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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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markets close at a new record high. remember palm krugman's prediction? david: . this was after he received his nobel peace prize for economics. i don't think it would have affected him getting in the first place. melissa: he said that was his specialty. >> we are going to build the wall. believe me, we are going to build a wall. >> we have a trade deficit with mexico. they are going to pay for the wall within they will be happy about it. liz: a spat escalated into a battle royale, one that could end in a trade war. the president.
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mexico canceling his meeting with trump. the white house threatening to slap a 20% tax on mexican imports. the latest on a very fast in moving international situation. the mexican president canceled a meeting with president trump scheduled for next tuesday at the white house after president trump issued an executive order about the border wall. here is president obama doubling down that he will make mexico pay for the wall. >> the wall will cost us nothing. there will be a payment. it will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form. what i'm doing is good for the united states, and it will alsoen good tore mexico. liz: here is president nieto firing back that mexico will not pay for it. >> i'm saddened by the decision
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of the united states to continue with a wall that has not joined us, but has divide us. mexico does not believin walls. mexico will not pay for any wall. >> the u.s. has a $60 billion trade deficit with mexico and it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta. if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall within then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. hours after that tweet, president nieto abankruptcily tweeted in spanish. this morning we informed the u.s. that we'll not attend the meeting. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for
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next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. less * let's take this to former trump campaign spokesman and transition team senior advisor for the trump team, katrina pierson. liz: trump says the decision was few fuel. shouldn't they sit down and talk. >> of course the two should sit down and talk. and i understand the mexican president is under a lot of pressure by his own people and veil to do what's best for himself and mexico. president trump stated from the beginning of his campaign that he would put the interest of americans first. he listed a number of reasons why mexico should pay for the wall.
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a year ago this march the campaign put out a two-page memo highlighting the number of the ways they would pay for the wall. liz: here is press secretary sean spicer on how to pay for the wall. >> when you look at plan taking shape, using comprehensive tax reform as a means of tax imports from countries where we have a trade deficit, by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall. liz: that 20% i am 40s comes out of consumer pockets and potentially out of higher prices on goods coming into the u.s.a. will that work? >> i do think it will work. but that was one of the ways that candidate trump talked about having this type of things.
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he also talked about raising visa fees. there are a number of ways to do this and that cost will transfer over into mexico. but the united states has the leverage that mr. trump is going to use to get this wall paid for because this is not just some policy that a president has. this is about national security. this is about public safety and easing if the flow of drugs into the country, protecting families that live across the border. liz: i understand. democrats want you to think republicans are against immigration. but they are against illegal immigration. we have 38 congressmen out of texas because they say they are not out of the wall because the government will be seizing personal private property. what do you think about that fight? >> i think that will have to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. that's something that has always been a concern.
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bust federal government's role is to protect the safety and security of the united states. man the end particularly in a state like texas, which is my state, something we have been fighting for you on the ground in the grassroots along with ending sanctuary cities, will come to an end. liz: president clinton in the 1990s said illegal i am facing was wrong. now we are president trump defending his immigration policies. these are similar policies to what president clinton said in the 90s. >> are you concerned it will cause more anger among muslims. >> anger? >> is plenty of anger right if you. how can you have more? the world is a mess. the world is as angry as it gets.
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you think this is going to cause a little more anger? the world is an angry place. liz: we are switching to illegal immigration to the president's policies denying refugees for a temporary amount of time and advisas from terror-prone countries. former secretary of state madeleine albright said she is ready to register as a muslim. the president is talking about countries with terror problems. >> absolutely. the anger that is most of concern to the president is that of the american people. we have a country where parents can't send their kids backpacking across europe after college because of a terrorist attack that might occur. this is ridiculous. the world is a mess because it only took $500,000 to cause
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9/11. and the previous president has given iran enough money for 2,000 9/11s. liz: mexico's president is canceling his trip to washington amid low approval ratings in mexico. let's take it to our political power panel. conservative commentator ashley pratt and jessica tarlov. could a break like this put mexico's economy on the brink and put in place a far left dictator along the lines we have seen in south america? >> this could cause serious problems. trump's promise was to build a wall.
