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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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on his campaign promises. nicole: at the end of the new york stock exchange as history was being made. >> and narratives. [cheers and applause] >> and finally comment out 20
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past 10. there it is. there it is. we did it. nicole: a closer look at what this next bit vice president and managing director and chief investment strategist at raymond james joining us by telephone. i'm starting with keith. he was right there on the floor i fell in the morning. dow 20,000. we did it. now what? >> we go higher from here. we finally got through the psychological barrier. we've been wrestling with it for over a month in the middle of december. technically there is not any thing holding us back from getting above it if you looked at the pure technical nature and behavior of the market. with their technological or psychological as a point of resistance. now we trade higher. we can run a lot higher and another four major indexes.
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lauren: is 20,000 acting as a magnet to bring average investors back in, retail investors back into stocks? >> the retail investors in stocks or because a lot of the markets with money don't understand the equity markets do not care about the absolute good or bd. al the equity markets care about things getting better or worse. i've known you a long time and you've got a good head in terms of the directionality and equity markets. there's a lot of good things coming forward for the equity markets. i agree with the other guests. stocks are headed higher here over the next week or two. then we're looking at some kind of attempt to pull back. nicole: thank you for your nice words. i appreciate it.
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let me ask you about some things that could derail the market we've been seeing. we were watching your area close to you. i meant to pay off the debt. you have some fun, everything double trap is put into play. msi. anything that can derail this momentum? >> you can have a black swan event. you can have a policy mistake in d.c. the panel and the appointees that donald trump is putting in place by the best i've ever seen in my lifetime. you could have will go to $150 a barrel. i just spent three lakes in europe but institutional account. people worried about the e.u. breaking a tiered i really don't see much that can derail the market. we are moving from an empty street driven bull market to an earnings driven bull market that will be very apparent over the next three or four quarters. nicole: this is stocks
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performance. major averages since the inoculation. portis into the trap presidency. everything up 1.5%. is it solely because donald trump is following through on his campaign promises or is there more to it? >> postelectn list because of donald trump and what he promised during thecampai. what we have since the inoculation is pretty donald trump come up early earnings or media or not miss out if your finish it particularly around the u.k. the malicious came out the u.k. was the fastest growing economy in europe. you've got those three factors playing together and that is where we are rallying now. keith blix, jeff, thank you for your insight into the market. trained to be really appreciated. donald trump making them our campaign promises in today's effects acted to sign an executive order with the flow of refugees to the united states
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and barring us from syria appeared to move comes a day after trump issued a pair of executive orders on immigration including funding for a border wall but she insists mexico will be paying for sooner or later. >> they are going to pay for it. i said mexico will pay for the ball. >> when its construction began? >> as soon as we can. listen as we can physically do it. i would say a month. planning starting immediately. nicole: this country won't be putting a single pace of first-round small. in a late-night interest, and we gave being in a toe said his country does not believe in laws. he hasn't canceled its scheduled trip to the white house next week. top aides say they are now considering it. be sure to tune in tonight that the exclusive interview with president trump. that starts on fox news.
