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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the markets like the moves. john petrides, thanks so much. it is a record day on wall street. [closing bell rings] nasdaq, s&p 500 all-time record highs. no dow 20,000. "after the bell" with david asman and melissa francis. david: thank you very much president trump getting down to business on the second day in office. stocks are cheering him on. the dow making another run at 20,000, but take a look at s&p 500 and nasdaq both, closing at brand new record highs. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell," we have you covered on all the new records. here is what else we have for you at this hour. another busy day at the white house. president trump remaining focused on jobs and america, what he told heads of major u.s. automakers today, and new plans for the keystone pipeline. they're calling it resist trump tuesday. i don't know how catchy that is. david: i don't know. melissa: next round of protests
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chicks off in chicago, targeting trump administration ties to goldman sachs of all things as chicago's homicide rate at 19-year high. they're not protesting that. there you go. president obama defying congress, paying $200 million in taxpayer dollars to the palestinians just hours before he left office. what if anything president trump can do to get your money back? fox business team coverage bringing you all of the latest details. david? david: first back to the historic day on wall street. s&p 500, and nasdaq closing at brand new record highs, while the dow ends less than 100 points from the 20,000 mark. we've been there before. oil rallying as well from big move on president trump. scott shellady, how traders respond to executive orders. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. lori, what is driving the markets? >> hey, david. let's unpack the dow for you
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especially dupont. shares up 4 1/2%. dupont says $130 billion merger with dow chemical will take longer than anticipated. for more good news, if that is how you want to interpret it, they're getting good news in advancement of talks to have key jurisdictions and oversight to make sure that is okay. some s&p 500 winners now. construction and engineering stocks. executive orders signed by president trump. big news on keystone and dakota access pipelines. these are a lot of companies, engineering companies and construction companies that would facilitate those projects. quanta services up almost 8%. freeport-mcmoran up more than 8%. committing home sales in november declined because inventories existing homes sales at 17-year high. d.r. horton led to strength of sector in home-building stocks. d.r. horton leading the way with
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gains nearly 7%. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you. oil giving stocks a boost boosted by five executive orders from president trump, aimed at advancing two major pipelines. >> this is in regard to the construction of the keystone pipeline, something that has been in dispute. subject to renegotiation of terms by us. we're going to renegotiate some of the terms. if they would like, we'll see if we get the pipeline built. melissa: he signed a similar order for the dakota access pipeline as well. scott, what are traders saying about all this? what is their take? >> more the feel good factor. hasn't really done a ton for price of oil. we're still between 50 or $55 level. we'll need to see proof in the pudding. feel good sector for energy in the states. just like manufacturing sector when he tries to keep jobs here. still proof in the pudding, wait and see thing.
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'll e how flows through with economic indicators driving for whole four years. melissa: scott, i feel like this impacts so much more than the oil market. there are some other factors. it will create jobs and labor, boost the economy. also you look at the price of steel, and the fact that he had promised to use american steel in order to build the pipeline. you're right. we have to see it. we have to see the proof but there are other factors than just oil. >> i mean it is hard to believe, but you know, he is proving not to be republican or a democrat. he proving to be a common sense-ocrat, you and i would say over coffee that is a good idea. he is going one step further actually doing it. we need to numbers to come in and follow through, that's all. melissa: scott shellady thank you. david: common sense-ocrat. scott is a genius. melissa: trademark that. david: they are loving it.
