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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 12, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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to "mornings with maria" hi. maria: thank you so much happy thursday everybody thanks so much, good morning welcome i am maria bartiromo thursday, january 12 top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, the past path to repealing obamacare on tap senate republicans took first major step to dismantle the legislation ahead of the vote president-elect donald trump is giving details on the timeline to replace it in his news conference yesterday. >> it will be repealed and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various you understand most likely on the same day or same week but probably the same day could be the same hour. so we are going to do repeal and playoff very complicated stuff. >> director of national sensationalization james clapper trying to smooth things over the president-elect spoke with
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trump last night we called regarding leeks put together by former british intelligence officer what this means for trump's relationship with intelligence community, a week before inauguration. on capitol hill, confirmation process rolling on today, former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson is up facing a marathon hearing, and cia nominee mick pompeo grilled as well today, plus a scare on tarmac miami heat team plane skidding on the runway because of icy conditions in milwaukee the details, amazon taking measures to ring up sales company offering a credit card gives cash back on purchases there is a catch we will bring that to you markets a slowdown today, pulling back, futures indicating decline opening of trading 40 points on dow jones industrial average, 13 points lower on nasdaq, and europe stocks down across the board, the eurozone average down fractionally, the dax index the biggest performer there
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down just about one half of 1%, in asia overnight markets he mostly lower take a look as you see there worst performer was japan nikkei down better than 1% a major move in nfl san diego chargers expected to announce a move off california coast to los angeles. and johnny manziel nfl career may be over now looking to cash in on super bowl, details on his plan all those this morning joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" editorial freeman pollster lee carter with us. >> so much to talk about. >> really wow that news conference yesterday. >> i have not recovered from giddiness excitement we've got in store four years. >> yeah. >> something. >> entertainment keeps rolling you thought he would tone it down once campaign is over but he is just a very compelling figure. >> fearless.
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>> yes can take on media get away with it -- >> well, he really called out cnn, in reporter would not that i can a question. >> indirectly, kind of elegantly addressed the salacious things in phony dossier, i love that he said i am a big germaphobe true used to not shake hands. maria: we are talking about that we've got a lot on tap joining the conference former foreign policy director under margaret thatcher, former gop the chairman jim nicholson undersecretary of state under president george w. bush burns is here, going to track markets look at globe economy don't miss a moment stay with us, we kick off now to top
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story, path toward revamping health care in america republicans cleared first hurdle in plan to repeal obamacare, the senate passing a procedural budget, in a 51-48 vote democrats did not back down without a fight watch. >> this is not -- >> debate is not loud during a vote. >> debate. >> the senate will be in order -- debate -- the senate will be in order. >> the 69 hospitals -- >> debate -- >> on behalf of 1.2 million. >> debate is not allowed during vote senate will be in order debate is not allowed the senate will be in order. >> preexisting conditions, i stand on -- to vote no -- >> i vote no on behalf of people who need mental care. >> on behalf of the thousands of new hampshire residents -- suffering addiction will lose treatment i vote no. >> this is cruel inhuman. >> debate is not outside. >> not everybody voted party lines that is for sure republican kentucky snow rand paul voted no wants a replacement bill in place
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before a repeal, vice president elect pence tweeting this, kudos to senate for taking the first step to replace andpeel obamacare, now it is the house's turn to get the job done, joining us right now "the wall street journal" chief examine o economic spornt jon hilsenrath to way in. >> how do you see this playing out. >> well, i think there is a challenge, and it starts in the senate, you know, they can repeal the bill with 51 votes that is the step they took the started to take yesterday. but to replace it they are going to need 60 votes there could be -- they could be facing mince of debate in order to work that out, so we have a potential rift between trump says he wants to repeal and replace at the same time, and some republicans who want to take first step of repealing right now get that part done, then deal with the replacing it down the road. >> difference in this
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legislation james freeman the fact not all republicans are on the same side here. in terms of repeal and replace at the same time. >> sometime working out details but you can do you can go a long way toward repealing without 60 votes that is what happened last night, step one toward changing the finances of obamacare is a huge part you can go after the taxes go after the spending, you can -- you probably fight about it but you can get big policy changes into that as well. >> but as i say that is comes the rally challenge, because it is easy to get rid of this thing then to have you talk about what you are going to replace it with, and the other challenge is even if you take the step of getting rid of say, the taxes you've got budget issues around that, because you know we've already had expansion of coverage through medicaid, and if you don't have the taxes that are helping to pay for it then you are talking about budget cuts,consequences is a
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complicated process only one of very challenging tasks that obama has on his plate, just dealing just i'm sorry, that not obama, that president trump will have on his plate also over haufg code. >> i tlaifbl democrats call out republicans say they don't have ideas how to replace it patently not true tom price nominee for health and human seniors secretary, has been working on plan for some years. so there is some i mean this is broad strokes going to be a tough slog but talking about tax credits instead of subsidy deregulating, rid of federal merchandise o frat level what has to be included how about catastrophic coverage some ideas high-risk pools to ensure those almost uninsurable to say there is nothing that they have in
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mind, is just pat ebtly false. >> i think one of the things that is so important for americans is action right now i think promised so many things during campaigns, the republicans ran on this they said they were going to repeal obamacare that is what they are starting to do, there is no question ideas they promised to keep things most important for people preexisting conditions, so i think that the american people who voted for this are feeling reashourd for the first time in a long time, promise are happening you are seeing action follow it. >> a market impact yesterday jon rough day for big pharma stocks after trump took i am a at industry during news conference got to get your reaction. >> okay we have to get our drug industry coming back drug industry has been disastrous we have to do create newed bying proourdz for the drug dry they are getting away with murder. phrma, phrma has a lot of lobbyists, a lot of power. and there is very little
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bidding on drugs, we are largest buyer of drugs in the world and yet we don't bid properly we are going to start bidding going to save billions of dollars over a period of time. >> wow, with that, pharmaceutical stocks a hit sector a down nearly 25 billion dollars, in market cap, in 20 minutes, jon. reporter: right defense stocks took a hit there is a disconnect on wall street, wall street responded to this election seeing a business friendly tax cuting president we have seen big rally in stocks, but the fact is that -- that he is not a traditional republican a populist first wants to take steps like getting you know, the -- what the government pays for -- for pharmaceutical prices down, and defense prices so they are going to be sectors that take a hit under leadership we saw example yesterday. >> this is hillary clinton's idea on negotiating the
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republicans fought this particularly on medicare that government does not directly negotiate drug prices, for medicaid, trump is now basically, this is why he is -- such a genius, democrats think fighting traditional republican no way. >> president-elect talked about deregulation where i would hope in the course of this, he talks about the biggest driver of drug prices the federal government. it is 2 1/2-billion-dollar to develop a drug to get to it market very did he have from fighting contractors over price. >> good point. >> boeing doesn't have to get fda approval to put out a new bomber. >> you are saying get fda working better dprugz approved faster that takes care of a lot of it. >> -- yeah. >> that is last year or two. >> talking about yesterday what he was talking about yesterday is the government being you know he is a negotiator about government being a player in this market by using its market power, and
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market he leverage to drive prices down. maria: there is no doubt there is criticism about the bureaucracy of the fda a long time. >> yeah. >> -- epipen this is 1970s technology costs so much we don't allow a market fda will not allow competitors i think he has to think about -- competition to do work he wants to do on prices. dagen: stop covering mylan pen they stopped covering it only cover generic version of it, now. but fda just quickly, is on that path they have made some incredible moves in terms of beating up cancer drug speeding up cancer drug approvals a lot more work done there heading right direction. maria: the business part, of the press conference yesterday trump laid out his plan to separate his business, from government business during presser watch this. >> what i am going to be doing
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is my two sons who are right here, don, and eric, are going to be running the company, they are going to be running it in a very professional manner they are not going to discuss it with me, again, i don't have to do this. they are not going to discuss it with me. as a president. i would run the trump organization, greet, great company and i could run the company, the company do i very good job. but i don't want to do that. ch. maria: how about that running the company and country some people not impressed with that plan jon, head of government ethics calls it meaningless. >> the office of government ethics it doesn't have the power to force him to do it any differently, but but -- they are putting public pressure on him, to you know, he -- to alter this problem he
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has problem if he divests from all he holdings looks like taking money up front from all these foreign governments, so -- >> yeah. >> very difficult thing for him to get rid of. but one of their complaints was you know, he knows where his holdings are where investments are payments that come into the business, from overseas. maria: yeah. >> it is very difficult to get kid of conflicts overnight. >> i don't think we should apply a standard to trump that we haven't applied to other people. maria: that is true we will take a short break jon hilsenrath good to see you. >> thank you so much a short break. when we come back 6 volkswagen you executives indicted on emissions cheating scandal latest on vacation led by loretta lynch, amazon announces a rewarding card there is a catch we will tell you what next. back in a minute. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. on the investigation investigation. >> we'll back a chilly reacception for miami heat touching down in milwaukee the details. cheryl: hey maria chilly way intoed charter plane slid on runway after landing in milwaukee a heat tweeted the plane started to i asked taxing but never left pavement says players ow plane to are okay they face bucks tomorrow tonight.
