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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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understand. desperate housewives? no. >> $450,000 to find out if dinosaurs can sing! >> and fish on a treadmill to test flopping speed. >> i like this video, it was worth it. here's "risk & reward." >> violence and the growing racial divide in chicago casting a dark cloud over president obama's farewell address tonight in the windy city. welcome to "risk & reward". i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. we're four hours away from fox business' live coverage of president obama's farewell speech from his hometown of chicago tonight. nothing says legacy more than doing a good-bye speech in a city that ranks near the bottom for race relations, crime and near bankrupt finances. new fbi report just released shows chicago crimes skyrocketing across the board. worse, the increase in all violent crime categories in
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chicago is significantly outpacing the rest of the nation, take a look. overall violent crime increasing a sizable 24% from the prior year with murders alone up 49%. aggravated assault up 23%. robbery even higher increasing by 28%. this as the recent assault of a mentally disabled man in chicago was streamed live on facebook. racial epithets were thrown, further deepening the city's racial divide. here's the president telling abc that race relations have become better under his leadership. >> i am absolutely convinced that race relations, on the whole, are actually better now. >> better? >> yes, but we have greater awareness of where we're falling short than we used to. >> next guest says race relations are worse after eight years of america's first black
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president, and she voted for obama twice. she's independent journal review's antonia okafor. good to see you, thank you very much for coming on the show. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it as well. >> we've had six major race riots on the president's watch, and remember that "new york times" cbs poll last summer that said the 70% of the people who responded said race relations plummeted to lose not seen since the rodney king case in 1992. how can obama say race relations are better? >> well, the thing is he can't. he can definitely, he can definitely do it already. he's done it and i'm sure people are going to believe him, sadly. but the facts are the facts and you know, between -- within african-americans, you know, in 2008, they said that 61% of them thought that racial relationship between whites and
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blacks was favorable butthen now in 2016 and 2017 it's plummeted to 49%, and so obviously there's a disconnect between what president obama is saying, saying that racial relations are better, and then we're seeing on tv continuously that proves the opposite. >> antonia, do you regret voting for president obama? >> i regret definitely voting for someone based on the person and not the policies. i definitely regret the fact they didn't look further into the future and to see that the policy he implemented, that he championed were not only detrimental to my generation as a millennial and young person but especially as a black person. you know, unemployment rates have continued to be in the double digits until 2015, and including during his administration, and so and it
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just has just gone down now since we've had in 2016, 2017, but continuing to be increasingly more than other people, other races. so i think it's really sad to see the fact that the facts continue to show that african-americans are not doing well and continuing to decline and he continues to lie and say that we are. >> thank you, antonia okafor, we love having you on the show. come back soon. >> thank you so much for having me. >> turning to this business alert, senator bernie sanders attacking a small businessman as the senator sanders tried to defend obama's poor track record creating small businesses. there were zero small business growth on obama's watch as to factor out small business bankruptcies. that's the first time that happened in the country's history. watch this tense exchange between this small businessman and senator sanders. >> i'm a business owner and we
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just keep getting kicked in the teeth by the administration, it's regulation after regulation and tax upon tax. what donald trump doesn't understand is the complexity of >> let's take this to small business owner rick garner with me now. appreciate you coming on the show. you know, rick, bernie sanders said to the small business guy, quote, i'm not concerned about your income, s hard for business owners to make good decisions in this
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environment. >> do you think every democrat should run a small business or launch a small business unde probably stop paying themselves first rather than hurt their difficult to expand because you don't want to put your current employees at risk. >> rick, this small business guy who really was so upset with how senator sanders was so dismissive against sanders saying i don't care about your income level, he said to sanders in response, you
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haven't lived until you try putting a business payroll on a credit card. but rick iwondered about this, what do you make of the fact that small business optimism, we found out, this is breaking news, surged in december, the most since 1980.s an opportunity to meet our clients' needs and like i said to grow our business. >> rick, one guy working in a bank he was at morgan stanley said in a perverse way the government does create jobs, it creates jobs in compliance, people who have to comply with all the rules.
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employees' time is spent making sure regulators' needs are met, not the client. >> what a finding there, rick, you are terrific. love having you on the show. please come back soon, okay? >> thank you. >> ahead of tonight's farewell speech and on his way out of the white house, president obama continues to overstate and inflate his jobs record. listen. >> eight years later, you've told a different story, we turned recession into recovery, our businesses have created 15.6 million new jobs since early 2010 and put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combined. >> did you catch that? he said 2010. president took office in 2009 to.
