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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 9, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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donald trump witting taking office as the 45th president at noontime that day. you can watch all the action right here on fox business all day long. and 8:00 p.m. eastern, i will be there for a special edition of the intelligence report, live from washington, d.c. make sure you tune in. liz claman, over to you. liz: trish you know what? we may have witnessed the very best example of how donald trump will be one of the most pro-business presidents u.s. has ever seen. he let it play out in front of your eyes by walking these two ceos into the trump tower lobby. jack ma, with alibaba with his 370 million active users who constantly buy stuff from him. and lvh's bernard arnault, vivendi, louis vuitton.
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wait until you hear what jack ma sells on his site to make in the usa. mark fields of ford. did trump beat up on true red, white blue, ford a week afford abandoned plans to open as assembly line in mexico. we would ask mark fields what would henry ford think of trump's twitter shaming the auto industry. you have to hear what he said. it is important. we're still on dow 20,000 watch. nasdaq is grabbing headlines in the final hour. tech and health care driving nasdaq to another record high. will we see three in a row with the nasdaq. less than an hour until the closing bell. start the "countdown." ♪ liz: how long am i destined to drag this dow 20,000 hat everywhere i go, waiting for the moment the blue-chips reach the peak.
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i can't show it raising the hot, that is very bad juju. they're superstitious at the nyse. after friday coming tantalizing close to dow 20,000. we're now flirting at session lows. the dow down 5points. despite a handful of companies boeing on the shopping spree -- down 57 points. you have share of health pet care company, vca, ticker, woof, after mars said it would buy the company for $7.7 billion. chocolate, pet care, still trying to feel that love there. if you show shares of pharmaceuticals you're definitely celebrating the stock surging 73% at this hour after japan's takata pharmaceutical would buy the u.s. cancer drugmaker valued at $5.2 billion.
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unitedhealth group sending surgical care affiliates rallying. surgical care rising by 15%. unitedhealth announcing plans to buy the company for $2.3 billion. acquisition action here but breaking news at the moment, is the united states about to become china's grocery store? it is ice cold here in new york city but the heat of the business deal-making world from trump tower is keeping us toasty with the president-elect holding a round of meetings involving political and global business leaders which could be good news for anyone in the agricultural business. first the politicos led by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who charged into the golden elevators to discuss the senate's plan to repeal and replace palm cair. the meeting grabbing lie ann's share of attention, alibaba ceo, jack ma. he has close to a billion users to.
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will more purchases be made in america? he was there when jack ma opened a a window what kind ofporter: . talked to mr. ma about u.s. agriculture and connecting companies and farmers to 300 million middle last chinese customers, which his company, which is a giant chinese internet company has access to. he talked specifically, about wines and fruits that come from the midwestern part of the united states. so quite specific in his commentary was mr. ma. the president-elect joined him in the trump tower behind me. joining me more big picture. he added this. >> you just saw what happened with fiat where they will build a massive plant in the united states in michigan and we're very happy and jack and i are going to do some great
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of lvmh, the large european company behind louis vuitton and other well-known brands here as well today. when we speak of business leaders, there was one business leader made news for different reasons today, that would be jared kushner, married to trump's daughter ivanka. we learned at fox mr. kushner plans to take an official role in the trump administration as a senior advisor. mr. trump said he talked more about that at his wednesday news conference. no doubt at the wednesday news conference about nepotism laws will come up.
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of those trump nominees confirmed. liz: i see fox business, never mind.
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>> erin this is right, this is fox business logo, earmuffs. liz: we have fox business dixie cups. >> everything. liz: connell mack shin. i want a -- mcshane. i want a fox business sippy cup. president obama makes farewell speech. fox business has it wall-to-wall, two-hour special. "cavuto: coast to coast," all begins tomorrow 7:00 p.m. eastern time. so as donald trump was preparing to hold all the meetings, the president-elect took his time to tip his hat to two of the world's biggest automakers. taking a victory lap for himself. donald trump tweeting, finally happening, fiat chrysler announced plans to invest one billion dollars in michigan and ohio plants. adding 2,000 jobs. afford said it would expand in michigan in the u.s. instead of building a billion dollar plant in mexico.
