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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 25, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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very closely on donald trump atrol council and chris crane to getting ready to speak. he's getting more executive friends of mine president of orders done, getting more of nationalized counsel, you guys his people through, glacial are about to be very very busy face having nothing to do with him, but stubborn congressman doing your job the way you want to do them. having to fight him. thank you fellows. including some on his own party. thank you very much. to trish regan right now. trish: the department of homeland security you're we are in the middle of a looking at a live picture, i'm crisis on our southern border. the unprecedented surge of trish regan,elcome to the intelligence report, we are illegal migrants and central expecting to hear from president trump any minute america is harming both mexico from now at the department of and the united states and i homeland security where he just signed those orders, he's believe the steps we will take going to be speaking about starting right now will both of them. now, one is going to build that border wall with mexico. improve the safety and both of the wall's going to happen. our countries. and the second order will it will be very good for mexico. crack down on sanctuary cities. a nation without borders is not a nation. also breaking this hour, white house press secretary sean beginning today the united spicer just wrapping up another news conference where states of america gets back reporters pressed him on president trump's immigration control of our borders and plan as well as the investigation into possible gets back its borders. voter fraud that trump wants to see.
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joining me right now ahead of [applause]. president trump as we look thank you. forward to hearing from him i just signed two executive momentarily, i have with me pollster lee carter. orders that will save thousands of lives millions of trump'shispanic adviser and jobs and billions and billions democratic strategist richard goodstein. of dollars. good to see all of you guys. these two orders are part of steve, the wall's going to an immigration reform during happen. are you surprised that this the campaign. was such a high priority for the president? he did promise it, but it's i want to emphasize that we one of the first things he's rolling out. >> i'm not surprised. will be working in partnership of course i appreciate it with our friends in mexico to improve safety and economic because it's a man keeping his word. and this was really one of the opportunity foundations of his campaign and as a veteran of his campaign, i can tell you when i would go to rallies with then candidate trump, the i have deep admiration for the thing that would most animate people of mexico and i greatly crowds was talking about border control because i think look forward to meeting again a lot of working-class americans know that we don't with the president of mexico. we will be doing that shortly. have control of our border, he will discuss close and it doesn't make sense for national security. coronation for many important it also doesn't make sense for economic security, so he ran this platform, he was elected issues between our countries. in large part on it. and, by the way, i want to say as a hispanic, we often get accused of being antiimmigrant. from flowing out ofcludes the i'm the son of an immigrant,
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as is donald trump, by the america and into mexi way. we love immigrants. but it has to be done in a orderly, sensible, legal way. out of the united states and we have to get control over it goes right into mexico. our immigration system. trish: yeah, and bottom line how can you have a country if you don't have a border that you're going to enforce? we have to stop it. to be the united states of america, we have to protect our border. in some ways, it's strange we also understand that a that it has become this controversial as it has strong and healthy economy in mexico is very good for the because he's saying and doing something that really is in united states. many ways quite obvious. very very good. lee, let me ask you how it's we want that to happen. by working together on a going to play with the base. positive trend state borders i he is as steve points out seemingly delivering right truly believe we can enhance away on one of his biggest promises. the relationship each weaned >> look, this has been a week of action for donald trump, our two nations to integrate and his base is loving it. not seen before certainly in a he is delivering on the promises he ran on. we haven't seen a candidate do very long time. this in -- do this in i don't even know how long. mexico is going to get these people are finally better. excited that there's stuff here is a brief summary of happening. that a candidate promised. what actions are contained in now, on the other hand, you my executive orders. look at people who are naysayers, and they're just the secretary of homeland
