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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 13, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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again. is our new time slot will be fridays on fbn at 8 p.m. see you then. ♪ ♪ about the topics that impact your life and your pocketbook. so does lou dobbs. he's next. lou: both the house and the senate are now moving ahead with a repeal and replacement of obamacare. the house today passed a measure to make it easier for the repeal bill to advance in the senate without the threat of democratic filibuster. >> we have to step in before things get worse. this is nothing short of a rescue mission. we are stepping in and stopping the collapse from doing more harm to the working families of america. lou: we'll have political analysis. brett barns, matt, and lee charter join us. also exactly one week until inauguration day, law enforcement and security
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officials working over time to ensure the safety of the new president and the hundreds of thousands who will be attending his inaugural. and president obama hasn't yet finished his betrayal of israel. secretary of state kerry to take part this weekend in a middle east peace conference on israel's future. without israel's attendance. former un ambassador john bolton and fred flights join us next. lou: good evening, everybody. a busy day on capitol hill. a productive day. the house backing a process to dismantle obamacare by a 227 to 198 vote. it follows senate passage thursday. only nine house republicans voted against the bill. jim jordan, a member of the conservative freedom caucus told us last night he was undecided on how he would vote. jordan, along with freedom
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caucus meadows supported it today. the following statement. this is step one in the process to repeal obamacare. a law that has driven the prices and hurt care. there are several steps to come but the goal is very clear. repeal it all. every regulation, every tax, every mandate, and do it this congress. president-elect trump declared quote the unaffordable care act will soon be history. no definitive timeline. but mr. trump has set a repeal and replace plan for obamacare would be submitted as soon as the senate approves his nominees. congressman tom price, the secretary of health and human services nominee, his confirmation hearing scheduled to begin next wednesday. our first guest tonight concurs with mr. trump, saying actual appeal should come later this month, along with further steps of replacement. joining us tonight, the editor, fred barns. fred, good to have you with us. it appears the house is moving
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just a little faster than they intended with a new schedule and a new approach, and i have to say, it's nice to see the people's busy being conducted with a little more tempo. what do you think? >> well, they did get sort of a kick in the rear end from donald trump saying get going and be and let's get this done, and let's not have some gap between repeal and replace where democrats can be attacking you. let's do them both. maybe the same day. so i think that's what's going to happen now. it's the right thing to do. charles: it is the right thing to do. it has been the right thing to do all along. and as you say, there is no question but that our president-elect is -- if you will, calling the signals and moving the process ahead. trump today also saying that he wanted his nominees to be themselves, as we heard a couple of them. particular general mattis
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and rex tillerson, the nominee to secretary of state recasting words, if you will, and perhaps even meaning in their nomination confirmation hearing responses. what do you make of his statement? he wants some thinking and talking speaking for themselves, as well. >> well, i think he wants that. but what are they saying? they appear to be differing on a number of issues from president-elect trump. but, in fact, what they're saying are they're winding up to where trump has been heading or has already arrived. like rex tillerson. he's for backing nato. well, that's where trump is now. and it gets true the things that other nominees have said. for instance, mike pompeo, the cia nominee has said he's against water boarding. well, lou, you remember a week or two ago after trump had talked to general mattis, he said,
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well, gee, maybe i'm changing my mind. maybe i'll be against water boarding too. lou: yeah, and he's made it clear since he made the comments, the foundation if you will the controversy. he said whatever is lawful, and he means that of course and has meant from the outset. this business about frankly tillerson and sessions, in particular. they've had a bit of a grinding, caustic assault on them by the dems. and without much effect it seems to me, but what do you think? >> well, i think they survived very well. but particularly jeff sessions, the nominee for attorney general. he was the one that democrats really targeted because they thought they were going to defeat him the way they did in 1986 when he was nominated to be a federal judge. they would say he's racially incentive. so what did they do? they sprung senator cory booker from new jersey, an
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african-american to testify against him. and that was going to be the thing that really hurt jeff sessions. only it didn't. booker bombed. it turned out his only objection to sessions was that while booker is a liberal, sessions is a conservative. that was his only complaint. that didn't go anywhere. lou: i personally thought that booker looked awful. >> he did. lou: he looked not only ambitious but greedily so and willing to sacrifice his -- first of all, the protocol of the senate as well as himself to be a forerunner of the 2020 presidential campaign for the dems. i mean, it was awful john luis put in that position. an iconic hero of civil rights. which only could say about jeff sessions was from alabama. it was awful to witness. >> it was awful.
