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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 23, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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ensures that we sequence these. because the american people and the issue the proper attention. part of it is when we put them all out on monday they lose that. he made these promises and pledges to the american people because they are important to him. >> he is very is very clear about his iention. no decision has been made at that time. obama care has he finished it and when he will be there. can you clarify that. has he started to head discussions with them currently about that. >> i think you can continue the discussion tonight. with speaker ryan in particular. when it comes to he discussed
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on the phone with both leaders his desire to reform but obviously his goal was to have that discussion when they come in person and i think i mentioned yesterday the foreign minister of mexico is gonna come on the 25th or 26th to set the table and have at some of those meetings ahead of president meeting here. >> now that he's officially in office. >> this is his first working day. i think he's been pretty busy and robust. i think you are going to see a lot more come out but there is a lot of things that had to get done and a lot of things that were working on as a staff to get him prepared. he will have a very robust week. thank you guys appreciate it.
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[indiscernible] most of those people for the actions and the most important one. when you have the news come up. to them from india. [indiscernible] thank you for the question. i think that whether it's india or other countries throughout the globe today as i mentioned the goal is to figure out countries and
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markets that we want to access that benefit the american worker and help us grow manufacturing. and so that is one area that we will continue to work with him there on. with a very robust in gender. >> that was pretty interesting at times very calm and spicy sean spicer. an hour's worth or so when he took questions on everything from the president flurry of executive orders to his defense of whether the inauguration crowds were bigger than ronald reagan's he also talked about climate change said that donald trump wants a balance he is interested in balancing the environment with business he said they will be taking meetings on obama care tonight instead of a week to now we should see him floating a new supreme court nominee. sean spicer kept calm a little bit here.
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but he maintained some humor. we bring in steve moore. you also helped donald trump put together the economic plan. let me first get your response on that. he took a lot of questions from a lot of different media organizations not just the first questions went to fox business blake burman i don't think i don't think a presidential event has ever happened. >> he is the hottest guy in news. i love the term that you use toescribe that press conference. i didn't see the whole thing b i saw lot oit. spicy is a good way to describe it. he never back down to the media. a lot of people are kind of shouting at him i thought he was poisoned he's going to be a great spokesman for this administration. he made out a pretty positive
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economic growth message and said give us some time we will get it done. i liked what he said about climate change. the real challenge here is to deal with the economy at the same time. i think that is exactly the right approach. what i found very interesting was not only did he meet with big names this morning were talking about ford and also elon musk of tesco which i found very refreshing because you have electric vehicles and then have the older school companies not to mention dow chemical. but then active at this very moment in these of course are pictures from from them this morning's meeting. i think a lot of people are to look at that and say he is interested in old-school. but right now he is having a meeting with union leaders. which in a way might very will make democrats nervous because
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they had been and the past that party of the union members. >> i couldn't agree more. it's interesting if you look at the election returns in those midwestern states that won the election for donald trump we know that a lot of traditional democratic voters from union households switched over and voted republican for donald trump. i think it's masterful that he is reaching out to a lot of these industrial unions i'm and the room i'm not sure what he same. i will bring back a lot of these industrial union jobs. i will bring back manufacturing. were circling elon musk. he has an auto company. he also has a battery company that he is making which meant a met a lot of jobs. at the time some republicans have said he got too many even though it was brian sander felt the republican governor
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of nevada who helped give him the tax breaks these are the kind of things that you want. did anyone help businesses along and almost seems as if donald trump is now saying that's not going to be a negative and the future. i think you could argue both sides of that. on the one hand this should be a pro-business administration to help our businesses succeed. the very fine line between being a pro-business and bringing favor of course. according to a lot of reports that are very credible has received $5 billion in federal subsidies for his various companies. and i believe and i don't think most tax players begin to believe to have does it include incentives if oil companies are getting tax breaks though should stop don't forget no industry in america has paid a higher tax
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rate the oil and gas companies. they been instrument. let me bring up this. back to the union guys because right this very second i want our viewers to know this is actually something that before our very eyes we may be witnessing quite a change. the traditionally democratic guilty in vote may be thrilled with the donald trump his got rid of the u.s. involvement and the transit pacific partnership jimmy hoffa the teamster president has just to put out the statement and i want to read it to you. with this decision to get rid of the tpt the president has taken the first step towards fixing 30 years of bad trade policy and the head cost working americans working --dash millions of good jobs. quite a few republican and democratic presidents. and wt you're tthere is the strange bedfellows coalition.