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thank you ford and fiat. this comes after he first culled out many companies for overseas production an one of the most anticipated events of entire year for the auto industry kicks off with major unveils by the world biggest carmakers. it is detroit auto show. jeff flock with all the big reveals. jeff, what has to be a theme no one expected a year ago, convincer-in-chief, donald trump pushing industry stamp made in america on bumpers of these cars. reporter: long shadow of donald trump over the auto show. he hasn't even heard about this one. we're at the latest unveil. this is fac. this is the first chinese company to display on the main auto show floor. talking about selling their cars in america. wait until he gets a load of this one. some of the executives we talked to today, cheered by donald trump's policies and thought that perhaps, there might even be a reduction in the corporate tax. listen to what they had to say.
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>> today's 35%, whether it is 15, 20, or 25, needs to come down. >> we are looking for we think overall a lower corporate tax rate would obviously be better for business and help drive the economy. we'll listen in on that as well. reporter: on the other hand, liz, on subject of a border tax, hmmm, that didn't go over so big. some executives like mary barra not wanting to take donald trump on for the subject, but others like sergio marchionne, fiat chrysler ceo, even though he scede yeah we'll invest more in the u.s., the thought of a border tax could cause mexican factories to shut down and prices for vehicles to go up. here is what else he had to say. >> we're beginning to see with tweeting exercise, that president-elect trump has carried out a very clear direction and not, unfortunately because of the fact that he is not sitting in office yet we
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have not seen articulation of the method to get this done the if. if i ever start tweeting shoot me. reporter: sergio, good time. if i ever start tweeting, shoot me, liz. i don't have those skills. liz: you are on twitter. there is the question whether donald trump is, hey, sticking up for union guys and sticking up for american workers, that is so welcome to a lot of people. reporter: exactly. liz: looks like indirect protectionism to others. we have to see how this plays out, jeff. >> marchionne says i want to build jeeps in the u.s. and export them them overseas. if you put a tax here and suite get a tax on incoming that will screw that up. that works a couple ways. liz: his stock is leader auto stocks. let's put the stocks up. jeff, ford, is actually lower today after saying that it will
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close the whole idea of a mexican plant. as you look at ford, ford is down half of a percent. i'm looking at -- we didn't put, we didn't put fiat chrysler up there. the ticker symbol is fcau. it is only one up in the green. up 1 1/2%, a very nice move there for fiat chrysler. everybody else is down. just remember, ford has been conciliatory toward donald trump. right now its stock is moving lower. while autos doing what they're doing today, we know for sure one sector is absolutely getting smacked for the second straight day. let's get to the new york stock exchange. lori rothman, what is worrisome, this is perhaps a indirect window what the consumer may or may not be doing. >> absolutely, liz. you heard the news with sears and macy's closing stores and cutting jobs. at least three brokerage firms downgraded price target for jcpenney. i'm standing in post six no front of the jcpenney trading post.
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its down to $7.23. citigroup lowered the weakest price target to $8 from $10. $7 a share, liz, jcpenney is trading below its lowest price target on wall street. we have other laggards, f. consider, sears, urban outfitters. look at whole basket of retailers, of 115, 68 are losers. only gaining are small caps. they target specific customers and offer very zeroed in prospects. walmart and costco, dick's is on the board. border adjusted tax proposal plan would cost imports more, really weighing on those shares as well. a news item affecting those as well. retail leader, smaller caps, aside from those american eagan bell, gap, obviously not a small cap, way fair. 1% gain. back to you. liz: lori, did you see my hat? i covered the 20,000?