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but this was an awfully good week for donald trump. i mean, look at what -- look at who he whipped. cnn, he whipped the -- he ended the boycott of ll bean, whose head was backing him. and then look what he did to meryl streep. she'll never recover. lou: well, and the left, by the way, is not only -- many elements of it as you correctly state are just forever branded as expedient in their view. but we're watching the left crumble here. this identity and group, coalition of constituencies, i mean, it's falling apart before our very eyes. >> it is. and look at them. lou: by the way, i'm saying that without complaint. let me be very clear. >> all of these protesters are coming to washington not to complain about some issue or some policy.
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they're coming to complain about donald trump. they don't like him. it's personal. they don't really have any big issue. i mean, this isn't like a civil rights march or an antiwar march. it's just the guy they don't like. lou: their hatred and their confusion is their only connection to relevance right now politically. what ensues, we'll see. but one thing clear as you said, the president-elect is winning. and winning big. fred, thank you so much. appreciate it. brett barns. we're coming right back. there's a lot to cover. there is much more straight ahead. stay with us, please. lou: president-elect trump says the united nations has done little if anything to help solve the world's problems. >> it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america, and it surely is not a friend to israel. lou: now senators cruz and graham are taking action. they've introduced a bill to
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lou: the clinton presidential campaign team shifting its outrage a bit from the alleged russian hacking back to fbi director james comey. comey is now the subject of an investigation being conducted by the justice department inspector general. president-elect trump addressed the clinton camp today. he tweeted this. quote. what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she complained in the wrong states. no enthusiasm. take that. and joining us now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and american enterprise institute singer fellow john bolton. john, great to have you. the president-elect is still a little annoyed about her -- what would you call it?
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hands off treatment on the part of the fbi? >> look, as i said before, i believe it's still to this day. if i had done at the state department what hillary clinton did, i would be wearing an orange jumpsuit now. i mean, comey mishandled this thing in so many ways by concluding inside the fbi and the justice department there were no grounds to indict her by the famous first press conference where he said he was not going to recommend prosecution and on and on. it's not the last letter. it's the whole way he handled it. lou: well, explain the politics to us. here it is a week ago, and they come out with an investigation of the inspector general. actually donald trump foresaw during the campaign. he said there ought to be an investigation of the investigation. and i'll be dog on if we don't have an investigation of the investigation. they waited right up until the last week and apparently attorney general lynch and her conduct with the former president bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix to discuss
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the case of their grandchildren, whichever you believe, is not part of the inquiry. >> well, i wonder coincidentally how that happened. look, this inspector general in the justice department is a -- an obama administration appointee. lou: no. you're not suggesting politics here, are you? >> heaven forbid. but that's exactly what jeff sessions needs to help cleanup. it's just been a tragedy for our country and a danger for our country. the justice and one of its subordinate parts. the fbi has been the way this has been for the last eight years. i understand jeff sessions recused himself from any criminal action against hillary clinton. i think that was the right thing to do. lou: i think it was also a very smart thing to do, by the way. >> yes. exactly. and he'll be confirmed as he should be. but he needs to show leadership in restoring the reputation and the reality of integrity in the department of justice and the fbi. that's an urgent matter for him. lou: yeah, putting his name
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just outside the door there at justice will go a long way toward doing exactly that. >> absolutely. lou: and i am certain that his leadership will be precisely what you say. and that is restore integrity to a department that has been just overwhelmed by politics. let's turn to john kerry. who in his final week as secretary of state is on his way to paris with 72 other countries present to talk about mid-east peace. but the parties that is the palestinians and the israeli's aren't there. who -- what -- how in the world could this be happening in the final week of the administration with u.s. participation? >> well, look, that's why i think these last seven days may be the most seven dangerous days in the entire administration. people are very concerned that this conference in paris on sunday will issue a decoration
11:17 pm
that tries to define the terms of a peace settlement between israel and the palestinians. they'll rush it back to the security counsel council in new york. and one more time barack obama will stick it to the state of israel. it devise 50 years of bipartisan american foreign policy, which is -- lou: what should we do? let's take the worst case. let's say that's exactly what transpires that that is the result. what should donald trump do when he sets into the white house on january 20th? >> well, if it's as bad as we think, and you combine that with resolution 2334, which effectively tried to set israel's ban two days before christmas, i think donald trump could do a lot worse than using the words of daniel patrick when the general assembly passed a resolution equating with racism and saying the united states will never accept these resolutions. hear that, united nations.
