it bad. look who is here. lou holtz is with us. former notre dame football coach. you deal with people head to head. how do you feel about the president elect of the united states of america using language like that, purse no end of against people. do you like it? >> i like his policies but i do not like the way you do that. you don't ever get ahead of anybody by trying to get even with them. you're president of the entire country. your obligation is to win people over. the best thing to do with meryl
10:33 am
streep is to say understand why she feels that way. the minute you criticize someone you have to pick a tivo that will be upset and theyully shou. you don't have anything to gain by doing that. stuart: i know you met with him on occasion during the campaign. do you ever say anything like that to them? a >> when you are mr. trump u. this and a lot you speak. i don't feel it is my obligation to it as the president. if he asked me i would tell him. this is all common sense. they're intelligent people around him. i tried again people under your side. anytime i women and replaced, whether it was notre dame i did nothing but praise him because i knew this. those fans i needed to help process the university of notre dame.
10:34 am
you do nothing but create enemies. it is okay to criticize the performance. but do not criticize the performer. i hope you will learn this. >> give us a quick 20 or 30 seconds on this russian hacking thing and what people think about it. >> i can tell you what my thoughts are. i don't want any foreign country trying to live our government. they have enough problems of their own country they should be bothered with that. what did they say that was untrue. what documents were altered? to me they did with depression have been doing. data from the public's they could make an intelligent decision. that's completely wrong but i do not want any other country interfering in this country. we are blessed to be here. >> i would like to talk about the big college game tonight.
10:35 am
you may be surprised to know something about this. they're not often interview with british action. the crimson tide. the crimson tide went 10 down. you say why. >> first of all, when i'm on the radio i do it on xm so either you like football. they are very capable to win it. we had the two best teams in the country. last year they played for the championship. clemson was inside 22 different times and didn't score. alabama scored on a kick return. clemson does have a good football team. that may give you five keys to determine who's going to win. both of them have outstanding running quarterback. which ends up at the most positive rushing yard? alabama problems whether it you
10:36 am
go back to a man. the second thing you need to look at his alabama going to score and defend? he scored 11 defensive touchdowns, which is unheard of. number three, can clemson for his alabama into long yardage? the fourth thing is can clemson started the deep pass? clinton is very vulnerable because they don't play well enough to make a pass interference. but the new offensive coordinator for the first game change, how is he going to react? this is a great game to watch. >> i knew you agree with me. the crimson tide is going to win. the crimson tide wins this one. it's a real honor to have you on the show. we are pleased to hear he actually watches on occasion. >> not on occasion. all the time.
10:37 am
>> i am honored. thank you very much. i've got a deal in the pet food business to talk about. the candy maker and that's a decent pet food. that would be mars by another pet health care property called asp c. -- several $9 billion going on. bca stock hit an all-time high obviously a bit 26%. again there. fort lauderdale, the shooter able to get his gun into the baggage claim area. i've got video of this. warning, this is a graphic footage that comes to us from tmc. watch this. as you will see the gunman appeared out of nowhere pulls out the diamond does that. that is the tape. now what are we going to do here about securing the baggage claim area? can you secure the baggage claim area at every airport in the
10:38 am
united states? or guard curate come at the new york city police commissioner deals with this kind of thing. welcome to the program. you can't. >> decorated a secure area because the baggage, all that stuff that came into the country are into that city came through screening. the big question here and i think what is going to come out of this investigation, why did the guy had the gun in the first place? this is a guy that has mental issues. the gun was taken away. the gun was then given back. that is the real issue. hundreds of thousands of people fly in this country a day and i would add hundreds if not up to a thousand may transport weapons legally in their baggage. i do it all the time. there's a process to do that. they have to be locked in a box.
