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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and here we have it, on a day where we saw a broad based rally. [closing bell rings] we absorbed that closing bell. liz: right now a big day on the floor of the new york stock exchange. welcome to history. david, melissa, send it to you for "after the bell." melissa: i thought she descriptioned it ripping tape off before the close. stocks surging as president trump continues to deliver on his campaign promise. new record choices for dow, s&p and nasdaq. i'm melissa francis. neil: across the board. i'm david asman. dow closing above 20,000. so much for sell the inauguration. phil flynn price futures, fox business contributor watching action in oil and gold from the
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cme. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, how much higher can we go? >> let's hope a lot more, let's hope this 20,000, it was kind of a slow grind, david. even though this is the second fastest course from 1000 points, 19 to 20 ever, it is still vulnerable. a lot has to do with trump and his pro-growth policies. a lot has to do with what we've seen pretty solid batch of earnings. let's just celebrate today because here we are finally. these are the top gainers of the dow, driving the dow to 20,000. boeing hit a lifetime high today, the story behind that expect to deliver more planes and higher earnings this year. caterpillar up almost 2%. this is a two-year high. analysts say the sales pick you are is improving. adobe up half a percent. these are among companies hitting lifetime highs. particular stocks we're pulling from a broad range of industry
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suggesting that the big optimism, the confidence, not just american investors but investors all across the world have in the u.s. stock market. want to show you infrastructure stocks, basically gaining on the news of the day as trump rolls out his policy of deregulation, struck instructs building that wall later. look at gains on these guys. its absolutely phenomenal. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much. phil, oil and gold not feeling the trump rally. >> well they're not. actually earlier in the day when stocks were up, oil was higher but inventories today at least short term put some downward pressure on price. we saw a big build in crude oil inventories. that pressure and gasoline in heating oil, when demand fell off a little bit it put downward pressure. some of that is seasonal. if you look at global supplies they're actually falling. they have fallen by over 60 million barrels. that is a strong side that opec production cuts are making a difference. gold today, why invest in gold
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today when the stock market seeing 20,000 dow? that is the story with gold. gold had an incredible run since donald trump has become president. it has been on fire on expectations we're going to see growth. that may mean inflation. uncertainty and demand but that has been very strong but the last couple days it is running out of steam. people like stocks instead of gold. back to you. >> there you go, phil. thank you. david: let's not bury the lead, history is made. the dow shattering the 20,000 milestone as markets continue to gain more clarity from president trump. joining me john petrides, wealth view management and veronica daguerre, from the "wall street journal" and scott shellady, t m.j. investments. i started with you, let me end with you. there is start of something big, a lot of money on sidelines, doing as well as the market has been doing the last couple years. that money is still on the sidelines. my sense people finally want to put the money to work, that is what is happening next couple
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months, do you agree? >> i agree. shows you power of psychology, think about it, boil down to the basic level, we've had a new coach with the same players that we had two months ago, right? he hasn't had i in of his team ratified by congress, really. with same players a sea change in psychology we're at for front of something much bigger. that is how powerful it is. he ask the first president not to have 3% growth in any quarters since 86 years ago, herbert hoover. that shows how hard things will be, in very short time we have action president. he is like the "g.i. joe" president with kung fu grip by the way. he is out there. has a big agenda every single day giving everybody a feel good factor. we can live on that for a while but the proof is in the pudding. david: john, what happened here, we have a president who touched a nerve. he touched the nerve what makes america great, really what makes
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america great. putting your money and energy to work work as i was talking to scott there is a lot of money on sidelines, people put that money to work. >> trump come out of the gate so strong, the hope that rose the market in the. deregulation, infrastructure spending that is more likely now that the rucker is hitting the road. secondly on earnings,0% of the companies -- 70% of the companies are beating analyst expectations that are supposed to be 60% plus. we had dollar level off which is better for companies. david: veronica, is the market getting ahead of profit and earnings? we still haven't seen the strong profit that market indicate? >> could be the market is expensive in certain areas. what i want to stress to individual investors, you may be feeling euphoric today but i urge caution it is not always like this. you remember 2008.