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focused on the distractions. security working with myself and my staff will begin they're focused on spicer's press conference on saturday talking about the numbers and the crowds, they're focused on the recount going back and seeing if there was voter fraud. and not all of these things that the president is doing right now. trish: yeah, in fairness, though, he has introduced a lot of these conversations, soest one that wants to go back and look whether or not there is voter fraud going on, which what you know? he is the president of the united states right now. he doesn't need to do that and in some ways you might say, hey, that's kind of a good thing because why would we have so much of any fraud existing at any level? we're going to talk later with john, who has done quite a lot of research who is keen on this issue, so he thinks the president is making the right call on this one. but in terms of the crowd size as well, richard goodstein that more people watched that inauguration, and i'm talking about all the people online and all the people on twitter, and all the people with access to broadband via their mobile phone. more people watch that than any other inauguration in
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history. so can't we just get over that and move on to the substantive stuff? >> trish, what does it tell you and your viewers that donald trump could take issue with something that all of us could see with our naked eyes, which is that barack obama in 2009 had a crowd that dwarfed that donald trump had? now, is it relevant to anything? no, it's not. but why in the world we why in the world would he dispute that? and i'm not trying to subtract from anything. let's talk about the wall. donald trump promised a big, beautiful wall with a door in it. now, spicer just talked about a large physical barrier, so it sounds like they're walking it back a little bit. and he said mexico's going to pay for it. of course mexico insists it's not. and agent general kelly. trish: these are good points and fair points, however. >> yes. general kelly is about to be sworn in and
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secretary of homeland security says in his hearing, a wall is not enough. so come on. trish: let's get back to this who's going to pay for it thing because you don't know who's going to pay for it yet. he has promised over and over again mexico will. with that in mind, lee, you know, you look at the trade agreements right now, you look at the disadvantages we have with some of these trade agreements, isn't there a way to basically essentially guarantee the american taxpayer that their dollar -- not one dollar is going to be spent out of their paycheck for this thing? >> absolutely. they're going to pay for the whole thing. and that can be done in any number of ways. so it still could happen. of course mexico's going to say absolutely we're not going to write a check to the united states for this. but there are ways that it could happen. trish: it could happen. and i'm pretty sure he's going to actively campaign to make sure that that happens and continue his discussions with mexico. there's a lot -- there's a lot happening right now, steve cortez, and he's just jumped
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right now. and i was reading some reports about what we anticipated in the way of these two executive orders last night, and i felt my goodness, earlier -- he's rolled up his sleeves, he's t there, he was to work, he wants to get stuff done in a way that i can quite remember seeing with previous presidents. is this the ceo mentality? >> i think it is. this is a deal maker and chief, and i concur. i put this out on twitter. has the president slept yet since the inauguration? it doesn't seem like it. but i'm so thrilled with what he's doing. by the way, to be bipartisan, i think he has done more in four days as president than we've seen in the last four terms of barack obama and george w. bush who were both largely in many ways frankly lazy presidents who let a lot of issues slide, who let government grow, who were satisfied with slow growth. none of that is the case. we're seeing a phonetic pace right now from president trump, and i'm just thrilled, and i think the american people are going to be. because what you know?
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the status quo wasn't that way. they voted that way, and we're changing things. and don't look at my word, look at dow 20,000. trish: yeah, up 165 points, a lot of people are attributing this to donald trump saying lower taxes, less regulation, better security for this country, all going to translate into more economic prosperity. richard, as much as we can anticipate and lee has told us how the base is just going to love this with the wall and cracking down on immigration right now, i imagine on the other side, the flip side, you've got a base out there of clinton, obama, sanders supporters, will they equally be as enamored by this? >> well, if the polls are indication, donald trump is at historically high -- unprecedented high unfavorables. trish: i know but if you say the polls are any indication, i don't think they have been. >> okay. so what you're saying are science and facts out the window.