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>> i did. very clever. >> i didn't want anybody to get mad at me. they're like stevie wonder, very superstitious. can't show it to you. we're not close. dow is down 55 points, with the closing bell ringing about 47 minutes from now. dupont among the leaders on dow 30, maybe successfully presented its case to the your european antitrust regulators, boy are they tough, why the $60 billion merger with dow chemical be allowed to proceed. donald trump hasn't even weighed in on that merger. he is scrutinizing the one charlie gasparino is talking about, at&t at&t and time warner. charlie is coming up, exclusive insight from what the president-elect wants from his team about that potential deal. it is hard to believe, but it was 10 years ago today that steve jobs introduced apple's most successful product, the iphone. apple's market value was
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$73.4 billion back then. today? 620 billion and counting. apple actually hit a new 52-week high this morning, up 1%. looking pretty strong at $119.14. more "countdown" coming up in just a moment. my exclusive interview with mark fields, ford ceo. ♪ if you have medicare
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liz: you know how we said at the top of the show donald trump might be the most business-friendly president in decades because he is working to get chinese seller alibaba to push fruit and wine to their 100 million customers, but just as trump giveth he could take away. when it comes to at&t's interest in buying time warner. you see the chart in the middle? the that is precisely charlie gasparino broke news about time warner and whether donald trump might be working behind the scenes to maybe get more information to impede at&t from buying it, charlie. >> right. here is what i want to say. i don't want to suggest that he has made up his mind because from what i understand, there is report out in bloomberg he is telling people he is against it, i don't believe that is accurate. here is what we know he may be against it, evidence, from what
3:19 pm
is going on internally that is starting to build, that donald trump is trying to make a case essentially to block this deal. why would he want to block this deal? remember time warner owns cnn. cnn was really bad to him during the campaign. they were very critical of his campaign during the primaries and during the presidential campaign. he has said in the pas he belies that combining cnn with at&t would be the too much concentration of power, whether that is real or not it is up to the viewer to decide but clearly this is something that he doesn't like -- we do know he doesn't like cnn so here's what he has done. we understand, we have it from sources close to the trump transition he is asking advisors to review the time warner deal. he is asking advisors, this is why the stock is down following our reporting, is asking advisors to cite reasons why he should oppose the deal. it is clear he is making a case, at least as of right now to
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oppose the deal. we should point out two advisors right there, right with him are against the deal, steve bannon, a name, senior counsel. liz: who runs "breitbart," arguably a competitive news site with cnn. >> who ran "breitbart," you're right. someone who may want to get "breitbart" tv going and put that on the at&t pipes and feels that this would impede that effort. reince priebus, his chief of staff, former head of the rn. c from what i understand is also against the deal. from what i understand, donald trump critiqued this deal too much a concentration of power. he also said he doesn't like cnn another person in his ear on this thing, kruse ruddy, head of news mack. he had his issues with at&t. liz: how does this come off for somebody like you who covered mergers and acquisitions over the years? if president obama somehow prevented news corporation or
3:21 pm
fox or rupert murdoch, who of course runs our company, from making some kind of acquisition, the donald trumps of the world would be screaming, correct? >> there would be, there would be an issue. and because, you would think that someone who is coming in, considers themselves pro-business would allow a deal like this to go through but there is also -- listen, i spoke with chris ruddy about this a few times, the head of newsmax. he does make a conservative case against this deal, business case against this deal, free market case against this deal, that at&t is so big, they will control 25% of the distribution of programing and that, and through that, they essentially have somewhat of a monopoly where they will, they could squeeze out people like himself. whether that's true or not, i don't know. i read "the wall street journal" editorial pages. they think that having, owning pipes there is a lot of access,
3:22 pm
there is going to be a lot of access through technology, that impeding deals like this only hurts the economy and that there is technology brewing there will be other carriers that you could go through where you don't necessarily need at&t's pipes which is, which is wireless. they have the whole thing, wireless, cable, you name it. there you go. there are two the arguments. liz: when comcast bought universal, nbc universal they had to put promises in place, said you wouldn't squeeze out bloom members and fox businesses of the world because they would own cnbc. there are rules in place, that's what i'm saying. to impede, some people would look at it as the long arm of government extending into business an capitalism. >> yes. and if president-elect donald trump does this, people are going to say, okay, do you really -- there will be an economic argument, are you really against this deal because of, because of the economics -- liz: consumer. >> consumer or are you against
