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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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for eight years. so there is going to come a point it may not be severe right away, but there is going to become a point where the market is going to turn down and investors have to be prepared for that. liz: jeff and all of his picks will be on let me give you the bright side here, david and melissa, the nasdaq makes it three records in a row. david: had to bring up the new york giants, liz. i'll never forgive you for that one. liz: sorry. david: a brand-new record close for the nasdaq but the third in a row for the nasdaq but the dow slips further away from 20,000. the s&p 500 also ending the day lower. i'm david asmand. glad you could join us. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. we've got you covered on the big market movers but this is also when we have coming up this hour. a very busy start to a very busy week for president-elect trump holding a number of high caliber meetings today with hearings in the days to come. this as the senate begins the
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process of trying to repeal a big part of the obamacare. but it's without the full support of republicans. why not everyone is onboard and the plan to change that? plus another tense moment promised -- prompting the u.s. navy destroyer to fire warning shots at iranian ships. details on this and how an agreement from donald trump and the navy may keep this from happening in the future. david. david: we're going to get back to that that in a moment. but first the nasdaq may be closing at a new high but dow is retreating even further from 20k. sinking in the final minutes of trading. ibm, exxon, nike all big traders on the dow. lori, you're watching some other big names as well today. but first, phil flynn where the cme saw nearly a 4% drop in oil today. having a big effect on stocks. go ahead, phil. >> it really is. it's weighing on the entire
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complex today and you can blame oil prices for the dow probably not hitting 20,000 today. and a lot of it is about iraqi oil production. we've got a report over the weekend that in december, they exported a record amount of oil of over 3.5 million barrels of oil. and even though iraq is coming out saying, listen, we're still going to adhere to production cuts, a lot of the traders are not believing it. that really started the ball rolling to the downside. we also had these concerns coming out of china with this currency correction that we've seen right now. they seem to stop the outflow. there's concern that a stronger dollar versus the chinese currency will make it harder for china to import oil, so that's been a negative. but gold is up big today on the weak dollar. back to you. melissa: all right, phil, thank you. lori, retail continues to tumble. who are the names that you're watching right now? >> well, well, everyone disorder and really punished urban outfitters today and despite holiday sales, you're seeing margin compression. so that was considered a warning and shares were down
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as much as 6%. will close here off about 2%. and that really weighed on the sector. sears down almost 5%. that coming on the back of last week; right? macy's and sears announcing store closures. so really, it has been an ongoing theme here with just online sales really cannibalizing the brick and mortars. the trump works is looking to take a closer look at the at&t and time warner proposed deal and a concern of concentration of power, the trump adviser and do oppose this bill. and happy anniversary, iphone. ten years ago today steve jobs introduced to to what became apple's most successful product. shares are up 900%. the suppliers the apple iphone suppliers not too shabby.
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up 290% in the last ten years. back to you. melissa: all right, lori, thank you. david: well, former treasure sector larry summers can't seem to get onboard with president-elect donald trump saying setting the stage for the next financial crisis. joining me now is jonathan and fox news contributor and james of the wall street journal. well, james, what seems to bother larry summers. remember, he was treasury secretary with bill clinton. is that the regulations, the deregulation policies that are coming from president-elect trump are going to create financial ruin. let's just play a sound byte of what he said. >> who wants to go back to the era of predatory lending? who wants to go back to an era of vastly overlevered banks? david: incredible thing, james, is that that era was ushered in by bill clinton and larry summers. i mean, he's denouncing not to mention the current secretary jack lou, the treasury
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secretary who packaged bad loans for city. >> yeah. when larry summers talks about creating the conditions for the next financial crisis, he certainly knows the territory. you go back to the 1990s when he was a treasury sitting on any efforts to reform fannie mae and freddie mac. remember, the clinton administration was driving up their affordable housing goals. that meant they started buying a lot of really shotty loans subprime and so, yeah, i don't think he's necessarily the most credible witness on this. and as i look at the trump team, my concern is they're not going to go far enough deregulating the financial sector. you look at who he has picked versus some of the other senior administrative slots, a lot of goldman sachs guys. david: yeah. >> not really known for revolutionary thinking. david: but, jonathan, i want to go back to the hypocrisy. i don't want to go into psychobabble but there's a psychological term projection.
