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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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. kennedy: tonight, president trump laying the first political bricks in his plan to build the border wall, but what does it mean for the administration foreign and domestic policy agenda? ambassador john bolton is here. republicans fast approaching a deadline to repeal obamacare, is there a better plan in place? and the secret service sworn to protect the president. why is one agent saying she will not take a bullet for president trump? grab an earpiece, it's time to act. it is hump day in the first full week of the tuchl presidency and the new commander in chief has a biting case of carpal tunnel syndrome from signing so many executive
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actions, it boils down to the good, the bad and the nasty. i am an optimist, the pallet cleansing aca action calls for full repeal of teetering and collectivist health care law. the president is telling federal agencies and leash holders if employees and minions don't like obamacare, they don't have to keep it. love it. the federal hiring freeze. this goes in the basket of adorables as the new administration is telling a corp.ullent, bloated and glutunnous government, you can't buy any more entenmans and bur, it's cold in here, there are so many freezes in the atmosphere. more frigid than the birch's meat locker, regulation freeze is in effect. jonesing agencies can't spike veins with edicts and rules and the bird flying energy standards that president obama tried to ram through.
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they're also happily on hold. president trump is giving mr. obama a place to put his overused pen and phone and like barrow, alaska, the sun don't shine much there either. i'm not too hot on pulling out of the tpp, yeah, you know me. especially if the deal means we can stick it to china like a peking duck skewer. i'm all for cheap, plentiful oil riches, but some of the eminent domain issues have to be worked out before dig in the ground. as far as the mexico city policy and federal funds being used for ngo abortions, we must ask ourselves the fundamental question, is that the function of the federal government? even if your answer is a tepid, i don't know, maybe, the answer is a resounding no. this is not what federal dollars are destined for. the president is also flirting with the idea of defunding sanctuary cities via executive
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fiat and again the question is not so much about immigration, although immigrants work hard and bring money to the cities so more of them should lessen flack in places like chicago, it's what are we asking the federal government david olvera? when the answer is more than we have a huge systematic problem that stretches beyond the boundaries of unanswerable chin strokery. let's get to the nasty. liberal progressives applaud the restrained executive order use of our last president who did sign fewer numbered documents than presidents reagan and clinton and 90% less than fdr. however, executive actions include executive memoranda, and last president was a fan of those binding legal documents that influence policy but much harder to quantify. president obama was horrific on increasing the size of the surveillance state to include all sorts of mass spying
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programs, going to war without congressional declaration, crafting kill lists with the names of americans on them without due process. what a guy. there are many lessons to learned byheew administtionespecially from the failures of the most recent. as the government shrinks, my optimism grows, so if they starve the bloated beast, we are on the right track. you're such a beauty. glad you're here. i'm kennedy. ♪. kennedy: the great wall of mexico is going up. and president trump today signed executive order authorizing the construction of a border wall that would theoretically stretch from the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean nearly 2,000 glistening miles and guess what, it's not going to be cheap. no matter who gets to pay for it. as president trump vowed, they're paying for south of the border. as you know this thing upset mexico, which has historically
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been one of our biggest trading partner. is it a sign of what to expect from president trump's america first foreign policy agenda? john bolton joins me, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., he's a fox news contributor. he could be president of the united states. ambassador bolton, welcome back. >> glad to be with you. kennedy: if you were tackling some of the biggest problems our country faces would the border wall be this high up in your agenda? >> look, the president -- doesn't matter what i would do. the president campaigned on this issue. in fact, some would say there was no issue in the panoply of issues discussed that was more important in making him a significant factor within the republican nomination process, and then in the general election. if he fails to go ahead with a campaign promise like that, it could cripple his credibility across the board. i don't see that anybody should be surprised at this. he said he was going to do it, and now he's doing it.