3:23 pm
this which you hate cnn which time warner owns because they were critical of you. liz: former is okay. if there is economics and consumer protection issue -- >> trump since the election -- during the election he said, hasn't said anything. here is what is brewing internally. i'm giving what you is going on. liz: the stock is down about a percent after your report that hit 12:30. >> you're right. liz: charlie, thank you very much. >> we updated it here with new information. liz: i about the way we want to remind you, maria bartiromo has an exclusive interview with jpmorgan chase chairman and ceo jamie dimon that's tomorrow on "mornings with maria," beginning 6:00 a.m. eastern. you bet they're going to ask what he thinks of donald trump, to get himself involved. >> whether he was the offered the job as treasury secretary, right? liz: closing bell, 37 minutes away. i've got a simple question for you, what would henry ford, the original tough-talking, anti-government overreach aptallist, think about donald trump attacking
3:24 pm
automakers over where and how they build their cars? we caught up with current ford ceo, mark fields friday at the consumer electronics show. we asked him about the trump attacks, future of driverless cars and how he thinks his company's namesake would react to the president-elect. mark fields pointed answer when "countdown" comes right back. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™.
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liz: well, it's not often you see an auto executive arrested an thrown in the cling on the first day of the auto show but just happened to a volkswagen executive. he is not even the first. the fbi arrested a second vw executive in florida, by the name of oliver schmidt. he is accused of playing a key role in keeping united states regulators from discovering the diesel vehicles made by volkswagen were actually programmed to cheat on emissions test, hence polluting the air we breathe. why schmidt? he was one primarily responsible
3:29 pm
for communicating and coordinating with u.s. regulatory agencies. the arrest comes amid talks between volkswagen and u.s. department of justice about what penalties the carmaker should accept. schmidt is expected to be arraigned today in detroit. just came back from the consumer electronics show where less nefarious car technology stole the show. autonomous vehicles, carlos ghosn she had me that car. that is car that is controlled by the same technology that nasa uses to control the mars rover. we were the exclusive business network that ford ceo mark fields chose to roll out ford's new autonomous fusion after the ford mothballed idea of a plant in mexico after being attacked by president donald trump. this is combination of crazy sci-fi. combination of censors that emit light that count as ice of the car.
3:30 pm
they have 30 produced and will triple to 90 by the end of the year. what about the hack? "wired" magazine showed a jeep being hacked and driven off the road. what about that threat? what about the trump attacks? what would founder henry ford think? we asked mark fields about all of it, starting with combating hackers of cars. >> we have lots of protocols. we have lots of what they call firewalls in here. so we are working very, very intently on making sure we have the right protection so these vehicles are safe for our consumers. liz: i was in the delphi autonomous vehicle. very scary because while i loved it, i thought this is interesting, just don't know all of the outer lying aspects of driving. cars need to start to learn i suppose, so they're going to, you guys make some headlines on this. yet unfortunately many regards the focus is on the fact some people you were twitter shamed
3:31 pm
by president-elect donald trump into closing down the plans for the mexico plant. what do you say about that? what was it that really influenced that as it pertains to him? you said closing it down was actually a vote of confidence in his leadership. >> one of the factors we look at, more favorable business environment for manufacturers in the u.s. that is part of it. one is a vote of confidence we think the president can deliver. in terms of the cancellation of the plant in mexico, that was purely a business decision based on demand. we were going to put our next generation focus in there. we've seen demand for small cars in the u.s. drop dramatically. so we basically said we don't need that capacity anymore. we can build the focus in another existing facility in mexico. liz: okay. have you spoken to donald trump since you announced the closure of the billion dollar plant? >> no, we advised president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence on the morning before we made the announcement. and that was the last time we
3:32 pm
had contact with them. liz: if you talked to him what would you say to him? >> i would say, listen, we are running our business. we're doing the right thing for us. we're also very encouraged by the pro-growth policies you're talking about, around tax and regulatory reform. we want to do our part to contribute to economic development in our home market just like we do around the world. liz: henry ford, the founder of this company, was a man who completely thought for himself. what would he think of a leader who getting it out there, whether it is toyota, that president trump tweeted about, or, any of the other companies out there, general motors? he has been very hard on them? what would a guy like henry ford say to those kind of moves? >> i think henry ford as it relates to our company, i think he would be excited, would be elated how we're moving the company forward in terms of lots of innovation, particularly around autonomous vehicles which we've been working on for 10 years.