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all after sudden we are hearing the mexican president will not pay for the wall. he did say that all along. now the meeting is canceled. they are saying it was jointly agreed to it would be canceled. i think this will have disastrous effects for the mexican economy if this goes forward antrump plans to up pose the 20% tariff on the imports. i have no clue how this will pan out. i hope there will be some sort of resolve to this. i don't know what that look like. but this could be disastrous for mexico who is seeing some stock fluctuations as a result of this. liz: the peso went down. >> it's disastrous for the united states. we have $200 biin he can ports to mexico. in texas we take in $84 biin. i port it's a ridiculous idea. i understand why president nieto
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also took to twitter, because that's how president trump likes to communicate about diplomacy. but people across the political spectrum would say we should not be ending things with our biggest trading partner. there are no economic advisers on donald trump's team like a steve moore. lindy graham tweeted anything that's going to lower the amount of tequila, corona or margaritas we have will make we mucho sad. it's bad for both sides. liz: let's switch gears. cnn only giving the dow's 20,000 milestone two mentions. compare it to the collapse after donald trump's victory.
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>> it will be a global market shock tomorrow, the world engaged in a global financial freakout. >> that gives you a sense how the glob markets are most likely to respd ift ishe case that donald trump pulls out a victory. >> what we saw happening in the stock markets is happening in the heart of americans. they are after he frayed and donald trump has to address that. liz: $2 trillion estimated in equity values added to 401ks and stock market portfolios. what do you make of this knee jerk reaction we saw when trump won? >> no one was expecting it in the mainstream media. they were preparing for hillary clinton to become president of the united states. hence why we are seeing this covering. liz: their reaction that everything was going to collapse.
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>> i'm tying that to this. because of the fact they weren't expecting anything. they want to blame everything on trump, and they can't find any way to congratulate him when the economy is better off because of his presidency. given the fact that he's business friendly. he's anti-regulation. he's going to lift up that red tape strangling our small businesses. we are seeing investments and small business go up. >> to ashley's point, is that journalism not to across knowledge what's going on in the markets? >> the hope and optimism is removed under trump. >trump. i'm not in any position to call rachael maddow a non-journalist. i think president obama should be credited for the gains we
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guntd his presidency. liz: we can go round and round. and donald trump won't have that fed bazooka. >> we don't know what donald trump is going to do tomorrow. we may not speaking to canada. >> under obama's administration what we failed to see is how many people were off the rolls and look for jobs. liz: ashley, jessica, you are great. this scene, remember this? rioters at inauguration. turns out the owner of this limo that was lit on fire, he was a muslim immigrant small business owner. first president trump says he's open to bringing back torture and water boarding even though u.s. law prohibits it and his defense director and cia leader
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mike pompeo are against it. james mitchell on whether he agrees after this. >> are you concerned it will cause more anger among muslims around the world? >> anger? there is plenty of anger right now. how can you have more? your insurance company won't replace
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>> in president you told me during one of the debates that you would bring back waterboarding and a hell of a lot worse. >> i want to keep our country safe. when they are chopping off the heads of our people and other people. when they are chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be aistian in the middle east. when isis is doing things nobody has head since medieval times?
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would i feel strongly about water sphwhoorgd as far as i'm concerned we have to fight fire with fire. i have spoke as recently as 24 hours ago and with people at the highest level of intelligence. i asked the question, does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group. if they don't want to do it, that's fine. if they don't want to do, i will work towards that ends. i want to dosing within the bowfneds what you are allowed to do legally. do you file works? subtly i file works. i will rely on general mattis and i am going to rely on those two people and others. if they don't want to do it, it's 100% okay with me. do i think it works? absolutely. liz: president trump says he's open to torture and water
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boarding even thoivment s. law prohibits it. the the cia chief and gop lawmakers like john mccain oppose it. my next guest is a psychologist. developed and conducted enhanced interrogation techniques for the cia after the 9/11 attacks. he personally interrogated 9/11 master minds khalid sheikh mohammad. does it work? >> city wouldn't call it torture because torture is illegal. but e.i.t.s worked. liz: did it help in tracking down usama bin laden? >> it had a key role tonight. if you read the pushback the cia presented to fine stienls senate committee when they said there was no role, northeast proaf vied 5 or 6 examples where it had a direct role.