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what donald trump did today with the tpt probably doesn't sit so well with a lot of the free-trade republicans but it's very popular with the more prounion democrats. trump is not conventional republican. i think that is one of the things we will learn right out of the gate. it's great to have you. and pretty extraordinary for state for the trump administration and first for sean spicer. that first hour and he took a foxbusiness question and he took questions from different types of outlets and i think that is pretty refreshing either way. some of his cabinet nominees. bret baier is standing by life. whether the secretary of state positions stand shot. right now the markets don't look like they stand a shot of any and the green at the
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moment. there is a big unknown. the uncertainty surrounding whether they were way on our prop up the markets. the wall street gaze is moving higher by about four and three quarters percent. he cannot forget a barrage of big earnings reports out this week. many stocks that could really move the needle on the market. yahoo, verizon, qualcomm who is and the news today. they hit an all-time high today. just a few companies on tap to untapped to come out with results. president trump or some of the big names in their numbers. scott were coming up with a lot of news here. the president right now and the white house meeting with
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e union members we ha our cameras trained on the white house. the second anything is eleased from there we will get it. but also all of this new coming out of sean spicer's conflict. and the issues that could affect certn stocks. what was the market. >> i think everybody came in today thinking about what kind of post inauguration marker will we have. riots and marches over the weekend. i think today they took a new stride. a lot of traders looking at the cash. 22522257. as long as we hold about that i think we will try to be opportunistic. he is working really hard to be unconventional to bring everyone together and be pro-business and get things done in washington. he is not cooling his jets and having them relax for the day at all. tomorrow morning breakfast with general motors. those two ceos breakfast with
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them. he met with ford and tesla. right now the unions. there is a ford stamping plant. they are there relates to the auto industry right now. nice actually say that. he is keeping every idea on the table. you will see him talking to more auto heads it's a collaborative effort here. even in bonds a little bit. it's a good example of the hype before an event. after he right after he was elected. and now things are going to normalize. we will wait until we get some first-quarter data which we won't get until next week. i think right now the market is going to sit and wait. like the previous guest just said let's give the guy a chance and see what he can
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do. he's bringing and the big guns to do it. and listening to big guns from different areas. right now unn members. one of the things we haven't really hed. the president himself does want to care about the environment. we will see what happens there. the oil industry is looking at oil at the moment. and even though if you believe them they have a lot of trouble believing that the cuts they say are compliant. there about one and half billion barrels cut so far. but u.s. oil production is up 6%. doesn't that swamp any opec cuts. that's the exactly what's happening and the crude oil market. the people involved tried to cut oil. we have saudi arabia
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that's the time to put on the positions. it is there. we have to you have to take that into consideration always. scott, todd and alan. he have to ask this question. we just showed elon musk. it wasn't just the ford ceo.
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the company stock was running wild a new model as called s called the 100b. the battery capacity will propel the car hundred 30 thousand in a single charge. the best performance of any vehicle. the stock is up about 25% adding another one and three-quarter percent. as the biggest drag on the dow 30. why, and health healthcare is the third largest business by sales. it's in action.
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take a look. focusing on national security. mike pompeo. peter barnes live on capitol hill. how close or how far are pompeo and secretary of state kennedy from being confirmed by the end of business day we will get you caught up on that. we are life and we are with you.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. c1 we want to show you these flights outside of our headquarters we have major wins smacking new york city around a nor'easter is buried down. terrible hair day. we have a street lights that are getting ripped around also. as him as i'm taking over the world. we know first they went to brooks and then they went in to the tv shows and now your wiper blades overnighted. they arty had those charges. now it's auto part makers who
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are feeling the competitive heat at this hour. they are all under pressure today. amazon said you know what, maybe we will start dealing in auto parts on the website. they're up to three quarters of a% higher. now standing at $1,814. president donald trump is hoping to complete something that is in his control. he wants to see the confirmation of two major cabinet positions. they had been called back into session. they will debate the confirmation of mike pompeo. he is president trumps pick to be the newirector of the cia.
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and inspected later today a confirmation hearing. who is on his way to potentially becoming secretary of state. the senate foreign relations committee is expected to vote on that. peter barnes is standing by right now. what is the chatter there. the debate on mike pompeo has already begun on the floor of the senate. and that the bay is expected to go for at least a few hours. after a little bit later. they approve him in the senate. as you said the senate of foreign relations committee has yet to vote out the nomination of rex tillerson.