3:33 pm
would say a big thumb's up. way to go. liz: yeah, but would he be completely annoyed that a president or president-elect would be involved in the company? it's a counterfact wall we'll never know. you have to know at some point these auto companies have to go back to making these decisions for themselves because they may very well bring back -- this is the biggest fear, bring back these companies but have so-called dark plants, all robotic that will play out. right now a win for the american worker to bring the plants back to the u.s. boy, did we get a lot of exclusive and amazing stuff from the consumer electronic show. nasdaq in record territory three times in a row. a lot of it driven by what happened at the consumer electronics show. aol tim armstrong. harman ceo who sold the company to samsung for $8 billion. fox business chatting with the polaroid ceo which is one of the hottest booths at ces show. polaroid? talk about retro.
3:34 pm
amazing. they're coming back in a big way. find it all follow the action on twitter. join the growing countdown crew. we're at nearly 70,000 followers. we're giving you guys something you like. help reach our goal like 100,000 like our facebook page. we're just getting started. get in on the fun and all the business you need. closing bell, 26 minutes away up next, at this time friday people were running for their lives at the fort lauderdale airport. today the man responsible for killing five of those people makes its first visit to court. did this shooting expose another place american national security is so have errable? lieutenant colonel ralph peters, whether we need to look down baggage claim next. "countdown" coming right back.
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liz: breaking news at this time on friday, we were witnessing a horrific situation unfold at fort lauderdale airport. esteban santiago ruiz opened fire in a baggage claim opened fire with a gun he retrieved at baggage claim. today he is arriving at his first court appearance of the two of the first three charges, against him carry the possibility of a death penalty. he understood his rights before explaining he was unemployed and serving in the army 10 years. necessary hex court date is january 17th. he was working and living in alaska as a security guard after 10-month tour in iraq at 2010. after that tour when he came home, his aunt and brother said he was chained. he heard voices and had visions all the time. how do we prevent another fort
3:40 pm
lauderdale? fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. how do we? if he was a changed man and hearing voices and a year ago walked into the field office of fbi in alaska and had a gun in his car and still had a gun last friday and pulled off this nefarious, horrific act, what do we do, colonel peters? >> in the long run we have to accept the fact you can not, you can not stop every lone gunman, every terrorist, every renegade truck driver. there are go dangers. one is, overreacting. you don't want to lock down the baggage claim area. air travel is tough enough. you lock down baggage claim they shoot outside the terminal doors. we don't want to turn our society into a megapolice state. the other thing i think we're in real danger because of copycat effects, not, not just among islamist terrorists but
3:41 pm
disturbed young men and men like this. in danger of acts of terror becoming the default position for misfits. liz: right. >> that is really scary. liz: we'll wait to hear what happens with this awful, awful case. this country is dealing with enough drama, colonel peters, specifically with the russian situation, where it appears vladmir putin at least to some people is able in a way to launch a new frontier. has managed to weaken the united states by dividing us. you have the president-elect fighting with democrats because i think donald trump may be perceived accepting the fact that russia may have hacked into our election, somehow delegitimatizes him as president. i don't see that at all. he won it, clearly america wanted a change. ex-russia and any involvement. anybody who thinks that he didn't win it fairly is really wrong here. however, is vladmir putin playing donald trump? >> well, donald's, he already
3:42 pm
humiliated and played two american presidents. he may play a third. i'm extremely worried that donald trump will never criticize putin anything ever. there is probably a backstory there. liz: whoa. what backstory? does putin know something? what do you mean by backstory? >> we don't know. how do we explain the fact that donald trump will never say anything negative about putin? more will i'm sure emerge in the coming months. concentrate on what we do know. you made a very important point about dividing us. putin is brilliant. he is a genius of manipulating people, manipulating information, societies and he hates us. he has a visceral hatred of the united states of america. he is not and will never be our friend. if we are to deal with him, if the president-elect wants to deal with putin, one, you've got to be extremely wary.
