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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  January 15, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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answer to what he's saying. the unit that makes their health drinks may put itself up for sale and talked about that. that's about half the sales. david: be careful. that's it for forbes on fox. here is eric bolling. eri eric: >> i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public, as far as buzz feed, which is a failing pile a garbage and as far as cnn going out of their way to build it up. eric: donald trump calling out media companies for referencing or publishing damning allegations against the president-elect. is this a lesson for trump haters in the media to play it straight? welcome to cashin' in, mercedes, and gina loudon and juan williams. welcome, everybody. mercedes, i have a feeling this won't be the last time mr. trump has to take on
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someone in the media for reporting some fake news. >> you know, rightfully so. i think that donald trump has been able to set the record straight and be able to take on some of these media outlets or let's look at buzz feed, which is more of a pop culture site. let's be real. benn smith, the editor of this site, basically sent a memo to the staff back in 2015 tell the staff it's entirely fair to call trump a racist. that's not what i call fair and balanced journalism. they want to be impactful journalists, what they're doing, they're harming the industry. they're definitely playing a lane, d going to try to destroy the trump presidency i think at the end has back fired. eric: not only that, let me bring this to gina, the editor in chief sent a memo to his own employees, by the way these allegations we can't confirm them, but you know what? we are going to publish them anyway. if there's litigation, that's
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the number one piece of evidence. >> as it should be, eric. i think that the beauty in all of this though, i like to try to take away the positive, is that president-elect trump took the term fake news, which was a term of the left, he absolutely stole it, flipped it on its head and it belongs to the right. i don't know if the left is going to be able to use the terminology fake news because everyone is going to remember this example when they think of the word fake news, so i think it's back fired and i think that mercedes is right, and i think that we all know somebody who was on the left who has watched all of this click fake news madness and now has slipped to the right. eric: and talk to juan. we know nbc made two, $200,000 investments in buzz feed. one two years ago and one last year. they must be scratching their heads and boy, we have to distance ourselves from that fake news site, buzz feed. >> i think they may have difficulties or differences, but i must say the owners of buzz feed have in fact said
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they agree with the editor's decision to go ahead. i don't necessarily agree. i think that that's information about donald trump had been for a while and donald trump saluted news organizations this week who said it's unsubstantiated and therefore they did not publish he story, but i think it's important for allf us here to stop for a second and realize that cnn did not do what buzz feed did. and what donald trump did in his press conference was basically use jim acosta of cnn and cnn as a punching bag to go after the media and after the press. i think us at fox news, we know what it's like to be the punching bag for an administration. >> we've been there for eight years, juan. >> the bigger point is one that shepard smith made, is the president of the united states, the president-elect in this case should know the be about delegitimizing news organizations. eric: wait, hold on. shepard smith, all due respect was he saying that about president obama the last eight
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years? we've had several white house reporters who never got a question, juan, you know this. >> that's different than saying right there in a press conference i'm beating you up and calling cnn when a-- >> i don't remember ed henry going back to obama four, five, six times. >> bill o'reilly, bret baier they've gone after obama, but i think it's a legitimate story to say that american intelligence agencies had this dossier and it was in a document given to president obama and the president-elect. eric: unsubstantiated, juan. juan williams would never reportments i would report it was given to our president-elect. eric: i'm not saying that, i'm saying you wouldn't report the details of you be substantiated claim. >> i wouldn't. eric: and you shouldn't. rachel, your thoughts? >> i was just going to say, this flimsy story wasn't j just potentially damaging to
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donald trump. thanks a lot, buzz feed, for giving us another presidential sex act to explain for our children. and the left wants it both ways here, they're coarsenned our culture, even if they were true, i'm not sure this would have taken donald trump down, not that i think he's a teflon candidate, i think that our culture has gotten so tawdry and this stuff is no longer shocking. the left want it both ways. they want to pollute our culture and then clutch our pearls when this comes out in a very poor way. eric: i'm glad you brought that up. >> it delegitimizes them and the media. eric: the so-called journalists not only going off trump, targeting his nominee. disgusting and racist comment about family of jeff sessions, mocks his asian granddaughter saying he should, quote,
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return the asian baby to toys "r" us where he stole her from, staying with you, rachel. the irony is, the left calls sessions the racist. >> this is absolutely outrageous and remember, this was mtv who just a couple of weeks ago was giving us lectures on white privilege. they are such selective outrage. where are the people on the left? a few people have come out to their credit and told him he should get off of twitter, he absolutely should, but mtv should fire this man, that is outrageous and flies in the face of the multi-culturism and tolerance that mtv is said to be advancing. eric: are you shocked by that comment? >> no, i'm not. we have to be real, mtv is not a real news organization. it's like buzz feed. they try to make the splashy headline and make outrageous commentsment they can't be taken seriously. these guys are trying to just, trying to target younger demographic.