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>> a storm hitting parts of california utah colorado, in fact snow has not let up in colorado for days now. and in a rare move three ski resorts had to shut doors too much snow and dangerous conditions, yesterday some spots had more than a foot and a half of powder. >> u.s. grand jury indicting six volkswagen executives for alleged role in germ automaker emissions scandal shifted to have to prosecuting after volkswagen volkswagen admitted to criminal wrongdoing. >> with software that masked true pollutants volkswagen knew of problems, and when regulatory expressed concern volkswagen being obfuscated denied lied.
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>> agreed to pay nearly 3-billion-dollar fine for cheating emissions with 1 1/2 billion civil penalties, they hel senior management roles and regulatory compliance quality control engine development. >> the obama administration, will reportedly launch a formal complaint "gunz" chinese government over unfair subsidies for countries aluminum industry according to "the wall street journal" the complaint world trade organization, accuses china of artificially cheap listens from state run banks to aluminum providers accused of reviveding cut rate coal electricity china produces over half the world's aluminum. >> amazon adding another perk for members upgrading rewards credit card to grant 5% cash back on purchases on web site that is up from 3%, that is the in addition to 2% back if you go to restaurants gas stations, 1% back on purchases all if you use amazon card
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this is part of a partnership with jpmorgan chase only available to amazon prime members amazon card through chase is going to be you may know of the metal card that safire from chase. great, it is same -- >> that card has done really for j.p. morgan talk about that the o er day with jamie dimon helped and a lot in marketing see if amazon connection, also does as well, cheryl thank you. coming up president-elect donald trump promise to bring jobs back to america outlook of the economy under the administration next on the of the top health insurance companies dropping coverage of epipen, the details back in a minute. stay with us. ♪ there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. . maria: welcome back president-elect donald trump pushing to become job creator in chief his promise to cut taxes roll back regulations listen to what he said yesterday at news conference at trump tower. >> we're going to create jobs,
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i said that i will be the greatest jobs producer that god ever created. and i mean that i really i am going to work very hard on that. we need certain amounts of other things including a little bit of luck. but i think we are going to do a real job i am very proud of what we have done. maria: so what will perplex's economy look like with changes bring in director of the heritage foundation margaret thatcher center for freedom former foreign policy director under margaret thatcher thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. >> i enjoyed your op-ed in telegraph you talked about how u.s. will likely be in stronger position, four years from now, you write america has an opportunity to under gro economic renaissance bonfire of taxes regulations that principle suppress growth, walk us through it how does that happen? >> well, thanks very much maria. i do see tremendous opportunity for the united states, over the next four years this is real period
6:25 am
frankly of hope, actually. for america, a at home and abroad i believe united states needs a real economic revolution sim to the revolution ronald reagan ushered in also margaret thatcher brought in in great britain america needs a bonfire of burdensome regulations limiting economic freedom in america we need to see corporate tax rate cut down to 15% we need to bring jobs into the united states we need to attracting a great deal of foreign investment also bring back, american companies who would like to see a lower tax rate in united states, america can avoid the faith of the european union eu completely opposite direction we are seeing a huge sort of big government mind-set across the atlantic in europe, barack
6:26 am
obama has been importing that big government mind here in united states he has a tremendous opportunity to roll back fronters of big government in the coming years so tremendous opportunity i think for america, that is what at the end of the day what most americans deeply, deeply care about economic prosperity well being of the country. >> certainly what election was about, most people forget what has happened last 10 years the deficit alone the debt doubling from 10 trillion dollars to almost 20 trillion dollars. >> yeah. the growth is slow that is what makes that debt so difficult to manage, i think about reagan and thatcher cutting taxes regulation, really starting a worldwide revolution world much more competitive i guess i wonder how much do we have to research our tax roasted obviously the congressional republicans are not taking that rate down quite as low as trump does in his plan, you've
6:27 am
got your friends in uk, now going to 20, from 20 to 17% on corporate tax rate. how big, bold is trump tax reform need to be. >> i think -- big and bold, without a doubt if you have a allowesh tax regime you are going to advance economic prosperity, and vitally important new u.s. administration advance a very robust bold tax cutting agenda going to create jobs, also going to act as incentive for greater foreign investment into united states as well. and freeing the economy getting government off the backs of individuals, really, is the recipe for a tremendous economic success and revival i do believe that we are winningr wincing the end of middle era in america international with conservative free market ideas now in the acendency there is
6:28 am
tremendous hope opportunity for america in coming years. >> it is dagen mcdowell, how worried, though, are you that this contaminate reform in tax cutting plan gets bogged down? very small window for republicans to get this done. >> that is an extremely good point. there is no doubt about that i think the left will be trying to undermine any sort of real tax reform agenda. but i believe though with the tremendous you know republican surge in the recent election that you know there is tremendous momentum not only washington but also cross the country really for a strong tax cutting agenda that certainly is what american people have voted for, on both sides of the atlantic in united states and business i believe that, you know, they are opting for low tax policies opting for policies that advance economic about
6:29 am
liberty, and freedom. and i do believe that if the left tries to you know undermine this agenda this movement towards economic liberty, the long run they are going to be the -- the losers here, there i can an economic revolution both sides of the atlantic. >> they lost all senate seats govern governorships ceo mote with trump to get approval for proposed merge monsanto released this statement -- bio ceo hugh monsanto ceo productive meeting with president-elect trump to share views in the future of agriculture industry need for innovation. what do you think would a merger create or cut jobs? >> well that is an extremely good point, all i would say is that anything that results in a reduction in regulation, anything that results in the freeing of the american
6:30 am
economy and american companies going to be good for prosperity, that is the bonfire of regulation the obama administration has tried -- to suffocate economy with regulations with removal of regulations we are going to see economic growth and i believe that the future for the united states is certainly a very optimistic one in terms of of the economy. maria: we will leave it there good to see you thanks so much. >> my pleasure thank you. >> we will watch developments, coming up next president-elect trump responding to russia allegations slammings intelligence community details next that detail on phone call between he and clapper, going above and beyond what is being done to get ahead of competition, back in a minute. spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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witnessing. gentleman good thursday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday, january 12 your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect donald trump relationship with intelligence community off to rough start trump ache taking aim at agency during press conference yesterday regarding leaks in dossier put together by a former british intelligence officer watch. >> who knows? but maybe the temptation agencies when would be a tremendous blot on their record if they in fact did that a tremendous blot. because a thing like that should have never been written
6:34 am
should never have been had should never have been released. >> move as director of national intelligence james clammer does bt to fix strained relationship. clapper called president-elect last night we tell you what went on in that call, trump's pick to lead cia headed to capitol hill this morning, congressman mike pompeo on the on the seat this morning following confirmation hearing of secretary of state nominee former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson faced a that are monday grilling yesterday, two purported taliban hostages make a desperate plea in swrood teachers kidnapped in afghanistan last year more troubles for ep pep users health-care provider no longer willing to cover the device coming up, and jetblue customers rejoice wi-fi plans that will have passengers excited as they fly. futures look like this this morning market expected to open lower, as you see dow jones industrial average pulling back 37 points, nasdaq
6:35 am
down about 11 points, despite record after record certainly for the nasdaq remediate, in europe, stocks you are down across the board, take a look at action right now, we see fractional moves ft cac quarante dax down almost one half 1% in asia overnight markets he mostly lower with exception of korea knee tay average in japan worst coin 1% charges have sights set on hollywood details is between the big move to los angeles. call it a super selfie big deals nfl star johnny manziel offering -- stay with us for that one, first setting the record straight, the director of national intelligence james clapper calling president-elect donald trump last night to express dismay at leaks to the media, and damage that it did to national security. director james clapper stated that he does not believe the leeks are coming from intelligence community president-elect trump tweeted about fiery news conference last night we had a great news conference at trump tower a
6:36 am
couple of fake news organizations, were there the people truly get what is going on want to bring in former cia officer, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> so much to talk about from that news conference yesterday first your take on leaks. >> well really important, differentiate from inside or members of capitol hill people being a accessed information have trajection of partisan leak to undermine other side incoming president in this case damaging, every president creates his own or her own relationship with president early on they get into a them with community it is based on trust and getting to know how different agencies function especially for donald trump doesn't have a background in this never worked with government agencies so leaks coming out create at the perception that there is a partisan effort to undermine president from not even day
6:37 am