3:43 pm
do nott. because putin is master of judo, quite literally. three, deal from a position of strength. we, the united states of america, we hold the royal flush. putin has been playing brilliantly with a pair of sevens and bluffing everybody. liz: with an economy the size of italy he is able to conduct shadow wars and do all kinds much issues, pull them off and effectively gotten the president-elect to defend him, the leader of a country that doesn't ascribe to many of our values, privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. look, neither russia nor the united states wants to deploy human cost out in wars that are outside of our borders. however right now, donald trump, a the lot of people like like this, talks extremely tough. strait of hormuz, yesterday iranian fast boats zoomed by our navy ships once again. donald trump said when he is president he will shoot the boats out of the water.
3:44 pm
we're a business network. we look how the headlines affect people money, we have to do the right thing. that is a choke point of major oil trafficking, moving in and out when you talk about oil inventory. does donald trump and his moves potentiallily affect any market out there and our viewers? >> any president of the united states has the possibility of affecting markets worldwide. there is no blanket answer. in the strait of hormuz incident, if things get too dangerous, the naval commanders on the ground do have to have complete liberty to defend themselves and their ships, and know the president will support them. liz: they came within 900 meters. >> 900 meters is close enough to fire warning shots. you get much closer -- iranians are encouraged by president obama's weakness, endless vacillation and procrastination. the next president -- president trump will have to be tough but wisely tough. for instance, to go back briefly
3:45 pm
to russia, if he wants to make a deal with russia, he needs to decide up front exactly what he wants from that deal. what do we ask, what do we demand? he also needs to know what putin wants, and that's transparent. first of all putin wants everything. immediately he needs sanctions relief. economy 1/10 the size of ours. ruble dropped severely. poverty rate doubles two years two years of decline in gdp. he can't afford the ambitious military program he want. liz, we have to make sure we don't write him a check to renew his military program to go wild again. liz: that is definitely true about russia. lieutenant, great to see you, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> thank you, liz. liz: anytime. thank you. 15 minutes before the closing bell. we have breaking news. here is live look at the trump tower elevators. why are we showing you this? which got word, maybe, maybe
3:46 pm
donald trump who has been on basically a big parade in front of the cameras today, he came out earlier with the ceo of alibaba jack ma. we farred a note of lvmh. -- bernard arnault. big shot of the trump tower. not so much for the dow jones industrials. we're down 55 points. 19,907. considering we came within a point of dow 20,000 on friday, what happened? we're coming right back.
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liz: okay, why are we suddenly 96 points away from dow 20,000 when like i said friday we came within half a point?