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lauren: president trump's immigration order with a defiant response in cities like washington and new york. in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel vowing that he will stay even after trump into an executive order blocking federal grants for city shipping immigrants for deportation. jeff flock has more on what the could cost the windy city. >> lorinda kola come to you from just outside city council chambers for mayor rahm emanuel has made it clear chicago will be a sctuary city despe the threat of pulling federal funds by donald trump. >> we are going to stay a sanctuary city. we welcome in the spirit of what it was tapped about. there is no stranger among us. reporter: chicago is a lot to lose when it comes to federal
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funds. $3.6 billion this year alone according to a study by the chicago-based better government association. look at some of that is out. public housing in chicago, chicago public school system, another 300 million for the cta. in addition, mayor and manuel responded to a treat saying that chicago can't get its violent crime problem under control comment he would send in the fed's. mayor emmanuel telling reporters he'd be happy to have federal help from the fbi company dea, justice department, but when it comes to the potential of national guard troops he's against it. >> we are going for process of reinvigorating and rebuilding trust between relationships in the community and law enforcement. it's antithetical to the spirit of police vans. transamerica not say what you do
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if national guard troops are first on chicago. he declined to say how much a financial penalty chicago would be willing to bear federal funds were in a halt. in chicago, jeff flock. lauren: right here in new york, trump spending threat could cause new york city some $7 billion. nicole: will keep an eye on the market that is market that has market that has hit 20,000 mark in this format. the action in asia overnight oliveira subtype unique in japan upon when it appeared the shanghai composite up one third of 1% two koreas kospi of 1%. screeners again. lauren: the average stock hitting a one-year high on the johnson & johnson deal up about 20% today. the ftse up 16 points, cac in paris at 19 points in ta escaping 71. nicole: good momentum and gdp in the u.k.
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u.s. stock market futures, durable goods come a center that will tomorrow. dow jones futures 50 points to the upside. s&p futures at great monastic teachers at 15. looks like we'll hold a 20,000 mark. lauren: oil prices up 18 cents. gold is still below $1200 an ounce at 1196 down for backs. however it is up 4% so far in 2017. nicole: a big deal the health care industry. johnson & johnson buying europe's biggest biotech company. $30 billion in cash. the deal which ends weeks of back-and-forth negotiations look at the swiss company portfolio transfer rate diseases. it will spin off its research and development operations which will be based in switzerland. lauren: more stocks to watch as the dallas about 40,000 -- 20,000. automakers compared to a year
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ago under criticism from president trump. cancel plans to build a new plant in mexico will best $700 million in a michigan plant will make electric cars. alphabet will report its fourth-quarter results of the closing bell. working to improve it advertising through expanding text that you analysts looking for a boost to earnings. microsoft will also report after the bell today. the dow component to benefit from its investment in the cloud and products like solar and office 365. nicole: coming up, finally happened. [cheers and applause] more on the dow 20,000. we will be right back.
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lauren: good morning. 5:15 a.m. in new york pure president trevor working to sign a controversial executive order. "the associated press" says the order will by steering refugees from entering the united states. it will suspend issuing visas. expected to san diego this week. not clear if the draft will be revised before then. mexico's president reportedly reconsidering his trip to the white house scheduled for next week. president henrique pena nieto
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repealing the order to build a portable between the two countries and reiterating mexico will not pay for it. the decision to rethink this visit comes amid growing outrage in mexico and a sense among many bad pena nieto has been to make in the face of donald trump's health policy stance. a big deal in the health care industry today. johnson & johnson, the biggest maker of time actelion is the biggest company. $30 cash. the deal which ends weeks of back-and-forth negotiations give j&j access to the company portfolio of drugs for rare diseases. we have deals, corporate earnings in dow futures higher. nasdaq of 14. looks like the dow will fit onto his stick above 20,000 at least in the first moments on wall street. nicole: joining us now in studio, the impact of the dow industrial closing 20,000 for the very first time ever.
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keith let's can the senior vice president, thanks for joining us. you're feeling up to mistake if you look at particular levels. first of august that there is even sell programs in place there. what is the next leg? you look a lot of the technicals as well. >> the quantitative model helps is called overbought and oversold situations. we are neutral in the market. on the data we could see the dow 20,200 here pretty quickly. on the s&p 500 to get the feeling of another 50 points right now. the one thing that would only back from the thesis that the four major index, dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 to one index that is still lacking in is not yet hit its all-time high back again. if we can get back above third team ada, which is earmarked for the closing high, it is smooth sailing going forward and we can quit those high numbers i just gave you.