11:18 pm
and you had a clip on earlier of lindsey graham and ted cruz introducing legislation. cut off u.s. funding to the un because of that first resolution. here we see the un bringing old adversaries together. it's an amazing way that works. i think the only thing they respect is our money. and i think donald trump should seriously consider supporting the cruz graham legislation and cutting off their money. lou: let me ask you this. former ambassador of the united nations. this is an institution that has in the rarest of moments has been useful to the international community, if i can put it that way. one of the moments that has not been recent. it is an obstacle to process peace processes in the middle east in nearly every instance. it is a -- nothing more than an incredible nuisance to u.s. foreign policy. why the heck not just defund the whole thing? get it off the island of
11:19 pm
manhattan and move on? with a new idea. a new organization, a new thought. because this is really -- this makes everyone associated with the united nations look like fools. and, by the way, in the general assembly, they look like anti-semitic fools. >> well, there's no doubt there's a lot of semitism. remember the words never let good words go to waste. i think this is purely voluntarily funding from the u.s. and everyone else to end the taxation of the united states, which we face through the assess contribution system. and so there's a real opportunity here for the incoming trump administration to send a tsunami through the holes of the un. lou: would you go so far as disband the united nation? >> no. once asked if the united states should withdraw from the un and she said, no, it's not worth the trouble. lou: well, it's certainly not
11:20 pm
worth the trouble being part of it either in most instances. i've got a great idea. why don't we add it to the list of possibilities for gitmo as the number of detainees have dwindled -- no, i'm just kidding. ambassador, thanks for being with us. john bolton, appreciate it. >> thanks, lou. lou: breaking news. fox news has learned the architect of the capitol. will remove the painting in the capitol police vehicles depicting a police officer as a pig. congressman dave had argued to his great credit that that painting violated capitol rules which depict suects of nature. congressman william macy clay of missouri repeatedly -- first he put up e painng, and then he kept putting it back up after other congressman took it down at least three times. the painting will now we are told reliably be permanently
11:21 pm
removed come tuesday. that's pretty quick for washington. took about a week. week and a half. they actually got something done. and good for them. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. the question is is the left utterly contemptible for even pretending they can delegitimatize the trump presidency as several of the left have claimed? particularly today. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. on wall street, stocks closed out the week mixed. the dow down five points, the s&p up four, the nasdaq gaining 26, closing at a another all-time high. it is the nasdaq's turn now. volume on the big board dropping down to 3.1 billion shares in advance of the weekend. the long weekend. martin luther king holiday monday and the markets will be closed. for the week, the dow and nasdaq posting fractional losses. the nasdaq posting weekly
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gains of nearly 1%. please listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. another victory. another victory on jobs for the president-elect. the ceo of lockheed martin today announced that lockheed plans to add 1,800 more jobs at its fort worth texas facility. ceo marilyn houston also said that the president and lockheed martin are close to a deal to significantly cut the cost of the f35 jet fighter. met with trump at trump tower this afternoon. a good meeting all around. up next, donald trump won the white house with this battle cry. >> we are going to washington, and we will drain the swamp. we are going to drain the swamp. we are going to drain the swamp.