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to be the secretary of state that looks like it is going to be a done deal. and it will also be sent to the floor. this coming after a couple of other key foreign policies they voiced support for tillerson over the weekend. we heard from senator john mccain as well as lindsey graham. and then this morning the final holdout here. they have said that while they have some reservations is still he was going to support him as well. that gives them the final needed boat out of senate foreign relations. it would be against the national interest to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed.
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we could see both of these nominees done by maybe late tonight. thank you very much. we will ask them about general flynn. regarding his communication. with the closing bell ringing. the atlanta falcons fans could have way more support against the patriots than any other network that could have anticipated. we will tie as we look ahead to super bowl 51 in just minutes. empty out your change purse. one of them could be
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liz: we have president trump with the union leaders and front line workers. let's listen in. >> this is group i know well, personally i have hired thousands and thousands and thousand of you, as you can say, sean, you know that better than anybody. we just officially terminated tpp. [applause] i just signed a document, very powerful document. we'll have trade, but we're going to have one-on-one.
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if somebodmisbehaves we'll send them a letter of termination, 30 days. they will -- or we're gone. not one of these deals we can't get out of them that is a disaster. we'll have plenty of trade but tpp wasn't the right way. we'll go back to the countries, one-on-one, that will be beautiful. we'll have a lot of building going on. we'll have a lot of plant expansion and a lot of brand new plants. we met with the head of ford today, the head of many of the great companies, johnson & johnson. they're very, very excited about what they're doing. you guys will be responsible getting them built in nine months, 18 years. the process when they put in for a plant, takes so long. we know our great vice president mike pence, i think you know some of the folks in the room. i know almost all of the folks in the room. so. a great honor to have you here.
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a great honor. you have been very special to me. told you sheet metal workers how have you been. i have hired a few of them over the years, haven't i? >> i think you have. >> you guys did a great job. you guys did a great job. we'll put a lot of people back to work. we'll use common sense. and we're going to do it the way it is supposed to be done. we're going to stop the ridiculous trade deals taking everybody out of our country and taking countries out of our country and it is going to be reversed. i think you will have a lot of companies meack to our country. companies that left, will come back to our country and they will hire a lot of people. it is inconceivable to me this was allowed to happen in the first place. and i'm not blaming president obama for this. i'm blaming many, many years, long beyond obama, believe me. this ththat's been going on for decades.
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and it is a trend that we're going to stop cold. and we started today, which is my first official day for signing major things, although, i actually started from the hour i got here, but this is the day that we wanted to sign some of the legislation with you folks. if you have any questions, we'll do it for you right now. >> [inaudible] >> when will you renegotiate nafta? >> at the appropriate time. okay? >> mr. president, i have a a question for just, but statement -- >> get back in here. come on back. >> come on back. don't go too quick. i love that. all right. are they ready? >> no.
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>> where is miss jackson? , he was about to make a statement. go ahead, doug, hit them. >> that address on friday was a great middle class address. i mean it hit home for the people that have been hurting. you said it, people here in washington made it. the working-class people had to hear something like that. that venue being up there at your inauguration, laying it down, there was a great -- that was a great moment for working men and women of the united states. >> thank you. [applause] repeated that on television. thank you all very much. >> thank you. liz: you may be witnessing what could very well be most psychologically uplifting moment for union workers in the last eight years, or at least since
3:34 pm
the financial crisis when many of them lost their jobs. in that meeting meeting with prt trump you had laborers international union, steamfitters, united brotherhood of carpenters, heat and frost installers, mr. trump was comfortable with them. all the buildings he build, most if not all use union workers. it is coming together and weaving in a message that began this morning what we've been cowling here at "countdown" the day one of deals, where he implored ceos of companies like ford and dow chemical to keep building plants here in the united states, dangling all kinds of carrots, threatening a few sticks. then bringing in full circle the union workers to say you guys will be the ones who will build them. let me bring in "special report" host bret baier. i'm sure there will be people
3:35 pm
say i'm genuflecting in some way, shape or form. i can tell you i have watched republicans over the year disrespect union workers. this is completely different feel. if i'm a union worker, i'm looking at this, bret, say being, boy, i feel a lot better today. >> which is why, liz, a lot of union workers voted for donald trump. that was contrary where their unions said they should vote. that last person speaking, doug mccarron, with the united brotherhood of carpenters, that the inauguration speech really touched his team, really touched workers in his union, really touched the middle class, saying washington is the beneficiary, and the little guy gets the short end of the stick. goes to people, that donald trump said that this speech was meant for them, not waington.
