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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 27, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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saying when we get cut off? [laughter] anyway, we've got a lot going on this afternoon. also breaking this afternoon, dold trump is leaving for the pentagon, there he's expected to sign an executive order to temporarily halt refugees and order his generals to get tougher on isis. i want to know what you think of it, so go to my facebook show page or twitter account and tell me what you think. liz, over to you. liz: trish, i'll take it. at any moment, president trump is expected to leave for the pentagon. listen, he's been wrapping up a hectic first full week by meeting with the joint chiefs of staff. he will attend the swearing in, this is important right in this final hour, of course, of defense secretary general james mattis. wait until you see what defense stocks are doing in advance of that. the white house rolling out the welcome mat for british prime minister theresa may. she and the president did just wrap up, we're hearing, a working lunch.
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of course, it was his first meeting with a foreign leader and following a news conference where it appeared that she put words in his mouth about nato, and he didn't disagree. we also have trump working the phones. in a surprise revelation, he and mexico's president chew the fat over the land lines for a full hour. russia's president vladimir putin gets on the horn with him tomorrow. do these three priorities -- mexico, russia and the u.k., put euro land out in a bit of a chill or the cold? european union ambassador to the united states david o sullan in a fox business exclusive is here. we're going to ask is ask him about that. and lieutenant colonel ralph peters gives us the threat analysis on the most important phone call mr. trump has to make in his presidency. on wall street in this final hour, we're going to see if markets lock in gains for this historic week. while down 15 on the dow, what
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else do you see? holding above 20,000. energy and earnings are keeping the bears and the bulls on the warpath. we're less than an hour til the closing bell on this friday. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: to the breaking news, it may be 3:02 p.m. eastern on friday, but if you care about your money and big moves happening second by second in washington, d.c., you've got to be with the claman countdown. to-do list is far from over. president trump is gearing up to depart for the pentagon at any moment now for this joint chiefs of staff meeting. and what a week for the history books. a week of many firsts. donald trump's first full week in the white house, his very first meeting of a foreign leader and, of course, there i am in the green with my dow 20,000 hat. first it was covered, then i writtenned the duct tape off -- ripped the duct tape off because
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at was the first time we clos at dow 2000. now, with just 57 minutes to go, we're keeping a hawkeye on stocks. will they end this week in the green? all three major indices, yes, two of them are down, the dow lower by 15, the s&p losing 3, the nasdaq up just under 2, but they're on track still for a 1% weekly gain. i've got to tell you, if this weeks has taught us anything, it's that things can change this just a heartbeat. so you've got to stay with me. investors skipping retail therapy at this hour a day after hitting an intraday record high. s&p 500 retail indexes on track for its largest daily percentage drop this year. largest daily percentage drop. so let's check out some of the names that as individuals, you may hold some of them. not a pretty picture especially for sears. by the way, that is an all-time record low it touched today. jacques penny. did you get that? otherwise known as jc pen think,
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down 5.25%. kohl's, nordstrom, macy's, one possible reason, donald trump's border tax anxiety as analysts wondering when the margins will be squeezed. apparel crosses the borders more than just about anything. we are awaiting live pictures of rump's motorcade which do be-- of president trump's motorcade where the president will partake in the ceremonial swearing in of secretary of defense general mattis. here's a picture right now. what is this? okay. what an exciting shot. [laughter] one of the parking lots at the pentagon, of course. again, he's going to meet with the joint chiefs of staff. there's some good parking spaces. you see the green cone? that's for donald trump's car. i'm kidding, i don't know. [laughter] somebody got a good parking space. listen, it's been a very busy day leading up to this for the president as the joint news conference with british prime
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minister theresa may just wrapped up a short while ago, and you know what you were seeing revealed there? they're more alike than they are different. both rode theaway of anti-establishment voters, today vowing to work together whether it's on trade or defeating isis. this as white house officials confirm that president trump and president nieto of mexico spoke around 9:30 this morning not for 20 minutes, not for 14 minutes, for an hour amid all the tension we saw bubble up yesterday. finish fox business' blake burman with the details on all this breaking news. >> reporter: so there were a lot of firsts here, liz. first press conference for president trump, the first bilateral meeting with the prime minister may from the united kingdom. thus, it was the first press conference he had alongside another foreign leader, and lots of headlines with it. talks about trade between the united states and the u.k., an invitation for president trump to go overseas as well,
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headlines as it deals with russia, china, foreign policy and wind. i think you can see, our umbrella just went down. but clearly, the big question overhanging the white house at this point is the situation with mexico. the meeting that was canceled next week, and now i the white house is trying to pull this back a little bit. they put out a statement a little while ago saying that the president and his counterpart from mexico had talked for over an hour. the president had talked about this at his news, at the press conference, saying that he hopes to have a good relationship with mexico. and the president described it as a cordial conversation that he had. listen. >> as you though, mexico -- as you know, mexico with the united states has outnegotiated us and beat us to a pulp through our past leaders. they've made us look foolish. we have a trade deficit of $60 billion with mexico.