11:23 pm
lou: earlier enjoyed leading that chant, didn't he? i can't believe there's any confusion about some of his acolytes and supporters suggesting he wouldn't use that. that is so perfect. draining the swamp. and it is desperately needed. we all know that. and it's the subject of my commentary here next. stay with us. we're coming right back with we're coming right back with much m we're coming right back with why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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lou: a few thoughts on the utterly despicable efforts of the left to disrupt donald trump's presidency. the president-elect is set to take the oath of office just one week from today and the left is continuing to all it can to undermine his presidency. democratic congressman june lewis went so far as to say he does not see trump as a quote legitimate president.
11:28 pm
frankly all of them saying things like that. it works for them for now. lewis also testified against senator sessions. in so doing attacked him in the most unreasonable manner. lewis should be ashamed, but he was practicing the sordid politics of delegitimatization. the rising contempt for our political system, institutions and government, the left has been rendered pitiable. lewis' comments come as the justice department inspector general opens an investigation into the f.b.i.'s handle of the clinton email investigation. the new inspector general investigation is pure politics, convenient cover for
11:29 pm
mrs. clinton and her disgraced campaign. perhaps cover as well for the obama administration. there is no rewriting of the history that she, the clinton foundation, the dnc, the democratic leadership wrote last year. they descended into the swamp of corruption, through their lies, deceit and dishonesty they have delegitimized the presidency. it's now up to president donald j. trump to drain the d.c. swamp and raise up this country and hang on, please hang on, because we have just under a week to go. so hang on and hang on tight. pour quotation of the evening comes to us as we watch those in power in washington. be about as hateful as duplicitous as anyone can be and
11:30 pm
silly to boot. james baldwin said it's certain in any kassig more rans allied with power is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. the democratic party was ably represented this last week. we are coming right back. the president-elect is promising to help fix chicago. >> in chicago thousands and thousands of shootings since january 1. and i tell everybody, what the hell do you have to lose? i am going to fiction it. we'll fix it. lou: the obama justice department is placing much of the blame for chicago's rising violence on law enforcement. the trump's transition team ken blackwell joins me next.
11:31 pm
hold on tight for this high-flying spectacular ride through the swiss alps. we are coming right back with that and much more
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lou: the federal government has done nothing as murder rates in chicago have escalated.
11:35 pm
now the justice department is blaming the police department. all they can come up with is an accusation that chicago's finest are routinely violating the constitution. >> the department of justice concluded there is reasonable cause to believe the chicago police department even gauges in a pattern or practice of use excessive force in violation of the 4th amendment to the constitution. lou: what in the world. joining us, domestic policy advisor. this is stunning stuff. she has no sense of the absurdity and irony of the moment in which she has been besmirched by her on conduct. the f.b.i. under her supervision is under investigation for its conduct.
11:36 pm
and she is -- all she can do where thousands of people have been killed over 8 years of this administration is say that local law enforcement used excessive force. that's absurd, is it not? >> it is, lou. what we have across this country is the ambush of police officers on duty, it's up over at its highest point in 20 years. the number of on-duty police officers that have in fact been killed on the job, it's up at it highest point in five years. there has been an abandonment of community-based policing that depend on a positive interaction between the police department and neighborhood that they serve. and we find an administration and mitt cal leadership -- and political leadership in chicago that wants to blame the
11:37 pm
situation in chicago and urban areas on the police they paint with a broad brush. and what they do is invite more attacks on the men and women of all raise and ethnicities in blue who serve our community. howie: thecommunity. lou: they are driving police officers off the street. they are not going out to prevent and preempt trouble because they are concerned about their own jobs, their own security because they know that rahm emanuel, the mayor, the city council, none of the community has their back, so why should they take any step that would put them at even greater risk than they are already at which is immense. >> you look at hands up, don't shoot movement, and you look at what we call the ferguson effect. you get just what you just outlined. you have folks who are on duty
11:38 pm
who refuse to get out of their cars because they believe that the political leadership is more on the side of the criminal than on the men and women and families in neighborhoods. lou: donald trump made it clear he's going to work to resolve the crisis in our countries and cities. our inner cities. this is right now a combustible, if you will, moment. because the left is attacking the trump administration. the left represents the power structure of nearly every inner city community in the country, and the failure, over 4,000 murders under president obama's watch nationwide in our main cities. it is a -- it's just -- it's such a flammable moment. what is he going to do.