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it's whatever our gut tells us. if we think there's voter fraud, there's voter fraud. trish: no. richard, i wouldn't say that. however, lee who tracks all of this stuff and is a pollster by profession, i'll let her answer that question because a lot of the poll data, and you had some very accurate poll data. but a lot of it was quite poor and quite wrong and quite bad. >> yeah. i think a lot of polling, particularly in this election cycle really tried to get people's rational thoughts. and this has been a very emotional election cycle. so i think a lot of it is i'm not saying that we all -- everything is in your gut, there is no truth anymore. but people make decisions based on their guts. so i think it is -- you know, it's a point in time. trish: and they're afraid to say some things. when you see all the women out there marching with such anger, aa man even, you're put in this position, like, how dare you not support this movement? if you don't support it, what kind of woman are you? and i can say as a woman, i didn't believe in all that
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they were marching for and what it became. and yet i think there's a pressure right now in society to, you know, be politically correct, et cetera, et cetera, and that's in part why some of this data seems to be so flawed. anyway, we've got a lot more to get to. thank you, steve, thank you, richard, thank you, lee. we are, everyone, i want to remind you, we're waiting on president trump right now, who's going to be addressing the crowd any minute. this is a big day. the wall is coming. the comments he will make, they're coming of course after he signed two executive orders on border security. now, if we await president trump, i want to go right now to blake burman who is at the white house, a breakdown of these two orders. hey, blake. >> hi, and much of the briefing sean spicer, the press secretary a little while ago was just what you're talking about. how is this going to be paid for? mr. spicer was asked because as you know the mexican president who is coming here to the white house next week is has said that mexico wasn't
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going to pay for the wall and spicer hopes when he asks that president trump and his counterpart in mexico would be on the same page next week as to how that was going to happen. and if not, then this is something that the president says the u.s. would front the bill for at least and get compensated on the back end, that congress would have to go about and mr. spicer said that the president will work with the current congress to appropriate the necessary funds, and they would go about it in that place in the interim. either way, spicer said this is something that is happening. listen here. >> building this barrier's more than just a campaign promise, it's a common sense first step to really securing our pourous border. this will stem the flow of drugs, crime, illegal immigration into the united states. and, yes, one way or another as the president has said before, mexico will pay for it. >> and, trish, the other executive order deals with
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sanctuary cities, and spicer says one of the ways they might go about it if the so-called sanctuary cities do not act in accordance with federal law is that they could with hold or restrict possibly some federal funding and federal grants. by the way, we are expecting more executive orders on national security-related tomorrow. that being with visas and refugees. trish. trish: absolutely. all right. it's going to be a very busy week, and we're right here for all of it. blake burman, thank you so much. blake just reported you heard him saying president trump is vowing to keep americans safe by building this wall. that is the objective here. this wall with mexico to keep the bad guys out. he wants to restrict immigration from countries where terrorism is a major problem. so what do we think of this whole plan? joining me right now former u.s. ambassador to the un, good to see you, ambassador. does it meet your standards? >> well, i think this is certainly a start because the -- we know where the terrorist problem comes from in large measure, and we know
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that the cntries that are on the executive order, the ones that have been named, we get very few people admitted from there already. i think during the campaign that candidate trump talked about program similar to this, it was very similar to what ted cruz had proposed, in many ways what the george w. bush administration did in the aftermath of 9/11. so i think people so i think people are upset about the terrorism issue, he was very plane about it in the campaign, and let's see where we go from here. trish: okay. one of the things he's talking about is ending sanctuary cities, you know, when you think about this wall with mexico, and you think about ending sanctuary cities, and then you think about the part that's expected to come tomorrow, which would be restrictive in terms of visas from some of these countries that are known to harbor terrorists, you're talking about two slightly different things. but yet all within a similar sphere and that they're all related to our own homeland security. so, ambassador, how much of a threat do you worry about coming up from the mexico
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border? and how do you balance that with of course the other threat that's coming from the middle east? >> well, i think the threat across the mexico border from drug traffickers, from human traffickers, from people who want to get in and engage in terrorist activity we know in 2011 the obama administration even indicted senior officials of the iranian revolutionary guards core for conspiracy to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states in the streets of georgetown. that border is pourous. there's no doubt about it. and it's not illegal immigrants that are coming through, that's obviously very important to the trump administration political base. but a direct threat to national security for people who tend to do us harm or through drug trafficking are going to do us harm as they sell us products. and people have talked about closing this border for a long time. i was in the reagan administration when we passed the 1986 immigration reform and control act, one of which was close the borders.
