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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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and his campaign slogan was country first. what country do they think he was talking about. i think it speaks today the fundal dutchman the fundamental way. they have problems we know that. what i thought was a most inspired parts of the speech where trump said when loyalty to countries we felt more loyalty to each other. and as a one nation kind of approach. it is an insight and by the way it is a description of this nation through 200 years of this history. it's only a blank that they had grown up and try to disassociate any citizen from another weather be because of race, creed or color for the
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founding documents. >> the success of this country as we have taken people from all over the world and we have made them americans. that is out of fashion now. so bad that al gore actually translated the reverse out. this is a critical point. i did the people that supported trump they are tired of being divided. they feel patriotism for their country. you can see in the crowd reaction. i think he has tapped a very important they had thought. he has at the same time put america first talking about radical islam the president of the united states.
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this is the first president and 16 years to use the words and 16 years this is a your jolting moment for many americans to here president actually name the enemy of western civilization. the problem with the golden war on terrorism is that it was nonspecific. but we work in a campaign against the irish republican army. we work in a campaign about the separatist group. were going after the people that have committed september 11. he is comrade in arms. he never had any problem identified that the phone was in ideology. it has grown to be much more than that now. the enemy is a broadly in the
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islamic state. the gains that were played at various points in the leaders with the islamic state why do they play these cute little games. the men were looking at right now is not going to play cute word games. he's not going to use nuance possibly failure. i think that's important. another thing that motivated obama and hillary clinton was content for the working people. when you say radical islam they were afraid that they can get the word radical. this is a key point. his administration did not use the expression either. they were every bit as patronizing. i think it was a
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condensation. the good news is donald trump has arrived. i think they made a rhetorical mistake. they have the content. i think it's important now. we have a president who is not only afraid to save it he's put it in his inaugural address. and in four years he's going to be held for that. i think he welcomes it. i know because he stands there that the american people welcome this leader who is not taking shortcuts with his intentions is not taking shortcuts to create an excuse. he wants to do it as ever in
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the interest of this nation. and he means to represent all americans there's going to be the contest in the intercity. to have a republican president who is bringing policies to support people who have been collateral damage. in the battle between the left in the right. in the nine neglect on the part of the left who have an even higher responsibility because those folks in the intercity where their constituents. i really have a sense that trump isn't activist president and he doesn't use the language maybe never. it is a same sort of enthusiasm that conservative republicans should go after all of the minority communities. this is a source of strength for the country if they could be liberated from that.
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the power structure in the minority communities in this country. the great responsibility on the part of the leaders. there has to be upward mobility. immense potential. now two generations. just given the general optimism in the business community that they now have a president who understands what it takes to be successful that were on the verge of an outburst of economic activity. to try to increase employment and it's by the right measure. people report it's completely blown. to get people back they can
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watch it tonight. the percentage of the workforce is there. nobody else reports. that was my point entirely. let's talk also this president who has been the left. and maybe on the right tracy use the straightforward language against him saint he wasn't nuanced enough. if they look back to his initial comments he's talking about effectively rebalancing and nato. what they had cut.
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and from the 19th century. they really had tried to destroy who he is in the policies. it's going to be rebalanced and repurposed. i will rejuvenate all of the alliances. they were reporting a few days ago those who have been looking at that. they are obsolete. a year ago saying that it should be repurposed for in the war against radical islamist. to implement that element quietly. he doesn't do it right. he can't say it right. let's take the critical issue that he race.
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they get the nato come countries to spend more. and it has failed consistently. i'm not questioning the efforts of the people and allies. they haven't succeeded. when the allies are not responding to you have to try to find a new way to communicate with it. i think they want a strong nato. it also included a very important line that we will not be imposing the well. with many of the foreign policy establishment quaking in their boots.
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the welcome words. when he was secretary of state at the famous july 4 speech. america is the well wisher vitamin independence for everybody. we protect ourselves and wish the others while. it is a definition of american interest that returns to more traditional approaches. it doesn't mean we don't have strong alliances. it doesn't mean we don't go after rogue states but were going to do this in our interests. we will have a sound policy so nato is redirected and that seems to be like that.
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they have defended the lives. we would not defend our own borders. there will be border security and there will be interior enforcement. it's part of the unwillingness to admit that we have a global terrorist threat. to meet the critical aspect is you now understand that. and i think on immigration when i were not to see any more efforts. i was part of the reagan administration. it didn't work. it's been tried several times since then. what we should do is get control of the border.
