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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of these chants get their currency. they're handed out by the crowd. mnuchin race can't you see, it's killing me. corporate greed, the action-- >> they need to do better. >> risk and reward. >> we are going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning! we can't take it anymore! mr. president, it's too much, and i'll say, no, it isn't, we have to keep winning, we have to win more! >> stocks nearing record highs again as president trump continues his blitz of executive power to spur economic growth. it's action tuesday, whirlwind action at the white house to create jobs. president trump signing a flurry of executive orders to revive the keystone pipeline
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that was stopped by president obama. and also streamlining manufacturing regulation and president trump met with top auto executives and the president met with democrat and republican leadership to move through congress. i'm elizabeth macdonald filling in for deirdre bolten. the president is meeting with senior leadership in congress. we will bring you anything important. this, as earlier today, the president invited top executives from ford, gm and fiat chrysler. >> this is a long-term job that we're looking for. we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states bigly and reducing unnecessary regulations, we want unnecessary regulations, a regulations that mean something. mark and i were here yesterday and we understand that. we'll make things much more simple for the auto companies and everybody else who wants to do business in the united
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states. >> the auto executives praising the president right after the meeting. >> as an industry, as an automotive industry we employ many people across america, good paying jobs from the people that work in our factories to manufacturers that support our plants with parts, to our wonderful dealers, who are literally in every community across america who help sell and service our vehicles and we're very encouraged by the president and the economic policies that he is forwarding liz: as you can expect, this is just one stop and president trump's busy schedule. besides five executive orders including the keystone pipeline. he met with mike pompeo and key senate leadership from both sides of the island. and washington correspondent blake burman is in d.c. with the latest. >> hi there, liz:. here at 5:00, they're doing work at the oval office and i noticed the marine come out, which means the president is
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inside the west wing. right now, at least potentially wrapping up. on the docket here, top congressional leaders meeting with the president. the topic, we are told, is the upcoming supreme court pick. now, sources tell fox, that the president, who initially put out a list of about 20 or 21 during the campaign, potential nominees, is down to three. and the president said himself, earlier today, that he will make his decision this week at some point, and announce it next week. earlier this afternoon, as well, the president met with his cia director. that, of course, being mike pompeo. mr. pompeo was sworn in last night to lead the nation's spy agency. this morning, there were five executive orders signed by the president. although there were five, all of these surrounded really two things, the keystone xl and the dakota access pipeline, these five executive orders essentially make it easier to give the green light for those two projects to eventually go forward, and then this morning
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at 9:00. it all started with three of the top automakers, that being ford, gm and chrysler. the ceo's were here meeting with him. i asked the secretary sean spicer, why it was the auto industry that got the first really industry centric meeting here with the new president and mr. spicer told me, it was because basically these are companies that could help boost manufacturing in the united states and it was the president himself earlier today, liz, who said that he wants to make it easier for these companies to do business and manufacture their products here in the united states. back to you liz: thank you, blake. transcanada popping and they are going for the keystone pipeline. president trump's approval rating rising to 57% as the media has been reporting the
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past two days that the president has the worst new president rating than any president. and acting like getting out of the trade deals is the end of the world. >> president trump moved to withdraw and leaves china in a position to fill that void a rejection of 30, 40 years of trade policy in the u.s. this is a president who is basically threatening the american industry. >> the decision has angered japan and create add big vacuum china is leaping to fill. >> once you withdraw, you're out and china immediately fills the vacuum. >> you see they fill the void and the mistake has been made. >> does their reporting match how it's being received by the business community? watch what ford's ceo today said. he seemed to say otherwise. actually it's creating a nufacturing renaissance and also, other executives saying when you're out it doesn't mean you stop with bilateral deals. that's something different. let's listen to the ford ceo. >> and i would just call out yesterday the president's
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decision to withdraw from the tpp, we've been very vocal, both as an industry and as a company, and we've repeatedly said that the mother of all trade barriers is currency manipulation. and tpp failed in meaningfully dealing with that and we appreciate the president's courage to walk away from a bad trade deal liz: and my next guest says president trump's first executive order shows a commitment to the american people and not the government, which could be why his approval rating is finally moving higher. look who is here, fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. what do you think about the flip between what the media and auto executives are saying? >> we know that the media doesn't like donald trump for the most part and doesn't want him to succeed and will look for any fly in the ointment or flaw in the argument they can
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make. i myself am a free trade person, and i applaud him for doing what he's doing. taking the power that congress has given him, working swiftly, not waiting for congress to change anything to protect american workers. the executive order was the one he signed on friday four hours after he was inaugurated. revolutionary, saying that all the people in the federal government that administer obamacare, hey, guys, it's not going to be the law much longer, so if you're about to apply a tax, fine, fee or penalty, don't, because we'll only have to return the money you take. the revolutionary part, presidents, government, law enforcement people never say this, if you have discretion between an individual and the government, exercise your discretion in the favor of that individual and against the
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that i have never heard of before. that is donald trump revolutionary, that's him promising to say he would undo obamacare day one. >> undoing obamacare, could create more jobs. taking the pressure off small businesses. remember when president obama last june was in indiana and talking to workers in indiana. >> right. >> there was a union worker at carrier, the company, and president obama said, you know what? donald trump's not going to bring jobs back. and he even mocked donald trump's jobs plan. and this sound bite, let's take a listen. >> for those folks who have lost their job right now because a plant went down to mexico, some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back and when somebody sa says, like the person you just mentioned, who i'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all of these jobs back, well, how exactly are you going to do that?