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trish: so you bring up something very interesting then. what will make this time different, ambassador? >> well, i think the president's determination as exemplified what he said in the campaign puts a lot on the line. he either succeeds, or he's going to be judged on it in four years, and i think as he said to us repeatedly, he's a winner who doesn't like losers. i think that goes a long way to incentivize the president, to make good on his campaign commitments. trish: and incentivize his staff and the supporter to make sure they're delivering as well. in other words, ambassador, the hope here is that we're going to install some credibility, imagine that, in washington. >> yeah. look, it's a question of donald trump being a different kind of politician. he says what he's going to do, and then he goes and delivers it. when that happens, it really does change a lot of people's minds. and i think that's much on his mind that his credibility is at stake here. trish: the left will try to play this to their advantage.
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they go say he's discriminatory against hispanics, against muslims. what do you say to that? >> well, i think reality has to interviewed at some point. what he's saying is here not against immigration to this country. we're against illegal immigration. we're not against having people seek asylum from areas where they can poll utilize -- approve political or religious discrimination. they just have to prove it. the only thing we're going to do, and i know this sounds revolutionary to some is we're going to enforce the existing law. trish: yeah, well, you got the laws, you might as well use them. ambassador bolton. >> that's what the president's for. to execute the laws. trish: thank you so much. always good to see you. always good to get your perspective. i want to remind everyone we are waiting on president trump, who is going to be signing those two executive orders there at the department of homeland security -- or rather i should say he signed them. he's going to come out and speak. we're going to hear a little bit more about his rational behindhese orders anwh he anticipates and expects as
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a result of these orders. meanwhile, we have a historic day for the markets. how about this? the dow hitting 20,000 for the first time today. and this rally, it's continuing right now. take a look at that. you can see we're still trading out triple digits as traders watch president trump follow through with his campaign promises one after another. rewriting our trade agreement. it's critical. reviving the keystone pipeline. another critical thing. bringing jobs back to this country and making us energy independent. joining me right now with more on all of it, trading partners chief strategist michael block and liz claman who is down at the new york stock exchange as well where people have to be pretty darn excited. they've been waiting and waiting, and it's finally here, liz. >> yeah. when i walked in here, all i saw were cameras everywhere. every single network, a lot of international ones have come in to see the final hour of trade. we're seeing a gain of 161 points. in this final hour they would expect to see starting at 3:00
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p.m. eastern in of course about 45 minutes, any kind of move for profit taking, they are not seeing it, at least in your hour at the moment. so what does that mean? we may very well see dow 20,000. but as you know, it is not how the market opens, it's how it closes. and i'm not pulling the duct tape off my dow 20,000 hat until we close there so people can witness that in the final hour of trade. it's real excitement here. trish: hey, we'll see if we can hang onto it. i'm also here with steve moore, fox news contributor as well. michael, is this the trump effect? >> i really think it is. this has been building up since election night when trump promised unity that stocks were trading off, and then took off for the races. they've been going ever since. i'll say two things here. this has been an orderly progression higher. financial and transports investments coming out. and then what happened after
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that was tech took the lead for a while. and then the baton passed to the banks. this has been very older. technicians will look at the market and say this is overbought. now, the second thing is dow 20,000. institutional investors aren't really benchmark to dow but why is this important? it's important because the individual investor is watching this program, i hope, and watching other programs and reading the papers, and they're checking the news online, and they're seeing this, and they're seeing this euphoria. trish: it's contagious; right? >> this is optimism. trish: you start to see the dow 20k, and you think, oh, my goodness, it's happening alongside this massive change out of washington. >> it's just news from yesterday. trump meeting with the automakers and promising tax incentives. talking about tax products released yesterday. this pushed us over the top. the individual investors see it and now they're going to start to push into mutual funds, into their favorite stocks. trish: and i can give steve a compliment as well because he has been an economic adviser. but i think it is really tremendous to see a president
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have this kind of outreach, steve, to the ceo community. and what do you know. they're filing in there one by one and sitting down and meeting the president, and he's saying what can i do to help you be more successful? and, by the way, also met with the union. so he's meeting with both sides here, and it's a critical discussion that has to happen because we've been -- steve, frankly for the last eight years and then some in a very stagnant environment. >> i've been waiting for this dow 20,000 now for a month, trish. you know, we got so close to it, and now we're finally over it. it's a great day for america. trish: michael's an investor, liz is down there talking to investors, you're an economist, how different is it to have a president like this that is listening to the ceo community? that doesn't start from the premise that he hates big business? >> it's a great point, trish. and a couple of points i would make.
