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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 17, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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the transportation index have also seen recent strikes up a couple weeks in a row. there is a look at oil. lauren: building by 1.5%. $53.11 today. we hear saudi arabia is adhering to production cuts. thank you so much for watching. right now, "mornings with maria." >> life of our nation's capitol, here is maria bartiromo a special coverage of the inoculation of donald trump. maria: good morning from washington. welcome, everyone. i maria bartiromo. maria bartiromo. tuesday, january 17. your top stories right now. fixing on the east coast. the united states three days away from having a new president and the intended illustration pushing the nation to come together even as more democrats
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are vowing to boycott friday's inoculation. >> will end this week with a new president who won 306 electoral votes. it wasn't close. we hope to see the democratic member show welcome to the inauguration if they want to contact any of us, they're welcome to do that. >> jobs in america. two major automakers, general motors and honda to announce plans to invest in the united state and create new jobs. a look at our president-elect donald trump influencing business leaders this morning. british prime minister teresa may set to unveil her plans for britain to exit the european union. she will speak later this hour are likely to declare a clean break from the european union. ball coverage of her dress coming up. the city facing major transportation and traffic issues after a massive power outage. more than 350,000 homes left without power yesterday. authorities do not know what happened.
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a major deal in the tobacco industry. $49 billion to acquire full control of reynolds american. the deal is to create the largest public tobacco today. markets like is back open after the martin luther king jr. holiday yesterday. futures indicate a sharp selloff at the open of trading. stock this morning down half a percent on the dow industrials expected to up to 90 points. nasdaq expected down one half of 1%, 26 points lower. if you're at the looks like this. take a look. the ft 100 or 30%. dx and germany down 1%. in asia overnight, the markets look like this, closing as well. some weakness in a show with the exception of shanghai in china and the hang seng and cost beyond higher. make a average one weak spot in japan. 1.5% on the nikkei average. all those stories coming up tuesday morning.
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tune in to talk all about it, dagen mcdowell. chief economic correspondent and republican strategist fox news contributor mercedes schlock. good to see everybody. welcome. >> who wants to be in dallas this weekend when you could be in washington? >> we made the decision to take the show here ahead of this really incredible after this election year and ahead of the inoculation instead of going to die those. >> is going to be such a fascinating time this week. this big feud happening obvious in washington. you can feel the tension in terms of the democrats decided they are going to boycott the inauguration. >> i can't believe that 40 people. i mean, how about it up for the better of the nation. >> exactly. we will talk about that. happy to be here in d.c. former florida congressman on fox news contributor lieutenant
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colonel allen west is at best. arkansas governor mike huckabee is here. americans tax reform grover norquist and send chief strategist for the 2008 presidential campaign will join us as well. a grantee is here. you don't want to miss a moment. stay with us as we talk all about this upcoming important as we transition to trump right now. america three days away from the inauguration of our 43rd president of the u.s. senior adviser kellyanne conway weighed in to boycott the ceremony. there she is last night. >> we hope his democratic members of congress be reconsidered. they're welcome to the inoculation. if they want to contact us they're welcome to do that. governor pence of indiana but feel the republican governors to go. he went to president obama saturation. he began his preview later, that he went to show respect.
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maria: and adoration celebrations start tonight after 10 security with the chairman's global dinner, a black eye dinner invitation only event with the goal of introducing foreign diplomats for the next administration team and policies. you've obviously covered this part of the world for so long. how do you expect these diplomats to react to trump tonight, given all of his talk about trade? >> i believe there is a sense of anxiety and uncertainty coming from the foreign diplomatic corps. it will be interesting to see how they start getting working together. they don't know what to expect. he made the comments about nato. that's an issue raised the concern. for the most part it's a sense
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of how they're going to come together and it's going to take a lot of dialogue with donald trump and the foreign diplomat. >> not just europe, overhead of a debate in "the wall street journal" reporting comments the president-elect made about china and the potential for moving away from the china policy which caused a big flap over. dagen: the editorial today calling trump's administration the most anti-straight team of the presidential policy of racers since the 1920s. it is a very harsh editorial. i know mercedes read it because her papers opened. maria: people don't want terrorists and they don't want a trade war. donald had trump has said is a free trader and yet he has these are a witch scare people. i don't know how much of it is scare tactics though. >> we see this with what he's doing with corporate america. i think he's going to give new meaning to the term bully pulpit. you know, he's really trying to
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push american corporations trained to look at the news today. general motors at the $1 billion investment into the united states. the u.s. factories up 11,000 jobs according to "the associated press." condé, the other one doing this they also report the investing $3.1 billion into america's plan. bloomberg reported that always the deal will be meeting with trump to discuss the contacts of upgrading air force one. this announced as coming after trout previously blessed going on twitter as a known threat and automakers attacks were overseas production. where do you make of these parasites? >> now is the time when you see these companies responding. we see how this plays out over time. a couple things will happen. we saw this with ford in indiana. the company is fair with the carrier in indiana.
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the companies start asking for favors in return when they're building new plants here in the u.s., are they going to be the president engaged with them. >> big crony capitalism because of that. something the journal pointed out is that republicans and conservatives typically don't like government intervention. does the government know better than the individual business owners and operators? again, how far do you push it because generally conservatives like policy. >> seems to be working in terms of corporations on alert. >> is breaking on the rules. train to say they want something in return. the corporate tax rate. that's the point. that is then point. that is then returned his greeting environment is going to be much lower tax rates with the expert patient that they are going to create jobs. >> this is where you meet another story about trump
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wedding has with house republicans on their tax plans because part of their tax plans he doesn't like and you have to look at how they will fund the attacks. >> the stories making around. a lot of people talking about it this morning because it's different than what the house gop -- an outcome he is making waves about what the original plan was. so there is a debate here. we will talk about this morning. fox business network covering the inoculation i thought they be getting right here in earlier times friday as the kickoff today at 5:00 a.m. eastern this friday. join us as we abide from washington all week. white house press secretary josh arness will give a final briefing. but ervin at the white house with a look at that. good morning to you. >> we are starting to see the final days of the obama administration play out. as you just mentioned, later today will be the final white house press briefing. that of course will be led by josh earnest. he was the third press secretary
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under president obama. he has held liable for the better portion of 2.5 years. this whole issue of the press briefing us come into the forefront the last few days or so is the incoming white house press secretary, sean spicer has suggested these briefings might be moved away from the west wing and into an adjacent node name. they've taken a bit of heat and criticism for that, but he defended the position yesterday morning on your show. listen in. >> there's a room not too far away that holds 150 folks to the question is can we move out towards the briefing over there for that one hour to make sure members of the media can cover. >> president obama's final press briefing will be tomorrow. it will be on the ground here at the white house and not very press briefing room. the white house has yet to say, maria --
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maria: go in and out. blake berman is at the white house. we will be watching josh earnest last and final briefing today. amsterdam facing major transportation traffic issues after a power outage. authorities do not know what caused that. that would give you the latest. the offer to $49 billion to acquire full control of reynolds american. details coming up later this hour, theresa may schedule just become her plans for the british exit from the european union. taken at last. stay with us. back in a moment. ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system?
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maria: welcome back to it after three years, officials and search for malaysia airlines flight 370. show persona near quick headlines. reporter: good morning to memory appeared that research by authorities covering 120,000 square suspended indefinitely. flight mh 370 disappeared march
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march 8, 2014 while en route to beijing. authorities believe the plane crashed in the indian ocean killing all 239 people on board. the search efforts have cost a combined $160 million. power outages and both amsterdam and seattle giving thousands without electricity and communication antennas says. adages in amsterdam halted trains and shut down with signals. after her better than to reported 360,000 homes also affect it. the power is back on but the cause of the outage is still unclear this morning. this has more than 23,000 customers at the seattle city light utility company or the dark. the cause is still under investigation there as well. meanwhile, british american tobacco has agreed to a $49.4 billion deal to buy the remaining 58% of reynolds american that it does not overdo young. it will create the largest listed tobacco company by revenue and market value.
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a shareholder in reynolds since 2004. this brings together names that are viewers may know. newport, pall mall and several other brands. part of the humid summer consolidation coming. that year. maria: john helzer draft of the wizard take on this? >> if you have the capital behind you, just to bring it back to donald trump, how is he going to do with big corporations? is he going to use the antitrust powers to break up some of these deals? maria: he did say at one point he was not in favor of the at&t time warner deal. >> absolutely. you have to wonder where he's going to go at these others. maria: will see about that. in that. in the past is that when is that when he does the growth you have to acquire growth. we are going to see growth numbers move out. he read the m&a volume changes you >> interesting. this is an area where he's a moderate democrat with too much
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power that corporations. maria: coming up, more confirmation hearings this week. the department of interior and the department of education faced senate committees today. previewing what to expect today in the rest of the week it later in the hour taking a lie to u.k. professor -- prime minister theresa may pitch is scheduled at 6:45 a.m. bush is the european union. keep that life here. back in a moment. with the xfinity tv app,
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maria: before all that, confirmation hearings resume on capitol hill today. all terms fit for education secretary and interior secretary congressman ryan set to face growing questions from democratic senators. last week because of democratic concerns over this the appearance. globemedia founder and ceo philip. good to see you. >> good morning. welcome to the city of deplorable spirit tragedy city of deplorable spirit you work with a data bus and work with her personally. tell us about her background. >> i worked there for 12 years. for 20 years she's been been on the education reform. before all the education reformers got right now, the union from the teacher unions
6:22 am
across the country. she gave of us spent in thought on the inner cities to help the first question is how we help children with the bureaucracy of the education movement and for the first time ever elected officials around the country if they wanted to implement education reforms in their legislatures. that is a paradigm shift in education around the country. she's the one that started it. >> i feel like i'm baffled as to what the problem is. is this just about keeping their jobs. bosses are coming together and support a denomination after the nomination of teachers union. she opposes the pic for her views on charter schools and nonunionized public schools. how do you see it? >> this is about ultimate control by union leaders. the fact that they want to be
6:23 am
able to dictate from the top down our children should be educated. they've never given to parents the accountability they deserve. not only is she unique, she brings a refreshing view to the education department, said he and that has been stuck in the 1980s. there's a desperate need for change. >> she's coming in to break up the union cards out a starter kits in this country. they can talk all they want like randi weingarten about hatchery system work. i'm talking about parental choice. charter schools and vouchers and she's dead wrong on that. again, it's about government control, union control. betsy is going to shake some cages and it's going to be incredible. >> i wrote a piece on fox news about what we did in louisiana. 2005 reviewer people in any educational choice school because of the leadership.