one before day one very destructive president needs to be able to trust information out of executive branch agencies national security dependent on it. >> what those he plushdz doier when al sayingss unsubstantiated how much does that hurt country view of the intelligence community also the fact that we really ever going to get to bottom of what russia is to up. >> i think essentially to make sure we are all on same page, and this is i think what clapper was trying to do this wasn't an intelligence community document they were in no way vouching for the veracity of what is in it most of us read it i know if all you read this realize this is nonsense rumormongering, but it still was it can be, it is not clear if it was necessarily or not i know there is still some debate as to whether the information was a part of an intel briefing they can give any information they want if they think it maybe valuable a news article
6:38 am
anything, so the information, to say this is out there the russians have a longstanding history back to kgb days putting out that wouldn't be strange at all also compromises information something they have honed skilled, be aware this is out there but not saying this is a real thing you he need to be worried about this that is how media was reporting it buzzfeed was doing. >> cnn, too. >> cnn saying included in the reporting was a way of disgeneralously making it sound real intel product it absolutely was not. >> "the wall street journal" had a lot of news organizations had it unverified did not publish it. >> nobody knows what to believe criticizing trump supporters saying they don't act on that now something like this out there people don't know what to believe, so many people are out there saying,
6:39 am
trump did this, so gross, how do we help people navigating truth from fix. >> hold news ofrgs individuals who work for thaccountable, ands is part of the trump scare or trump that has at an over in media organizations really is believed i think that anything they can do to hobble the presidency is morally justified elevates it beyond journalistic ethics. >> i don't know if related to trump derangment syndrome but politicians on left suddenly love what u.s. intelligence community doing last decade not wanting them questioned chuck schumer suggesteding will retaliate against president-elect because he is
6:40 am
criticizing them is that correct an intelligence community trying to get back at mr. interest? how do you reform that. >> let me tell you politicians don't always love intel community there can be acrimony back-and-forth, as to whether retribution from inside i see as people widely term it can be to up the individual, that is where you get some of the very prominent leeks did happen you know under ambitious administration specifically to hurt u.s. national security and bush administration, make it look bad you didn't have that really the same way under obama administration there are a few clearly partisan leaks different nature, but i don't think that is something that is level for chuck schumer to say i think i knows that makes it seem agencies are partisan organizations, when in reality there might be some individuals who act that convey but, overall, pretrialing ethos we are
6:41 am
trying to provide best information he mostly civil servants doing best they can with what they have. >> your take on confirmation hearings so far? obviously we've got confirmation hearing for cia director nominee pick pompeo rescheduled for today, he wants to roll back the iran nuclear deal but what kind of expectation do you have here any fireworks you are expecting? walk us through what you have seen so far what to expect from pompeo. >> tillerson had a bit of a rough time yesterday we saw changes including with marco rubio, that were a bit tense i think highlighting of russia in general as inspectorer of boogeyman now the greatest geopolitical threat we face new coincided with hillary clinton losing election there are questions how tillerson would react to russia deal request russia in secretary of state role he had a bit of a tough time i think what we have seen in sessions, so far, is more or less to be
6:42 am
expected, pompeo i don't think we will have too much trouble he is a fantastic record service to country, first in class at west point harvard business school private sector guy served country has credible caughts of tea party roots with right conservatism i think will go over well shares hawkish tendencies of a trump administration why in those there are daylight people say son russia cia director not making policy as long as one competent has a résume background to allow to do properly i don't think senate will get very far if they try to go after pompeo i that i relatively easy time waterboarding some grandstand on that for sure. >> can marco ruby yoo stop tillerson from getting the job. >> i don't think so i i think tillerson probably gets through, but rubio was making very clear points yesterday, i think making them in part because he believes it in part because marco rubio wants to make sure he has say puts imprint on what the
6:43 am
administration will do on foreign policy. >> wants to be big marco not little marco. >> i don't think he likes -- tillerson gets through. >> tillerson gets through too. maria: going to talk more about marco rubio top of the hour, always a pleasure thank you so much for joining us, coming up a ghost story, u.s. gst has been saying salaries of tens of thousands nonxivent afghan soldiers the shocking report. >> tax season around the corner irs may keep you waiting what you need to know back in a minute. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way.
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legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. maria: welcome back, markets lower this morning take a look acquiesce got futures indicating a 40 point decline for the dow jones industrial average, at open nasdaq also pulling back, by 13 points, couple names on move boeing one to watch united airlines will retire boeing 747 earlier
6:47 am
than expected planned to phase out jumbo jet next year will end flights in the fourth quarter this year. >> shares up nearly 25% year over year, target take a look at this chart set to close remaining studios at end of the month target closed over half studios back in july, it will close final 138 by january 28th company operated studio since 1996 a rough time last couple weeks taxpayers' money going to ghost soldiers in afghanistan? cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: yeah maria, so pentagon special inspector general reporting that u.s. government, paying salaries of tens of thoedz nonxivent afghan soldiers civil servants malls of dollars said u.s. spent more than 115 billion so far on country, in total he also add of a gap government is in no position to support
6:48 am
itself saying corruption in drug use has become endemic. >> tax season around corner some americans wait to get refund irs says delays are going to affect more than 40 million low-income families that claimed are inned income tax credit or additional child tax credit agency blames on fraud lost 3.1-billion-dollar, that they claim in 2014 alone most tied to that earned income tax credit. they should maybe issue refunds end of february. key insurer is dropping, mylan epipen from 2017 coverage cigna only covering half price generic version of shot epipen a flash point over surging prices jacking up price more than 400 thursday, 2009 to current time change as donald trump yesterday -- vowed to fight increasing drug costs,
6:49 am
stocks took a hit yesterday on that, airlines annoying travelers nickel and dime for you everything, choke your back extra peanuts, more legroom because profits doing better at airlines getting better for passengers the latest jetblue going to offer free wi-fi on all flights say the first u.s. airline they believe to offer it free on every flight other airlines provide wi-fi still they all charge, and so the thing with wi-fi it is if profits continue airlines we should see maybe get free pen universities back free soda may be blanket would be nice. wi-fi like gogo wi-fi you can't stream anything. you can't stream you can't stream netflix anything on horizon prime. >> not even for extra. >> no, they throttle it you can surf intent send e-mail text imessages pretty much it. >> a short break do you want a selfie with cleveland browns
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. maria: welcome back one nfl team a move to los angeles, jared max with the story. >> football fans los angeles feeling a charge this morning, san diego chargers played season in l.a., back in 1960, are reportedly going to move north from san diego to los angeles. next season. according to espn notified nfl commissioner caddell of intent to move efforts to gain funding failed significantly in san diego, soing at the chargers are moving up, get have to, charges joined rams
6:54 am
in a l.a. not going to share a stadium until the football house opens in 2019 inglewood two seasons charges 10 miles south of l.a. in a 30,000 seat stubhub center a soccer stadium home of l.a. galaxy, take on nfl coming this fall. >> two yfl teams filled vacancies wednesday broncos filled void by kubiak's retirement, joseph one of the top secondary coaches miami defensive coordinate buffalo bills chose sean mcdormet carolina panthers defensive coordnader six social security number. >> super bowl on fox like never seen thanks to 38 separate 5k cameras played inside perimeter in initiative rg in houston we will see specifics we haven't been able to 360 degree technology be the player, intel sports group
6:55 am
says this creates a capture of everything, going on, on the field. >> how much money would you pay for a johnny manziel autograph for 99 dollars make it to mall in texas february 2 or woodland next day, you can get the signature of former heisman trophy win has not paid in nfl since 2015 if you want him to sign john. >> football, 29 bucs selfies 50 each professional photo 100. another former quarterback polite not feel like million dollars tim tebow trying to make career as pro baseball player not invited to new york mets spring training, that is major league baseball spring training tee above will be at mets minor league facility can get in games with big league players of. >> johnny manziel going to charity or making money for himself. >> probably going to --
6:56 am
>> go to maybe you know a future need for legal costs? >> oh. >> the way he has gone. maria: there you go. >> wow -- highly paid another conversation, thank you so much, next hour fight against fake news facebook latest to police content that is coming up back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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6:59 am
maria: happy thursday everyone. it is thursday january 12. your top stories right now. more cam that nominees on the hot seat today. general james mattis is up next. this is coming after a former exxon mobil ceo faces the tough questions. >> i don't see it as the imminent security threat as others do. the science is not conclusive. there are many reports out there that we are unable yet to connect specific events to climate change alone. we take a closer look at that. that's coming up.
7:00 am
the political backlash for ll bean. the outrage coming up. peter teal takes aim at apple. technology deck giantess peaked giant is peaked at this point. more trouble for jessica alba and her honest company. it's pretty steady this morning. expected at the open. the numbers show the story down one half of 1%. all of the stories coming up this morning.
7:01 am
great to see you. i can't think of what president you rather go you'd rather go through the confirmation hearing with. and that's what people hope for. it was a firm and in command yesterday. i think that was perfectly on display. the threat of china you know he sees the world and knows how to lift america. even in the face of big challenges. coming up to join the conversation.
