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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 12, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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unverified employees. you talk about waste in the military, as strong as trump wants to build the fences, there is so much waste that needs to be tackled. they don't pay attention to the money. >> i love the watchdog group does this and now this happens. >> here's "risk & reward." >> since your attacking us, you can give us a question. mr. president-elect. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> no, no, not you, not you. your organization. >> you are attacking our news organization, you can give us a chance to ask a question? >> no, no. go ahead. go ahead. don't are rude. >> you can give us a question? >> don't be rude. >> you can give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. go ahead. liz: cnn and other media outlets blasting donald trump saying he's the one who's escalated war on the free press during first press newser since
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winning. we've got the sound. trump attorney michael cullen was named in the unverified russia report, he's saying totally false. new comments from the editor of the media outlet that started it all by running with the unverified report of trump and russia. he's buzzfeed's ben smith weighing in. welcome to "risk & reward" i'm elizabeth macdonald filling in for deirdre bolton. cnn's jim acosta said sean spicer threatened to toss him from the press conference. >> during the news conference, sean spicer said to me if i were to continue to persist and ask a question i would be thrown out of the news conference. aaron, keep in mind, i've covered four presidential campaigns, i have never had a press secretary threaten to throw me out of a news conference. that is a first. not a good sign of things to come. liz: trump's press secretary
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sean spicer responding telling fox it is acosta who should apologize. >> he told me that he thought he had a right to ask a question, even though cnn had been granted a question to other correspondents. i inform him that i thought no one should be treated that way and treated that disrespectfully. and if he did it again in the future, i would have him removed. if someone did that to president obama or president clinton or other human being, i would say the same thing. no one needs to be treated with that level of disrespect and rudeness. i think mr. acosta owes the president-elect and frankly the entire press corps an apology for childish and inappropriate behavior. liz: eric reach joins me now, nice to see you, eric. >> thanks for having me. liz: what do you think? should cnn's jim acosta apologize? >> i think he should apologize. he would never have done this with previous presidents. he said he has covered four. he would never have stood up
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and tried to interrupt them. here are the facts. facts are that cnn had a link to the buzzfeed story. by all implications they tried to steer traffic forward it. so i think they're complicit in the buzzfeed story. liz: buzzfeed essentially said it's unverified, you reader figure it out and calling themselves journalists in that regard. we're going to get to that in a moment. the "new york times" joke trump press conferences should be called press conflicts. here's the question, is the war on media bad for trump's agenda even a country? trump is being criticized for calling it nazi tactics what's been going on? >> the only people with all due respect to the media, the only people with lower ratings than congress are the media, and that's because they tried to shape the narrative of the debate for the past 12 years, whether it comes to how many people are on health care or obamacare or how many illegal immigrants there are, they're shaping the numbers.
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they tried to shape this race all the way to the very end. they try to cite polls that were not really scientific and really try to help push a hillary clinton win, so i think this isn't a war on the media, i think the campaign was a referendum and all we want as citizens is for the media to be honest brokers and report the news and state facts. that hasn't happened in many outlets. liz: now a republican congressman calling for cnn to fire jim acosta tweeting out the cnn reporter who was disruptive should be fired and prohibited from any press briefings. what do you make of that? this is a government official, eric, and some can interpret that, wait a second, that could be seen as censorship and delegitimizing the free press. what are your thoughts? >> i don't like danny telling any entity to run the business or what they should do with their employees.
