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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> there were two state reps, they requested the national guard paint was a national story, but the democrats in the mayor's office didn't want to be involved with that. charles: donald trump talked earlier about the victims of the illegals coming over the border. here is lou. [♪] lou: the washington establishment and left-wing media elites are in shock. they are simply stunned that we have a president who keeps his campaign promises. president trump signed two executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement. >> for too long your officers and agents haven't been allowed to properly do their jobs. but that's all about to change. from here on out i'm asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america. they will be even forced and
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enforced strongly. lou: white house counselor kellyanne conway is our special guest here tonight. we have a lot to discuss. president trump vowing action on chicago violence. the president fulfilling campaign promises at breakneck speed. never before seen in our nation's capital. among our guests tonight, david avella, charlie hurt and gail trotter. on wall street an historic day. the dow jones industrial average closing above 20,000 for the first time ever. the nasdaq and s & p indexes also at record highs. all the result of the trump rally on wall street. lou: president trump on more of his campaign promises, the president signing two executive
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orders while visiting the department of homeland security. hisser focused on protecting our borders and putting america first. he directed homeland security to build the wall on the southern border, more border patrol agents. eliminate catch and release program of and prosecute criminal offender prosecutions. to arrest, detain and removal illegal immigrants, giving the state department more tools with which to repatriate more criminal illegal immigrants. and it restores the secure community program targeting criminal illegal immigrants for deportation and removal. >> for too throng your officers and agents haven't been allowed to properly do their jobs.
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you know that, right? you know that. absolutely. but that's all about to change. lou: all of this comes as to officials of the mexican government, including the foreign minister and economy secretary, visited the white house late today as part of two days of talks to smooth relations with the trump administration and lay the ground work ahead of president trump's meeting with mexican president pena nieto. joining me is kellyanne conway, white house counselor to the president. great to have you with us. i have to say, your administration -- this is a presidency that is moving at breakneck speed at the outset. i don't think anyone has seen the likes of this in modern history.
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is this tempo going to continue? >> yes, it is. it's a spectacular day at the white house with president trump making good on his campaign promises. particularly when it comes to immigration. he made it a center piece of his campaign against a hail of criticism from every corner including this own part i sometimes. why does he do it? he wants to put america first. when you look at the two executive orders about constructing the physical wall on the southern border and allow the resources to be given to the agents across the border and expanding the detention area so when illegals are caught, we don't have a catch and release program, we have a catch and deal with program. the sanctuary cities, it's a household name across the country because of donald trump. people know no good comes out of
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harboring illegals who have been deported time and time again. some of whom have committed crimes in these sank warive cities, putting people at risk. my big joke around here is everything in trump world hachts according to dog years. there is no end inside to this pace and excitement. he's not just change the tone in washington, he's change the content and fluidity. lou: i think the national left in-wing media is taking aback watching them in the white house briefing room. those are people searching for questions, trying apparently not to repeat one another. but clucking about some of the orders, particularly, for example, building the wall. asking, you are going to have mexico pay for that? focused on that part of the
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question rather than the reality the president of the united states has signed an order saying move ahead with the wall. it's really something to watch. >> two things with the mainstream media that don't get a lot of coverage. even those who have been against the president have been giving a great deal of begrudging respect for him keeping you'll of these promises as he said he would. and they are trying to get steeped in policies people didn't pave attention to during the campaign. they figured, typical politicians don't keep their campaign promises. businessmen who deliver and are meld accountable and produce results and are master negotiators like donald trump, they don't make promises, they put forth plans.
