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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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is quite clear that president-elect trump is going to get pretty much everybody without question. even when hard press was made against some of the secretaries today. melissa: what a "newsday," "risk & reward" starts now. liz: in his first press conference since winning the election, president-elect trump on the attack calling out media and obama administration intelligence. welcome to "risk & reward," i am liz mack -- macdonald in for deirdre bolton. it was supposed to be highwa how he would disentangle himself from his empire. instead it was about the media.
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trump calls disgraceful, fake news and phony stuff, a wideranged press conference for first time donald trump said he believes that russia hacked the dnc, he said he wants to rereal and replace obamacare almost simultaneously. his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson answering tough questions. back to story of day, president-elect calling out media outlets including buzzfeed and cnn, comparing what they are doing to nazi propaganda during world war ii. >> it's all fake news, it is phony stuff, it didn't happen. it was gotten by opponents of ours be as you know, because you reported it, so did many others. it was a group of opponents
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that got together, sick people, and they put that graph together. so, i will tell you that not within the meeting but outside of the meeting, somebody released it, it should never -- number one should not have entered paper, but never this have been released, but i read when was released, i think it is a disgrace. liz: it got more heated when donald trump said no way when a cnn reporter wanted to ask a question. >> since you are attacking. >> not you,ing you your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question. >> quiet, quiet, mr. president-elect can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> you canivus question. i am not ving you a question, you are fake news. >> can you state -- mr. president-elect that is not appropriate.
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liz: joining me now, president-elect trump transition team, it was not just cnn covering this unconfirmd report, other media outlets, should the press report on it. >> i think that press would have been wise to have held this until there was cone for ma-- confirmation, this reports of sensationalism, that is what we saw in "national enquirer" as you headed out of the grocery store but you didn't want anybody to so your eyes drift that way. and you were not going to buy a copy, this is something that people are saying, this is the news. guess what, it is not. i think people would be wise in this day and age, where there is so much out in public domain that is not true, they hold, they do their due
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diligence, their verification. and quite frankly i think that mr. trump was right. to call out the reporters and began to shape the playing field, if you will, for how the press conferences are going on work. liz: there is a issue with social media reporting, we saw in the election that democrats are saying, wait, there is fake news that is harming us. now, distancing itself from buzzfeed. cnn putting out this statement, cnn decisions about operation of our government is vastly different than buzzfeed's decision do push lirpublish unsubstantiated memos. the trump team knows this. we're fully confident in our reporting. it was newspapers, the "new york times," "wall street
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journal" reported on it and "financial times," is media to blame for reporting unvetted news. >> i think, again, the media net needs to step up, do their due diligence, here is another headline, i have it in my hand, on msnbc chuck schumer warned trump, he said intel officials have six ways from sunday at getting back at you. now, what did chuck schumer mean by that. liz: he said it on msnbc. >> yeah, you should never question when the intel officials bridge t bring to you. liz: you should never cross them? you should never make them angry because they have politicized things, and they will come whack you of something or accuse you of something? i think you have to look at that. let's, everybody needs to take a deep breath, everybody needs
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to show some discretion and discern a discernment and act like adults and not jump at every little thing that comes at them simply because they don't like somebody, that is the kind of activity you stop your children from doing when they are in third grade. liz: let's get back to what the press conference was supposed to be about. about president-elect trump giving control of his business empire to his two sons. and a close adviser to avoid conflicts of interest, trump is still keeping his ownership stake, media not liking that. what rockefeller went through when he was selected as vice president, trump is doing what many in media, analyst said he should be, media is not happy. politico going with this headline, trump refuses to drop business ties, while "usa
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today" said trump will not drop ownership of, looking at specifics, trump's plan. trump will resign all offices in positions in his company, he is putting his businesses and investment into a trust, not a blind trust, a trust, the sons will oversee it, he is appointing an ethic adviser to oversee all actions, trump business will pursue u.s. deals and not foreign ones, and ivanka trump will relinquish all authority, trump organization will donate all profiting from foreign states to u.s. treasy. will media be happy? >> the media is never going to be happy, because, you can go out to be above reproach, spend months, days trying to put this together, hire a legal team who is working with the governmenthe -- office of government, making sure that
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everything is above board, above reproach and they will find something to fuss about. you cannot make them happy. because, they just don't like donald trump. and anything they can do to talk him down, anything they can do to try to delegitimize him or diminish him, they are going to do. i think that it is a very unhealthy attitude, i think it is something that is going to backfire on the news media that is continuing to practice this. the american people want to get this country back to work. i have talked to so many people who supportedd hillary clinton, who said, let's get over this, get on with it jobs, jobs, jobs, let's see economy growth. liz: yes people are hurting thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. liz: incoming press secretary sean spicer angry about what he called this quote, report