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make his jobs number look better, starts jobs math in 2010, not 2009 when the country was in recession. president is always arguing he inherited a downturn. ronald reagan inherited two big recessions. citigroup went through three collapses, the first one during reagan's term. when you compare it correctly, obama's record is much worse. obama created 10.9 million jobs versus reagan's 16.1 million. that is doing the math when reagan sat down in office and that compares to clinton's 22.9 million. that is partly why hillary lost and we have obama and clinton workers struggling to find work. mayor patel says it feels like thousands are trying to find jobs that are jobs. take this to former trump campaign senior economic adviser.
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>> if political consultants can't find jobs, that's a good thing for the american economy. >> politico is calling the lost jobs a tradition, what are your thoughts? >> this is the way the town works. to the victor get on spoils, so you got a lot of republicans that are filling thousands of political appointment jobs now and a lot of democrats are packing bags and probably have to leave town. that's the way it's gone for 50 years in this town. but, look, you mention those jobs numbers. look, i'm going to be charitable since obama is leaving office in ten days and say i'mgoing to give him a c-in terms of handling of the economy. we've had 75 months straight of job growth, impressive thing, it's been steady but slow, and we haven't had any of the really breakout months of solid growth. >> steve, hang on. i hear what you're saying, the u.s. usually creates 250,000 because you have to take into
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account the population growth. we've been trending now 165,000. >> yeah. >> can you do quickly your rebuttal to what you is expect the president to say. he's going to be top spinning. you can do a fact check and say here's what really happened under the obama economy? >> the biggest problem for obama and the reason hillary clinton lost the election running on the obama record is it's been ten years since the average american middle class person had a pay raise. i started to say the job numbers that obama is touting are a little misleading as you know, liz, they include part-time jobs. people are working two or three jobs, that's considered three new jobs in the economy but you have to work two or three to get full-time pay. >> stay on that point. harvard and princeton found from 2005 to 2015 more than 90% of the jobs were part-time
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jobs. >> or jobs that didn't pay the kind of benefits that you need for your family. so that's been the problem. it is true, president obama is right that we've had pretty decent job growth. the problem has been they're not the kind of jobs americans can raise a family on and we've seen a big increase in walmart jobs, burger king jobs. those types of positions. we've seen a decline. did you know, liz, we've lost over a million and a half manufacturing jobs since obama took office, that was a period when the economy was supposed to be growing. >> how does that stack up historically, that loss of manufacturing jobs? >> well, look, it's true that over time we've seen fewer manufacturing jobs because productivity improvements, but not of that magnitude. not a million and a half jobs. usualy in a recession, sharp decline in manufacturing jobs and they climb back up during the recovery.
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that's not something we saw. that's why the midwestern industrial states of wisconsin and michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, my home state of -- well, illinois did go democratic, those are the states that are hurting. >> a lot of them went for trump. >> exactly right. but, look, the other thing, i'm going to be charitable today, i'll give him credit for low inflation, that's a positive thing, low interest rates, that's a good thing as well. >> that's the federal reserve. >> well, but we give reagan credit for slaying inflation, you have to give obama credit for not having inflation. it comes down to living standards, though, that's where you're seeing a big, big problem for obama touting this economy. just isn't nearly as good. 2% growth, we should have had 4. >> 4% was the typical performance in the u.s. economy since world war ii. love having you on the show. >> thank you, liz. >> from president obama's past to new president's future,
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after a slew of companies saying they're bringing jobs back to the u.s. republicans say trump is rapidly fulfilling yet another campaign promise. remember this one? you're going to get so sick of winning, winning, so sick of it. we're going to explain this one. don't go away. >> we're going to win so much, you're going to be tired of winning. you're going to say please, please, it's too much winning! we can't take it anymore!
