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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 19, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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show like that, great people, the essence of america which can be said of trish reagan who joined me now. trish: we are excited for tomorrow night. you are with "the intelligence report" live from the nation's capital where in less than 24 hours we will welcome the new president of the united states donald trump, the president-elect arriving in dc a short time ago. i can tell you as word leaks today he is preparing to cut government spending and government bureaucracy like we have never seen before. welcome to "the intelligence report". trump arriving on what will become his air force one. got a lot going on today. we will take you there live as soon as they happens and he had to a big welcome celebration at the lincoln memorial. joining me with the latest is
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connell mcshane on the washingtonall. >> reporter: we are watching every movement of the president-elect since he made his way to the nation's capital. it did look very presidential, a military jet, not trump's own private train that let him hear from new york to washington coming down those steps like it would look after tomorrow when he is sworn in. it would be designated air force one blues not today but it would be after tomorrow. from there it was to his hotel. he is on his way to arlington national cemetery later today, at his hotel in washington dc he made some remarks. it wasn't that we didn't know he was going there, but we didn't know if we would get a shot at those remarks, he thanked members of his team and cabinet for all that has got him to this point and he is having downtime with the family before this
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appearance at arlington. the president-elect will be joined in the next hour by the vice president elect mike pence for a wreathlaying ceremony. it was pence who spoke earlier at the transition office here in washington dc about the process he has been heading up that began on the ninth of november but will wrap up in the middle of the day tomorrow. >> i'm especially pleased to the president-elect is pleased we are wrapping up this transition on schedule and under budget. we will actually return some 20% of taxpayer funding back to the us treasury and that is exactly in keeping with the president-elect's expectations going forward. >> the chuckles, the president was using on schedule under budget many times over the years
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in business and in politics by mister trump, borrowing there and from the point throughout the day at arlington national cemetery mister trump will move to the district later in the afternoon for the concert at the lincoln memorial, the likes of toby keith, lee greenwood there so we expect to hear more remarks for the president-elect. at that concert later today. and in the middle of national mall, make the capital down out in the west front of the capital over i left shoulder, we heard my rehearsals underway. everything sounds great and they are getting ready for the big day tomorrow. trish: joining me now is republican commentator mercedes
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shall's. and boris epstein. i will start with you. i want to know something nobody has told us thus far. give something different. >> here is what i can confirm on the west front of the capital president-elect trump will become president trump and vice president elect pence will become vice president pens. i don't have any great surprises for you. trish: all those people in all seriousness there were people immediately after this election that said this has to be reversed, he is not my president and they were holding on to hope that things would change. you are here to assure them it is not going to change, he is the next president of the united states. it is going to happen. >> a great group of people, great leadership, we represent
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the president-elect. a wonderful opportunity to unite the country. trish: tom barrick runs the capital and has been involved in the inauguration process. let me talk about the people donald trump has surrounded himself with. these are people like tom barrick who are not traditional political, look at rex tillerson, no background in politics or steve mnuchin, treasury secretary, someone with a foothold in the business world, goldman sachs and hollywood but no background in politics. this is pretty historic, you are talking people who come from a very different world experience. >> look at the president-elect, she did not get into the race, he got in because he wants to bring change to america.