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it's not worth talking about. it is not an accident that has become a blurry subject. and a means. it will persist because it's in the convenient interest mainly corporate america i think some of that has been observed correctly. it was less in terms from the bigger or lesser in government. what kind of country do you want. are we at the mercy of the rest of the world. we can govern ourselves.
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thank you liberal elite. >> eloquently said. it's now the government of the people. startling change. the ambassador john bolton. the opinion editor. give a headline for today. >> it would be donald trump double down on his campaign. in all of his campaign promises. i agree with those who say that they probably did not win
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over any new supporters with his inaugural address today. but it was a very unifying speech. he walked into washington and said just because i'm in washington i'm not going to lay down my arms. i'm not going to give up on the campaign promises that i made. it was a toughest speech no doubt about it and as you know there are a lot of people in washington who are. comfortable by it. everybody sitting up there it was very and control. and not donald trump's fault. he is not to go for the false in the and give some rhetoric about how were altogether. i think he actually wants to accomplish some things and he listed those that you want to accomplish once again his campaign was all about issues.
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as much as anybody out there. it was all about the most important issues that affect americans. when he talked about returning this government to the people and he working in a servant of the people there voice i looked around the folks on the platform behind him as if they did not get an advance many of them republican as well. choking on the air that was getting a little rare at that point. he said clearly we're gonna get this done and whichever side you happen to be on you
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to be falling in the interests of the american people and they're going to be primary not k street and that's a ways can be. it was magic for me. i am a bit of a populace. it really wasn't was directed. every bit as mitch to democrats. ) is no small part of why he is such a powerful political figure at this point. i love the line when he said both sides of the aisle was talk about the peaceful transfer of power. he really sort of jabbed them when now was the time for peaceful transition of power. that was a very provocative
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thing to say. i found myself up in my fist when i heard him say that. the republican strategist. mercedes, great to have you. and what a day. >> i guess he's getting pretty anxious to get to the ball. your thoughts as were talking about this wonderful moment populace passion and the president's speech. >> there was so much meat in that speech. it spoke to the heart of the american people. he was saying i have the sustained establishment that has been protected time and time again and didn't protect you and that was a message directed not only to president obama to the democrats and the country republicans. i could just picture the individuals at home listening
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to him and saying he stands for me and i think that was incredibly powerful. the republicans on the stand they really were doing that. there was a physical response was obviously constrained. but it was there and it was the beginning of a process. the senate voted 88-11 to confirm general john kelly as a secretary of the department of homeland security so donald trump now has two confirm to help him run this government more expected mike pompeo the director of the cia his name may be taken up by the senate this evening. in the boat this evening. we will keep you posted on that as well.
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charlie let me turn to you on this president and what he is contending with it should be a straightforward thing he has a majority in the senate and then we hear marco rubio say he's gonna be the counterweight to donald trump. is there anyway we can get medical attention to the senator from florida what in the world could he possibly be thinking. >> what of my favorite facets was when rex tillerson was before the senate committee and marco rubio demanded that he call vladimir putin a war criminal. the argument that he made we must always be distrustful of them.
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but we want to team up with them to fight isis which is a threat i think two americans but even more to freedom loving people around the world obviously. we see it again and again where they killed innocent people that just want to be free. what you had is a temper tantrum. all he wanted to do was make a political point and he didn't care what that might cost or anything like that but you have him he is thinking strategically. he wants to figure out how to use 70 might be not our ally exactly but find some common interests so that we can go after somebody who has our absolute enemy. and i find it so refreshing the way that he has gone through. each one of them had been that kind of strategic thinker specifically designed to reimagine each of the
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departments that they had been passed to run. marco rubio is diminishing himself in front of everyone he has to have some sort of self-destructive intent here maybe subconsciously him it's obvious to everyone else that he is making no sense and you cannot begin to make an excuse for him. there is cearley some old ones there. the other point is he wasn't going to run for senate and now he ran again. trying to make a point. wants to be on the record being the tough guy and i think it's the unknown. it's the fact that this man was beaten to help in the primary this is not a man who
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is going to be contributing to the architecture of republican intellectual thought over the course of the next decade or two , let's be clear about that. what could be his possible motivation. >> there is still the tension between him and trump. he should really go by and do something productive my guess is that he will support rex tillerson and he will be confirmed. i think he wanted to be on the record on the tough guy. i think that is exactly what his strategy is. i think as a party and move forward and get them confirmed immediately. should there be any question about that on the part of that. when donald j trump is standing there.