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. >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say please, please, it's too much winning! we can't take it anymore! mr. president, it's too much! and i'll say, no, it isn't, we have to keep winning, we have
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to win more! >> pretty funny, isn't it? republicans saying the president-elect is fulfilling yet another campaign promise, making america sick of winning. look what's happening since trump won the election. chinese internet giant alibaba saying it's going to bring additional one million jobs to the u.s. under donald trump. that's the in all. look at the most recent job headlines. ford is bringing back the bronco and jobs to michigan. fiat will invest one billion in ohio plants creating 2,000 jobs. toyota set to invest 10 billion in the u.s. over five years. apple seeking reportedly to expand manufacturing in arizona. let's take this to the political power panel. they are republican strategist ford o'connell and democratic strategist al matter. al, you think democrats are sick of winning too? >> that's funny, that was my favorite moments of the campaign. i laughed for a long time when
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i watched that speech. everybody wants to win, right? we'd be thrilled to win every day and want the economy to grow and be successful and want people to get good jobs. some of this is theatrics, a large part of donald trump's success and look beneath the facts to see what's going on. >> i hear what al is saying, ford, some out there in the media are saying some of the jobs are already going to come in, fiat chrysler promised to do this two years ago. you know, striking here, ford, i don't recall and people don't recall any president-elect who has yet to take office with all the companies promising more jobs. so is it the threat of the big border tax to get the companies to come here, nothing like that to get you focused in the morning, right? >> there is nothing like that to get you focused in the morning but president-elect trump decided he needs to strike up victories to get his ambitious agenda through congress over the next four years. here's what i will say about
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the media, forget the details of the alibaba merger and partnership. the media would have been breaking into obasm's. he was never their guys, they want to see him fail, and in essence, they're rooting against america because they just don't like trump and want to tell trump supporters i told you so. >> did you just quote a new word obasm's. >> that's a new word. >> a new word, al. trump is trying, trying to do the right thing and the media continues to bash him. what's going on here? really? this is what he got elected for, to bring in jobs and he's trying to do it. what do you think? >> look, i have no problem with the president-elect trying to bring in jobs, that's what everybody wants him to do. we've got to look at more than bringing jobs. having event with the ceo is not a policy. he's proposed on the policy side slamming tariffs on china. that's going to do a lot more
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to hurt our economy than saving 800 jobs for carrier in the midwest. >> what i was going to say is for years the democrats are saying we're slaves to the global economy, and here donald trump is trying to think outside the box while working within the confines of the global economy, and frankly the democrats are never going to give him credit for this. see if this works because all the democrats are promising is we'll retrain you for another job. if you're a 45-year-old male with two kids heading to college. the last thing you want to hear is retraining particularly with 95 million people out of the workforce. >> back to that. >> hang on, al, cities have been annihilated, emptied out of jobs. i need to get on next story, we're running out of time. first to you, al, l.l. bean facing a boycott because a board member supported trump. we have this from the executive
5:22 pm
chairman distancing himself and the company from trump -- . >> al, really? should companies be afraid to publicly -- should any board director any, executive be scared to publicly support a president? >> i mean, look, this may surprise you but i think l.l. bean's actions much like meryl streep's comments are part of the reason trump was so successful. there's a tone deaf among the elite in this country and they're too sensitive to folks. of course someone at l.l. bean can support trump, hillary, whoever they want. this is america. people shouldn't be punishing a company for executives supporting the particular candidate. >> ford, al makes an important
5:23 pm
point. grab your wallet says they will end the campaign if l.l. bean removes linda bean from board. what happened to liberal tolerance? >> that's the intolerance of the not-so-tolerant left as we well know. i agree with al on this one. here's one worse, grab your wallet is boycotting 30 companies including amazon and neiman marcus. my question is where the heck are they going to buy their products? here's what worries me the most, they're hurting a family-based company in maine employees american people. >> i appreciate your insight. critics calling out democrats for doubling down on the protests that happened today. these protesters accusing trump cabinet nominee, he's republican jeff sessions, the nominee for attorney general, accusing him repeatedly of racism during his capitol hill confirmation hearing.