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kennedy: all right, is this similar to the executive order that president obama signed his first week in office where he said he was going to close guantanamo bay? guess what? he didn't close guantanamo bay. do you think this president will actually build a wall? >> well, i don't know exactly what the executive order contemplates in the sense that presumably there is authorization existing now for steps to enforce the laws that are currently enforced to make sure illegal aliens aren't coming into the country. whether to have jobs or commit terrorism or trafficking in jobs or drugs, i'm not sure what the authority that is there and the wall that is partially built. kennedy: yeah. >> in terms of expressing direction to redirect resources within the department of homeland security, yes, this is the thing presidents start off on first days in office. whether he requires additional appropriations, i'm sure he does. whether he requires additional legislative authority, we'll
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have to see. kennedy: and we certainly will, especially if there are expenditures in play which there certainly will be. does it give us a false sense of security to have a wall? does it mean we stop looking for bad guys who truly threaten us who might be among us as we speak? >> no, look, i think people talk about the third border, the airports and ports where people come, in obviously there is no wall proposed along the canadian border which would be longer and more expensive and people here now that constitute a threat as well. what i'm concerned about now is the porousness of the border from the perspective of protecting the national security. that goes back many, many years and one of the reasons why we've had many of the terrorist attacks we have had. kennedy: that's absolutely true. and part of that is people feel we've got so much security that we're actually safe it. gives them a false notion of it, probably because there's too much government in play. do you think that canada is
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going to build a wall on the southern border. if they did, would the united states be upset? >> i don't think they're going to build a wall. look, i think you have to give credit to the people of the country. i don't think they're so naive as to think that the wall is going to make them secure. what they want to hear is a president who says i'm going to keep you safe, not who talks about the world without borders and how the more people we have in whether we can vet them or not, the better we are. to them, it's an important political symbol, and it's an important political symbol of american sovereignty, too. we are a nation of immigrants. personally, i would dramatically increase e number of legal immigrants allowed every year. i just want to make sure we control it. we make the decision not the would-be immigrants. kennedy: i agree, we should have many more veesas and employers feel the same way. they would love to have people in the country legally eager to work but unfortunately the
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system is so screwed up and no way either party is going to tackle it comprehensively. ambassador bolton, thank you very much. >> any time. kennedy: you bet. move onto the party panel, dagen mcdowell from the fox business network, america's fastest growing cable network. anthony and a fox news contributor. welcome, everyone. great to see. >> you back in the saddle. >> love you. kennedy: love you, too. so happy you're here today. president trump doubled down on claim he didn't win the popular vote because of voter fraud, tweeting, quote -- he's getting a lot of pushback from his own party because
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there's still not a lot of evidence of voter fraud on the scale of 3 to 5 million votes. but beefing up safeguards more important? anthony, i go to you first, i think there are so many pressing issues, and you have a stock market that's doing well but other areas of the economy that are lagging behind and people need jobs, jobs, jobs, is this a big distraction. >> no. i do not think it's a distraction because this is donald trump. he has done this for 18 months of a campaign. wing the election. he has proven he can multitask. he is showing people what a leader can and should do. he's signing executive orders. he's going forward with a lot of the policy he said he would during the campaign and he's also able to say, hey, i don't think i lost by that much. which does seem insignificant and kind of picky and his thin skin showing. but he's not doing that at the
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sacrifice of something else. this guy is a workhorse. kennedy: i understand that, and he certainly has a diverse amount, the subject matter of executive actions alone are quite diverse, which goes to show that i don't think he needs to focus on this. >> but that's the thing, this isn't a man who can't let things go. he can't let it go. he made this offhand remark about the 3 to 5 million illegals, no, it was the 3 million women marching for saturday. that's who voted for hillary clinton in case you were wondering. but then he doubled down and triples down and quadruples down and he's going to win by hook or crook, you can imagine the individual who has to be in charge of this investigation in what if they find something that president trump probably isn't going to like? his own attorneys in the jill stein recount case in michigan. in the court documents wrote all available evidence suggests the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake.
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doesn't matter to president trump. kennedy: no, i think as the recount didn't go well for hillary clinton, i don't think the president is going to get anything substantial out of it. >> i'm not opposed to investigating potential voter fraud at all. and i think we should do more of that and think states should do more. kennedy: you are right, it could be a magnet if you are talking about nation states trying to tinker with the vote. >> when you look at why he's doing. this he's not doing this because he's interested in voter fraud. he somehow sees not winning the popular vote as a personal attack on him, and therefore, he has to respond, and i don't know why politically you would bring this up especially when you have all the arguments surrounding the russian hacking, and for months the incoming administration has been trying to debunk the bogus narrative that the russians somehow changed votes which democrats are running with and by him bringing this up now only fuels this investigation! >> wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania.