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number one as brilliant as it was to me with these business leaders and ceos and get them on board, even more brilliant to meet with the union heads and say, look, i'm not antiunion, i want jobs here, i want union jobs in this country, and, you know, you saw the looks of the faces of the union leaders when they walked out. they had big smiles on their aface. i think it worried a lot of democrats who said, oh, my gosh these guys are going to become republican. trish: well, they might be smiling because we got a bloomberg report today that had a little bit of the insight and action going on behind the scenes there. and he said to them, you know, what would help you? and they said for all of these pipes to be made in america. and he jumps on that, and he had aids we're told scrambling last night saying i want this. i want all of these new pipes to be american made. >> by the way, you know, the -- trish: for the keystone pipeline, that is. >> in youngstone, ohio, which is an old steel town because of the fracking oil revolution and the steel revolution,
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those steel plants have been reopened. i don't think all of it has to be built with american steel. but a lot of it can be. but i want to make another point about ceos and meeting with company heads. you know, obama remember, at the start of his presidency, we had a corporate, you know, group that was kind of business leadership council, and they met one or two times and obama completely forget about them for the next seven years. now you have a president that will consult with business leaders on a regular basis, ask them what they need, how to get it done, and that's a totally different governing mind-set. trish: completely different mind-set. >> yeah. trish: well, i guess it's about time. good to see you. liz, we'll see you at the top of the hour if this day holds on. it could be a very historic one indeed. it already is. but it could get even better. all right. check out, everyone, this woman. i want you to see her here. she's running for the new head of the democratic party, and you've got to hear this. listen. >> my job is to shut other white people down when they
2:22 pm
want to interrupt. my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say "oh, no, i'm not prejudice. i'm a democrat"." trish: all right. isn't it exactly this kind of racial divisiveness and this obsession with identity politics why -- the reason why democrats took such a beating in the polls? i me, yoget rhetoric like that, and they might as well st hand president trump another four years; right? how are democrats ever going to fix themselves if that's the sentiment they're going with? we're going to debate and watch a little bit more of that woman and what she had to say right after this
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we are waiting on donald trump was going to be speaking early -- any minute from now. he'd assigned to executive orders that would really work to curtail some of our
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immigration issues. he is also can be working aggressively in terms of dealing with the sanctuary cities. we will hear more from him momentarily. one would anticipate a pretty supportive crowd now they feel like there can have the ability to do their job into enforce the laws that exist. and again donald trump to speak on these two executive orders. do not go anywhere. as we wait for donald trump i have to tell you. they are still reeling from their loss. i don't know they will ever get over it. especially giving the polity -- party's latest move. all the reasons why they lost in november there obsession with racial division and their refusal to understand
2:27 pm
mainstream america and other reasons that seems to be doubling down on all he knows. identity politics. i want you to listen here. he is campaigning to be the leader of the democratic party and here is what she is saying. >> my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. my job is to shut other white people down when they want to say i'm not prejudiced. we cannot smash them down. you don't get it. and i will tell you is you don't that you don't this is exactly the type of divisiveness that lost you and all your friends election in the first place. they choose to go down this path again guess what, donald
2:28 pm
trump would be back in the white house and 2020. tell me what you stop .-dot you can't say we have to shut white people down. that is exactly what drove the people to vote for donald trump. the key though i think at the root of it she has some truth. we need to be listening to one another. i will shut you down if you are white. you're trying to go for a bigger, broader message here. unfortunately for you and your
2:29 pm
party she was not delivering it. you have ties to the muslim brotherhood. very divisive and i think donald trump in this election cycle has really shown everyone it's not even necessarily about party anymore it's about the issues that matter to people for the democrats if he is successful in places like chicago i don't know. if i were in chicago and someone offered me all of that i would be thinking of switching sides. they are invested in separatism. the last thing a liberal wants to see the colorblind society. the wider they reach out to people was by appealing to
2:30 pm
this identity politics. all of the things that we saw. they did not win the oval office they have been so badly booed in this and i think it's because they played too aggressively. if you find a new stitch. >> trish, you're right. they played too hard you are not going to have a quote color line for site -- something called latent bias. we are truly colorblind. the democrats are overplaying their hand. if they win again.