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on top of that, the border is soft and weak, drugs are pouring in, and i'm not going to let that happen. >> reporter: meantime, liz, the president set to leave the white house here any moment now. we believe in the next 15 minutes or so. he will then make his way over to to the pentagon, meet with the joint chiefs of staff. after that he will swear in james mattis and then sign the executive orders of the day dealing with extreme vetting, one of them, and also military readiness. you talked about the parking lot as well -- liz: yeah. >> reporter: it is massive over there, liz. i'm sure he has a nice space. did you see the umbrella fall in our live shot? liz: i did. i don't know if we can rerack that. [laughter] >> reporter: here's a little secret, that was from our friends at cnbc. shh. liz: oh, my sympathies. >> reporter: fell in our live shot. liz: well, it's not the only thick falling over there finish thing falling over there. ratings. [laughter] blake, you arrived with the team
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just at the point we really started to take over. we're going to show you some stunning numbers later in the show of what happened on dow 20,000 day. you guys came to us, you didn't go to the other guys who have been in business about 900 years longer than we have. blake, thank you very much. >> reporter: you got it. liz: to the markets, i need to pull up colgate colgate palmoli. s it is plummeting at the moment. some negative impact. and, remember, they do an inordinate amount of business overseas, and whether they sell a lott to south america or a lot to europe, all of those things -- colgate toothpaste, you name it -- will there be border taxes? at the moment falling about 5.5%. but to the markets and what a week for the history books. you know, we had so much fun here ott "countdown" first watching the dow surge past the his or to havic 20,000 level on wednesday. it was such a week to remember. but then we closed there.
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so let's spin it forward to what perhaps might be the host important aspect for your money next week. to the floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, c america e group and the nymex. gentlemen, tell our viewers what will move the needle on the markets next week. matt, you first. >> we had some big earnings today from large companies, didn't really affect the market. the market's kind of ambivalent -- liz: how about next week? >> next week we're going to start talking about what the fed's going to be talking about, earnings are going to continue, so we're going to start focusing on the think economy and not what donald trump's doing every single day. he's promised a lot, he's going to deliver eventually, but not today, tomorrow or next week. liz: you know, chris, why we have been focusing so much on every single thing donald trump does, even if people who are watching did not vote for him? it's moving the markets for better or for worse. you are seeing defense stocks, yesterday on sean hannity's show on fox news he said that, yes, while he wants to ramp up
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spending for defense be, he wants to abe less for things like -- pay less for things like submarines. even so, general dynamics is jumping. we're going to look at that later. i just wonder at which point do we start to focus more on the earnings? because in the end, that and the fed in the past have been the real drivers. >> yeah. i think that as we go, remember, there's three more business days in the month, so next week how we finish the month is very, very important. i think we need to have the dow settle above 20,000. the other thing to watch, gotta watch the u.s. dollar, and you've got to watch gold. look at the volatility we've had in gold. in the first month, gold rallied $100, in the last four days it dropped 40. that's something i think everybody out there should keep an eye on. liz: and how about fourth quarter gdp? folks, where is domestic product -- gross breastic -- domestic product came in. i don't want anybody's eyes to glade over here, but a lot had to do with soybeans because in
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the third quarter we sold a ton of soybeans to south america, specifically argentina and brazil. that really skewed to the upside a great third quarter gdp number, but then it kind of died down. alan? >> um, right now, well, with soybeans i'm not following that as much as i am crude oil. crude oil is what i'm looking at, and what i see right now is it's been range bound for about a month, and after that i think we're going to see a breakout to. so i'm waiting for that. on the downside, 48.5, we break that, we're going to see much lower. 575, we break that, i think we're going to see much higher -- 57.5. the non-opec people like the u.s. players who can produce oil and they are and they're producing quite a bit, we're an oversupplied market, so right now i'm watching very closely. we've been held in a tight, narrow range for too long. liz: and look at the rig count today, up another 15. by the way, last week we saw the