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what i think is, again, like many people in the democratic side, i think a lot of people in the media are unhinged after this election, and as a political person, i say let them keep going. i think it's great for debate, it shows the true colors of many in both the media and our democratic side, i don't like calling for the removal of anyone, what i would say is that we need to trust but verify like ronald reagan said when it comes to all of our facts. when we see a story, let's not take it for granted and allow the media to shape the narrative. it's important to have honest debates. liz: it's an important debate you make in the age of social media. doesn't mean you run with it, doesn't mean it excuses us from running with it, right? >> not only that but we were saying he had an intelligence briefing. you don't report on every intelligence briefing he had, we don't know if it was
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verbalized or presented to the president-elect. liz: they're saying because it was given, that that is a news event, it was in the president's and trump's briefing so they reported it, right? >> they were obviously trying to imply and link to the buzzfeed story. this is media malpractice at its best but it's been exposed. i think the one thing you have to say politically is it's been exposed --. liz: let's stay on that for a second because nbc's chuck todd did hammer away at buzzfeed editor in chief over the website's decision to publish this report in full. let's take a listen. >> i know this was not your intent. i've known you a long time, but you just published fake news. >> i think people love to throw the term fake news around. this was a real story about a real document that was really being passed around between the very top officials of this country and say it's okay for you chuck todd to see the
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document, okay for me to see it, okay for john mccain, okay for the cia. why is it not okay for the audience? >> you made an unknown decision to put out an untruth. liz: that's important that buzzfeed broke the code of ethic, only publish what was true. these guys say there were vague allegations, what do you make of chuck todd pushing back there? >> i think he pushed back a little bit. he's known him a long time. it's not just buzzfeed, i think sometimes so-called mainstream journalists want to push back on the fringe elements of journalism. at the end of the day, there's a lot of media outlets that were complicit in this and it's been on the horizon for many, many months, it wasn't potentially not presented to the president-elect, so again, i go back to the point where if cnn is going to reference this and push people towards this whether it's ratings or anything else, that's not good
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for journalismr the country. liz: thank y, ic beach, appreciate your time. the media launched a war on freedom of the press. on top of that cnn's jim acosta tweets after trump attacks his network. >> after the news conference was over said i crossed line and said my behavior during the news conference was inappropriate. i thought that donald trump attacked our news organization several times and i thought it was only right for us to have a chance to ask him a question, ask a follow-up question. liz: all right, trump's attacking the press. that's the story line. but president obama attacked fox news and other reporters as well for years. let's take a listen. >> if you've talked to somebody who said well, i don't know i watched fox news and said this is horrible. >> good affordable health care might seem like a fanged threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news, it turns out it's working pretty well in the real world! >> if you watch fox news on a
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regular basis, it is a constant menu. they will find like folks who make me mad. >> if i watch fox news, i wouldn't vote for me. [ laughter ] >> guess who's been worse for the free press? guess who's been worse for the first amendment? see if our journalist power panel are surprised. want to bring in daily caller news editor in chief chris bedford and bree peyton. who is worse for the press, trump or obama? >> i would say obama since trump hasn't begun. one of the most shameful things was between one of our reporters and obama when he announced he was bypassing congress to do the dreamer thing and bring illegals and make them u.s. citizens, one of our reporters tried to get a question in, he said now is not the time for questions and didn't take questions from anyone in the press for almost
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a year after that. and the suppcants said we had broken all kinds of protocol. liz: reed, to chris' point, obama said he's going to be the most transparent president. the associated press says he holds a presidential record for denying freedom of information act requests. his administration sees associated press records from more than a hundred reporters. the administration won secret sources in criminal cases, hit reporters like james ricen with subpoenas, hit people like fox news' james rosen as criminal co conspirators. what do you make of obama's track record here? >> he likes to shut down reporters and the truth. this is a president who prosecuted three times as many people under the espionage act who are whistle blowers and
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informants, it's clear he has a clear track record of shutting this down, and i think as members of the media who survived eight years under, this i think they'll find relief under donald trump who seems to be a little more interested in getting the truth out there, and making the public more aware of what's going on. liz: you know, chris, the obama administration did prosecute nine whistle-blowers, that's triple all other presidents combined and top editors said this about obama's hostility towards the media -- and also we had the pulitzer prize-winning journalist at the "washington post" saying -- chris, your thoughts? >> and it's funnto see now people in the press are
