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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 19, 2017 7:00pm-9:01pm EST

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frank hooks. i do want to say, whether you are a democrat or republican it is in your best interest that donald trump be best president. charles: we say god bless them for their services and god bless america, now here is lou. >> announcer: this is "lou dobbs tonight," live from the nation's capital. lou: we are coming to you live from a very top of the chamber of commerce building in the nation's capitol on this eve of donald trump's inauguration, as our 45th president. it is a festive and extraordinary a atmosphere in this town. mr. trump just moments ago addressing supporters, at a welcome concert outside of the lincoln memorial. >> we're going to make america
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great for all of our people. everybody. everybody throughout our country that is includes inner-cities, that includes everybody. we'll do a special job -- lou: we're counting down now to the inauguration with many of authorize favorite political analysts among them randy evans, matt sclap, and liz peak with us, and tonight steve moore, and leader of trump domestic transition team, ken blackwell, republican lawmakers hard at work today, trying to get as many as trump cabinet members confirmed by senate as possible. but the democrats are you an -- >> president-elect trump is not draining the swamp with his cabinet picks, he is
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filling it up. we expect to be able to vote to general kelly, and general mattis tomorrow. and look forward to beginning debate on congressman pompeo. lou: there you have it. the battle is on. we'll have latest on all of that political contest, that is taking place even as the inaugural mp and circumstance is underway, leading to the president-elect's swearing in tomorrow at noon. president-elect trump making his official arrival in washington today on the eve of his inauguration, the president-elect and future first lady, melania trump, landing at joint base andrews, trading in his luxury aircraft for a considerably more modest military version of boeing c- 32. part of a fleet of military aircraft that become air force
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one when the president is aboard. in a tweet today, trump said this -- >> getting ready to leave for washington, d.c. the journey begins, and i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the american people. i have no doubt that we will together make america great again. and this afternoon, mr. trump, and vice president-elect pence participating in the wreath laying ceremony at articlessen to national cemetery the tomb of the unknown soldier, monument dedicated to servicemembers whose remains have not yet been identified. today mr. trump attended leadership lunch of bringing it in-- bringing together inaugural officials. he made reference to location of the events, trump international hotel in washington, d.c.
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>> where is this? this is a beautiful facility. lou: coming mr. trump, pence and other officials scheduled to attend a candle light dinner, with campaign donors. and pomp and circumstance continues through evening, gianting me to talk about latest, columnist for fiscal times, lid liz peak, and matt schlap . the city is filled with a sense of change, there is, when you look at national media you would think there was a great battle raging, between the left and the right. and there is, but down that
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way and then toward the capitol. nearly every other quarter of the city there is an particular of something better ahead. >> an exciting atmosphere, i went to the mall this afternoon, and watched from of the success ceremony -- welcome ceremony, people were so excited to be there literally, as a picture of donald trump would show up they were on their feet screaming and yelling, this is very exciting. i think flip sid flip side this say moment of seriousness, people are i think very interested this see what donald trump can do. this is a real change in the given order of politics in america. i think this is fascinating. i was thinking today looking back, first cabinet was note is dissimilar. people of success.
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all we hear from democrats how terrible that is, being a billionaire is a disease that you hope you don't catch. >> i want to catch it. >> i wouldn't mind. lou: it is the stuff of which the american dream is constructed. opportunity to hit it big, to provide at very least for children who will have better lives. under this administration that concludes at noon tomorrow, obama administration, that dream has been lost for so many millions of americans, matt. and there is the expectancy on part of this president-elect he will be able to, as he said, we together, will be able to make america great again. this after hearing in his last official news conference. president, mr. obama, again, first person reference 40
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times, it is extraordinary. and mr. trump, talking in terms of all of us, he is so inclusive in his language. and his policy, it is a remarkable change. and i understand that this is the honeymoon moment, for donald trump. as he prepares. >> it is appropriate you are in washington for this i think it is wonderful, and just delicious that wre at the top of u.s. chamber of commerce, i had to say that one more time, for your viewers. maybe that says it all, they are changing. but -- >> we care about commerce. lou: matt is referring to chamber of commerce, and the business over last decade 1/2, considerable discussions about and arguments about the proper role for and responsible role for corporate america and responsibility to protect, and
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to propel the middle class, and all whos spire to it and tom donohue, allowing me to be here. and our faithful viewers, i am wearing my credentials tonight, i am not quite welcome in the swamp yet. >> everything is being questioned. what i love about this cabinet, as that not just do donald trump but many people he picked and their connecticut first may be -- confirmation hearings, there are basic questions, a lot of people are cynical asking, why are they asking these basic questions, because he have lost our way in almost every conceivable topic. if people is what is federal government role in this ser that i love it, it is lock overdue. lou: there was a complete
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misreading by republicans and democrats in elect of 2016, middle east of republican orthodox and eathletes talking about -- elites saying that republicans better embrace illegal immigration, and behe bine free trade at any cost, and you have to be a sensitive caring ropa dope phony this is the year of donald trump. if you talk about delec delicious irony, that is a wonderful irony that donald trump exposed and changed calculus for i believe the next decade. >> i think that is true, can you imagine converytation is like in davos, i think about people there. >> it will be boring. lou: but the topics like how did this happen. and i don't think they have any one there who was involved in this.