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biggest spike -- can you put the count up again, everybody? -- we saw the biggest spike in four years on rig counts, and it means more u.s. production here. from opec to the u.s. at the moment. maybe we can start running cars on soybean oil. [laughter] poor alan's like, i don't look at soybeans. [laughter] >> i'll start following it. liz: great to see all of you, thank you so much. wall street week, gary kaminsky and mara -- maria were talking about dow 20,000 in the rearview and what, of course, is important to look for next week. wall street week airs tonight, 8 p.m. eastern. closing bell, we're 48 minutes away. chevron, the biggest laggard on the dow 30. chevron missed the fourth quarter profits estimate, so it is way at the bottom there, down
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about $2.93. well, from the trans-pacific partnership to mexico to britain, it's trade deals gone rogue. donald trump and theresa may reinforcing that so-called, quote, special relationship the united kingdom has with the u.s. i think it's more they desperately need each other. in their first joint press conference, will this new generation of leadership bent on upending trade policy maybe speed up the crumbling of the european union? the e.u.'s ambassador to the u.s. is going to tackle that question. "countdown" coming right back. the dow is down 19. still, though, 81 points above dow 20,000. ♪ ♪ rodney and his new business.
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♪ ♪ liz: we do have some action here. moments ago we saw a little pomp and circumstance at the pentagon. this is leading in to the president who is expected to arrive within at least the next, we think, 20, 25 minutes to not only meet with the joint chiefs of staff, but also attend the swearing in of general james mattis as secretary of defense. so this happening just a few moments ago. the green cone, i did notice, is still this in the parking lot -- in the parking lot holding
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donald trump's parking spot. [laughter] all right. we're keeping an eye on that. in the meantime, it has been a historic day in washington d.c. president trump and u.k. prime minister theresa may just wrapping up their press conference, and both nations seem to be standing at a precipice. thump -- trump and may forging new trade agreements and putting the key bourne on others. in turn other nations appear to maybe starting to go rogue. spain, not in keeping with e.u. standards, apparently is making noises about wanting to make its own deal with the u.k. after brexit as soon as possible, italy and france some of the other names considering their own exits from the e.u. remember frexit or italeave? [laughter] how will the european union hold
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its alliance together. somebody says he will do it with the team there, david o'sullivan is ambassador to the u.s., in a fox business exclusive. welcome, ambassador. >> thank you. liz: it sure looks like a lot of side deals being struck, but not certainly these broader regional deals. does that forebode negative things for the eurozone? >> no, not in the slightest. i think the european union negotiating as a single -- negotiates as a single trading bloc. by the way, we're the single biggest export market for the united states, we're the biggest destination for your foreign direct investment as, by the way, we are the largest source of foreign direct investment in the united states. we see great advantages in negotiating as a single bloc, and by the way, for american companies, they get access to a single market. and if we were to have 28 separate national regimes, this would actually be a nightmare for americ business. but i think europeans so see that benefit. we're actively engaged in
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negotiations with canada, japan, with countries in the asian-pacific area. so i think -- and, by the way, we're upgrading our free trade agreement with mexico which goes back a would couple of years. so european union trade policy is alive and well and operating as an integrated bloc. liz: tell me if i'm looking too deeply into this, but it looks like there are going to be yawning voids if donald trump has an argument with mexico, it looks like the european union says, oh, let us shift in there. china says, oh, the u.s. is out of tpp, let us shift in there in almost lightning speed. but you've also got these elections in europe, and that's why i come back to the european union and that bloc. ang ma merkel's -- angela merkel's deputy said the union could break apart. he says they're enemies of europe, hostilities to europe
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have reached dangerous levelses. so as we're queening an eye on what's going on -- keeping an eye on what's going on here in the pentagon, how do you feel when spain says let's begin trade talks with the u.k. and we're sympathetic with britain's request to exit and renegotiate deals at the same time? >> well, i think you have to distinguish between two things. one is the future negotiation with the united kingdom. once they have formally notified us of their intention to leave, which has not yet happened, where we will have to negotiate the exit and then a new relationship of some kind. and that's a separate process which will start once the british government formally notifies its intention to leaf. and, of course, all our member states have an interest this that happening as smoothly and as expeditiously as possible. the other issue is the european union still at 28 until the u.k. leaves, but at 27 if and when they leave, wishing to be an active force for trade liberalization globally.