10:39 am
the ammo has to be locked in another box. the gun can't be loaded. it's got to be watched by the authorities, put in the baggage claim area. there's a whole process. it's a well secure process. stuart: to the bigger picture, how to reach the point where if we impose more restrictions, more restrictive safe areas, you've undermined the public's ability to fly in travel. if you or try to extend the safe area out side the baggage area. if you try to do that so you have to get into the baggage claim area come you can't do that. >> you can't do that. i was at one of the airports this morning. it's not going to happen. this is a fluke thing that is one of the things that happened and we are going to have to deal with it specifically. but there's not much more they can do with securing baggage as it is. stuart: do you agree with the following idea? you can't take any more security measures that are out toward.
10:40 am
it's done. to stop this stuff come you got to go after the terrorists or the individual before they even arrive, before they get into place. >> it's all about individuals, stuart. stuart: and surveillance. >> that people do that ends with guns. it's a problem. that's what we have to deal with. i'm a real quick now, i received information in the last few minutes. there is a police officer shot both will times than do this morning. she has passed away and i want to express my condolences to the orlando police department. multiple shots fired at her. she was hit multiple times. it is a female and she is past. stuart: i am not jumping the gun but there have been a lot of police shootings, deliberately going after police officers. what happened in this instance? trade for outside a wal-mart. >> the suspect is on the loose. they are looking for him.
10:41 am
stuart: it is a plague on ice. thank you very much for being with us. always appreciated. check the big board down 50 points. 19,900 or team. so we are india points the way from 20,000. powerful storm causing severe flooding in northern california and nevada. hundreds of people evacuated from their homes. authorities warning of possible avalanches in the northern sierra nevada. a lot more precipitation to break the drought. hundreds of anarchists planning to disrupt mr. thompson on duration. if you want them, we've got details on that in a moment. ♪ achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo!
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ashley: actress ministry takes a jab at donald trump during her golden globes acceptance speech. dr. carlson didn't like what was behind it. here's what he said last hour. roll tape. >> hollywood should take a second think through what the last election meant and what message america was sending to it considering they went all in
10:44 am
for hillary and hillary lost, there is clearly a message there. what annoyed me about the whole thing was supposed behind it all. meryl streep singing we are the persecuted ones, we rich, famous people who fly private in this room. we are the underdogs. no, you are the over.but that's okay. to pretend you're a victim when you're succeeded is really annoying to me.
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> do you regret verbally abusing python could trump on the plane? you harassing women with her baby on the flight. are you proud of that? stuart: not much of a response to jesse watters confronting the man who harassed ivanka trump on a plane. recently that having it the man behind the park i was daniel goldstein. he say why did you go after ivanka trump. it was on a jet blue flight out of jfk. what he shouted at ivanka eshoo sat there. your father is ruining our country. you should be fine private. now you are ruining our flight. that, by the way, were shot on the cell phone by his husband, another attorney.
10:47 am
if somebody had gone after president-elect obama eight years ago, harassed him, that would've been a revolution. but no follow-up except jesse watters. but they were kicked off the flight. at least jab lou did the right thing. but as you can see wasn't prepared to answer the questions. stuart: well said. amazon's doc did hit $801 earlier. it is really backed since then. amazon is up 6% this calendar year. there is a rally for you. a 52 week high for apple's dock as well. earlier today it hit in 1930. 11901 as we speak. our clays raised their price target on starbucks and sure enough the stock is up 1.5%. 57 on starbucks right now.