5:20 pm
and i conducted those interrogations myself. liz: did you waterboard khalid sheikh mohammad. >> i did, every one. some of them i didn't see as particularly effective and we didn't need to use. i was going to say that everything we did had been authorized bit justice department, deemed legal, not once, but four or five times. they were carefully monitored and applied by name for specific terrorists before. i would encourage people to do nothing illegal. liz: water boarding is not considered e.i.t.? tight was corresponded even e.i.t. at that time. it was judged by the justice department to be legal fit was done within the constraints justice department approved it. you could have don't in a way
5:21 pm
that was horrific. liz: it was not considered torture? >> right. otherwise senators mccain and feinstein wouldn't have had to pass a law in 2015 outlawing anything except if the army field manual for the intelligence agencies. torture has been legal for defend kids. they wouldn't have had to pass a new law fit was illegal. liz: is president trump correct that we should bring back waterboarding. >> i don't know about waterboarding. here is my concern. my concern is we are restricted the to the army field manual. my problem with the army field manual, what x have to do is public lisht. we tell the terrorists that they can go on the internet and download the methods we are going to use to question them. not only the methods by name, but why and how wee think they are going to work. if.
5:22 pm
liz: why is that published like that? >> i think it's nuts. the other thing nors mccain and feinstein made sure we did. we let the terrorists know we are only seeking voluntary statements. our defense our country top prevent the next catastrophic attack is going to depends on what some terrorist volunteers to tell us? somewhere between waterboarden and worse and the army field manual there should be some legal, let me under line legal form of pressure or ohers and it doesn't -- pressure or coercion. it doesn't matter to me whether it's psychological or physical. you can do it in a way of that doesn't constitute torture. i'm not arguing we need to bring back the e.i. tvments. we've need to stop telling the tear reu69s we'll accept voluntary state and telling them
5:23 pm
how we are going to question them. liz: how many terrorist after he tacks were prevented using enhanced interrogation techniques. shoe there was the habali attack. he planned a wave attacks in los angeles, seattle and chicago. they were going to crash planes into the tallest buildings in those states. he had people on the ground. he was training the muscle. he knew they would have to overcome the passengers because of what happened in 9/11. they were going to use asians instead arabs. and when president bush decided to not treat it like a law enforcement matter and in raid afghanistan and go after al qaeda, then it slowed down. after that we started catching them and eventually we caught
5:24 pm
all of them and disrupted the atck and e.i.t.s played a role in that. liz: how long did it take to break khalid sheikh mohammad. >> he only had 21 days of enhanced interrogation. if. of that, three weeks he was given enhanced interrogation. after that there was another 170 weeks where he cooperate more or less. he tried to lie at times. but more or less cooperated. liz: thank you, james mitchell. please come back on the show. you are terrific. coming up. we are familiar with the scene. turns out the owner of this limo was a muslim immigrant small business entrepreneur. he's here with us to speak out about what happened. he's upset. we also have mayors of sanctuary
5:25 pm
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>> this is a city of immigrants, we always have been for almost 400 years. this is our fundamentalling nature. we're going to defend all of our people. regardless of where they come there and regardless of their documentation status. >> we're going to stay a sanctuary city. welcome people whether you're from poland or pakistan, whether you're from ireland or india or israel, and whether you're from mexico or moldova where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in chicago as you pursue the american dream. liz: a growing number of mayors of sanctuary cities say they will fight president trump's executive order. trump's chief of staff saying funding should be pulled for
5:29 pm
people who do not follow the law. >> so here's the thing, the question is should places in this country that ignore or the laws of this country when it comes to immigration receive federal money into their communities, and the answer to me is, no. the point is if you defy the laws of this country, you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people -- >> and you're offering -- liz: we welcome my next guest. his son, billy, and billy's wife natalie, were killed in june of 2016 in austin, texas. here's president president pres. >> we're joined here this afternoon by parents whose children were horribly killed by individuals living here illegally. many have become friends of mine. fred and his son james who lost billy. billy was fred's son and james' brother. billy's wife, natalie, was also