7:02 am
the granddaughter of l.l. bean and board member is with us as she faces pushback. nicholas burns is here. and the chief economic advisor rolls-royce north american president. with the new hot wheels. we will bring those to you as well. our top story now. the contentious confirmation hearings. he faced tough questions yesterday on some major issues including iran. in his relationship with vladimir putin especially from senator marco rubio. watch. as vladimir putin of war criminal. based on all of this information and what's in the record you are still not prepared to say that vladimir putin and his military had violated the rules of war and connected with war crimes in aleppo.
7:03 am
those are very serious charges to make i would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion. speemac later said that he is undecided on whether he will actually vote to confirm him gentlemen, good to see you. thanks for joining the conversation. what did you make between that battle of that between them yesterday. he sounded like was a senator of those i can support him. to support him. the one thing about his questioning the u.s. government has not declared vladimir putin a war criminal. but the president secretary of state the current ones had not declared him a warm -- work criminal. to ask a secretary of state nominee get to be confirmed for a president who is yet to be integrated to set a new russia policy seems to be like
7:04 am
grandstanding actually on his part. he answered it while though. >> it was a pointed question but he came across while measured. it wasn't going to get cornered by marco rubio. he essentially said i played this game before and i'm as good if not better than you and it. i was pointing out earlier in the wall street journal that he said russia poses a danger. that we should have taken greater action and show force after russia invaded china. and then he very clearly laid out to the problem with china and what china is doing in the south china sea. i think that is the overarching take away from the
7:05 am
hearing yesterday. speemac he was professed -- impressive. he took the harder line that the current administration is taking. i think his relaxed dens to agree to certain categorizations to claim that he would or would not support certain sanctions was absolutely the right thing to do to maintain options but he is not a pushover. i think that's clear. and you look at these various characters. he's been across the table with over the years he knows how to handle it. charles hurt how do you see it. that exchange at that was thought was probably the best exchange of the entire hearing. environs exactly right. marco rubio was doing a little bit of that. they would've been the top people i would have predicted
7:06 am
my face real problems. i don't see any way he does not get confirmed. obviously marco rubio seems to be on the fence if not hostile. but i think he will pick up democrats that are up for real election in two years and states that trump carries. i think he did himself a lot of good yesterday. one of the things i'm so fascinated by is that the many people that have been opposing him but they are cozy to put yet yesterday yesterday i think he demonstrated such strength in knowledge and understanding in how to manage this. he does such a great job of making sure that people understand that what he has is experience is a strength not a detriment to this role. there were a lot of moments where he said i don't know
7:07 am
this. in he said it very early on during the rush exchange that he's not yet received a security clearance he has not been briefed on a lot of stuff. i will say the nominees who perform the best at hearings are the ones who have been involved in the topic for quite a while. jeff sessions before the judiciary committee in general medicine today. he'll know a lot about the military. so tillerson is coming cold into some of these issues and had to say that he didn't know about this particular thing where he was strong was talking about a strategic vision for america in the world and i think that will win a lot of support in the senate. >> there was a really funny dynamic where he have democrats basically talking about how terrible the whole situation is all of these threats we have them as they were making the case for how
7:08 am
terrible things are in the world they were indicting the obama administration. it's a funny dynamic where tillerson's like that's a real mess we need to do something about it. i think there is a concern on climate. there is attempt a should for someone in his situation to want to be the former oil ceo who told the truth and backed regulations. something to watch. must get to the fireworks part of the date yesterday and that's donald trump's first press conference. pressing the president president-elect for questions. he was shut down. listen to this exchange we have to get your reaction. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question.
7:09 am
can you give us a question. you are fake news. can you state charles give us your reaction both of you. >> all of this hammering about how the president has done something unprecedented that he is doing something to hurt this pressure media is silly. with plenty of press conferences and they choose not to pick on you and they choose that because they don't like the question you can ask. to start wringing their hands
7:10 am
about it. fox news was rarely called on by president obama. and by the way both of the fox news reporters got investigated by the justice department. eric holder knew about. and then how about when he said one of the great things about the obama presidency is no scandals. from the irs scandal to fast and furious you make such an important point. there is a bar. here that's why people love him. byron, your take on that exchange. >> i think he asked the
7:11 am
question. at some point you have to shut up if he's not going to call on you. there is a lot of pressure at these news conferences your news organization wants you to get a question in an trump have not have a news conference in a long time. but there's absolutely no right to be called on and a presidential news conference and he just took it too far. and whether he meets apologize he certainly needs to smooth things over with the president >> a did he not watch a single one of the presidential debates last winter. did he think he was going to win that confrontation with donald trump less i forget where this is coming from. he made it clear that he is annoyed at cnn for reporting the fake news speemac that is
7:12 am
a legitimate gripe. to have against cnn. they should not had run that thing. >> you said that right off the bat yesterday. they publish something that other news organization had not published because it was completely unverified and damaging. and now you can buy a t-shirt that says that. so good to see you guys. thank you so much. we will see you soon. they could put infants at risk. you will want to stay with us on that. facebook is joining forces with journalists. back in a minute. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:13 am
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welcome back. after the supreme court denied a last-minute appeal. here cheryl on details. he was pronounced dead by lethal injection late last night despite that last-minute appeal. back in 2005 he was convicted of killing two men after one
7:16 am
of them tricked him in a 20-dollar dog deal. those murders in an dispute over a pay phone. he said i'm sorry to two relatives of victims of families that they are looking on. some people will executed to make a fire breaking out at one of the most infamous buildings yesterday. heavy smoke involved several floors. it was contained with no injuries. it eventually forced president nixon to resign from office. jessica alba was honest company has recalled its organic baby powder. it could cause spit -- skin or eye infections.
7:17 am
it was cofounded by the actors back in 2011 the company had $235 million in revenue in 2015. facebook has been under heavy criticism for the spread of fake news on its network so to combat the issue they have unveiled what it calls the facebook journalism project. facebook well trade journalists how to search the site to research and report news and also help users identify unreliable news sources. it was also interesting that facebook is giving media group is an analytics platform. it says mark is serious about correcting the problem in facebook. coming up next. big changes with fannie mae and freddie mac but the new administration. the push to privatize them. will talk about them. apples glory days are behind. your insurance company
7:18 am
7:19 am
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7:21 am
>> welcome back. they are gearing up for new policies in this administration. one big change that could be in store early on as a government's role in fannie mae and freddie mac. they hope to privatize the government sponsored enterprises. one of the things we didn't do and partially because we have the regulations we never finish them all. you know who got hurt because of that is american public.
7:22 am
>> it makes no sense that these are owned by the government and have been controlled by the government for as long as they have in many cases this displaces private lending in the mortgage markets. joining us right now to talk about that. good to see you tim. has this hurt lending in the american public is jamie dimond just said i would say it has hurt the investors. if you think about the concept of a company being nationalized. on the government sweeping a hundred percent of the profits. i don't think they see this as a problem. a lot of the conversation around reforming this looks to be solutions looking for a problem because credit is available credit is cheap and certainly lenders don't have any issues. even though 50% or more of
7:23 am
mortgages are not issued by banks. they think they have learned their lesson over the years leading up to this where they thought they were using government programs responsibly and it turns out when they thought they were actually selling the credit risk to the government they were renting it because as soon as the borrowers start to default. it's as a cautionary tale not necessarily for taxpayers but ultimately for banks. they are standing behind these monsters and what you really want is to liquidate them so that the taxpayers aren't exposed again like before the crisis. all of the profits are generated by taxpayers. if you push someone off of the train platform and say i just save your life. what is it every chrysler or gm had a seal like this on it. these are not independent
7:24 am
prices. they are playing with our money. there has been an implicit government backstop. that is the inconvenient truth. they were public companies and why would we want to return to that. and i think you really do want to go back to it. new orleans talking about going back to the old model. if to sell them off let private markets do what they do all over the world selling mortgages. they are talking about 20 to 60 basis points increase in rates. the government doesn't have a real appetite for defaulting. we are perfectly comfortable inflating and billing people out but were not comfortable with letting individuals or businesses fail.
7:25 am
that is not a fannie mae or freddie mac conversation. then there never can have it allowed these companies to fail. it was implied obligation that they would bail out. that's a problem with the way they would still exist. they can assume because they can't resist bailing them out. how would privatization affect the lending environment? but safe they would privatize. what is your take on it. i think they would be privatizing some concept of a mutual insurance company. there'd be some skin in the game.
7:26 am
and ultimately private capital i think anyone would do that any further. you want to ensure the liquidity of the mortgage markets. and ultimately you're looking to subsidize mortgage rates not necessarily for those of us that can afford it but really needed but for the low to moderate income. the government has to stand by in this market even though it functions without a government guarantee. with nonconforming loans. and part of the myth is that the politicians believe that the american dream is owning a home. the benefits a lot of people to rent homes. as part of picture generated by a politicians. what you do when you take out the subsidies as they become
7:27 am
more affordable. this is all done in the name of affordability but all of the government backing raises the prices. >> there is a policy equivalent. you just had to be that. what is lost by bringing the government back. good to see. i you. thank you so much for your insight.