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you project on others what you have -- isn't that what's going on with larry summers? >> indeed, david. it's bewildering me. in fact, now is the time for republicans to deregulate. to practice what they've been preaching for so long. every time you see markets deregulated, you see them less expensive and more productive. and there's this alphabet soup whether it's box or the scc orphany and freddie, which james mentioned. there's a great opportunity for trump to have a real long lasting implication and effect if he can come through and actually deregulate some of this alphabet soup, especially in financial services. melissa: well, america working again. president-elect trump praising ford and fiat tweeting quote it's finally happening. fiat chrysler just announced plans to invest a billion dollars in michigan, adding 2,000 jobs. this after ford said last week that it will expand in michigan and u.s. instead of building a billion-dollar plant in mexico. thank you, ford and fiat chrysler.
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james, we'll start with you. you know, the other five says this is all hype. you know, these are factories that would have been here anyway and the companies -- or the news we knew about and the companies are just bringing to try to get credit. what do you think? >> well, i think if this can be -- if that's all it is, and we don't go forward to some kind of border tax punishing people for so you went overseas, i think that's the best case scenario. i think the deal here probably for the trump administration in detroit is that they make more of an effort to build cars here, and he gives them relief on fuel mileage standards. and really, if you look at a lot of the mexican plants, it's building cars that a lot of these companies in many cases don't want to build anyway. they're not making a lot of money. on them. they're forced to comply with government dictates on mileage. so i think that's the deal that would be coming with the trump administration. melissa: jonathan, there's also something very different about the tone here. i mean, the last administration it was sort of
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like professor or father. i know what's best for you. i know what's best for the economy. here it is. and this tone is sort of like let's make a deal. i mean, you could say positive and negative things about both; right? i mean how -- >> i don't think it's much different at all actually. this is central planning, a different form of central planning. and if you want the east german, then you continue on this road that, unfortunately, i think donald trump is on of waking up every day and coming up with a brand-new idea of how he can fix companies that are doing whether it's apple or american car companies doing quite well without him. the role of government is not to do deals, it's to protect rights and now, guys, there's even these apps that will send you alerts when donald trump is tweeting about your stock. that means these are risk markets. melissa: interesting perspective. okay. david: well, i would say general motors so far seems to have figured out pretty well how to play this game. she's a trump adviser and unlike the other companies, the gm actually builds a lot
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of their really profitable vehicles down there too. melissa: there you go. david. david: all right. well, speaking of auto industry leaders, once challenging donald on his idea of a big border tax, well, now they're trying to work with the president-elect, at least for now. but not all are onboard. fox business jeff flock is live in the auto show in detroit, michigan. you found one who is not onboard, jeff. >> yeah, i think if you're a u.s. automaker like mary barra and mark fields, you don't want to tick off the incoming president. but if you work for a company based overseas, you're more likely to say what you think, which is i think tax is a bad idea, border tax is a bad idea and that's what the ceo of toyota told us in an exclusive interview here on the fox business network. >> for the industry. there are some industries that benefit, the automotive industry definitely does not. it's going to raise prices, which likely will shrink the industry, it will lower demand, and it will cost
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jobs. >> that's i think in fairness to what a lot of people think. you know, surge i don't today in addition to saying, yeah, we're going to bring jobs back and invest in the u.s., you put a tax at the border, i'm trying to build jeeps them and send them overseas and if you put a tax here, they're going to tax me there, it's going to screw that up building cars in the u.s. so it was almost forgotten all the cool cars at the show this year. we have talked so much about trump and trade policy. that is a vw microbus. probably like the one, david, you took to woodstock. david: i was going to say it looks just like -- an updated version of a '60s van. >> oh, i like the color. >> it's electric. it's electric, though. melissa: that's a lot of fun. i want to see more pictures. david: thank you. we're going to avoid the pictures of me in one of those things. that's a history i rather forget. jeff flock, good to see you, my friend. melissa. melissa: yet another scandal rocking the va. this times millions of dollars down the drain.
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the results of a new report. david: and more news descending from the golden elevators of trump tower is the deal maker in chief secures another pledge for thousands of more jobs right here in america, adding a familiar face to his team. melissa: and it's a crucial week for the incoming trump administration to kick off a flurry of confirmation hearings for the president-elect cabinet in waiting with democrats looking to put up a fight. >> but we're not doing this for sport. democrats feel very strongly that pushing for a thorough and thoughtful vetting process is the right thing to do. wow, x1 has netflix?