6:24 am
she made investment -- she not read legislators and push like crazy. you can't be successful if she is about how that always thinking of what the outcome is in the outcome far as what's best for the child. maria: she wanted to change the tenure rules a bosses. the way ey get paid. >> i don't know specifically. she does about the bureaucracy to run the system. >> a group of children that helps the mouse, african-americans. and they are having a difficult time in failing schools and have scholarships that they can go to different schools. it opens up opportunities for those. dagen: who makes the best decision about your child's education? do you prepare them for the union leadership?
6:25 am
exactly. >> in louisiana typically to see with their satisfaction is. 94% very satisfied. 99% feel the child is very safe in that school. maria: real quick, more hearings. last night john mccain joined marcela on her new show is happy to see. he said that he would name toward them to vote for rex tillerson, but just barely. >> got the 50th boat. barker rubio don't want to support. >> this week you are talking about stephen the new chin. any other thoughts this week on who he may or may not pass the mustard? >> last week everyone was talking about john lewis and we were talking about testifying. right now i don't see what the
6:26 am
democrats want to take. >> of the pushback on everybody. >> democrats will keep working. when you have nothing to lose, of course they will keep airing. maria: we'll take a break. thanks so much for joining us. not going down without a fight. john brennan pushing back this morning against presidential trumps that he is the leaker of the russia internet reporter. in about 20 minutes, u.k. prime minister theresa may from the european union will be taking that live. back here in a minute. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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special coverage live from washington, d.c. maria: welcome back and good morning from washington. we are here for the week. i'm maria bartiromo. we are thrilled you're here with us this morning, tuesday december 17th, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. theresa may to unveil plan for british exit. we have full coverage of theresa may's address. president-elect trump prepares for inauguration this friday, he's in a war of words while doing so with the intelligence community. cia director john brennan is
6:30 am
fighting back. the confirmation hearings this week. trump's pick betsy devos and rein set to be grilled by senators today, former exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. >> i hope that this president elect doesn't make the last mistake that the last three that vladimir putin -- remember when barack obama said, tell vladimiri will be more flexible once i'm elected? maria: fbi arrested the identify of orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. the breaking details there coming up.
6:31 am
sephora under fire over ie -- eye shadow. iphone users cry foul on social media. earning season rolls on. the insurance company also confirming full year guidance for the year. investors are waiting for company providing any details about future on conference call. markets back open today after the holiday yesterday, martin luther king holiday. futures indicating lower today. we are expecting a pretty good sizable selloff, a hundred points on dow jones industrial average, of course, markets are up sharply since election day. the worst performer dax in germany, the cac quarante in paris, down three quarters, mix market overnight in asia.
6:32 am
worst performer was japan. breaking news on the monsanto deal. charlie, good morning to you. >> nice to be down in washington. the buyer of monsanto met with president-elect trump, they are now coming back with a promise for major investment and employment here in the u.s. here is what we know. they are promising billions of dollars and significant job creation proposal if the deal to buy monsanto which was announced in september first broken by fox business. 66billion-dollar merger. if some degree of headwinds, but the price of monsanto is still trading significantly below that what they're trying to do is
6:33 am
cozy up to potential regulators, the incoming trump administration's, the european union to try to get this through, one of the things they're doing it is they're telling mr. trump, if you guys approve the deal, we are going to commit billions of dollars of rnd spending and significant job creation plan. as i said, this is still in the works, though, here is what we understand that we are expect today get some details on this from the trump transition team today. we are supposed to see an announcement possibly even a tweet by donald trump into exactly what this is. from what i understand, my initial reporting on this and like i said, i don't have all the details, you have to wait for president-elect trump later this morning, i think it'll be in your hour, maria, next hour, where you will see this. i understand it's multibillions of spending. the job-creation plan, i don't have firm numbers on that, but i've been told by an analyst,
6:34 am
the stock market analyst that covers monsanton. to keep carrier into the u.s. to shipping jobs from méxico. a degree of tax incentives provided and carrier kept 800 jobs, when all said and done. but the difference is from what i understand and this is key, is that the incentives that carrier got, it got some degree of tax incentives that it's not going to be here, pure promise, a pure commitment from baer, to do this spending and to -- enact -- to bring these jobs here. and they are u.s. domestic jobs. we should wait and see exactly what they propose, where it's coming from. usually in mergers as you know, maria, it's downsizing that the
6:35 am
market likes, not more jobs. maybe there's a shift of jobs from europe to u.s., people in the u.s. won't be crying about that, but we will have to see what comes out. as you know, this is not the first time. donald has been on -- bringing in ceo's and getting them to commit to jobs here in the u.s., gm, i just read a headline from dow jones is making a similar commitment, so as you know, all adds up and if it happens, it's all for the good for the u.s. worker. maria: charry, -- charlie, do we know if the executives met with president-elect trump? >> last week. we reported that. since that time, i believe the meeting was wednesday in trump headquarters. they've been in negotiations with the trump people on some sort of a commitment to keep jobs here.
6:36 am
and to create jobs as part of a merger, what's fascinating about this. as you and i know, we have covered plenty of mergers, what makes cost-effective is downsizing, less jobs, buyers say, well, there's growth opportunity herement we are willing to make the growth opportunity in the u.s. and obviously it's sort of to get the u.s. regulators, it's going to have to pass antitrust regulators here in the u.s. which you would think is easier than the eu but already you can -- you hear like rumblings from senator and the senators on the agriculture committee. there's some pressure not to have the sort of big mega mergers in the agriculture space, this is essentially what this is. this is part of bayer's drive to
6:37 am
get this thing through and this is something that the trump administration as you know wants and have been pushing u.s. businesses and even merger participates. at&t randal was there last week too. so i will just tell producers to be prepared. >> thankthankso much. markets are getting pressured today because of comments on donald trump on the u.s. dollar. the quote in the journal, the dollar, quote, is too strong and it's killing us. obviously the dollar is down this morning on those comments and equities are down as well. i would say, this is the market story of the day. >> it certainly is. this comes out of an interview with the president elect on friday. she was specifically talking about china and that passage
6:38 am
when he said the dollar was too strong. he was talking about the chinese currency being allowed to weaken to support their export picture. maria: yeah. jon: you have to wonder, again, another example of the president breaking all the rules, because going back decades -- not talked about the dollar. maria: they do everything to not be in favor of a strong dollar but they never actually say a dollar is too strong. jon: it's too strong. [laughter] jon: when it comes to this kind of behavior, what we have to do is see if he follows through. if he wants a weaker dollar, what is he prepared to do. dagen: market uncertainty. the markets want predictability, rationalization of income taxes. they don't want -- he's stirring
6:39 am
uncertainty. maria: i agree with you. one of the key points that everybody is mentioning. we have a whole segment of the dollar. pushing back, outgoing cia director john brennan that he may have been the one to leak a unsubstantiated report. they are calling it a dossier. quote, i would have no interest in trying to give that dossier any air time. the feeling was wanting to make sure the president elect was at least aware of it so he could take it into account and to what needs to be done. let's bring in lieutenant colonel allen west, fox news contributor, colonel west good to see you, your reaction to brennan pushing back. >> one of the things that concern me, the last thing i need is childish back and forth going on because when i sit back and look at the intelligence framework and also what is
6:40 am
happening globally, when was the last time we heard about what is going on in aleppo and syria? when was the last time what is going on raqqah and syria or mos uls or iraq. we know that if you want to talk about the economy and the flow of commerce, the fact that china is conducting these operations in the south china sea, that should be a big concern for us. i think that we need to have an intelligence community, we need to have a cia director, a president elect and his team that will focus on key transition points and not back and forths. sadly what happens is when you the political aspect and talking points and undermining of the incoming administration so critical for some people, they get away from what their primary focus should be right now. i think that we need to have folks that are really focusing on what is happening in the world to make sure that we have a smooth transition from one administration to another and we don't find ourselves getting
6:41 am
caught with our pants down which is something that president obama talked about. >> i think one of the biggest concerns we have is obviously how can president-elect trump rebuild the relationship with the intelligence community. i think that's one of the bigger concerns that we have knowing the fact that it has been a war on words between outgoing cia director john brennan and donald trump? >> not make it a personal war on words, i think that you should be talking to cia operatives that are there every day. a lot of the intelligence operatives were saying that the reports they were sending up were being changed over. they understand that something is happening at the upper levels of the intelligence community,
6:42 am
not down there where the men and women are doing incredible work to make sure that we are safe or protected. i think that donald trump needs to be talking to them. >> colonel, it's dagen mcdowell, do you though, donald trump is inaugurated, all of this is his responsibility and so what he's saying about the leadership now, does it really do that much damage to everybody who are career operatives or analysts in the intelligence community? >> well, i think that, you know, it's very important as you hear some people say not punch down, the most important thing if you're going to engage mr. brennan, tell him to provide the right information so we can have smooth transition and tell mr. brenna, in that he's working for the incoming cia mark pompeo to make sure we have focuses or
6:43 am
the right power at least for intelligence requirement that is donald trump wants. that's what he should be talking about. i think that's what you should be communicating to the american people. >> you make a lot of good points, colonel. good to see you, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. maria: lieutenant colonel allen west there. in a few minutes theresa may to take the podium. speaking on her plan for britain to exit the european union. we are going to take that speech live, we will take you to london live at 6:45 is when she's expected. so stay with us, back in a momet (bell chimes) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken)
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maria: welcome back. markets moving this morning. we are expecting a lower opening for stock prices and the dollar is under pressure as well. we are waiting on breaking news. we are waiting from comments from theresa may on britain's plans on the exit from the eu. we are looking at a live picture
6:47 am
right now in london and as soon as theresa may takes the podium, we will take you back there to get her analysis on britain exiting the european union. dollar is under selling pressure. donald trump made some comments in the journal this morning that the dollar is too strong, he was really talking about as it relates to china, nonetheless dollars down and stocks are following suit, dow jones expected to begin a hundred points this morning. keeping an eye on morgan stanley, fourth quarter earnings, 65 cents a share, that's for the quarter. morgan stanley shares are up nearly 70% year over year, pretty good-looking chart there ahead of the numbers. the chinese company hiring microsoft executive as new chief operating officer. lew is expected to help and shares are flat on expected to
6:48 am
open flat this morning. well, the wife of the terrorist of deadly attack in pulse nightclub in orlando, she's expect today appear in a california court this morning. cheryl casone on details and headlines right now, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, maria. noor salman was arrested by fbi agents at her home outside of san francisco on charges of aiding and abetting and obstruction justice. came to believe that she wasn't telling the truth about her husband's plans at least one neighbor also expressed skepticism. >> i just felt like if you were married to somebody or have a child to somebody, she may have had, you know, some thoughts about this and if she had just said something ahead of time it would have saved some lives. she may not know anything. i hope that's the case. >> all right, her husband omar mateen was killed in a shootout during nightclub attack which left 49 people dead and dozens
6:49 am