10:48 am
consider all of these items together. number one, democrats promised to disrupt an interest in adoration celebrities are going to host a lava sauna this book lies at the same time as the inoculation. michael moore calling for disruption of the inauguration ceremonies. last night celebrities at the golden globes award just bashed in trash mr. trump from beginning to end. mercedes, if you put out that together, is it possible that the democrats are going to win the pr game. they are going to find it coming president that he really sticks in the public mind. what he say? >> the mainstream media will be thrilled to cover the protesters then disruptors and what i called the democrat tantrum and tantrums coming from hollywood as well. but i have to say i think it is incredibly disappointing. they should follow the lead of hillary and bill clinton who will be attending the
10:49 am
inoculation. the opportunity to see this peaceful transfer of power, to be able to see the next president take the oath of office is part of american history. they should be respect it. yes you have the right to protest, but there's also those who want to, as you said, disrupt, agitate, be able to stop the parade if they can. one group called the counter inaugural committee is an anarchist and anti-capitalists who focus on stopping this inaugural parade. i just think it is anti-american quite frankly. >> i want for more information information on this anarchist group planning this disruption. >> there are dozens of them. the d.c. law enforcement is tracking on social media. they say dozens of that this groups pouring into d.c. to distract the before, during and not your pay 900,000 people expected. it doesn't cost them on
10:50 am
enforcement. they are not going to corral these protesters. they are going to allow them to protest. stuart: the impact could be profound here. all of these groups in the media will be all over these groups. not just inaugurations. this could have very negative impact. >> they are talking about 26 group signed up for this permit. that is four times the average of what you get and an inoculation. it will be one of the stories, but i have to tell you the viewer at home who wants to watch their president, it's not what they want to see. i think that i remember back in 2012. but, you have every right to protest. but when you take it to the next level of disruption, of trying to impact in a negative way the inauguration, it is just to fire. the police and homeland security will have a heavy load to carry that day.
10:51 am
i've got to tell you is got to be frank with them. and to add, there is going to be those handing out free weed. so if you are in washington and you want to smoke pot, one of the groups will be allowing you to hand out some free weed for you. stuart: mercedes, thank you for joining us. i'm really worried about this to be honest with you. this calls for concern. we appreciate you being here. >> thank stuart: the big word shows a slight loss. night t. 925. and our next hour, steve forbes talks about the economy. i say take out the jobs report and the economy is on the move here we are doing okay, beginning at least. what does he say about that? plus, toyota saying they will cost jobs. pushback from toyota. all of this new at 11:00.
10:52 am
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liz: foreign governments bemoaning at a pace they haven't seen since 2000. to boost their own currency. stuart: i'm not sure i'm buying it. let's turn to a professional, lenore hawkins. a viewer has taken issue with what i have to say right there. crake.
10:56 am
did stuart just accidentally call lays unprofessional? did i do that? it looks like it and i profusely apologize. ashley: i don't think i meant it that way at all. it's unfortunate one segment finishes in you introduce a guess. none of us could have done that at all. are you angry at me? liz: i am grateful to craig. what a nice man. i didn't pick up on it. but i do it in heels. that's how i have to say. stuart: i thought you've been holding a grudge over there the entire week. liz: i didn't pick up on it. stuart: elizabeth mcdonald is a fine human even a great professional and you contribute mightily on with ashley to the success of this program. liz: keep coming. don't lose that kind attitude. stuart: thank you for all your
10:57 am
input. we do enjoy reading what you have to say about a song we appreciate it. we will see you in a moment. i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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11:00 am
stuart: two big stories we are watching this hour. the markets, the dow is moving up ever closer to 20k. the suspect in friday's airport rampage in fort lauderdale will make his first appearance before a federal judge in florida. santiago told the investigators he planned the attack. he checked his gun following tsa rules, he retrieved his gun and went to a bathroom and unpacked it. the next two pieces of video i'm about to show you are clearly
11:01 am
disturbing. he warned. from jerusalem another soft target attack. a palestinian inspired by isis rams his truck into a popular tourist spot. seven injured, all of them police officers. this become the new normal? targets attacks. even vehicles a weapon of choice. we begin to react to everything because we feel the threat any where and everywhere. heaven forbid we begin to change our behavior and let them win. a third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. we were down 70. now we are down 30.