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and the people he is surrounding himself with, tom barrick did a nderful job. we have a lot of great events starting with a wreathlaying ceremony. trish: we will take you there live. >> the make america great again celebration. then remarks by the president-elect to the american people are so we called everybody around to show up, unite with us. trish: thank you so much and i hope to see you at the military ball. you heard boris talking about how different he is going to be, the president-elect working to cut government spending and shrink our bureaucracy. reports that the commerce, energy, transportation, justice and state department will all see significant cuts in funding in their programs, they will save you the taxpayer $10 trillion over the next we 10
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years. i'm here with her sadie's and richard, there has got to be a certain amount of nervousness because this is not the status quo, you are talking about shrinking the bureaucracy that is washington dc. >> reporter: republican presidents have tried to cut the bureaucracy, streamline the government and failed to a certain extent. the difference is we have donald trump coming into power, he is ready to go in, he brought in a budget -- office of management and budget director, mick mulvaney and they are determined to move forward aggressively in having federal spending reductions which is very much needed. you will see the division between the modera republicans might not agree with these spending cuts. the president will present his budget but congress will come back and counter the offer. it will be more negotiation. trish: some people called on him
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to not use twitter anymore but i think the twitter account and his ability to connect with the american people is going to be very powerful in this process and the reason i say that is what you mentioned, there are some republicans and democrats that will have a fit. they don't want spending reduced. he has to overcome that and with the american people on his side. >> we have seen this before. george w. bush came in with a republican house, republican senate talked about cutting waste, fraud and abuse and he left with deficits much higher than he inherited with government that was much larger than here inherited. is donald trump a different figure? of course. this is his day. i don't pretend to say anything negative about him and we need to cut government considering how much revenues will be cut by virtue of the tax-cut and the spending on infrastructure, military. trish: i hear you. it will be near-term pain but
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the whole here, you know this, you put the money back in the hands of the people, you give them the power and that will expand the economy and compensate for the lack of revenue you are talking about. let's talk about the division everyone talks about, do we have this map? i am always struck by see of red that you see. it is really amazing, just a couple of little blue pinpricks here and there. when hollywood and members of the mainstream media say we are not united we are highly divided, i say take a look, what do they need to know? >> donald trump will put his hand on lincoln's bible, think of president abrah lincoln, we had a war-torn country, it was a
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moment of healing and it was critical for lincoln to bring a new birth of freedom. for donald trump it is symbolic he is doing that. he will send a message of unity to the american people, those who don't agree with him and the protesters are there are willing to give him a chance. the message is about economic growth for all americans and listen to forgotten voices. >> more unified than people think, there are noisy numbers, it will push this narrative, america is divided, they push it throughout the election, anybody the defendant trump as being a racist, a misogynist and islamohphobic, didn't take that
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hard. what i am saying, i am curious to get your thoughts and you are on the left on this are they making too much about this? are they being too pessimistic? is it time for members of the democratic party to move on? >> it is true about the red map, the country is red except for the fact that donald trump got 46% and hillary got 3 million more votes. he won. trish: new york city, los angeles, chicago. >> i think when donald trump, whatever he said at the inaugural address will sound a lot like the very conciliatory speech that he gave on election night about reaching out and on the heels of that we find going after john lewis and meryl streep and his enemies. he talked about his enemies were losers is this is not -- when you win 46% that is not how you
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bring the country together. i am looking forward -- trish: the different approach is republicans for so long have stayed silent but every time the democrats have attacked us for being racist, sest, every name you can imagine we have been attacked and not responded, donald trump to his credit fights back. we got to that to these hearings, president-elect donald trump's most high profile cabinet picks in the hot seat today, rick perry is up for energy secretary and trump's campaign finance chairman steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and democrats trying to paint him as someone who profited off of the housing crisis and thousands of foreclosures and they are accusing him of having offshore account in the cayman islands to avoid taxes. >> didn't you create these offshore entities most americans can take advantage of in order to help your clients who you're
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making money from avoid us taxes? >> not necessarily. this was done so different entities could invest so sometimes it had nothing to do with taxes, had to do with what they could invest and couldn't invest in. >> peter barnes is in dc with the latest on hearings. >> real fireworks at the confirmation hearing, democrats hitting him on revisions, disclosed this morning. disclosure forms show he failed to account for $100 million in personal real estate. multiple places like that hamptons, inadvertently had misunderstood parts of the questionnaire. he does not favor a fight, increasing the debt ceiling at