more injured. salman was with mateen, she moved to california shortly after the shooting happened. we are also following breaking news out of turkey this morning, authorities are interrogating the gunman suspected of killing 39 people on new year's attack in i istanbul. shooter arrested in luxury residential complex along with four other suspects and we will hand it over to maria in washington as we are monitoring events coming out of london, maria. maria: we want to take you live to london. >> the british people voted for change. they voted to shape a brighter future for our country, they vote today leave the european union and embrace the world and they did so with their eyes open. accepting that the road ahead
6:50 am
will be uncertain at times but believing that it leads towards a brighter future for their children and grandchildren too and it is the job of this government to deliver it. that means more negotiating our new relationship with the eu. it means taking the opportunity of this great moment of national change to step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. my answer is clear, i want this united kingdom to emerge from this period of change stronger, fairer, more united and more outward looking than ever before. i want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerant country, magnet for international talent and home to the pioneers and innovators that will shape the world ahead. i want us to be a truly global
6:51 am
britain, the best friend and neighbor to our european partners but a country that reaches beyond the borders of europe too, a country that goes out into the world to build relationships with old friends and new allies aligning. i wa britain to be what we have the potential talent and ambition to be, a great global trading nation that is respected around the world and strong confident and united at home. that is why this government has a plan for britain, one that gets us the right deal abroad but also ensures we get a better deal for ordinary working people at home. it's why that plan sets out how we will use this moment of change to build a stronger economy and a fairer society by embracing genuine and social reform, while our new modern
6:52 am
industrial strategy is being developed to ensure every nation and area of united kingdom can make most of the opportunities ahead, why we go further to reform our schools, ensure every child has knowledge and skills they need to thrive in postbrexit britain. we will take a balance approach by investing in our economic infrastructure because it can transform the growth potential of our economy and improve the quality of people's lives across the whole country. it's why we will put the preservation of union at the heart of everything we do, because it is only by coming together by one great union of nations and people that we can make the most of the opportunities ahead. the result of the referendum with not a decision to turn inward and retreat from the world because britain's history
6:53 am
and culture is profoundly internationalist, we are european country and proud of our shared european heritage but we are also a country that has always looked beyond europe to the wider world. that is why we are one of the most rackly diverse countries in europe, one of the most multiculture members of the european union, while we are with talking about india, pakistan, bangladesh, countries in africa, all those that are closer to home in europe, so many of us have close friends and relatives from across the world. we want to study and trade with countries not just in europe but beyond the borders of our continent, even now as we prepare to leave the eu we are planning for the next biannual common wealth meeting in 2018,
6:54 am
reminder of our unique and proud and global relationships. it's important to recognize this fact. it was a moment we chose to build a truly global britain. i know that this and the other reasons britain took such a decision is not always well understood among our friends and allies in europe and i know many fear that this might peril unraveling of the eu. let me be clear, i do not want that to happen. it would not be in the best interest of britain. it remains overwhelmingly and compellingly in britain's national interest that the eu should succeed and that's why i hope in the months and years ahead we would all reflects on the decisions to leave. let me take this opportunity to
6:55 am
set out and address the people of britain correctly. it's not simply because our culture is internationalist important though that is, many in britain have always felt that the united kingdom's place in the european union came at the expense of our global ties and bolder embrace of free trade with the wider world. there are other important reasons too. our political traditions are different unlike other european countries we have no written constitution, but the principle of parliamentary is the basis of our unwritten constitutional settlement. we have only a recent history of governance rapidly embedded itself and little history of coalition government. the public expects to be able to hold their governments to account very directly and as a result super national
6:56 am
institutions as strong as those created by the european union fits very uneasily in way of life. while i know britain at times may have been as awkward member state, the european union has struggled to deal with diversity of member countries and their interests. david cameron's association was an attempt to make it work for britain and i want to thank all those elsewhere in europe who helped him to reach an agreement, but the blunt truth as we know is that there was not enough flexibility on many important matters for a majority of british voters. now, i do not believe that these things apply uniquely to britain but not only member state where there's strong attachment to democratic government such as internationalist mind set or
6:57 am
believes diversity in europe should be celebrated and so i believe there's a lesson in brexit. not just for britain but if it wants to succeed in the eu itself because our continent's great strength has always been its diversity and there are two ways of dealing with different interests. you can respond by trying to hold things together by force, tightening grip or you can respect difference, cherish it even. so to our friends across europe, let me say this, our vote to leave the european union was no rejection of the values we share. the decision to leave the eu represents no desire to become more distant to you, our friends and navy base, it -- neighbors, it was no attempt to do harm to
6:58 am
eu or member states, we do not want to turn the clock back where europe was less peaceful and less secure and trade freely. it was to restore parliamentary democracy, national self-determination and to become even more global and internationalist in action and in spirit. we will continue to be reliable partners, willing allies and close friends, we want to buy your goods and services that you ask, trade with you as freely as possible and work with one another to make sure that we are all safer, more secure and more prosperous through continued friendship. you will still be welcome in this country as we hope our citizens will be welcome in yours at a time where we face serious threat from enemies. britain's unique intelligence capabilities will continue to keep people in europe safe from
6:59 am
terrorism. at the time when there's growing concern about european security, britain servicemen and women based in european countries including poland and romania will continue will do their duty. we are leaving the european union, but we are not leaving europe and that is why we seek a new and equal partnership between an independent self-governing global britain and our friends and allies in the eu. not partial membership of the european union, associate member of the european union or anything that leaves us half in and half out. we do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by ore countries. we do not seek to hold onto bits of membership as we leave, no, the united kingdom is leaving the european union and my job is to get the right deal for britain as we do.
7:00 am
so today, i want to outline our objective and negotiation ahead, 12 objective that amount to one big goal, a new positive and constructive partnership between britain and the european union. as we negotiate that partnership, we will be driven by principles, we will provide as much certainty and clarity as we can at every stage and take this opportunity to make britain stronger, to make britain fairer and build a more global britain too. the first objective is crucial. we will provide certainty whenever we can. we are about to enter a negotiation. that means there will be give and take. there will have to be compromises, imagination on both sides and not everybody will be able to know everything at every
7:01 am
stage. but i recognize how important it is to provide business, the public sector and everybody with as much certainty as possible as we move through process. so where we can offer that certainty, whether he do so. that is why last year we acted quickly to give clarity about farm payment and university funding and it is why we repeal the community's act, we will convert the body of existing eu law into british law. this will give the country maximum certainty as we leave the eu. the same rules will apply on the day after brexit as they did before and it will be for the british parliament to decide on any changes to that law of the full scrutiny and proper parliament debate. when it comes to parliament,
7:02 am
there's another way in which i can provide certainty, a deal between the uk and the eu to both houses of parliament before it comes into force. our second guiding principle is to build a stronger britain. that means taking control of our own affairs as those devoted in millions to leave european demanded we must. so we will take back control of our laws and bring an end into jurisdiction of europecan court of justice in britain. leaving the european union would means that our laws will be made and those laws interpreted by judges not in luxinburg but in countries across the countries. we have not truly left the european union if we have not left our own laws. a stronger britain demands we do
7:03 am
something else. strengthen the union on four nations in the united kingdom. it's more important than ever that we face the future together, unit it by what makes us strong, the bond that units us as the people and our shared interest in the uk being an open successful trading nation in the future. and i hope that same spirit of unity when applying northern ireland in particular over the coming months in the assembly election and main part to work together to reestablish a partnership government as soon as possible. foreign affairs are, of course, the responsibility of the uk government and in dealing with whom we act in the interest of all parts of the united kingdom. as prime minister i take that responsibility seriously. i've also been determined from the start that the administration should be fully engaged in this process. that's why the government has
7:04 am
set up a joint committee on eu negotiations. so ministers can contribute to the process of plans from our departure of the european union. we have received paper from the scottish government and look forward from receiving a paper from the welch government shortly. both papers as part of the important process. we won't agree on everything. but i look forward to working with the administrations in scotland, whails -- whales and northern ireland. part of that will mean working carefully to ensure that our powers are passed to scotland, whales and northern ireland, as we do so, our guidance principle
7:05 am
must be to ensure as we leave the european union, no new barriers to dealing and doing business within our own union are created. empower in the uk is open trading nation to strike the best trade deals around the world and protecting the common resource of our island as as we do this, i should be clear that no decisions taking by the administration would be removed from them. we cannot forget that as we leave we will share land border with the eu and maintaining travel area with the republic of ireland would be important priority in the talks ahead. common travel between the uk and the republic of ireland for many years. indeed, it was informed by either two countries were members of the european union
7:06 am
and family ties and bonds of affection that unit our two countries means that there will always be a special relationship between us, so we will work to deliver a practical solution that allows to maintenance of the common travel area with the republic while protecting the integrity of immigration system. nobody wants to return to the borders of the past so we will make it a priority to deliver a practical solution as soon as we can. the third principle is to build a fairer britain, that means ensuring that it's fair to everyone who lives and works in this country and that is why we will ensure we can control immigration to britain from europe. we will continue to attract the brightest and the best to work or study in britain, indeed, openness to international talent must remain one of the country's most distinctive assets, but
7:07 am
that process must be managed properly so as immigration serves national interest, that we will get control of the number of people coming to britain from the eu, because while controlled immigration can bring great benefits, filling skill shortages, public services, making the world beaters they often are, when the numbers get too high, public support for the system faulters. in the last decade or so, we have seen record level of migration in britain and that share value has put pressure on public schools and infrastructure specially housing and downward pressure on wages for working-class people. home secretary for six years, i know that you cannot control immigration overall when there's free movement from eu to britain. we always want immigration specially high-skilled immigration, we would always
7:08 am
want immigration from europe and we will always welcome individual migrants as friends but the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign was clear. brexit must mean control of the number of people who come from britain from europe and that's what we will deliver. demands that we deal with another issue as soon as possible too. we want to guaranty the rights of eu citizens who are already living in britain and the rights of british nationals and other member states as early as we can . i told other eu leaders that we could give the certainty right away and deal now. i want everyone to know that it remains an important priority for britain and for many other member states to resolve challenge as soon as possible because it is the right and fair thing to do.