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>> are there any deplorables in davos. >> it kind of comical. they are opposed to everything that is going on. lou: anthony scar scare -- scaramucci i ran into him. because of their meeting immediately left decided this is a violation of sanctions against russia to have a discussion may not have aimed to much more than how are you, i am fine. how are you? i digress. but going after scaramucci because he did this. >> this is hypocrisy. lou: i asked his reaction, he
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said, this is real swap here. is that this kind of venal, my words not his -- venal. it has to be drained. >> you could see it look at optimism now rising about business sentiment and consumer sentiment with 10 year highs, donald trump's personal ratings are not good. why because the media has not given up on this daily assault on everything he has done. >> those polls on personal characteristics don't matter. do you know what is off charts donald trump's approach on issues, if he sticks to the issues it will work. lou: gallup poll, his improvement in each of those elements, you are right, i think we should remind everyone, this -- these polls
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are same polsters who poll in addition to november 8, and they were dead wrong. they have not improved that much in short time, i am sorry to report. i do think it important to note, we'll going to talk more about fake news, but we have to run, great to see you liz, and matt. >> thank you >> thank you. lou: hpy inaugural. >> yes. >> good to be here. >> time to celebrate. lou: i life to visit. >> -- i love to visit. >> we're hours away from president-elect trump's inauguration, here in dc a massive security operation in place, law enforcement officials taking special precaution ahead of these festivities. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with our report, this is a big area with hundreds of thousands of people in watch over, your report?
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reporter: well, that right, lou, security is intense because of the protest. and dynamic threat where cars, trucks and drones can be used as weapon, tonight fox news is only television in reporting live from multiagent communique center, i am going to step aside. you can see the mack is up and running and fully operational, if you look closely, you can see the individual workstations, that there are 47, one for each agency that is involved in this security plan, they are working side by side, sharing information. and if there is a specific and credible threat or an incident there is an intelligence surge that comes into the communication center, so that key decisions can be made. during this inauguration, there will be a hardens security perimeter, they will use trucks with salt, sand, and cement, a direct response
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to the isis inspired terrorist plots in france and germany, where terrorists use trucked as weapons to no now down -- mowdown civilians, secret service has been doing drills with drones. the secret service has the ability to detect drones and bring them down. what concerns you most? >> everything concerns me, a constant battle to stay in front of intelligence we hear and any new effecterrin emerging threats that might be outhere. reporter: the mac will be up and running through the very last event for the inauguration when then president trump returning to the white house. lou: thank you so much.
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up next fireworks today, at confirmation hearings of donald trump's cabinet choices. this is a parts of what he went through today. >> senator widen, i have a valium pill here you might want to take before the second round. lou: that was senator pat roberts, admonishing the members of senate, widen from oregon, who was getting very exercised in his questioning. we'll take that up with randy evans next. we're coming to you live from nation's capitol for donald trump's presidential inaugural, stay with us, we'll be right back with much more.
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lou: two more confirmation hearing today for president-elect trump's cabinet, steve mnuchin, and rick perry, mnuchin defending his financial past when
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pressed by some senators, whether he took advantage during home foreclosure crisis, mnuchin said nothing could be farther from the truth. >> perry meanwhile sidestepped converse or tried to address his 2011 remarks saying he would abolish the energy department. >> my past statements, made over 5 years ago about abolishes department of energy, do not reflect my current thinking, after being briefed on so many vital function of the department i regret. lou: randy evans good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: you have been busy traveling, and getting a lot done, i know. >> just a little. lou: i am sure have you been watching every moment of this i would say today's festivities went well. >> i think the confirmation
7:21 pm
proceedings are exceeding expecting, because american people are getting to hear people talk common sense, and say, hey, i changed mind, i heard data and i listened to it i keep telling you we'll see a contrast between politics of personal destruction where they go after people personally and politics of merit, where people talk about when they think. lou: a quick repost that senator chuck schumer, and i think, starting his nonsense about a swamp cabinet, i think about maybe pinching his nose or tweaking his ear. >> i thought to myself, this is a swamp senate panel who democrats decide they are going to boycott the inauguration. what would that be? the swamp gets up and leaves? that -- i mean, they started with partnership --
7:22 pm
partisanship with affordable care act, and they have conditioconfirmation hearings along port sa partisan lines prefusing to listen to answers? >> i want to get, if you would, get that sound bite that exchange between senator al frank en and governor rick perry it is a priceless moment, in midst of this swamp as randy says. and the contendtion, of some senators as they attack president-elect trump's nominees. can we have that? let me know -- do we have it ready? i got a yes, and a no. >> can i say this, you had to think to yourself, when donald trump said i'm going to drain the swamp, and you watch democrats abandon the inauguration. my god, he is drin draining
7:23 pm
the swamp there they go. lou: we're going to bring them back for a return appearance, how soon can we have it? if can i ask? we'll have it in a mew few minutes. >> that is good. lou: so rick perry seems to be moving ahead, mnuchin had a terrific hearing today. handled himself well. other circumstances there would have been a few senators including widen i would have -- >> i agree. i thought nikki haley had a good confirmation. lou: they were straight forward. >> yes. lou: and i think also that we're going to see sessions no matter what schumer said. schumer is an aggravated sucker. what do you do with him? you have been in this swamp a long time, what do you do with that critter?