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we are, indeed, negotiating, as i've said, with many, many other countries. we will continue with that. i don't think it's a question of stepping in to fill a vacuum. we've had an fta with mexico going back 10, 15 years, we simply are discussing how we would upgrade that to be a more modern, 21st century trade deal. liz: viewers, you're looking at general9 mattis right now awaiting president donald trump. and, again, there is the parking lot. there's still a few spaces open. the green cone is to the right. you can't really see it, but it's holding his space, i promise you. in the meantime, ambassador, let's talk a little bit about nato. there was a pretty interesting moment where angela merkel said nato, we're 100% behind nato, so is donald trump -- who is now arriving, as you can see, with this motorcade. your quick thought on nato and maintaining the cohesiveness there. >> look, nato is absolutely indispensable to the security of
3:23 pm
the transatlantic alliance, to the european countries and to the united states and canada -- liz: did it surprise you that she put those words in his mouth? she said donald trump is 100% behind nato. he said the complete opposite just a few weeks ago. he said it's obsolete. >> well, i can only -- like you, i heard the press conference, and i heard what prime minister may said, and i think she was expressing the view of all the european partners in nato. we believe america has a major strategic interest in nato and in the peace and stability in the european region, and is we're certain that -- we know that this government, this administration is going to take a long, hard look at the full range of policies. but we're absolutely sure or that even the most forensic examination of those policies will show that a prosperous, stable and united european union and nato is absolutely indispensable to the security and prosperity of the united states. liz: you know, you made a comment about trade. a lot of our investor audience own stocks that do quite a bit of business in europe, not to mention an intel, for example,
3:24 pm
or an apple, sears, dole food, home depot, lowe's, you name it. what would you say to americans to shed your side of this opinion as we watch the motorcade pull up with donald trump in it? because he says, liste we've got to get better deals for ou workers. be. >> well, i would say that the european union welcomes american investment. those companies you mentioned, we absolutely value their investment, the jobs they create in europe. we have many european companies who invest and create jobs in the united states. and we are, we are the major source of foreign direct investment in the united states, and we create many, many millions of jobs here. trade and investment between europe and the -- between the united states and the european union is a win/win situation for both america and for the people of europe, and i'm sure that that's going to continue to be the case. liz: we have general james mattis standing at attention, waiting for the president to exit his vehicle at this very moment at the pentagon. the president is expected to
3:25 pm
meet with the joint chiefs of staff. there is word that he will be discussing -- because he has asked all ideas on the table on how to battle isis. this has become, ambassador, a huge problem. this belgium -- in belgium, in germany, of course, on the island in greece where many, we have a lot of immigrants who are coming, who are fleeing isis. what has really happened this europe? it's not a positive. >> well, i think that we have had a dramatic situation in syria, one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our generation, to be very frank. the displacement of millions of people, not to mention the death and injury of many more. we have had to make our part in contributing to helping those people. we have done that. finish we will continue to try and provide eye sigh lumbar -- asylum where we can, but of course we also want to help the neighboring countries who are housing many millions of these refugees provide financial
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assistance to them and, ultimately, we would like to find a solution to the root cause. you mentioned isis and isil. the european union and its member state constitute 40% of the anti-isil coalition, be and our member states are very active both militarily and in other ways. so i think this is a common cause between europe and the united states, and we will continue to stand together in this struggle. liz: okay. and donald trump entering the pentagon followed by general james mattis, his secretary of defense pick who has been confirmed. they are expected, first, before the confirmation hearing to meet with the joint chiefs of staff and have all kinds of discussions, no doubt, about the security of the nation. there's the media gaggle and then, of course, there will be the swearing-in ceremony of the general. we want to thank david o'sullivan, european union ambassador to the united states. we do appreciate you being here. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. liz: by the way, we're looking at the dow jones industrials still down about 20 points at the moment. much more coming up on trump's