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joining me scott martin and gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management. they're both fox news contributors. gary, the markets are stuck in the beginning of the year, waiting for action. they got action, exactly the kind they were looking for, no? >> look the s&p looks like it is breaking out. the dow is less than 100 points away. all it will take is couple good earnings for dow names. also today, anything trump-like had a great day. a lot of breakout in construction and materials and things like that because of the pipeline. because of the infrastructure. nothing bad happening right now technology in gear, nasdaq at new high, all things -- david: scott, wasn't a new pipeline. one of the things he signed was deregulation measure which is critical. he described it so clearly, that companies need to lower the cost of doing business and
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regulations have gotten out of control. >> yeah. i think really that's what happens when you start actually getting somebody who knows business, who's from the private sector, david in d.c. david: exactly. >> something this market has wanted for a long time. you talked about the performance of the s&p with gary. for a couple years, end of obama administration, last two years s&p was snuck in neutral. we had all the pent-up demand and pent up energy. it is all being released thanks to trump's actions thus far. melissa: welcoming heads of u.s. automakers to the white house with open arms, letting them know the best is yet to come. >> we'll make the process much more simple for auto companies and everybody else that wants to do business in the united states. i think you're going to find this to be from very inhospitable to extremely hospitable. melissa: gary, what do you think? too good to be true? [laughter] >> you know the one thing i
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heard today from some ceo's was, that donald trump was asking them what he can do that they can flourish. melissa: right. >> i don't think we've heard that in a long time. in fact all we've been hearing about is more regulations and all that stuff. this is good news. you combine it with all these other things we are hearing about, and i love it. look the business of this country is business, and jobs. if you can have that flourishing across the country, all good stuff, i'm happy to see what i'm seeing. i'm happy to hear what i'm hearing. >> you know, scott, i talked to bankers during the lasted a administration who had gone to the white house and supported president obama and loved him. they would go there and said they got beaten by a treasury official, that president obama didn't really even talk to them. no interest in their input on anything, on how they could get things moving, how they could deal with the financial crisis, just a beating. like he didn't appreciate their opinion at all. do you think trump would actually be different, maybe because he is a businessman? >> i do, melissa. let's face it, when you're
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talking about d.c. and the financial sector i don't think there is much worse than we could have seen last four or maybe eight years with regard to relations between the two bodies. he is starting from a low bar. which is good because improvement is improvement. i've been reading body language from ford ceo mark fields and tech ceos trump talked to, melissa, the body language looks really good from ceos when they come out of the meetings. maybe they're playing everybody. maybe they're arguing behind closed doors. but they're selling it to the american people and selling it to the markets. melissa: a lot different from the lasted a administration. we know that. david: even union guys are happy. president trump seeing disagreement from both ends of the spectrum making executive decision to strike down tpp, take a listen. >> united states being cult off from trade would be like trying to breathe without oxygen. it is an essential part of our economy. i think the decision to pull out of tpp is unfortunate because
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the real beneficiary of that is china. >> what my concern is, we can sign the asia-pacific region to china. the chinese are negotiating their own version of tpp. david: scott, i got to be honest, i don't listen much to politicians but when fred smith talks i listen. this guys knows worldwide trade. nobody knows it better than fedex. he founded fedex. what he is talking about tpp does not include china. that because the other countries in asia won't have this trade deal, that benefits china. do you agree or disagree? >> i do, david. that is one kind of draw back about stepping out here, now china becomes a big beneficiary there, because a lot of smaller countries can't hold a wit to it. look how the fallout is going to go, depends on china, what they do, getting out of this deal, formulating something different going forward in the future is what america needs to stay positive here. david: gary, there is a lot of
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stuff that folks buy from asia outside of china might have been affected by this dea the costs i assume will increase. they had been dow jones industrial average in anticipation of the tpp. how much will consumers have to pay for this? >> here's the problem. tpp is advertised as lowering or getting rid of 18,000 taxes, as well as lowering trade barriers. so in anticipation of this, prices probably have come down and maybe start to tick back up but here's the good news. we're not stopping trade. we're not going anywhere. we're just going to renegotiate, maybe go country by country, by country. keep in mind tpp is not in place in the first place. i'm sure he will go after something good as we move forward. maybe he will do a bad job and all heck breaks loose, we'll have a trade war, that is for the future. he understands the greatness of the world at this point in time is global trade and that is not going to stop at all. david: gary and scott good to