7:24 pm
>> i remember dick gephardt, and nancy pelosi when newt gingrich was speaker, and speaker hastert, their job is to be no, to say no, to say no to anything and everything. no matter how reason able it is. lou: that is pretty dumb, isn't it? >> it is, but it is what they do best. lou: is there a solution to it? >> tactic to be anti-trump this is it, they are not trump. at the end of the day when will happen is donald trump will be measure -- >> that sound bite, listen to this. it is a lighter moment in midst of this silly nonsense that randy is describing. >> thank you so much for coming to my office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you are as much fun on that dais as you are on the
7:25 pm
couch. >> well -- >> maybe i rephrase that, sir. >> please. please. please. oh, my lord. oh, my lord. >> well i think we found our "saturday night live" sound bit bite. lou: al franken looked to me like, a fellow you wish he had not tried to be such a clever a cute fellow as it turned out. i thought perry handled himself terrifically and retail politician he is with a great sense of humor showing. >> i thought that rick perry returned frank en to his roots, he is a comedian, i think that rick perry returned him back to where he startd. >> randy evan thank you, up
7:26 pm
next president-elect trump has labeled cnn as fake news. and has coiderable support -- >> you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance. >> go ahead. >> sir. >> quiet. she is asking a question. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude. >> you can give us a question. >> i am not giving you a question. you are fake news. lou: cnn now going to new lows in coverage. a extraordinary moment, in that network history, we'll have that for you. a lot more straight ahead in our special coverage of trump's upcoming inauguration.
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lou: donald trump called cnn fake news, and cnn is under fire for a shocking segment it aired
7:31 pm
on an assassination scenario involving the president-elect. the situation room, hosted by wolf blitzer airing this report from contributor brian todd. developing now, disaster could put obama cabinet member in oval office. here is part of it. >> due to a quirk in america's rules for succession, questions we remain who would be in charge if an attack hit the president, vice president, and congressional leaders as the transition of power are under way. next in line is the house speaker, then the president protem of the senate. what if something happened to them, too. then it goes down the list of cabinet secretaries, starting with secretary of state. lou: cnn just posted a job
7:32 pm
opportunity for a reporter to cover what they describe as a wave ofake ns. washington times opinion editor charlie hurt, byron york. charlie, i have never seen anything like that. so insensitive and repugnant. i can't even man cnn, even with the depths of it ideological depravity stepping so low. >> i find myself connoisseur of bad reporting and what you might call fake news from highly established outfits like the "new york times." i have never seen anything as reckless and stupid and dangerous and misguide as that cnn report.
7:33 pm
and i have to say, it was terrifying -- it's such a dangerous thing they put out there that a reporter didn't come up with this. wolf blitzer didn't come up with this. this came from the top. that's the only way somebody at cnn could have thought of getting away with this. if someone else thought of this, jeff zucker would have thrown them out of his office and said are you insane? you can on assume this must be zucker's ideas. >> this is something you have to be really careful about. when you are on television, generally in the news the business -- the idea has been if you talked about the assassination of a president it was because someone had been arrested, maybe a plot had been uncovered. you don't just make it up. they just made up this entire scenario about this on this inauguration day. we would have to go back and
7:34 pm
check to see if they have ever done anything like this before, by the was really extraordinary. >> it would only give them a history of poor judgment and reckless conduct. this is so awful, i can't manage the board of time-warner, those executives at times warner, toll rating this nonsense. to your point, charlie. this is the stuff for which careers should be interrupted. and jeff zucker, this didn't go on the air without approval. >> remember the end of the story was somehow the obama administration would kind of stay in power if this were to be the case because we don't have a republican secretary of state which is where the line succession goes after president, vice president, speaker, house and president's protem of the
7:35 pm
senate. that was kind of the end scenario, that the obama administration doesn't have to give up power. >> when i got to that part of the story it made me wonder, is cnn in cahoots with chuck schumer and the democrats? is that why they haven't confirmed any of the cabinet nominees? when we dealing with fake news like this, what are we left to believe? >> and the hiring of valerie jared's daughter has the justice department correspondent who has never reported before and decided she would be perfect for the trump justice department. >> in the past there has been al offices and the press. and most of it is democrats going into the media. >> some of them have had great
7:36 pm
careers like tim russert who worked for a democrat before he went to abc. take george receive ope stephan. lou: one of the most partisan warriors sitting behind a news desk. >> who knows what cnn is up to. but it does strike me -- it's like they are the democrats, they are so desperate, struggling for relevance, they are willing to say anything and do anything just to get attention. >> attention they have gotten. now we'll see what the consequences are. up next, vice president-elect pence telling reporters the transition process came in on time and under budget with 20% of taxpayer funding going right
7:37 pm
back to the u.s. treasury. when is the last type this happened. >> he's a businessman who knows how to sharpen his pencil. i'm pleased to report we were able to do that and restore those dollars to the treasury. lou: steve moore joins us next. we are live in the nation's capitol. donald j. trump becomes the next president of the united states tomorrow. we've done well in lif, with help from our advisor, we made it through many market swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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lou: we are coming you to live tonight ahead of the inauguration of our 45th president. mr. trump is looking to cut $10.5 trillion in government spending over the next decade. that according to a report on the hill saying they are proposing dramatic funding cuts and eliminating programs in a number of departments including commerce and energy. steve noor, it's great to have you here. >> this is so awesome. what a view we have here. lou: it's our pleasure. we couldn't have managed a year
7:42 pm
and a half ago that thi this is where we would be. >> or you would have an incoming president who wants to cut $10 trillion out of the budget over the next 10 years. one-third of the federal employees said they are going to walk out. that's one-third right there. it's easy. but this is serious stuff. republicans want to cut taxes. they want to increase spending on the military and infrastructure. that means almost everything else is going to have to get cut. there is a report a couple months ago by the federal government's own authors. 1$165 billion of erroneous and fraudulent payments under medicare, medicaid and food stamps.