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trump's administration and discuss the speaker so-called better way policy agenda. it's going to be tackling the big challenges facing americans, his words. white house chief of staff reince priebus, jarod kushner and gary who will head to president-elect national economic council also expected to be in attendance. melissa. melissa: in a revolving door, connell mcshane is at trump tower with the latest. connell, where did your earmuffs go? i saw those last hour, i thought they were fantastic. >> well, i didn't think i looked that tough wearing but the point about jack, he's a big deal in international
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business, he's the head of alibaba, this giant company that has been compared to amazon, compared to ebay over the years, he says he has plans to help create a million jobs over the course of five years. basically by connecting u.s. companies to china. alibaba tweeted after the meeting between mr. trump, alibaba wants to create u.s. jobs by helping u.s. small businesses and farmers sell to china's 300 million strong middle class. he added these comments. >> you just know what happened with fiat where they're going to build a massive plant in the united states in michigan, and we're very happy and jack and i are going to do mr. trump was asked about
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today had to do with his son-in-law jarod kushner. now, we've confirmed at fox mr. kushner does, in fact, plan to take a job at the trump white house as a senior adviser. what trump will say, though, is that he will talk more about it at his news conference in new york. kushner is expected to take that job, he stepped down fromye way? . melissa: not i. i mean, i don't have a pair. i would love a pair but apparently only you are good enough, connell. so put those on right away because it is freezing cold out there. david: freezing. melissa: absolutely. stay warm. david: let's talk about jarod kushner and others here now, red alert politics senior contributor jessica, democratic strategist. first of all, there are a lot of business interests that jarod kushner has all over the
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world, mostly dealing with real estate, some that could be seen as conflict of interest. he's already announced one of those, 7 billion-dollar building that he partly owned and was kind of we developing with the help of a chinese company, he's going to drop that. but he has so many interest kind of like donald trump himself. i think it's going to be virtually impossible to avoid all conflicts of interest, don't you? >> no. i disagree with that. and, by the way, i'm in sunny l.a. so i don't need earmuffs. it's sunny here. but i don't think so. i think jarod has been focusing on removing any potential conflicts that he has had since president-elect became president-elect. we saw that in his news publication when they were talking about the potential of him actually being part of the administration. in addition to that fact, the trump senior source of the trump transition team told me
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that they've kind of vetted him out. so they've had their lawyers look over the resources of what he has had to ensure. david: and, jessica, he will be working for the white house. he's not going to be a cabinet appointment. that makes a big difference legally it doesn't? >> it does, although we have nepotism laws, and we'll see how this plays out. david: hold on a second. we have nepotism laws. did that stop hillary clinton for working for her husband bill back in the days when she was promoting the health care law? >> wait i'm sorry. hillary working for bill clinton when she was secretary of state. david: hillary clinton was working for bill clinton creating health care law of her own back in the 1990s, she created a task force and what happened. >> that's a first. that was under the offices the first lady's office. that had nothing to do working for bill clinton. david: the white house in any way; right? >> it's a totally different scenario, and you also began
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this segment saying it would be impossible. really? he's not going to be developing a health care law. he wants to reinvent the gop health care wheel. i am more than happy to hear it. but that's not what jarod kushner is doing here, and you began the segment saying it would be nearly impossible to do that and even though we know donald trump can't do it and jarod kushner can't do it. this is exactly what people were afraid of and, yes, donald trump has a more confusing balance sheet than anyone we've ever -- david: by the way, there are plenty of other ways in which democratic administrations have used -- in fact, hillary was talking about having bill clinton her husband being economics if she were president. >> you're right about that. david: but jeff sessions, now, because of harry reid and him pushing through this thing where all sauche majority not a super majority to pass somebody in your cabinet, does he face any real opposition? i mean, democrats can scream all they want, but they're not
4:21 pm
going to prevent him from becoming attorney general, are they? >> no. they're not going to be able to prevent them, especially when we look at the committee and the makeup of it and no republican has descended from confirming him. but this is the truth of the matter here, and i think jessica will agree with me on this. the left has become so enraged by anybody that donald trump nominates. if he decided to nominate jesus christ, they would find a reason to reject jesus christ and this is a guy who died for our sins. so i think it's problematic on many levels when we're looking at things in which jeff session has done because there's been a lot of talk of racist and all of this other stuff. but he voted for the voting rights act. david: do you find anything racist in jeff sessions whether in the man or in what he has done? >> well, i don't know him personally. but from what i have read and people i have talked to, they believe he is not racist. david: okay. jessica, what about you? >> there are people on both sides of the fence here, and i think he was trying to get me to say antichristmas, and i'm leaving it.