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see you both. thank you my friends. melissa? melissa: the man in charge of fixing obamacare, president trump's nominee to head up the health and human services department is once again facing tough questions from senate democrats. fox business's peter barnes in d.c. with the details. peter? >> hey, melissa, that's right. democrats hammering tom price on the trump administration's plans to repeal and replace obamacare and on his investments in health care companies. the finance committee's top democrat, ron wydennen went after price on one investment in particular, an australian biomedical company. stock got stock in private placement, so the value of his stake rises 500% to half a million dollars. price revised his financial disclosure statement regarding this investment. democrats charges that he supported legislation that benefited that one and other companies as well. it got heated. >> trading in stocks while you sit on two committees, introducing legislation that
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directly impacts the value of the stocks. >> what legislation would that be, senator? >> we will take you through the various bills but the reality is, this is has been cited on a number of occasions. >> reality is that everything that i did was ethical, aboveboard, legal, and transparent. the reason that you know about these things is because we have made that information available in real time, as required by the house ethics committee. reporter: no word when the committee will vote on price's nomination but it is expected to approve it as is the full senate. with republicans going out of town tomorrow for their party retreat in philadelphia, probably won't be for at least another week. other things we want to let you know the senate will vote on the nomination of nikki haley to be the united states, u.s. ambassador to the united nations. that eected at around 5:30. melissa. melissa: peter, thank you for that. david: well president obama defying congress, quietly paying
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out more than $200 million in taxpayer dollars to the palestinians just hours before he left office. more on why he was able to do this, and if we can get any of that money back with lieutenant colonel ralph peters sounding off next. melissa: chicago bracing for what could be a major anti-trump protest this hour. that was the scene on saturday. mayor rahm emanuel railing on president trump for not focusing on what he considers important issues. we'll take a look at hypocrisy from the city with one of the highest murder rates in the country. david: despite president up interest's accomplishments over past two days in office, press secretary sean spicer could not avoid repeated questions about a comment the president made last night. >> it is very clear he won the election based on the 306 electoral votes he got. we're here on day two. i think let's not prejudge with we may or may not do in the future.
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. melissa: white house press secretary sean spicer was asked numerous times throughout his press briefing today about president trump's claim that voter fraud occurred in the election costing hem the popular vote. blake burman in the briefing room watching it. blake, he got asked that question so many times, could have said asked and answered. he kept engaging on it. why? reporter: he was asked, probably not an official count, four or five or six times. melissa: right. reporter: spicer says he doesn't want to quantify at this point. we'll get away from doing that as well. consistent in the hearing or
4:18 pm
briefing, rather, take a step back, this comes from congressional sources at meeting at white house with the president. the sources say that president trump said he would have won the popular vote if it would not not been three to five million people voted illegally, essentially voter fraud. so spicer was asked about that several times today, and he tried to make the point that there would be no investigation into this, into this claim, which would be a serious one if true, but he was repeatedly asked and tried to separate himself from it but also said this is indeed the president's belief, but at one point he basically said look, put everything on pause here. there is going to be no investigation into this. here was part of that conversation, basically how this all culminated. listen. >> want to be clear about this investigation, simply usually opened the door for one. have you discussed with the -- >> which investigation are you referring to? >> possibly investigating this voter fraud? >> i did not, no, i did not -- >> you said it is possible. >> anything's possible.
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reporter: anything is possible but he says an investigation at this point likely not happening. by the way, here at the white house right now, there is a lot of activity going on. top congressional leaders melissa, close to the incoming supreme court nomination process, both democrats and republicans, here at the white house speaking with president trump, president earlier today said he will make thinks decision this week and expect announcement sometime next week. melissa: that's right. that issue is ahead of us. let's look ahead. stop with the rear view. get over it, blake, thank you. thanks for that. all right. david: a man condemned by both parties at different times during the election campaign is apparently sticking around. president trump asking fbi director james comey to remain in his role. the announcement surprising a lot of folks who thought he would be asked to resign for his on again, off again handling of investigation of hillary clinton's email server. lieutenant colonel ralph peters,
4:20 pm
fox news strategic analyst. colonel peters, great to see you. what do you think, does he deserve to stay on? >> well whether or not he deserves to stay on the president, for his own reasons has decided to keep him on. now we have to remember, david, that in a sense, the fbi director has tenure. it is a 10-year term. and that's to take him out of political cycle. normally i believe comey would be up in 2023. so it is really not unusual to have this overlap but the other side of the story is, as we all know, james comey had a very, very bad year in 2016. he started that year with almost universal respect. ended it in the doghouse on both sides of the aisle. he is weakened, and for whatever reason, president trump may calculate that having a weakened fbi director for the transition period may be to his advantage. we'll see. david: that's interesting. sometimes that has happened, when a president feels fbi maybe