7:43 pm
>> there is an improvement. but 165 billion. i doubt there are many people watching and listening to us tonight who don't know this government doesn't work. >> everyone knows that except the people here. >> all the folks supporting it on k street were saying this. they are saying this right here. >> this will be the test of donald trump. whether he has the meddle and the spine to go after k street. i have been here for 30 years. ronald reagan tried it, he couldn't do it. lou: i'll make you any bet at any level, donald trump won't back off. i haven't seen any backup in the man. one of the great mysteries here
7:44 pm
is the number of people in this town who can't figure out one reality about donald trump, this personality and character. to this point, before taking the oath of office web's working to deliver on his promises. you have never seen that. i include ronald reagan in that, by the way. no one can be a bigger fan of him. >> when i was coming over here all the roads were closed sow i had to take the metro. tens of thousands of people were around. people were coming up to me and embracing me saying make sure donald trump does what he said he was going to do. there was a little old lady from rhode island. she said we have got to get this done and drain the swamp. the american people are behind donald trump. he will be fighting never this town. >> it's like extracting wisdom
7:45 pm
teeth to cut the budget. lou: i don't mean to suggest it's easy. but what i do mean to suggest to you and everyone, donald trump is an exceptional leader. he's an exceptional man. this is not a fair fight right now. it really is not. the number of billionaires and friends of donald trump who told me, donald trump can't do this when he was running for office. i have been friends with him forever. but this is beyond him. every one of them right now is trying to find out a way to say, hey, good to see you, buddy, we have been pals forever. >> but they want something. lou: they are trying to insinuate their way in and i don't think it's working for them. >> when you have train it swamp that means you have to drain the special interest influence in this town.
7:46 pm
you have to do it through the tax changes and the spending. a lot of regulations and the trade stuff. we have special interest provisions and trade provisions. let's make it a level playing field. lou: think about where we were a year and a half ago before donald trump -- before he entered the race. he set the agenda talking about illegal immigration and trade in real terms. talking about bringing jobs back. every one of the hacks said he can't do it. >> not just the left-wing meade why. right wing as well. lou: most of them are under contract to corporate america. but i think he reignited the spirit. >> i have never seen anything like it. i'm so excited. i want him to gallop out of the gates.
7:47 pm
repealing a lovment orders obama put in place. the american people will cheer him if he does that. >> i certainly would be amongst those -- 10 trillion in cuts over 10 years it can be done. only a businessman who knows how to match revenues with spending, an alien con step in the this town, could pull that off. >> i agree with you. it's interesting to see the chinese from warning donald trump about his exuberance to do the right thing with the american people to maybe we, work it out, to the europeans acknowledging they don't know what the hell they are doing and they are paying stiff penalties for their statism. >> i think he will face resistance from a lot of republicans. they don't want to cut the budget ever. lou: you mean paul ryan?
7:48 pm
>> i'm not naming names here. they have say they do, but they don't. >> you know what? you can lead a horse to water. steve moore. it's great to see you. congratulations. a special evening for you work so hard to bring policy into line. >> i have had the time of my life with this guy. he's a different political leader than i have mean my life. lou report u.s. military conducting airstrikes in libya on president obama's final day in office. we'll talk about the drastic changes ahead. ambassador john bowl stop joins me next. this is special coverage of donald trump's inauguration. america's beverage companies have come together to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie
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lou: breaking news. mexico announced it extradited joaquin guzman to the united states. he has been imprisoned in mexico after escaping through a nunlt previous prison from his cell.
7:53 pm
el chapo is on his way to new york, which is one of several jurisdictions where he faces charges and will be in a super maximum security prison. we are reliably told. joining me, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. john bolton. great to have you with us. all of this is happening in the nation as capital. it's difficult to think of all the new president will face in the way of challenges in foreign policy, including russia, including the islamic state. wee i want to get your we action to a number of those issues. let's begin with the islamic state. barack obama -- and i apologize for the helicopters, but. >> they are on the way, of course. lou: it's amazing the security
7:54 pm
here that's deeply reassuring. but striking isis on the last dave your presidency in this manner, what's the signal here? >> it's one more effort by the outgoing administration to try to structure their reputation. if there was structured information before, they should have acted. to wait his late strikes of fear. i hope they got their targets. but i agree, it's hard to justify it on the 19th of january. lou: the report is 100 isis fighters were killed in those strikes. at the same time russia inviting the trump administration to participate in syrian talks. >> i hope they don't do it. it's a setup. we should not have russia brokering middle east peace talks.