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after all the mainstream media calling his inaugural address dark and gloomy and foreboding. 65% of americans say they like the america first theme. and 51% said donald trump's speech fist quote optimistic. they are giving him a chance. lou: those who find darkness in this explosion of light in washington, d.c. have to be in the far corner of the left to come to that conclusion. a couple things to take up quickly, if i may. that is the president will meet with pena nieto next tuesday. the mexican government says they will withdraw from nafta if payment is demanded for the wall which they said they will not pay for. it seems like we are watching an adolescent response from a
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government that doesn't seem to understand president trump is asking for a mature and responsible relationship between the two governments and shared responsibility for the security of that mutual border. no more than that really. >> donald trump as candidate and president-elect and now president of the united states has never changed his tune on that. he has been very consistent. he leaves no doubt what his position is. we are happy the mexican officials are coming here. that's productive. donald trump as a candidate went to mexico. and it was a big moment. but remember what candidate trump did that day. he met with the mexican president then flew to arizona and -- and delivered a barn burner immigration plan. as donald trump said in his inaugural address, we have spent billions of dollars in this
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nation helping other countries protect their borders. he's delivering it to the mexican officials. lou: as we wrap up here, are you confident on this very day that the president will win all of his nominees, their confirmation? >> he should. they are incredibly qualified men and women who are willing to serve their nation at the highest levels. we don't detect much trouble for any of them. some of them are being asked for additional paperwork and having their votes delayed. that's fine, that's the democratic process. we hope the objections to them are substantive and not a political show designed to humiliate any of them. the cabinet that has been approved so far is remarkable. we saw john kelly sworn in.
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and we hope that these numbers start to pick up it's nowhere near what the senate did for president george w. bush and president obama. we have confidence the senate will allow this president to have his full cabinet in place sometime soon. lou: mayor rahm emanuel of chicago who has failed to protect his people, and by the way, on pace to do even worse, has accepted the president's offer of help to eliminate the violence that great city and bring law and order. so i think that a lot of people who might be considering those vote right now are watching this president prevail on an important issue, one that's important to all of the people of this country. >> it is.
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and i think there were over 1,000 shootings in 2016. and 2017, it's on pace to keep track with that crime wave. this is what president obama meant in this inaugural address when he spoke about american carnage. look no further and chicago. we are glad the mayor and the chief of staff met. what leaders do, they don't look at the party afail yaition of the mayor or the way the i voted in the last presidential elect. they give voice to problems wrecking our inner cities. i think chicago is a great place to start. lou: kellyanne conway, thank you very much. rear coming right back.
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a lot more to cover as always. stay with us. president trump assured protect and security for all americans. >> there is no place for politics. no republicans, no democrats. we want safe community and we demand safe community for everyone. lou: republican stat just david avella joins me next. president trump signed two executive orders, one to build the wall on our southern border, the other to end sanctuary cities. next we take up the president's rapid action to fulfill his promises to the american people. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you,
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we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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lou: president trump called out the left-wing media for ignoring the dangers of open borders. >> for years the media has largely ignored the stories of americans victimized by open borders. for all of those hurting out there, i repeat these word. we hear you, we see you, and you will never ever be ignored
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again. lou: joining me now, david avella, david has worked with some of the trump cabinet nominees and congressman tom price. and former governor rick perry. and attorney general of oklahoma, scott pruitt. good to have you with us. let's start with if we may the president who is fulfilling promises through his executive orders dwab the actions he's taking, the ageneral today he's setting faster than any president i'm aware in history. >> he's delivering on what americans elected hip to do which was focus on their personal and economic security. lou: we elected a lot of presidents and assumed in doing
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so they would do what we elected them to do only with great disappointed the. this president has got to have establishment washington on its heels. >> certainly does. but he also has a republican congress who has been waiting fear president like this. a president who is ready to give state more control over things like healthcare, and education. key areas that state governments are far for effective at finding solutions for. they have been waiting for presidents who will end things like keystone pipeline. the president will find allies in the republican senate and house. paul ryan our speaker said things in recent statements that maybe a year ago he was saying, nuancing the policy a little differently. but saying this is what we are going to do. lou: i haven't heard him say in
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three weeks better way, the title of his agenda. he talks about the president's agenda. i salute the speaker for coming to his senses and hopefully he will prove to be an ally of a president who is proving in the first week that he is a force to be reckoned with. >> there is he indication of that. many of the things the republicans have been pushing for and wanting are the same things president trump pushed during the campaign. now you have both side of pennsylvania avenue ready to do things as we discussed earlier to protect people's personal security and economics. >> you remember the sign that used to sit on ronald reagan many december next oval office? a lot can be done if you don't care who gets the credit. i think the house and the senate need to get over themselves just a little bit.