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nicole: so much of this is on donald trump following through in everything he promised on the campaign. but the infrastructure spending and progrowth policies tends to come higher interest rates. how will that hurt the market? >> it could potentially avoid the market is rallying. really the only economic thing he's put in place right now is superb in the xl pipeline. the intention and the notion of what he would do economically, you check about tax reform, infrastructure spending, regulation rollback or the three major tenants from an economic standpoint. but he's proven in the last two days, three days is that he means what he says and says what he means. all those three things will come sooner. you mention interest rates. the fed will be forced to move.
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and that because the market a little bit. nicole: thanks, keith. lauren: coming up in sports, and all williams sister final. the cavaliers struggle as they go down to the sacramento kings. the attributes this morning keep flowing in. >> spokesperson for the juvenile diabetes research and just women's independence in general. she's just a great role model. lauren: mary tyler moore dies at the age of 80. we will have some of the strip is for you. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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lauren: of remembering mary tyler moore. the pioneering television actress. >> the notion of a single professional woman making her way in the world is a great thing to remember. definitely an icon of women's independence and being able to have a voice in the world. lauren: a single independent working women help change the perceptions of women on television. ellen degeneres tweeting a merry time or change the world for all women. dick van dyke saying there are no words. she was the best. ambassador saying he will never repay the blessing given to him. mary tyler moore comic dead at 80 years old. nicole: will turn it over to the latest in the world of sports. booster with a family affair. venus williams will take on her little sister serena in the finals this weekend. eunice had to get past fellow american coq au vin to wait. the third set match kite. venus wins it.
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can hardly contain her assignment. at 36 years old, she is the second oldest to play a final after martina navratilova at wimbledon in 1994. see how happy she really is. a short time later, serena dominated the outline. serena williams in straight sets. saturday's final with the sister's ninth night a grand slam. congratulations to the sisters and go u.s.a. cleveland cavaliers but the debate facing this one goes into overtime. up five. forty-second/. on the bright, he had that banner. time running out.
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wide-open 115-112. nicole: that the celtics over the rockets. joe's a three pointer. the celtics f. three, just over four minutes left. thomas takes a handoff, transit finishes the hook shot gave the celtics go on to win that 120- 109. drink their commercials get almost as much hype as to give my soul. candycane buyers bring it to a whole new level by airing a commercial life during the game. the snickers bar and the actor is best known for his role in girls and the "star wars" villain. already teasing us with this thought. >> world's first live super bowl commercial but that of driver. >> show us how you deal with that kind of pressure.
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okay, nice. lauren: learned a lot from that. thanks, adam. during the super bowl on fox, february 5th. nicole: donald trump cracks down on immigration. today he'll focus on refugees. >> i could wait a year ago at the wall, but we have to build the wall. we have to sell drugs are pouring in. we have to stop people from pouring into our country with no idea where they're from. transfer the stock market set to continue today. record closes yesterday in dow 20,000. dr. crews of 44. nasdaq futures of 14. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning marts and breaking news. ♪
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[cheers and applause] lauren: breaking news this morning is history being made not only did the dow up about 20,000, close their as well. a closer look at what's next for the markets. good morning. i am nicole petallides. nicole: good morning. i am tweeting. with her earnest today from caterpillar, ford, microsoft enough f that to name a few. u.s. stock market futures this
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one and added the opening bell. dow futures of 42. cheered by the u.s. rally. up 1.5% and china's shanghai composite gaining a third of 1%. nicole: rise in oil prices playing a big role in the market. 50 284 parallel 9 cents. lauren: as money goes into stocks, out of bonds pushing the yield on the 10 year treasury about 2.5%. 2.54% today. nicole: donald trump continues its focus on immigration with executive orders this morning. the president threatens to pull out of trade talks. lauren: johnson & johnson clinching a $30 billion cash by for europe's biggest biotech company. nicole: in sports, a williams sister final list.
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let's welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. train to the dow industrial close in about 20,000 for the very first time as corporate earnings renewed investors optimism is in the economy as president trump starts to make good on campaign promises. we were right there in the floor of the new york stock exchange as history was being made. lauren: dairy days. -- they are a days. -- >> and finally, dow 20,000. dairy days. so we did it. there is cheering and clapping. everyone was so excited. lauren: you were so excited. that was healthy video.