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what are you going to do? there's -- there's no answer to it. he just says, well, i'm going to negotiate a better deal. well, how, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand do you have and usually the answer is, he doesn't have an answer liz: o, here is the answer, carrier saying they will preserve and protect a thousand jobs and it's for gm, toyota, amazon, kroger, wal-mart, autozone. yes, there's an argument that he may have planned to have the jobs, but he's saying, acting and the companies are responding. >> i haven't seen that tape in a while and i forgot how defeatist, how throwing in the towel barack obama was. donald trump is the opposite. donald trump won't take no for an answer. maybe it's their backgrounds, a community organizer and u.s. senator. and one has buildings, and builder in new york city and creator of wealth. and the latter believes
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anything could be negotiated and carrier in indiana, they're returning, something that president obama said would never happen liz: and the president. let's get back to the keystone pipeline. when you look at the actual numbers, president obama had basically, are we going to take the access on the keystone pipeline? let's take it and get your reaction. >> if we're going to build pipelines in the united states, the pipes should be made in the united states. much pipeline is bought from other countries. we build the pipelines and want to build the pipe, put a lot of steel workers back to work. >> that's 4% growth, promised that. >> how could you disagree with that? that's so rational, simple and basic. we build the pipeline, we want to build the pipe. he's right. somebody else in a foreign country may sell us a pipe of similar quality at a lesser cost, but by building it here,
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he's energizing the base and delivering to the base what he promised he would, day three of his presidency liz: you know what, judge, you talked about this, too, i think, under president obama there was 12,000 pipeline approved. >> i didn't know it was that number until you said it this morning liz: 12,000 mile double what was approved under george w. bush, pipeline. >> these three he signed are the most controversial and built in america by americans and he's done this liz: when you see the media reacting to it. is there something more nuanced going on and i think you pointed out that the media is not picking up. in the art of the deal, trump said i set the bar high and i go for a high. maybe when he throws down the markers, it's a negotiating tool? >> it is a negotiating tool, but with respect to the media, i don't think he looks that good when he gets into a blanking contest with the media. i think he deals with them best by being successful in his policies and rewarding the base
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and by doing what he said he's going to do and being successful. he's only day three of his office and we don't know if it's successful, buts' doing everything he said would. that keeps the people happy and may keep the media miserable and give them a lot to write about, but success has a thousand fathers liz: it got reagan, reelected and clinton, hillary clinton could have been elected if there was 4%. >> see you in the morning liz: a u.k. import, with stuart varnney. >> and sean spicer pleading to stop with the negative bias. and we'll show you that this fight is just beginning and we have geraldo rivera. he says it's clear establishment journalists are determined to take down the
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>> i think over and over again, there's this constant attempt to undermine the credibility of his movement and it's not just frustrating for him, but so many of us tying to work to get this out. it's demoralizing to turn on the tv, and hear this guy is not going to get confirmed, no way they're going through. liz: white house press secretary sean spicer to stop being so relentlessly negative
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and give the new administration a chance. the press pounding the white house not over policy, but the question about the size of the crowds and voter fraud. however, the media is negative on trump's job policies and what he's doing and too much bully in the bully pulpit. did the white house plea have any affect. and let's look at president tru trump's meetings. leaders who felt positive been what trump were saying. and herald wrote, business leaders were summoned by trump. like he's a king. the call to create jobs or else. and writing that ceo's are concerned about the activist in chief. so is their reporting accurate? here is how the ceo's and union leaders m leaders who met with them. from their mouths to your ears. >> i come out with confidence
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that the president is making very, very sure that the american economy is going to be strong, policies, tax, regulatory or trade, to drive that and i think that encourages all of us as ceo's as we make decisions going forward. so it was a very, very positive meeting and i think a very, very positive meeting for the united states of america and manufacturing in general. >> we just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers and we will work with him and his administration to help him implement his plans on infrastructure, trade, and energy policy so that we really do put america back to work in the middle class jobs that our members and all americans are demanding. liz: look who is here, his fox news correspondent geraldo rivera. 's he here. >> hi. liz: is the media giving the president unbiased coverage or biased coverage? >> i think that every morning in "the washington post" news room there are 20 of the best reporters in the country who are knit-picking everything he does with the eye to taking him