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there will be the tension between the senators and the republican congressmen and donald trump. donald trump is going to drive the train. congress is not used to working there. they've held power over the senate in the house and had accomplished what, the repeal of obama care. it took donald j trump to show them how to win an election. >> i do think a lot of republicans are not learning as many of the lessons as they should learn from donald trump in terms of how you fight in terms of how you talk about these issues and the issues that are most important. one thing that i think is great is that donald trump has to work with both democrats
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and republicans. that tension is very good. what it means as nobody is getting any free passes if to make the argument. if to win the argument in your own party. they haven't done it for the past eight years. i'm very hopeful that the future well lead to a whole lot more is one thing they've
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articulated a problem. a statement of a man frankly not equipped with gift or talent to be competing with the president it and second last very long. >> as a matter of fact i don't do that. the fact of the matter is the american people and their interests are too large for anyone to play cute. they have a limited window. he needs to push through his agenda. in congress is a slow moving creature. here watching them start to move.
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i'm going to contend with the both of you on this. i believe that donald trump is bringing trump time to washington dc even as he drained the swamp. that it will be accepted placing their confidence in the wrong place. i think you're exactly right. that's why they're watching this right now. we can't even be completely obstructionist across the board. you can't be seen blocking
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amazing nominees. we have to get in line and show at least some support for his best nominee. that's what's going on right now already. i have to occasionally anchor myself back to this chair i'm so thrilled every time i look up and i see that dreams come true. i will confess impersonality on my part. but what would you think if you were a sitting democratic senator get booed at the inaugural and you think i've got to put up with this. that's good to be can be the man leading us. you can talk about an up a trade. but neither were a bargain because there can have to content. >> does not say much.
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lou: he recommended that we all go read up. >> he was sending a message to the democratic party not to fall in battle, but we are going to fight for the cause. we were in shock. it was the wrong message. >> has anybody invoked the civil
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war in pane inaugural speech since we got over the civil war? if this is supposed to be a unifying message, i didn't get it at all. lou: schumer has the capacity to father at times in his address. i can't imagine him marshaling any kinds of opposition that could be sustained. this president said i have taken the issues of wages, manufacturing, production and returning vitality to our economy, and by the way, for measure in, i will take fair trade as well and insist upon balanced trade and not the mercantilist policy of germany
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or any other trading partner. >> obama's message was that of globalism, pop borders. -- open borders. he went to the united nations saying this is the world we live in, globalism. accept it. it's the world we are living in. the american people stopped his agenda and made it clear it's no longer globalism and open boredders. -- open borders. lou: i hope you and matt have a special timecelebrating donald j. trump. charlie hurt, will you stay with me, please? i want to bring in another couple folks and talk to you on a point or two.
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we are joined now by contributor talk show host tammy bruce. good to have you with us. we are talking about stopping donald trump on the part of the democratic party. they have some uphill work to do because donald trump has affixed himself -- there is general james mattis who is the defense secretary as of today, having been confirmed just about an hour ago, talking with the president of the united states. the first lady to the other side of the general. tammy bruce, let's take up this issue of taking on donald trump. he has afixed himself to the interests of the american people so precisely and so completely today in his address and his campaign. when you take on donald trump, you are as of today taking on
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the american people. president trump saluting. tammy, your thoughts. >> the imagery today has been magnificent. everyone has held their positions person effectually. they are not just reply playing -- they are not just playing the part, they are the part. by attacking donald trump, the democrats have been using him as a proxy to attack the american people. someone on twitter was very smart saying the democrats didn't mind losing to a billionaire. they did mind losing to wal-mart greeters. they have got to save themselves. the fact that they can't even grasp that at this point indicates how far removed they are from what's important for
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the country itself. this is a great day. you have got a fabulous cabinet coming in. obviously a president and vice president that care deeply for the country. they are going to deliver. these men and their cabinet are going to deliver immediately on the economy. i think people will be quite surprised when they see what can happen when you mean well, when you like the country, and you want to succeed. >> there is the argument to be had and i will make it that some of that great pleasure has been expressed in the marketplace. these markets up significantly since the election, as you know, tammy. this is an interesting time in which as we listen to what tammy has said which is correct. as the democratic party falls away a bit. republican opposition to this president i think will also fall
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away. i'm not as convinced on the opposition of messers mcconnell and ryan. i think donald trump can overcome their obstructionism. >> if we didn't learn anything else from today, we learned donald trump is not done with his campaign. he's going to take that campaign into states, into districts where both republicans and democrats -- 10 democrats from states up for reelection in two years. from states that donald trump won. and he's going to take those issues to those places and put i mince pressure on those
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senators, and he will do it with house members as well. i think -- i think it will wind up being very, very effective in terms of getting his agenda through congress. lou: to that end, tammy, this president has been president for a little over six hours. he already has the campaign slogan for his campaign for a second term which is, keep america great. now, if anyone wanted to test his acute intellectually, i think that answers everything you need to know. this man is a political genius, and people who talk about his instincts and intuition are missing the point. the man is there superior intellectually. >> he also is their superior in experience. he knows what it's like to deliver. he knows about products.