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you are able to get a dow 20,000 hot which are harder to come by this year. the kinsella. >> i'm kidding. schilling has this one. lauren: a closer look at what is next for the markets. senior vice president and just thought, managing director and chief investment strategist at raymond james is joining us by phone. good morning to both of you. it's a dell 42 days to get from 19,000 to 20,000. the second fastest thousand point game with ever seen. are we talking about 21,000 keys or is that way too far too soon? >> i don't think it's too far too soon at all. it may not be 42 days, but certainly in the cards. i'm not so sure for how fast it will take to get there.
5:34 am
i certainly think that's in the cards. i used to think it's cyclical. a few things that could derail it. we have policies around the world, which was the markets with money and cash. the u.s. market being the best place and capital gets rewarded and that's in u.s. equities. nicole: now 20,000. we've really run out. the s&p 500 has more stocks in . i think their margins are wide. they are going to stabilize that the people to look at valuations at 17 times forward earnings are looking in the rearview mirror. i was around when the dow went through it sent to 10,000 to 20,000. i agree with him.
5:35 am
i think that the markets are going higher. they haven't wavered one iota since i was on your show back in march of 2009 saying the markets provide a mean and we're going into a secular market are probably about 14 or 15 years. nicole: is this the end of the bond market rent? >> it ended months ago. >> would you agree, keith? >> were expecting higher rates reflect today many of the kurds. corporate assaults government and you'll continue to see the tear tear aeration going forward. nicole: i want to ask you and i talked about areas of growth. everybody's anticipating interest rate hikes did you knows over going to get. 50% not so after may. but you think? >> i think you're not going to get a whole lot of interest rate increases. maybe to this year. we actually have lunch with
5:36 am
jimmy galan -- and she's a tough pitcher a tough pitcher will be slow to raise rates. stocks can rise up as we have transition from an interest rate driven into an earnings driven market and that will become quite apparent that the months ahead. lauren: just quickly, how many of rate hikes do you expect? >> i think to look at a minimum of three because of procrit policies that will kick in. lauren: management director at raymond james. thank you for your time this morning. donald trump making good on more campaign promises. expected to send instead of order freezing the flow of refugees to the united states indefinitely borrowing goes from syria. funded in a border wall which he insists mexico will be paying for sooner or later appeared
5:37 am
>> i said thanks go pay for the wall. as soon as we can do it -- i would say of months. certainly the planning and starting immediately. lauren: mexico's president says his country won't put a single paste it towards donald trump's wall. innovate by address, and wreak a pena nieto doesn't believe that walls. pena nieto hasn't canceled a scheduled trip to the white house next week. at least not yet. top aides say they are considering canceling it. it wants revenge for this programming note, hannity tonight exclusive sitdown interview starts at 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. nicole: president trump headed to philadelphia where republicans are meeting for an annual policy retreat and tax cuts will be at the top of the
5:38 am
agenda. fox business peter barnes in the city of brotherly love with more on what that plan could be like. >> the trump administration reportedly talking to some republicans in congress about cutting taxes and adding their cost of the deficit rather than making sure in a tax redits and tax reform are revenue neutral. for example the link progrowth tax rates and eliminating deductions so that the amount of money going into the treasury remains the same. revenue neutrality, revenue neutral tax cuts and tax reform has been the position of top republicans in congress including house speaker paul bryant and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who worried about higher deficit in a fight over this issue is already emerging among republicans in congress including here in philadelphia where republicans are meeting for their annual retreat. >> is going to be a significant time set aside to have conversations between the house and senate and administration.