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>> to quote the "wall street journal" edtort page or paraphrase what they wrote. every step this administration takes in the first six months should be scrubbed by. does it help americans and their lives. does it grow the economy? does it grow wages, period. >> i think that's a fundamental question and you answer that by saying if the government gets out of the way, we have a much better chance. >> we're so used to politicians that slag along and do one thing at a time. >> but it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter. >> this is stupid. >> everything he see is a personal attack. >> it's completely possible if he stays down the road and gets distracted every day, he'll be marginalized, republicans in congress will move on with their own agenda and he'll be writing memes about meryl streep and cher. kennedy: and they're so beautiful. speaking of fakeness, is fake
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news ruining our democracy. fox poll claims a vast majority of voters are worried about it. another 23% saying they are somewhat worried. liberals reportedly more likely think they can recognize fake news better than conservatives, and men are more confident than women, but how confident is this panel? can you spot fake news when you see, it anthony? >> this campaign has shown us that the media is willing to just throw it out there and say yes, we are lying to you. yes, we are going to change things around, use different language, leave words out, important words like illegal alien, things like that. we'll leave them out and that to me is fake news, and we've seen examples of it so much during the campaign that i don't think they get away with it as easily as they used to. kennedy: what about those who produce news? >> right. kennedy: where is the onus for them. >> last time i was on the show, i won the fake news quiz. kennedy: you were a world renowned expert.
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>> yes, i am. because the media has completely blown their credibility on this issue, it's difficult to take them seriously. when you have dan rather cited by multiple news agencies as someone who we should listen to about alternative facts and fake news, it's difficult to take real news seriously. so the message is, if you want to be taken seriously as a jshlths as a reporter, as a news network, you should do a better job, and i think that propaganda is a problem, there is a reason bad people throughout millennia have used propaganda to get their way. i don't want to see it here. in terms of credibility, the press has a lot of work to do based on how they covered the election and who they're using as experts when it comes to fake news. kennedy: machiavelli would love fake news. >> particularly facebook, if you went onto facebook, and this is not any story generated by a mainstream news agency, whether you agree with their opinions and slant or not these
8:16 pm
are stories during the election, this is the crazy e-mail your uncle would have sent you a few years ago and you look at it and say did you send that from your work account? because you're going to get fired. [laughter] >> but it was plentiful. kennedy: i got it from the time share computer. >> and i take issue with the fact that facebook only this week has cracked down on it, they changed the algorithms so they're going to use the trending topics from based on multiple actual publishing sources rather than the stories that were generating the most interest or engagement but waited until after the election because they knew they were probably liberal. kennedy: whoever submits a real story, zuck will send you a free hoodie. party panel returns a little later. coming up first, it's a bath of fire for sean spicer on
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public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. . kennedy: you may have noticed that sean spicer has been having a bit of a tough week. the new white house press secretary feuding with the press since saturday on everything from the size of the
8:21 pm
inauguration crowd to president trump's claims of voter fraud it. hasn't been pretty. >> is he considering -- >> i'm not going to answer hypotheticals about documents that are floating around. kristen, we're going to end this right now. >> guys, i know you're all anxious, i appreciate it. >> made this statement during the inauguration. >> how can he be comfortable with his win -- >> he's very comfortable with the win. >> maybe he didn't win it. >> no, he did win it. >> what does it mean for democracy? >> means i answered the question. kennedy: will mr. spicer manage to find his footing in something nicer? let me ask someone who's been in his shoes, the return of dana's do's and don'ts. thumbs up, thumbs down, every time i see him with the press, i think of you. what are some of the do's? what advice would you give sean spicer.