11:02 am
19, 928 is where we are. since the elect the market stocks added 1.9 trillion to the wealth of this nation. it is the trump rally. check the price of oil hovering around $52 a barrel. that's down significantly. maybe that's something of a negative for the stock market. i want to check the retail stocks. kohl's, penny's, l brands and sears. look at those technology stocks. trump has gone after car companies. here is where they are now, amazon earlier reached $800 a share, backed off a little bit. after a 52-week high --
11:03 am
microsoft is down just 3 cent. chrysler says to some degree they are bending to the pressure mr. trump. they are going to invest a billion dollars in america and bring 2,000 car jobs to america. netflix, golden globe for "the crown." netflix is awfully close with an all-time high. fort lauderdale shooter esteban santiago appearing in court at any moment to face federal charges. i have got to split the screen. on one side you can see the american federation of teachers. one of the biggest unions will
11:04 am
speak on the destructive pitfalls of trump's agenda. on the other side of the screen, the interfaith clerky holding a moral march, urging congress to reject the nomination of jeff sessions as attorney general. with us is steve forbes. welcome, steve. it looks to me like the left is making a full court press to make the incoming president look bad and hold up his nominations for cabinet secretary. they are so powerful in the media that the left might win this of the r. battle. >> whatever you think of donald trump, he's not a guy who takes a passive approach. i think you will see sessions portrayed as the opposite of what they are portraying him.
11:05 am
the left does not have the moral standing. i think everybody was laughing at what happened at the golden globes. stuart: do you or do you not think the left could win the p.r. battle with the media being oh opposed to trump? >> that begins on how the trump people respond and the offenses they take. trump has a speech, everybody will listen to that, he will set the tone. in terms of the confirmation hearings, most people don't care. trump should move forward and provide more information object tax cuts and the left will just wither away. i want to get back to the fort lauderdale shooting. we have to warn you we have
11:06 am
graphic video the moment the airport gunman opened fire. this is courtesy of tmz. there you go. disturbing stuff. the man walks along casually. he pulls out his gun and starts shooting. he's killing people right there. and those poor people have to take cover. congressman devon nu devon nun e f.b.i. dropped the ball in its investigation. >> it shouldn't have been closed. >> do you think the f.b.i. messed up? >> the f.b.i.-tell you this is not what the f.b.i. want. they do a good job but obviously they missed this one. stuart: judge napolitano is with us. if the f.b.i. did drop the ball,
11:07 am
can the families sue? >> generally no, it would depend upon the basis on which the f.b.i. originally seized the gun and the basis on which they returned it. the federal government has essentially made its agents and employees immune from liability for the consequences of exercising discretion in the course of their work. if they do something far afield from the authority the government has given them, then they can be sued. but if this appeared to be rational at the time, there is no basis for the lawsuit. i'm interested to see the reports of the interview. when they took the gun. he said isis is making me watch films. i'm curious as to why they didn't alert tsa. why they didn't alert fort lauderdale. you have a guy with no leggage whatsoever except the gun and,
11:08 am
no luggage whatsoever except the gun. he had no clothing in his bag. this isn't a head scratcher. stuart: there is some new information. 300 new emails discovered hillary clinton -- give me 30 seconds to this. >> the f.b.i. posted this. these email certify for sure that the emails that she sent to one of her receivers, the name is blocked out, that he was in fact hacked by intelligence services of hostile and friendly countries, not the united states. this is consistent with rogue f.b.i. agents allegations. ones that disagreed with jim
11:09 am
comey. this is a basis for prosecuting her. in jeff sessions confirmation hearing, there is now enough evidence to prosecute her. stuart: that makes a big difference. >> i don't know why they did it during the giants game, but that's when it came out last night. stuart: this is the first report i have seen from you. >> i'd did come out in the middle of the night. stuart: we'll get back to the markets. where are we now. we are down 25 points, we were down 70. we are 61 points away from dow 20k it was at 12:43 p.m. friday. we are less than a point away.