4:22 pm
but i think -- i love christmas. miss it already. >> you didn't get me a gift, jessica. david: anything about sessions that's racist in your mind? >> well, in my mind, listen, i don't like calling people a racist. there were things that had gone on he had a case three people voting act violation after he wasn't confirmed by a federal judge because apparently he called somebody boy. but there are people on both sides of the fence here. i think going to have a hard time but also he has the numbers. david: bottom line he has the numbers. we've got to leave it at that. thank you very much. stick around. we have more for you guys later. and stay opportunity at fox business. jp morgan chase chairman and ceo jamie diamond is going to be joining our own maria bartiromo for a exclusive interview at 6:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow morning. you don't want to miss it. . melissa: escalating tensions with iran. what caused a u.s. navy destroyer to fire warning shots. plus hollywood's latest temper
4:23 pm
tantrum why the liberal left is throwing a hissy fit once again over the president-elect.
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. melissa: the latest provocation from iran, a u.s. navy destroyer firing a series of warning shots at four iranian ships. this is according to defense officials. the iranian vessels were seen speeding towards the destroyer and reportedly failed to respond to inquiries. here now is peter brooks, retired naval intelligence officer and heritage foundation senior fellow for national security affairs. sir, thank you for joining us. what's your take on this? >> well, it's just another act of intimidation on the part of the iranians. the reason i believe the ship was extremely concerned about this. they warned them, they asked them to slow down is that it's believe that iran use swarm tactics, in other words, send
4:27 pm
a lot of low value vessels toward a high value target toward a ship or aircraft character in an effort to overwhelm the defenses if they were to take some hostile action. so it appears to me what i've read, melissa, is that the u.s. commander tried to tell them to stop, they sent off flares, they had a helicopter drop something and continued toward the vessel. we call it constant bearing and decreasing range, so they stopped the potential for some sort of hostile act. melissa: i was on one of these aircraft carriers once, and they said that it was relatively common for the iranians to come out in small boats and everybody kind of look at each other. but you see this, it sounds like as potentially a lot more hostile. i mean, why is that? has the environment escalated to that point? i mean, why do you feel that this is more hostile than it looks, steve? >> well, the iranians are involved in a annual exercise, which is involved -- which has a purpose of training to close the straights.
4:28 pm
u.s. ship was operating in international waters, the commander of this ship apparently felt threatened, he was worried about his ship, worried about his crew, and needed to take some sort of serious action here. but, yes, tensions between the united states and iran are high. relations are not good. the iranian nuclear deal has not helped things. obama's iran deal with -- was not nixon going to china in 1972. the relationship is still very tense, and our forces are coming across each other more and more in the persian gulf. melissa: let me ask you before we run out of time, the president-elect and navy are proposing ship booming, which we haven't seen in a long time. how does that change the equation? does it raise the level because it looks aggressive? or is it that show of strength that brings more stability? >> i'm all for peace through strength. and our navy is undersized at about 275 ships. they're talking about pushing that well up over 300 maybe to 350 ships. the u.s. navy provides presence, it provides an instrument of u.s. policy and
4:29 pm
the first thing the president asked for during a crisis is where are the aircraft carriers. so navy is critically important to our national security. melissa: peter brooks, thank you. >> thank you. david: well, another scandal is rocking the va, the department of veterans affairs handing out more than $30 million in employee incentives without any justification, according to an investigation by the va inspector general's office. the report finding the money spent in 2014 to quote recruit, relocate, or retrain employees was not fully justified. you think of all their problems, i don't think they deserve a raise. melissa: right. yeah. you would think. a new comedy sketch drawing by the real housewives franchise is sparking an online fury. david: i don't want to laugh but some of you you do. plus the push to repeal obamacare inside the gop's plan to provide relief to millions of americans. introducing conduent. one of the largest business process companies in the world.