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emanating, supposedly takes place in russia. he said this morning. >> before we start, i want to bring your attention to a few points on the report that was published in buzzfeed last night, i it is outrageous and highly irresponsible for a left wing going to that was openly hostile to president-elect trump's campaign. to drop false information on the internet just days before he takes the oath of offers, the fact that buzzfeed and cnn made the decision to run with this unsubstantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get clicks. liz: what a way to kickoff first news conference, taking this to political panel. good to have you on. what do you think, a good way to kick it off? >> an exciting way. i think it is one that leads up from primary season, martin luther king said something
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that i think applies ir ir, he said, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, an open and honest press is not an option it is paramount. we have seen stories that donald trump said he was a liar because he said he was 6-3 and his driver license said he was 6-2. this is ridiculous that is causing people to distrust media, these two outlets that were pointed out today in press conference are key examples of outlets that have done things time again to slate coverage in favor of one person in favor of donald trump. liz: we're hearing sources that donald trump continues to push back hard to media. that appear to befriendly to president obama, does friendly have to get used to not being best friend with president. >> i'm not sure it is a best friend, at-this-point, i don't think that the media should be treated like -- buzzfeed and cnn.
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liz: the point is, that the traditional media has access to haul way of power, and president obama of the in office. >> and george bush as well. liz: yeah, right. >> it is a bipartisan thing, donald trump made media his enemy from the start, they have play along. liz: bush had a hard time from media, president obama got a pass on certain things. >> and hillary clinton. liz: fox news is one out let, we're talking about media. >> i'm saying there were issues, with obama presidency, there was one with fox news, but with donald trump going after media beginning with him saying he wanted to reevaluate the liable law, this is where it began. liz: i hear whe hearsaying, didn't preb pre president obama say he wants to get -- whatever officials in to check the journalism of newsrooms in the cotry? >> i do recall that. absolutely i do.
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the thing and i disagree with my friend jessica, media kicked it off on day one, the day he announced he would be running for president of the united states, that is when you began to see it, it is not as outlandish as it is new, in succeeded in their coverage in terms of change in opinions as soon as we began to see donald trump win, debate after debate, poll after poll. liz: jessica there is an, with disinformation and everyone is upset about russia meddling now this report. >> everyone is -- there is a stretch here there are a lot of people that are not that concerned. liz: people are worried. >> they should be this should be bipartisan, down to it, rex tillerson is talking about it, jeff sessions of talking about it, donald trump has done better on this than in the past, but still not good enough. i think it critical he does
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not have an antisnistic relationship -- antagonistic relationship with the media, we need a free press. liz: wait, a dread full report when you read about it. >> it does not erase the fact that cnn report the -- i don't think that was appropriate. liz: people are questioning underlying basis forhe story. we'll stay we're out of time, you will be back. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson faced a lot of script skit simp -- he retired lieutenant tol colonel tony shafer. dispute all persevered conflicts of interests, he is the guy, he is going to make the case next, don't go away.
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on xfinity x1. >> we face considerable threats in this evolving new environment, china has emerged as an economic power in global trade, our interacts have been friendly and adversarial. russia seeks success and relevance on global stage, its recent activities have disregarded america's interest . >> my next guest said rex tillerson showed high i ohio is the -- he is the right pick to lead state department. he is retired lieutenant colonel tony shafer. he good to have you.
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how do you think tillerson performed in answering these questions? >> very well, i heard from behind scenes he had a number of very fruitful meetings with members of senate leading up to this, today he stated clearly we must be leading from a position of authority. i think that has been one key factor lacking in the obama white house with clinton and john kerry, there has been no leadership. to run a global business requires a difficult level of i think, experienced level of leadership, mr. trump and mr. tillerson bring to the table, able to run global enterprises, with tillerson, he has been dealing with a guy named vladimir putin, no small thing, i am not a putin fan but it deal with him you have
5:19 pm
to have a plan of strength and reason, he understands the threat of the radical islamic issue. liz: what do you think of tillerson taking a hawkic harder line toward putin and russia than what president-elect trump has done. calling it a danger to the world, russia should not have seized crimea, but not going so far as calling him a war criminal, even though centre rubio was pushing him to do so. >> vladimir putin a thug, he. he is not a good man, but he is a world leader, we leads the russians, and we must deal with that. mr. tillerson is saying this is a clear challenger to our global standing, our interest. let me be clear, general joe joseph dunne ford said the
5:20 pm
same thing in front of senate 18 months ago. this is not a new thing, under reagan white house georg schultz of more of a hawk. he voted to cap weinberg, i think that they are coming from same cloth. liz: one point for viewer, tillerson did breakaway from trump saying he does want to work with moderate muslims to fight isis and go after isis. he did not know -- he did not answer if he would support creation of muslim reggistry, but he was tough about fighting isis. next topic, trump questioning how the fake russian report, trump is questioning, how did it get leaked to "buzzfeed," and cnn?