4:21 pm
overstepped its power. let's move on to another subject. this is something really getting under my skin. former president obama's parting shot. the obama administration quietly releasing $221 million to the palestinian authority, he defying two republican lawmakers who placed a hold on the funds. the reason, colonel, this gets under my skin, i know how the palestinian authority has stolen money in the past. how they used it for their enenrichment at various times. you go to certain palestinian areas, you can tell the palestinian authority, back then the plo, their houses because they were the grand, most as 10 establish schuss houses because they manage to get the money. that is where a lot of this mon sy going, right? >> indeed. this told you a lot about the difference between president obama and president obama. in the sense that obama is a hard-line ideologue. trump is a practical man who
4:22 pm
wants to get things done. president obama always idealized the palestinians, so that is part of it. illogically he was always farther left than people realized. this was a last slap at netanyahu. this is slap at incoming, now president trump because of his brooding about the possibility much moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. david: yeah. >> and also, it was to please obama's hard-left base as leaves, as part of his legacy. david: right. >> ultimately he was nasty, really rotten thing to do. david: colonel, you know the intel community quite well inside of the beltway. there is no way i would think that the president of the united states with access to everything that the intel community has on the palestinian authority and how they abscond with funds and steal money left and right, there is no way he wouldn't know that money would be badly spent, no? >> greatest phrase i heard in
4:23 pm
many month was alternative facts but it doesn't apply to just one party. throughout his presidency, whether it was to do with iraq, islamist terror, rice of isis, afghanistan, libya, president obama also seemed to be living in a world of all terntive facts much of the times. i go back to it, he was much harder left ideologue than people realized. david: that's right. >> when reality, when the corruption, the brutality, the terrorism of the palestinian authority and certainly hamas stared him in the face, he closed his eyes. david: amazing, amazing how smart people can make those mistakes. colonel ralph peters, thank you very much, sir. good to see you. >> thank you, david. melissa: future of the democratic party why one dnc chair candidate sunday fire for her strategy to get the party back on track. plus chipping away at obama's legacy. how president trump's executive orders on the pipeline project could impact job growth in the u.s. we're going to talk to senator john hoeven, a member of
4:24 pm
the senate committee on energy and natural resources. that is next. >> we build it in the united states. we build the pipelines. we want to build the pipe. going to put a lot of workers, a lot of steelworkers, back to work. (announcer) at boll and branch,
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melissa: making good on his promise, president trump signing five executive orders today, reviving the controversial keystone xl and dakota access pipelines, both projects stalled under the obama administration. here is senator john hoeven. republican senator from north dakota. a member of the senate committee on energy and natural resources. thank you for joining us today. we're trying to drill down on the specific things he did to expedite this pipeline because he was trying to do, in my read, wave his magic wand to get things rolling but of course in
4:28 pm
washington that is very hard. specifically the orders were asking the company to reapply for the presidential permit. he directed the relevant federal agencies to expedite the review. he did a number of other things to try and indicate that we would use u.s. steel. what did you think of these specific measures and will they get it done? >> yeah, essentially he issued executive orders that will expedite the process permitting pipelines. we need regulatory and certainties so we can build energy infrastructure across this country, part of a energy plan. in the case of keystone, that was languishing seven years under the obama administration. in the dakota access pipeline the administration delayed thats as well. what the executive orders do provide legal and regulatory certainty to move the process forward in orderly way? melissa: will it work? he seems like he really tried to
4:29 pm
rip away at the process to see where it had gotten stalled and to remedy that as best he could with executive orders, but you have to wonder, is that enough? i mean the state department last time did a great job stalling. there were other agencies. is this enough, do you think? >> well i think it definitely moves us in the right direction, and now yes, there is follow-up work to do. as a matter of fact i spoke with the vice president today, vice president pence and talked about the need to coordinate between the federal authorities, federal law enforcement, state and local, and get everybody working together to make sure we work through this now in anrd early way. melissa: yeah. >> is a is what we need to do. important step bringing us forward, certainty back in but follow rule of law and make sure we get this done. melissa: the common theme in everything seems like he has done so far is jobs. if you look at this, not just about oil. it is about building the
4:30 pm
pipeline, construction jobs. using u.s. steel. that is american jobs for steelworkers. how important is this do you think in jobs perspective. >> this is incredibly important, we want a comprehensive energy plan that makes us center of energy, you can't build energy infrastructure, without rails, roads, bridges, pipelines, to move that energy as quickly as possible and safely as possible and efficiently as possible this is something that gross our economy and ultimately makes us safer because we're energy secure. we don't have to get energy from opec or anyone else. melissa: even when you look at the carrier deals, the other things that seem unrelated, there are all predicated on idea that we are to keep that business here. it is all about jobs, senator. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, melissa. good to be with you. david: breaking news.