3:27 pm
america first economic policies, about which you just heard david o'sullivan talk. house ways and means chairman, congressman kevin brady, is on charles payne, "making money," 6 p.m. eastern. you've got to hear what he has to say because there are some areas where they disagree on certain border taxes, and he's apparently going to clarify that with charles. please do not miss that. round two of the farmers insurance open underway at this moment at torrey pines. we've got to check in here. tiger woods hoping to put his grand return to the pga tour behind him after shooting a 76 in round one. woods is ranked 663rd in the world? is that right? what happened? how the mighty fall. 663rd in the world and starts the day 11 strokes behind the leader, justin rose. woods is using his new
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taylormade clubs for the first time after nike quit making golf equipment last year. justin rose leading at 8-under-par, tiger woods is in danger of missing the cut, he's tied at 120th at 4-over-par. can't always be number one, as cnbc is learning. [laughter] i'm kidding. in just one week i'm going to be heading down to houston, texas, for the biggest sporting event of the year, super bowl li airing on fox, the matchup between the new england patriots -- yea, nay, guys? >> nay! liz: atlanta falcons? [cheers and applause] liz: these are all new york guys, by the way, so of course. they're expected to bring in $350 million to the city of houston. more than 100 million americans will be watching this. with just nine days until the big game, the current price for tickets, $5300. that's more than 12% lower than the ticket prices the same time
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last year. these things tend to change the closer you get to the game. get-in prices are nearly $1,00 cheaper from super bowl l. be sure to watch "countdown" live from space city. i'm going to be there, traversing, i've got all the great, cool business stories. i have -- do i reveal one of my favorite guests? >> never. liz: rudy rudinger. rudy, rudy! remember, notre dame? hello, i'm so computed. anyway, you've got the teams that are winning getting to the super bowl, and thanks to you guys we won the business news super bowl wednesday. when the dow hit 20,000, more of you watched "countdown to the closing bell" at 3 p.m. than any other business news network or program. i'm convinced it was my dow 20,0009 hat with the duct tape
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on it, which i would only reveal when we were sure, three and a half minutes before the closing bell, that we were going to hit dow 20,000. we beat our competitors over at cnbc by a wide margin. we couldn't have done it without you on all the metrics. keep watching us, please. we're so glad you support us. follow me on social media. by the way, we're over 80,000 twitter followers @lizclaman. pushing now for 10 to 0,000. there's me in the hat. follow me -- i think it was that picture. [laughter] listen, it was crazy down there. be sure to like our facebook page, and exclusive comment at it is significant you tune to us on what is arguably the biggest market day in years. closing bell, it's another huge day. we're down 22, but we're till at at -- still at 20,00007-- this
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as donald trump prepares to seek with vladimir putin. even general mattis said definnivelinterfered in e u.s. election. standing by live, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. why he says president trump and secretary mattis are bound to butt heads on this issue. you've got to stay with "countdown," the always-honest colonel ralph peters coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. with this fox business brief. the dow, the s&p 500 and nasdaq are trading down not much but enough to see red this afternoon. microsoft hits an all-time high, 3.6% rise second quarter profit after the bell yesterday. software-maker was helped by growth in its fast-growing cloud
3:34 pm
computing business as strategy to look away from slow moving traditional software business. intel's stock at a 16-year high. profit-driven by stablizing pc market. there was growth in its data center business. google's parent alphabet trading slightly lower after it posted fourth quarter profits below estimates hurt by higher tax rate. analysts cheered the company's progress diversifying its business beyond advertising. liz talks to lieutenant colonel ralph peters next.
