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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 14, 2017 8:00am-9:01am EST

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joining us. , us tomorrow. we'll have a heck of a show. good night. kennedy: another big day of testimony for a handful of donald trump'sabinet nominees. it appears the f.b.i. direct years in the hot seat. judge napolitano has the skinny on the case. should the government in the business of regulating goods? what if it's your prescription drugs? time to get loud. kennedy: president-elect trump
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seized on chaos. tuesday night all hell broke loose again. never trumpers and hillary mourners thought they could grab him by the cat once and for all. they were convinced the shady russian dossier that contained bribery would derail the trump train. what was supposed to be a united media turned into this. >> what took place is a disgrace and they ought to apologize to start with. not you, not you, your o is terrible. i'm not going to give you a question, you are fake news. abc news is also a beauty. kennedy: jake tapper cares about
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feeling. his organization has been mocked since it released part of the flimsy folder. trump took a shot at buzzfeed. a site known more for bait. instead of inflicting mortal harm on 45, it pitted news organizations against one another by posting about tea parties, buzze buzzfeed drowneds own credibility. then he took the high road with salve and sweet cuddle as journalists jim acosta continue to engage with the president-elect. it will be fun to watch, but bad for the ultimate goal of getting
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truth and transparency. >> with freedom comes responsibility. kennedy: all the peter parkers and jimmy olsons should drink from the cup responsibly so they don't actually become the story. welcome to it, i'm kennedy. trump and the media are in a scrum over a steamy russian dossier. an has not even been sworn in yet. what does that mean for the next four years? let me ask dana perino. she has went in middle of these battles in between the media and the president. so you know this all too well. what did the incoming trump
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administration do right here? >> a lot. i think -- well, it's not so much what they did right as what buzzfeed did wrong. what buzzfeed did was so wrong that even other media turned on buzzfeed. the incoming trump administration didn't have to do anything except point it out thatter reports and journalists did not do what buzzfeed did. so that's already a win. i see a distinct between cnn and buzzfeed. lumping them together i don't think is fair. it's hard for me to compare. i didn't get into scuffles between a report and president bush in this way. you know my mottoembrace the chaos because that's what we are having. kennedy: what i thought would be a united media against trump as you point out, they turn on each other. >> what the media did right in large part.
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the 35-page dossier has been circulating for months. so somebody is shopping it around to different reporters for months. we know this because reporters say i saw that back in july. kennedyjuly.. >> it bodes well about the media in large part that so many did not do it until buzzfeed. we are coming off this big wikileaks extravaganza. we are in a whole new world. >> what should the media do? i think they should cover these things straightforwardly and not give into the aggression and reaction. >> if buzzfeed practiced normal journalistic principles we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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one thing i find curious. if so many reporters had the document for so long. did none of them take it to the trump campaign? i find that hard to believe. so i don't know -- it sounds like they never saw it. but just given the sheerumber of people who had copies of it outside of the government after the f.b.i. gets ahold of it. it's not just john mccain, but others said the mieb already had it. this is a widespread document in washington that no one is touching. it makes me wonder what else is out there. >> what information are people sitting on? >> the idea of privacy is over. he ceo needs to realize they are responsible for cyber-security. this is not the chief intelligence officer's job any longer. this rests on you. part of that is to explain to your employees and sales people and customers that privacy is gone. and i think we just have to accept that.