5:30 pm
killed by an illegal immigrant, somebody that should never, ever have been here. liz: fred joins me now. fred, we are with you every step of the way right now. we would like you, the if you could, could you tell our viewer what happened to your son and your daughter-in-law? >> they were driving a motorcycle on a two-lane highway. an illegal immigrant, intoxicated, hit them from behind going probably 120 miles an hour. he did not stop for almost two football fields. only when the car was inoperable then he fled the sne. it was terrible, terrible thing. liz: it just happened in june, sir, and the man who kill your son, he had a prior dwi conviction? what do you think of mayors of sanctuary cities who are basically saying, you know, our -- even though they're
5:31 pm
saying that we've got laws on the books that stop, we don't accept, of course, felons and people who have committed felonies. the fear is that these cities will become magnets for criminals to live here. >> i believe that's the, that's the way we look at it. i believe that's the way it's going. sanctuary city of austin, texas, is trying to be a sanctuary city. they, the dwi that this illegal alien got was from travis county. had they deported him, my son and daughter-in-law would probably be alive right now. so i really don't think we should have sanctuary cities. liz: well, it's an outrage and a disgrace what you and your family have been put through, and it's just horrible. words can't capture it at all. and, sir, you've talked to other families in similar situation as you've been enduring, this grief is just monstrous. i mean, what is your feeling
5:32 pm
when you see donald trump stepping up and saying we hear you, we're listening to you? do you feel like you and these families have not been listened to before? >> i do feel like we have not been listened to, and i am very impressed and thank god that donald trump is doing this. he's a man of his word. i've got to say that. the sooner he gets this done, the sooner we get the sanctuary cities to dissolve, the better off and the more lives we'll be able to save. liz: are you hopeful? do you think it will happen? >> i am very hopeful. i pray every day. i'm, i work for the -- well, i tell you, i'm just a little nervous here. [laughter] i work for the remembrance project, and the remembrance project is families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens, and we're trying to get this -- the laws are basic laws. we're just asking that they follow the laws that are already put in place, and they're
5:33 pm
already in the books. that's what we're hoping for. liz: fred, you're doing great. you just did a great job. stories like yours, you are serving the country and with the other families of the remembrance project, and we appreciate you and thank you for your service. come back again soon, okay? >> thank you very much. liz: sure -- >> and i'd just like to say -- liz: go ahead, fred. >> i would just like to say that the mayors that are fighting this sanctuary city are the blood of my daughter-in-law and son are definitely on their hands. liz: okay. >> thank you. liz: thank you, fred. come back soon. coming up, remember this scene, the owner of this limo destroyed at the inauguration. just happened just days ago. he's with us to tell us his story. but first, this is a surprise. remember this story, chelsea manning, the soldier who leaked u.s. secrets? he's now blasting president obama just a week after president obama pardoned him. chelsea manning now saying in a
5:34 pm
new editorial opinion piece be that president obama was weak and he lacked leadership. my next guest pleaded with president obama to pardon her son who's in jail for doing far less. her story next. ♪ ♪ eous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado 2500hd all star edition and get an average total value over $11,000 when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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liz: we've got breaking news. hundreds are now protesting the republican retreat in philadelphia where president trump spoke earlier today. also u.k. leader theresa may was
5:38 pm
there as well. we have people on the ground tracking this developing story. you can see protesters marching on the streets into traffic on an unpredictable route. they seem to be peaceful right now. they to not have a permit, any permit to do it. we're staying on the story, we will keep you updated. first thing after her pardon, chelsea manning -- remember chelsea manning? she leaked national secrets. she wrote an opinion piece for "the guardian" saying president obama left behind hints of a progressive legacy, unfortunately, despite his faith in our system and his positive track record on many issues over the last eight years, there have been very few permanent accomplishments. continuing along, she writes: this vulnerable legacy should remind us what we really need is a strong and unapologetic progressive to lead us. what we need as well is a relentless grassroots movement to hold that leadership accountable.