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worried, they're worried that for example that donald trump is going to do some of the exact same measures that barack obama did, and the way that obama got away with so much of this for eight years, he had willing co-conspirators in the press. cnn wasn't demanding the questions when barack obama was bypassing congress or taking over parts of the u.s. economy but when they put out a report that was completely unverified and something no good journalist should ever put out. liz: that's an important point. what chris is saying is the media is accusing donald trump of lying and top spinning, what's been your experience? >> sure, you know what? i guess what ticks me off about the press or the media's reaction to donald trump is that they've been doubling down and saying that the media and the press have a constitutional right to white house press credentials when it's clear they not the case. you have to earn the right and prove you are credible and tell the truth and it's going to be
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verifiable and accurate. their reaction in this is really quite revealing in that they've almost forgotten they have to earn their place. liz: that's a good point. final point, you want the free press to ask the toughes and get at truth. of course you don't want to see the press being complicit to chris' point. if anyone in the administration is top spinning you want to get to the bottom of it, no matter the political stripe. right, chris and bre? thank you, both. appreciate your insights. for leaking the unconfirmed russian report, intelligence director james clapper called donald trump last night to smooth things over. going to tell you what he said. my next guest is calling it a desperate move. obama's justice department announcing inquiry into fbi director comey's hillary e-mail investigation. he's america's ambassador, he is here to weigh in. he's ambassador john bolton next, don't go away. rodney and his new business.
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finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. . >> i think it's pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. i think it's pretty sad. first of all it's illegal. you know, these are classified and certified meetings and reports. i'll tell you what does happen. i have many meetings with intelligence, and every time i meet, people are reading about it. liz: donald trump calling out the press for going be with the damaging unverified report about him in a supposedly compromising situation in russia. trump's team saying it's totally false. trump's accusing obama intelligence officials of leaking it. trump officials are doing that. and in an unusual move, the national intelligence director james clapper calling the president-elect to smooth things over, saying, quote, i
5:18 pm
emphasize that this document is not a u.s. intelligence community product, and i do not believe the leaks came from within the u.s. intelligence community. has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable and did not rely upon it in any way prior to our conclusions, part of our obligation is to make sure policymakers are provided with the fullest possible picture of any matters that might effect national security. nbc is saying donald trump did not get this russia report in last week's intelligence briefing. we have a lot to cover. bring in ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. how did this damaging report end up in the daily briefing for obama? >> the intelligence community, it came into their possession, they had no reason tong it was valid, but whenever you see a disinformation campaign being
5:19 pm
conducted against the president or president-elect, it's something worth bringing to their attention. i think that's what they did with obama and with trump. now what was really damaging here, obviously, was that the report was leaked out or that critically it was leaked out that the intelligence community had it, so the implication intended to be drawn was that it had some validity to, it and you have to say when you see something damaging like that, who benefits and who's hurt? obviously, the principal harm would be on trump until you clear the misimpression away, it's a perfectly legitimate inference to say we think it was leaked by somebody who wanted to harm trump, whether it came from the intelligence community or the obama white house or some other place, we don't know, but it is very reasonable to look at somebody who doesn't have trump's best interest at heart, that's for sure. liz: when it hits that level of
5:20 pm
the presidency, it's more susceptible to be leaked, right? >> look, the obama white house over eight years and a variety of different contexts has politicized intelligence. i think that's an abuse of authority to begin with, but i think it's very damaging to the intelligence services. it calls their credibility and objectivity into question and when you have a new president coming in, if you damage that relationship which may have been another intention of leaker, it's going to be hard to put back together. it makes the jobs of dan coats nominated to be director of national intelligence and mike pompeo to be director of the cia that much more difficult. liz: what are your thoughts how the media handled it? >> poorly. no surprise there. we're in an age where the media has expanded to include almost everything and blogs on the internet and everything else, i'm not sure there ever were some golden age of high
5:21 pm
standards in journalism, if you go back to the yellow journalism of the early 20th century and even before. that whatever standards there were before, they don't exist anymore. liz: ambassador, let's take on the next subject, the department of justice watchdog announcing he will investigate how the fbi handled hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. basically how the fbi director james comey back in july recommended no charges against hillary clinton, and then basically reopened it in late october. he announced that the bureau wa reopening the investigation due to the weiner laptops and two days before the election stood down. so comey caught a lot of flack for going public with all this and the d.o.j. watchdog is going to look into it. what do you make of that, ambassador? >> complicated because of the nature of the bureaucracy, the inspector general is a political appointee, in this case appointee of the obama administration.