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i'm not trying to be a downer. melissa: oh. >> you have to think long term. so we'll have great days like today and bad days in 2008. most important thing you don't market time. stay the course. stick to your long-term financial plan. david: we didn't have trump in 2008. melissa: i was teasing veronica. all-time high as president trump signs executives orders on immigration. companies bracing for possible border tax on products from president trump. scott, do you believe this will really happen? when i see headlines i feel like a border tax is not good for the economy and markets and hard to imagine it really happening? >> you're right. if you go back a lot of things we thought might happen with donald trump never even happened, right. what might happen at inauguration and what might happen if he was elected. i will not get out front and worry what might happen if he has some sort of legislation.
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but at end of the day i said yesterday, he is not democrat or republican, he is common sen hocrat he will do things what you and i might like over a cup of coffee. melissa: i was reviewing paul krugman article, opinion piece he wrote on 1:00 in the morning. i say brilliant rolling my eyes. he said when will the markets recover. this is my specialty he said. and i say never. do you think, i mean he is hiding in his closet right now? does he not care? >> i can't speak for him. clearly he has egg on his face following this rally. he was right for about three hours. and as the market did 1000 point turn even before the, throughout the first, you know 12 hours, post the election. melissa: yeah. >> so clearly he has egg on his face. melissa: veronica another great tweet from him. the market votes hillary bigley. that is what he said on election night.
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>> that didn't work it unfortunately for him. look at way the country voted they clearly picked their winner. looking ahead, if we're talking about the border tax, border adjustment, whatever you want to call it, important thing to remember is this. trump and his own republican congress are not seeing eye-to-eye yet. they're pretty far apart what they want. if you're looking for tax reform, that's great. you will see some form of that this year most likely but not going to see it right away because a lot of details need to be worked out. melissa: paul krugman, bless his heart. nobel prize-winning economist. breaking news right now, at&t reporting fourth quarter results. adam shapiro standing by in the newsroom with the latest. adam? >> melissa, a slight miss on revenue, came in at 41.8 billion in the last quarter. street was expecting 42.0 billion. shares in line, 66 cents adjusted. street was expecting 66 cents.
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give you a few metrics, wireless added 6.2 million customers. wireless is more than 40% of total revenue. more than 90 million wireless customers. directv as we found out last week, 200,000 sign-ups just in december. directv and u-verse had additional 235 sign-ups. directv and u-verse are the largest pay per tv in the country but directv is the new streaming service. 200,000 sign-ups in december. melissa. melissa: thank you. david: as the company prepares for potential merger with time warner, a very big one, president trump of course expressing concerns deal could place too much power in hands of too few. what will president's view on the deal impact on corporate profits, john, you have a problem when a president's personal animus toward a division of this company, cnn in particular, might affect his decision about the merger. does that concern you? >> no. i think the deal gets done.
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i think at&t and verizon are changing business model from pure wireless telecom provider to being an end to end media company. i think the media space is a bit more fragmented. i'm not overly concerned with power and control so it will get done. david: scott, there is a pricing war going on. we have sprint, verizon, at&t. all of it is great for the consumer, for the customer but tough on companies, no. >> yeah. that will probably bear out in the earnings as well but ultimately i think that the big guys will probably drive it down like we've seen the walmarts of the world do the same thing. david: good stuff. >> that will be the ones that -- they will be the ones that survive and away we go. they will be stronger in the end. in the short term it will hurt a little bit, yes. david: veronica, this is capitalism at work. so often past eight years we've seen attempts by government to interfere with the natural progress of capitalism, which ends up being good for the consumer and the customer. >> there is a different sheriff in town.