5:39 pm
this as the mother of the soldier accused of taking five photos of a submarine continues to fight for her son's release and a pardon. the son was passed over by president obama. now hopes president trump will hear her pleas. mother kathleen saucier joins me now. kathleen, what did you make of chelsea manning's opinion piece? >> oh, well, first, liz, let me say thank you again for letting me be ono talk. i was really -- i felt it was so ungrateful, ungrateful for the mercy that was shown to bradley chelsea manning with regards to clemency. i mean, considering the act of 750,000 e-mails that were sent to any hands and people died at the hands of chelsea manning and my son merely took six photos and it was not transmitted, it was wrong. he shouldn't have done it and we accept that. but to be sitting in prison and having president obama not even acknowledge the fact that we did submit a pardon or clemency request for my son and did, in
5:40 pm
fact, pardon chelsea manning after people died, i'm just really disgusted that she would even consider criticizing someone that did that for her. liz: yeah. she faced a 35-year prison term and was reduced to time served. now, your son is the father of a newborn baby, and you're saying president obama and nobody from the obama administration reached out to you at all? >> no. it was never acknowledged. even before that when we were asking for support on multiple times to have some sort of contact with the white house, there was no contact. and when we did submit the pardon, clemency request, we did not receive any confirmation it was received, we didn't receive any communication from them whatsoever to even acknowledge it. liz: you and your attorney took your son christian's case to capitol hill. are you optimistic that president trump will pardon him? >> i'm very hopeful that president trump and his team will review the case. of course, wfiled a clemency and a pardon request as the appropriate process, and i'm hopeful. but i'm also realistic that there's thousands, hundreds of
5:41 pm
thousands of those that come across the pardon attorney's desk, so our goal is to have that fast tracked and reviewed because as you mentioned in the past, president, now-president trump did speak of my son's case throughout the campaign trail, and we feel confident that he's aware of the case, his team is aware of the case and that they also are looking at the fact that this is an injustice as well as an abuse of power by an administration, a it's administration where, hopefully, things will be cleaned up and we can focus on being american citizen patriots in our country and headache america great again. liz: kathleen, we love having you on the show. give your son our best wishes. come back soon, okay? >> thank you. remember, american patriots against double standards is our facebook page. god bless and please pray for us. liz: okay. thank you, kathleen. coming up, remember the scene of rioters from the inauguration? turns out the owner of this limo that was set on fire, he's a muslim immigrant small business owner.
5:42 pm
he's the owner of that limo and the business behind it. he's here. he's saying he's working so hard, and his life's work was destroyed. we have his story. we're so grateful he's on, after this. don't go away. ♪ nice work brother dominic. now we just need 500 more... translated into 35 languages, personalized oh and shared across the 7 continents. (other languages spoken) look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪
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liz: we've been showing these images of this limo up in flames in washington, d.c. after rioters torched it in protest of president trump's inauguration. now, the owner of that vehicle, he's a muslim immigrant, he's a small business entrepreneur, he came to this country 30 years ago. he started a limo service with his brother. the family-owned business now facing $100,000 in damages. and here's the kicker. insurance may not even cover it. with me now, muhammad ashraf, owner of that limo set on fire, he's the president of nation wide chauffer services. i've got to tell you, it is so
5:46 pm
difficult to see those images of your limo on fire. what was -- what happened that day? when did you find out it was your car? >> i received a call from my fleet manager and said that the car had been damaged, and then the driver sent me a few images of it, and that's when i find out that this was happening. liz: howo you feel about what happened? what's your message to the rioters? >> it's, i was talking to, i've been talking to different people. it's really kind of you feel like sinking feeling. when i saw my limo being damaged and was put on flame, i felt like, you know, i was having a really bad feeling about that. my kids were really affected. i remember my daughter, 9 years old, hannah, came to hug me three to four times, and she
5:47 pm
said, papa, it's going to be okay. and so the people there who does these protests, they have to understand this: it affects people's livelihood. it affects people's daily lives. and there are so many different ways to, you know, have your voice be heard. but the violence is not one of them. liz: yeah. it doesn't -- did it seem to you that this was even the united states, to have your limo set on fire? >> it's unbelievable because i've been serving for over, almost now -- this was seventh inauguration and never seen something like this before. and i was not concerned or anything because that it would go to that extent. liz: now, why is it that insurance won't cover it? >> i'm not saying that the insurance will not cover it. we are waiting for their answer. but sometimes there are clause