2:31 pm
i think what you're trying to say there are the issues are what matter. they factor in on the margin if i'm an african-american woman to have an opportunity to send my kid to a better school because of donald trump you're not going to lick a gifted horse gift horse in the mouth. your allegiance could actually change forever or at least for the next foreseeable amount of years because the republicans are the ones providing you with economic opportunity. >> what i said was the last thing a liberal wants is a colorblind society because actually benefit from it not been a colorblind society but what is really important is that donald trump with the dustpan of history.
2:32 pm
they are saying look we need to change things in inner cities. good to see. always a pleasure. there to come out and speak about the two executive orders he signed today.
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chicago mayor rahm emanuel is responding to that warning from president donald trump he warned him if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on i will send in the feds. all of this as trump has bowed to crackdown. he just signed two executive orders one to crackdown. he's can we talk about it momentarily. what about everybody else in chicago. do they have any rights there
2:37 pm
saying hey don't worry about it. we are live with the latest right now. when they flush it out. you would accept help from the fbi. listen. straight up. i was just taking a breath.
2:38 pm
we are going to a process of reinvigoting police. and just really trust against the relationship. potentially withdrawing funds. he did make one thing absolutely clear. i will let him make that point. we will stay a sanctuary city. we welcome that. there is no stranger among us. we welcome people whether you're from poland or pakistan or ireland or india or israel and whether you're from mexico or mongolia you are welcome in chicago. as you pursue the american
2:39 pm
dream. i want to be clear. here with me there from chicago everyone. back with us as well. it is a mess of a place right now. it is devastating when you look at those numbers. he has an opportunity to save more lives. it's almost hard for me to contain my rage. there is such hypocrisy.
2:40 pm
he doesn't have to deal with the on the ground consequences of many of his policies. a sanctuary for him. richard i want to know how you are going to defend this. if you should kill someone that he is saint were good just stay with me. that is a fiction. and to say we are going to cut off funds to say were to cut off funds to people like steve juergen have fewer police. your hospitals are to hostels
2:41 pm
are to be underfunded. your roads were to punish people like steve what they're doing is giving them the middle finger essentially are going to ignore the fact that we have laws and rules. fine, stay here in chicago. as fundamental iran. i don't believe what you was been actually correct. deported comes back on murders a young woman.