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about what it takes. we have seen it when it comes to timing, when it comes to budgets. not just with his businesses but with what he has been doing since he got election itself as the president-elect. so this is a man unlike many people in washington who maybe they used to be business people, but they have been in washington for decade and lost touch with actually delivering products as they gaze at their navel. this man has been gazing at the american people. lou: donald trump and the first lady leaving the viewing stand. they are scheduled to return to -- in a more correct sense, to go to the white house for the first time as president and first lady. and they were originally scheduled -- the estimated time of their arrival to get a sense of how close they are running to time.
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about 33 minute ago they were supposed to have been at the white house. which as these things go, this isn't bad. this isn't far off. donald trump twice that and more being late for a speech on the campaign trail. so he moved things up a bit. charlie, the idea that this new era begins now, how quickly do you expect him to move on the executive orders? many people talked about that he will go straight to the white house and sit down at the oval office desk and start writing executive orders. >> i know from inside the incoming administration, donald trump was frustrated that the inauguration fell on a friday. he would have wrath i are it fell on a weekday or sunday so he could have gone the work at
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6:00 a.m. the following day. he's frustrated he has to cool his heels for two days. i think all the low-hanging fruit he's going to pick. and those will be the executive orders. watching the way he behaved since the election and now, he's just been on fire. and to the point that the's sort of overshadowed the actual sitting president in so many ways. i think he will have on many different levels, he will begin the process of taking on small things, all the way up to the biggest things there are like repealing and replacing obamacare. lou: tammy, we watched the news of two stealth fighters, b-2s dropping bombs on the islamic state in syria, 100 fighters
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killed. it turns out al qaeda killed as well. this is -- is this a mission that the president is suggesting will continue apace from the final day of barack obama as president through his first day as president? >> i think that in attacking isis, he made it a cornerstone of his speech which means he kns he has to deliver on that. he intend to. this is clear for him. at the same time i think he will do it a bit better. we dropped 108 bombs, then we had to clean it up with a drone fighter and we only got 100 booed -- bad guys. i don't know how much a bomb costs coming out of a b-2. when donald trump deals with the enemy will be it will probably be done under binlt and ahead of time.
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but i also look forward to the fact that everything he said in that speech was setting a mark knowing he would have to deliver and the american people appreciated that. people said it was dark or sad. the fact of the matter is it was appreciated because the american people can handle the truth. lou: that's an excellent point, tammy. to that point i want to add, these news organizations that have chosen to interpret anything, anything that our new president said in his inaugural speech as dark are extraordinary people because they managed to put their ideology across the home pages of their websites and the first segments of their television shows and banner it across their print publications. and we appreciate you graciously
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declaring your flag and true colors, all of you. unfortunately they missed the story begin. charlie hurt never misses a story, nor tammy bruce. we appreciate so much you helping us celebrate this wonderful day in america. donald trump sending a message to the rest of the world in this inaugural address. we assembling here today are issuing a decree to be heard in every city, every foreign capital and every hall of power. from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. lou: america first.
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former advisor to prime minister
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lou: joining me now, former senior advisor to u.k. advisor, steve hilton joining us. this as inaugurals go, is a blockbuster. the national liberal media -- i'll be generous and not call them left wing -- are clucking. i have done something terrible. they all sound a little like 19th century tories reaching for their snuff boxes and aghast the president of the united states in this inaugural would be so direct, straightforward and talk about the american people as the foundation of everything we are as a nation. >> unbelievable. >> that's why this address was so shock. baits was so different from the
6:47 am
usual blah, blah, blah from all politicians from all parties it was simple, blunt, direct, and revolutionary. that is the reality of the difference between where he's coming from, which is on the side of people who have had enough of the same old system and want big change, and all the people you described. earlier you used the word extraordinary. that's generous, too. the fact is their lives are fine. the people you are talking about. the media and the establishment. the schools their kids go to are fine. their neighborhoods don't have crime. their incomes aren't falling. their lives are really great. what you have seen to use a word that they would relate to is this colossal failure of empathy for the establishment for the lives of half the country who haven't seen the economic benefit they have, and whose lives are really tough.