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$20.1 trillion. >> i will raise the debt ceiling sooner rather than later. w >> grateful for that answer. >> early on in the hearing, republicans and democrats in the senate finance committee got into a fight with each other for tough questions about personal finances from senator wyden, top republican senator pat roberts of kansas turned to senator wyden and said you ought to think about taking a valium and that triggered a bunch of crosstalk as we like to put it politely. trish: who says the hearings are dull. they are pretty exciting spectacle to watch but i want to bring a national council member and number of the finance
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committee, steve cortez. i bring that up, you are well-qualified not to talk about this from a political level but a financial level. steve mnuchin does not fit the box. he doesn't have the typical political background. they are going after him for his goldman sachs connection. walk us through your defense of steve mnuchin. >> he doesn't have political background, i see that as an asset, not a liability. the president-elect doesn't have political background. it is one of the reasons he won, this was the year of the outsider. my favorite book in junior high was the outsiders. when it comes to politics we are the outsiders, stay gold and rely on outside talent, people like wilbur ross and steve mnuchin who are not part of the crony rigged political establishment in this city as beautiful as the city is. to the detriment of working
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americans, has not had a pay raise in this century. that is a tragedy of 2017. one way to do that is smarter policy and smarter leaders. >> when it comes to regulations. >> the gravy train may be over. >> i went to college in the city, love the city, this view behind us is spectacular, four of the five richest counties in america are in the washington dc metro area. that is outrageous, not because they are smarter here or working harder but because they are siphoning off the rest of the country and to our detriment they are acting too much like the capital in the hunger games, the district spoke and it is time for the people to reclaim power. trish: it is going to change
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which people have tried it before. >> it will be hard but if anyone can do this it is donald trump. >> we will be back, lay reset arlington national cemetery, we will have that for you. i will see you right back here from washington dc. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. trish: the president-elect picked for secretary of energy rick perry in the hot seat on capitol hill senate is grilling him over his previous vow to aluminate the department of energy, the department he now wants to head. adam schapiro. lou: this is one of the more polite hearings we have seen for the nominees. there were moments when people laugd but there were serious
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issues to be discussed, not only the nation at energy policy but the role the department of energy plays in overseeing the nuclear stockpile and disposal of nuclear waste. mister perry was grilled on those issues especially the yucca mountain storage facility and also grilled about reinforcing the security of the nation at electric grid. here is what he said. >> ensuring the reliability of the electric grid against cybersecurity attacks. i am committed to undertaking enhanced security measures where necessary, assisting with recovery efforts if those are required, it is a stable source of power. >> mister perry did address in 2011 during a debate, presidential debate when running
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for the nomination, he would eliminate the energy department, and divisions of the energy department it has been leaked, when asked about this, this was a quote he said to the senator, maybe they will have the same experience i had and forget they said that and there is more laughter in the room. trish: he has a sense of humor about it. aids to donald trump already working to fix the nation's broken borders as illegal immigrants flood across the southern border with mexico raising to get here before donald trump takes office. will the president-elect make good on his big promise to build that wall? we will see you here next. process companies in the world. whether it's in health care, customer care, technology, transportation or government.
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we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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trish: a very big day in washington dc. donald trump is going to be laying the reef in a big ceremony at arlington cemetery. we will take you there as soon as it begins as he is promising to start by issuing a handful of executive orders undoing much of what president obama has done during the last eight years, likely targets include pulling out of the transpacific trade deal, wiping out epa regulations, putting an end to many of the president's refugee and immigration programs, all of this as reports from border official, migrants raising to the border to get in before the wall gets built. joining me on whether that wall will happen is american university the negative and resident, ceo of american majority ned ryan. good to have both you guys here, a big couple days. people say too expensive, people will be upset by this, it will never happen. >> you will see something tomorrow, a speech, short
2:27 pm
parade, he will knock out executive orders and i think he will start addressing immigration on day one and mike pence has made this clear, he will -- trish: i have no doubt >>on't think they ll build a 2000 mile longwall. they will build a wall with hundreds of miles and use technology to cover the rest. the promises he made on the campaign trail i think he will move quickly and fulfill, secure the border, deport the violent illegals with criminal records and start dealing with how do we actually fix a broken immigration system and the whole process -- trish: one of -- >> fair way this rule of law, get them right with the law. trish: there is more nuance than people realize, you are a democrat but how do you have a
2:28 pm
country without borders? it is not possible. it is unrealistic for members of the left to say we should welcome everyone look at sanctuary cities, seems at odds with us being a nation. >> we are a sovereign nation and we are defined by borders on a map and the wall is making that line a tangible line in the sand figuratively and literally. this is where it is more nuanced. they have committed violent crimes. we need to approach the issue of immigration regardless of their immigration status with a level of compassion. we don't want to rip families apart. >> the stereotype perpetuated by some.