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down or at least tarnishing him as badly as they can. the new york times, i believe, are the same, devoted to making him look bad. unfortunately, as you've noted in your remarks, liz, by speaking with voter fraud and crowd size he gives them plenty of ammo. if he had just stuck to what he did, he accomplished so much today and yesterday, as you point out. you know, i fear that he's not being disciplined enough because in this hostile environment that he has to understand he exists in, every misstep will be exaggerated and exponentially trumpeted to the people. liz: it becomes more what's the motive of sean spicer. when ronald reagan came in 1980, there were fears of nuclear winter, and homelessness. and you're award winning journalist, and you remember that. and we had liberal journalists who insist that hitler has come
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to power and the hollywood stars can't stop talking about how they feel triggered by trump and even msnbc's mathews says that president trump's speech was hitlerion. i want to play a review of the union speech and this union backed hillary clinton. >> that address on friday was a great middle class address. i mean, it hit home for the people that have been hurting. you said it, the people here in washington have made it, but the working class people had to hear something like that. liz: what are your thoughts? >> on the speech? well, first of all, i think it's a very sincere man there, and the president meeting with leaders and giants of business and intending to do something that president obama said never could be done, create be joshgs, at a higher cost as we
5:21 pm
all know to the consumer, but that's an exchange that he's willing, he, donald trump, to make. i wish the speech was more reaganesque though. i mean, i love donald trump. i am honored to be a friend of his and if he needs any of my advice, i just think that he can be, you know, just as strong on these issues substantively speaking by stylistically lighten up and give us more of the city on the hill shall the shining city, while being ruthlessly pragmatic and he wants that pipeline, going to build it here and that steel is going to come and the pipeline is going to be built here, but the pipeline will cost more coming from the steel mills, that's an exact. liz: and aspirations and-- >> it's not that difficult, and substantively speaking, his agenda has been a very, you know, he is honoring every one of his campaign pledges. you know, he has been-- he's following through with these executive orders and
5:22 pm
while i may disagree with what he's doing, he's being very, in terms of morality and honesty to his own character. liz: the media says he's lying. >> when you call someone-- chris mathews, i worked with chris mathews for eight years at cnbc, you cannot use hitler or nazis, when you're talking about the president of the united states, for goodness sakes. those are people that committed genocide and killed 6 million jews. when you call hitlerion on anybody, you're perverting history and insulting a lot of people and i really take umbrage and offense and chris should know better. liz: come back soon, we love you. we brought you this story yesterday. it's now going viral, a woman was attacked by protesters, her coach slashed with razor blades while at the inaugural celebration and protesters sat on a goldstar wife as she tried
5:23 pm
to attend a veterans event during inauguration. she's the wife of fallen navy seal lieutenant brendan looney, she's amy looney and she's here to tell us about the attack. we're on it after this. (bell chimes) ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪
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>> we've seen all kinds of protests since president trump's inauguration. yes, free speech, yes, first amendment. here is what else is going on. protesters are throwing water at trump inaugural ball attendees. there is video there, attacking people and one woman had her coat slashed with razor blades as she was attending an inaugural event. and my next guest is a goldstar wife who says anti-trump protesters spat on her as she entered an event. her husband was lieutenant amy
5:27 pm
looney whose husband was killed in afghanistan. she went with other goldstar members ap saw a group of angry protesters outside and they filmed the scene on their cell phones, but this video does not show what happened next. they were assaulted, pushed, called names and even spat on. goldstar wife amy looney joins us. we're so sorry this happened to you and so grateful for you and your husband's service to our country and so sorry for your loss, but can you tell us what happened? >> yes. thank you for having me on today. my colleague and one of my closest friends, ryan mannion, who is the president for the organization that we work with, the travis manuel foundation. we were honored to have been invited to the american legion's veteran inaugural ball hosted at the renaissance hotel in washington d.c. and our main purpose in attending was really no political agenda, was simply
5:28 pm