4:31 pm
capitol one out with fourth quarter earnings. miss on both earnings and revenue. the company is reporting the second consecutive year of double-digit growth in domestic card loans but saw credit losses spike 10% to $1.8 billion. alcoa by the way is also out. that is trading up after-hours. melissa: there you go. is hillary clinton heading back to politics? can you imagine? as president trump steps into the white house, clinton might be looking for a new title of her own? david: wow. plus the election is in the past. the president is har but protests still go on and on. the desperate push is next. >> we're here for the american people. we're not here for the establishment, for elites. we're here to deliver on the promises and plans that this man has put forward. when it comes to healthcare,
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4:36 pm
trump tuesdays. this is here next 100 days. this is the first meeting on federal plaza in chicago. the hashtag is, resist trump tuesdays. find that on facebook, if you want to join up. you're absolutely right. they're concerned today about the number of goldman sachs alums in the trump cabinet, and senior positions in the trump administration. they will march to goldman sachs headquarters. jennifer is a nurse with the national nurses united. you were here at the big protest on saturday. you had 250,000 people. did that shock you, how big the group was? >> it didn't shock me. it didn't shock me because i know there is a great deal of anger out there, and also belief, aspiration we can do better. people are opposed to cuts and believe we can expand service. >> do you feel like trump deserves a chance at least. his presidency is three, four days, old, does he deserve some sort of a chance. >> said he wanted to decrease
4:37 pm
wall street influence, instead bringing in six goldman sachs alumni into leadership positions in his administration. very clear what side he is on. >> the mayor of chicago taking a position, asked on the incoming administration. i quote mayor rahm emanuel, he didn't get elected at crowd size at your inaugural. he got elected to make sure people have a job and economy continues to grow. fair to say, melissa, there are a lot of people who didn't vote for donald trump. and a lot of them continue to make their voices known and plan to continue to do so for some time. melissa: hmmm. all right, jeff flock. thank you for that. david: well let's bring in our panel to talk about this, fox business senior correspondent, charlie gasparino. political editor, fox news contributor, guy benson. emily's list vice president of communications marcy stitch. first to you, i looked up the national group that put this resist trump tuesday together, it includes some familiar
4:38 pm
organizations,, national peoples action, all these have been funded by george soros. they were all a part of the occupy wall street crowd. that kind of petered out. is same thing going to happen here? >> probably. if not, fine. you know, these folks have a right to protest. if they want to assemble every single tuesday and skip their jobs or maybe they don't have jobs, whatever these folks might have in common they want to make their voices heard. this is america they can do so. if their goal to derail the some of these nominees i think that completely not totally impossible, but relatively unrealistic goal because votes are not there for the democrats. republicans control the senate. democrats don't have the filibuster thanks to harry reid. if they want to picket someone, go to nevada and find harry reid's house. david: marcy, people focusing on chicago, particularly rahm emanuel the mayor there is saying in his critique of
4:39 pm
donald trump, saying it is pretty hypocriteal, talking about trump or policing tactics or policing in nation's cities, when in fact chicago has had one of the highest murder rates in years? >> look, i think these protests in chicago and around the country and around the globe this past couple days have been extremely impactful. they sent a message across the globe and across the country to this white house we're not going to stand for these tactics and for these policies that donald trump is going to put into place that will hurt american workers. what pros terse, you're hearing in chicago today, they have a very clear message, we need to make sure that we highlight the fact that, that there is so much at stake and that these goldman sachs executives and these guys who are looking out for the millionaires and billionaires are not on the side of american people. david: marcy, i dare you to go into the national website and