5:21 pm
>> i will tell you that not within the meeting but outside of the meeting, somebody released it, it should not have -- number one should not have entered paper, but never have been released. i read what was released. i think it is a disgrace, it is a absolute disgrace. liz: talk about timing, this is a week after donald trump said he wants to restructure certain intelligence agent that comes during hearings that are going on right now right before the inauguration, who is responsible for leaking this, do you think? >> my vote is john brennan personally, because these guys in media, new york times and washington post and others ve been acceptg uff at face value, i think it has to be someone on that level, i say on record, along same line there needs to be a leak investigation. liz: you think it was obama administration intelligence? >> i do, no doubt. liz: a senator that does not like trump. >> or that, i believe someone in a position of authority
5:22 pm
leaked this there needs to be a investigation, if this was considered classified by that administration there has to be account bill tie, which has been problematic for the last 3 months, since trump has been in there there have been leaks to what white house considered -- >> thank you. great having you on. >> thank you. liz: when when media preached about real consequences of take fake news, when the man from north carolina went into a pizzeria with a gun, and started shooting based on a fake conspiresacey theory involving hillary clinton, my next guest said that media's bar is a little lower when it comes to reports fake news. >> donald trump, he will explain afternoon this. why pausa spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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>> a fake election news story, also known as a lie, triggered a real life confrontation in washington, d.c. >> a man was investigating a fake news story. >> what happened here, is an example of fake news, now it is real consequences. >> file this under what happens when fake news stories use names of real people and places, but not real facts. >> there is so much fake news out there, it turns out that there is a consequence. >> remember when media was preaching about deadly consequences of fake news after that man shot up a pizzeria in dc in reaction to a fake conspiracy theory involving hillary clinton? now they are running with what they admit, people in media admit, an unsubstantiated and uncob rated story --
5:27 pm
uncorroborated story on our president-elect. >> sources confirm to cbs news that mr. trump and president obama received preliminary details of an alleged russian effort to compromise the president-elect. >> confirming that donald trump was briefed by u.s. intelligence officials about unconfirmed claims he was the targeted to compromise him. liz: wall-to-wall coverage even though buzzfeed, original publisher of detailed memo has admitted it is not verifies, buzzfeed editor, admitting there is serious reason to doubt the allegations and the story, it seems to lie behind a set of vague allegations, rationalizing they decide to choose transparency for americans to make up its own mind about its validity. tim, there is another thing that is happening. there is a nbc is now
5:28 pm
contradicting cnn, this is just breaking. cnn was saying that basically donald trump was briefed on this two page summary. nbc is saying that that is not how it happened, we'll have more on that in second as details come in, but tim, what do you make of this fake news stories that are coming to donald trump and versus hillary clinton? >> well, i think we have a so-called news outlet in buzzfeed, which is showing a complete recklessness in what it presents. it really a "national enquirer" level of shamelessness, you have cnn now prancing around making statements about first amendment, saying we didn't do it buzzfeed did we told everyone there was a report they want to find on internet, like that is superior journalism.
5:29 pm
liz: to cnn, and nbc fight, cnn reported that multiple u.s. officials said both donald trump and psident obama were briefed on this two-page summary of findings, gathered by this you know former british intelligence operative about a compromising information that russia supposedly had, now a senior u.s. intelligence official tells nbc, that donald trump was not briefed on the two page summary, that contradicted cnn report, and this a-- was raw unalliesed intelligence. >> i believe what cnn reported yesterday about this time that president-elect trump was presented with a classified document, nbc saying that there was -- you did not bring classified document into truc trump tower then a notion it was presented to trump here is garbage that is out there
5:30 pm
about you, that not ton tone of the coverage we've been getting. we have 44 minutes on morning shousmorn shows today, 44 minutes of coverage of something that is unconfirmed from an anonymous source who used a british official, who has been shopping in trying to hurt trump, for months. it is to me this is a -- >> i think dan rather is an excellent journalist but he did get in trouble for wrongful i reporting about george w. bush, is this cnn's dan rather moment? >> no, because i think what dan rather did was he -- these guys had a standard, he and his producer, had a standard of you have to disprove what we're reporting, you have to disprove these phony documents that we have.