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to see that we do get done what the president demonstrated he can do. the. it line. you mentioned the pipeline. keystone and dakota access. this is moving. i mean, it's in so many ways a no-brainer. but that is not always a consideration in washington, d.c. this president is doing what the previous resisted doing. look at all these pipelines. these are pipelines that crisscross in spaghetti fashion america. so much made it by environmentalists and the previous administration and don't they look silly when you look at this particular image? >> this send a message to americans that president trump is going to be focused on job creation. it send a message what u.s. steel has been wanting for a long time. and it send a message to russia
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and china. russia, you want to be an economic power on energy? america and and will continue to be. we'll revive our steel industry. lou: with all that energy, we have something you don't have. we have a lot you don't have. david, it's great to have you with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the left wing white house press corps is stunned that president trump is making good on so many of his campaign promises? the answers available are yes, i knew he would or no they are a dull bunch. cast your vote. cast your vote on lou dobbs. like me on facebook. on wall street, the trump rally
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lifting the markets to record highs. the dow jones industrials closing above 0,000 for the first time in history, gaining 156 points today. the s & p at a record high. did i mention record day on wall street? volume on the big bored, 3.8 billion shares. the dow first hit 19,000 10 days after donald trump's victory. now crossing the 20,000 level three trading days after his inauguration. that's the biggest advance in 20 years. and remind tore listen to my reports 3 types a day on the
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salem network. democrats failed the city of chicago. >> many people living in the inner cities of our country, they are getting worse and worse. the crime is unbelievable. you can't walk to the store and get a loaf of bread. often you get shot. chicago, thousands and thousands of shootings since january 1. lou: he's vowing to change all of that in chicago. chicago's crisis the subject of my commentary tonight. and the left in-wing national media, they claim trump's call for voter fraud investigation is baseless. look at that. a baseless, baseless investigation. well, how in the world, how does cnn banner that story? that's far from the truth.
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lou: a few thoughts on the crisis in chicago. the state's economy is struggling. illinois ranks 25th in the country on unemployment. 22% of chicagoans live under the poverty level. 22% of the patch laying is on food stamps. all of that sending residents fleeing the city and the state. the greater chicago area saw the greatest population loss of any metropolitan area in 2015. the city's crime rate playing a large role in that flight. there were 762 homicides in the city last year, an almost 60% increase from 2015. as shock as last year's
7:29 pm
atrocities were, they are on pace to exceed them this year. president trump tweeted he will send in the feds if chicago doesn't stop what he called the horrible carnage. the comments after after the mayor slammed the president and his remarks earlier this week. before it appears the mayor has had an epiphany and more than a slight change of heart. >> chicago like other cities trite now that are dealing with gun violence want the partnership with federal law enforcement entities in a more significant way than we are having it today. the president has offered and repeated he wants to offer federal help as it relates to public safety. i'm going to take him up on that offer. lou: emanuel also vowing chicago will remain a sanctuary city in petty defines of the president's executive order today.
7:30 pm
before it many only rhetoric and i don't believe it will rise beyond that. but i believe it's too late for mayor emanuel who has proven he's a failure in chicago. president trump is right. it's time to put an end to the crisis in chicago and mayor emanuel may think long and hard about his role in the city's cry is a and their failure to couple a solution. now our quotation for the evening. this from john f. kennedy who said, there are risks and costs to action. but they are far less than the long range risk of comfortable inaction. >> we have a president of action. we are coming right back. president trump and his administration calling for a major investigation into vote per fraud against the country. >> the president is looking into various options to address voter
7:31 pm
fraud. and to be sure we know every person's vote county equally. lou: why are the dems and left-wing media protesting an examination of electoral integrity or perhaps lack of it. brace yourselves for a heart-stopping near-death experience on the tracks. entirely safe to watch but nearly fatal for two men in a truck. much more strayed. we'll be right back.
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lou: president trump made a pledge to conduct a major probe into voter fraud. >> you launched an investigation? i'll launch an investigation to find out. then the next time -- i will say this, of those votes cast, none of them come to me. none of them come to me. they with all be for the other side. none of them come to me. when you look at the people who are registered. dead, illegal, two states, in some cases three states, we have a lot to look into. lou: mr. trump made previous references to a pew research study who found one in 8 voter
7:36 pm
rolls are inactive or not accurate. the national left-wing media up in arms over an toast investigate potential voter fraud. >> president trump's false claims millions of people voted illegally. the problem is they have no proof. >> no such tangible evidence exists. it did not happen. >> baseless, false, inaccurate claims of vote per fraud. >> an effort by the united states government to lie and confuse. >> why would donald trump do this? lou: i guess to find out if there is voter fraud. that's just me guessing. >> charlie hurt, a political analyst. do they protest too much?