7:28 am
great conversation. the president president-elect makes his first official move. the future of veterans affairs next. the partnership between fedex and walgreens that will allow them to pick up their packages at the pharmacy. back in a minute. me to reach my goals.e what'se so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity.
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7:31 am
company intelligence community. president-elect trump spoke with the director of national intelligence. to try to fix a strained relationship. trump just tweeted a moment ago. james clapper called me yesterday to denounce the fictitious report. as president-elect trump cabinet gets grilled on capitol hill today. he's adding another one to the mix. one of the commitments that we made is that we can straighten out the whole situation for our veterans. they are waiting in line for the 15-1617 days where they go in and they have a minor early form of cancer but can't see a dr. by the time they get there they are terminal. at second happen.
7:32 am
they know exactly what's in your calendar. markets this morning look like this. nasdaq down a third of a%. markets are down across the board. it has been worsening throughout the program. as you see there. the ek average down better than 1%.
7:33 am
this job is crucial. we are bringing you a look at the remake of chips coming back to the small screen. a new nominee to president-elect donald trump cabinet. during the news coverage yesterday. the top health official in the department. the head secretary. he will do a truly great job. there waiting line for 15 or 16 or 17 days cases where they
7:34 am
go in and they have a minor early-stage form of cancer and they can't see a dr. and by the time they get to the dr. are terminal to make he would be the first nonveteran to lead the veterans affairs department. secretary nicholson thank you so much for joining us. he is a very friendly, accessible and conscientious man the question is can be how committed is he to reforming this apartment which drastically is in the need of change. i've said this before but the secretary of the va is a biggest healthcare provider in the united states. that is a tremendous responsibility and he does not have the authority that he needs to do the job. there is legislation that is
7:35 am
needed. he needs to be able to hire and fire and move people around from one facility to another. heaney is to be able to stand up with new facilities. and they need a private partnership with the private sector to help construct new facilities that's not the sweet spot of the va. there is a battle that goes with that. if he is. they don't have the wherewithal. they needed to get the tools. >> there are a lot of stakeholders.
7:36 am
and really only about a million and a half get care there. a lot of people are involved in that. a new for mono on -- a new phenomenon in that is the union's. unions. i was in the va hospital recently and on the walls the picture of president obama secretary bob mcdonald and hospital director in the chief union steward of that hospital which the role of that the units have taken within that large organization is 370,000 employees. that is even more complicated for the va and the new secretary because that helps limit his options of transferring people and shifting in balancing assets.
7:37 am
has been working and it needs that can affix. that they're committed to that. i think president trump is and he will have his back but is so can be a tough left. as always the question of kin this guy be a change agent. he's been captured by the place. in taken baby steps towards a more open marketplace using private companies to deliver better care do you see more baby steps or do you think he could be a serious reformer here. let's give him the benefit of the doubt. in the president-elect is committed to that. i assume that the dr. is. but it's needed.
7:38 am
if they will have they need to be to deliver services in a timely way to our veterans. >> one of the questions that i had right now is it a change agent or not. do you think that given this position now he will be there and really bring that to the forefront. it makes sense if there's a veteran and a hundred miles from the hospital that ought to be able to go to the local healthcare provider with his or hers care without having to travel a hundred miles or so to a va hospital to get that care and to make that follow-up trip.
7:39 am
there needs to be more integration. the american people do not want that. because there is such a vast government organization when they tried to allow greater veterans a choice essentially what happened was they put layer on. and actually remove the authority of some states like alaska where they have a pretty decent program in place they essentially did away with that. more government is never better. >> exactly right. and needs to be much more
7:40 am
flexibility. it is full of controversy. congress in the president can have to help that new secretary if there they're gonna change that. it has to be done if you really get a make that organization what it should be. we will be watching. good to have you on the program. thank you for your insight. silicon valley is spat could be in the works.
7:41 am
7:42 am
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7:44 am
here is one for you. huber has come up with a new way for you to make your travel plans but it may have privacy issues. they want to sync up with your smart phones calendar. and then it can plan car rides make suggestions about where you can go. there will be a little button that you can press just to make it all so simple. if to keep up with your calendar and be okay with giving them access to your calendar in your contacts.
7:45 am
iphone users get first crack at it starting today. fedex and walgreens are teaming up starting this spring you can drop off and pick up fedex pass packages i walgreens locations across the country. it will be expanded to several more stores in the next few months with the goal of making available at all 8,000 stores by the fall of 2018. the research has shown that customers like to get their online packages at pharmacies. the age of apple is over says peter teal. he said there is can be no more innovation in the smart phone innovation. apple did have a disappointing 2016 quarter iphone sales were falling for the first time there. and finally the first remake of the 70s cop show chips is
7:46 am
officially out. it looks really good. let's watch. >> and i can carry you. >> in new york and bring it up. there was no contact. i thought either your nose or your lip. the new version starts with dax shepherd. the original actors are going to be reprising their roles and hits theaters on march the . i may have to go to our resident entertainment expert. it's kind of like comfort tv. i thought they have the coolest outfits i actually i like any trailer where people are falling down always makes
7:47 am
me want to go see the movie. >> i like the new cast. those guys are funny. dax shepherd. i think it looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun. funny to see what old is new again. we will take a short break. when we come back. walking into controversy. l.l. bean is facing a boycott. that's next. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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welcome back.
7:51 am
l.l. bean is facing backlash over board member support of donald trump. he donated it to to super pack supporting mister trump. this spurred calls for a boycott from a group called grab your wallet who has been singling out companies across the country for supporting donald trump. they wrote this. everybody is hoping the company is really seriously evaluating whether or not linda beans presence are worse the damage she continues to inflict on the brand and reputation. linda, it is great to have you on the program this morning. first off how do you respond to all of this. >> the company didn't give the donation. i gave the donation personally. my cousin gave to obama four
7:52 am
years ago and he gave many more times the a mini amount i did. the point is we should have that privilege. we live in america. it's a free country and were supposed to be living by our democracy and freedom to get you have this group trying to take those freedoms away. what we do about this. i will not resign from the board. i speak for myself i don't know what l.l. bean is can you do. were getting a lot of fan mail according to my son who is vice chairman of the board. it's a good time take it from everybody. and i just tweeted out that linda is with us this morning's if you agree set up a tweet and react. here is what the company chairman responded. he writes this. we do not endorse political candidates.
7:53 am
simply put we stay out of politics to be included in this boycott is simply misguided with respect to the request the board is obviously stated by you. we need to stick together. all companies in america are coming under fire. they had been boycotted. walmart's been boycotted. a number of big companies they want a big name brand and that's why they're not actually doing that. we have a hospitality businesses. we restaurants vacation rentals. the money that i contributed to this campaign was a federal pact but it was organized to support trump in maine. and signage in maine and have our governors wife on tv.
7:54 am
endorsing donald trump. most of these people are not taking into consideration i guess what the potential economic impact will be from the trump economic policies. >> they say it was because of women being mis- treated by mister trump and his conversations what's happening in the boycotts is there going after that jobs. there's over 5,000 people that work for l.l. bean. i had beenttacked. they don't care about women. they care about taking jobs away we want to create jobs and that's why i supported donald trump. some good news coming out for l.l. bean recently as well. we've have the report that the company is adding up to 100 jobs.
7:55 am
what types of jobs are these recognizing that you are board member and have your own separate companies. they were originally the main hunting issue. an enormous popularity enormous popularity right now. we've added a lot more jobs. the noise coming out as is not having an impact. i would not be here if we weren't concerned about the attack on free enterprise. i believe in the way this country was set up constitutionally and economically but that is under attack. the same people that shop at parades and are disruptive. this particular group is
7:56 am
attacking business. it's complete hypocrisy. they want to live and let live. if you support donald trump. given the fact that you have that fantastic area. and what what you're seeing out of consumer sentiment. i think it's on the rise. we are seeing seen a little uptick in maine. we are hoping that this will continue. i'm aware of what's happening in stock market. and everyone has a very optimistic. linda, it's great to have you on the program.