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this is very pro-growth, pro-business administration. i think a lot of ceos are seeing that. they're excited about it. no matter what happens with this merger, we'll see what happens, but there is a real benefit for at&t right now, and that is lesser regulations for the telecom industry. that will have direct impact on them. also lower corporate taxes. those are two things you can count on it will be of benefit. david: john, not just the big guys. i'm sure there are a lot of companies maybe even haven't been incorporated yet that will take advantage of the current incentives in the system where those are rolled out over coming months and maybe get into this space because this is thkind of space that really is where you expect to find the young up start, made in the basement kind of company. >> yeah, with the likes of youtube and media is such an open architecture, it allows for anyone to become a tv star, right? so you can, web media is popping up everywhere. so again, i think that is what makes the environment
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competitive which is why i think the deal goes through. david: john, veronica, guys, great stuff. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: gearing up for a budget battle, congressional republicans gathering in philadelphia for a three-day policy retreat to craft the trump administration agenda, including tax cut legislation. peter barnes standing by in philadelphia with the latest on this one. lots of work to do there, peter. reporter: that's right, melissa. there are reports that the trump administration is talking to some republicans in congress about cutting taxes and adding their costs to the deficit rather than cutting taxes and keeping it all revenue neutral. for example, by lowering overall rates but then eliminating deductions so net-net, the amount of revenue going into the government is still the same. revenue neutrality and revenue-neutral tax cuts and tax reform have been the position of some top republicans including house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. they worry about increasing
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deficits without offsets. and a fight over this issue is already brewing among republicans in congress including here in philadelphia where republicans are meeting for their annual retreat. >> there's going to be significant time set aside to have those conversations between the house and the senate and the administration but so far that our goal has been to be a revenue neutral approach to tax reform. >> we're going to have to do some deficit spending. a lot of my deficit hawk friends say, don't do it. how will you rebuild the military? how will you redo infrastructure. how will you do things and say lessen it has to be revenue neutral and not borrow any money. you have to borrow money to get it going. it is the old story. you have to prime the pump. reporter: now this dispute and debate emerging the congressional budget office released latest tax-and-spending forecast for the next decade. based on current policy, melissa
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of the deficit will grow by $10 trillion over the next 10 years, making the national debt taking it up to 30 trillion. a very, very hot debate and discussion among republicans here in philadelphia. melissa: absolutely. peter barnes, thank you. david: we are off and running on day three. the president delivering on a promise that helped him win the oval office. candidate trump vowing to build a wall and today president trump is taking the first steps. next, the texas attorney general sounding off on the president's plan, whether that wall will save american lives. melissa: plus, fighting for the integrity of our nation's elections, how president trump is taking a stand over what he says is voter fraud.
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>> we'll win at border, the wall will be a beautiful wall. we'll seal up that border. build a wall. we will build a wall. don't even think about it. we will build a great wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall, don't worry. melissa: it will be beautiful. we've been hearing about it for over a year. now the plans are in motion to finally build the wall. blake burman is live in washington with the executive orders surrounding the wall. see what i did there, surrounding the wall? >> i see it. i see it. probably could play video hours on end if you add up 18 months worth of campaigning. this was president trump's single most campaign issue, that he would build a wall along the southern border of mexico. he started to make good on that process a little while earlier today. he signed an executive order while at the department of homeland security and said the process of building that wall
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would start immediately. however in an interview earlier today on abc news the president also clarified that a bit, saying construction would start to take place in the upcoming months. of course the most outstanding issue with all of this is payments over the wall. the president says, the mexico is going to pay for it. mexico's leaders say, no chance will that be the case. we'll see on that end. the president signed a second executive order today, that dealing with more border patrol agents and more i.c.e. agents and potential crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> beginning to day, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders. i just signed two executives orders, that will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions of and billions of dollars. reporter: melissa, this is just the start here because tomorrow
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here at the white house, we also expect more executive orders on the national security front. those dealing with refugees and visas. melissa? melissa: blake, thank you. david: here now to react is ken paxton, texas attorney general. good to see you you, sir. we heard the president talk about how a wall would save lives. do you agree? >> yeah. this is a pretty exciting day for texas. obviously for the last eight years we haven't been assured of that type of security. so our borders are unsecure. our people are at risk, their security is at risk. to hear him talk about the wall, not only that but adding more border agents and defunding sanctuary cities, deporting criminals and all very exciting and gives us comprehensive approach to dealing with border security. david: now you represent kind of mirror image sanctuary city type of state. you really want to work harder with the federal government to tighten up our borders, to control it. is that based on an overload of, that you have?