7:37 pm
this is remarkable. he wants to find out if our electoral system is working properly, whether we are being defraud and whether there is some rigging of the system. >> that's right. why are they so exorcised. this is a very important issue. that's why they care by the so much. they are doubling down on this information they are trying to put out there. but voter fraud is rampant in our country. the fact they are going for voter i.d.s saying that's racist shows how ridiculous their arguments. >> your reaction to all this. >> you know, it's sort of boggles the mind that all these people would come out and insist there is nothing to see here, nothing wrong. move along. but we hear dozen and hundreds of stories every election of individual cases where people do do things that are at the very least questionable.
7:38 pm
the most recently in november we had that audit of the michigan results where it found that the number of ballots that were supposed to be in the secure boxes didn't even amount to the discrepancy between the two candidates running. so there are real issues here. there is absoluteley no doubt about it. for all the effort by democrats to refuse to go along with basic elect security like things like requiring people to produce identification in order to cast a ballot. you have to produce identification to rent a pair of bowling shoes. lou: it many patronizing and condescending. who would ever believe i'm describing the democrats, to minority constituent to suggest for some reason they are at a severe disadvantage to do what
7:39 pm
every other citizen does? it's palpable ignorance on the part of the left. to watch those reporters and anchors to gin themselves up into hysteria and say this is false. >> they have appealed to republicans too. one of them said republicans agree this is not an issue. lou: establishment republicans might. charlie, your judgment on how this president is moving. >> it's incredible. i had no doubt he would come out of the gate at quite a clip. but we did today just on immigration, he has done more to enforce immigration laws in this country than any president in the past 16 years. he did it in the one day. it's absolutely amazing. the neon welcome sign president trump put up over the last 8 years that led to untold misery.
7:40 pm
all the illegals streaming across the border. and all the rapes and murder that have occurred because of that neon sign he put up. donald trump put up another sign that said "don't come." that by itself is more than any president has done in 16 years. respect. respect for this country and for these american people. quickly we have 15 seconds. the president is making this choice on the supreme court justice nominee who will go to -- hopefully will go to fill justice scalia's seat. your thoughts. >> he had a list that was vetted by two trustworthy and reputable conservative organizations. and i think he will pick probably just pryor from alabama. lou: we have you on the record.
7:41 pm
charlie, we'll remember every word she uttered. >> that's right. and you don't have me on the record. i would never make a prediction. but it will be a great fight. and he's going to teach these republicans how to fight over judicial nominations. he will win and it will be good for americans. howie: amen. please roll the video. a passenger train bulldozing -- that's incredible. through a semi trailer on a fedex semi-tractor during a snowstorm. the trailer torn to smither reasons. hundreds of mac ands scattered across the highway. we don't note fate of the packages. but when know the fate of the truck driver and train passengers.
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lou: niger innes. this an extraordinary day in that rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago who had first of all flailed throughout these years as mayor, on all the violence in chicago, and suddenly has said now after talking big and playing all the talking point from the left, that he will take donald trump's help and that of the federal government to solve the crisis in chicago. >> this guy left the obama white house in 2010. he came there in 2011. at that time the number of killing were year, 435, 436.