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. melissa: the battle over obamacare is just beginning. republicans are looking for the best way to replace the health care system as democrats are trying to salvage their expensive law. peter barns is in washington d.c. with both sides of this bitter battle. peter. >> well, hey, melissa. it looks like this strategy for the republicans for repealing and replacing obamacare has morphed into repeal now, replace later. right now the senate is debating a budget resolution that would start the repeal process and because of senate
4:34 pm
budget rules, it is filibuster proof. that means it just needs to get the simple majority and senate republicans have 51 votes in the new senate, one more than they need to pass legislation. but some republicans in both chambers are a little nervous now about repealing obamacare and possibly ending coverage for some 20 million people without an immediate replacement, giving democrats ammunition to fight their efforts. but after meeting with the president-elect today in new york, the senate republican leader said he was moving ahead. >> there's no quick fix to undoing the damage created by this broken and complex law. and repeal is just the first step in that process. but the sooner we act, the sooner we can begin bringing relief to those who need it. >> now, in another hour, the senate will vote on a amendment from republican rand paul of kentucky. he says repealing obamacare
4:35 pm
now will blow a 10 billion-dollar hole in the budget over the next decade. he says his amendment will repeal obamacare, replace it with more free-market solutions, balance the budget in seven years, mainly by freezing all discretionary federal spending, about a third of the budget. it will likely fail, melissa. back to you. melissa: be very interesting to watch, though, peter. thank you very much. david: so how do you provide relief to businesses that have been affected negatively by obamacare, metro chairman and ceo, he joins us now. so how has obamacare specifically affected you as an owner and a manager and your employees negatively? >> yeah. well, it's done two things. there's a psychological factor where the employees now rely upon the government not their employer, which is socialism of sorts; right? the government provides that, so it has taken that from us. and i think this year it's around 4- $500,000 from their bottom line that it cost us.
4:36 pm
and that 4- $500,000 goes towards replacing equipment, building new restaurants, et cetera, et cetera. so it puts a pallor on running a business, takes it from us and gives it to the government. david: by the way, like some businesses, some small restaurants, your restaurants provided the employees with health care. >> we did. david: but you had to scrap those plans because of obamacare. >> well, the plan that we had for hourly workers. we still have our plan because it's a cadillac plan. in fact, we pay a tax on our plan because it's so good for all of our managers and all of our management people, so we have what's known as quote the gas guzzler. the cadillac plan. so those -- that was untouched. but the other plan didn't fit obama's narrative, so that had to be scrapped and take his narrative. david: all plans had to be focused in on the one plan fits all, which is obamacare. quickly, if you had donald trump's ear right now, and were to tell him what you could scrap in obamacare in
4:37 pm
order to make life easier for businesses, what would it be? >> well, let's start with the fines. people -- that's discretionary income. the government picks the pocket of the consumer and gives it to give the who wisdom knows how to redistribute it better. than i do with my own income. so i would start with that. eliminate the fines part of it. and then i would move towards i think what the government's doing is exactly right. you can't move forward unless you get rid of a blockade. and the blockade is the existing plan. is there a better plan? probably. and can they conceive it? probably i'm not that smart, david. but the reality is i don't think we move forward until we get rid of this car crash that's blocking the highway. david: great to see you, zayn. thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: the 26-year-old ft. lauderdale airport shooting making his first appearance in federal court today. this after his alleged attack left five dead and more injured. fox news phil is standing by
4:38 pm
in ft. lauderdale, florida with the latest on this one, phil. >> melissa, the accused airport gunman faced the u.s. magistrate judge behind me in the federal courthouse in downtown ft. lauderdale for a very quick 15 minutes this morning for esteban santiago, the suspect, this was his first appearance in federal court coming three days after he was arrested and also three days after he allegedly shot and killed five innocent passengers who were simply getting their luggage in the baggage claim area at the ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport on friday. six others were also wounded and about 40 people were injured during the stampede of panic and chaos. inside the courtroom, santiago appeared timid and increasingly jittery as the hearing dragged on. dressed in a red prison jumpsuit, the accused mass killer stood shackled at the wrists and ankles. he appeared to be either muttering himself or clinching his jaw over and over. the fbi says he admits to
4:39 pm
everything. tmz acquired this dibing video, apparently recorded by cell phone of the airport's in-house surveillance camera system. the gunman is seen calmly walking in baggage claim and then pulls out his gunman from his waistband and starts firing aiming at heads. for two hours on friday, thousands of passengers fled for their lives, running across the runways and taking cover wherever they could. terrified that this was a multiple shooter terrorist attack, it was not. but it shut the airport down completely for 15 hours. impacting tens of thousands of travelers and canceling many of their cruise ship vacation. santiago of course in november two months ago walked into the anchorage, alaska fbi field office claiming u.s. intelligence was controlling his brain and thoughts and forcing him to watch isis propaganda videos. he remains in the custody of the u.s. marshals tonight, and he will be back here at the federal courthouse next tuesday for his detention
4:40 pm
hearing when bond will either be set or bond will be denied. melissa. melissa: thank you. david: well, standing up for science. why one leading climatologist says politics and money pushed her towards a resignation. we'll ask her why she resigned coming up next when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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david: a leading climate scientist resigning her tenured position saying politics and money are affecting climate change reading in part quote i no longer know what to say to students and postdocs in order how to navigate the craziness in the field of climate science. research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions, approved of by a politicized academic establishment. it often becomes a battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide.