7:57 am
we will take a short break. when we come back. driving into a new frontier. introducing conduent. one of the largest business process companies in the world. whether it's in health care, customer care, technology, transportation or government. we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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7:59 am
maria: good thursday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. thanks so much joining us it is thursday january 12 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast combination confirmation process rolls on three more trump nominees to get grilled
8:00 am
on capitol hill this mornings, mike performance pay -- dr. ben carson general james mattis up at-bat, comes after a contentious hearing yesterday for secretary of state nominee former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> it is a very complex technically issue that has to be part of the comprehensive assessment of how we are how is you have thes going to protect itself in the cyberspace and all aspects of those threats that presents themselves including the one you just described. and what are the mechanisms for response appropriate responses and how do we get international agreement around some of that that sends messages back, do the bad actors, thattes there going to be a there is going to be a cost if this continues. >> however senator marco rubio could be deciding factor in confirmation, that was somewhat contentious details, rising tensions between intelligence community trump administration director of national intelligence speaking
8:01 am
with president-elect donald trump last night trump tweeted this morning the latest coming up a scary on tarmac for miami heat the team's plane skidding off the runway because of icy conditions, in milwaukee, rolls-royce rolling out newest ride, the dawn hitting streets to rave reviews we have one for you to choke out on plaza this morning we will take you. >> i that car this hour, plus new taco shell how fast-food giant using fried chicken in menu offering, delta to watch 4th quarter earnings revenue bret baier take a look, stock looking fractionally better on session we spoke with cecouple weeks ago he talked about business getting better, in europe stockare do across the board, today take a look at european indices show equivocateness across the board germany redaction worst performer there in asia overnight, similar story dax down two-thirds of 1%, asian markets lower worst pro forma down better than 1% stories
8:02 am
coming up joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" assistant editorial editor james freeman pollster lee carter great to see you -- >> so much fun. maria: great show. >> fried chicken can only make taco bell menu even stronger. dagen: major respect props for a segment about freddie mac and fannie mae. >> well, you were -- you had adamant opinions on that, and it was good. >> i am hoping bh mr. moon maap treasury nominee has hearing senators get a commitment to shut these monsters down. >> definitely what he wants to do. >> -- you housing market 10% economy taxpayers one hundred percent. >> awesome, big hour coming up joining the conversation
8:03 am
former undersecretary of state political affairs under president bush, harvard kennedy school he professor nicholas burns with us al leeants, chief adviser joining us to talk markets and host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighing in as also a, in a president of rolls riots is here, with us incoming council to the president kellyanne conway is joining us, this morning, you don't want to miss a moment stay with us. continuing with transition to trump more confirmation hearings scheduled today, adam shapiro in washington with very latest. good morning. reporter: good morning to you scandal regarding possible leaks from intelligence community and president-elect donald trump sure one of the he topics at confirmation hearings for representative mike pompeo has been nominated to head cia now president-elect trey teted within last 30 minutes, this is the tweet, quote james clapper called me yesterday,
8:04 am
to denounce false fictitious report that was illegally circulated made up phony facts, too bad, pompeo will appear before senate intelligence committee 10 eastern this morning pompeo congressman from kansas is a west point graduate army veteran harvard law alumni member of the house intelligence committee, president-elect trump has been clashing with the intelligence agencies, saying it would be a tremendous blot on reputations if they did indeed leak recent unsubstantiated allegations that russia has compromising information about the president-elect. mr. trump talking about hearings, said wednesday the nation needs best people possible in his cabinet. >> we need people that are smart. we need people that are successful. they got successful because generally speaking they are smart, and that is what i put i'm very proud of the cabinet i think doing very well. it is -- very interesting how it is going but it is i think
8:05 am
they are doing very, very well. >> other confirmation hearings general james mattis will appear before the senate armed services committee at 9:30 eastern, mattis noted to become secretary of defense at 10 classroom eastern dr. ben carson will appear before senate banking committee he has been nominated to become secretary of housing, urban development, four previous hud secretaries endorsed his nomination back to you. >> thank you so much the latest there adam shapiro, the president-elect pick for secretary of state facing heavy scrutiny from a republican, scenario marco rubio grilling rex tillerson yesterday on his russian connections during the confirmation hearing, and says he is still not convinced. >> nominated to what i believe second most important position no executive branch, second most visible american on planet, from government perspective. and so we i tend to -- >> joining us right now to
8:06 am
talk about it nicholas burns former undersecretary of state political affairs under president george w. bush thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> do you think tillerson will make it through and what was your reaction to that oning yes? >> i think his likelily will get through but not are a certainty he needs some he is going to need, of course, all the republicans to vote for him, if marco rubio does not then it gets tenuous i would say this, he a lot of skills that he has from exxonmobil a lot of experience does translate in my judgment, have to become a secretary of state, he had a worldwide job for 40 years, knows people around the world run big complex organizations. the problem he is is that these hearings are a referendum on donald trump, donald trump has taken positions on russia that are at variance with all of our presidents, going back to harry truman if donald trump doesn't begin to be more realistic tough minded on russia i think it makes it
8:07 am
difficult for people like rex tillerson general mattis testifying today in a his confirmation hearing. >> i think you make all great points even though you haven't vocal conversation from obama administration obama was pretty soft on russia. >> well, i think there is more president obama could have done, you he remember russia into cry pleaa march 2014, they did what no european country had done since 1930s, they annexed create mia took it from ukraine the response could have been stronger we could have sent arms defensive arms to ukraine, been a bigger supporter, i think that rex tillerson, should have been more forthcoming on that issue yesterday. he has got a problem obviously has a president-elect his boss, who is taken positions extremely we and so this is going to be the i think the major test for rex tillerson but mainly a test for donald trump going forward, you see the republican opposition from senator mccain senator graham senator rubio not to
8:08 am
nomination tillerson per se but donald trump on interference of russia in election and trump inability to say i am going to defend our country, i am going to put sanctions on russia i think it is a mistake by trump i think he is going do have to move on this over next couple weeks. >> james freeman "the wall street journal", as you suggested, the -- questioning of tillerson, perhaps opposition maybe somewhat mot vista by opposition but specific case mr. rubio raised, do you think that this question of.being a war criminal should secretary nominee have to affirm that putin is a war criminal to get this job? >> you know, i had sympathy for mr. tillerson yesterday -- is not secretary of state yet as he said he doesn't have access to all the classified information so he was asked to call putin war criminal he was asked to call the philippines saudi arabia, vie lateors of human rights they have
8:09 am
violated human rights of many citizens some questions as bob gates said yesterday when he commented have legal implications, if you brand a country under some of our laws, guilty of human rights violations that requires then a cutoff u.s. assistance other measures i think he was right to say let me get into job first said he was engineer he wants to look at all the facts, i think that was right. that he did that. but i think he in the way he handled the question he could have said i am not going to brand them human rights vooirt officially right now what they have done is beyond pale i think if he had done that might have had easier time. >> you want to see harder stance when it comes to russia because it is realistic to do so let me turn to terrorism, mr. burns taliban has released purported new video of two hostages, pleading the president-elect offer a prison swap for release, american
8:10 am
kevin king and australian timothy weeks kidnapped in afghanistan last year. what is the message taliban is trying send with this video what should donald trump be doing about it once he gets in office? >> well, this is i know the details here maria but this is cruel barbaric the taliban have done this before united states over the last 40 years and republican and democratic administrations had one view we don't negotiate with terrorists. because once you start down that road, you might encourage that group or other terrorist groups to take american citizens hostage it is very difficult. because, of course, the families here are in an impossible position. so i think here maria i would say we still have one government at a time. president obama our president until noon january 20 the one at a that is going to have to handle this i think today next week, but you are right it is going to be a very difficult issue for donald trump. maria: but we have right we sent bag loodz of cash to iranians suddenly had hostages
8:11 am
released so we have. negotiated with terrorists. >> i would say maria on balance in both republican and democratic administrations when we attempted to negotiate with terrorist groups, it almost always ends badly very vigilant very disciplined thanks so much see you soon coming up miami heat on ice, team plane slides across icy milwaukee runway a round of winter weather sweeping the nation what came first chicken or shell taco will be unveiling a new jalupa we will tell you about it.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
. maria: welcome back, chilly reception for yes, ma'am habituate touching down in milwaukee scary moments there, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: it was chilly indeed team charter plane slid on runway landing in milwaukee last night heat tweeted that the plane starte skid x iing never left pavement, crews lad to tow it to safety, the team says players are okay, they do face bucks tomorrow tonight in milwaukee. >> a dangerous ice storm sweeping across the western
8:15 am
part of u.s. hitting parts of california, utah, and colorado. snow has not let up in colorado now for days. and a rare move three ski resorts had to shut doors because of dangerous conditions, and frankly too much snow, yesterday some spots saw more than a foot and a half of powder. meanwhile, the forfeits was with one family in utah. tony francis his daughter created a "star wars", bb-8 snowman a snowman pretty good, took them two hours to make the snowballs then after shaping it, they used orange paint pretty good. >> love it. >> that is cool. >> it is tough for all fans, the bumble bee on endangered species list according to official wildlife service due to habitat loss exposure to insecticides bees help produce fruits and foods experts say
8:16 am
grow a garden do not use pesticides. >> disneyland upgrading ticketing system called disney max pass will launch virtues can use app on phones to get a digital version allows to book a ride in advance, avoid lines fast pass has been used since 1999, free but incidentally fast pass going to cost 10 bucks for each motorcycles ticket here day also unlimited photos at an by photographers throughout the resort if yours don't come out you can use there's. >> taco bell nationwide with creation of taco shell made entirely out of fried chicken, chain says shelf naked chin chalupa made of white seasoned chicken lettuce tomatoes cheddar cheese avocado ranch sauce available all over nation in two weeks, the date
8:17 am
is january 26, maria they tested this out. just fyi it was a huge hit the company says. people loved it. maria: wow. put that on my calendar. >> coming out. i will try it. >> i love taco bell. >> i do too. of thank you, cheryl. >> anything in moderation. >> layer of batter -- a process. >> it is "snl" ask it wrap it in piece maybe, mayonize as well. >> coming up having bat 20,000 just below it huge post things like thats gain biggest risks trump rally on wall street global economy, fake news we are talking about inwhooifr
8:18 am
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stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. maria: welcome back u.s. stocks to open lower markets posted huge gains since election tonight can so-called trump rally last what about the global economy will we see 3 1/2 to 4% growth in the u.s. bring in mohamed al are a i know it is great to see you -- >> characterize where we are trying to figure out what risks are to trump rally certainly, and to the global
8:22 am
economy, and its growth, how do you see things. >> maria as you know markets are in the business of pricing not just current reality but future ones. and they surged on the news that the election of president trump would result in higher growth and hire inflation, why? because he made policy announcements on deregulation, on infrastructure spending on corporate tax reform, now, markets want to see more details they want so see what though is going to look like accuse we didn't get many details in the yesterday's press conference, they are markets are sluggish this morning. >> but you know i've got a report here i guess jpmorgan chase as well as, one from blackrock that is the looking at earnings for the s&p 500 mohamed to be up between 20 and 25%, this year, as a result of the 15% corporate tax rate, now, of course, we need details on this tax reform will it materialize if a 15% corporate tax rate do
8:23 am
you believe earns could move 20% from here. >> i would like to see details i think to get that type of move you also need growth to pick up. which speaks to deregulation aspect infrastructure aspect you need rest of the world to also don't more progrowth so that is a pretty aggressive projection and assumes everything will come together. >> what are you expecting in terms of deregulation when you look at what has happened in the last 10 years, or he let's say 10 years since financial crisis pendulum swung to heavy regulation if we see a rollback what is the impact? . >> i think if we see intelligent deregulation impact bb higher private sector activity wul see cash not used for financial engineering but put back into the economy, into productive activities i think the key issues to remember is like you say maria a pendulum we have a big crash in 2008.