5:24 pm
the only point during the confirmation hearing that sessions got emotional and upset saying i'm not a racist, i've been mischaractertured, mischaracterized. retired lieutenant colonel alan west is speaking out. that's next, don't go away. (be) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪
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>> well, it's good to be with you, liz, and i really do enjoy the situational ethics that you hear coming from the left. when the representative play who i know, and i served talks about decorum and talks about tradition and standards of decency. well, look what just happened on the other side of the capitol in the senate confirmation hearing for jeff sessions. senator sessions is someone i know, i respect very well, and i met with him when i've done policy work with the organization ncpa. but where would those left-wing protesters when four young african-americans beat up a white mentally disturbed individual? where were the cries then of racism or hate crime or racism. so when we continue to have these situational ethics, i think we lose the argument, they lose the optics across america, and your previous guest already talked about is that tone deafness of the left that calls for donald trump to rise and become the next president and will possibly
5:30 pm
relegate the democrat party to be a minority party. but good luck to representative clay to bring any charges against representative duncan hunter. i don't think that's going to go over well liz: yeah, they were accusing hunter of death there. free speech, that you get. but you make this point about jeff sessions -- and, by the way, let me back up. this whole thing about free speech, i get that. but, you know, our cops are on the front lines, and they're getting shot and killed at record numbers. let's turn to the sessions issue. basically, you know, he's being accused of racism as we point out. he's heedly denying that. across the way in capitol hill, going to have the this painting being put up and back down. and then there was other breaking news, lieutenant colonel allen west. i'm sure you know about this story. paralleleparalyzed nypd who
5:31 pm
forgave the teenager who shot him and permanently paralyzed him. within months, this police officer steve macdonald forgave his teenage attacker. so police are pigs. how come congressman clay and the other guys down there in dc are support groups like black lives matter. where do they come down on the steve macdonald story? >> well, of course it's about identity politics, and it's about, you know, how can they leverage certain issues for their advantage? and how can they align certain groups that they believe will give them an advantage. president clay is there working and maybe staying there late at night, and he is under the umbrella, the protection of those capitol hill police, but yet he thinks it is perfectly fine -- and i understand freedom of speech and freedom of expression. but think about this decorum think about what is proper. think about the morale that is
5:32 pm
affected by those police officers that are there guarding that very same corridor where that painting hangs and him defending that. liz: sessions, the other thing that happened too, news broke that he will recould yo recuse himself from any investigation of the clintons. but could it -- in terms of the clinton foundation and the e-mail. could even open up the e-mail investigation again. could an unnamed open up the e-mail? what do you think? >> well, i think there's some action of criminality and now we're away from a toxicity political atmosphere, we have to restore the rule of law and order. we have to make sure that no one is above the rule of law and order. so i think when you heard senator sessions say that he would bring in a special prosecutor, i think that's the right course of action. liz: lieutenant, thank you and thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you, liz. liz: after meryl streep's
5:33 pm
diss, mixed martial arts chief is saying wait a second. why are you making fun of mixed martial arts? hear what ufc president dana white had to say. plus hollywood pushing on with their opinion. opinions about trump's victory. we've got katy perry, amy schumer, they're going to join the women's protest against president-elect trump on inauguration day. we're going to have the details coming up next to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight.
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. >> hollywood s crawling with outsiders and foreignerrers and if we kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts. liz: actress meryl streep slamming donald trump criticizing mixed martial arts pointing aim at the event. it's not an art. well, ultimate fighting championship president dana white is now responding. >> not going to be everybody's thing and the last thing in the world i expect is an uppedy 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic love mixed martial arts. liz: fox news red eye cohost he's tired of celebrities telling everybody what to do. so i mean, calling her old and uppedy. >> can you be uppedy and old? and she's not 80. he's like 76 or something.
5:38 pm
but i guess to him. they all look 80. liz: so what did you make of what he was saying? people mad about that. mma guys are deploreables too? >> nobody should be mad about anything. he had a smile on his face. he is defending his art. and it is an art. i had a guest on last night he takes mixed martial arts, and he takes acting classes and the mixed marshal artists are much more artistic. they have much more in the game. it is an art. that's why it's called an art. there's art in the game. liz: because you have to aim where to kick somebody in the head? >> it's all an art. liz: i can see it is an art and your movement is an art. >> yes. so she didn't want to say donald trump's name. meryl streep did this whole speech without saying his name. she thought that was kind of clever, but she was really attacking americans, regular americans. she's attacking middle america because she's talking about football and mixed martial arts, which everybody loves. much more than hollywood. in fact, it out rates -- mixed martial arts gets higher
5:39 pm
ratings than the dumb show. liz: yeah, and games as well. >> yeah. liz: let's switch gears. we have hollywood pushing their opinion again. there is going to be a protest in hollywood on inauguration weekend. we have cher, katy perry, amy schumer. it's fine. free speech. no problem with that. but we have tom slew, he made a funny public service announcement. he's tired about all the public service announcements. do you remember not to vote for trump and change the electoral college vote? watch what tom put together. >> dear celebrities. >> dear celebrities. >> dear celebrities. >> stop. >> stop. >> stop making these videos. >> no one asked you to make them. >> no one. >> and very few people seem to like them. yet you keep making them. >> and most importantly. >> they don't seem to help. >> whether we agree with you or not. >> or not. >> or not. >> your videos don't change our minds.