5:31 pm
that have been faxed to us from a kin cos, that is not the standard they are using but buzzfeed does have a standard, they say, well "the reader" can figure it out, we just want to throw it out gain the wall and see what sticks, that is not real news, and cnn people like brian should be decrying it. liz: tim grant thank you for your time. >> next up breaking news. from mexican president new -- nueto, saying he will seek totme borders more secon curie. secure. he will pursue open talks with our new president, we'll bring the latest update on that. >> democrat senator cory booker testifying against senate colleague, bashing jeff sessions, trump's attorney general nominee for what he
5:32 pm
says is a poor civil rights record, but guess what? we found the sound where booker is praising jeff sessions on civil rights, just a year ago. hear for yourself, after this, back in two. the microsoft cloud helps us
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>> if one is to be attorney general they must be willing
5:36 pm
to continue tradition of fighting for justice for all, equal justice for civil rights, america needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to ben the arc, senator sessions record does not speak to that desire intention or will, with all taken our nation now with need for healing and for love, i pray my colleagues will join me in opposing his nomination. >> cory booker and his big moment. sitting senator testifying again another senator jeff sessions as session confirmation hearing, for attorney general, however last year cory booker praised jeff sessions for honors civil right activists. cory booker on quote, booker-session legislation to award congressional gold medal to those who participated in 1965 voting rights march from selma to montgomery, alabama.
5:37 pm
>> this is one of my life's greatest moments, i am humbled to be able to participate here in paying tribute to some extrrdinary americans whose footsteps pave the way for me and my generation, i will blessed and honor individual to partnered with senator sessions in being senate sponsors of this important award. liz: also photographs in that march of jeff session arm in arm with representative john liu i lewis who also attacked jeff sessions. joining me now attorney and former vice chair of diversity out reach, for trump she i she -- brunell. >> god bless you, god bless america. how are you. liz: i am good, what do you think about cory booker's. >> he know he is up to run for
5:38 pm
presidency in 2020. so we know that this was an opportunity for him to let the world see him, i will say is, you can't have to both ways, that is reason why democrats lot of, you are talking out of two sides of your mouth, last year you said you were happy and humble to be part of some amazing congressional medal of honor with jeff sessions, and now this year you say he did you not have a record the of civil rights or protecting civil rights, which is it? i say, we know that jeff sessions prosecuted kkk members, and we know that he was also a person who when there was this i think manufacturing project, he made sure that there was funding down in alabama, one of the counties, he has a record of helping and that county was 75% of african-americans. so i'm wondering why all of a sudden, it is not flit -- if
5:39 pm
not political trying to get political points, why would you cheam change your tune. liz: a press release in cory booker office working i together on a civil right legislation. >> i think that you know, jeff sessions is a very good man of honor. it had to be difficult to be sitting in this same room with someone who just praised you a year earlier, probably, was praising him after that. and then to find out that he is testifying against you, i know that had to hurt, but he has to rise above it, in that job he is going into there is a lot of attacks. liz: brunell, next topic, who do you believe, yesterday left wing protestor dressed add kkk members accusing suggestions of racism, today fox spoke to some black alabama voters, here is what they had to say.
5:40 pm
>> jeff sessions, maggiv, magnificent man, he is highly regarded here. >> the nicest person you ever' to meet, news about him being racist is not true, jeff session is a guy pro prosecuted the kkk, okay, when they said he tried to interfere with voters, up in northern alabama, it was a blacthe blacfolks who aske him to do that. >> i believe that black voters in alabama, that is who down there with him, that is where he is from. i would believe them, but not only that, all over social media there is black pastor that have stood up for jeff sessions, i am going with people that know him best, people from his state. that is who i am going to believe. i believe he is not a ratist
5:41 pm
racist, i believe he will be a excellent attorney general. liz: god bless you. >> i receive it in geez' jesus' name, god bless you. liz: the guys behind that mi -- mtv video, he is going after senator session as asian granddaughter, he is calling the granddaughter a prop. >> try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who was not a white guy. >> this mtv hosting going after senators -- basically saying he used his asian grand daughter and doubling down on it as well. >> my next guest said liberals have double standards had it comes to racist attacks like is, don't go away.