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kennedy: privacy is gone and we'll see if media diplomacy as well. and how this media -- how this-cover the president. >> i think things could settle down. the media and administration need each other. donald trump's base loves it when he goes after the press. and the press need hip because they need to tell the story about the administration as you were saying in your monologue. rich lowry is here, the editor-in-chief of national revi. and katherine mangu-ward. the editor-in-chief of "reason" magazine. donald trump has begun railing gifnlts s. intelligence -- u.s. intelligence agencies. how, they appear to stand
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together on the new alleged stockpile of russian blackmail. we are told james clapper last night spoke with president-elect trump and reportedly told him he's dismayed by leaks appearing in the press and find them corrosive to national security. trump later tweeted quote james clapper called me to demount false and fictitious reporter reason wasly circulated. >> all the intelligence services will have new head appointed by donald trump so that should improve relations. what i don't understand is this dossier is so explosive and so thinly sourced was not produced by u.s. intelligence or any intelligence agency. so for donald trump to be blaming u.s. intelligence for it is bizarre. you would think one of the things he would want to say
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about this is this is incredible baits wants an intelligence document. instead he said why didn't u.s. intelligence write this. kennedy: they accused me of horrible, naughty, nasty things. >> we are against leaks, but here is what i'm going to leak. but we are not against it because it's not real. >> it's not a leak and it's not from the intelligence community. so who should someone be mad at. >> we are already in the loyalty oath phase of our proceedings? i want everyone to know this semi and parks government official came to me and said he's on my side. >> i don't need to know about people's sides. i would rather see donald trump talk about how we have too many intelligence services. they do a disservice to the
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country by being so disparate and spread out. >> i'll tell you what's not going on. james clapper never said it's false web said they were unable to confirm it's true. kennedy: prove a negative. but until -- rich's point is well taken. this is what donald trump is trying to muddy waters on. this was done, according to reports, by an opposition research firm for a rival super pac supporting republicans it smells like 1,000 people had access to this document. including half the media. people in maugham, nebraska. kennedy: nobody is surprised. >> and then they are presented to donald trump because apparently he's the last person to have seen the dossier. then he gets upset because it's leaked. kennedy: do you think it would
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have had an effect on the election? there are hillary clinton operatives who were in possession of this who continued funding this op-research grab. >> i think trump was credible. one i'm a germophobe, and i know what it's like being in a foreign hotel room where people are monitoring you. >> when he says all foreign hotel rooms are bugged. that makes me think about trump towers. maybe he knows what he's talking about. >> we are assured in american politics that our president is sort of a semi compulsive germophobe. if he's well aware of regular
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bugging. kennedy: there are bugs in fluid and bugs in hotel rooms. we need a liberty version of orkin. two trump nominees testified on the hilda, and each would play a huge roll in keeping us safe. kansas republican congressman mike pompeo, his pick to run the cia. each differed with trump on russia. but perhaps even more alarming was the answer general mattis gave about paul the threats the u.s. currently faces. >> i would argue for us making sure we are adequately prepared to meet these challenges. a big deterrence is critical. and that required the strongest military. >> do you think we have a strong enough military today in order
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to achieve that goal? >> no, sir. kennedy: keep in mind, the guy could soon with a big budget to justify. julie roginsky, being russian, it seems general mattis did have support from both side of the aisle. what is your read on the trump administration russian policy? >> here is what i'm confused about which is not new. general mattis gave a strong presentation of why russia is not our friend. on the other hand you have got president-elect to do everything he can to talk about what a fantastic human being putin is. kennedy: that's a bit hyper. >> bowlic. then you have sean spicer saying
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we are going to do what the president-elect wants. when i hear general mattis saying what i coider t right in the correct term and not the right wing turn, then i hear sean spicer saying the cabinet secretary ofs will do whatever the president wants. because then what general mattis says today doesn't matter. kennedy: they have all had massive philosophical agreements with president obama and that's why we have seen the broken up actions against isis and places like syria. >> trump is the commander-in-chief. it doesn't matter ducialt matily he's the top of the chain of command. so whatever the department of defense wants to do rests with one man only. donald trump.
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ken report cia director potential, mike pompeo. can he change this intelligence agency from within? will there be a big enough shift under him or will he pretty much keep things static. >> it's difficult like most bureaucracies. if you cross it it will leak like crazy against you. so it's always. >> his sense of hugh more was sort of implying. is that the kinds of government we have? >> yes, it is. is it the kind of government we want? no. mike pompeo and mattis are conventional guys. they were expressing conventional republican views on these matters which don't necessarily agree or jibe with donald trump. budonald trump ultimately is going to be the president. kennedy: last word, katherine. >> i think we can hope for a
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certain amount of neglect by trump of these guys. way heard them saying was pretty mainstream. all right, your basic republican. so donald trump has to look away sometimes. he's busy tweeting about somebody's physique, then they can do the whole thing. kennedy: we'll be back to talk about how one lawmaker plans on punishing russians and it could affect your liquor cabinet. the office of the inspector general are looking into whether james comey followed proper procedures leading up to the rodney and his new business.