7:55 pm
it's been an objective of american policy to keep the russians out of the middle east. under barack obama they increased their influence to a point greater than they were expelled in the 1970s. lou: the rawians warning trump to not even think about undoing the deal. he said he's the worst deal has ever seen. >> this deal was a strategic mistake for the united states. i would nail it as soon as possible. lou: ambassador john bolton. thank you. appreciate it. lou: obstructionist democrats are receiving some criticism because they are trying to delay the confirmation process of
7:56 pm
donald trump's nominees for his cabinet. we are coming to you live from washington, d.c. our special coverage continues in one moment. stay with us. we'll be right back. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. everywhere, every day. what's in your wallet? i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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8:00 pm
we are waiting for president-elect trump's arrival at union station where there will be a candlelight dinner. gail, good to have you both. your sense right now with all of the banality and nastiness on the part of the democrats, and not necessarily the far left democrats. somebody got talking points out and they are going to be as nasty as hell. with all of this going on. cnn putting together, hiring valerie jared's daughter to cover the justice department, the fake news dealing with the assassination of a president. >> being a washington, d.c. native, i think there are the stages of grief. and the mainstream media, cnn,
8:01 pm
"buzzfeed," salon, they are still in the anger phase. they have not accepted, they have not moved on. they have not accepted the result of the election. that's why they are trying to delegitimize it. cnn "the washington post" -- byron, you have been here a while. this is really unworthy conduct as well as -- i'm going to be as nice as i can. call it unworthy. >> let's go to the senate for a second. there is every time a kind of a ratcheting up of grievances in the senate. so if you think that well they blocked four our guys, we'll block 8 of theirs. next time many 16. you have the senate democrats blocking everything of donald trump's. we must remember -- lou: let me interject.
8:02 pm
concernsly, the senate with barack obama approving 7. >> on inauguration day. lou: only two won't come to pass as we were told by chuck schumer. >> those are by voice vote which means republicans did not object. democrats have objected to everything and saying we might let general mattis and general kelly through tomorrow. lou: this is a different situation all together. we are looking at a quite different set of elements and chemistry here. we are watching a party that has destroyed itself over the last 8 years.
8:03 pm
this president preside over the loss of 1,000 seats nationwide at the state and federal level. this has been decimation. without new york and california you have a party in real trouble. >> it's been a bloodbath. the senate can only delay the confirmation of his nomination. so it's a childish tactic. they will eventually confirm these nominees. there was an election and the people should have the benefit of the full team in the cabinet. it's despicable to think they won't immediately confirm mattis, kelly, pompeo, the national security team. because we need these people in place right away. lou: they are attacking jeff sessions who is an extraordinary public servant.
8:04 pm
this is just a nasty unjustifiable attack on hip, his character. it goes back to the clintons and their politic of destruction. and it's here in full bloom. >> there are divisions between democrat on this. we have 60 to 70 house democrats who are going to boycott, they will follow john lewis who has a tradition of boycotting republican nominations. plus a number of democratic senators who are boycotting this inauguration is zero. that's different. what you have is each congressional district represents about 750,000 people across the country. and you have ones from the bluest of the blue, the most radical groups. the people the farthest out on the left wing of the democratic caucus. but people in the senate who represent whole states. they are not doing it.
8:05 pm
lou: even though i don't see great generosity of spirit. >> no. lou: that might be part of the function of the confirmation process. when i watch ron white and chuck schumer and al franken. they are in secure the bluest of the blue and are perfectly comfortable being as left wing as possible because that matches up with their constituency. 2018, there will be nine of those folks who could be in serious trouble who are quiet as church mice right now. we have seen an historic shift in the senate, if you can ever, ever -- which we often can do a straight-line extrapolation from the president to the election. >> the numbers are in the president's favor for the mid-term election.
8:06 pm
i don't think you will see like you did in obama's mid-term because the numbers favor republicans. president trump is going to be committed to delivering on his promises and i think he's making efforts to work with the other side, unlike president obama with obamacare. lou: as we are sitting here watching, he was one of those told by all the savants and political gurus, you can't bring bomb past. you can't be an alpha male, you can't speak directly and forthrightly about complex issues and expect to compete with the constituencies of the left. and donald trump is speaking to most americans with plans that weren't even imagined possible
8:07 pm
by republicans, 16 others i can see straight away. >> one of the reasons we are seeing such anger on cape hill. is there was a belief demographic change meant democrats would be president from now on. there was a huge debate among republicans trying to figure out how to deal with this giant blue wall. if you told a republican you are going to have a candidate who will win all the romney states plus pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan, they would not have believed it. lou: there is so much else they don't believe. they don't believe in a sectarian american society. they don't want the church in thpublic square. they don't want american traditional values of independence, self-reliance and ingenuity and innovation to be inculcated into the middle class and everyone who aspires to the middle class.
8:08 pm
meanwhile we watched 40 years it of decline in the middle class where the american dream resides. only donald trump had the guts, the intelligence and wherewithal to stand before the american people and say this will not happen. i will be the president who makes america great again. it's just extraordinary, this moment. >> he was able to use twitter as franklin dell more roosevelt did with his fireside radio chats and was able to do this with twitter. lou: byron, i can't believe the number of people who want him not to tweet. they all seem to be democrats. because it works. >> the big thing for him, if he keeps his promises and works on fulfilling the promises that he made, he will do very well. and he has to do it by try age
8:09 pm
yo -- bytriangulating between ds and republicans. if he does, he can survive that mid-term problem. americans like divided government quite a bit. if he keeps his promises, pell. lou: the contest between the leadership of the house and donald trump. how trump resolves that. it will be in his power to resolve it. it will go a long ways in telling us what 2018 will look like. i think he's going to win a whole bunch. maybe not so much that we get tired of winning. it will take a lot of winning to get me there. how about you? >> the same. >> absolutely. lou: winners all.