11:10 am
steve forbes remains with us. we have got to hit 20k sooner or later. but my question is what happens after that? do we take off off another leg of the bull run? >> i'm old enough to remember when the 1,000 dow was a big deal. but in terms of what happens next, you have got to get that tax cut through, profits next year, more money for businesses depending on getting that top rate down from 35 to 15%. deregulation, starting signing dereg orders from day one. stuart: we have firm news there will be a tax cutting bill on the president's desk within the next couple months. if we get that news do you think that takes us up a leg on the market? >> if you can get a tax bill through this congress or any
11:11 am
congress in a few nos, they will anticipate even better things. especially on healthcare. >> check the health insurers. our next guest says repealing obamacare means a gigantic tax cut for the middle class. he's going to try to tell us how this works. repeal obamacare, a big tax cut for the middle class and that's a big deal and we want to know about it. >> thousands of people are going to die. that's what we are going to talk about. thousands of people who are sick will not be able to go to a doctor or hospital. these guys have no alternative plan. 20 million people off health insurance.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: our next guest says repeal obamacare and the middle
11:15 am
class gets a giant tax cut. the president for americans for tax reform. spell it out. if you repeal obamacare. which tax that now hit the middle class will be taken away. >> you start with the punitive tax which was of course supposed to force people to buy health insurance. you know you have got a good idea when you have got to force people to buy in. this is $700 for an individual. and $2,000 for a family of four. this tax to force you into obamacare will go away. that tax goes as high as 2.5% of your income. but however much your income, $700 for you, $200 for families for not getting healthcare. that's the penalty. if you have a flexible or health savings account they changed the rules to make it more difficult. before obamacare you could go
11:16 am
into a pharmacy and buy off the counter cold medicine with your flexible savings account, with your health savings account. so there is a tax on all the over-the-counter drugs you buy that you don't need a prescription for. that's billions of dollars they raised from middle income people. and they cap your flexible income account as well. stuart: if the republicans want a repeal bill on the president's desk by february 20, if he signs the repeal here and there, is it at that moment that those taxes come off? >> those taxes would go -- assuming they take them back to onwhich is what they should do, they would go off immediately. there has been some argument that some might want to delay some of the cadillac taxes. the middle income taxes we are talking about would go right
11:17 am
away. i think they all go asap. but that will be a negotiation inside there. when obama and company sold us obamacare, they lied. they said there would be no tax on anyone who learned less than $250,000 a year. there are a whole series of taxes. when you buy insurance, there is a tax of inn regardless of your income. all of those taxes that hit the middle class, 30 million people, maybe 40 million people have flexible savings accounts. they saw their taxes go up as a result of obamacare. stuart: we just want to know when you feel it, when you feel the benefit of the repeal of obamacare. thank you so much for joining us. keep updating us. we want to hear how we are going to get more money back. the car companies, physically, toyota.
11:18 am
their chief responding to donald trump in an interview with jeff flock. he says a large border tax will cost american jobs. listen to this. >> today's 35% whether it's 5, 20 or 25, needs to come down. the challenge is there is a trillion dollars someone has to couple with to pay for that. i don't think it's good for our industry and i don't think it's good for american jobs. stuart: toyota pushing back on the idea of punitive taxes on cars coming back into the u.s. >> it's not just toyota. the republicans are considering a border tax which is the equivalent of a 20% to 5% on everything coming into this country. they should put that aside.
11:19 am
punishing american consumers is not the way to go. i think you will get a pushback from the car companies, and oil refiner are up in arms because they import oil to make gasoline. if you want to advocate 20 to 30 cents more for gasoline. stuart: a couple stocks, we have news on individual companies. goldman sachs is saying sell proctor and gamble and sell the stock of coka coala. amazon touched $800 a share earlier. this calendar year it pulled back a year but it's still 1,196. apple sold its billionth
11:20 am
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and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: moments ago that gentleman arrived at trump tower. he's about to get into the golden elevators. he runs ali baba. a police officer in orlando shot and killed earlier this morning. they identified the suspect, an officer shot and killed. search is on for lloyd. a motorcycle police officer killed in orange county, the sheriff's deputy was killed
11:25 am
during the course of this manhunt to law enforcement officer. stuart: we have two big names in the economics business. larry summers has attacked president-elect trump's economic policies. he says if you have these tax cuts and deregulate it sets the stage for a global economic crisis. we have paul krugman, the leftist with the new york times he says deficits matter again. bottom line, bring them both together, and they are saying if you cut taxes the way mr. trump proposes to cut taxes, you will swell the deficit enormously, there are some republicans saying the same thing. don't cut taxes.