4:40 pm
try to find a clear coherent message because they're all over the place. charlie, it is true they're focusing on goldman, is a, you, among others want to say even though during his campaign donald trump argued against the establishment, this globalist establishment, goldman sachs is the embodiment of that globalist establishment. there you go. here are the gold men alum in the trump administration. >> there is ironhere, the other irony marcy didn't recognize, rahm emanuel worked as goldman sachs as consultant. i broke that way back in the early 1990s and he worked wasserstein as investment banker. here i think is reality for donald trump. he clearly galvanized progressive left, no doubt about it. i was in the d.c. for inaugural, take out the thugs, anarchist thugs a lot reported about that, but the peaceful protests, protests were something. there is a movement afoot here
4:41 pm
from the progressive left. now there is only one way to move to change the subject away from the what progressive left talks about, and mocking of the goldman sachs connections which is real, that is to get this economy going. david: that's right. >> if he get economy going you can talk about goldman sachs all you want. david: guy benson, charlie hit the nail on the head, if the economy really starts moving we saw wall street react today to what trump said, about you if the entire economy gets moving they don't have a leg to stand on, do they? >> that is the point, results. republicans have a chance to govern. if people feel like their lives are getting better, all the protests could do it tuesday, wednesday, thursday, every day of the week it won't matter. if trump doesn't govern well. david: give marcy a quick last word. what happens if the economy really takes off and double our gnp rate, what will you protest. >> look right now the reason why we have strong economy is because of eight years -- david: which don't have strong
4:42 pm
economy that is point. >> 82 months of job growth. look, i would, look there are plenty of reasons why donald trump is seen right now benefits and reaping benefits of eight years of president obama who invested in middle class. david: two days in power reaping benefits. that is long time. >> david the reason why trump, the reason why trump ran because those economic head line numbers may say one thing but real numbers say something a lot worse. i will say this though, i will give marcy and progressive left this. there is a movement afoot. there is a very, very, very big anti-trump movement. david: we'll see how far it goes but the economy could kill it tomorrow. david: thank you, gang. appreciate it. good stuff. melissa. melissa: democrats still unable to understand why they lost the election. now you won't believe what the woman who wants to run the dnc believes her role will be if she is chosen to lead the party. >> when you lose one of the best things you could do, team as person, as an organization,
4:43 pm
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david: democratic national committee searching for a new leader. candidate sally brown was asked how the party should handle "black lives matter." here is part of her answer. >> my job is to listen and be a voice. and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. my job -- [applause] my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh, no, i'm not prejudiced. i'm a democrat. david: here gianno caldwell, republican strategist and caldwell strategic consulting father. what did you think of that? >> when i first heard it i was in unbelief. you have to have a direct dialogue. you have to talk to everyone.
4:47 pm
it is not a shut a person down situation. obviously i'm a republican. one of the comments she said her party failed, her party leaders have failed agree with. what is reminded me of that "jerry maguire" movie when cuba gooding, jr., tells actor tom cruise, "jerry maguire" to say, i love black people! that is what she did right there, "i love black people!." the democrat party is complete and total desperation. donald trump has done something we haven't seen any candidate do was tag up on the black the vote they were tagging to pick up on this election. david, black people saw hillary clinton what she was and a liar, panderer and cruella deville of politics. this is where we are, david. david: the question whether they want to win or not. they didn't lose because they weren't listening to "black lives matter."