4:21 pm
are you going to need more federal support in order to do that? >> oh, absolutely. we've been looking for federal support for years. what happened the state had to fund with hundreds of millions of dollars, we had to fund our own border security. the problem we don't have the authority to make the arrests and deportations that need to occur. this is, i mean this is huge for our state. and certainly grateful for donald trump to getting to this pretty quick. david: today the president talked about how it would be just a couple months before he is ready to actually get working on it. plans being drawn up. he is working with the state of texas at all to draw up those plans? >> well, so far we've not heard anything. i have no doubt that will be happening. we've been in touch with his transition team. obviously he got into office. certainly expect it to be working with them on a fairly regular basis. again we're just overjoyed to finally have some type of action on this. david: good for you. voter fraud is in the news as well as i'm sure you've seen.
4:22 pm
president will have study to see whether or not it affected the election. how many people, non-citizens were actually allowed to vote. you have a lot of non-citizens living in texas. do you have any evidence any of them voted in the last election? >> no. obviously the election just occurred. we don't have any investigation going. we have other investigations going from previous elections in various counties in texas where we have issues with voter fruit. we know it's occurring. david: when you say you know it is occurring specifically about non-citizens who have actually voted? >> we're just talking about, potentially voter fraud in general. so we are in the middle of an investigation. can't really say specifically what is going on because we haven't finished the investigations. david: gotcha. ken paxton, let us know when you do. we'll have you on. >> we will. thank you. melissa: settings up battle with one of our nation's largest cities. how president trump is planning to crackdown on illegal immigration and a stern warning to the mayor of chicago.
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david: reshaping immigration policy. president trump signing an executive order to block federal grants for sanctuary cities and cities that harbor illegal immigrants. earlier today the president issued harsh warnings to chicago mayor rahm emanuel. the president tweeting, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings up 24% from 2016 i will send in the feds. emanuel apparently has no plans to back down. >> we're going to stay a sanctuary city. we welcome people whether you're from poland or pakistan. whether you're from ireland or india or israel. and whetr yore fromexo or mole dove yaw, where my
4:27 pm
grandfather came from, you are welcome in chicago as you pursue the american dream. melissa: yeah, perfect. here now is gregg jarrett, fox news anchor, former defense attorney. i mean there are some different issues here. let me start with the general lawlessness and violence going on in chicago. >> right. melissa: could president trump send in federal troops and what does that mean? >> you know in the late 1800s congress passed posse comitatus act -- melissa: you are showing off now. >> i know. a lot of people say you can't send in federal troops for local law enforcement. there are so many exceptions to that. notably eisenhower, in 1957 sent in federal troops to restore law and order in civil rights unrest. kennedy, johnson they have all done it. and that act by the way doesn't stop a president from sending in the army national guard. melissa: right. that is what this situation feels like.
4:28 pm
>> it does feel like that. the better course of action would be to simply felled -- federalize the illinois national guard. all of that could be done. will the president do that? he could. parts of south side chicago, gang activity, people dying every day, seems like a war zone, doesn't it. melissa: when you look at the stats. 762 homicides in 2016. already this year they're on pace to outdo that. there is feeling like lawlessness where order needs to be restored. chicago police department said they're willing to work with the federal government of course. we have the statement from the police superintendent. they're more than willing to work with the federal government to build our partnership. doj, fbi, dea, atf, boost federal prosecution rates for gun crimes in chicago. i mean, i can't tell, is that a shot at gun laws or is that a, we'll take your money? >> i think what president trump could and should do is fire the u.s. attorney for the northern
4:29 pm
district, an obama appointee, who hasn't bought enough gun and racketeering prosecutions against gang members. a few of them, not enough. bring in a guy, look, these gangs are criminal enterprises. their sole purpose is to commit crimes. they do it in concert with each other. it is a conspiracy. throw the book at them. start charging these gangs with rico violations. they're looking at 10, 15, 20 years behind bars. if they're serious violent crimes, lock them up and throw away the key. that can be done. melissa: we've seen this problem other times in the past and it has been cleared up. one of the things that trump points to is stop-and-frisk. >> right. melissa: is that legal? >> well the merits of the new york version stop-and-frisk were never fully litigated. it was thrown out by a district judge but she was kicked out because of bias and some other things. look, chicago actually did have a version of that stop and frick.