7:09 am
and a fairer britain is a country that protects and enhances the rights people have at work, that is why as we translate the body of european law into our domestic regulations, we will ensure that workers right is fully protected and maintained. indeed, under my leadership, not only will work on legislation, we will build on them. under the conservative government, we will make sure workers keep pace with the changing labor market and the voices of workers are heard by the boards of publicly listed companies for the first time. but the great pride for this country, the opportunity ahead is to use this moment to build a truly global britain, a country that reaches out to old friends and new allies aligning, a great global trading nation and one of
7:10 am
the firmest advocates for free trade anywhere in the world. that starts with our close friends and neighbors in europe. so as a priority, we will pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the european union. this agreement should allow for the freest possible trading goods and services between britain and the eu's member states. it should give british companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within european market and let european businesses do the same in britain. but i want to be clear, what i am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. european leaders have said many times that membership means accepting the freedoms of good capital services and people and being out of the eu but a member of the single market would mean
7:11 am
complying with the eu's rules and regulations that implement those freedoms without having a vote on what those rules and regulations are. it would mean accepting a role for the european court of justice that would see as having direct legal authority in our country. it would to all intents and purposes mean not leaving the eu at all. and that is why both sides in the referendum campaign made it clear that a vote to leave the eu would be a vote to leave the single market. so we do not seek membership as a single market, instead we seek the greatest possible access to it through a new comprehensive bold and ambitious free trade agreement. that agreement may take elements of current single market arraignments in certain areas in freedom to provide financial
7:12 am
services across national borders as it makes no sense to start again from scratch when britain and the remaining member states have adeared to the same rules for years. but i respect the position taken by european leaders who have been clear about their position just as i'm clear about mine. so an important part of the new strategic partnership we seek with the eu will be the pursuit of the greatest possible access to the single market on a fully reciprocal basis through a comprehensive free-trade agreement and because we will no longer be members of the single market, we would not be required to contribute huge sums of the eu budget. maybe some specific programs in which we may want to participate, if so, and this will be for us to decide, it's reasonable that we should make an appropriate contribution, but the principle is clear, the days of britain making vast
7:13 am
contributions to the european union every year will end. but it is not just trade with the eu we should be interested in, a global britain must be free to strike trade agreements with countries from outside the european union too. because important though our trade with the eu is and will remain, it is clear that the uk needs to increase significantly its trade with the fastest-growing export markets in the world. since joining the eu, trade is a percentage of gdp has stagnated in the uk. that is why it is time for britain to get out into the world and rediscover its role as a great global trading nation. this is such a priority for me that when i became prime minister i established for the first time a department for international trade led by liam fox. we want to get out into the
7:14 am
wider world to trade and do business all around the globe. countries including china, brazil have expressed interest in striking deals with us and future trade ties with countries like australia and president president-elect trump has said britain is not at the back of the cue for a trade deal with the united states, the world's biggest economy but front of the line. i know my emphasis on striking trade agreements on countries outside of europe have led the country whether britain seeks to remain a member of the eu's custom union and it is true that for custom union membership prevents us from negotiating our own comprehensive trade deals. now, i want britain to be able to negotiate its own trade agreements but i also want free trade with europe and cross-border trade there as frictionless as possible.
7:15 am
that means i do not want britain to be part of the common commercial policy and i do not want us to be bound by the common external tariff, these are the elements that the customs union that prevent us from striking our own comprehensive trade agreements with other countries, but i do want us to have a customs agreement with the eu, whether that means we must reach a completely new customs agreement, become an associate member of the customs union in some way or remain a signatory, i have open mind on how we do it. it's not the means that matter but the ends and those ends are clear. i want to remove as many barriers to trade as possible and i want britain to be free to establish our own tariff schedules at the world trade organization, meaning, we could reach new trade agreements not just with eu but with old
7:16 am
friends and new allies outside europe too. a global britain must also be a country that looks to the future. that means being one of the best places in the world for science and innovation. one of our great strengths as a nation is the communities backed up by some of the best world universities and we have a proud history of bleeding and supporting cutting-edge research and innovation. we would also welcome agreements to collaborate with european partners on major science, research, from space exploration to clean energy to medical technologies, britain will remain at the forefront of collective endeavors to better understand and make better the world in which we live. and a global britain will continue to cooperate with its
7:17 am
european partners in important areas such as crime, terrorism and foreign affairs. all of us in europe face the challenge of cross-border crime, a deadly terrorist threat and dangerous presented by hostile states. all of us share interest and values in common and values we want to see all around the world. our response cannot be to cooperate with one another less but to work together more. i therefore want our future relationship with the european union to include practical arrangements of matter of law enforcement and the sharing of intelligence material with our eu allies. i'm proud to have the role britain has played and will continue to play in promoting europe's security. britain has led europe on the
7:18 am
measures need today keep our continent secure, whether it's implementing sanctions against russia following action in crimea, working for peace and stability in the baltics. we will continue to work closely with european allies in foreign and defense policy even as we leave the eu itself. these are our objectives from the negotiation ahead. objectives that will help to realize our ambition of shaping that stronger, fairer global britain that we want to see. they are the basis for a new strong, constructive partnership with the european union. a partnership of friends and allies of interests and values, a partnership for a strong eu and a strong uk. but there's one further objective we are setting, for as i have said before, it is in no one's interest for there to be a
7:19 am
cliff edge for business as we change existing relationship with new partnership with the eu. by this, i do not mean ta we will seek unlimited transitional staters where we find ourselves in a political purgatory. instead, i want us to have reached an agreement about our future partnership by the time the two-year article has concluded. from that opinion onwards, we believe that a process of implementation in which both britain and the eu institutions and member states prepare for the new arrangements that will exist between us will be in our mutual self-interest. this will give interest enough time to plan and prepare for new arrangements. this might be about immigration control, custom systems all the
7:20 am
way in which cooperate on justice matters. some might institute very quickly and some might take longer and the arrangements we rely on would likely be a matter of negotiation, but the purpose is clear. we will seek to avoid a disruptive cliff edge and we will do everything we can to face in the new arrangements we require as britain and the eu move towards our new partnership . so these are the objectives we have set. certainlity, possible control of our own laws, strengthening the united kingdom, maintaining the common travel area with ireland, control of immigration, rights for eu nationals in britain and british nationals in the eu, enhances rights for workers, free trade with european
7:21 am
markets, new trade agreements with other countries, leading role in science and innovation, cooperation on crime, terrorism and foreign affairs and approach delivering a smooth and orderly brexit. this is the framework of the deal that will herald a new partnership. it's a comprehensive and carefully considered plan that focuses on the end, not just the needs with the eyes fixed firmly on the future and the kind of country we will be once we leave. it reflects the hard work of many in this room today who have worked tirelessly and prepare the country of negotiations ahead and it will i know be debated and discussed at length. that is only right, but those who urge us to reveal more, such as the blow details of our negotiating strategy, the areas
7:22 am
in which we might compromise, the places where we think there are potential trade-offs will not be acting in the national interest because this is not a game or a time for opposition for opposition sake. it is a crucial and sensitive negotiation that will define the interest and the success of our country for many years to come and it is vital that we maintain our discipline, that is why i've said before and will continue to say, with every media report, it's going to make it harder for us to get the right deal for britain, our opposite numbers in commission know it, which is why they are keeping their discipline. the ministers in government know it, which is why we will always maintain ours. so however frustrating some people find it, the government will not be pressured into saying more than i believe it is in our national interest to say
7:23 am
because it's not my job to fill column inches with daily updates but to get the right deal for britain and that is what i intend to do. i am confidant that a deal and new strategic partnership between the uk and the eu can be achieved. this is firstly because having held conversations with almost every leader from every single eu member state, having spent time talking to the senior figures from the european institutions including president schultz and cabinet colleagues, davis, boris johnson have done the same. i am confident that the vast majority want a positive relationship between the uk and eu after british exit and i'm confident that objectives set out today are consistent with means of eu and member states.
7:24 am
that's why our objective include propose free trade agreement between britain and european union. because when the eu's leaders say they believe freedoms of the single market are indivisible, we respect that position. when the 27-member states say they want to continue their journey inside the european union, we not only respect that fact, but support it because we do not want to undermine the single market and we do not wand to undermine the european union. we want to eu to be a success and we want its remaining member states to prosper and, of course, we want the same for britain. and the second reason i believe it is possible to reach a good deal is that the kind of agreement i have described today is the economically rational thing that both britain and the eu should aim for because trade
7:25 am
is not a zero sum game, more of it makes us more prosperous. free trade between britain and the european union means more trade, more trade means more jobs and more wealth creation. the erection of new barriers to trade means reserve, less trade, fewer jobs, lower growth. the third and final reason i believe we can come to the right agreement is that cooperation between britain and the eu is needed not just when it comes to trade but when it comes to our security too. britain and france are europe's only two nuclear powers. we are the only two with permanent seats in the security council and britain armed forces are crucial to defense and capabilities unique in europe have saved countless lives and
7:26 am
very many terrorist plots in countries across our continent. after brexit, britain wants to be a good friend and neighbor in every way and that includes defending the safety and security of all of our citizens. so i believe the same work i've outlined today is in britain's interest and in europe's interest and it is in the interest of the wider world that i must be clear, britain wants to remain a good friend and neighbor to europe, yet, i know that there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes britain and discourages other countries from taking the same path. that would be an act of self-harm for the countries of europe and it would not be the act of a friend. britain would not, indeed, we could not accept such an approach. and while i am confident that this scenario never arise, while
7:27 am
i'm sure of positive agreement can be reached, i'm equally clear that no deal for britain is better than a bad deal for britain because we would still be able to trade with europe, we would still be free to strike trade deals across the world and we would have the freedom to set the competitive tax rates and embrace the policies that would attract the world's best companies and investors to britain and if we were excluding from accessing the single market, we would be free to change the basis of britain's economic model. but for the eu, it would mean new barriers to trade with one of the biggest economies in the world, it would jeopardize investments in britain by eu markets worth more than half a trillion pounds. loss of access and risk export 290 billion pounds every year
7:28 am
and disrupt the sophisticated and integrated supply chain upon which many eu companies rely. important sectors of the eu economy would also suffer. crucial profitability export market for europe's automotive industry including sectors, energy, food and drink, chemical, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. these sectors employ millions of people across europe. for all these reasons, and because of our shared values and in the spirit of good will that exists on both sides, i'm confident that we will follow a better path, i'm confident that a positive agreement can be reached. it's right for the government should prepare for every
7:29 am
eventuality but an approach of negotiations to come is in the best interest of europe and the best interest of britain. we do not approach these negotiations expecting failure but anticipating success because we are a great global nation with so much to offer europe and so much to offer the world. one of the world's largest and strongest economies with the finest intelligence forces, friendship, partnerships and alliances in every continent. and another thing that's important, the essential ingredient of our success, the strength and support of 65 million people willing to make it happen because after all division and discourse the country is coming together. those divisions have taken time to heal, but one of the reasons
7:30 am
that britain's democracy has been such a success for so many years is that the strength of our identity as one nation, the respect we show to one another as fellow citizens and the importance we attach to our institutions means that when a vote is being held, we all respect the result. the víctors have the responsibility to act and the losers have the responsibility to respect the legitimacy of the outcome and the country comes together. and that is what we are seeing today. business isn't call to go reverse the result but plan to go make a success of it. the house of commons have voted overwhelming for us to get on with it and the overwhelming swroart of people -- majority of people want us to move too.