8:10 pm
we appreciate it. rear coming right back and we'll be talking about the transfer of power. it's well under way. we are just at that moment. noon tomorrow. but how does it compare to what happened in the u.k., and what will we see happen with a u.s.-u.k. trade agreement? and what will happen to the rest of the e.u.? 27 nations splintering? we'll see. former senior advisor to david cameron. john hilton joins to us talk about this extraordinary impulse for populism. populism. you know, all about the people. what's the other side of populism. oh, those people. our special live coverage from washington, d.c. continues. we are coming right back. stay with us.
8:11 pm
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and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. lou: we are coming to you live from washington, d.c. helicopters in the air. security airtight. let me tell you. tomorrow's inauguration of donald trump eagerly awaited in this town for battle or support.
8:15 pm
and idea logical comfort. we have just about everything available on the streets and in the air and tops of buildings to make certain all are safe in the nation's capital. the president-elect rebiewkd by british prime minister theresa may. she vowed to lead on free trade while defending globalism during a speech at davos. this comes after she promised a clean break from europe following the brexit vote which seemed to make such sense to us all. but today to embrace globalism all over again. former senior advisor to david cameron, steve hilton. >> what a week to be here. very excited. lou: an extraordinary evening.
8:16 pm
theresa may, there is a lot of rejoicing on the part of most folks who are trump supporters in this country and have a sense of where destiny awaits us. if what she says, she is going to make a clean break with the e.u. the next thing she is in davos with a gafng he athletes saying you guys are great and the way you operate is the way -- that's the model for our future. what's going on? >> i don't know. one thing i have to say about davos. i wrote a piece. when i tried reef strain myself, davos represents almost everything that's wrong with the modern world. it represents the centralizing technocratic elite. lou: i agree with you. it's the reason i quit going to
8:17 pm
davos10 years ago after i watched what was unfolding. >> it's the epicenter of the corruption. you have literally hanging out in the chalets and the bars. leaders of the businesses. the regular lators who regulate them within the politicians who appoint the rig lators. they are all there together. theresa may is the prime minister of a country who voted for brexit. but she campaigned against brexit. it was not the position she thought was right. she made an honest case about brexit meaning brexit. and that's what she made clear in the case in the u.s. i think what's going on with this speech in davos is she is trying to do something which i agree with which is to say once we left the e.u. as a country, that doesn't mean we are putting you have the shutters and not engaging in the world.
8:18 pm
quite the opposite. rather than just being fork uses on the -- focused on the eu and countries at our door step, we can engage with the world. but just to sign up to the agenda of the people she is speaking to is incredibly unhelpful and confusing to people. lou: i finds it patronizing. let me be clear on the record. when i broke with davos i did so to the dismay of my children and wife. because it's a perfectly lovely wife for visitors. theresa may seems to say one thing, and calling for a clean break. this will be one of the most important decisions donald trump makes in the early part of his administration, and that is the trade relationship. to your point, we are not talking about the end of
8:19 pm
international trade, that has been the case since the birth of this country. remember it was a tea party and it was about trade and taxation. much of what we talk about today. but what is critically important is to understand the british prime minister's motivation. she is being assailed by labor and the orthodoxy. she thinks it's okay to speak one way in london and another way in davos. this president understands the british people have spoken. and they are asking for real trouble, it seems to me if they say to hell with you, eat cake. >> trump has bench more consistent and clear on brexit and the british prime minister. he said and the people around him are saying, unlike obama, he
8:20 pm
said if britain leaves the eu. britain would be at the back of the line. trump is exactly the opposite of that. these people are the opposite and they want to show they can engage in the u.k. in a dynamic way that boosts incomes. she should be grabbing that with both hands. lou: she'll have an opportunity because they will be working toward a bargain, may and trump very soon. steve hilton and always a fellow whose views you need to explore and listen to. i like doing that. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. and on wall street stocks closed lower. some of the wags in the financial press.
8:21 pm
the dow fell 72 points and they assign the decline in the dow jones industrials to concern about trump policies. my gosh, the little darlings are so frail. the s & p dropping 16 points. stocks still up big since election day. did i mention the dow with gains of more than 7%? and the nasdaq up 5.5% since trump was elected. a remind tore listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, hours away from president-elect trump being sworn in as our 45th president. but president obama is going relatively quietly. a live report next on the outgoing president's final actions in office.
8:22 pm
we await trump's arrival at union station for an inaugural candlelight dinner with supporters, friend and family. our special live coverage continues. we are coming right back. stay with us. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
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lou: we are coming to you live from washington, d.c. we are awaiting the president-elect's arrival at union station. president obama spending his final night in the white house as our commander-in-chief. instead of taking the day off mr. obamused the timto add to his record number of pardons and computations. kevin corke is live from the white house. >> hundreds more could mutations. -- hundreds more coul commutat.
8:27 pm
usama bin laden was so paranoid he was warning his wives that they were trying to implant tracking devices into his sons. it's part of the batch of materials seized from the 2011 raid that killed the al qaeda leader. in the document it described the running disagreement between bin laden and al qaeda's affiliate in iraq that morphed into isis. the president with lots 330 coulcomecommutations.