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kennedy: the office of the inspector general is going to review how the f.b.i. hand the investigation, specifically director james comey. investigators want to know
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whether comey followed proper procedures when back in july he recommended no charges be filed against madame clinton. but the oig also wants to know if it was proper for comey to announce was reopening the case 11 days before the election. that may have been the kiss of death for mrs. clinton's white house hopes. let me ask judge andrew napolitano. you are maybe the only person who said you have disagreed with the way director comey came out on july 5 and laid out this elaborate case against hillary clinton, then in an unprecedented fashion. >> it was strikingly odd that he the director of the f.b.i. and not someone north of him on the justice department totem poll maid the decision. the reason why no one north of
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him made the decision is because they were all removed from the case. the unplanned meeting in an airport between bill clinton and loretta lynch. kennedy: of all the things the inspector general is going to be look at including allegations that the deb director at the f.b.i. should have rekiewlsd himself since his wife -- why isn't loretta lynch's meeting with bill clinton not on the list of allegations. >> probably will be added once jeff sessions is the attorney general of the united states. every executive branch office, department of veterans affairs, homeland security department, they all have their own inspector general, appointed by the president. confirmed by the senate. so the i.g., inspector general has his own f.b.i. agents who work just for him.
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he will add the loretta lynch bill clinton meet together list of items to be examined. what provoked a lot of this. you can't keep good f.b.i. agents down. was the release by angry some would say rogue f.b.i. agents during the green bay giants and the packers football game. they contain state secrets, they weren't at the top secret level. and secret level. we know from f.b.i. forensics, blumenthal was hacked by three intelligence services, two unfriendly, russia, china, and one friendly. 367 when donald trump said she ex posed state secrets to
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hostile foreign intelligence and mrs. clinton denied it, we know beyond a doubt donald trump was correct, mrs. clinton was wrong. kennedy: she said unequivocally she was not hacked and she knows this for certain -- i don't know how she knows. >> i would say she knows she was lying because she knew of said - knew that sid bmehal was hacked. so why is think it significant? one of the metrics the justice department used when see siding to prosecute. was there harm? we now know there is harm in this case. once secrets got in the hands of foreign intelligence agents. >> the difference is the f.b.i. detectivor said intent is a big
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ingredient in that stew, and you say you don't will to have intent some show there was harm. >> in my view you should have to show intent in every crime. but this is the rare time when congress says you don't have to show intents. you only have to show gross negligence. combative said she wasn't grossly negligent, she was only extremely careless. what's the difference. kennedy: it's accountability and we have to apply to it both sides as you do so deftly. republicans have their plans to slash apart obamacare. but is there one thing they are forgetting? juan williams is next.
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ken report funeral for obamacare has officially begun. the problem is we don't have a clear idea of west's going to happen or if repeal and replace will happen at the same time, and the insurance agency claims that could be a multi trillion dollar mistake. the republican-led senate passed a budget that makes it easier to vote for repeal. but paul ryan said there is no deadline in stark contrast to
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what trump said when he gets to washington, he wants the bill on his desk within a week. juan, the aca is in trouble. the president has admitted that. former president bill clinton has talked about it. it's one of the things that tanked hillary clinton's presidential hopes at the end of the campaign. the current president would love to keep aca in place. >> you know, if you look at the numbers in terms of public perception, what's telling to me is most of the people who say repeal it say you have got to reef place it with something significant. kennedy: i agree with that. and i agree with rand paul about that. i think there are too many
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plans. >> and no one that would give that 20 milln people insurce coverage. that's the great accomplishment of obamacare. it gave more people health insurance. kennedy: hopefully everyone agrees we have to fix it. >> i'm sick of the argument in some regards because i think it's so highly politicized. if you look at the people who oh poise, disproportionately republicans. people say you should not be penalized for preexisting conditions and kids under 26 can stay on your plans. kennedy: 26 is a little old. >> it's time to stop the tit for tat. democrats should work with republicans to fix it. kennedy: i understand being obstructionist about a lot of things. there are issues where it's fine to do that. but not here with people's health.