8:24 am
the natural response is to lower the speed limit on economic activity. now there is a realization speed limit has been set too low in certain respects so i think going o see some deregulation we need to look at details dais are going to be critical. >> president-elect trump proposed rolling back regulation, corporate tax reform repealing replacing on care, do you think we will see that in 2017? what is your expectations for all they mohamed. >> i think some a change market responding to for the first time, in six years, we have the prospect of the administration and congress working together. we can get out of this gridlock that was paralyzed governs markets song about to not just announcements progrowth no nature but prospects can become implementble policies.
8:25 am
>> is it fair to say going to see market back and fill until details given we have seen sharp run-up since election night then? yes, that is what i would suspect doesn't mean you are going to do anything what we have seen interesting rotation here is one of this rally, was in particular driven by financials equities, the dollar, and higher interest rates, phase two that played out wahe internal rotation, catch up, catching you will with financial, phase three is going to be part of the rest of the world investors need to look at internal of this rally not just overall rally. >> how would you be allocating cal right now? i think that moved a long way very quickly, so overall would i reduce some of my dollars at risk but i would allocate them slightly differently. i would allocate them more to the s sectors less financial more in favor of sectors land,
8:26 am
also big under performer mexico has been beaten up badly i think selected value there as well. >> mexico peso tumbling to another record low as trump plengdz to change the trade policy with mexico. how do you get exposure to mexico without necessarily going into mexico? >> you can do it through etf, through corporate bonds in dollars of certain quasisovereigns i think what is important going to end up with regard to nafta not complete dismantling but absolute revision to nafta that is with an do well in that world the important thing trade packets dynamic evolve over time i think a constructive evolution of nafta. >> watching europe a lot of people saying euro was a failure we see that now would you put money in europe or you
8:27 am
know, are you worried about what is happening there for example the banks in europe, do you expect that to impact the u.s.? >> i don't expect a huge impact in the u.s. and negative way, but europe can hold us back. can stop us from being doing better than we can why? as you because we integrate in you were the reality politics messy strong antiestablishment movements not clear what they lead to some banks particularly in italy not sorted out as you say they have not he completed regional economic architecture very much behind us the big issue divergence economic performance and policy between u.s. and europe. >> in terms of those of u.s. sounds like you are saying hold powder dry or be a seller going into inauguration until we hear more definitely as tax reform and regulation rollback is that accurate?
8:28 am
>> yeah, have some dry powder because i think that we are going to see a lot more details in next few weeks. >> leave it there always a pleasure thanks so much for inject us. >> thank you, maria. >> coming up next a war of words with mainstream media president-elect donald trump takes on cnn for russian dossier report talking about incoming quite house counselor kellyanne conway about that confrontation, prime time to sign up for amazon credit card new benefits to prime customers. back in a minute. ♪ el-erian.
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8:31 am
. good thursday morning thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, january 12 your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast relationship between president-elect donald trump and the intelligence communitied off to a rocky start, trump spoke with director of national intelligence last night james clapper, to try to fix the strained relationship. trump tweeted this mornings james clapper called me yesterday to did he announce falls pick to if ie fictitious report had there made up he phony facts too bad war of words at president-elect trump's press ffrns going
8:32 am
toe-to-toe with cnn calling agency fake news, also went overcast buzzfeed over decision to publish unsubstantiated allegations against a them. >> i think a disgraceful that information falls take never happened got released to the public, as far as buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage writing it, i think they are going to suffer consequences they already are. >> coming up incoming counselor to the white house kellyanne conway live responding, battle to repeal obamacare begins senate republicans taking first major step to dismantle the legislation details now another retailer jumps in on epipen price scandal details behind cvs's plan. >> rolls-royce seeing second highest saeflz record in
8:33 am
113-year history last year, inside look at the luxury brand-new rolls-royce dawn on at your plaza going to take you inside coming up, plus markets looking lower this morning futures indicating a fractional loss opening of trading dow nasdaq s&p 500, down about almost a quarter of a percent this morning, federal reserve bank philadelphia president making comments, on the federal reserve this morning, he is a votingen in and says that three rate increases would be present simplifying circumstantial strengthen and you thelook. >> president-elect donald trump support from director of national intelligence, james clapper called him last night to denounce salacious report regarding his ties to russia, the president-elect tweeted about it this morning, saying james clapper called me yesterday, to denounce the falls and fictitious report illegally circulated played up, phony facts too bad. this coming in midst of a heated feud between cnn,
8:34 am
buzzfeed and president-elect, over their decision to publish a dossier of unconfirmed intelligence, that claimed that russia had compromising information on donald trump. joining me right now incoming counselor to president-elect donald trump kellyanne conway. joining is, good to see you thanks for spending the time. >> thanks great to be with you maria. >> how will the administration deal with this controversy, as we saw what took place yesterday? >> in terms of of the -- >> dossier. >> how will donald trump deal with this fictitious report. >> calling it a dossier actually just makes it sounds fancy, in french it is an internet report not intelligence report we already knew that. we knew a pile of junk but then last night apparently mr. claerp told the president-elect that it is not an intelligence community document that is very important for the viewers to know, i think the last part of the statement from a last night the most operative part where he goes on to say they
8:35 am
could not verifier information based none of their conclusions on this information we know rumors have been circulating for months, and anti-trump members of the media chasing rumors and decided even though they wanted to -- get elected couldn't put information out there not verified couldn't cbo it here we are having a conversation about it president-elect had to address it in first president-elect press conference yesterday it is very unfortunate i think to have to deal with this at the time time intelligence gathering in our national security obviously are so fraught. >> it is clear there are groups out there that still will not accept the fact that donald trump won this election fair and square. and part of it is media part is even, you know, pockets of g.o.p. i imagine i am looking at a report right now, that says senator john mccain was the one low passed this document to the fbi director
8:36 am
jim comey last month alleging secret contacts between trump campaign and moscow russian intelligence had personally compromising material on president-elect how much culpability does john mccain have. >> i am not going there this morning maria may be moment united states senator giving information like this his or her duty to turn it over i think getting back to major point here, is it is irresponsible not journalism to have unverified uncorroborated stuff coming from intent put together by apparently anti-trump operatives and i guess later in the summer, after he became nominee put together by people wanted hillary clinton to win i think that is what we really need to focus on here what are the standards of journalism forward is he going to continue to be disrespected not given deference fair and free shot by members of the
8:37 am
media doesn't feel that way if you look at some chirons if you looks at you consultants some of the anchors listen to the way they cast their stories, it sounds like a campaign still. this man is going to be president united states in 8 short days won over two months ago it is time for people to show the respect to the office of the president and imminent occupant in a way you as said yesterday we all believe in fair and free press with freedom comes responsibility we expect that responsibility to be two-way street. >> how would you characterize his relationship then with the intelligence executive i mean i know he had phone call with james clapper yesterday. has the relationship improved? how would you characterize it? >> i would characterize it great in other words four top intelligence officials in nation came to trump taher last friday briefed president-elect and members of his team on the information that they had. they didn't brief on
8:38 am
information they don't have, perhaps, and that they can't verify and corroborate. which i think is an important point to make, but, also, he came out the president-elect came out with a statement right after that, the statement very clearly began with how appreciative he was of briefing how much he respects about looking forward to working with hardworking men and women in our intelligence community also said in statement viewers can pull up easily russian china north korea taejtd to hack successfully hacked dnc why we're having conversation at all in last paragraph president-elect committed to meeting with intelligence security team, and asking them for a plan within the first 90 days of his presidency so that we can take a really hard look hat cybersecurity because obviously that is porous, obviously we couldn't get the current administration excited about cybersecurity until
8:39 am