8:28 pm
there were no pardons announced today. and that included the purveyor of wikileaks who has been accused of publishing leaked government doubt. in a webcam he says he stand by his offer to travel to the u.s. following president obama's decision to release chelsea manning from prison. none of these guys will, sergeant bowe bergdahl. he faces a court-martial after leaving his unit in afghanistan. he was part of that big deal that freed five members of the taliban. general david petraeus. and edward snowden was accused of stealing national defense information and he remained
8:29 pm
holeup in russia. no pardons for them. on the ultimate day of the obama administration, a busy mr. obama not far from here. in fact i think he's finally in the residence. he was in the office work up until 20 minute ago. howie: there could be more surprises in the fine closing hours of his administration. >> you never know. i did talk to an official who didn't want to go on the record. he said you wouldn't see any more pardons coming out of this office. but it doesn't mean we shouldn't expect something major, something minor, they wouldn't characterize it. but given the fact we are working late tonight and the president just left the office. it wouldn't surprise me. we'll be watching carefully. up next, donald trump set to take the oath of office in just
8:30 pm
over 12 hours and address the nation in what the incoming press secretary says will be a very personal speech. >> i think it's going to be less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document. a vision of where he sees the country, the proper role of government, the role of citizens. lou: trump transition adviser ken acell is my guest next. we are coming live from the nation's capital. stay with us. rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students!
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and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> a new fox news poll out tonight reveals much of the country is behind the president-elect when it comes to his values and priorities for america. on the economy, 66% of the country, they feel optimistic compared to 71% last year. the fox poll reveals 46%. improvement in terms of support for mr. trump's policies. joining me, domestic policy
8:35 pm
advisor to the trump administration, ken blackwell. you worked hard, and this will be an especially gratifying evening for you. we appreciate you being with us. let me start, if i may, the latest example, if you will, of the venomous state washington, d.c. is in, the attacks by the democratic left on the nominees of this president-elect dab ande gratuitous way they have reacted to the election. and senator schumer said they will put two through and we'll have to see about the rest when the republicans gave president obama 7 cabinet appointments on inauguration day. >> this is an exceptional american moment and we are not
8:36 pm
going to let the naysayers rain on our parade. you are going to see tomorrow a simple, elegant, inspirational celebration and ceremony on american exceptionalism. this country is ready for a change. they don't want someone to tinker around the evenings. they want -- around the edges. they want a disruption of the status quo to put us back on a path of limits growth, free markets that give freemen and free women opportunities top put us back on an explosive track of american exceptionalism. great nations are not the product of great governments. they are the product of good men and good women and free markets doing great things together. and that's what has captured the american manage nation through the vision of donald trump. and we are ready to go.
8:37 pm
we'll not let the naysayers rain on this parade. lou: i never dreamed that you would permit such a thing. i also know as you talk about our president-elect, i think people continue to underestimate the power and the talent and energy of this man. he is a leader for our times as i believe f.d.r. was a leader for our times in the 30s. he's a leader for our times as was abraham lincoln or theodore roosevelt. i think he has extraordinary potential to achieve the possibilities that young americans right now perhaps have given up dreaming about. it would be wonderful to see the american dream resurrected, the middle class to be growing again. wages to rise, pant american
8:38 pm
dream be returned to its primacy in this nation's culture and entire people's aspiration. >> aspiration alice what you are going to get tomorrow, in his words. and one of the things that a group of mutual friends of yours and mine have been discussing is that at the center of american exceptionalism and great american leaders is that they in the very timely way aspire to the better angels of our nature. and that's what we are going to get tomorrow. he will aspire to the better angels and speak to the better angels of our nature. we have hundreds of men and women have been working intensely for five months on providing, you know, executive -- executive orders, policy initiatives that have
8:39 pm
grown from his vision and his commitment to the american people over the course of a campaign. he has a playbook that he has inspired. and he will be able on the field of play to determine whether it's shock and awe or a continuous tide of change in policies and direction. that's his call. he in fact is the inspiration, his words and commitment to the american people. but he understands that we in fact must release the great energy of freedom that has made us the greatest nation in all of human history. and we don't have to apologize for the agenda that he has in fact inspired and he's ready to implement once he puts hits hand on the bible and is sworn in as the president of the united states.
8:40 pm
we'll have economic growth, we are going to have a set of policies that unl our economy, and allows for capital formation. and it will put america back to work again. we have a nation that has been going over the last 7 years backwards in terms of the labor participation rate, in terms of household incomes. we in fact are going to not only inspire, we'll have the policy initiatives that -- and the leadership from donald trump, from president trump that mr. appreciate this. >> i love what the vice president-elect said, the trump administration is in the business of delivering on promises. ken blackwell, great to have you with us. congratulations, and god speed tomorrow. and beyond. thanks for being with us.
8:41 pm
>> right back at ya. lou: two more confirmation hearings today, despite the democratic efforts to delay and on struck the process. >> it's important we get these individuals up fan front. these are amazing individuals that have a commitment to acting on an he general today of change. this is not time for partisan politics. lou: rachael campos duffy and we are coming right back. hey there, starting your search for the right used car?
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lou: donald j. trump set to take it oath of office tomorrow outside the capital to become
8:46 pm
our 45th president. ceremony is scheduled to begin at 11:00 tomorrow morning. an estimated 900,000 people will attends. then at 3:00. 800,000 people will be led by the president and vice president'white house. and he will be sworn in as the 45th president. the president-elect has arrived at union station. anxiously awaiting him, i don't know how many cameras and reports and networks. not a single person apparently got the picture of him arriving. sometimes it's good for us to just let that go if we fail. we are always talking about when we succeed. this is one where we missed.