just to honor and show our respect for our military community. the event was honoring about 40 medal of honor recipients that night and upon our arrival, we encountered a group probably of about 75 and i hate to even call them protesters because this was such an aggressive forum, well beyond peaceful protest. and they pushed us, they said horrible vulgar things to us, things i would never think to say to anybody, especially in that circumstance, or even at all, and to just, you know, feel that way after our brother and my husband, now, put service before self and put their life on the line each and every day for their service and ultimately paid the ultimate sacrifice, very disturbing j amy, who spat on you? what did that person look like? were they wearing a black hood? >> there were a couple people with black masks, you know, i
5:29 pm
think in a moment like tt where you're very scared and panicked and you want to remain as safe as possible, we just push through to try to get into the event. because, our take away on the situation was really defined, us being more empowered to continue doing the work we are doing at the foundation. our job and our mission is to empower our veterans and families of the fallen in our next future generation. it's ironic to be caught in the situation to ultimately better, bring our communities together versus create such a negative divide. liz: are the police going to do anything about it? did you report it to the police. >> we were a one-off segment, late to the event because of the many of the road closures. the police did a fantastic job from what our take away was on the situation and we know they were in some of the areas, i think we just got segmented off due to some of the ways that we had to walk away from the route, the uber in order to get to the hotel.
5:30 pm
liz: i want to get to this, a book was written about your husband and his best friend trevor mannion, and you're the director of the travis mannion foundation. can you tell us what the foundation does? >> yeah, sure, our mission is to empower our veterans and families of the fallen. we're utilizing veterans and families of the fallen to demonstrate and show how much these individuals are assets within their own community. they're bringing communities together ap demonstrating and talking to high school students and youth leadership groups about character, leadership service, integrity and really embracing travis's mantra, if not me, who. damaging them to go out into the community and do good work that will ultimately unite and bring people together rather than a divide such as we witnessed on friday.
5:31 pm
liz: amy looney, we love you and your husband's service to the xhunt and travis manion as well. thank you. and trump ball attendees doused with water and we have a guest who says her coat was slashed with razor blades as she was attending as a guest. and the violence against the trump campaign is escalating and he says that protesters will become more violent if left unchecked. we're on that next. swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant.
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>> breaking news, the senate voting right now to confirm governor nikki haley as ambassador to the united nations. nikki haley needs a simple majority to pass. we're going to keep you updated on the vote tally and now this, president trump's inauguration day marred by a slew of violent attacks from protesters. before the break, we brought you the story about the goldstar wife who was spat on outside of veterans inaugural event. other inaugural attendees had the things like water thrown on them. another had her coach slashed and others were punched. now, president trump's top advisorven secret service protection due to death threats. dr. keith ablow telling us yesterday, these protesters are suffering from a mental disorder.
5:36 pm
>> these folks with trump derangement syndrome or whatever you want to call it, they're detoxing. they're detoxing from huge lies, that said that they're not responsible for anything that happens in their lives of a negative nature. liz: look who is here, former nypd detective and a mayoral candidate for new york city, bo dietl. >> i am running for mayor. liz: you were at the inauguration, did you see any of this violence. >> yeah, i was staying at adams hotel on k street. it was a lot worse than what people saw. they were setting cars on fire, they had hammers, they were smashing windows. they were throwing rocks and the cops in the first couple of days were pretty, you know, stand back. and my problem with this these things they get bigger and bigger, the same faces, 98% little white punks what i call them of the the same ones that were in occupy wall street, these are an organized group, had black helmets on, masks on.
5:37 pm
when they have a mask like that, right away the police are able to arrest them for that and also i want to find out who is funding them. it's definitely fund. they don't show up with the same hats on and masks on unless something is organized. some little birdie tells me, a thing called open society, one george soros who hates this country very much. i'd like the new attorney general when sessions gets in there to investigate if this was an organized effort for these riots because this is inciting a riot and if you're funding it, you're part of inciting a riot and committing a felony. i'd like the united states attorney to find out the little punks, the same ones that pop up, black lives matter, it's not about black lives matter, it's about destruction, causing damages, causing, setting fires, beating people up. that's not demonstrating, that is violence and that's no place in the united states of america, and it was horrible to be at the inauguration to see these-- and i've got to call them animals, that's what they were, a bunch of animals.