11:26 am
>> it's nice to see democrats worried about deficits. these tax cuts will stimulate the economy the way they did in 1980 with ronald reagan. the economy grows, assets grow, reagan proved it, so that's what these guys are afraid of, that trump will succeed where they had failed. >> in the short term the deficit will fail. it gets bigger in the short term. >> during the 19 i -- during the 1980s, the national debt more than doubled. the net wealth of the nation went up $17 trillion and new jobs were created. that's what the democrats fear, success. stuart: wait until you see this.
11:27 am
it's a skit. from the bbc of all people. it's called the real housewives of isis. we are talking extreme mockery. stay with us, please.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
stuart: that's jack marr arriving at trump tower. mitch mcconnell stopped by today in the golden elevators. the under secretary of health. an executive and howie kurtz from "media buzz." we are a few points away from 20,000. at 12:43 friday afternoon we almost got there. john, it seems to me we are going to hit 20,000 sooner rather than later. but my question is this. when you have hit it, do we then take off on a new leg up of the
11:32 am
trump rally? >> i don't think we do. you will see retail investors coming in. you seat headlines. i think we are going to have to wait on transformative policies. i think that will be the gap we'll have to have to get there is market moving. you are buying the rumor. i'm worried about a little bit of a gap and buying opportunities of a dip in the market in the first part of this year. stuart: steve forbes just suggested if we get a plan to cut taxes that will be the catalyst to push the market higher again. do you have aggrieve with that. >> i think that's the one transformative policy we can have along with regulation. that was the biggest thing president clinton did to boost the economy.
11:33 am
i think president-elect trump is looking to do the same thing. what's transformative about cutting taxes is small businesses. if you take the small businesses and put them on the corporate side like donald trump is talking about, that's going to be huge. that money will go directly to employees and overhead. stuart: chrysler has announced they will spends a billion dollars and create 2,000 jobs here in america. but what do you say? you are a money manager. what do you have say about mr. trump going after individual companies because he could pick on any company and that would influence the stock price. >> this is worrisome. you worry about the slippery slope. telling president-elect trump not to use social media would be like telling jfk not to use television. i had a problem with president
11:34 am
obama when he stepped into general motors and essentially fired rick wagner, the ceo. i thought that was a gross overreach of presidential powers. i have understand president obama thought he was doing something for detroit and america. but what's different is you are trying to keep jobs from moving out of the country. it's also something that hasn't been done before. general motors came out right after this and had a response. you will see tailored responses after president-elect trump comes out after these tweets. if we get tax cuts, if we get deregulation. if we get energy more pro during at home and get all of that, the wish list from the trump presidency. is this stock market going to stay strong and goat higher still? >> i don't see how it couldn't. two head winds president obama had, low interest rates.
11:35 am
because of low interest rates you were able to double the deficit. 430 million of interest you had to pay on the debt when it started. 430 billion was at the end. you are able to mask the fact that you had an irresponsible administration. president trump is not going to have that. that will be a head wind for him. if he takes those policies, corporate tax. i thought just from companies that talk about the 10% repatriation, they said fit was as high as 20 -- if it was as high as 20, they would bring that money and jobs back to the united states. stuart: here is president-elect trump from trump tower. >> getting further down the road toward repealing and replacing obamacare. we talked about the senate agenda, and are ready to get
11:36 am
going once he gets down there. >> everybody will be properly vetted as they have been in the past and i'm hopeful we'll get up to 6 or 7, particularly our national security team on day one. stuart: that was mitch mcconnell, senate republican leader. he was talking to president-elect trump. he said he wants 7 of the cabinet nominees in place by the time of the inauguration. you may remember on the day of the inauguration back in 2009 for president obama in his first term, there were 7 people in the cabinet appointed and nominated and accepted that day. mitch mcconnell wants something differently. i'm sorry i interrupted you. we'll see you real soon. >> i see you are an alabama fan.