2:29 pm
>> i agree with you. i believe they will be serious about bringing together democrats and republicans, each branch of government and finding a way to get people to go to the back of the line, pay the fine. >> conservative members in the u.s. house have good creative compassionate and rule of law the deals with this, understand the reality of what has taken place and say people have been in this country for years, have children, put down roots, they are here illegally. how do we get them right with the law and get them on the process of becoming citizens and understand there's a panel to be paid. trish: if he does that -- you think that is a risky is willing to take? >> there will be a backlash but a lot of us that were trump supporters will realize this is the right approach. this is one of those issues that if it is done wrong could be devastating to the republican party moving forward. trish: the teachers union out
2:30 pm
protesting the president-elect and his pick for education secretary. they are furious his plan, they put parents and students first as they should rather than teachers but that is not going over so well with some folks on the union side. we are on it. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempasĀ® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hring or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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the teachers union declaring
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today a day of action. to protest the president-elect that she supports school choice and school vouchers. she must a shakeup are very broken education system. proteste are marching to make all of the city's public schools what they call sanctuary schools. there would be another protest in a little bit which is behind me. earlier today they were actually out at a charter school which is also championed by the secretary of education designee. charter schools are not the answer either. they just had budget cuts and layoffs of teachers. the answer is more money spent on public education. when it comes to the nominee
2:35 pm
for education secretary they point out she has never worked in a public school they say she is anti- public school and what people really want not so much choice but what they want most is to have a good public school in their neighborhood that they can send their kids too. on the six rate school they want to say that schools should be sanctuary schools students should be laboring under the potential threat of someone coming in and scooping them up and deporting them. i know the trump administration has not threatened that but that is what the fear is out here in the community i guess it will be up to him to set it straight on that. thank you very much. georgetownniversy professor. good to have all of you guys here.
2:36 pm
good to have all of you guys here. i think in many parts of this country we have a lousy public school system and that is putting it nicely. something has to change. the answer is not more money for the union how do you change it can you do it right now. the weight you change it is for market-based system of choice give parents the opportunity to make the public schools better and i think that's why unions are missing the boat. they should be working with the department of education and not challenging her. we need choice also. in private schools. to give parents the opportunity to give choice to their children will be in their best interest who will serve their interest in and accountability is a key to a good education. this is something where the left and the right should be able to come together it's
2:37 pm
pretty obvious we want what is best for our children and in many communities the public school option simply is not the best one. the left end of the and the right did come together. they put in a mighty push in included the engaged democrats every step of the way. they went as fars they could go. going as far as the agenda betsy devos is something for unified republican government to handle. it's all a question of priority. he's can have some he thinks he wants to do and i think has his number one focus is job creation. education usually falls through the cracks. through the cracks. at this point it will be a question of where the energy goes. the union's and we been
2:38 pm
running through these numbers. in 2016 they gave hillary clinton hundred $47,000 which may not seem like a lot if they look at how much money they gave donald trump. there is money here on the line. how much of a problem well that be the problem is not going to be democrats. there are democrats like myself and obama and others who have been for more choice. and that is not the question. the question is a lot of people there kids go to public schools. she committed to improving public schools as well as offering choice. >> i look at new york city right now and i can't advocate
2:39 pm
for public schools. this is simple in terms of her being like this. the democrats can protest all those other things. in the end i was surprised by how she performed in her hearing. i thought she would do better. the votes are there there is a question and the conviction right now to get anything done in terms of priorities where you see this. is it something that is year two or year three. the good news about having got competent people there to get the job done. they are bottom-line business people. president trump will give them marching orders.
2:40 pm
they get attention. it doesn't mean work is not been being done that's important point. if she is confirmed she will be able to take the reins and follow the direction of donald trump but public schools are a big part of the success of the american education with children. trish: thank you so much. we have we've a lot more coming up here as we wait on the president-elect will be laying the wreath at arlington cemetery. he is not offering a reason as to why. he praises president obama and all of his double medic accompaniments. ambassador john bolton is joining me next on how different our relations with the world will be as we confront a new president we are back into with the ambassador.
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we are getting ready donald trump he will be laying a wreath at the arlington cemetery where 14,000 american should be happening in just a few minutes from now. as soon as we see the president-elect. in the pages of the new york times. we will leave the criticism aside. when i want to do right now as i is i want to focus on the future. how different are things about to get. good to have you here.