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liz: breaking news. we now have our cameras inside something called the hall of heroes in the pentagon. president trump meets with the joint chiefs of staff. within the hour we are expecting that he will attend a swearing-in process of retired marine four-star general james
3:37 pm
mattis as the new secretary of defense. look, mattis has been revered by those in the military as a strong and cerebral leader, but he cautioned against a couple of things. the threat posed to the west by russian president vladmir putin. he has taken positions against torture tactics. of course donald trump just said the day before yesterday and yesterday he is okay with it, if mattis is okay with it. he is not. he is in favor of maintaining bonds with nato, up you until today donald trump had said he felt nato was obsolete. okay. so as we look forward to all of this, this apresident is expected to speak overhe phone with vladmir putin of russia tomorrow. joining me now to give us his take how president trump's relationship with mattis unfolds and how mattis will influence u.s. foreign policy, fox news strategic analyst and retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel peters you're thrilled with general mattis of course
3:38 pm
but almost if we're approaching some type after showdown between these two. who backs down on issues like torture and nato? >> first of all, liz, i have to congratulate you on your strategic triumph on wednesday. liz: thank you so much. >> very, very important. liz: we done good. we've been fighting a good battle. >> not for a redhead from l.a. >> thanks. >> let's hope it doesn't come to a confrontation. general jim mattis who have been privileged to know somewhat for 15 years is a man of deep experience, profound none, and above all, flawless integrity. that is not pabulum. he is truly a man of iron-clad integrity. he is my bellwether for this administration. as long as jim mattis is in the information and thriving we're headed in the right direction. should any point he feel compelled to resign, i would worry.
3:39 pm
liz: let's not fast forward to that for a moment. a couple of things i want to point out, colonel. on right-hand side of our screen, we have the ticker symbol gd. that is general dynamics. they make a lot of equipment like sub ma reasons. last night on "hannity"'s show he wants to cut, wants tord a lot more, but wants to cut the price. this is music to a lot of taxpayers ears, should it not? >> it should be. we have in the defense industry a legalized corruption. impossible to kill or big-ticket items once they're on the way. big defense contractors con their way through by taking anticompetitive measures to diffusing jobs throughout all 48 and 50 states. the bottom line is this. our defense industry can provide, by far the finest weapons in the world but the price is often exorbitant and padded.
3:40 pm
and too often our troops get weapons that don't work. my rule is very simple. all weapons, ara, should be appropriate, robust and affordable. too often they're not. on that count i think jim mattis and president trump will be strong allies on that. liz: its is hard to pull the wool over those guys ice. i'm fascinated. general dynamic is jumping 4 and 2/3%. boeing is slightly down. donald trump zeroed in on them cut your prices on things like the f-35 and air force one. maybe general mattis won the first battle, regarding the respectability he feels nato should have. listen to what theresa may said during the joint news conference with donald trump. we found this amazing. i wonder what you think. >> united in recognition of nato as bulwark of our collective defense and today we reaffirm
3:41 pm
our unshakable commitment to the alliance. mr. president, you confirmed you're 100% behind nato. liz: 100% behind nato, ralph? that is interesting. we hadn't heard that before. >> no. let's hope that is accurate and enduring. for all the complaints about nato, i spent. of my military career working under the nato mission in germany and fort hood, texas, i will tell you peace is cheaper than war. nato is the most successful peacetime alliance in history. liz: what happens with russia because tomorrow is the big phone call with vladmir putin. are you concerned that donald trump will continue this, sort of, well they call it a bromance. i think that is way too relaxed after word. >> man crush. liz: but that it is very close? >> my most profound concern about the administration is this relationship, still very vague in some way, between vladmir
3:42 pm
putin and our president. and make no mistake, vladmir putin is our enemy because he has chosen to be our enemy. he has nothing to contribute to our fight against isis. he wants everything and he wants it now. and so i have seen two american presidents in a row get snookered by vladmir putin. i don't want putin going for three. so i'm concerned about the phone call. i hope for the best. i am encouraged that we heard today that it is too early to lift sanctions. just don't lift sanctions, that is the bottom line. liz: good to see you. don't lift sanctions. we shallee lt. colonel ralph peters thank you very much. >> thank you, liz. liz: we we have breaking news involving a very famous banker who showed up at the white house. peter barnes, you spotted jamie dimon at the white house. what is that about? reporter: liz, about an hour ago. jamie dimon went into the white house compound and went into the west wing.