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it's know the working. i think at the end they've got to be ignored. it's a-- >> i don't know, i think if someone had said that about someone on the left, about the family of the obamas, the left would go apoplectic how racist a comment that was. >> absolutely. eric: and gina. >> i'm shocked, but not shocked that they said it, i'm shocked because i never hear anyone on the right, even in the most closed circles ever say anything of the sort. this is the talk of the left. i've even heard this from people on the left. sorry, juan, not you. but others. and i can say to you that i hope they just keep rattling their mouths because it is exposing who they actually are and it also exposes a true gentleman like senator sessions, what the depth of his humility and the depth of his self-control is and exactly why he should be confirmed. eric: juan, let's stay with the comment, the mtv comment,
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terrible, right? you have to condemn it. >> i don't like it at all. i have multi-racial grandchildren, i've had people ask me, well, how can their names be pepper and wesley, like a black kid or a multicultural kid have this name. this is from mtv writer, and his upon does not reflect their propose. i agree with you, it's over the top and when i heard-- when i heard you say, mercedes, donald trump doesn't done anything racist and ben smith and buzz feed could say he could be called racist. i heard paul ryan say his behavior in the past was the definition of racist. >> paul ryan is not a part of a ns organization. i'm talking plain, simple journalism, this is about reporting the news, an editor.
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what they consider a news site, saying you guys are-- it's all fair game. you can call him a racistment i just don't-- it just doesn't fit-- >> you wouldn't report on what paul ryan defined as-- >> guys, hold on, juan. i want juan to react. >> juan, it speaks to the-- >> i was just going to say, i mean, paul ryan said that. to me, for donald trump to jump up and scream about the fake news and buzz feed and the rest, you know, his behavior, he's the guy that started the birther movement. remember that? talk about fake news. and everybody reported on it and followed it for months. eric: let' get gina in. >> i would just say, the bottom line is this, every nominee brings their family with them to these confirmation hearings and what this quote does, it exposes the obsession on the left with race. and they're willingness to even hurt in order to make their political point. eric: let me, gina, wrap it up. we've got to go quickly, final thoughts.
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>> well, i do think that-- i do think that race is something that is used as a weapon by the left and i think that people on the right really do look at content of character and that's where their focus is and always has been and i think that where president-elect trump's focus is as well. it's funny they never want to look at the good record of things that people have done on the right, but always want to focus in on one word and twist it and repeat the lie over and over again. eric: i've got to cut it off. i know you've got a lot to react to. coming up, twitter may be going on trial. the site being sued by family of terror attack victims. why they say the social media giant is helping isis. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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>> twitter getting sued in the fight against terror. the family of three americans killed by isis supporters during attacks in belgium and france, accusing the social media company off his platform. they say it's helping isis recruit and carry out violence. should sites be doing more to block terrorists? >> 100% and shouldn't be verifying organizations like twitter and isis. and they were using social media as a platform, and that's when they decided to decide what was moral and what was immoral and what was hate speech, what was bullying. now, i think they need to stand by that and make sure that terror isn't proliferating on their platform. eric: rachel, your thoughts on this? it's a tricky on the free speech argument looms large in this. >> if you're going to do this,
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go all the way back and sue al gore for inventing the internet. [laughter] >> listen, the real people behind this, the real culprits and people they should be looking at and potentially suing if they want to do that is barack obama and hillary clinton. they're the ones responsible for the metastasisization in germany and belgium where the families are so upset. that's the problem. we can't go off and sue twitter. this is going to stifle innovation and that's not the culprit. the culprit is the policy, the jv policy on isis that allowed them to grow and fester and incite more terrorism. eric: i'm going to go to juan after the comment about obama being partly responsible. >> you have a policy argument, a serious argument. i think you and i would agree that no court would say you should sue the president of
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the united states because his policy is some-- is in dispute or somebody-- >> i was joking. >> that's what i took it to me, but i think that in general, going back, there's a point i agree with gina on. i think you're right, these people have to do a better job of keeping bad guys offment i didn't realize. you say they had verified some of these terror actors, that's outrageous. but i do think that going back to what eric said about first amendment rights, we don't want any of these big corporations limiting who should speak and i think that conservatives should be worried about this point. eric: mercedes final thought. >> as a conservative i'm worried about that point. it's a fine line for these organizations, i have to tell you, facebook came out with a statement saying that they swiftly act when they see terrorist content on their site, with that beingsaid, obviously it's part of it is going to be facebook working and twitter and these other social media organizations working closely with the intelligence community when they say-- when there's a red flag, but