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>> i like sean spicer very much. i've known him for years and i think he was an excellent spokesperson for the u.s. trade representative. did a good job for the rnc. it is only day two, or day three, whatever, there is so much interest and donald trump as president has done so much in three days, both in making news and becoming the news inadvertently and unintentionally, so i think sean is doing okay and probably does have footing, but it's going to take a period of adjustment between him and the press corps to figure out how they want to work together and settle things down. kennedy: is it harder to be the first person in a new snrgz. >> ari fleischer and have this debate? arguably it is harder at the beginning because you don't have any policies out yet. you're just getting your team together, and things like this black sites memo services, what the heck is that? however, if you were the press secretary at the end, you are then defending everything that
8:23 pm
has happened in the last six to seven years, and you have to keep track of all of that because you can't say it's only day two, we don't know. kennedy: and you came into george w. bush's presidency at a very difficult time. so you would tell sean spicer one of your do's, win the arguments with facts. >> always. you've known this since you were -- were you in speech and debate on the high school speech and debate team. >> i was in girl's state, girl's nation and the youth legislator. >> the only way to win is have more facts than they do. kennedy: they can't fact check you but the press can fact check every statistic that he -- >> it's different, have you realtime ability to check on the phone if you're in the press corps. when i was press secretary, i didn't have a twitter account. that's how quickly technology has changed. one thing sean spicer said he'll do is bring more voices in through skype or other means of technology, which i think is innovative. but the only thing that can help you in that room is to have more facts than they
8:24 pm
do, and my key was make sure they know that i have more facts than they do. kennedy: yeah. >> that way they didn't question me. kennedy: that confidence comes in time, i don't think he's developed it yet. >> they don't have anything in place for him yet. kennedy: it's a tactical job, very hard. his boss takes things personally. one of your don'ts is don't take it personally. >> extremely hard to do. one thing to remember, when sean is speak, he's not speaking his own personal opinions. i don't think i expressed a personal opinion until i started on "the five". i was always a spokesperson for somebody else, and there is no ye that sean spicer is speaking directly for president trump. so the press can take comfort. might drive them crazy, but he is speak directly for him. they have that kind of a relationship. that's a good thing. kennedy: do you think they've been unfair with their assessment of him? >> sean? or the press or the anonymous
8:25 pm
source inside the white house. kennedy: no. >> i think that sean made a couple of missteps initially and tried to make up for it. he did something that is unusual. he actually had a second chance to make a first impression and did a better job of it on monday. he's a good guys, knows a lot of policy. he's going to be able to get through the briefings a lot faster than 70 minutes. kennedy: thank god you are here, you can keep tabs on how he's doing. >> the only other thing he has to protect himself. don't prepare for monday's briefing on monday. you prepare on thursday so you can keep ahead of things. kennedy: hopefully he is watching. dana thank you very much. >> thank you. kennedy: he's going to send in the button boys from the fed down to clean things up. brian kilmeade on the president and chicago's liberal minds
8:26 pm
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kennedy: president trump apparently poised to lay the law and order on chicago like birth object toast, threatening to pull federal fund and send federal law enforcement to combat crime and murder. chicago mayor rahm emanuel has assured his city it will remain
8:30 pm
a sanctuary city, but if president trump makes good on his threats, they stand to lows $3 million in federal aid. if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, president trump said, i will send in the feds. so will the president try to push some of his muscle into the windy city? welcome back, brian. >> i wish there was a happier topic, but there are no winners here. kennedy: $292 million that the chicago transit authority expects to receive from the federal government. that's a hefty up. reporter: he has rerchg or rahm emanuel who was getting personal. saying don't focus on how many
8:31 pm
people showed up for your inauguration. we have 43 hop cried already in the new year. he knows he's got an ongoing problem. he has been $1.3 and 1.6 bifederabilliondollars going to. but it's under funding schools big time and child development program. how can you take that money as the mayor and give it to people who don't belong there. he thinks it's more important to earmark a million for a defense fund for people who are there are illegally in a battle against the government. kennedy: you laid out so many reasons why people are libertarian and why they stopped
8:32 pm
waiting for the government to come save them. when i visited detroit for stossel. people created their own urban farms. i wonder what people in chicago will do when push comes to shove and they can't defend themselves. they have restick itive gun laws. the city itself, they have so much pension obligation they can't afford to fund basic services like police and education. >> i thought rahm emanuel was a deal maker when he showed up to trump tower to meet with president trump. i thought he would be street smart. kennedy: fox is the fastest growing network on cable.