4:48 pm
that was not the reason that they lost. they weren't listening to moderate african-americans but they were certainly listening to "black lives matter" all the time. they were in the white house dozens of times. >> that's right. they tried to use "black lives matter" a crutch. to try to get black folks into the tent and tried to ignore working class white voters. that is what donald trump galvanized and that led to his very big win. david: excuse me, but they also ignored african-americans that play by the left-wing rules. there is stair i don't type. you can only be a true black leader if you're a left-wing leader, that is the stereotyping, is that correct. >> that's correct. some see me being on this show don't see me a leader of black community because i am republican. we've seen that across the spectrum. even black leaders with authentic democratic experience talk to donald trump they don't
4:49 pm
see as authentic black leaders anymore. david: for example, martin luther king, has the name, martin luther king iii was visiting with trump today. sean spicer, why doesn't trump ever meet with black civil rights leaders. he met with martin luther king, the namesake for goodness sakes. he wasn't far enough to left to suit the press. please come back. okay? >> thank you. david: appreciate it. melissa: if you at first you don't succeed, how hillary clinton is planning to move on from the oval office into a brand new role perhaps. ♪
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
ready to hit the campaign trail? can you imagine? "new york post" is reporting that clinton is considering taking on new york city mayor bill de blasio in the upcoming election. guy and marcy back with us. this story started to get traction. i didn't believe it at first. i still don't know if i believe it. john catsimatidis spoke with hillary clinton. he was considering a run for mayor. got impression 50/50 she may run. john catsimatidis is a republican. given money for her in the past. and supported her. what do you think about this thing. >> feel-good story of the year. hillary clinton, we finally can have her back in our elective conscious as a political candidate. she is step up from mayor de blasio who is not very well-liked. far left-winger. hillary is inch or two to the right of de blasio. i don't understand this
4:54 pm
unquenchable thirst for power political figures want to have. if she wants to run, have at it. i would say if poll look good early on, remind her that does not guarranty she will win. early good polls haven't worked out for her well the last few times she sought high office. melissa: always starts out 700 miles in front. then the gaps closes into the finish. only question of when the election is. marcy, it is part of a larger discussion what is hillary clinton's next move. i said on the show earlier, maybe time to put a fork in it. i don't, do you think she feels that way, maybe it is over and really thinking about what she wants to do next. what do you think? >> well, i suppose this is a good time to remind both of you, and all of your viewers hillary clinton did win the popular vote. melissa: you think she should keep going with that kind of logic. >> stating facts here. i have no idea what she is thinking. i have to say, that hillary clinton is a lifetime of public service and she has done
4:55 pm
incredible work. so -- melissa: why give up? >> so, whether or not she is looking at this race, look, she would be incredible retail politicking in new york. she is incredible about digging into the minutia and state and city policy again i have no idea if she is actually thinking about doing it. melissa: right. >> but she is a strong public servant and makes all the sense in the world she should look into other opportunities. country is lucky to have her. melissa: guy, that is exactly the logic i think is really out there in the speech. people are saying things like marcy just said, she is fantastic, she is smart. why not, get back out there. >> and she won the popular vote by 3 million votes. melissa: there you go. she won, she is not president. you know, i mean like, they had knock bernie sanders out at the knees to get the nomination, but you know, nevertheless there is tons of support out there for her? somehow, guy, this is the thinking. only in new york. >> maybe in new york. i don't know, she's, the thing
4:56 pm
that i have to admire on some level is she just went through this bruising, two-year, exhausting process which culminated in her lifelong dream being thrown in the garbage can yet again, losing to donald trump of all people. she wants to get back up off the mat and already consider another run for political office? melissa: that would be amazing. >> i would not have the stamina or energy to do that and i'm 31. so, hats off if this is something she is going to pursue. melissa: so annoying that you're 31, guy. i'm just boeing to end on that note. >> i'm sorry. melissa: you're so smart and fantastic, only 31, irritating. >> oh stop. melissa: marcy, you're a good sport. hanging in there. i'm sure marcy is even younger. david: streets of chicago, we're going there next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> another live look at anti-trump protest in chicago and by the way, you wonder why some of these chants, how some
5:00 pm
of these chants get their currency. they're handed out by the crowd. mnuchin race can't you see, it's killing me. corporate greed, the action-- >> they need to do better. >> risk and reward. >> we are going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning! we can't take it anymore! mr. president, it's too much, and i'll say, no, it isn't, we have to keep winning, we have to win more! >> stocks nearing record highs again as president trump continues his blitz of executive power to spur economic growth. it's action tuesday, whirlwind action at the white house to create jobs. president trump signing a flurry of executive orders to revive the keystone pipeline


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