7:31 am
building a stronger fairer more global britain too and let not be the legacy of our time. the prize towards which we work and destination when we arrive once the negotiation is done and let us not do it for ourselves but for those who follow, the country's children and grandchildren too. so when future generations look back at this time, they will judge us not only by the decision we have made, but what we made of that decision. they will see that we shaped them a brighter future, they will know that we built them a better britain. thank you. [applause] maria: new prime minister
7:32 am
theresa may. jon hilsenrath and mercedes and dagen mcdowell this morning. i thought it was a very good speech. your thoughts? jon: what came out to me was very clear, we are talking about a clean break, there was talk about a loose break with the eu. they don't want to be half in and half out. it was a strong affirmative upholding of they want to break from the european union. she talked about being first in line for the trade deal with the united states, clearly looking beyond their -- the west. maria: as with donald trump has said as well, that britain is first in line. she said that she wants britain to get out in the wider world, do new trade deals. she wants to control the number of people coming into britain from the eu. sounds awfully similar to what donald trump is trying. >> that's why being able to listen to her speech is so important. brexit did define such a
7:33 am
defining moment last year and i think it talks to those who are the antigloballist and what you're seeing right now is what she talked about, the importance of flexibility in her country. she doesn't want uniformity. may also discussed the importance of look, she wants a free trade agreement, she doesn't want to have to be dealing with single market. she extended olive branch but also made strong case for being able to trade with the united states, trade globally and become strong economy in the world. jon: eu bureaucracy. maria: exactly. the people want to hold their government officials accountable directly and she had a 12-point plan there. he told the wall street journal that the dollar is too strong and is killing us. the comments are moving markets this morning. having said that, he was largely talking about the dollar versus
7:34 am
the chinese yuan. joining us mike huckabee. governor, always great to see you. your thoughts on donald trump's commentary about the dollar, really once again breaking tradition. normally you never hear officials say what they want in terms of the dollar. they avoid it. >> well, i think we can get use today donald trump doing a lot of things that have never been done before by a president. that's one thing we can just mark down, put a big exclamation point and this is yet another example. he's going to be a person who will speak his mind and bluntly, clearly, unfiltered. in a way it's kind of refreshing. i think he was specifically talking ago you ment i think he was specifically talking, as you mentioned in comparison to the chinese one and how it's had an impact on goods, but the cost of the trade imbalances that have appeared he made this very clear through the campaign. he wants to get back to where
7:35 am
free trade is truly free trade but spare trade and we get the same kind of deals on our end that our trading partners are getting. either way, if i can make an observation, teresa mais comment in her speech, if it were turned into a needle saw, it would be the long and winding road. wonderful speech, but reminded me that the braves do like to express themselves fully and they're not used to the american short attention span. maria: taken it out, sounded a lot like donald trump and what is trying to do for to do from teresa may have got to say. dagen: it did. governor huckabee, i want to point out free and trade don't go together if you're the donald trump administration. the journalists are that this is the most anti-trade in a presidential policy advisers since the 1920s and we know how that ended. great depression after that you
7:36 am
can market may be underestimating the further of his anti-trade warriors and his determination to use tariffs and other import against china in particular but not just china alone. even friendly trading partners. >> with great respect to "the wall street journal," i'm a subscriber, i think their policies of trade come from the bubble in which they lived and they clearly have not understood that a lot of americans have lost wages and jobs because of an or trade deals. the steel industry in this country is a great example of how prices have been pushed artificially low by the cheney's dumping steel into the marketplace, highly subsidized steel, writing done during vietnam to claim that it wasn't chinese steel and the result has been devastating for u.s. companies not because they were competitive, but because the field had been tilted. it was like referees decided to put on a team jersey.
7:37 am
i know the criticism that donald trump is a protectionist. look at what's happening in carrier, for becoming gm, wal-mart, companies say they will put new investments in the u.s. can i build my things here partly because the business environment is more friendly both environmentally and economically. let's give donald trump a chance. the same attitude we've had has been devastating to manufacturing. let's give them a chance and see what he can do. he can't make it worse than what it's been over the past 40 years as jobs decline. trench of his father is this. ballmer on to create 10,000 jobs in the u.s. this year touting american job growth ahead of the president elect inauguration. jon hilsenrath, wal-mart on a growing list. >> we also talk about forward from a gm, carrier. in many of these cases, we're talking about this earlier in the monsanto deal does this lead to a quid pro quo.
7:38 am
they will come to washington and say what we get in return for jobs we are creating? dagen: one thing i will point out as well, we've always said this about talking about artistic donald trump talking specifically about the dollar and is negative about a company a contract on the stock price. it's always concerned about his polls. there's no greater pulled in the stock market and investors and reacting immediately to something someone says a bigger picture their policies. >> or that you bring us back to the governor talking about the dollar. conservatives very often favored a strong dollar. they talk about, for instance, taking the value of the dollar to the value of gold and have been very supportive of a strong u.s. currency. what do you make of a president now coming in and saying that the current is too strong? does that go against your views on how the economy works?
7:39 am
>> again, donald trump is speaking specifically about the dollar and its relationship to the chinese currency that he is long sad and accurately has been manipulated and that's one of the reasons we've had such an incredibly hard time an equal trade deal with the chinese. i think one thing really to get used to a donald trump when he reduces his communications to 140 euros and a tweet, we may not get the full version and that may come later. one of the things i would like to see the markets do is be a little patient and not react so immediately to a tweet and can't may be the teresa may version. >> this is an interview. it was in a tweet appeared to support a strong dollar? do you think that should be the policy of the united states come a strong u.s. currency? >> ilec a strong dollar for the sense it makes american buying power grades across the globe. i want to say specifically what trump was speaking of was the
7:40 am
relationship to other currencies, particularly those manipulated and driven artificially low so that it gives a favor to the trading partner. maria: real quick before you go, what did you say to those 40 plus democrats will boycott the inauguration this week? >> it's great. it gives more seats to the people who want to be there. i don't think anybody would miss them and i think it's an incredibly petulant race on to a free and fair election. i wish they would listen to hillary at the las vegas debate which is at the thought they would question legitimacy of the election was horrifying and appalling and maybe they should go back and listen to comments by dear leader, hillary. maria: or maybe michelle. when they go well, waco high. are you going to low or high byplay kiting the inauguration? governor, good to see you. governor mike huckabee. teresa mebane out the exit from
7:41 am
the european union. what does it mean for planes that trade with the u.k.? we're talking taxes. grover norquist will weigh in on the border tax. back in a minute. living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. at angie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on, like what goes down doesn't always come back up. [ toilet flushes ] so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz.