5:22 pm
he has ties going back to the clinton administration. i think the new administration is coming in on the 20th of january, i don't think this investigation should go forward. i think it should be independent. i think jeff sessions who will be confirmed as attorney general, should bring in somebody from the outside with no dog in this fight to go over how the entire e-mail investigation, the clinton foundation investigation, all of it was handled, including loretta lynch's meeting with former president clinton. not for retribution but to cleanse the fbi and the criminal division and the department of justice from the view of many americans that this was politicized from the get-go. liz: could jeff sessions, the attorney general nominee, said he will recuse himself because he made pointed remarks about this issue with hillary clinton and the e-mail server. could a deputy attorney general open it up? what do you think?
5:23 pm
>> yes, sessions is not going to pursue criminal investigation. i think what we're talking about here is looking internally to see what went wrong? normally you would say the inspector general office should do that, but you need a new inspector general, can't be somebody put in by the same team that's going to be investigated and should be somebody with credibility. pursue this where the facts go, nobody should prejudice the outcome of it and accept what the results are. the end objective is not political here, it's to fix the fbi and the justice department from -- to protect them against this misuse in the future. liz: thank you, ambassador bolton, we love having you on. come back soon, okay? >> any time, thank liz. liz: michael cohen the tmp attorney at the center of the unverified buzzfeed report is speaking out. he wants buzzfeed to apologize. we're going to play you his comments next. an attorney who says buzzfeed could be in deep legal
5:24 pm
trouble, they could get sued for going with the tenuous anti-trump document. that's after this. back in two. >> that michael cohen of the trump organization was in prague, it turned out to be a different michael cohen. it's a disgrace what took place, and i think they ought to apologize to start with. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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>> you got called mister trump and he ask you where you ever in prague and you said never in your whole life. i've never been in prague he said michael, i really need to know. i said mister trump i have never been to prague he said do you want to see my passport. do you mind if i see it i will be there in about two minutes.
5:28 pm
he is now calling for buzz feed and others to apologize. i am okay with it personally but the problem it it affected my family and my in-laws in my children and that's not okay. i believe cnn and buzz feed and others of them a serious apology. >> the next guest said they may have to deal with more than an apology. but potentially a lawsuit. could they be in legal trouble here. they are folks actually true. buzz feed themselves said it's on verified so they weren't sure. i didn't care about the consequences when they release it. that is something the court is going to look at. and whether or not they are entitled to the protection of the law. his family is affected.
5:29 pm
there was harm done. in an apology doesn't necessarily clear that up. news channels and outlets all have an obligation to try to verify now be first but to be right. liz: kelly, it's just that you have to have a conscious disregard. you put it out there. it's reckless because they didn't do that research to verify. i'm not taking into account whether or not this is going to be damaging for him they said hayward and the leave leave it to the public and there should be more decision-making factors thought about before they released it. there is also the theory that they did not create this document. but once you put it out there you are in as much trouble as the author. >> buzz feed could have easily redacted the names and didn't. does that lend to culpability here?
5:30 pm
>> it shows the reckless standard that you are talking about that they were named individuals in there. they didn't verify it and they released it. they could say were just putting out there for a president elect because trump is going to be a target of all kinds of allegations and he put himself in the spotlight. but did come in. is he on the hook for the same sort of things. and it is a little bit of a different standard. and then if it was designed to injured him. and they could very easily just had reacted his name. it is a great point. buzz feed could be in trouble for publishing the report and the implications. maybe both donald trump in the trump attorney have a potential defamation case here.