5:40 pm
>> in fact, they make us want to do the opposite of what you say. >> so for your own sake and ours, stop. >> stop. >> stop. >> stop. >> stop. signed, everybody in the entire world. liz: everybody in the entire world. do you think everybody in the entire place of hollywood, do you think they're going to listen? >> you know what? they might not listen because that was not a very diverse cast, was it? if it was everybody -- liz: one woman. >> that was it. yeah, i filled that quota. but, yes, the thing is -- the real issue, and i said whether we agree with you or not, the thing is that people who do agree with them are sick of these videos too. it's not working. that's why i'm saying i'm helping them out by telling them this. this march with katie pair pee. when she shows up at something, people stop listening. they don't even know what they're protesting now because they see katy perry and we know what this is about. this is a bunch of hollywood liberals trying to tell me what to believe. liz: yeah, viewers. people really don't like celebrities telling how to think. it's like an imposition.
5:41 pm
they're saying things we're hearing it that hollywood manufacturers and sleeves and violence, and they discriminate and choose who they want to be in their movies; right? >> absolutely. liz: and then telling everybody else how to think. >> and the whole idea of casting is that they separate people, and they have to, you know -- and then they preach to us about diversity. well, this is -- it is a diverse country and a diverse country just elected donald trump, and they just can't get over it. liz: you're tired of it. >> i'm sick of it. liz: okay. tom, thank you. you know what, viewers? be sure to watch red eyes on weekdays at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. remember this story of chick-fil-a worker badly injured in a car crash? he was still going to work so he could buy christmas presents and give presents to the homeless. well, the person who took the photo was so impressed with the worker he helped raise $44,000 for him. so what's he going to do with
5:42 pm
the money? that worker is with us, and he's so excited. don't go away
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
>> the feeling that i get when i do it is truly amazing. i'm truly blessed to be able to do something, so i'm kind and helping other people. this has gone national. i feel as i can spread god's love, and i can spread my faith and evangelize even more. liz: do you remember the feel good story we brought you last month? one teen's work ethic going viral. he's a chick-fil-a worker and a customer was shocked to see this teenager working behind the counter in a sling. and when the customer asked him what happened and the injured teen said he was in a car crash but he needed money to buy christmas presents for
5:46 pm
his family and for the homeless. well, posted that on facebook and raised over $44,000 through crowd funding. and now you won't believe what this injured teenage worker at chick-fil-a, what he's going to do with the money. well, tell him. he's back with us. chick-fil-a worker. wow, you're a big hit. what -- first of all, are you fully healed? >> no, i have a sprained shoulder, and i'm going to physical therapy and also i have some things wrong with my back, my wrist, my hand, and my neck. liz: but we're so sorry to hear that you're not fully healed and in pain. what are you going to do with the money that was raised? >> right now, my plan is to feed the homeless throughout continuously throughout years. put some aside for building a foundation, and just keep helping the homeless and getting them the love that they need. liz: did you -- wow that's impressive. did you ever think at any point that you would keep the
5:47 pm
money for yourself? >> no. it's money donated for the homeless, and i'm going to give it back to the homeless to help them. i've been blessed and grateful to have a stable job at chick-fil-a, so i'm just going to keep working at chick-fil-a for my benefits. liz: i'm sorry so sorry. so the money was raised for the homeless, is that what it is? >> yeah. to help feed the homeless. liz: now, can you just tell us or when you were injured; right? what were you thinking about having to go back to work? what -- when you're lying there injured and trying to recooperate, what message -- what were you telling yourself that you have to get back to work to basically help out your family with christmas presents and the homeless? >> i just always been kind of wanting to go in and pursue things. i love to work. i'm a hard worker. so when i was injured, i was, like, well, i just can't mope around. i'm going to get back up and start to work and get back to
5:48 pm