3:43 pm
we weren't 100% sure it was him. we confirmed with him. he was in the west wing to meet with gary cohn, former goldman sachs executive who is point man for president trump and his economic policies. dimon, we caught up with him on the way out. he said that he had known gary cohn from wall street of course for years. he was here to talk about how to improve the economy, how to get economic growth up, how to get job creation going. what role jpmorgan could take providing more loans to small businesses and more credit to businesses, to help grow the economy. i asked him, well, are you, are you planning to meet with president trump to talk about this? and he said, yes, that he was working on setting up that meeting. hoped it would occur sometime soon. liz? back to you. liz: the banks have been huge beneficiaries since the election, peter. you know that they have jumped exponentially. jpmorgan, goldman sachs, morgan stanley all of them
3:44 pm
have -- bank of america have done extraordinarily well because there is this belief that we will start to see the pulling back of some of the regulations regarding dodd-frank. peter, thank you very much. >> you bet. liz: we are about 16 minutes before the closing bell rings. on this friday, folks, with just 16 minutes left, we don't want you to forget what a historic week it has been when we hit dow 20,000. we're still above it, 20,007. xm 113. i know you can't read it. that's why i'm telng it to you. 2078. charlie gasparino and much more.
3:45 pm
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liz: for get -- ♪ for get fastest growing, we won, on one of the biggest day, charlie. >> what was great about dow 20,000, cnbc likes to say we beat them on political days because we feed off of our sister network, fox news. but on the biggest market day of the year, dow 20,000, young year, we destroyed cnbc. by the way, no offense to cnbc, i know they say we only cover politics, we cover the markets and we cover it from investment standpoint. liz: we have dick bove. we had sean matthews. cantor fitzgerald. i'm sorry, what are we talking about there. >> here is why we're winning, that day i said you could see a bunch of telecom mergers in the new year. everybody is talking, big story of 2017. next day, "the wall street journal" came
3:50 pm
out with a whiff of a story between i believe charter and verizon. we're here to follow that up today, because -- liz: charter down today, boy did it spike yesterday. >> it may or may not happen. i can't tell you if that is the one. a couple things need to be sorted out here. we have the fcc chair, ajit pai, known as free market guy who likes merger. we'll see in the justice department antitrust division. that is a big thing because they stop mergers. clearly there is a backlog of potential deals bankers have been pushing they couldn't get through obama and tom wheeler -- ftc, justice department is taking shape. bankers have been pitching this. we talked about it last year. they got held . what bankers a coming to, there is gng to be a rush of deals. now what deals will there be? we should point out we already know about at&t and time warner. if that deal couldn't happen
3:51 pm
because trump didn't like cc, which is always a possibility, which is owned by time warner, they may spin off cnn. we hear cbs would buy cnn in a minute that would go through without trump being annoyed. if that deal couldn't happen, people talk at&t and dish. t-mobile/sprint or t-mobile/dish. all this is talked about. when you see story in the journal about preliminary talks. there are preliminary talks around all these deals. charter, comcast, another interesting idea that is out there. now we talked about verizon-charter but how about verizon/dish or verizon/sprint? all these are being pitched. i can't tell you which one makes the sense most. liz: they are all fishing -- >> here is what you got, liz. new administration with more business-friendly, merger-friendly people. liz: maybe. >> probably. probably i.