8:33 pm
>> so many times mayors are apolitical. but he's standing his ground where he does the have any backing. the people of chicago don't stand with people who are here illegal. they want to know if they can get their childcare and schools better and if they can walk the streets and have a chance to survive. kennedy: being mayor of chicago is his audition for the presidency. >> he thought. kennedy: he comes from two slick and shady white houses. clinton and obama. now his city is in utter failure and all he can do is throw verbal bombs at the president. i would say conserve your energy. start wasting it on this war of words. make the city better. the things he's doing, they are not good. if your point is immigrant add to the economy, that's fine. then bring in as many immigrants as you can, then you wouldn't need the federal funding. >> the last thing that i think
8:34 pm
is important is to bring up the fact law enforcement stopped policing the areas of the city because they get no backing from this city government. kennedy: bill deblasio in new york city, the cops can't stand hip. >> if the feds show up the chicago police will be right behind them. they want to make things better. you don't become a cop to become rich. you do it because you want to help out your community. you do it to retire early. but on a daily basis you have to know you want to do better. right now they are hands off. and trump will back them. if the feds come in, and the chicago cops follow, rahm emanuel looks like a bad guy. he's not doing everything for the everyday american. >> should a secret service agent be fired saying she wouldn't take a bullet for president trump?
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symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. ken report washington examiner has uncovered a story about the facebook comeafnts secret service agent. senior official kerry o'grady wrote a post against donald trump saying quote, i would take
8:39 pm
jail time over a built or endorsement for what i believe to be a disaster to this country. secret service spokeswoman released a statement promising quick and appropriate action. the party panel is back. you are usually a woman with very few opinions, so i can't imagine you have something to say about agent o'grady. >> may be under investigation? she should be fired. secret service. that's what your job is. even if you are not directly responsible for protect can the president. that's the basis of why you work there. why can't people just shut up. why do they feel like they need
8:40 pm
to share every minute pointless idiotic thought that pops into their empty head to the world. kennedy: no one cares. how, here, secret service agents are charged with protecting the life of the president. and not just the presidents she vote for, but the president who swaird to uphold the constitution. >> this is the arrogance that comes into play. the whole thing of the political correctness. people assuming they have the right to say anything with impunity. i'm with her. the fact of the matter is with a job like the secret service you take an oath. you have certain responsibilities that you need to fulfill regardless of your political ideology. >> can you imagine a secret service agent posting something saying, the children tons are such a pain in the ass.
8:41 pm
>> this would make one of the lousiest secret service movies ever. >> hollywood would fund it because it's anti-trump. kennedy: katie, what do you think? >> i think she should be fired. i'm so sick of this idea when you take an oath, especially for an american institution for the country, that people feel like their opinion trumps -- pun not intend, trumps their duty of what they signed up for. she knew when she signed up for the secret service what she was doing. it should matter. if we want it not to diminish further we have to have discipline for people. kennedy: every time they bring this up it re-minds you of people who jump over the white house fence and secret service
8:42 pm
agents partying in colombia. maybe they should moist to homeland security. this is not a new by. she has been on the job for two decades. time for retirement. >> she was afraid of losing years on her pension, probably. she has a big problem with trump. kennedy: if you have such a big problem then leave. but don't say something like that. even the suggestion -- imagine how that tarnishes the i am average our fellow agents. i don't like him so i'm not going to take a bullet for him. if there is a sniper, jail just lay down. >> someone said in the comment section in all cams wash an idiot. >> is this training for one lucky guy? kennedy: yes, it is. is the congressional plan to
8:43 pm
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kennedy: you are such a good person for being here and i thank you. are republicans in congress about to replace obamacare with diet obamacare? donald trump took the first steps towards repealing obamacare that detannings some of the aca's penalties. the senate has a resolution to replace it by friday. health secretary nominee tom price has been floating ideas for years. but some save he's just rubbing republican salve on top of painful liberal blisters and america isn't going to get better and cheaper healthcare. here to separate the cough syrup from the corn syrup. welcome back to the show, michael. the idea of a slightly modified version of obamacare sounds like congressional can kicking.
8:48 pm
what's the story. >> you have don't want to replicate obamacare because it isn't working very well. puff preesmups doubling on average over a couple years for some people they are doubling within one year. then the coverage is getting worse. the networks are getting narrower. economists are saying people cannot find adequate coverage for expensive diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. this is not what you want to replicate. when you look at the replace plans paul ryan has put forward, the speaker of the house, that tom price has put forward, they are basically watered down versions of the same thing. >> let me ask you about the individual mandate it's government coercion forcing you to biens if you are a young healthy person, and that's how they were going to funds the whole thing.