4:30 pm
the aclu said oh, it is terrible. we're going to sue you if you don't stop it. chicago capitulated. signed an agreement and stopped doing it maybe it time to, start it. if aclu wants to litigate, it will take years. stop-and-frisk could get a lot of guns and criminals off the streets. melissa: gregg jarrett, always brilliant. appreciate it. david. david: worked here, from sanctuary cities to sanctuary restaurants, the immigration debate might be coming to the dinner table. the fallout is coming next. melissa: plus the president's plans for the border wall are all in motion but who is really going to pay for it? the microsoft cloud helps us
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melissa: adam shapiro. >> earnings per share adjusted 54 cents. revenue 2.4 billion, that's what the street wanted. guidance for evident 2017, company expects net revenue between 9.3 billion and 9.5 billion. stock is up over 5% in the after-market. back to you, melissa. melissa: adam, thank you. david: definitely making money today. dow closing above pivotal 20,000 mark first time ever, three days after president trump's inauguration. fox business's charlie gasparino
4:35 pm
in the newsroom. i'm sure a man like donald trump would not try to take credit for this. >> of course not. david: does he absolutely deserve it? >> absolutely he deserves it. what were driving forces which took a market at extraordinarily high levels and brought it higher? that was burst of enthusiasm for real free-market capitalism, lower taxes, less regulation. we should point out since i would say, mid-december, the market as only gained about 150 points, right? so there has been some sort of profit-taking for that. there is good stuff. some other stuff here like protectionism and possible trade wars and few other things. the market making level is a big thing. it shows people are back, hoping that free-market capitalism survives. there is countervailing forces here. should point out couple things, based on my reporting today. a lot of investors expect more
4:36 pm
retailing buying. average investors seeing headlines. that is usually not a great sign for the market going forward. they're usually the last in. a lot of big investors expect a pullback from these levels. why is that? you're already there, you need to see, this is key, david, investors are waiting for clarity on trump's fiscal policies before they get an gauged. what will take the market back up to 25,000, the next level? clarity on taxes. clarity on regulation policies. clarity on spending and that is the sort of stuff that really takes it to the next level. david: right. >> that stuff, david, has to be inputted, people look at that in terms of corporate earnings going forward. david: you're right. >> this is scary time. it is interesting, it is good, this is a good thing be careful ouhere. i will make one other point i talking to people. they love telecom stocks. why is that? this is a sector likely to boom based on cutting back the net neutrality regulations and
4:37 pm
different things involving telecom which president obama focused on. more free market stuff cut of the ftc and justice department's antitrust division. guess what? more merger deals. want to hear something else? investors think despite donald trump hating cnn that the time warner at&t deal goes through. there are very little arguments. david: as you mentioned regulations look good. he is putting pen to paper. tax situation is still -- >> one thing to say to take 75%. all regulations. that is a good thing. which regulations? how will it be done? david: taxes are clearly coming down. melissa? melissa: president trump is ready to put up the wall but payment plan still a big question. white house press secretary sean spicer was asked if the administration figured out how mexico will pay for the wall. this is his response. >> i think the president is working with congress and other folks to figure out opportunities for that to happen. there are a lot ever funding
4:38 pm
mechanisms that can be used. at think point his goal was to get the project started using existing funds and resource the department currently has, to move forward to rk with congress on an appropriation schedule. melissa: peter morici, universi of maryland professor of economics. in a lot of ways, it is easy to see how mexico could pay for the wall, it is semantics. with so much money flowing back and forth. you say money flowing in will pay for the wall but there are real tax ways to do it. one is border adjustment tax, as goods come in, you put a new tax on those. what do you think of that idea? >> well, i don't like it because it hits all of trade. it really penalizes consumers. put import tax and tariff which we talked about, making american consumes pay for it. melissa: have to lower prices in mexico to have market parity.
4:39 pm
likelihood of that balance -- >> some of each. melissa: some of each. having idea of a border crossing tax. they come in and pay a tax and would have a trust fund because those worked so well in the past where money goes directly for the wall. the problem with that that is not necessarily mexico paying. that is whoever crossing the border, americans or whoever. >> exactly. like border tax adjustment. instead of taxing goods in both directions taxing people going both direction. do you want to tax americans for going on mexican vacation? i don't know we want to take it that far, best one, is remittances. remittances specifically tax the benefit that mexico gets by sending people here. melissa: yeah. i guess that's true. it's hard to, that one is tough. you were taxing little people, got hell on twitter, that who is pay it. that is benefiting.