11:39 pm
what can he do to make good on his promise? >> one of the things he and jeff sessions will do, once again establish they are on the side of make our community safe by backing the men and women of the police forces, law enforcement in those cities. they will in fact attack dysfunctional public schools that have in fact really attacked the school choice movement across our country. and they will try to create an environment that attracts capital back into the cities. but that means you have to fix the infrastructure, the cities have to be safe and the people in the citys have to have an education level that makes it a good place to do business and attract workers from. that's what he's going to do. it will be shock and awe. lou: i believe you always. i appreciate you being with us.
11:40 pm
its difficult to imagine the so-called benign neglect of this administration, the obama administration has tendered toward cities crying out for help all over the country. i think the way to say it is this election didn't happen just in time. ken blackwell, thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, is the left utterly contemptible for suggesting they could delegitimize the trump presidency. this thrill seeker spleed flying through the -- speed flying through the swiss alps and threads the dangerously narrow canyons as he loops upside down self times before coming to a safe landing. we are not there yet, are we?
11:41 pm
we are not there quite yet. look at this. it's beautiful. scary. it involves parachuting down these mountains at breakneck speeds while staying as close to the ground as possible. i would say mission accomplished. up next, the obama administration, less than a week left in office. but they are doing just about everything they to be undercut israel and maintain their efforts it seems to do just about everything against the interests of the united states. the center for secure and policy joins me here next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts.
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(1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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lou: the obama administration appears to want the opportunity to have one more final betrayal of israel. secretary of state john kerry is taking part in a middle east peace conference styled in paris this sunday. diplomats from 70 countries are expected to gang up on israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu described the summit as a quote rigged evident to inflict damage on israel. conference comes two weeks after
11:46 pm
kerry condemned israel in a 70-minute speech. joining me nut to help us understand what is going on and why. the senior vice president for the center for security policy. this is one of the most bizarre up its with the most ambiguous objective one could manage. with less than a week to go in this administration's term of office. >> first of all we have a tradition of not supporting efforts by third parties to impose peace plans in israel. but our country has no business going to a conference that will discuss israel's security that israel itself refuses to attend. i'm afraid an outline will be approved that could lead to
11:47 pm
another anti-israel resolution that will be approved before obama leaves office. >> you think they would move it to the security council where -- that's the on way they could get that approved, is it not, legitimately? >> that's what would happen. this conference could make a recommendation for that. before donald trump is in office, a resolution like that could pass, and i know many experts in washington, they have been worried for sometime this might happen. lou: that is a deeply troubling prospect. that this administration has been duplicitous in many ways. but to come out with such an anti-israel approach in the final days of president obama's term in office. would he stoop to such a depth? >> i'm afraid he would bely -- he probably would, because he
11:48 pm
thinks he can get away with it. let's talk about how cowardly the security council resolution was it was timed to take place after the presidential election. it took place the friday before christmas. about obama thinks he can do this and get away with it. lou: is there a way donald trump could counteract it if he goes through the security council? that would be an affront to the united states government on the part of this outgoing president. >> lou, there is something mr. trump could do. i hope he's watching. this is what he should do. he should say immediately any nation that aids and abets president obama's radical anti-israel policy will be held accountable. and he should say to the british and french governments. if you don't veto these resolutions there will be consequences. lou: it's inconceivable to me
11:49 pm
that the british would permit that resolution to go through. am i being naive in the french no question. that is a possibility. given recent experience with the french. but the u.k.? >> well, lou, they let the last resolution go through. that's why i think mr. trump has to lay down a marker right now, no security council votes on israel before it gets into office or the nations that vote for it will pay. >> this is a deeply troubling and provocative issue to be taken by kerry and obama. and, you know, weir we'll watch it as close as we can here. if you will, be with us, fred, next week as we try to sort this thing through. this is really -- you think just about -- you have seen the least of this administration, the
11:50 pm
ugliest moment of this administration. then this. >> appreciate it. lou: up next house speaker paul ryan breaking with the president-elect again. this time on the creation of a deportation force. >> everybody thinks a deportation force is being assembled. that's not true. it's not happening. he said it is. >> i'm here to tell you it's not happening. >> he could have said that a lot of ways. it's interesting the way he seems to think quite highly of himself. we'll see what matt schlapp and we'll see what matt schlapp and lee carter think of him.