election results did not go their way, this how a and cry urgency, about operatives talking about cybersecurity hacks, really came after the election results were neither what mr. obama mrs. clinton the rest wanted or expected so when 21 million americans had their information hacked at office of personnel management by klein they basically shrugged shoulders compared to response now. >> i think you make a really good point i think yesterday when the president-elect talked about russia, he basically said look i don't know if i am going to get along with rush i don't know but it is bitter to have a brest relationship than not how i feel right now you know we were talking about jim nicholson earlier, and we were i am sorry talking about with nicholas burns made this comment earlier former under secretary of state said that challenge that rex tillerson got yesterday was as much of amend referendum against donald trump than anything else, that maybe, mr. trump is
8:40 am
going to have to start saying a few more fermd things about russia not coming across as if you know he is a friend already, to make the point that yes, we don't know about russia, they probably are more foe than friend does he need to temper commentary about rush a bit speaking publicly about reputein. >> president-elect has said many things about russia also said i don't know vladimir putin. and he also said even yesterday that his corporation has no his organization has no assets there no deals there. i think that is important for people to realize too but what he has said maria, is that he will be tougher on lots of -- he said very clearly yesterday, nobody he believes hillary rodham clinton is going to be tougher on russia than donald trump may be when appropriate she had silly gadgetety placing device russia reset colossal failure when secretary of state still
8:41 am
running for president, than the other thing is that donald trump made very clear, as president he will work with russia and others, if they want to come together, collaboratively and do big things like defeat radicals on triple we can't get president and hillary clinton who want to be next president to even call them what they are rad value is radical terrorism. >> donald trump said many different things about the possible relationship between our country, and russia and i commend everybody to thefulness of this is remarks. >> and identification early on, when you know he first choes rex tillerson i was very vocal i thought an incredibly sophisticated savvy pick yesterday marco rubio pushed back in terms of those of talking about him as committing war crimes weren't surprised at that exaggerate. >> it was a bit surprising but that is senator rubio's right.
8:42 am
he want to ask questions, get his answers, we hope that he is satisfied that we can count on hisote. for mr. tillerson for secretary of state, barack obama had as president on inauguration day seven cabinet picks already sworn confirmed, including state defense customers treasury president george w. bush came into office on heels of supreme court decision five weeks after election day, had the same thing he had nine that first week including state commerce treasury and defense we've got 8 days to go i hope we get same courtesy we need and this administration, is prepared to have a fully functions government it is up to senators, to swiftly have hearings, and to confirm there has been a little bit of obstruction people like betsy devos incoming education secretary her office told me all paperwork has been completed split the to submitted he show a is confident all in order
8:43 am
complete that there is nothing out of order, and that yet her confirmation hearing pushed over we hope politics is not getting in the way of getting a secretary of state treasury commerce, certainly defense and all other cabinets agencies confirmed. >> certainly feels like politics is in the way when it comes to media coverage of the president-elect, that press conference yesterday was full of fireworks cnn reporter jim acosta prefacing the president-elect for a question, but he was shut down, what is your take on what happens next what should we expect from the president-elect as it relates to his relationship with the media he called cflnn feedback news. >> called it take news they published this article about two-page report and then really gave everybody the walking talking orders basically introduce you maps for everybody to find 35-page report, by buzzfeed they kept referring to, in cnn broadcast
8:44 am
in that document, and certainly in other documents there is one that links there to cnn money story has buzzfeed mentioned 15 times kwlug in title so let's just stop nonsense they somehow not same that people are not -- look, cnn got to ask the question jeremy cnn reporter asked two-part question the president-elect answered him i don't want anybody to think cnn was excluded completely i think mr. acosta was a a little disrespect full rude shouting out five or six times, in what was otherwise, a silent place i think respect is a two convey to a very either. >> kellyanne conway thank you so much good to see you llyanne conway, we will be right back. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents.
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prefacing. historical moment on capitol hill senator cory booker testifying against sitting colleague at senator jeff sessions confirmation
8:48 am
hearing yesterday, drawing sharp criticism stuart varney joins plea to weigh in good morning. >> good morning, maria, seems to me, like the democrats generally are still trying to smear trump team as racist and/or sexist, the testimony yesterday from cory booker was extraordinary as you reported we have never seen a sitting senator campaign against another sitting senator we have never seen that before. and frankly, the issue was race. i mean if you boil it all down, you listen to corey bookesh charging jeff sections sensational with racism this morning we ins the leader charles schumer is going to oppose jeff sessions' nomination, so the democrats are dare i say sticking with identity politics, going against the southern white man to be at the attorney general of the united states, i think you are going to see a lot more of this forward.
8:49 am
>> looks like he has higher, dreams for higher office. >> dream on senator cory booker if you look into -- well i don't want to be to perjorative i don't think i keeleylaced to be president of the united states leave it at that. >> vain vairn top of the hour after "mornings with maria" we are just about 40 minutes away from the opening bell here is dagen with look at stocks on move over to you. dagen: we are watching shares of cvs announcing plans to sell generic version of a competitor to the epipen, for a lower price, has been at center of a pricing scandal pushing users to look for lower cost options made by mylan, by the way, epipen, shares cvs down over 12%, over the last 52 weeks. keeping an eye on shares of amazon, the company adding another perk for prime members up grading rewarding credit
8:50 am
card to grant 5% cash back on all purchases, on the web site. up from 3%. and coming up next, a new dawn for rolls-royce, we are looking under the hood and inside this luxury automaker's stung new in the words if you are british, coup. we'll be right back. could you pay coup aye co ♪
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8:54 am
about it is the north america no one president good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> pleasure for being here. >> this car gorgeous -- you had a great 2016. >> business fantastic, great record year. >> what is behind that. >> it is basically this beautiful cars we consider this rolls-royce dawn, and very surprised how well other two-car lines did ghost and wraith. >> you said sexiest ever a big statement why so sexy. >> look at it slightly gorgeous. >> wow. >> driving this in south of france -- right now. >> you are right. >> opening the door, which is -- >> what we call coach doors, so opens this way. >> very cool. >> and it has face for four adults. >> big. >> it is pretty big. >> far features inside we should know about.
8:55 am
>> i mean the than any that i think -- for you adults sift comfortably in the back also call it most social rolls-royce ever in end you can -- customize the way you want. >> feels like when you see rolls-royce in some cases feel like masculine this is more feminine. >> by design? >> no convertible makes it more masculine or feminine. >> you have ghost wraith car great numbers. >> simultaneously low is buying did he del me your kagraph why sales so good. >> entrepreneurs, 400,000 dollars. >> just under 400,000.
8:56 am
>> let me ask you because i know you are developing elect you a to many mows. >> we showed in l.a. 100 car, a a glimpse of the future rolls-royce could expect technology to make it into main products over the next year. >> let me check out this baby here tell me things that are -- most. >> good on. >> i i will say, huh. >> so the actual mileage you can go up to 150 here. >> yeah, this car extremely powerful. >> what else is indicative of the strength of this car. >> the way delivers power effortless way you have a feeling driving 70 more power more torque extremely quiet why we call driving a rolls-roy rolls-royce. >> technology in this car. >> not visible but you
8:57 am
consider all intelligent that they have to offer so that sexiest rolls-royce yet i like that thanks for joining is thanks for bringing this baby here we will be rights back. stay with us. ...
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> all right, welcome back. before we go, we want to bring you this tweet that donald trump put out. president-elect said, thanks to linda bean from l.l. bean,
9:00 am
we'll support you even more now. buy l.l. bean. hour thanks to linda bean and joined us on mornings with maria and we had a host of people tweeting about it. my thanks to our fantastic panel as always. dagen, james freeman and lee carter. we'll see you tomorrow, first, "varney & company." over to you. stuart: i believe that l.l. bean sales picked up a little because of the boycott. there's some good news for you. maria: thank you. stuart: you look good in that car, by the way. good morning, everyone. we're seeing the fallout from what was an extraordinary wednesday. start with the media. talk about disrespect? it was embarrassing. a cnn reporter tried to shout down the president-elect. his network reported unsubstantiated and false allegations about mr. trump. mr. tr question, but the reporter wouldn't shut up. never seen anything like it before.


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