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it's such a personal issue and contentious issue and it's not necessarily a partisan issue. but you have got to fix it. we already started something. i would like to see something where we create an entitlement where it can be pulled back. >> you are thinking about how this can be improved. kennedy: at this point i think you have to replace it with something. you can't put the toothpaste back in the barn. >> that's what you are hearing from the rand pawls of the world. mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan. you watch how they deal with trump on this. trump is saying we can do this instantaneously. i think his rhetoric has gone the ahead of him. the people on the ground having toeal with the mechanics, they are saying slow down. kennedy: they know if they don't repeal it now they will lose
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political capital. i tend to listen to the doctors like rand paul and tom price. i'm interested to see what they have to say about it. >> you should not be worried about momentum. i don't think republicans are suddenly going to say we like obamacare. kennedy: coming up, the party panel returns. a scieieieieie
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kennedy: time to knock back screwdrivers while you can because a democratic state senator wants to pull all russian brands of vodka from liquor stores. will this new hampshire proposed bill have a noticeable effect on putin's bank account? and could we get rid of borsct instead please? is this a states rights issue or is american vodka good enough to withstand the ban. >> it's mostly not russian. i think our selection of vodka will not be diminished.
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i feel like they came for my vodka and i didn't speak up. thin they came for my bourbon. so i think sure, vermont can do of what they want here. kennedy: isn't it new hampshire. >> whatever. kennedy: whatever? there are no libertarians who read "reason" magazine in new hampshire. freedom. >> we should all drink victory gin and call it a day. >> it could be a red dawn scenario and there could be russian troops in the heartland and i wouldn't approve of banning russian vodka. >> if you are drinking anything
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but gray booth you are already a moron because russian vodka is terrible. i don't think it's a very smart decision. we should have embar goes on vladimir putin and his inner circle traveling to the west. kennedy: take their yacht and give them to the news anchors. we could do that, too. new research suggests conservatives are better than liberals, better looking. according to the study, politicians on the right are more good look in europe, the youth and australia. libertarians scored just higher than a baboon's bottom. rich you are the conservative on the panel. they say if you are good looking, you perceive yourself as such and you are stingy with
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your money. >> it seems a stretch. you are good looking, there are you are more successful and you don't care about quality. and because you are so good look you get elected. this didn't work for mitt romney i'll point out. but we do elect by and large good-looking presidents. our colleague bret baier just wrote a book about dwight eisenhower. could he win in this day and age? probably not. kennedy: i was joking about libertarians, but where do they fall on the scale? gary johnson -- >> i feel like america's view of libertarian is shaped by the freedom dog strap that happened at the crucial moment of the libertarian convention. kennedy: kept off the presidential debate stage.
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>> it would confound the finding that republicanness and wealthiness and attractiveness are so closely intertwined. they just say correlation. it's correlation, not causation. you are super hot. >> i think john thune is skewing the sample. you put john thune into any sample and he raises the average. >> they have big foreheads now. obviously better than us. coming up, president-elect trump and bernie san appear to agree on much. but they see eye to eye on how much drug
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kennedy: bernie sanders just made hell freeze over by saying he agrees with donald trump on the pharmaceutical industry. the president-elect says big
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pharma is getting away with murder and he intend to stop that change how america bids for drugs. bernie sanders says donald trump is right. are bernie and donald on to something or off their meds. let me ask brian brenberg. welcome back. so as a heartless libertarian, i say let the drug companies subject themselves to the same. >> they are creating treatment that make our lives better that sometimes substitute for a more costly treatment. a statin for high cholesterol is better than surgery when your blood clogs up.
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price control won't make your lives better. that means we get fewer treatments and less effective treatment. kennedy: that's a long-term consequence. >> it turns into venezuela and europe. the idea that drug companies and medicare are going to negotiate is ridiculous. medicare is going to walk in and say here are the drug wheeze want and here is the price i want. kennedy: there are people who say we don't care if drug companies don't make money, what do you say about that? >> so if you don't care about drug companies making money, you don't care about them inventing anything. people who take that, you never think about the long-term consequence. what happens two, three, four steps down the road?