2:42 pm
not saying into the killer of the chicago version come with me i got your back. nobody is going to decide that. and what he saying is the solution is community policing. the police -- the people of chicago decided we don't buy it. too many murders. whatever you think the solution is it's not working. the murder rate keeps going on. i know steve who lives there and must keep his family safe. any extra help that could be delivered. who in their right mind would turn down free help. we do have some breaking news to report. actress mary tyler moore died at the age of 80. she starred in notable films
2:43 pm
for which she earned an academy award nomination. she leaves behind her husband. she is dead at the age of 880. we will be back in just a moment. he is expected to speak on the two executive orders. we will see right back here. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the ale - without starting any conversations-
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we have a some breaking news of course they're coming to us live from the department department of homeland security we will have any
2:47 pm
minute president donald trump who is bowing to crackdown and investigate voter fraud. roughly 300 people there from dhs. again as soon as he comes to stage we will be showing that to you. he's out there again tweeting about the voter fraud issue. i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud. to strengthen up the procedures. here's the thing. there has been reports of
2:48 pm
fraud in the past. and i'll tell you if there is so much as one vote that cast illegally that's wrong. so why wouldn't we want to investigate something like this. john for much of your career you had been looking at this issue. they need to be above reproach. he won. he is concerned about the thought in the system. do you believe there is. if so walk me through. i think he was exaggerating but we do need investigation. the double standard in outreach here. last week in the last press
2:49 pm
conference they told a whopper. he said the united states was the only country in the world that puts up there areas to voting. like voter idaho laws. that is a democracy of falsehood. they ask for voter idaho. the canadians up north. it's an amazing thing to me. it only does show a driver's license or passport. that opens us up to some susceptibility for broder -- boat voter fraud issues. we don't know what they are. there is one study that came out saying look it could be anywhere from 38 fraud votes to two and half million fraud votes. the reason we don't know now is the obama administration for eight years they've been asked by states to see if the
2:50 pm
people were voting. have you come across that at all. the research center discovered there's 1.8 million dead people. is a clue that somebody could vote in their name and nobody would know the difference. there are two civil rights.
2:51 pm
we need to have a civil rights protection for all of the voters. it gets slight on the turnstile. and i have to show that i am who i am. and that's just to get to work and not to vote. >> almost everyone has an idaho because you can be part of a mainstream life in america you can travel, get a job at social security or medicare without an idaho. so they can be a full participant. they are both endorsed. it would be there to try to
2:52 pm
convince them to do the state idaho or that freedom card as an idea. is not just about making sure we have integrity and our voting process. they are not threats that they are facing internally. it's all wrapped up into one. it was completely uninterested. to find out who's here illegally. and who might be casting illegal votes. the academic studies that show a 6% 6% of noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 presidential election. it can swing the difference. and in i don't even care what the numbers are.
2:53 pm
always a pleasure. thank you so much. we are waiting on president trump right now he's going to be speaking there on the two executive orders that he signed today. is also busy and it's only wednesday. he's bowing big tax cuts. with his very own party. reports that republicans are growing increasingly nervous that the president will cut their projects while also spending wildly in other area. i want two-point out that donald trump is coming to the stage there. two executive orders signed today. let's listen in.
2:54 pm
[indiscernible] first of all i wanted to congratulate secretary john kelly. john brings the skill in the leadership and the experience and the strength and definitely the determination to get the job done and to get it done correctly. he will deliver he will deliver the country the american people like you've never seen before.
2:55 pm
we also just finished a briefing with acting administrator of fema and we discussed the terrible storms that struck the southeastern united states. our nation sends its thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by this incredible tragedy. i have instructed fema to do all they can to help those suffering and affected already we have approved georgia, and mississippi and others are rapidly on their way so fema has done an incredible job of speed and they need speed. homeland security is in the business of saving lives and that mandate will guide our actions to the department of homeland security has many different divisions but one of
2:56 pm
the most important missions of dhs is its law enforcement mission. this is a law enforcement agency [applause]. but, for too long your offices and agents had not been allowed to properly do their jobs you know that right. that is all about to change. and i'm very happy about it and you are very happy about it from here on out i'm asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america they will be enforced and enforced strongly.
2:57 pm
because people are surprised to hear that we do not need new laws we will work within the existing system and framework we are going to restore the rule of law in the united states. i want to recognize the ice and border patrol officers in this room today into honor their service and not just because they unanimously endorsed me from president. >> that helps but that is not the only reason. i also want to acknowledge to individuals in the audience who will play a very important role going forward.
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