3:36 pm
ile liberal d establishment heads are exploding, liz, stl today, i think you're seeing this outreach happening to people across the country. liz: do you think whether union or ceo, on day one, donald trump would amass a bunch of union device in the white house, saying you're welcome here, then he got the applause. we rerack it, the minute he said we nixed tpp or at least the united states involvement in the trans-pacific partnership, 11 countries and pacific rim, these guys broke out in applause. >> yeah. they feel like they have been on the back end of trade deals, period, you saw the first question that was asked, when or will you renegotiate nafta, the north american free-trade agreement, he said at the appropriate time. we understand that to be pretty soon, as meets with canada and mexico, and if that happens, that's a major shift.
3:37 pm
obviously there are lawmakers, republicans and democrats who warn about closing off but i think there are people saying this is fair trade and not free trade who support donald trump. liz: let me just quickly ask about mike pompeo, one thing donald trump has not been able to get applause on at the moment or at least agreement on, confirmation of secretary of state rex tillerson and cia nominee mike pompeo. the senate intelligence committee is working to vet him. we're expecting something later today. bret, will he get confirmed? there is a little bit of controversy. he said he would consult with experts on the efficacy of torture or specifically waterboarding, things like, that mass surveilance, that got some peoples concerns elevated? >> he will get through and so will rex tillerson. the biggest hurdle for the secretary of state nominee were republicans, marco rubio, john mccain, lindsey graham, all have said they will now vote for
3:38 pm
him and the reason all these nominees will get through, barring some unforeseen circumstance because of democrats who changed the rules in 2013, made it 50 plus one to approve cabinet nominees, not 60 votes as it used to be like supreme court justices. liz: it comes back to bite you in certain ways. let me quickly ask about somebody who was confirmed, national security advisor, general michael flynn. have you, in your reporting indicated there is some type of investigation into certain telephone calls he made in december with russia's ambassador to the u.s., specifically at a time when there had been announced sanctions for russia, inserting it self into our election process for hacking? >> the administration is downplaying that particular call but there is an investigation, and we don't know the extent of it, into mike flip's ties to russia. and, i think that is going to
3:39 pm
get, move forward. i think that sean spicer was asked about it at briefing today. he didn't illuminate too much but it is not the end of, that we'll hear of this probe. liz: bret, in the end though, on this first day, i looked at i said to my team, day one deals because there have been some deals, discussed, signed. we still, as a business network are waiting to see reaction in the markets right now, and there is a little bit of indecisiveness, the market is down 25 points. on inauguration the dow was up more than 90 points. reality of these coming to fruition, jelling of them, we're not sure which plans come to pass but the fact that he is in there, you covered a many a presidency, have you ever seen figure like this one? >> no. he has signaled there is much more to come in very short order on taxes, more regulations, on things that will increase the ability of companies to create jobs in the u.s. so, i think the
3:40 pm
good bet, and i'm not advising but the good bet is pro-growth at least for short term. liz: by the way, we just got this flash. fox news is reporting that the pompeo vote will come around 7:00 p.m. they have just begun debating his candidacy, not quite debating, sorry, discussing, two different words, debating and discussing,ach step of the way we'll keep people focused. bret, thank you very much. >> liz anytime. liz: bret baier "special report" each night 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. the dow is down as i said, 23 points. a little bit of uneasiness and fear in the markets with the vix jumping 4%. with the crossing bell 20 minutes away we're coming back with the pretty penny story.