7:47 pm
now 762 last year. that's up over 60%. while he was mayor. who was president of the united states in charge of the federal government? his former boss. now he wakes up and says he wants federal assistance? you have got to be kidding me. lou: one of the great things about this president, he said this was personal to him. he is offended bid what he called the carnage. it's as if the left in this country, the obama administration, all decided these are just collateral damage to our great liberal policies. it's madness. >> for those who talk about lies mattering. don't those 762 lives that were murdered in chicago, don't they matter? >> absolutely. and to hear warm man well say if the federal government will help
7:48 pm
us with guns and gangs, guns and gangs. he's got one of if not the toughest anti-gun ordinances in the country and he's playing games rhetoric instead of saying thank you. please follower stay out of the way. he has no question by the. he is symbolic of a leadership class in chicago that aloud this carnage to take place for years. maybe decades. and he's just swept away. the beauty of the donald trump presidency is that it's a sweeping out of the olding with ringing in of the new. >> what in the world is going on with the power structure of the inner city in chicago, that is, the black churches, the black politicians. this is the city of chicago has
7:49 pm
to take a hard look at what they are doing. >> they have to answer some tough questions. lou: when we need tough questions answered, we always call on niger. the british elite efforts to block brexit. it could have dangerous, not just serious. dangerous repercussions. >> if they attempt to stop brexit, there will be the very gentle english will revolt in the most extraordinary way. lou: the man behind brexit, nigel ifage. stay with us. rodney and his new business.
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collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at appointments available now. lou: in our online poll we ask you, would you keep james comey as our f.b.i. director? quite a division. 58% of you said no, and 42% said yes, and division is interesting because i think a lot of the people at least on social media express confidence in whatever the president judges as appropriate. the british government will be introducing legislation tomorrow
7:54 pm
seeking parliament approval to begin the formal process to exit the european union. the supreme court yesterday ruled parliament must decide whether the government can invoke article 50 of the lisbon treaty to leave the european union that triggers the two-year process of exiting the e.u. our next guest is the man who led the independence movement brexit. he says that the u.k. parliament were to reverse last year's brexit vote, it would trigger a revolt by the u.k. people. joining me now, nigel farage, now a fox news contributor. and we are delighted you are, nigel. is it possible that parliament would be so rash as to tell the
7:55 pm
british people to hell with your referendum and we are going to do what we know to be best? >> i'm angry about the whole thing. the government sent a leaflet to everhouse in the united kingdom saying it's your referendum. you make the decision, and we'll implement it. now through legal means and chicanery, the decision goes back to parliament. i have to save that those who voted to leave now believe it more strongly than even they did back on june 23 last year, and if this parliament was stupid enough to try to dilute or delay brexit, they pay a very heavy price. to be honest, i'm optimistic the legislation will get through. but as yet more delay and more cost. i'm not happy about it. lou: you can't be happy with a group of elites you all style as
7:56 pm
your supreme court. it flies in the face of reason as well as law as i understand it. first all, to have a situation in which a court, the judicial can decide the referendum of the people of the voters is actually nullified without. you talk about arrogant elite. that group of is the definition of. >> well, i'm afraid that's right. only small comfort is it was a split decision. so there were judges on the supreme court who said this is south vai just. the people have spoken. this is a democracy. we must go with them. but i'm tea frayed our judiciary is not quite as independent as it used to be. and we have judges involved with these cases who have been
7:57 pm
outright pro tag nifts for european legal integration. so, yeah, it kind of feels that the little people took on the entire establishment that referendum. they won. the establishment not taking the loss very well, and they are doing all they can to stop as well. but they can try. but let me proisms you this. if parliament is stupid enough to chiefify our will, they would effectively in the m
7:58 pm
our liberty and look it's over seven months since we voted to take back our lives, virtually nothing has happened, and i'm frustrated. and i'll tell you why i'm also frustrated because on friday of
7:59 pm
this week, theresa may goes into the oval office to meet president trump, and i'm pleased that's happening. lou: yeah. >> never before in history has a british prime minister been to meet a new u.s. president in such a short space of time. lou: i think donald trump will say to the prime minister, good to see you've turned around independence for your nation and want maximum freedom for your people. show us what you've got, you've seen what i'm doing here, this new up-tempo president. let's see what your top speed is prime minister, and await the outcome. nigel, great to have you with us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us, ambassador john bolton, david horowitz and steve moore among our guests tomorrow. please join us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york.
8:00 pm
. kennedy: tonight, president trump laying the first political bricks in his plan to build the border wall, but what does it mean for the administration foreign and domestic policy agenda? ambassador john bolton is here. republicans fast approaching a deadline to repeal obamacare, is there a better plan in place? and the secret service sworn to protect the president. why is one agent saying she will not take a bullet for president trump? grab an earpiece, it's time to act. it is hump day in the first full week of the tuchl presidency and the new commander in chief has a biting case of carpal tunnel syndrome from signing so


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