5:39 am
so far, our goal has been to be a revenue neutral approach to tax reform. >> we have to do deficit spending. a lot of my friends they don't do it. how are you going to rebuild the military into infrastructure? how do you do the things we need to do and say it has to be revenue neutral. i think you had to borrow money to get it going. you've got to prime the pump. >> dispute emerging as the congressional budget office has released its latest forecast for government taxes and spending. it shows based on current policy the deficit will grow by $10 trillion over the next 10 years taking the national debt up to $30 trillion. back to you in new york. nicole: peter barnes, thank you. 20 trillion is not. this has stopped phoenicia traded today. the nikkei and japan gaining 1.8%, 1.5% gains and the other markets higher as well.
5:40 am
the london ftse up a quarter of a percent. dow futures high by 35 points this morning. nasdaq up 12. checking in on the commodities has received oil higher by 11. goalpost got five bucks. lauren: earnings continued to poland. caterpillar before the opening bell. mining and construction equipment to report our fourth-quarter results a year ago. revenue $9.8 billion. caterpillar cutting jobs says the works for a prolonged slump in commodities and sluggish global growth. investors to stage your president trumps economic losses could affect the business. nicole: facebook continues to crack down on fake news. updating is trending feature that highlights hot topics. now consists of topics being covered by several before it
5:41 am
focuses on the cross people sharing are commenting on posts you switch is intended to make facebook a more credible source of information. lauren: look at today's headlines. harvard's endowment may not have a bit saff at the university and found that university and down the list of outsourced the management of most of its assets. harvard expects to cut half of its 230 employees and shut its internal hedge funds. the adamic chiefs of the funds are too complex for universities to manage. in the sun expanding into ocean trade. the move marks the online retail giant latest step to build out its delivery business. amazon book had to its u.s. air houses from chinese merchants. luxury lanes are seeing a turnaround continuing security fears in europe received and tax cuts for the wealthy and the u.s. are likely. year-end earnings in the luxury set are growing. nicole: coming up, it finally
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happened. [cheers and applause] chair, do whatever you want. the dow 20,000 will close there. traders in the action and say what's next. dow futures at 36. s&p futures up one. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way.
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nicole: 5:45 a.m. in new york. president trump reportedly preparing to sign a controversial executive order on the administration. the order will parse you in from entering the united states. it also will suspend issuing visas to people from seven predominately muslim countries pay trump to san diego this week. it's not clear if the draft will be revised before then. mexico's president reportedly reconsidering his trip to the white house next week to president pena nieto condemning trump's executive order to build a wall on the border between the two countries and is reiterating
5:46 am
that his country will not pay for it. a big deal and the health care industry. johnson & johnson is buying actelion pharmaceuticals. the price of 30 billion in cash. the gop is johnson & johnson access to a drug for rare diseases. checking in on u.s. stock market futures after record closes yesterday. got 20,000 per momentum continues to broaden home. s&p futures up to. this is happening now. nicole: let's talk about the markets. a look for the impact of the dow closed at about 20,000 for the first time in history. once again, senior vice president. we were talking in the break. donald trump coming out swinging. potential tax cuts, regulatory reform, infrastructure spending. without the election campaign maturation. are we buying the presidency? >> i think so. in the first three days, but we've seen him do as executive order after executive action put
5:47 am
in place the things that he campaigned on. he says what he means in the market is interpreting that tax reform infrastructure spending, regulatory reform will come a lot sooner, a lot more aggressively then we then counted on. the subject had dumped all the way up to 2 becaus it's so complex. he's going to get the republican-controlled congress to be very quickly. a bipartisan issue. but the democrats don't agree with it. the u.s. goes from one of the least competitive tax rates corporate wise to one of the most competitive in the world with an educated workforce with lots of dollars to spend on it it not only will our companies repatriate cash, that multinationals will come set up operations in the u.s. and the market will go off on its own to keep moving higher. nicole: i want to ask about earnings and financials earnings
5:48 am