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liz: i want you to see what i'm holding up. i just grabbed these two little pennies out of my purse. i know you have a coin juror or little dish you toss your loose change in. "strange inheritance" is back with this all-new season that kicks off tonight with a fascinating episode including the story of a lowly penny that ended up being a shining example of quite the inheritance with a whole lot of government controversy surrounding it. watch. >> they can't be very valuable if they're still sitting here in a ziploc? >> those particular ones aren't, necessarily but there was one quite in the bag quite valuable. >> where is it? can i see it? >> i don't have it. there is a little bit of a story. liz: there is a lot of a story. host of "strange inheritance," jamie colby, oh, my, tell me about the penny that is priceless? >> you never know what you're going to walk into this gentleman's house. he has a ziploc bag of coins sitting in a desk drawer for
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decades after his dad retired from the denver mint. as a retirement gift, he tells me was given an error coin, which are two you have in your hand where they would be smashed together. punched wrong. they're cut wrong. in this particular case our government was considering leaving copper, moving to aluminum. so they cut a bunch of aluminum pennies not at denver mint, but somehow the deputy director of the mint got one, retired. gave it to his son. he forgot about it. years later, you know what today, i will go to the coin shop. what a shock he got. yes, it's valuable. liz: how much, tell me? >> you know me. i wouldn't give it away. too good, tough watch. we have two episodes tonight. we had a little sneak-peek friday night on inauguration. we had a family with a piece of lincoln that is also priceless. his rail-splitting mallet which helped him at the convention be the every-man presidential candidate. that episode will reair tomorrow
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night if people missed it. tonight we have one about the penny and one about a pan-am iconic you sword des -- stewardess. that is what they were called and proud. traveled all around with the $10 per deem, don't complain with your per deem, she used to get $10. she was a bead fanatic, booed hoarder. she amassed that collection of her sister and her niece inventoryied for a year. one was 5000 years old. it was priceless. she had an encounter with the dalai lama. liz: jamie, let me tell you something. i would hold on to my pennies even though they're like 1980. >> decide first you have got one. 9:30 every night on the fox business network. liz: jamie colby, back better than ever. check out "strange inheritance," 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. well the discount double
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check couldn't help aaron rogers and packers or ratings sunday. you want to hear this? julio jones and matt ryan were electric. down 14%, thanks to the nfl's blowout win in the championship game. tom brady's championship magic, that didn't help either, ratings up 3% in the patriots, title game blowout of the steelers. ratings for nfl playoffs down. pats making ninth trip to the super bowl. give the browns one. >> that would be more boring than any super bowl. liz: stop. early odds have belichick and company three-point favorites. who are you rooting for, falcons or pats? falcons. falcons. >> pats. liz: for the falcons or against the pats? there is no for the pats. you see how i phrased that? for the falcons or against the
3:49 pm
pats. tweet me @lizclaman. fox business of course will be at the big game. be sure to watch all our live coverage from super bowl li all day friday, february 3rd. i will bring you the latest from the houston, texas, i'm on the ground at the nfl experience. dow jones industrials cutting its losses down only 14. okay, as the football fans gear up for the big super bowl matchup, business leaders big and small bracing for what promises to be bumpy ride under president, promises says who, charlie? >> big time business leaders. make one point on super bowl. i know a lot of people in the business of nfl side, marketing side, they're downplaying this one. super bowls have huge attend damages, they are a huge spectacle. this matchup is not like the fire, will not light up the screens. liz: go browns. would have been better with the browns. >> you know --
3:50 pm
liz: who said clowns? hey! >> that wasn't me. liz: not the clowns. >> i love cleveland. here is the thing, liz. business leaders, initially bought the trump market, bought economic plans, big-time. we had a major rally from election day till now, until recently. liz: friday. >> but, the last month hasn't been so good and this is what both business leaders and major investors are telling us, we're polling them, we're asking them. this is anecdotal they see a mixed message here. all you have to do is look at market's response to donald trump's meeting today with the business leader, right? he met with a bunch ceos. elon musk and michael dell was there. when he started meeting and headlines rolled he was cutting taxes and regulation, guess what? the dow shot up. as soon as he mentioned protectionism and border taxes you move jobs overseas the market shot down. it hasn't fullied recovered this is the conundrum on
3:51 pm
trump-nomics. i say on everyone of these shows, be careful. watch the policies. see what comes out before you start buyi the market. what they're saying is, business leaders, major leaders are telling us they see conflicting signs. growth policies, less taxes regulation, combined with protectionism which is never good for the markets and they're really wary going forward. liz: president nieto of mexico said we're happy to meet with donald trump, whatever he institute advantageous for america we'll mirror that. if you put tariffs on mexico, we'll dotsame thing. >> not having inflation is a good thing. cheap goods is a good thing t helps out working-class people -- liz: but they don't have jobs, charlie, they can't buy cheap -- >> let me make the point. i agree with that. but if you start jacking up prices at walmart you will have a big problem. one other thing, companies outsource certain jobs so they