3:51 pm
look at crude. this is the after-market trading going on at the moment. down nearly 4%. i was watching this, saw it around 1:00 p.m. eastern, make that 11, we were down 3%. it has only gotten worse in the after-market. what is going on? some roads lead to opec. any idea that opec will hold to production cuts will still be in place but offset the fact that rig count here in the u.s. friday, yet another gain. i know that looks like arrow pointing down. they started up more rigs. that is the 10th week in a row we saw more rigs going back to work. too much production here. what does that mean? well, forget that. the thing i talked about with colonel ralph peters. once again iran provoking our navy in the strait of hormuz, that certainly jacks up the price of oil, gets people nervous. working in the opposite direction right now as oil continues to fall and pull down our markets. the floor show at the moment, traders as
3:52 pm
new york stock exchange, cme and nymex. let me get to you, luke. oil shares, any stock related to oil is dragging this market down, financials secondary. what do we do about that? i thought oil would spike on the iran news? >> kudos to you, liz, you have to be a long-term listener on this program, i know we talk about daily moves for crude but we've been talking about this for several months. number one, a lot of oil companies hedged oil above 55, meaning they don't think they it can go above that they will not participate in any up move in oil. number two, everybody thinks break even for u.s. producers is 55 or higher, right? the u.s. is now the biggest swing producer in the world. if rig counts go up in the u.s. and other oil companies don't think it will break 55, it will push it lower. now other thing i will say, go ahead, i'm sorry. liz: quickly. because i want to get to alan and scott. go ahead, finish your thought. >> the thing we've got to watch
3:53 pm
right now distillate prices have gone up all around the bored. in mexico there has been a big jump in unleaded gasoline prices. crude may not go up that much. there is only limited refining capacity. it will be a cold winter. gas, heating oil will go up faster than crude oil will. liz: i can't see the temperature gauge but it was about 18 when i got outside this morning. 18 degrees not good for the california girl. you buys in chicago, alan, are used to that, if you're used to such a move so close to dow 20,000. we see pullback. is this plateauing or retreat from a psychological number and nothing to be really worried about? >> i would hope so. i am relieved we reached a record round number last friday, ndx, nasdaq 100. we saw 5,000. it is interesting that the tech sector is starting to play catch-up. apple made new highs.
3:54 pm
it is nice to he see all the market momentum is moving higher, not just the dow. liz: wish we could see apple. let me tell people what we're looking at here. apple at the moment, yeah, it is up 1%. that is the new 52 week high it hit. you see on the lower ticker, nasdaq is continuing to power. scott, to you, right at the moment as we look forward to the rest of this week, we got tantalizingly close to dow 20,000. i'm wondering if that is something we should stop talking about, it will stop happening when we get decent data? friday jobs report was just good enough, too exciting. >> you said it exactly, liz. as soon as everyone stops talking about dow 20,000 it will probably happen and soon happen when banks deliver. techs very strong right you no. the start of this year, rotation continued. even with oil pulling back from highs, tech making new high,
3:55 pm
financials holding higher. you have decent movement in some of the russell names, even though they pulled back. at this point i feel like everyone should stop worrying about dow 20,000 and look at set-ups. as s&p cash is over 2260. actives bulls stay in the rally. liz: good to see you. do not miss "countdown" tomorrow. fox business exclusive with one of the most-followed voices on all of wall street in the nation and in the world. he called the trump presidency months and months before it happened. billionaire jeffrey dunlap -- gundlach, here tomorrow only on fox business. all kinds of prediction. you got to hear it. people love to figure out what he's thinking because 99.9% of the time jeff gundlach has been right. stay tuned. we're coming right back. ♪
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liz: okay. so last we said the dow managed to shake off its worst ever start to a year, closing up more than 13% in 2016, but retailers coming to play the markets kind of like now eli manning in the wild card game yesterday. should then worried that they drop the ball like the giants receivers last night. with me now one of the biggest giants fans jeff. listen, there is a worry that retail investors are coming in late and that this rally is soon to be done. do you believe that? >> yeah. just like the giants. you're on a boat in miami and the next minute you're in the freezing cold getting your butt kicked. and that's what retail investors have to realize is that one minute you feel like the party is going to go on forever and then the next minute it's over. melissa: so what do you do? >> i think should really look to take some money out beyond the sideline with some money because keep in mind. this party has been going on
4:00 pm
for eight years. so there is going to come a point it may not be severe right away, but there is going to become a point where the market is going to turn down and investors have to be prepared for that. liz: jeff and all of his picks will be on let me give you the bright side here, david and melissa, the nasdaq makes it three records in a row. david: had to bring up the new york giants, liz. i'll never forgive you for that one. liz: sorry. david: a brand-new record close for the nasdaq but the third in a row for the nasdaq but the dow slips further away from 20,000. the s&p 500 also ending the day lower. i'm david asmand. glad you could join us. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. we've got you covered on the big market movers but this is also when we have coming up this hour. a very busy start to a very busy week for president-elect trump holding a number of high caliber meetings today with hearings in the days to come. this as the sena


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