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7:44 am
maria: grover norquist, good to see you. are his comments on the prime minister's plan and the uk's future trade plans with the u.s. how do you see a play now? >> she made it clear this is a
7:45 am
clean break. it's not anti-global, not just europe, but the rest of the world. the first challenge and a trade deal with britain than a good trade deal with the different wage structure. it's easier to come to an agreement there. it's anti-trade comes together with britain as part of their leaving the european union. just to mention very briefly in the campaign is sent to the european union. it was one of the few contributors. maria: those days are over. >> those essential part of the period trend we are glad you are here. a lot to talk about. if president-elect trump is going to push back, which of course we know he has, it's
7:46 am
complicated, confusing. how is he going to pay for the tax cuts? trump is criticizing the corporate tax plan pitched as an alternative to his border tax proposal. this is an interview today, big story in the journal. the gop measure is too complicated. go through what trump's tax reform plan should look like. >> debates are you so trump's plan and the house republican plan chairman brady and paul ryan of come together. trump started in 15. the republican plan started 25 when it up they did it, they moved towards where trump was. tribes was the only republican plan of all the 15 republican candidates for president. he was the only one who didn't include full investment in its first plan. second plan he joined with the house and going to fall expense
7:47 am
for business. rather than depreciation schedules, very powerful program tools. on both of the drivers of growth, full expensing a lower corporate rates, the trump plan and the house republicans have moved towards each other in the right direction. >> the sticking point is this idea of a border tax in which influence their attacks and exports are. trump says that's too complicated. it's a pillar of the house republican plan which produces a trillion dollars of revenue and helps get the tax rate down to 20% you're talking about. that border adjustment the house republicans want belong in a corporate tax reform. >> right now the way it's structured, you can't do it without that. it also is what makes it possible to move the united states to a territorial tax system which is what those countries have been the worldwide system and why there's
7:48 am
two or $2.5 trillion of american company money earned overseas because around tax policy to combat. going to a territorial system. >> bigger picture about simplicity is more simple in terms of letting corporations than terrorists. they probably wouldn't raise a trillion dollars. >> and complexity of the u.s. political chicanery, tariffs have a different tariff for all these different products and the one. as for corruption in the early part of the united states came from, which was the tariff. that rate, 20% rate should be lower. every time you take it down, you reduce the trade. get it the corporate tax reform
7:49 am
done. >> disagree with the pillar of the plan, will they make this happen? >> at the criticism that it's complicated, the guys need to look into the alternative is more complicated than how it comes together. my understanding from talking to people is to try people in house people are very close to seeing things largely the same way. a tweet can't encompass the whole thing they're looking at. i would argue the house is coming out of the package in 100 days. the senate will go with something close to it and all three will be within six months will have a tax plan and act did that looks very close to the house plan and the trump plan. in the senate i think think will come in two years with the hatch proposal, which is corporate integration, also necessary but
7:50 am
probably not a mysterious package. this is year one. it's also the second tax cut through the first tax cut is a trillion dollars of obama carries 20 taxes. upon the terrorists wanted taxes at the stethoscope stuck on top of it. was a massive tax increase. dagen: the investment tax on welfare, evaporated that. maria: book about the jobs from full-time to part-time as a result of that. >> does the damage incentive increases and regulations. rubin the tax plan forward looks like it's 20% for corporate. that also takes the corporate capital gains which we tend to forget was stuck at 85. that comes down to 20. train to economic growth had >> is going to be powerful. grover norquist commit things. good to see you. for the 40 democrats joining john lewis from president
7:51 am
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maria: welcome back live from washington. we are in countdown mode and three days to go until donald trumps inauguration. festivities will begin tonight with the so-called chairman's global dinner. that is the black-tie invitation-only event to introduce foreign diplomats of the administration. within 40 democratic lawmakers will wake our trumps inauguration. kellyanne conway gave her thoughts last night on fox news. >> we hope these democratic members of congress reconsider. they are certainly welcome to
7:55 am
the inoculation. they want to contact any of us can and they're welcome to do that. governor pence of indiana feeling republican governor to go. he went to president obama's inauguration when he was previewing the pot from for himself for your seder. he went to show respect. maria: will bring in the former chief strategist for hillary clinton's presidential campaign in 2000 made. here in d.c., good to see you. what do you make of democratic lawmakers. how idiotic is that? >> lewisburg said trump is a legitimate entrant couldn't resist firing back. i think the american people are looking for the opposite now. and i'm not sure strategically for democrats is a good move because they seem like they're going their own way and not looking to move the country forward. >> donald trump in a speech apparently is going to say
7:56 am
something like it's going to be the president of all americans. one of his favorite challenges. is he capable of uniting the country, especially forging relationships of democrats on the hill. >> the evidence so far in the transition is no, that is stuck in low 40s. people are more and more open to his issues, but her react negatively to him personally. i think he's got to get with the program is that i'm president i really had to bring together a majority of the people. acting like a political campaign is not going to cut it. maria: you made an interesting analysis between the commercial break. people like his policies some people turn on his personality. but these incredibly high ratings. they did like his policy. >> i think that's what you see happening. opposed out today, policies that grow in popularity. people want to be tougher on
7:57 am
trade and get my jobs. they want to tax reform. in the personal site it's devastatingly make it is. but obama, he leaves office personally, but his policies really in trouble. >> what does the democratic party have to do to rebuild itself now? the leadership race taking place at the dnc. where is it going? or is it going to be with the next presidential election happens? >> every party goes into the wilderness before it comes out. i hope that between these battles here, you will see something like the democratic center for there to the last for a while. as it comes back, that'll be the best for the party. maria: really good point, mark. thanks for joining us. we will be right back. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
7:58 am
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average. . live from our nation's capital here is maria bartiromo, with special coverage of the inauguration of johnald jane trump. >> good tuesday he morning welcome back, welcome from washington i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, january 17 your top stories right now 8:00 am on the east coast president-elect donald trump moving markets unexpectedly weighed in on u.s. dollar in interview with woman, he said the dollar is quote too strong, and killing us. take a look at action right now, dollar is lower against major currencies this morning
8:01 am
broader markets following stocks lower u.s. futures off lows of the morning a pretty good rally last half hour with market coming down from the lows early, in the session as people recognize that he was actually referring to the dollar versus the chinese yuan only in europe under perpetrator britain prime minister theresa may live last hour saying britain will have a clean break from the european union. >> we cannot -- turn to clock back to the days europe was less peaceful less secure less able to trade freely. it was a vote to restore as we see it or i parliamentary democracy national self-determination, and to become even more global and internationalists in action, and in spirit. maria: we break it down all-star panel check action in asia overnight mixed moves as you will see in a moment, the -- the weakest was japan, nikkei average don 1 1/2% jobs in america two major
8:02 am
automakers this morning, gm and hundredday to announce plans to invest here in usa and create more jobs. walmart announcing plans to create jobs as well a closer look how he president-elect donald trump is flusing leaders. >> on capitol hill coming down for good this time officials finally taking action details this morning, parents be aware, images of the toy going viral, for all the wrong reasons those stories this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" chief sxhiek correspondent jon hilsenrath rep strategist fox news contributor mercedes schlapp great to see you -- >> i pitched the giraffe story. maria: that was you? dagen: i harder until the morning i pitched that. >> on edge of my seat. >>. dagen: you have to wait. >> two things don't get.
8:03 am
>> i have given probably a dozen to friends of mine. >> talking about the -- about. maria: how great was groverer norquist. >> excellent breakdown sounds like for it. >> three words get it down come together, get tax reform done, and individuals too. >> how come together 40 plus lawmakers blowing off the mark for identification? >>. dagen: the lawmakers who lost, you know -- [laughter] > republicans control the house and the senate so -- >> there you go a lot coming up in this hour particular, american enterprise institute arthur brooks with us ceo former nfl star and ambassador jack brewer with us billionaire investor john paul with us, former mcdonald's usa ceo ed renaissancey, host of vaporizer vairn stuart varney will weigh in a big hour zoont miss a moment stay with us we
8:04 am
kick off with white house he press secretary josh earnest giving last briefing today blake burman at white house with the latest. good morning. reporter: good morning legality me say welcome to washington, nice to have you and dagen in the our backyard we are starting to see final days of the obama administration, here play out getting yet another example later this afternoon, with the final white house press briefing that, of course, will be led by white house press secretary josh earnest who has been this that role about last 2 1/2 years or so he was the third white house press second in president obama's tenure this issue of the white house press briefing has suddenly come to for in front last few do as with incoming white house secretary sean spicer suggesting this process might be removed from west wing to adjacent building here, they have taken incoming administration has heats criticism for that possibility but he defended that appearing on this show yesterday.
8:05 am
>> what we have looked at it there is a room not far away that holds 150 folks, and i think the question is can we move folks for the briefing, over there for that one hour, to make sure that more members media can cover. reporter: the briefinging pg taxes about lunchtime hour today president obama will be in the press briefing room as well, tomorrow. for his final press conference with reporters maria back to you. maria: blake thank you so much blake burman, joining us there, i bring in president of the american enterprise institute arthur brooks on set good to see you -- >> nice to see. >> you thank you so much for joining us we've been a great discussion this morning, is actually, about trade, about the dollar, about jobs. what is your take first on this on this debate over a border tax adjustment a trump and gop has called it within their tax cut plan. >> well, when you hear about
8:06 am
something called ro border adjustment tax, your hackles go up with free enterprise sounds like a tariff abridgement to free trade dig in not necessarily the case a lot of work we've been doing shows that border adjustment tax if you do it right, by the way, does not have to abridge free enterprise meaningful it can be a good source of revenue it you will probably he lead to an adjustment of the value of the dollar, but note horrible on its face when you look at doing it right. maria: what do you mean adjustment on dollar what does that mean we are talking about the -- >> well if you do a border adjustment tax that changes, the flows in trade you are going to change value of the dollar necessarily i don't -- >> stronger. >> yes dollar going to get stronger, i recommend that we not try to manipulate that that is what other countries do get in trouble. dagen: that is how they try to spell the border adjustment tax, to companies, industries like retail oil companies import a lot of goods, but if you have the value of the
8:07 am
dollar rise then those imports it works out to their advantage because imports come -- >> exactly the biggest probleming, of course, how long it takes for the dollar to adjust, as it happened overnight get priced in before the policy goes into effect take five years? that makes a difference. maria: expectation of dollar up 50% since election, 25%, just in the last couple years. >> president says he doesn't want the dollar too strong, the dollar is too strong. >> at a is today -- >> i got it i got it the reason for that is exactly because he sees trade in context of the world china is leading up a bigger and bigger portion of the american trade deals going around, the world, and they do some believe manipulate the currencies the question is i wouldn't states united states so respond not to try to devalue american currency manually. >> can united states achieve 4% other greatly we have been stuck 2% growth for entire post recession period, is it
8:08 am
practical to think 4% growth rate a sustained basis. >> for couples years possible shouldn't be main objective i love growth an economist the biggest problem that we have is not that only 2, 2 havd percent growth it is all growth in the stop quintile, dr. effectively top fifth american income, dr. has 5% growth rate bottom 4/5 experiencing 0 economic growth rate since day obama obama book office asymmetric growth is the problem. maria: now the idea is that donald trump has gone been selling is if you created an environment where the -- the job concretor's business have a rollback of regulation will create more jobs, helping the bottom level. >> certainty true, and the biggest thing that we have to keep that in mind is not just, large businesses not just small businesses it is new
8:09 am
businesses. . a hundred percent net job a creation from businesses five years old or less think about which he system easy to start oirgs, by the way, not just software for instance, biotech, people putting gutters on houses choo can we do to create entrepreneurships at every level through income, dr. then see country come back. >> for president-elect soon to be president so unpredictable, could he bring predictability and certainty to doing businesss in this skwun o one thing predictable about don conn so far he is completely unpredictable. >> that is not good if you want to operate a business, or even -- >> yeah, to be sure, let's keep that in mind that people think that somehow barack obama was really predictable, no. policies uncertainty problem without 50 basis points off gdp growth past 8 years, this
8:10 am
has been a on the of polls did not know what orders were coming down completely up democratic way changing the regulatory environment no 3459 what donald trump tweets unlikely more in predictable than o. >> that is not frolic. >> that is my -- >> tax reform, and the revision of affordable care act shouldn't that be bipartisan don't you need both sides onboard if democrats don't get onboard doesn't ma mean maybe 4, 8, 12 years down the road everything trump does is wiped out. >> wouldn't that be great if we could actually find people in the middle democrats in senate you know that is a good idea what president trump is doing not the environment we find ourselves, we can we can cast blame however we like, you know in point of fact, president obama kicked off his administration saying i am you know i won, you lost. this is the way it is going to go down people are so
8:11 am
unbelievably politically polarized not clear republicans can do anything with enact support people are just in their con% at this particular point, i hope they can do something in bipartisan way i don't know if possible. >> what about day corporate america sems. >> line with jobs one-billion-dollar investment in u.s. factors from associated press hyundai going to invest 3.1 billion dollars in u.s. into american plants, this is on the heels of he carrier and ford others, is he approaching this the right way in your view. >> look, more jobs, for people who have been language wishing 8 terrific one-off deals not getting if job done you need academy system in by jobs are created the president even knows about it or not means we need tax reform regulatory reform, reform how presidential orders go down what i believe they plan to do
8:12 am
i hope they plan to do. >> should he browbeat companies like ford carrier, others in -- into keeping vote. in united states and creating jobs in united states or should he stay out of that. >> that is called moral suasion for the longest time a good accompaniment to good policy not substitute for good policy only o breaux receipting companies only moral assayion not accompanying policies that bring jobs to the united states economic growth symmetric to united states would be the be each have. >> don't they call it industrial policy. >> they do if not backed up with good policy. dagen: industrial policy insult, it means government overreach what we've had the last 8 years. >> the industry and company matters -- dagen: government interference. >> exactly right if all donald trump were going to do was browbeat individual companies into not moving plants overseas, by the way, if he did that, the little guys not
8:13 am
visible would go overseas as fast as they could while getting still good didn't back up with a good policy to create incentives for companies to stay and create jobs here we could probably put it in that category i don't believe we have to going to do that. >>. dagen: donald trump was asked in "the wall street journal" interview skier. >> column in paper about activating about individual companies, and he said i am not in the weeds i am setting a tone for hundreds of companies so he is literally dictating when policies would potentially be. >> -- by twitter, okay. >> twitter and also, naming individual companies out. >> trying to create environment he again you kind of center of these incentives can't just be being embarrassed on twitter they have to mae making juice worthwhile for companies to want to stay in america create jobs. >> that is what he is trying to do his plan and gop request house plan bottom line will it get tone grover norquist said he thinks tax reform done within first six months.