3:52 pm
can keep certain jobs here. it is about making numbers and making profits. remember unscrambling egg, if you outsource we'll crush you means -- liz: what has been happening hasn't been working? >> really. liz: he is going to try something -- >> with all due respect, that sounds like sean spicer but i will tell you this, i will tell you this, you know -- liz: doesn't sound like anything except what i see. you don't keep doing the same thing if it is not working. >> obama was failure. liz: i didn't say that. >> what you said wasn't working. >> he was successful stablizing. past 30 years, even jimmy hoffa said it 30 years of bad deals hurt unions. >> what jimmy hoffa doesn't say, unions through their onerous labor contracts forced basically detroit to layoff millions and millions of people. liz: management signed deals. >> they did. guess what? it bankrupted companies. they signed deals to keep the company going. liz: they're healthier now. we'll see. >> i will say this, free trade,
3:53 pm
when you have tariffs and protectionism in the '30s, guess what happened? liz: smoot-hawley killed, made it worse. >> you had a great depression. depression turned into a great depression. we're playing with fire with this stuff. liz: charl, thank you very much. >> sean, thank you. liz: we like to fight. do look like a sean? >> you look like a spicer. liz: okay. closing bell, seven minutes away, as the dow toys in and out of negative territory for 2017. investors look for clues, precisely what charlie just talked about. what a trump presidency means for their moolah. new oak's jim frischling with three things he says you have got to focus on financially this year. we're coming right back. the dow is down 23.
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liz: i want to say this, when you see red on the screen, dow,
3:57 pm
nasdaq, s&p, russell, you see green with gold, that means investors on the back heels, a little concerned. yahoo! reporting earnings after the bell. yahoo! up a percent. sec investigating why yahoo! took so long to report massive hacks a couple years ago they put out in september. let's get back to the investor a little confused trying to figure out what president trump's policies mean for the markets, you see a lot of green on the screen. it is up 11 bucks. new k capital's jim frischling on moves you need to make now. three things you want our viewer investors to look at at this moment? >> sure. there are certain things president trump will do. he. focus on tax cuts. he will deregulate and focus on infrastructure and protectionism, you an charlie talked about that, i will focus the immediate things trump will act on. financial sector, banks specifically.
3:58 pm
deregulation will be beneficial to the banks, stock i'm liking morgan stanley. what a franchise, trading like a lesser franchise. great fourth quarter earnings. great 2016. and what they did in the fixed income almost tripling their q4 numbers and did it with 25% less staff this is a stock undervalued as especially we move into deregulation, you will see the stock perform very well. unitedhealth already dropped out of obamacare. watch when the gop puts forward ideas about letting states compete. bigger ones perform. they have big revenue earnings. they opted out of obamacare and participating in some of these networks. i think they're well-positioned to benefit from president-elect -- excuse me, president trump's move to repeal obamacare. melissa: aetna got from a judge, no you can not make your big merger that is an issue. as you look at markets, a bunch
3:59 pm
has been said about the trump bump turning into the trump, dump. >> this whole protectionism and global trade issue and senior leaders around d.c. trying to get their hands around this. this is creating a lot of confusion and uncertainty, and the markets will not like that. how will this play out? what in fact you can do? i think we'll have healthier labor market and move up and we'll see wage inflation. not so much how you can make and what you can spend in terms of goods cost. that will take a balancing for it to work out. expect deregulation and infrastructure. things like industrials i think also will be a good place to play. these are things on my. liz: liz: trump did not and not to blame president obama on bad trade deals, jimmy hoffa earlier said it has been 30 years of bad deals. we'll see doing something differently changes the course for the working class man and woman in america.
4:00 pm
we'll thank you, jim frischling of new oak. thank you very much. [closing bell rings] s&p lower by five on this first day of trump deals, it has been a busy one. david asman and melissa francis pick it up here for "after the bell." lots of earnings, guys, take it away. melissa: business front and center on donald trump's first official day in office but the dow remains in the red. the s&p 500 ending the day lower as well. the nasdaq managing to eke out, well, not anymore, seem like it was eking out gains. couldn't quite get there at close. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. glad you could join us this is "after the bell." this is what we have for you in a very busy hour, particularly inside the beltway, president trump hitting groundunning meeting with the heads of major americanompanies this morning to talk taxes and jobs in america. then a slew of executive orders, chief among them, dumping


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