2:45 pm
very different. then what we saw eight years ago but let's not forget the hope and change. people thought things would be different then. what is your expectation for where the u.s. will be in the overall world order. the president-elect has a fundamentally different view of the proper place in the world. in the obama years i think the president and his secretaries of state and his other advisers saw the united states as part of the problem. we were so big, so pushy so successful that we caused others to behave in ways that were harmful to international peace and security. i think that's like looking at the wrong end of the telescope. i think if i have to pick one thing that was significant from the campaign about the trump view is that he wants to rebuild the american military it feeds directly into political strength.
2:46 pm
is tied in with the economy. you can't have a strong presence internationally without a strong . trish: what does it mean for the future right now. rex tillerson, general james mattis, a lot of people that are a stark difference than what we have previously and people that also may not entirely be on the same page all the time. i think the important thing is to have a common world view. agree or disagree. i think the most difficult thing will be to prioritize among many that we see at the moment that are very pressing. it's one of the things that the truck that threatens us. it threatens the other ones in the region and putting
2:47 pm
military bases on. there is a lot of work that needs to be done to keep in mind what things had to be done what is your thought on rex tillerson. i think what his background demonstrates is the capacity to deal with complex problems in on a worldwide basis and i think that's important. there's something to be set for bringing said for bringing people into the government who have not been burdened with government experience. i do think there is a lot to be said for people who approach problems. why had you done it that way in the past and maybe there is a better way to do it. see make the other thing i would say about people and i've covered this. people from the business world
2:48 pm
you can't really tell them that something can't be done. they want to see change and they don't quite have the patience that some may have in an patience is a virtue. i think it's important -ish apartment has its own lture. i think. with the great flexibility.
2:49 pm
good to have you here. donald trump everyone is going to be becoming the 45th president in less than 24 hours. but he is already working pretty hard. we are talking about some major cuts. the people in washington dc are very nervous about. the good news is it will save you more than ten trillion dollars with the intel for you next.
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2:52 pm
see one as i mentioned earlier donald trump and his aides there already working on slashing government spending and that is making big news here in washington dc. the president-elect well were
2:53 pm
talking about commerce, energy the state department that the corporation for public broadcasting could be privatized. in the arts might be eliminated. they could result in a pretty good savings to you in ten and a half trillion dollars. ford o'connell good to see you guys. i think for one it's pretty good news. i look at the wonderful beautiful city behind me and i think it has a lot of extra stuff in it. and perhaps a lot of extra people and he stayed enough. we need to change this. >> the message he sent to washington is tough love and shared sacrifice.
2:54 pm
it is not run efficiently. we need to start making some program cuts. i think it's good to be a task. one of the things you can have to change is a mindset in washington. and then you just had to keep increasing. it has to keep pace with inflation and of gdp is growing this much than spending has to grow this much. my family is lucky enough to make more money in a given year my hope is that i'm keeping my expenses down. the spending part with our budget so this is where you
2:55 pm
have to have confidence. on some of the cuts that he wants. he's neck and had a whole lot of the democrats. he doesn't necessarily need the democrats. there are republicans you're talking about slashing social security there are people that are knocking to take. right now he has a momentum. you tell him what. i'm a new sheriff in town. i'm in a make sure that i can use during reelection. i want to put the american people first.
2:56 pm
the republicans are so afraid of him that they might actually unify. >> he is basically talking about cutting ten and half trillion dollars over the next decade. a similar proposal was put forward. they couldn't get by their own house. donald trump's can have to quarterback this thing. he will come in there and push this. and he has so much -- shown some pretty good leadership. they will be getting their message to their representatives in congress in the senate. thank you so much. >> we will take a quick break. we are going le to arlington cemetery after this.
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trish: with some news breaking
3:00 pm
for you right now. he's issuing another round of commutations. on his last full day in office. of 330 individuals. they had been serving long prison sentences. i hope i see all of you right here tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern i will be covering all of the festivities live from the inaugural ball. we have a fantastic lineup cleaned for you. i will see you tomorrow night at 8:00 for a very big night. >> as busy as you would expect. we have this breaking news. he is crunching numbers. even as he is about to attend big inauguration events. the man who would become the 45h president kicks off the first official step you are looking at a live picture of arlington


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