4:44 pm
judith curry, former ageorgia tech professor and american climatologist joins me now. now, you capitalized the word craziest in terms of talking about climate. in what way has climate science become crazy these days? >> well, there's so much pressure associated, you know, with the politics and the paris agreement and president obama's clean power plan, there's a lot of political pressure on getting the science to support a story that goes along with these policies. and as a result, you know, it's like the guy looking for his keys under the street light. well, he's only looking there because that's where we're shining the light. and climate science has become that way. there's all sorts of other
4:45 pm
places that we're really not looking for understanding. david: well, let me just and how it goes. has data actually been altered in order to fit a political scenario? does it go that far? >> well, it's not quite that simple. when you're putting together these datasets, there's a lot of choices that you have to make and there is a concern that someone's thumb is weighing on the scales a little bit. so it's not a straight forward cooking of the books. but biases can certainly creep in. david: yeah, now, i imagine that you have been attacked for your views. that was sort of the implication in parts of the letter. at any rate, and i look at your résume. i mean, you were chairman of the and earth atmospheric sciences department, you published over -- well over 100 -- almost 200 articles. you were the author of two books -- you've got a very impressive résume. i can't imagine any climatologist with a better résume.
4:46 pm
how do they attack you? they can't attack your record. >> oh, unbelievable. i mean, i've been called a serial climate misinformer, i've been called a denier. one climate science commented on my retirement and said the science was better off now that i've left. you know, and it goes on and on. and it's, you know, it's a relatively small group of activists. but these are the ones that you hear from in the media all the time. so they have an outside voice. david: but, professor, when you hear people that are pushing the views of our current president obama in terms of climate science, you hear them say 99% of the scientists all agree in the same thing about climate science. i assume you're part of that 1%. is that a mis -- inaccurate characterize of the science of climate science?
4:47 pm
>> okay. i'm part of the 99%. what the 99% agrees on is some very basic things like, yes, it is warming and, yes, humans are contributing to that. but the real issue is how much are humans contributing? and are humans the dominant cause? and i don't think that we are. david: well, you're a brave woman, and we appreciate you coming on. we would love to have you back. thank you very much, professor. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: thank you. melissa: getting heat over the housewives major backlash. do you think it goes too far? plus celebrity attack against the president-elect continue but donald trump is firing back. his latest response is next ♪
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. melissa: instead of using spotlight go to about it global globes to convince her followers to accept the president-elect. yeah, right. meryl streep related up hollywood as a listers appear to be even angry with donald trump than ever before. madder than ever. the president-elect firing back saying meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. awe. doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky who lost big. where to even start. back with us. all right. let me go the other way. jessica, let me start with you. >> yeah. melissa: okay. so i understand why hollywood does not support donald trump. i mean, as a group, they were very well represented by barack obama. i mean, he very much catered to them. he was their president. hillary clinton too. loved them. promoted them. did what they wanted. the average american worker, not so well served by hillary clinton or president obama. so they feel like, you know, that they like a different
4:52 pm
team. the hollywood thing is not surprising. >> oh, it's definitely not surprising. i mean, the policies that hillary clinton espoused and barack obama espoused are -- melissa: rich people. >> not just rich people. donald trump loves rich peopl p. melissa: he's not helping -- >> yeah. he's really honestly when you look at that and twitter was hilarious saying can everyone hear donald trump shuffling trying to find his phone as meryl streep was talking? you know, when he said she's overrated and things like that, it just shows the thin-skinnedness, and we know donald trump first and foremost wants to be loved and accepted. if -- melissa: i don't think so. >> really? . melissa: no. no. i think he feeds on this. >> but he stays up late at night hoping and wanting elites to like him. i mean -- melissa: hang on. let's as giano. when she stands there and preaches from her wealth and her elitism, and she just preaches for what they should think, and she has all of this