5:38 pm
liz: we saw this kind of behavior during the trump campaign, do you feel it's escalating. >> i watched tv on fox this morning and i watched the arrogance of people, if they know something to do with donald trump, the next remarks, let's suck it up a bit. donald trump is the president. let's pray for him and hope that he does everything right for this unt can for all americans. he's not trump to trumpsters, he's trump to all americans and we all want one thing, our country to go in the right direction and i'll be very honest with you. we've got to give him the opportunity. i think's he going to do good i think so this for all. talk about jobs, the last president didn't do anything about jobs. chicago, rahm emanuel is knocking him. yeah, they're over the amount of murders, no one is doing anything. donald trump will solve the problem in chicago it's about federal recall and going after the gangs, they did it in new
5:39 pm
york and why the murder rate went down. new york city police department did a great job, it wasn't mayor deblasio, it's the cops. liz: what concerns you right now? >> what concerns me, if we don't quash this and stop this nonsense from occurring, it gets more tumultuous. as it builds up and efveryone thinks, oh, they're going to let me get away with it. liz: you think the cops let it go on. >> i'm not the mayor of washington d.c., whenever you're wearing a mask like that, hiding their face like that, they should have grabbed the trouble makers and got them out. the peaceful demonstrators, i'm not against them demonstrating peacefully, but when you're smashing windows, starting fires, i've got a problem. you've got to nip it in the bud. get the trouble makers, lock them up, and peaceful
5:40 pm
demonstrations like the women's march. liz: is it illegal to wear a mask. >> you cannot hide your face if you're protesting like that. obvious reasons, you don't know who they are. these guys are committing felonies, it's inciting to riot. these are real fellfullies and the same in washington d.c. as new york, peaceful demonstration i'm all for, once you hurt people, hurt property. the problem was the ferguson thing, they let them get away with burning all of those things. nobody got lked um up. these are people's property. liz: bo dietling running for mayor. >> when i become the mayor, we will have peaceful demonstrations, i don't want violence. liz: come back soon. >> i love it. liz: next up, a 24-year-old doesn't have any money, he's a single dad, his name is shane and works an overnight shift to support his children. he also campaigned for president trump.
5:41 pm
his hard work did not go unnoticed because president trump personally invited shane to attend the inauguration, but that's not all. the banner may have given it away, but shane is here to explain after this. ♪ when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. it's not just a car... it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. i mwell, what are youe to take care odoing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30?
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we've got one loyal out of luck trump supporter. he got the surprise of his life. 24-year-old single day, shane bu bouvey. this while fighting an expensive custody battle and taking care of a father suffering from cancer. his hard work did not go unnoticed. president trump personally invited him to the inauguration
5:45 pm
ball. and what a guy, shane. >> how are you. liz: president trump met with you personally. can you tell us how that came about? >> yeah, actually i we were with friends and wanted to experience trump tower. we came back and i got a call from one of trump's staff members, are you shane bouvey? >> yes, donald trump read "the washington post" and was inspired by it and wanted to talk to you. i started stuttering, donald trump my hero and i was blessed with that and she goes, i'm going to do something better for you and get you v.i.p. tickets and trump would like to have you at the welcome ceremony. and it just was great. wow, i didn't believe how it happened and felt honored and blessed to be here, wow.