3:52 pm
if you look at fcc, this guy pai is a big free market merger guy. under sessions the justice department -- liz: steve bannon has the president's ear here. he doesn't like that one. >> jeff sessions runs the justice department. the attorney general. he actually said that to stop deals you need, you have to prove to me in major market way it is not going to happen. he said it. trump says even though he hates at&t-time warner, he would every did to his people. jeff sessions if he comes in would have a big say. new people coming in. on top of that net neutrality will probably go. net neutrality screwed up a lot of these deals. they took monly essentially away from cable providers. a lot of people say it would screw up netflix. you couldn't just take its content but had to pay back something to netflix. tell you, for, for these big can cable operators, getting rid of net neutrality is big thing plus deregulation.
3:53 pm
we'll see, major, major, major deals. not like what can't be done. going forward that is what people used to be say in the obama years. what can't be done, because of this rule or that rule or net neutrality. this is going to be what can be done, and that's where we're going to go. obviously we want to bring you the first news. we want to move the stock. my point about a lot of this stuff, guys, if you're trying to play that from an investment game, very difficult. everybody is waiting. i think they have to wait until the justice department antitrust division gets in there before -- liz: get it solidified. charlie, thank you very much. charlie bass. closing bell, we're seven minutes away. we're awaiting in on general mattis's swearing-in ceremony. that is about to happen any moment. that is a live picture from the hall of heroes. we'll bring you here t it happens. for the week the bulls have torn up wall street. the dow is on track, even though it is down right now to end the
3:54 pm
week in the green and above 20,000. but rockland trust's david smith climbing a little bit of a wall of worry. he has three uncertainties he says you need to watch because they could derail this rally. stay with me. do not go. do not move away. introducing conduent. one of the largest business process companies in the world. whether it's in health care, customer care, technology, transportation or government. we touch millions of lives every day. conduent. advancing the everyday.
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♪ >> policy, policy, policy, that is how this rally broadens provided the trump administration delivers on its pro-growth policy announcements. liz: that is one of the world's top money minds, mohamed he will airy yen of allianz -- el-erian from allianz. david, you have two billion in assets under management. is this times as a business professional?
3:58 pm
>> this is exciting times. we're cautiously optimistic about the outcome but there are things to be concerned about. three things we're worried about today, first what does donald trump really believe? we see many occasions where he changed his tune from what he campaigned on to what he is implementing. i heard from the broadcast, that theresa may says he likes nato. couple weeks ago he thought it was useless. second thing he appointed very strong individuals into his cabinet. many of whom have opinions that are completely opposite of those that he campaigned on. and these folks are not soft folks, very strong people that have thoughtful opinions. and so, is he going to listen to those individuals and take their input or he is going to be sort of a dictate tore and just have them there. if so there could be conflict in the administration that we're worried about. the final thing a lot of what he described he would like to do has to find its way through congress and, clearly there are fiscal hawks in congress not going to allow us to
3:59 pm
significantly stretch the budget problems. liz: not all smooth sailing because it's a republican congress. some are very concerned about the money. on the screen we have your pecks at moment. home depot and nike, they sure do a lot of trade overseas and donald trump is hawkish on trade and trying to be very protect he have of our borders. do you think how that may play in? >> we have this think about it and think about it in every company we own. in the case of those two consumer discretionary companies, we are trying to avoid a different concern, that is the concern of what i describe as amazonnization of the world. we think these two companies are well-positioned defend their turf what is going on with amazon and other companies online putting a lot of pressure on traditional bricks and mortar retailers. in case of nike we think they're well positioned with he very strong brand. they have ability to go direct
4:00 pm
to consumer. with home depot a lot of heavy equipment gets bought at home depot. [closing bell rings] liz: david smith, thank you. rockland trust. down five. nasdaq, that looks like a record. david,heryl, thanks. david: we'll take it. >> dow fighting for gains in last moment of trading. nasdaq pulling through, closing at a new record high. there are the numbers. dow down nine. s&p as well. nasdaq up five. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis today. david: i'm david asman. happy friday. this is "after the bell." thanks so much for coming. we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you. it will be a very busy breaking hour. president trump making his first official visit to the pentagon. along with vice president mike pence will participate in a formal swearing-in of defense secr


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