4:40 pm
what about idea of with holding aid? it is not that much. we send aid down to mexico. not that much terms of price building the wall. over time you can tax aid, no? >> i wouldn't give anybody foreign aid. that is the kind of aid surplus with us, they don't need it. mexico might not be wealthy country in the united states. it is not bangladesh. does not need foreign aid for us. i would prefer remittances to be honest with you. foreign aid, cutting off foreign aid, using that money, that is pretty good solution. this is washington. we never take the best way. melissa: yeah. exactly right. the point is a whole bunch of ways to make it happen whether it is real or on paper. everyone says it is not possible. it is possible a bunch of different ways. >> it is very possible. melissa: annoys me so much when people say that. david: possible when you think outside of the beltway. that is the key. breaking news, toy-maker mattel
4:41 pm
reporting lower than expected quarterly sales. stock is hammered after-hours. weak demand for girls and boy toys as well as fisher-price brand. as you can see that is 10% drop after hours. melissa: not backing down, president trump calling for a major investigation into alleged voter fraud. did illegal procedures cost him the popular vote? we'll debate. you decide. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you
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the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. david: major investigation into alleged voter fraud. the president tweeting out i will ask for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those registered to vote in two states. those who are illegal, and even those registered to vote who are dead, many for a long time, depending on results we will strengthen up voting procedures. here now to talk about this joe trippi. democratic campaign consultant, fox news contributor. hadley heath manning,
4:45 pm
independent women's forum senior policy analyst. hadley, we have an academic dispute about voter fraud and whether non-citizens are voting or not. there are two studies, a couple of studies have been mentioned. one by pew and the other by the journal of electoral studies. i want to put up a quote from the first one, this appears to be one that the president was appearing to, professor jesse richmond and date ernest from old dominion university put this together. they say more than 14% of non-citizens in both 2008 and 2010 samples indicated they were registered to vote. that is 14% of non-citizens voting. our best guess based on extrapolations, is that 6.4% of non-citizens voted in 2008. 2.2 non-citizens voted in 2010 but then there is another study. and this is brian schaefer from university of mass. he says results we show are completely accounted for very low frequency measurement error.
4:46 pm
likely percent of noncitizen voters in recent u.s. elections is zero. it is looks like dispute that may be figured out, right? >> well of course it is important to stay vigilant against voter fraud. there are many people who work in state governments and state boards of election do just that. as you referred to, academics study issue very in depth. it is very important issue, but at this point we have to look at the election in 2016, and say, isn't it time to move on? you know president trump lost the popular vote but the popular vote doesn't count. it isn't important for determining who wins the presidency. the american people are looking forward to see his agenda moving forward, looking through the windshield than rear view mirror. david: joe, what is wrong clearing this up as long as it doesn't cost a fortune? >> it has been cleared up. the second study looked at first study. they went back and looked at it. what turned out to have happened was, a lot of people just
4:47 pm
checked the box wrong. they established that. the other group, they went, that didn't check the box wrong, they went and checked it with the official records, and it turned out they were not registered to vote and they did not vote. so which is why they got to that number zero happened. david: right. >> fact of the matter is, i agree he lost the popular vote. there are clearly people dead on rolls. david: 1.8 million. >> they're still out there. tiffany trump, is just one example is registered both in pennsylvania and new york. david: right. >> there is nothing wrong with that. what is wrong, if she voted in new york and then got in her car and drove like crazy over to the pennsylvania voted again. so i mean, these things, did some people create those kinds of things? yes. but it is, it is minuscule. not in the 3 to 4 to 5 million that mr. trump -- david: you may be right but you may be wrong. hadley, it is true that these
4:48 pm
studies compete with each other and by the way the guys that, professors from the first study refute the dismissal by the other people. so these academic debates go back and forth, but shouldn't we clear it up once and for all? >> it is impossible to prove voter fraud never happens. it is impossible to prove a negative. important to be vigilant. on other hand it is important for president trump and others now to explain, really defend the electoral college system. but again campaigns don't focus winning popular vote. to separate losing popular vote lends legitimacy to the claims that the popular vote should count for something when in in reality in our federal system it us did not. david: it doesn't. if we go to the popular vote, people would campaign in all different kinds of ways than the last campaign. wish we had more time. we have move on. melissa. melissa: families fighting for president trump? three youngsters and business
4:49 pm
owners supported the president in key battleground states. their message resonated with voters along the blue wall. all three are here next. like what goes down doesn't always come back up. ♪ ♪ so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is.