5:48 pm
in insurance that would say that the rides were not covered. and so that's what we are waiting to hear from them, the final answer. liz: muhammad, thank you so much for coming on the show. we really appreciate your timement and we want to have you back on. we want to hear what happens, we want to hear the end of the story. will you come back soon? >> yes, please. liz: muhammad, thank you so much. we really appreciate your time. >> thank you. liz: now, what to do with the rioters destroying property. my next guest, he's got a solution. minnesota state lawmakers now advancing a bill that would let cities sue rioters for the cost of the police response and damaged property. the minnesota state representative will tell us about his idea. he's up next. don't go away. ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: police officers injured, cars destroyed, shop windows smashed. will these rioters ever stop? well, they might actually. we've got minnesota lawmakers now pushing a bill that could ultimately let cities sue these rioters and presters who viole the law and charge them for the cost of the police sponse to their demonstrations and riots. my next be guest is sponsoring this bill, minnesota state representative mick -- [inaudible] good to have you, sir. so do you think if we start suing that crime and these riots and these protests will be dialed back? what are your thoughts? >> well, i think there needs to be consequences. we've seen time and time again where occupying freeways and trying to shut down the airport in bloomington, it's become the go-to move for protesters with little to no consequences over the last 18 months between
5:53 pm
minneapolis/st. paul we've spent $2.4 million on overtime to lis these protests -- to police these protests. i think it's time that there's a consequence for those. liz: how did this bill about? >> well, for me, i had a constituent call me last year who was devastated, she had gotten an appointment to be seen as at the mayo clinic. it took her three months to get that time, and on her drive down, 35w was blocked, and it was stopped for hours. she missed that appointment. when she reached back out to the mayo clinic, her next appointment availability with that specialist wasn't for another three months. so she called me x she was devastated. that meant it was a six month wait to see the doctor. and i said real people are feeling these consequences every day. people that are just trying to drive and go about their life. i think it's time that these
5:54 pm
criminals feel the consequences. liz: wait a second, is she okay? what is going on with your constituent thousand? >> she is okay. she was seen, and she was able to be seen by the specialist, but she was terrified. liz: yeah, scary. well, you know, other people have been terrified too, people caught up in the middle of these riots. we've had a number of victims who were caught up this these riots, they came on the show. i like your thoughts. let's take a listen to what they had to say. >> i suspect somebody with razor blades taped this their fingers may have gently brushed us or something like that, and if it had hit skin, we would have known about it. >> they pushed us, they said horrible, vulgar things to us, things that i would never think to say to anybody especially this that circumstance or even at all. liz: the last one was the widow of a navy seal. she was spat on. we've had people who have been punbe. ed, kicked, some people --
5:55 pm
punched, kicked, some people have been maced. here's the thing, i hear what you're doing, and i think you may be among the only few people out there saying enough is enough. have you guys discussed whether or not there's a dollar amount to these victims' pain? >> well, we're looking mainly at recouping local government costs. but certainly, victims of individual assaults need to be compensated as well. the way i see it, if you're going to shut down a freeway, you should go to jail. and when you get out of jail, you ought to get the bill for the riot that you started. liz: all right. minnesota state representative nick zerwas, will you come back on the show and let us know what happened with your bill. >> i will. thanks so much. liz: hundreds marching on the streets of never right now. we're going to bring -- of philadelphia right now. we're going to bring you all the details back in two. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got...
5:56 pm
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liz: the dow closing above
5:59 pm
20,000 for the second y in a row. but while the market are at record numbers, we'll take you to philadelphia. thousands of protesters have been taking to the streets. this is happening against the republican retreat where president trump spoke earlier today. it's being organized by the philly socialists and the seiu. they are talking about threats to their healthcare, immigration and threats to the environment. charles payne is staying on this story. making money is next.
6:00 pm
charles: good evening. a border war heating up big type as mexico's president abruptly canceled his plans to meet with president trump, saying his country will not pay for the wall. president trump saying americans have already paid enough for the cost of illegal immigration. >> the american people will not pay for the wall. and i have made that clear to the government of mexico. the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week.


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