8:14 am
>> tax reform a big priority the first thing we're going to probably see donald trump rolling back erasing parts of the object administration through presidential orders tax reform superhigh priority easier to do than aca repeal i think tax reform is going to happen paul ryan kevin, complete committed i think most together with incoming trump administration i wouldn't be surprised to see more economic growth. maria: we will leave it there greatest to have you. >> thanks. >> come back soon. >> welcome to washington. maria: thanks we will be right back, stay with us.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
braeth brow. . maria: welcome back, we are watching earnings this morning investors looking at earnings from another major bank cheryl casone with details, cheryl over to you. cheryl: banks coming in we've got morgan stanley right now reporting better-than-expected he quarterly results he posting a strongest 4th quarter profit since financial crisis shares up nearly 1% in premarket as you can see there, let's look at united health group earnings per share topping expectations largest u.s. health insurer strength in pharmacy benefit management business better results this court stock premarket higher, and coamericaa jumping more than 40% from a year ago, beating the streets estimate, the dow, less money for bad loans cutting expenses up more than 2 1/2% one-year chart for you
8:18 am
a gain over the last year, as you can see. headlines that controversial painteding k depicting police officers as pigs is leaving the capital for good! the architect of the capital in charge of the building says painting violates building rules will be removed today, the painting created by high school student, and organized by democratic congressman clay of st. louis several on separate occasions removed painting back-and-forth says it is offensive we say for more courtroom dave rick earth on making money with charles payne 6:00 pm eastern on fox business network. >> some parents, are outraged following reports of mold inside -- a popular toy for baebz one woman cleaning toy smefd something musty cut it open black mold inside parents
8:19 am
are posting mold inside toy pictures on amazon we should say gentrify avenue 25 dollar toy advertised as made in france with natural materials, no response, from the poison's manufacturer yet. >> this is something you probably never see i have never seen this skating across a frozen lake with help of his chainsaw, used a drone to capture the video, guy skimming across eyeings planned it at least wearing a helmet on video youtube, excuse me last week has been seen nearly 5,000 times all he is using to be clear i sane chau propelling him, all you need across ice in alaska a chainsaw good pair of boos. maria: beautiful pictures thank you so much, he president-elect donald trump tweeting again, this morning, and we've got tweet what is he saying. dagen: same people did phony election polls so wrong, are now doing approval rating
8:20 am
polls they are rigged just like before. riggeding. >> cnn, ro.c. poll we know got it pretty wrong during election. maria: he they did, i thought what mark penn said earlier was important right on people may not agree with of his personality but like his policies, and they like president obama's permit but don't like his policies. what do you think? >> i -- i think that we have trump going after the polls now, if he gets a honeymoon in ratings go up we will see tweeting things about -- dagen: mark words stock market great instant poll you talk about things that investors care about so many uncertainty will blow up you have to own it. >> stock market will fall if he starts saying that is rigged too. >> love baby boomers pulling out retirement money not by
8:21 am
choice new law requiring mandatory 401(k) wraurlz, big tobac tobacco. back in a minute. bat.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> bat. . maria: welcome back, pulling retirement money "the wall street journal" this morning reporting baby boomers mandatory withdrawals from 4010 ks i.r.a.s in full force this year u.n. ambassador brewer group ceo, improper great to see you. >> good to be here. >> thank you for joining us, so u.s. law requires anybody who is 70 and one half years old or older, to begin taking money from your 401(k) and ira, oldest baby boomers crossing that threshold what a does this mean in shift in
8:25 am
cash being with a us through it. >> a law got passed in 1986, once you turn 70 and one half years old, it is a mandatory that you take withdrawal so what you are going to see, obviously influx tax revenue why law was in place. but really seniors have three options reinvest money spend it, or do you gift it that is the only choices that you have, so what you see across the board is with the increase in the market overall, really offset taxes for seeing this not feeling hit as bad if you saw a deadline i think you would see a lot more seniors, looking at different ways to allocate that money. >> you talked about three routes which way do you see people going if they spend it could be a really big impetus to the economy economic growth do you see people doing that or is it more holed on to money keeping it in market. >> putting in mattress -- >> rate money markets. >> giving it to kids.
8:26 am
>> you know with rising health care costs in a different health care positions, in our country i think irgoing to see seniors putting money towards health care, obviously the -- life expectation is changed i think right now 85 years old life expectation back in 86 life expectation 8 o years old a jump so people living longer obviously you have to allocate your funds, in a different way, so you know, there is not one way that going to approach this some in better financial condition will probably reinvest money but i tell you markets going to feel pain financial, because you are going to see dramatic decrease in if fees i think i saw a -- a story, over 10 trillion dollars in if savings account retirement across the board in america, big numbers. maria: you are talking about etf's next funds chg changed the game for hedge fund mutual
8:27 am
fund managers the individual gets it why am i paying 20% when in fact etf did better than that index funds. >> no doubt i own a investment advisory plan reing allocated a big portion more cost-effective for your clients, so i think the market is really moving that way, you will see advisory firms for service mined will be the ones that collect the assets, because people don't want to just pay you to sit in a position they want you to service them earn a money. >> are baby boomers -- if they don't withdraw money. >> believe it or not, most don't know about it. >> how do they find out. >> good financial advisory. >> allocate money when you see the economy where it is this market where it is how would you be allocating money talk to seniors forced to take money want in it the market. >> dividend yield king stocks i think right now, you see, a robust economy in america so stick with blue chips with
8:28 am
safe bets, and just continue to be smart, don't take too much risk. maria: we leave it there jack great to see you see you later in the show, because we know you are football royalty want to get into that as well jack brewer we will be back with you trump effect america's largest administrator a hiring spree ahead of inauguration day bill belichick hilarious response to latest technology trend. you got to hear this. back in a minute. at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied.
8:29 am
and always working to be better.