11:37 am
stuart: i know about the bowl. let's get back to the real housewives of isis. why not. satirical comedy from the bbc. britain's state-run media organization. roll that tape. >> i visited five times. >> are you ready, girls. >> hang on. ta-da. >> hashtag omg glad to have you dead. >> you look gorgeous. >> you look massive. you will need a lot to kill that one.
11:38 am
>> what do you think of this? what a complete [bleep] copy this? >> oh, my god, it was so cringe hashtag matchy-matchy. >> trash tag i wish i never moved out here. stuart: i think it's funny. general jack keane, you are not laughing. i think that is an effective anti-terror recruitment tool, isn't it? >> i don't think so. i know in political satire everything is suppose to go -- we go off kings, queens, ridge figures. but i just think that in this culture where the expectation to shock our sensibilities, i find that offensive.
11:39 am
and the reason is because isis is about barbarism, genocide, systematically beheading people, burning them alive. drowning them, and doing that with young children and women participating. it's a horrific experience. i think we should stay away from it as much as we had to discipline to say away from the holocaust during post-world war ii. i think it trivializes the issue. i understand humor, but i think this is too serious an issue. as opposed to anti-recruiting, i think it glorifies them a little bit. stuart: this horrific video we are about to show our viewers is a truck plowing deliberately through israeli soldiers. four of them were killed. do you think this is going to be justified by that u.n. vote or
11:40 am
use the u.n. vote to justify what we just saw on our screens? >> certainly that u.n. vote is a shot in the arm of the hamas, of the terrorists plaguing the israelis for years. make no mistake about it. that is the result of it. yes, if somebody will even courage them. this may be a correct result of it. i don't know for a fact. but in general, that vote was so unhelpful to the peace process because we the israelis have already demonstrated by pulling out all the settlements from gaza, and what they got in return was a terrorist organization elected by its people who conducted three limited wars against the israelis since they pulled out of gaza. that's what the israelis are facing. we have to understand that and
11:41 am
i'm looking forward to a new president standing up behind israel and netanyahu. stuart: it is hollywood versus trump. last night meryl streep accepted a lifetime achievement award at golden globes. her speech was full of attacks on president-elect trump. we'll play the full clip later this hour. the man who is still in the mix have much. former senator scott brown.
11:42 am
11:43 am
reporter: the dow is not to 20,000 yet. the s & p down 4. winner is the nasdaq it's a slight move higher at 11 point. the gain today will be a record close for the nasdaq. that being said, nvidia, and biomarin has had positive
11:44 am
results or teen tear i for hemophilia. they are concerned the cut are not for real.
11:45 am
stuart: senator jeff sessions hearing for attorney general starts tomorrow. the left is in full assault mode. the "new york times" editorial
11:46 am
board has this headline, "what are you hiding, jeff sessions." complains about ethics. saying government con per nation hearings historically aren't conducted until the office of governor ethics certifies each nominee. >> i know mitch mcconnell and he's going to work with that republican majority to establish not only what harry reid put in place, the ability to get our nominees through fairly easily. but also move the president-elect's agenda forward to give him the tools of the people he wants to serve. stuart: i think the left will
11:47 am
make a lot of noise, but that could give them a political public relations win, even if they lose the confirmation votes. >> we have known what they are going to do. they can hold press conferences which they will. they will work with the mainstream media which is pushing forth their agenda. harry reided the rules and aloud for the simple majority on everything except supreme court choices. stuart: you don't see any problem here? you think they will get through. >> i think it's appropriate to ask questions and be fully clear in the ethics department. i even courage people handling the ethics paperwork to move quicker and i even courage the nominees to put their paperwork forward quicker. with president obama there was outstanding paperwork issues,
11:48 am
but you will get those things resolved. the final vote with the senate won't be completed i'm presuming until the ethics things are done. but the committee process should move forward. stuart: we are being told there is a new contender for the va secretary. and the "boston herald" says you scott brown are still in the mix for va secretary. you probably can't comment, can you? >> sure i can. i told you. i'll be honest and forthright. as of last week i'm have much in the mix. i have always known and have been told and made the suggestion that this is the most important job and the president-elect should exhaust every single remedy that he and his team get the best person in
11:49 am
there so they can help save live. if it's me, i'm all in and ready to go. but bottom line, the number one priority are the vets dying or being mistreated, and i know that the president-elect's only mission. stuart: in my opinion the best way to fix the va is to privatize it. what say you. >> in certain areas, yes. there are hospitals and treatment facilities that are doing remarkable jobs. so why would you privatize it. stuart: scott brown, thanks so much for joining us. how about this. aaron rodgers the green bay packers defeated and may beat the new york giants in the playoff round. the hail mary. he caught it. that's a touchdown. the receiver right at the end of the first half.