5:31 pm
>> that is a very true he is a publ figure. so a lot can be said about him without having to verify it. in order to prove that he knew it was wrong they will have to go by allegation improve for example that prague wasn't somewhere where the story says he was. and as the trump party the close people do they want that out there. does he want that. he was in a different hotel. do they want to address that. he is going to let it go if he gets the apology that he is demanding. you are really sharp. >> at the ben carson confirmation hearing for hud secretary involving senator
5:32 pm
elizabeth warren and also the lgbt community. my next guest joins us next. if you have medicare
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[indiscernible] >> these are the protesters at the attorney general jeff sessions hearing. big fireworks at housing and urban development. for what his anti- gender transgender statement. they house the equality caucus demanded that the senate reject ben carson saying in a press release carson has long made repugnant and ignorant statements regarding the lgbt community particularly transgender individuals. also posting this picture on twitter.
5:37 pm
saying that ben carson well not help transgender homeless. one in three transgender people experience homelessness. let's bring in kevin jackson, ben carson is saying he would enforce federal laws as a concern protected groups. he has also said in the hearing no one's gets extra rights. what are your thoughts. >> ben carson is going to be fair and he's gonna do the right thing. the left could have a hand under each arm. they are not going to confirm any of the pics and it doesn't matter what level of education. brent -- ben carson is a brain surgeon.
5:38 pm
he is too dumb to do this. he won't satisfy the lgbt community. it's ridiculous. there are laws that don't allow him to just go in if you did have those feelings he could not do it by law. i know it ben carson personally is a very nice gentleman. his personal views on the lgbt community have nothing to do with his actions and quite frankly they are as view -- as bad as that left has made them out to be. liz: the playbook for the democrat on how they're going to go after it donald trump. he'll be running a $49 billion budget. donald trump is keeping the steak. how are you going to stop money from lynn lining his pockets.
5:39 pm
with the fake climate change and what they did for the energy wonton. to hear them talk about ethics violations is ridiculous. nobody in this administration. they know they will be the most scrutinized administration and modern history and donald trump has no responsibility to divest himself of what made him a billionaire and quite frankly i wouldn't. he would run his business is separate. >> under the present law he has no responsibility because he is giving up more than any other president likely in history to do this job and he
5:40 pm
is already proven that he's capable of doing it better than the previous administration. >> this is a witch hunt. and pro- american flooding the sky god do his job. we will hear about jeff sessions in the plant and alabama. it have black folks in alabama singing in this man's praises. until they became associated with prompt -- trump i hope trump does. he will have a great first 100 days. hopefully he will shut some of these down. we really appreciate it. this is a warning. we have them surfacing on facebook. it was being been criticized for letting a torture video of a mentally disabled man stream live before was taken down. now horrific 20 minute suicide video of a young 12-year-old girl is going viral. police say there is nothing they can do to stop people
5:41 pm
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liz: more a disturbing video that has streamed live on facebook and went viral and social media. first facebook got heavily criticized for letting a 30 minute anti- trump torture video about mentally disabled man stream live last week. now horrific suicide video of a 12-year-old girl has gone viral. police say there's nothing they can do to keep people from sharing it. >> she streamed herself on facebook live on december 30. she alleged that she been sexually abused by family member. she continued filming and she hung herself in the front yard of her home. the video continues for 20 minutes before it ends. it didn't stop there. it is our policy not to show
5:45 pm
this video but we need to discuss this. let's bring in the independent women's form. it is a terrible story and we did reach out to facebook for a statement on this particular video we have we've yet to hear from them. but last week this is what facebook told us about the torture video. we do not allow people to celebrate or glorify crimes on facebook we had removed the original video for that reason when people share this type of content they are doing so to condemned violence or raise awareness about it. the video would be allowed. were not saying that the statement is what facebook is going to say about the suicide video but where your thoughts about the part about raising awareness. who decides that. it was a very tricky decision.