5:46 pm
liz: he gave you a $10,000 check? >> after i met him. i started walking in the white tent and they started clapping and i felt god's presence in there, i really did. and you know, and donald trump is the most genuine humble person and caring person i met in my life. he did a lot for my dad battling cancer. liz: what did he do for his dad. >> i don't know how to repay him. liz: what did he do for his dad. >> he turned around and said take care of him and then he leaned over and said write had i am a check for $10,000 and wow, i just can't thank him enough. wow. liz: shane, you know, okay, bow sides the donation from president trump, is it true that the clothes you wore to the inaugural ball were also donated to you? >> actually, i had a teacher step in and he ended up buying me the suit. the shoes were donated. and i had a whole community come together to make this
5:47 pm
possible, so, you know, it's just great to have a whole community come together and-- 'cause i never owned a really nice suit. mostly i get my suits from goodwill and things like that. i got invited to the inaugural ball by dr. lisa christine, an actress and done motivational speaking and she said shane, through your social media invite you to the inaugural ball and when i told the teacher there, he goes how are you going to get a nice suit, it's a black suit event and black tie? i said i never owned one. i said i can probably get one at goodwill. he goes, no, shane, you need to go to men's warehouse and get a nice suit and that's what he did. liz: wow. >> wow, just blessed. liz: hey, shane, so, what a story you are, an incredible story and you know, we are so sorry that your father is suffering, and we're hearing that you created a go fund me page to help with his treatment costs. how is that going? >> yeah, it's doing great. you know, if anything, it's about prayers, you know. it's not about the money to me,
5:48 pm
it's about, you know, just praying for my dad. that's what means the most for me. if people want to donate they can i just want to thank everyone who is praying for my dad. i'm blessed with that and means the world to me and him and makes him fight extra. he's a fighter and worked hard his whole entire life and he's a veteran. dad, if you're watching, thank you for everything you've done for me in my life. a hero. liz: shane, did the president speak with your father? >> yes, he did. he spoke with my dad and, well, my dad was so happy and gave him that extra fight during this battle, you know? so like i said, when i met donald trump i felt god's presence in that tent, i really did. liz: shane, will you come back on the show? we love having you and want to hear your story. you're an inspiring man and we just thank you so much for coming on the show. and god bless you and god bless your father, okay? you'll be in our thoughts and
5:49 pm
so will your father. >> thank you so much. liz: we've got breaking news, nikki haley won the majority vote with just one no vote. it looks like the final domination approved this week in the senate. kansas congressman mike pompeo as the new cia director giving president trump the third cabinet member. a recap, president obama by this time had 12 cabinet members confirmed by this week in office. the continuing anti-trump rioting and protests being pushing middle of the road democrats, which way? which way do you think? is it to the far left? we've got a candidate running for the candidate national committee top spot, she told that her job would be to shut down white people. guess what? we're going to discuss that, and there's more about that story after this. >> my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, oh, no, i'm not
5:50 pm
prejudice, i'm a democrat. ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> my job is to listen and be a voice and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, o no, i'm not prejudice, i'm a democrat. liz: new worries that the democrat national committee is going really far left after one candidate for the top spot said that her job will be to shut down white people. there was enormous applause after that, not inclusive, right. idaho executive director speaking in front of several other candidates who did not exactly disagree.
5:54 pm
with me now, the political power panel, republican strategist, liberal analyst, kathy, is this? the job description, that it's in the job description to tell white people when to shut up? >> i think she just misspoke. liz: she kept saying it, she didn't misspeak. >> i know, but she did, she did, the democrats-- >> do you think she misspoke, when she said she would shut white people-- >> i think we need to include women and lbgt like the people at the march, the new democratic party, i think that we'll see a tea party, that they've predicted that. liz: what's your thoughts. >> she didn't misspeak, the reason that hillary clinton
5:55 pm
lost the election, the identity politics, incompatible with blue collar america. donald trump won union households the highest since 1988 and i love it when folks like mrs. brown keep saying this, this is music to my ears, democrats flat-out don't get it. how does stronger together, hillary clinton's motto get someone a job? it doesn't and that's the point. >> well, hillary-- >> sorry, kathy, the democrat union factory worker is going to feel alienated by this. >> she misspoke. liz: she said it forceful. >> she doesn't understand the democratic party and where they're headed. what we saw with the women's march and saturday that's the new democratic party. liz: i see what you're saying she was wrong to say it. and a black lives matter week for kindergarten through 12th
5:56 pm
grade like the revolution is now, coloring pages for kids, and a science lesson about the biology of skin color. teachers are protesting and mad about this. and here is what black lives matter, whatever you think about the group, they are saying, we want to disrupt the nuclear family. what are your thoughts? quick ones? >> well, don't hold your breath for jewish lives matters or asian lives matter in the school district. this is divisive and not a teaching tool and i don't know what it achiefs when k through 12 education 40th in the world in science and 24 in math. kathy, do you like it. >> i think it should be in the classroom. liz: we're monitoring the white house now for any new developments and we'll bring you the latest news after this. don't go away.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
house for new developments. thanks for having us with you in your homes. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. president trump is on the fast track signing executive orders including green lining construction on the dakota access pipeline and the keystone xl pipeline. the president vowing they will be agreed upon and he reiterated the notion of putting america first. >> i'm very insistent if we are going to build pipelines in the united states, the pipes should be made in the youth. unless there is difficulty with


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