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you have to be careful that you don't limit information on these different sites. the key is to ensure that we do have that coordination with the intelligence community to ensure that they can track down these isis terrorists. eric: very good. got to leave it right there. coming up, a painting portrayed police officers as pigs is sparking controversy at the nation's capitol. we'll show it to you and did you hear the democrats are blaming for starting this whole mess. >> on december 30th, mr. eric bolling of fox news channel commentator began a campaign to have
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i'll see you at 4 p.m. eastern with laura engingle. back to cashin' in >> on december 30th, mr. eric bolling a fox news commentator began a campaign to have the students' winning artwork removed. that blatant censorship is media manipulation and exacerbated by one of my colleagues from california, congressman duncan hart took it upon himself to remove the painting without any authority from the architect of the capitol to do so. eric: well, thanks for giving me the credit, congressman. mr. clay is correct, i did point out this disgraceful painting of cops depicted as pigs, especially because it was put up in our u.s. capitol and then things kind of hit the fan, the tug-of-war began. the painting was taken down,
3:53 am
put back up, takesen down again and put back up again. now, gina, the capitol is a taxpayer funded building shouldn't we taxpayers have a say in something that's both offensive and dangerous to cops? >> absolutely. kudos to you, eric bolling and i'm embarrassed of the congressman from missouri since i'm originally from the show-me state that he would act this way. he's dehumanizing police by calling them pigs. he should be held accountable as an accessory. eric: and paul ryan said i want that painting taken down, too, because it's dangerous and offensive. >> of course it is and representative lacy clay as a member of the congressional black caucus should know better. the dehumanization of black people was used in slavery and used to justify killing fetuses and abortion and at a time, i'm opposed to hanging
3:54 am
any art dehumanizing. eric: juan, should this be taken down? >> i think that art is intended to be controversial, books, arts and issue and the treatment of poor black people by police, is a hot, hot topic, black lives matters. and we have statues of confederate soldiers and confedera confederates, in the capitol. so the idea of a young person winning an art contest. >> congressman bolling, here is the deal. the rules of the art competition for the capitol, they're plain and simple. in the rules, they state that you do not depict contemporary political controversies. obviously, this issue, on race relations, et cetera, and depicting police as pigs, which is absolutely disgraceful, it's wrong, it should not be hung up in the capitol, they should follow these art competition rules
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plain and simple. eric: you know what happens, the painting is up and also a blue lives matter flag above it. we're going to leave it there. coming up, a member of our cashin' in crew is starting a big new job next week. can you guess who he is? i'm a tinkerer. i mess around in the garage. i want to pay more to file my taxes. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. paying $60 to file my taxes was the highlight of my day. and you just saw footage of me flipping burgers. want to charge me extra to itemize my deductions? no probl. i literally have too much money. said no one ever. file for free with credit karma tax.
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>> i want to say thanks to our cashin' in crew, a great week. neil will be hosting a special cost of freedom live at 10 a.m. eastern and back at 4 p.m. catch me after that, live on the five.
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it's donald trump's first day as president 45 and it's going to be a huge show. okay, it's time to wake up, america. we have good news to report for a long-time member of our view crew. he will be starting a new job in a few days. i recently got a call from him and we had a great chat about many things including cashin' in, here is a look at the day he joined the view crew. >> we've known each other for 15 jeeyears can i call you don d donald. >> yes, anybody can. >> wake up make and make america great again. eric: thank you very much. that was from august of 2015. just days before the first g.o.p. debate. that show was the top rated show on all of cable news by a huge margin, and now, i want to wish donald j trump all my best as he takes the reins of commander-in-chief. i will be one proud america on the steps of the united states capitol when the 45th president of these united
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states of america is sworn in. may god bless his administration, may god bless the united states of america and my god bless all of you who have been here for the entire ride. have a great weekend, >> at the president-elect came out swinging against spies and lies. mr. trump holding wide-ranging, fast-moving well organized news conference. if it produced a lot of news and some drama. >> i think it's a disgrace that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. >> lou: of the president-elect's secretary is among our guests tonight. the president-elect handed control of his business empire to his sons to remove any appearance of a conflict of interest. we will have the story. and mr. trump's choice for secretary of state putti


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