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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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shows, david asman on saturday morning. you have to watch "forbes on fox." a lot going on. great afternoon. david: thank you so much for joining in. >> a new defense secretary is now in place. david: god bless general mattis. we wish him the very best. that does it for us. have a wonderful weekend.
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liz: breaking news. president trump just followed through on that campaign promise. he just signed executive orders putting in place extreme vets for visa and refugee applicants from terror hot spots. another one to rebuild our armed forces. we have all the details tonight. welcome to risk and -- "risk & reward," i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. this is just the first week. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. we want to insure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into
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our country who will support our country, and love, deeply our people. liz: most sweeping changes in four decades. they have not been changed like this since the vietnamese resettlement program in the 1970s. the president spoke to fox about why extreme vetting was necessary now. >> we're going to have extreme vetting. we'll have extreme vetting for people coming into our country and if we think there is a problem, it is not going to be so easy for people to come in anymore. we have evil looks around the corner without the uniforms. ours is harder because the people that we're going against, they don't wear uniforms. they're sneaky, dirty rats, and they blow people up in a shopping center. and they blow people up in a church. these are bad people. when you're fighting germany and they have their uniforms and in japan and they have their
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uniforms and they had their flags on the plane and the whole thing, we are fighting sneaky rats. right now. that are sick and demented and we're going to win. liz: according to a draft of the executive order signed today, it would begin extreme vetting of immigrants. it would include as sisment of opinions and ideology. gang, stay on that one for a second. it would ask whether or not immigrants and refugee applicants believe in the. let's go on. it would also put an place an immediate 30-day halt to all immigrant and nonimmigrant travelers whose citizens would be quote detrimental to the united states. but also cease the settlement of syrian refugees in the united states 120 days while vetting for procedures were reviewed and once remising.
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annual refugees from countries would be cut in half from the current authorized level from 100,000 to 50,000. let's bring i american democracy leader, and he's the author for the battle of islam. zuhdi jasser, what do you make of these executive orders? >> well, they're long overdue, and he's following on promises, liz, in the campaign as you showed. and the bottom line, it's about first security and second, it should be about messaging because the messaging i hope is that this is a pause. we're not just stopping immigration. we're pausing it. and the extreme vetting isn't really extreme. it's about vetting for those who share our values. i mean, there's nothing more american than prohibiting those who believe in theocracy, which is what our founding fathers did from coming to this country. so if you believe in a islamic state theocracy where sharia should run the government. not personal but governmental sharia, then go to another country. it's amazing. it's amazing that now all the exaggerated hyperbole around the planet that's going to
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happen. radical terror attacks. why don't we go to saudi arabia? when saudi arabia has zero going into their country, they weren't attacks that happened then. no, they should go to their countries if their islamist. and then come back here if they share our values once the vetting becomes more reasonable liz: you mention it was far overdue. zuhdi, the president says the fbi points out that the fbi has more than 900 active investigations of terror cells here. what are your thoughts? >> that's just using the compass of terrorismnd violence. what if we actually start to narrow it then simply violence more focused on sharia statism, islamism, looking at the conveyor belt of ideologies? it would make their job easier and allow us to engage muslims in that solution. that's what's not been happening, and we haven't had a solution because we simply been encountering violent extremism instead violent islamism. which this will begin the process.
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and i hope, liz, he also begins to talk publicly about the need to engage his commission on radical islam that will help talk publicly about what this vetting would be. liz: zuhdi, you pointed out sharia law, they're going to look at social media account of these applicants for status. you pointed out that the president noted that he does want safe spaces for refugees to stay in their area of origin. i mean, is that doable? obama didn't do it because he said it would take tens of thousands of military forces to defend these safe spaces. what are your thoughts? >> well, i think that i'm glad he's talking about that because that was one of the criticism of the conversation in the campaign was that if you really want to solve this problem and stem the millions ave to give them room to stay in a humanitarian way the way that they want to stay, which is at home in syria. so you can't solve the isis problem without also seeing the end of the assad regime. my family can tell you that. this is a revolution, and i
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don't know how he's going to do that. it will be interesting when it comes to the conversation with putin this weekend because russia's intimately involved in propping up assad. how are we going to create safe spaces in syria without also then changing the mission from russia and assad, which is to decimate the moderates. liz: it's tough because the orlando shooter he was a citizen. his father came from afghanistan, and i think the san bernardino, the guy who did that shooting, he was a citizen. the wife came in on a fiancé visa. i mean, you could see how the job is so tough. even the 9/11 attackers came in on student visas. i hear what you're saying, zuhdi. >> yeah. this is a global jihadist movement and that's why somalia, yemen, saudi arabia are all important. if you're going to pause, you pause all of them and then unpause them at six months to make sure all of those countries are going to be sources of radical islamists.