8:30 am
8:31 am
charlotte. . maria bartiromo with special coverage live from the washington, d.c. . maria: welcome back live from washington nation's capital i am maria bartiromo he happy you are with us tuesday, january 17, top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, jobs coming back to america, general motors hundredday to announce plans. >> this as walmart promising to add 10,000 new jobs coming to the usa, president-elect donald trump is set to meet with ceo of boeing today to talk about the cost of air force one. >> we've been meeting with a lot of companies, but what really is happening is the word is now out. that when you want to move your plant to mexico or some other place, and you want to fire all of your workers from
8:32 am
michigan and ohio, and all these places that i won, for good reason, not going to happen that way anymore. >> not going to happen latest on plans to bring jobs to america coming up, confirmation hearings continue on capitol hill the pike for education secretary betsy devos undersecretary nominee set to be grilled we are breaking down what to expect from tie and rest of the week hearings major deal not to bako sfrooi bat sweetens officer to krier full control of reynolds america to 49%, the deal 49 billion dollars will create largest public tobacco company president-elect donald trump moving markets weighed in on strength of the dollar in interview with "the wall street journal", today, he said the dollar is quote too strong, and it is killing us. take a look at dollar versus international currencies all
8:33 am
higher versus the dollar today under selling pressure set tone for equities check markets down expecting a decline at open 50 points nasdaq s&p 500 also under selling pressure today, in europe, stocks are, theresa may speaking last hour saying britain many have a cleanbreak from european union, the ft 100 traded lower after the speech down almost 1% right now, on ft, the other averages weaker the dax actually is off of the loss as cac quarante in paris one nba star lacing up for president obama sneakers setting curry used to honor you goting he commander in chief bill belichick the gaffes coming up this mornings, big business be aware president-elect donald trump meeting with boeing co again today, to talk about air force one this comes as he explained why he twists
8:34 am
business arms in a recent "the wall street journal" interview want to bring in billionaire investor paul mitchell cofounder and chairman ed renaissancey with us former mcdonald's usa ceo thank you for joining us gentlemen. >> good morning, maria. >> love you guys out there. >> well we're happy to have you this morning, you know, i both have been in business a long time, so i want to get your take on donald trump's approach john let me kick off with you your take on president-elect trump's approach in terms of calling out business, if it doesn't look right to him. >> i happen to like that, i think that is something that is really, really cool i may disagree with demeaner but some are very good for american people what i also like the announcements that are being made now these are already -- may be not because of donald trump, but major companies walmart, gm going with plans they already have, to create more jobs, because they feel the economy is much better. what he is doing with some
8:35 am
other companies want to build plants elsewhere putting american workers first that is a pretty cool thing i am excited about it i think a good start for american people need jobs we need a lot of jobs, solve a lot of problems. maria: for a sure, ed you cannot argue with success he had already walmart says going to be creating 10,000 jobs, this year. most from planned store options in e-commerce you are -- macdonald usa a public company, so you may have a different perspective because when you are running a public company -- and you see the stock move on the president-elect's comments, maybe a different story how do you see it? >> well i think donald trump is doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign, put america first we are a sovereign nation, we need to take care of our he people, create jobs, make america great again, and korps and citizens and unions better wake up going to have to get
8:36 am
out of bed early in the morning work hard alday make america great i think doing what he should do living up to promise not going to be perfect human like all the rest of us going to the ramp on himself once in a while but he is my president i am backing him one hundred percent. . >> you are a proud supporter and nice to hear particularly in the face of all people who are like boycotting, and pushing back on him, confirmation hearings are happening forsake education nominee betsy devos interior second nominee ryan zinke, support thes fighting back at teaches union after union -- what roll is wealth of president-elect nominees playing in this scrutinize they are receiving, once again you are getting the pushback from the dems that because worked hard whole life made money created wealth you are not appropriate for the job? >> you know, i starting my
8:37 am
life as a schoolteacher in high school, and the reality of it is our school system is failing miserably, i think charter schools where african-americans have choice, that they can send kids to the best school, is going to be nothing but great for this country. and unionize in charge of teachers too long look at failure schools miserable condition, in every central city in the united states look at new york, chicago, look at l.a., these schools are delawaresspicable condition trump going to fix them his nominee for secretary of education, couldn't be better. >> j.p. what do you think -- >> -- my take is that he talked about people that have money getting into office. many people that have made it and american dream came true financially sound, want to do things to help others come along. so i think it is a great idea especially people with that kind of a background to want
8:38 am
to go in and go into public service, to be of service to a country try to do something really, really good, people like this are very successful, want a good end result not just a position that has influence i think really, really good americans have a great places i lope the other side give people a chance may be dedicate experience very successful to making our country better that is wonderful. maria: you know what i love about this guy for the last 8 years we have been hearing, the financieriishingr pointing h bad business not paying fair share for the first time in a long time we are going to see, if this approach works we will see we are going to watch this we are going to see, to growth actually moves, 3 1/2 to 4% level with businesspeople coming out saying let's create a environment for business that is more attractive they will follow on that, with creation of jobs.
8:39 am
and there is this feeling mentality taking place across the country right now, let me ask you in california ed maybe you want to weigh in peter thiel apparently milling a run for the governor of california. california historically blue state, john, ed let me kick it off with you john you are in california what are chances of turning that state red if he were to run what do you think his chances are. >> i think that is very unique situation. he is a republican. he went for trump only 30% population voted, however there is something else else in here. he is extremely smart, the guy is a good success pattern behind him i happens to be gay. now california is very, very liberal i think because got a o shot at it especially the fact he did so many good things in business once again, here is multibillionaire also very philanthropic to do
8:40 am
something good for state california has to the done a very good with budges went in the hole a little bit there, but i think a man like this could possibly turn it around this guy is deserving indefinitely good chance, i think you know again, has a couple good things going for him in california even though not heavy republican state i think a good chance. >> ed how do you he see it. >> the man is obviously very smart, he is very capable, krae is a train wreck right now they have got more issues than you can being shake a stick at they have a good smart business guy, thinking s tacts fattic concerned welfare of the people i didn't know he was gay could carry less it is a mess needs good leadership. >> a strong executive, also got courage leadership, i love what he did, in terms of gawker as well, he really took
8:41 am
a stand, and held firm, j.p., ed good to see you thanks very much. >> thank you love you. >> thank you. right back at you love you back coming up dozens of democrats protesting president-elect offering ins stuart varney has a thought on that going to weigh in on show of dissent to the great usa a global tobacco powerhouse british american tobacco rolling up rest of reynolds whooping 49 billion dollars, back in a minute. 23rd major title in melbourne,
8:42 am
says she is not focused on making history. >> right now nothing to lose, every match every point is really playing for fun i get to attractively world do what i do by those play tennis great arena so i think self-motivating. >> we've got you covered from down under live coverage from melbourne of 6:00 pm eastern. introducing conduent. one of the largest business process companies in the world. whether it's in health care, customer care, technology, transportation or government. we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from the opening bell for tuesday market lower this morning, this is off the lows of the morning, by the away still expecting a weaker opening for the dow jones industrial average and nasdaq, at the bone 45 minutes, we are taking a look at a big m&a situation this morning, reynolds american to watch brib american tobacco agreed to 49-billion-dollar deal to acquire remaining stoke it
8:46 am
does not own it is going to do this rollup creates world's largest tub tobacco company a shareholder in reynolds since 2004 stock higher today 43 lawmakers count them 4 now vowing to boycott inauguration of president-elect donald j. trump in protest of presidency stuart varney joins me more than 40 medium you've got to say coordinated. >> i think it his 3 democrats from congress, will not be attending 43, the inauguration the list is growing, about that means, one in five democrats in congress will not -- house democrats i should say will not be going to the inauguration there are threats to drup the inauguration, from velt protesters, you add all this together you also remember that congressman john lewis said president trump
8:47 am
will not be a legitimate'scy you are are undermining you are a democracy everybody has right to protest nobody denying that you you have the right to previous to youe got it the way things are going on now we are undermining we are ur democratic institutions a real problem i think time for cooler heads to prevail some democrat should stand up and say it is over we lost, let's cooperate with the incoming president effect his policies get on with bits of government that is what should happen but not going to happen, i think our democracy is suffering. maria: i think this is basically a blow-up of the people nobody warranties personal tit-for-tat fighting going on people want to see policies get implemented tax reform rollback regulations what they voted for, repeal replace obamacare instead, fighting with each other.
8:48 am
>> i will say one thing, more we talk about it we give their protest legitimizes they are is to insecure hollywood celebs do do the don't want to not be at party more pile on with protests. >> you don't like the way he looking speaking going to the -- come back tell that to soldiers in iraq, afghanistan. >> donald trump -- >> go ahead stuart. >> if donald trump enjoys a degree of success, with his policies, over the next 10 years, 2 -- democrats are test. >> doing same tit-for-tat, toe-to-toe with john lewis with anyone disagrees with him as much a function of the environment that we live in, as it is of democrats. >> i am glad you brought john lewis up interesting media
8:49 am
writes it headlines all day yesterday were donald trump attacks civil rights leader icon as as if he didn't start it he dent take anything away from what john lewis has done in lifetime. >> media very mart part of this later on i am going to show you the list of editorials in today's washington to have the you four editorials poor contempt really it is contempt for donald trump. >> in extreme right there throughout the media, egging on the left delegitimizes we are watching you thanks join stuart "varney & company" every day after "mornings with maria" stu up after the show more evidence that bill belichick is one of the greatest nfl coaches ever hilarious reresponse to
8:50 am
newfangled social media trends funny, back in a minute. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back, cavs against warriors in a o rematch nba finals jared with highlights and more jared. >> not many highlights from the defending champion cavs good morning, let's go to oakland california oracle arena cavs found themselves down 29 halftime curry a 3 one of five three-pointers watch warriors level lebron james lebron reacts like hit by a tractor trailer gren a flagrant foul mocks lebron james for overreacting does mys raeks check outkicks special edition, three sneaker
8:54 am
sether would last night martin luther king worries one by 29, a unique parting gift from cubs presented the president a white sox fan he is with his number 44 cubs jersey another 44 sign from the wrigley field scoreboard, get a lifetime pass cubs games at wrigley offer for midnight parting from cubs president epshteyn from stched from white sox to cubs president said -- the president was also gifted executive office sneakers by dexter fowler, costume brand president signature, sunday's packers cowboys game most watched play of game in nfl history 48 1/2 million views on fox, over 11 million more than nbc between steelers and chiefs, after that game, pitts burring antonio brown recorded 1 minute long video inside
8:55 am
locker room mike to many lip unaware transmitted on facebook, patriots koch bill belichick asked about the social media stunt this is what bill belichick had to say, as i know i am not on -- snap face i don't get those i am worried about getting our team ready to go, as you know -- i am really not too worried about what they put on this chat whatever it is i patriots host steelers sunday. >> how is belichick. maria: i loved it i loved it we all loved it -- snap face nickname for when i don't get enough sleep. >> love it, jack brewer with us what did you think about that stay with us jared. >> how you doing, i thought it was great you know, when you look at -- [laughter] i can't stop laughing, but that is typically of belichickne of
8:56 am
a ki i think but right, you know, the social media, you keep it outside of the he locker room when you bring it back into the locker room what happened with antonio brown totally disrespects entire team family, i know he regrets doing. >> hilarious words that he used, jared all this keep social media out of the locker room they need technology to law or in viewers younger viewers. >> they do. companies pay a lot of money for broadcast rights he they were still in postgame coverage imagine in a large meeting, and your secretly recording sending out to the world, it seems to me brown put himself in front of his team that he was bigger than this, and you can imagine forward probably won't be happening. >> how much that is going to bother his teammates. >> big time, really. you know i am good friends with ryan, espn analyst he summed it up you know when you are in that locker room you are a family your coaches
8:57 am
don't say same things in the locker room as in front of cameras. >> somebody with phone up live broadcasting i am taking that phone and you are not getting it back. >> that is in locker room or restaurant? >> exactly, in ladies room. >> the bad part about it he actually wasn't in front of the coach he was behind coach he was very goodideoing himself far. >> keep up snap face instant chat. >> thank you. >> catch jared sports fox news 24-7, we will be right back final thoughts from all-star panel. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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>> my thanks to everyone. stuart, over to you. stuart: we've never seen anything like this before. contempt for the 45th president and backlash for supporters. one day's worth of headlines. trump doesn't know black america. trump doesn't get any respect because he hasn't earned anything. the media contemptuous three days before the inauguration.


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