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>> try to recognize that america was never great for anyone who wasn't a white guy. >> can we believe that black lives matter is not opposite of all lives matter, black lives just matter, there is no need to complicate it. >> also, blue lives matter is not a thing. liz: the cret o creator of that mtv video is back with more attacks. critics are outraged after mtv suggested how white males could improve in the new year, now he is mocking attorney general nominee jeff sessions for having his biological asian ground child sitti in his lap during the hearing. >> my daughter ruth walk, and her husband john. they have 4 children. as you see before you today.
5:46 pm
>> mtv host, news culture writer, ira madison iii. >> saying, kindly return this asian baby to the toys "r" us you stole her from. back to our political panel, he is doubling down, is it difficult for liberals to pain republican as racists, if they have interracial families? >> i guess so. i don't think that is really the, here, i think -- >> why. >> i think that everyone should stay out of people's family lives, they did this to mitt romney who has a black grandchild. >> this is a racist attack. >> no one should talk about anyone's family, their choice is their own. the left should not do it, right should not do it no one should do it.
5:47 pm
this is common place to bring children and grandchildren to hearings, this it was horrendous the mtv video in first place was really bad, this is why, we spend time talking about it, it is just should not have happen snood this i happened. liz: in 2013, former presidential candidate mitt romney's african-american grand child was target. >> everybody loves a baby picture, this was one that really a lot of people had emotions about this baby picture this year. this is the romney family. and it, of course, there on governor romney's knee is his adopted grandson. who an african-american child, kieren romney, he captioned for this one.
5:48 pm
-- captions for this one. >> one of these things is not like the other, that baby front and center. liz: children of politicians cannot defend themselves is it every okay it make a child part of a political punch line. >> this takes me back to something that mohammad ali said that hating people because of their color is wrong, we, as african-americans, have to think about the sensitivities of other groups, of different you know whites, and whom ever else, a lot of times people that long different comments, and they think just because we belonging to's marginalize community one that lived a long time with jim crow slavely that gives us right to make different comes about other groups in a joking way, that is not okay, one thing that comes do mind something that president obama said last night, that is you know, white middle class worker, the men
5:49 pm
he has a point just as you as an african-american has a points, we have to heal an heal the divide, respect one another. liz: thank you so much, for your insights i appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: dc congressional battle over taking down that painting depicting cops as pigs, it rages on, one republican congressman who took down that painting speaking out after this. don't go away. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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5:53 pm
republicans on capitol hill, removing a painting detecting cops as pigs, on display in the capitol, one of republican lawmakers removed at painting is joining me on the phone, colorado congressman doug thank you for being on the show. >> there are multiple story lines here. why did you take it down? >> it was ref -- reprehensible to show cops as pigs, shooting people. it is hateful. a hate message. and it is serving no positive purpose what so ever. so, our law enforcement deserves respect not hatred. liz: you know the democrat
5:54 pm
congressman william clay who put the painting back up, i think he says there is first amendment free speech rights, your thoughts. we lost that soue is say -- saying that we have it? we're going to the sound bite. >> so out of line. it really is adverse to the decorum and stability of a long history of this institution. it is quite childish. liz: he does not talk about the content matter. that is police officers, as pigs, is it childish to report outoto -- respect our cops.
5:55 pm
>> we allow for paintings to be hedge where visitors see them, a reflection of congress, congress should stan for positive, constructive messages not hateful messages, it is not a firstmm amendment, because there are restricts on the congressional art show to reflect congress as we reach out to show a message to visitors. and we should not be propagating a message of anger, hatred and negative tie. liz: the wore is this depicts ferguson hate riots, according to other, that hands up don't shoot narrative never happened, a report they acknowledge that did not witness the that. but rather repeated what others td them all witness accounts are inconsistent with fizzaphysical evidence, the painting itself is based on a false narrative. >> there is he a lot to be
5:56 pm
said for that aspect, on top of that i find it hateful to show cop as pigs, that is not build anything kind of constructive future for anyone. and for that reason alone, the painting should not go up in the first place, if it is up it should be taken down. liz: congressman doug -- lafborn . >> thank you. >> we have details of the trump market rally after this, don't go away. many people clean their dentures
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liz: mexican president pena neti shall eto says he will increase investments to the border wall.
6:00 pm
the nasdaq notching a record high. thank you for having us in your homes. make money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. today mark the end of the drought of the donald trump press conferences and it was worth the wait. reporters fired off questions about his ties to russia and vladimir putin. >> if putin like donald trump, guess what, folks, that's called an asset, not a liability. i don't know that i'm going to get along with put rsh. i hope i do. but there is a good chance i won't. and if i don't, do you honestly believe hillary would be tougher on putin than me?


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