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you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: we asked you should there be a zero tolerance policy for leaks from any national security agency, 92% of you said yes. president-elect trump defending his cabinet nominees in their opinions and words during confirmation hearings that differ from his. >> i said be yourself and say what you want to say. don't worry about me. i will do the right thing. i may be right and they may be right.
11:55 pm
i said be yourselves. lou: joining me, matt shah lamb and lee carter. good to have you both here. i thought trump hand that as well as can be hand. >> i thought it was fantastic. he wants people to be themselves. if you look back even at his book in "the art of the deal," he said he wants to surround himself with smart, strong people. lou: usual quoting from a 30-year-old book. >> i was re-reading it. but it's fascinating because you get a sense of who he is. lou: after a year and a half of campaigning, he could have hand you a book. >> he respects people who disagree with him as long as they are smart. 237. lou: matt, how do you feel? >> i think it's difficult for
11:56 pm
presidents over time to have cabinet secretaries shot dog on them. but some of these policies we are learning what donald trump wants to do with specificity. eventually they will have to be a team and set the on what the policy is. lou: i thought mattis moved close to the line saying the united states has to follow agreements like the iranian deal which the president-elect pointed out is the worst deal ever construct and is against the interests of the united states. mattis i think misspoke when he said any deal like that had to be honored when in fact our own congress hasn't seen the side letter agreements tonight it's a preposterous agreement and i think donald trump is exactly right.
11:57 pm
>> this is where a general has to get used to the fact that they don't have the epaulets on any more. this is a difficult time i think for some of those folks. jeff sessions i think hand himself absolutely perfectly. a gentleman, straightforward, and to watch the left trot out john lewis and exploit him. cory booker goes after him. go after sessions without anything to say. they have people playing the fool here. >> i was disappointed. especially in senator cory booker. i felt like he always tried to rise above this kind of thing. he should have had some meat to the bones. there was nothing there. it was shock and disappointing for him. lou: matt, your thoughts?
11:58 pm
>> i think sometimes if the senate is just a side show for the american people as they watch. i think cory booker did not enhance the reputation of the united states senate with his behavior. it's the first time has happened in the history of novel nations. i think it will help jeff sessions become the next attorney general. lou: i don't think he needed help. he was pretty well assured. at least i certainly hope so. paul ryan, he was grand standing last night saying there is no deportation. he was sort of like he had his shoulder pads on getting ready to plate second square of a fawn game. who the hell does this speaker of the house think he is? it's bizarre to me. >> i think he's a people pleaser. i think he can't help himself. whoever he is in front of he
11:59 pm
wants to win over. it's unfair if he's going to go back and forth. he will say one thing to the president-elect trump and go and behave a different way. people need to know his true colors. that's part of the reason why people so upset with politics as usual. lou: specifically paul ryan who should be helping to make sure donald trump carives out an administration that isn't politics as usual. >> there is a deportation force. it's a fact. every day even obama has been deporting people. and the fact we would think that's anything but proper shows you have there is still some understanding to be done from the message of the election of 2016. lou: you make an excellent point. it's just amazing to watch
12:00 am
conduct himself this way. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. ed rollins, michael goodwin. michelle us. have a good weekend. good night from new york. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." gary: welcome to "wall street week." i'm gary kaminsky. trish: i'm trish regan. trump has met with titans of business including jeff ma. >> we may talk about small business pan american agriculture products with comiena. we think china and u.s. relationship should be friendly and do better.


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