4:53 pm
power and people are left behind and can't make ends to meet and kids can't pay their bills, those people are like meryl streep. you live in a bubble. i don't care what you think. but then trump immediately sacrifices the higher ground when he insults her and insults her acting. like, why go there? >> no one think so meryl streep is overrated. melissa: hang on. what do you think about that? >> well, i'm going to have to disagree with my friend jessica. really i should say my best friend jessica. melissa: we all love jessica. >> i'm a little uncomfortable in this best friend terminology. >> sincerely, though, i'm here in hollywood right now, and i had some meeting with some senior executives this morning who jokingly said after meryl streep's speech, you better not tell anybody you're republican because you might get beat up; right? we know hollywood is the epicenter of liberalism and the do what i say not as i do culture. this culture has driven a wedge between the coast. in addition to that, hollywood oftentimes forget about there's people that aren't
4:54 pm
rich. there's people that don't live in big mansions on these different mountains. there's people who believe that hard work does pay off and donald trump does represent that. >> can i -- melissa: let's switch gears. >> okay. fine. melissa: this is a great one. a new comedy sketch is causing a big stir. this is the real housewives of isis. and it debuted on the bbc show satire. it's called revolting. and some viewers are saying the material is too dark to laugh about. you judge. >> ladies. what do you think of this? >> awkward. melissa: because they're wearing -- they're in the same outfit, you know, it's awkward because women don't like to show up because they're wearing suicide vests, so it's kind of like there's the joke. i have to say. i watched the rest of it. i did laugh. it was funny. is this the right place for humor? should i be ashamed of my laughter? >> no. not at all.
4:55 pm
i mean, we laugh at jessica every day. melissa: come on. i'm not going to let you insult jessica like that. >> we do that, jessica. but, no, i think this is where people just go off the deepened, and it's a satire show. it's comedy. we need to continue to laugh, especially what's been going on in our country for the last 18 months of an election cycle that's been crazy. melissa: jessica. and we do not laugh at you. >> no. i get laughed at constantly, but i'm totally comfortable with it. no, a show like this, this is very typical british; right? the dark humor. i think a lot of it is funny. everyone should watch as much british tv as possible. and since i did that really fast, i would like to return to the meryl streep thing. every day that there are millions of americans, lgbtq americans, muslim-americans. what? >> you don't have all the answers, jessica. it's like kanye west. you don't have all the answers, kanye. >> i think i do on this one. so there are many americans who feel incredibly afraid about the donald trump agenda.
4:56 pm
she was speaking to those people. melissa: and they will see and time will tell. >> they will. melissa: thank you both of you. >> thank you. melissa: good time. good times. david: the old college lie. how college recruiters in chicago are bending the truth about their city's violent crime wave. wait until you hear this. rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit approaching medicare eligibility? medicare options until you're sixty-five,
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melissa: trying to downplay a violent crime wave, add misofficadmission office university of chicago is offering to tour guides, that city is unsafe or scary. david: email obtained by school newspaper a dollars 500 cash prize to be awarded to those who can find a creative way to dispel the negative perception about chicago's vi
5:00 pm
-- violent epidemic. how do you disguise there are 780 murders. melissa: they say dispel the negative perception, as if it not real. david: it is real. melissa: ris "risk & reward" starts now. liz: trump cabinet gridlock on capitol hill. democrats pushing back on 8 of president-elect trump's nominee, they are tasked with his agenda for economic growth and national security, they are there to break the gridlock in dc. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth mack donald in for deirdre bolton, this week a marathon ofon first may be hearings starting tuesday with alabama senator jove sessions. -- jeff sessions for attorney general spot.


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