season doing very well. financials have really soared since the election. your thoughts on both. >> my financials will hold onto them pick the one sector that will benefit both from a yield curve increase come interest rate increase increase, earnings coming back, therefore make more money with customers and policies from the trump administration. that is the one sector that is really languished throughout the rally over the last six years and now it will take off into some of of the best performing sectors. >> it seems to me on wall street and i'm going to go to main street assault, this feeling, this excite and a pent-up demand has been unleashed. would you agree? >> absolutely. on the floor it very the floor at very matchless people wanted wanted to see a trump presidency. you can see that in some of the clips. the things he campaigned on we are very excited about what could happen in the businesses in this country in the stock
5:49 am
market. nicole: dow 20,000 come at great. in sports, i'm excited not williams sister final in the australian open. coming up next. "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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lauren: after shiloh bus arrested in new york city. a misdemeanor assault after getting into a scuffle with another man and anti-trump performance protest. the sunlight streaming through the maturation day. police say he scratched the man, pulledhis scarf. he intends to keep the protests growing 24/7 for the next four
5:53 am
years. great. lauren: the latest in sports. a family therapist really an open. venus williams will take some little sister serena in the finals. coq au vin debate, on match point. venus granted and can hardly take her excitement. she's 36, the oldest -- the second oldest to play a grand slam final after the 37-year-old. back at wimbledon in 1994. look how happy she is pretty short time later, serena faced mariano lu shake around me. sabrina wynn said strait said saturday's final will be the sisters matchup at a grand plan and serena holds a six reporter: to the period going to the nba. cleveland cavaliers head coach
5:54 am
enjoying the last despite his team losing sixof eight. this one goes into overtime. the break there in the collision she had a banner. a wide-open trail to three. winning a 115-112. first by isaiah thomas look at celtics over the rockets. throws a three pointer. the celtics are a great. thomas takes the handoff, a-thoa tough hook shot. they win 120-.09. nicole: before you head out the door, fox senior meteorologist janice dean all over this one. reporter: does take a look at it. the good news is weather on the way. the bad news is it's cold.
5:55 am
a look at cold as they head into the weekend as the frontal system is through. you can think a single digits in teens. user frontal system bringing over the great lakes. the northeast and rain along the cold front for the mid-atlantic. not talking about a big storm system. however, lake effect snow will continue to crank up in some cases they could topple over a snow downwind that ontario and michigan. otherwise, the rest of the country looks quite especially for the last they've dealt with record breaking rain and snow. high-pressure building with this delegate from the system will move during the next 12 to 24 hours. i for one in excited about quieter weather. back to you. nicole: genistein, thank you. some scary moments for two
5:56 am
window washers 15 stories above the ground in dallas. we are going to tell you how that ended. let's check in on market futures. they don't look as scary. you are watching "fbn:am." introducing conduent. one of the largest business process companies in the world. whether it's in health care, customer care, technology, transportation or government. we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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lauren: check this out. two window washers in dallas, texas were rescued after being suspended 15 stories above the ground. there they are. got into trouble yesterday at and after the scaffolding fell to one side leaving them dancing on the side of the building. firefighters and emergency workers were able to rescue both of the men fortunately that the accident is under investigation. trained to be thank you for watching "fbn:am." although there is. continues. lauren: yesterday was historic and today, maria bartiromo could we equally historic or maria: disconnected. good morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo is this thursday, junior 26. top stories fixate on the east coast. the dow jones industrial average above the round beautiful number of 20,000 for the first time
6:00 am
ever yesterday. the election rally has been driven by the financial services there. president trump weighed in on the market runoff yesterday. >> is the first time in history. i'm very proud of that. now we have to go up, up, up. >> that's the challenge. >> that's the challenge but it's an a lot since i've won. don't forget when i've won, people thought maybe it would have been. the business world doesn't think that. the business world knows me. they don't think that. it was a steady climb and we just had a record and a number that's never been hit before so i was very honored that. maria: expectinganother higher opening for broader averages. the market up 7.5% this election day. money moving into stacks even at the beginning of the year was largely down. markets are higher as


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