5:46 pm
if you think carefully about how the people most affected the family members of this young woman are going to respond to knowing that the video was widespread now. but also on the internet. we can talk about media law and the legality of these things but each of us as participants in the world of social media and on the internet we have to be very thoughtful about what we are posting what were sharing and why because there are many people out there who are victims of abuse and who are suffering from depression and we have to think about how they are going to respond. >> she just brought the legal aspect. what he make it a fact that law enforcement says they can't legally force these breast websites to take them off-line. do you think there should be new rules and acted what do you think? >> think about coming to him to turn on the tv and the lead in is what you're about to see is can be highly disturbing. and that happens whether it is an unarmed person running away from the police and getting
5:47 pm
shot in the back to any number of images that you can't unseat. they are horrible and they stick with you. the fact is we talk about let's not single out facebook. any of these disturbing images that are on tv. those get repeated as well. i think there are first amendment issues as well one candidate rally cry is another once hate crime. >> there could be lured interest in this video. somehow social media stops child porn at the front door. i don't understand how this stays up for so long. >> to also raise some questions about intellectual property. who owns these videos. is it property of facebook. is it your property. and so those questions are
5:48 pm
important with the legality of other sites. because of course you're not supposed to steal images or video or any kind of intellectual property created by something else. i'm so sorry we ran out of time. you guys have been terrific. to one owner who has had enough because he's now calling out cnn , liberals and antitrust. seen as much in a store window. he's going to join me next.
5:49 pm
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liz: and oregon small business owner called out liberals. following that kidnap and torture video of a white disabled man last week in chicago. to all of the ignorant liberals including bruce springsteen the people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled teenager just because he supports donald trump just shows everyone y a pty of complete morons. go straight to hell where you belong. we've have it with you idiots. and that pro trump small business owner joins us now. can you tell us what type of business you own. what kind of response have you received has anyone boycotted your store. what is your response. they had been going after me for about four years when i started my sign work in my
5:53 pm
window. i just can't seem to stay silent when they do something against what i believe in. all of the conservatives come to my shop and all the liberals throw things at it. that will throw trash at it. it gets ridiculous. see one i am sorry you're going through that. >> they were saying when you let that genie out of the bottle you don't go back to that. >> i love his music. i hate his politics. what he said he's scared for his children the way the liberals are shooting out all of the stuff about how we are
5:54 pm
races and all that crap we've had enough. when i saw that video about the kid being tortured i get i went full force with the punch in their face we had had enough. >> are other people in oregon are they also. >> i'm south of portland. are they upset with bruce springsteen. >> everyone is. they're upset with the liberals from beginning to end. in donald trump going after cnn. with fake news. i put that in my window. i watched your show and i just sit there how can they be seen this stuff. it's all a bias. liz: and the other thing that's going on. strong work linda.
5:55 pm
let's take a look at what she has to say about that. they gave money to donald trump and now they face a boycott. let's take a listen. >> is bowling. bowling me personally and the company that didn't give the nation. to a packed to support trump. and my cousin gave to obama four years ago he gave many more times the amount i did. point is we should have that privilege. it's a free country. >> what are your thoughts. >> i just wish that liberals would settle down and give donald trump a chance. it's make america great again. it's not just a u.s. where markets are rallying. london basically remember all
5:56 pm
of the brexit fear certainly exaggerated because now i historic bull run. it was hitting its 11 straight record close. and since britain voted to leave the eu on june 23 of last year. from the post vote. we will keep watching markets in your money around the globe. almost a week until his inauguration. foxbusiness is all over the details of that after this. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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6:00 pm
charles payne has next. >> good evening. president-elect trump will take office in a very difficult time in the history of u.s. intelligence operations. concerns over the state with the confirmation hearings in the defense secretary. this after the director of national intelligence said he is dismayed over the leak but says the report in question is not a u.s. intelligence product. try to join me now to discuss it all.


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