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melissa: restoring the american dream. the trump rally pushing the dow past 20,000, giving hope to investors and small business owners across the nation. president trump's pro-business message inspired three young entrepreneurs to fight for trump in the battleground state of pennsylvania and to build a business of their own. here now, are the sisters, melissa, courtney and ashley reed. they are the cofounders of turquois. ladies, thank you so much for joining me. i met you guys down at the swearing-in at the inauguration, i was so impressed by you.
4:53 pm
you were stumping for trump in pennsylvania, as young women, that couldn't have been easy. because there were a lot of women out there that were very much against donald trump because of things that he had said and things other people are saying about him. what was it about his message that inspired you, melissa? >> being business owners we really felt we could relate to donald trump's business experience and we have just had faith in him ever since the beginning that he would have what it takes to reinvigorate the american economy and for us as small business owners, just gives us an entrepreneurial confidence that i think is going to be spread throughout the whole country. it will help with manufacturing, bring back jobs. it is really special for our country to have a businessman lead like donald trump. david: now courtney, a lot of people out there that support donald trump have faced gruff from people they run into on the street. we've seen all the videos online. i have to imagine, especially among people your age you had to have a lot of pushback from
4:54 pm
friends, from people in your nabe hood. what was that like? >> right. it is really difficult. we need to stand strong on we believe mr. donald trump really has the american people at his heart. and he just wants to bring us together and unite all of us. so we're just standing strong on what we see is right. and just, we're trying to help him spread his message. melissa: ashley, what was interesting on the inauguration it, wasn't filled on the trump side with loaded donors who had given him a ton of money. instead they rewarded people like yourselves who had done the work and stuck with him along the way. what did it mean to you to go to washington last weekend? >> oh, my gosh, it meant everything to us. we worked so hard 18 months ago the day he announced his campaign, we worked so hard. for us to have the opportunity to be in the front of the capitol and see him take the oath of office.
4:55 pm
to see him in the parade and go to the inaugural ball. donald trump made that possible for people like us to be there and see him and celebrate. >> national pride. melissa: what i loved about the story of the three of you is that you're such go-getters. you were out there stumping for him. but you started your own business. you're doing it for your sell. you worked so hard, in order to have the american dream for yourself. melissa, tell me what your business is. >> okay, well our business offers our sister courtney's artwork, paints on technology devices and fine art prints and note cards. currently all of our products are fully made in the usa except for the phone cases which are only printed and designed in the usa we're looking for a cell phone manufacturer other than china in the united states. we're hoping that with donald trump, he will inspire someone to start a business where they're manufacturing cell phone cases right here in america. melissa: tell us what your sign
4:56 pm
is at? @turquois? find it on my twitter. >> @turquoiscreates. melissa: find these guys. good luck with you. david: great entrepreneurs. what terrific gals. good for them. wish them our best. serving up protection for illegal aliens. restaurants bringing controversial immigration debate to a diner near you. wait until you hear this.
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4:59 pm
melissa: many restaurants across the country from starting the sanctuary restaurant policy. i guess they are relying on the popular main stream media for their information. because donald trump is after felons.
5:00 pm
i wants to get those illegal immigrants who are committing felony and kick them out and put them in jail. melissa: one of the criticisms is he's not going after people who haven't committed crimes. david: here is "risk and reward." >> we are going to win so much you have may even get tired of winning, and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. in president, it's too much and yale say no it isn't. we have to keep winning and we have to win more. liz: it's an historic day for the market. since trump's victory, the market surged 1


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