6:48 am
trump speaks to those people. lou: he's already been identified, and this must drive truly organized labor, the left thing about this country, the quote-unquote socialist, that's because he has a better connection and it can be underand tested empirically in a number of ways. but he has a far better connection with the middle class, those who aspire to the middle class, than any one of those folks. they represent their traditional constituency. and a group of people the republicans would not have deigned to talk about in serious policy terms. >> i remember being struck in the summer 2015 when he first got into the race and people all over the establishment were
6:49 am
literally laughing at him. i remember being struck by one of those televised focus groups and the working people you are talking about, one of them said why they were going to support him, because it's one of us. a billionaire from new york, he's one of us. lou: building a wall. stopping illegal immigration. speaking to the pain that's been caused forward millions of americans for illegal immigration. their jobs being you planted in favor of foreign labor that is cheaper or more'so conscience for corporate america. the pain was there and has been for a decade and a half. >> that's why this isn't a partisan point. it's been thrunld democrats and republicans. that's why you need an outsider to shake things up. now he has to do it and that's
6:50 am
the big challenge. but that was a serious statement of intent today. lou: you get the sense that that fella is look forward to it and can't wait to get to work. i didn't hear one moment that can be interpreted as doubt anywhere in his expression. people talk about nuance. i look for sign and doubt. there was not an iota of doubt in anything he said. the fact that we have got the national liberal media in this country describing what he said as blunt and they might as a pejorative. >> they don't understand what government is really like and what's gone wrong with it. it's that thank you understand and shading everything into gray and saying everything is so complicated. that's what built up over the years and resulted in the system
6:51 am
in the economy and government all over the place that's failing people. what you really need is someone to cut through. lou: speaking of that. we know how complex foreign policy is and national trade is. this our new president. so if we could hear the president address those issues right now. >> for many decade we enriched foreign industry at the expense of american industry. subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. we testified other nations' borders while refusing to defend our own. [cheers and applause] and spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas
6:52 am
while america's infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay. we have made other countries rich while the wealth, strength and confidence of our country has dissipated over the horizon. lou: he did not mention what's republican or democrat. he said we. and we for generations have part of that is generational. part of it is recent. that all of it failed american policy that cost you our wealth. we squandered so much. an put it straightforwardly. >> that's a really great example. probably the best example of how far things have gone wrong, that that is interpreted as a shocking statement for the newly elected democratic leader of a country saying i'm going to put
6:53 am
our country first if. that shows how wrong it's all gone. >> and it's gone so wrong that there is a closed feedback loop for the left who were quite content to is mort realities. and those today who described in the national left-wing media, some of his speech is dark. that isn't dark, that is reality. that's a reality that has been ignored by the policy mairntion, the lawmakers, those in this town to solve problems, not perpetuate them, which is what they have done. >> that's exactly right. and their failure to understand that over such a long period. and talk about these issues and talk in general terms about how life will get better and they never get different. to appreciate what real people are going through. that's what's really shock.
6:54 am
and they should be ashamed of that. it's so patronizing and condescending, and thank goodness, that's being swept away. lou: a new era begins. it's the trump era, and it's finally here. i know tens of millions of americans are excited. i know you and i join them. a special day. thanks, steve. up next, donald trump says as president he will assume the awesome responsibility of eliminating one of america's and the world's greatest threats. >> we'll reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite civilized world against radical islamic terrorism. which we'll eradicate completely from the face of the earth.
6:55 am
lou: the president of the united states just declared that we'll destroy radical islamic terrorism. who knew presidents could actually say the words "radical islamic." fred fleitz joins me here next to take that up as we continue to take that up as we continue our quoo (bell chimes) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪
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lou: ebony, i want to get your reaction to today amongst the many first that president trump can now claim as his is dealing with radical islam. but also saying that we are a nation protected by god. i think there are a lot of people in this country who really thought that our days of ever having a president who would acknowledge this is the nation that is protected by providence, by god almighty, and
7:00 am
we have become an increasingly secular nation. donald j. trump taking us in a new direction with those comments. oman of faith and i talk about it openly. i'm a believer. but i believe in first amendment rights to freedom of religion. i don't push that on anyone. what i liked in what president trump did, he talked about people whether they are in detroit other middle of america going to sleep at night under the pro tesks one higher power. he did it broadly in a way that didn't feel like he was i am peegd or enforcing anything down anyone's throat. lou: we appreciate it, and it's been a glorious day, thanks so much for being with us. earlier today the president


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