11:50 am
the final score was 38-13. i have to get back to meryl merl streep's acceptance speech at the golden globes. we'll show you have the full clip in just a moment. ♪
11:51 am
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11:54 am
stuart: it was hollywood versus trump at the golden globes. meryl streep slammed president-elect trump during her acceptance speech. >> i lost my mind earlier this year and all of us in this room belong to the most vilified segment in american society right now. think about it. hollywood, foreigners, and the press. and if we kick them all out you will have nothing to watch by football and mixed martial arts. >> he imitated a disabled reporter. disrespect continue cites disrespect and violence invites violence. trump responded, meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. meryl streep says she is part of
11:55 am
the most vilified segment of society? >> you take that away and all you are left with is football and mixed martial arts. stuart: have you seen the violent movies? meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. i disagree, i think she is brilliant. liz: he has a powerful agenda and he under cuts his agenda. he could have said, i am your president, too, meryl streep. ashley: meryl streep has an opportunity to call for unit and bring people together, take the high road. but no, no, they are vilified. liz: she didn't tweet that.
11:56 am
stuart: we have this coming from a viewer. varney, what's wrong with you. women dressed up as bombers get a chuckle out of you with the horror that represents. but a comment from meryl streep about trump offends you. get a grip. liz: this apples and oranges. i thought that satire was effective. i think satire is britain's greatest export. it takes the fear out of what isis is doing. and it will impact millennials who say these guys are a bunch of jerks the way they brutalize people around the word. ashley: takes away the fear and highlights stupidity. stuart: you are going after them with mockery. >> isis i am a thesers are 20-something.
11:57 am
they say this is idiotic. stuart: when i first saw that yesterday, i laughed. i thought it was genuinely funny. but then i thought about it and thought, they just ridiculed these people. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers
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to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. . . when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward.
11:59 am
stuart: scary and disturbing scene in florida, miami. school evacuations. >> phone call saying there was explosive device in the building. as you can see from the aerial shot, everyone is out, 450 students at this school. stuart: two police officers shot, one shot and killed. >> one shot by a murder suspect outside of a walmart in orlando. a police motorcycle officer died when he crashed his motorcycle in the manhunt for this person, who by the way is still on the run. very tough day for law enforcement.
12:00 pm
stuart: follows al appearance by the alleged shooter in fort lauderdale. what a day. what a day to start the week. our time is up. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. neil, it is yours. neil: stuart, thank you very much. we're following intriguing developments at trump tower. not more appointments or name, who will settle the veterans issue, who runs the department, look here, mitch mcconnell, wrapping up powwow with the president-elect and health care issue came up. >> president-elect and i had a good meeting about the senate agenda, which includes confirming cabinet appointments, betting further down the road toward repealing and replacing obamacare. we simply talked about the senate agenda and our ready to get going once he gets down there. >> will you pursue the process without going through vetting, financial records? >> everybody will be properly


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