8:47 pm
we are joined now my rachel campos duffy, form counsel for mitt romney, charles spieth. can you believe that? we missed that. we are talking about everyone with a camera missing that shot. this an extraordinary moment our history, isn't it? >> city was watching you is a was getting my makeup done. you can feel your thus sasm coming through the camera. i almost think you are going to take the oath of office tomorrow. lou: one of my favorite things, i haven't got micro dengss, but i still need credentials to get into the swamp. >> everybody from out of town who is here for all the events, the trump supporters, they are fired up, and watching this cabinet being put together, people are excited.
8:48 pm
lou: they should be. this is a man who has done the seemingly impossible at least to the orthodox establishment of the republican party and the 16 people who contended with him for the nomination. but to look at the vast numbers of people who voted for him and the political success he made possible for the republican party, let's be candid here. the republican party was more in 2012, reince priebus called the after action study an autopsy and it wasn't a misuse of a word as much as i didn't watch. >> you think about today. the extradition of el chap the timing is curious. i think this is a win for trump. this shows mexico, a country that the democrats said after this campaign was going to be never want to be friends with trump again. we would be pariahs in the world.
8:49 pm
this is showing they want to partner with us. this is a not so subtle hint they want to partner with us on security and drug issues. this is a new day and republicans have an opportunity, they will never see an opportunity like this for generations to come. lou: i think you are right. i think president nieto is showing some intelligence. we have to observe at the margins the possibility he wanted to get this extradition out of the way before he had to negotiate with president donald trump as well. the immense potential for a return to a great america has been articulated by the president, demonstrated. charlie, have you ever seen a moment in our history in which a president-elect has does so much to move forward on his agenda and to take possession of leadership, national leadership before he tanks the oath of office?
8:50 pm
>> what's really coalesced conservatives around him is watching these confirmation hearings. the great people he put in cabinet and watching the attacks from the democrats, and their established special interests with the teachers unions who bought and sold these senators and attacks on betsy devos and not letting her respond to these attacks. that gets conservatives fired up. and this cabinet looks great. lou: how many of them get approved, confirmed? >> every one of them. lou: do you agree? >> i any so. it may be hard but they will get through. lou: i believe he's the perfect choice. i have great respect for him. but i also think if the republicans cannot insist and deliver successful confirmations, this will augur for other concerns down the road. with the republican leadership
8:51 pm
in place in both houses, the majority in both houses. this is the time where donald trump, his agenda and his nomination -- >> they need each other. there needs to be on their side they need to look at leader smip from the trump administration. but trump also need to be very good about working with the congress. >> harry reid and chuck schumer set this up by changing the rules. republicans in congress have to get these nominees through and get them through fast. lou: have fun tomorrow. the president-elect earlier today said he say the all coming. >> i think a lot of us knew of the first week of the campaign. but that last month of the campaign, we knew that something special was happening.
8:52 pm
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lou: joining me now. radio talk show host, dom. and tom sullivan.
8:56 pm
great to have you both here. >> thank you. lou: let me start with, moment that we have, i think it is, i thought at least, that you could almost see the weight of the moment for first time, on donald trump's shoulders, as he stepped off that aircraft. dom, and saluted the sole soldier waiting for him at bottom of the steps. >> a great o a -- on o observation. he still has swagger of donald trump, but yet he has now. >> people coming in, that is number one word they chose.
8:57 pm
hopeful, america tomorrow is going to hear american success story. e lou: we're looking right now, president-elect in black tie with mr. and mrs. pence, and melania trump on the stage the union station, a candle light dinner for his supporters, donors, friends and family, this president-elect, promises to be one of the most unusual, perhaps most successful of all. >> and i think that is why there are people that say they are afraid, because they fear the unknown, i do believe like you just mentioned, donald trump is unique. not like any other president we've had.
8:58 pm
it is a i have a lot of hope because you have people complaining about billionaire cabinet. i am thinking these are people that are successful, wealthy, they don't need anybody to try to buy them or influence them other than try to achieve whatever the agenda is. lou: let's go to donald trump for some of his remarks. >> a couple of days after the election, it shows red counties and, country practically, other than other little points who are red, that was a big victory. that was some big victory. and records were set. that have not been beaten since ronald reagan from the republican side. we have gone back. in iowa, we had areas that have not been won since 1952.
8:59 pm
we have areas, folks from iowa you know where i'm talking about. they said you can't possibly win this area, we won the area. and we have locations, we have destinations, i said before, i was telling some people, that next time 4 years from now, the next time, we will win the old fashion way. win because we did show well, because it was so overwhelming the thing that we did. it was so beautiful, how great our cabinet, all of whom are here tonight, how great our cabinet has performed. we have a cabinet, i believe, the likes of which has never been appointed. never been a cabinet like this i will say, the other side is going absolutely crazy. they are going crazy. but we have a group of people
9:00 pm
that i just felt we had to go. today as you know we appointed a secretary of agriculture. happens to be a farmer. he happens to be -- there he is. look at that man. sonny perdue, he came into my office two months ago, since then i saw 10 people that everyone liked, politically correct. and i kept thinking back to sonny perdue. a great, great farmer, he loves the farms, he knows everything about farming, everything about agriculture. he has been successful in farming, he knows good stuff and the bad stuff. people came into my office, they said, i am really wanting the job, i said, let me ask you a question. do have you any experience with farms or agriculture? no, sir, i don't. i said, have you seen a farm? the one gentleman, a great


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