work, so i can get some of my family christmas presents and pay some bills and feed the homeless. liz: do you think other teens work as hard as you? >> i can't say that. i know teens do work hard. liz: yeah, they do. >> and in this job, have three jobs just to help their families. i can't say but i know some truly work hard. liz: yeah, they really do work hard. now, have you ever taken a sick day? >> no. i've never taken a sick day. some days i'll be, like, hey, i need this covered because i'm doing something. but i've never been sick and be, like, hey, i can't come in. i always come to work because i know myself, and i know i'm not going to want to sit around. and plus i like to help the job. liz: what is your definition of being sick then? >> being sick is when i just have no -- like i have no -- i
5:49 pm
just can't get up, and i can't get back -- i can't get up and go to my job. i have to say, oh, my gosh, like, it's just something. liz: i was teasing. and i'm so sorry. you are so impressive that you went to work injured phenomenal and, boy, people really love you. and i hope you come back on this show, jakeem tyler. you're really setting an example. thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: now we have this story for you. there are has been a push to legal i see recreational marijuana. however, a mysterious pot-related illness. victims starting to vomit uncontrollably, and they're in emergency rooms all over the country. just in states where legalized pot is elsewhere. dr. siegel to tell us about it. that's next
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5:53 pm
liz: welcome back. legal marijuana. it's becoming big business in the united states and according to a recent report, pot sales are expected to have risen 30% in 2016 and expected to triple in years. maine, nevada, massachusetts, recently voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. a quarter of states where they can get the drug. now this a mysterious marijuana-related illness of victims vomiting uncontrollably. it's on the rise of states only legalized the drug. we are seeing it instances elsewhere. with me now, dr. marc siegel. what's going on with this?
5:54 pm
>> they're vomiting because they're taking too much of it. this is an illness that occurs to pot smokers who will have it three or four times a day for weeks and weeks and week, and then they get this situation. it affects the brain. it affects what's called the temperature regulator in the brain. the next thing you know you can't regulate, you start vomiting, and you can't stop. so it's a warning sign. this is for chronic pot smokers out there. it's coming at a time that you pointed out where nearly a quarter of the country has legalized marijuana. liz: what about the product of marijuana itself? is it being tested? is it just being thrown out there and people are smoking it? we always hear about china synthetic marijuana issues coming into the country. >> actually, legalized marijuana tends to be cheaper, and it tends to be purer. so i don't believe it's an issue of impurities in it. but, you know -- and i do think the horses are out of the barn here. you mentioned the states, california, maine, nevada, massachusetts now have it legalized on top of colorado, washington, and oregon. so you're going to see more and more. it's a $6 billion industry
5:55 pm
already. and i don't predict that attorney general -- confirmed attorney general jeff sessions is going to be able to put a stop to this. but keep in mind there is a federal ban in place. liz: yeah, a lot of people in the fbi don't like the legalization of marijuana. getting back to vomiting, the state of vomiting. can that be treated? is it easily diagnosissable? >> well, it's easily diagnoseable if we talk about it. we doctors talk about it as if you're on chemotherapy, and you're nauseous and vomiting. that's one of the medical uses of it. so it's the last thing you would think of. but a lot of things in the body work that way. the very thing it suppresses, it turns -- the body turns against you and rebels. it's really interesting. it starts off suppressing noise, and you take too much of it. and then bam. and that's actually the problem with marijuana to begin with from a medical point of view. everyone think so it's no big deal. but it builds up. and if you're a chronic pot smoker, you have a problem with cognition, you have a problem with thinking, you have a problem with how you do
5:56 pm
on exams. but you don't realize it and before you know it, you're in the hospital vomiting. liz: do you think it's a gateway drug to heroin and opioid use? that has really gone through the use. >> well, i certainly think medical marijuana is. let me explain. if a physician is there prescribing percocet and then prescribing medical marijuana, the next thing you know someone gets addicted and ends up on heroin. i do think marijuana is a gateway drug, yes. but i'm really with worried the role physicians are working here. liz: doctor, you're always so smart. thank you for coming. >> thank you. liz: next up president obama's final goodbye tonight. reports he may take aim at trump. we've got you covered here at fox business. the details are next. don't go away
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