8:49 pm
with the republican plant's a series of tax credits. is there any difference in the way they function? >> no difference in the way necessity function. a republican tax credit is not on the functional equivalent of obamacare's individual mandate, but it's norcoersive. if you don't buy the republican approved health plan, then you pay, say, $2,000 or $5,000 to the irs because you don't get that tax credit. if you don't pay the the irs can come at you with everything they have got. under obamacare all they dock is with hold your refund. but the tax credit is more coercive than the individual mandate. kennedy: some of the doctors are saying you have to scratch the whole thing. when i tell you i don't like meatloaf and you reshape the into meatballs i will still get
8:50 pm
sick. >> the way to goal is the way donald trump proposed. you have repeople obamacare and replace the with health savings accounts. kennedy: i'm not reading that anywhere in here. and you should be able to sell them across state lines. but that wraps we have to start, not this watered down nonsense which maintains the status quo. great to have you. coming up. have scientists come up for a bay for your goldfish to foul purchase libraries and malls. the "topical storm" is next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving
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ask ken were car carrot top shops. topic number of one. what i'm about to show you is reenforce of an abhorrent stereotype or shopping bag robots are walk among us. a man surround by shopping bags, trailing his wife in a mall as she flits around with just three little bags. how is he balancing all those? it's capitalism at its finest or a clever ruse. you decide. i would do anything for love.
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but i won't do that. maybe that's what meatloaf was signing about. he was used as a human shopping trolley. his joy bell lost its resonance. topic number 2. gaming technology has become so realistic on it will become indistinguishable from movies or real life. check out this amazing rogue one video game. it's incredible. store troopers are as bad shooting video games as they are in real life. but it's like i'm in the movie.
8:56 pm
some of this has to be screen shots, it's so realistic. we truly live in the future. wow, man. rogue one was a great film, but not as cooling a the original rogue uno directed in nicaragua. that pelvis has a mind of its own. i would be thinking about it. topic number 3. it has been said that every dog has its day. that day could be the day they dig up their fast it buried bone. it could be the day their novel makes it on the "new york times" best seller list. it could even be bastille day.
8:57 pm
but for some dogs, it's the day they find a home. [♪] he's really going to town. he's filled with so much excitement. that's the same thing that happens to andy levy every time he and i hang out. he can get even the grumpiest dog to start moving. in your workplace you are not allowed to drink. topic number 4. it's not often we get to combine karate with concussions. but one fella who was arguably under the influence of something stronger than vinegar bangs
8:58 pm
himself on the bean and almost knocks himself out with the door. watch this. , all i cahope is that he gupped up his goose berries so he can't breathe either. the lord works in mysterious ways. topic number 5. we all know what america needs right now. an aquarium on wheels steered by a goldfish. watch this. you are looking at the brain child alex kent who attached a motion sensor to the steering mechanism of this tank it's mobile so that goldfish can literally steer it. this is why america is and will always be the greatest nation on the planet earth.
8:59 pm
that remind me, i asked my junior under secretary of production to teach my goldfish some tricks. i love that goldfish and adore paul. let's see what happens. oh, paul, no. are you sick? oh, nemo will never be the same because he's in the belly of these. that was so insensitive. i tasked you with some really great things and that's how you repay me. i would like to hold your head in the toilet, paul. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. use hashtag tropical storm. email tomorrow on the show, harris
9:00 pm
faulkner, brian brenberg and julie banderas. >> she's a jet-setter in the golden age of travel... >> pan am flight attendants were iconic. >> did she fit the bill? >> i think she created the bill. >> ...bringing back these from around the globe. >> indonesian, african, chinese -- they came from everywhere. i thought she was a smuggler, which made it even more exciting. >> what?! >> are they just silly trinkets... >> is there a big market for beads? >> there's a big market for beads. >> this is the real deal? >> this is the real deal. >> ...or historical treasures worth a mint? >> the dalai lama? >> yes. [ gavel bangs ] >> bidder 561 is for $11,000. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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