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you get no new drugs. kennedy: maybe we should get rid of the fda. maybe it's standing in the way of drug companies being more industrious and going to bold frontiers we never thought possible. >> the solution is we need to change the way medicare buys drugs. let's talk about the way supply works. let's talk about the role the fda plays in it. the fda those up roadblocks that take years for drug companies to overcome so they can't get their products to market to actually heal people. >> the fda is keeping us safe but they are also putting us at risk. it costs about $2.6 billion to develop a new drug and 10 years to get it through.
8:49 am
think about how many people in that process are losing out. w about competition for the fda. how about multiple ageies that could approve drugs. i'm not saying it's perfect. i'm saying recognize the down side of the fda process. but let's not bully pharma companies for producing new drugs. kennedy: more drugs, that's the libertarian way. great to see you. excellent. coming up, does a new dander shampoo have the side effects of sprouting a clone out of the top of your sksksksksk [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business.
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kennedy: when your pad is infested with pod people, come to me and we'll throw a if i is a with salsa. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. if you like most people. at some point in your life you will compete for the guinness boosked world records. good luck beating these guys. say hello to two vietnamese
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brothers with too much time on their hands. you can see them in girona, spain. in under a minute. it's too bad they didn't pop out as triplets. the amazing thing is they can only go up and down stairs if they have a man on their head. check out what happens if they try to do it solo. that's a nasty tumble. maybe he will get his balance. still going like a human slinky. this is the same as riding inside a laundry machine filled with bricks. but he's okay. he's newt gingrich.
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when it comes to politics celebrities are usually ham-fisted hacks. former house speaker newt gingrich compared to gerks rbles. they decided to apply irony by singing the breakup rebound classic "i will survive." >> so you are back from my face. >> i just walked here to find you here with that look upon your face. >> oh, no not i. i will survive. >> as long as i know how to love i know how to stay alive. >> i have got all my love to give. >> i will survive. >> hey hey, i love that part. kennedy: you may survive, my ear drums haven't.
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let's see how the animal world reacted to the anthem. that was more m more melodious. people can get worked up over sports like those russian hookers. those were water sports. clemson defeated his beloved tide. don't worry, he's already shopping for new dvs. hunkering down to check out the settings to see fit has a vcr plug-in.
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oh, man, better luck next year. topic number four. the most complicated trick shot, nickname in high school. just happened over in england. watch the staff at bristol's all-star sports star navigate a super ball through a maze of wonder. but it is gland so maybe is bouncing down the stairs before ultimately bumming into a couple pool cues to start a kinetic reaction. we can't let a bunch of limeys to be so good at trick shots. so i asked my producer to go to smoky joe's and put together a
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more thrilling and grander trick shot. paul? we did it. usa! usa! paul is not going to have kids. that's okay. he has a good sweater collection. topic number 5. one day i had a hang nail at the dmv and a boombox was stuck in my head. i thought that was the most eave snoid i could be, then i read your viewer mail. you are such a fake, it's obvious you are a socialist. come on, man, i mow now could be on "bay watch." kevin writes, politics is not your thing. i asked your mom and everyone else, she treated the world like a candy shove and licked
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everyone like a lollipop. ghost tweets get rid of the granny look. penelope is at it again. no more kennedys. i hope you are spayed. kennedy: i'm not spayed. i have got two kids at least. i am cute says your 7-year-old is more worldly and politically astute than you. kennedy: she has profound thoughts on the wall. she thinks the whole thing is an exaggeration. @kennedynation is one lamb idiot. jerry, not nice. not good. in fact it makes me feel bad. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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email kennedyfbn@foxbu your mom did the a bunch of times. i'll see you on neil cavuto's show saturday. jesse watters asasasasasasth us. have a good weekend. good night from new york. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." gary: welcome to "wall street week." i'm gary kaminsky. trish: i'm trish regan. trump has met with titans of business including jeff ma. >> we may talk about small business pan american agriculture products with comiena. we think china and u.s. relationship should be friendly and do better.


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