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liz: okay. i want to switch gears. let's go to the issue of mexico. right after president trump held a one-hour phone call, they both agreed to work on the fight over the border wall and trade. now mexican billionaire tycoon carlos is now speaking favorable about president trump. he's saying the psident is a great negotiator and that his policies could create thousands of jobs for the united states. it's sort of like the blue-collar billionaire makes good. but remember this, carlos is also the majority over of the new york times who has been critical of trump. what do you think of this 180 from carlos slim? >> well, i think you see what happens when you get a nonpolitician into the white house that is close to the global business community that different things will happen. different partnerships will evolve and that the old establishment, it the president of mexico and others that are used to sort of getting things their way will have to deal with a business community. so i think it's fascinating to see this involvement, i'm sitting at the edge of my
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chair to see how maybe we'll see the wall come up with economics that are not all coming from the american taxpayer. liz: you know, what's tough, zuhdi, you don't want a collapsed state in the border because china could step in; right? >> oh, absolutely. this is all interconnected. and, you know, we have to tread lightly. i think the strong talk is important from the white house but also we have seen him temper some of his language and this is a partner in the north atlantic here, and we don't want to exacerbate the relationships. so hopefully we'll move forward slowly and carefully. there's a lot of threats. china, radical islamist threats, and others in the region. liz: thank you, zuhdi jasser. always terrific. please come back. >> thanks, liz. liz: president trump also signing an order to ramp up military readiness. to boost the size and strength of military forces to basically take up the fight against isis. let's take this to the navy seal. look who's here. the man who killed osama bin
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laden rob o'neill. rob, what do you think of this order? >> this is good. president trump even when he was on the campaign trail said he wants to destroy isis. now he's taking the first steps right now. just did a ceremonial brought in general mattis as secretary of defense and now they're looking to get agile, looking to be light. it will be more of an amphibious -- the good news is mattis is a marine core general, chairman of the joint chiefs is a marine. they know about the amphibious ready groups, they're going to get them off the coast, looking at special forces from the army, the navy, the air force, the marine corp. they've got all kinds of infantry stuff, light strike aircraft and stuff like that, they're going to move into iraq and syria like guys like me have been saying you have to do. there should be collective gulp around the world right now because there is a new sheriff in town. liz: iraq is their capitol. >> yeah. iraq is their capitol. you're always concerned about
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aleppo. that's a different game for a different day. but rocka is the capitol of syria and then places lik like mosul. we won't see boots on the ground. it's not going to be like afghanistan or iraq where you build a operative base and then going to go in with a big thump and come out. these people, they know force, they respect force, they welcome death, probably going to get death. and the new secretary of defense is going to be the one to deliver. liz: well, last night we had the man who conducted the enhanced interrogation technicalnecian for the cia. he personally interrogated the 9/11 and water boarded him. >> right. liz: let's see what he had to say. let's take a listen. >> my concern is that right now we're restricted to the army field manual. and my problem with the army field manual is number one that what we have to do is we
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have to publish it. so we tell the terrorists that they can go on the internet and download the methods that we are going to use to question them. not only the methods by name, but why and how we think that they're going to work. the other thing that -- liz: why is that so? why is that published like that, sir? >> i think it's nuts. the other thing that the senator mccain and feinstein made sure that we did was we let the terrorists know that we're only seeking voluntary statements. now -- i mean, our defense of our country to prevent the next catastrophic attac is going to depend on what some terrorists, volunteers to tell us. liz: does he have a point? >> he's a psychologist and great integrator. he came up to the steps to get to water boarding. not torture but enhanced interrogate. led to osama bin laden. now, everyone here in new york was celebrating that bin laden
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was dead. it's not torture. it's extreme discomfort. you walk away from it. liz: also said it stopped catastrophic attacks on l.a. and other cities; right? >> yeah. a lot of these water boardings you take bad people and poor water in their face, and they believe that they get to a certain level of resistance, who they call the brothers, they can start to comply, and they start to talk, and that's what they're doing. as long as we keep him in guantanamo bay, they're still talking. i'm not sure who has actual intelligence. but if we do get some of these isis guys off the battlefield, you lead up to the point where you water board them, you get the information, and they're
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fine. liz: quickly. i know we have to go. the executive order, do you think it will stop the publication of the army manual that everyone knows we'll be doing? >> i would hope so. there's no reason to tell the enemy what you're going to do the only way is counterintelligence, and you lie to them. liz: rob o'neill, he with love having you go. >> we love being here. liz: and thank you for your service. >> of course. i love working. liz: now this. is there a presidential part for frequent guests on this show? her sailor son is now in prison for doing far less than chelsea manning or hillary clinton. >> you saw the man of the picture with a submarine. mother goes around and is devastated. took pictures of a submarine. liz: coming up, kathleen, she's the mother of that sailor. maybe president trump was listening to our interview with kathleen. she's been pleading for a pardon. she was on yesterday. the president now telling fox he may pardon her son after all. also this.
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a dallas high school teacher now in trouble for firing a water gun, a water pistol and an image of president trump. liz: we've got the details on that story. but first miami's mayor now agreeing with president trump. organized authorities to end miami date county sanctuary status. also have a florida mom who lost a son to an illegal immigrant. she says things are turning aren't. don't go away
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>> so, for m thithing stard actu with the obama administration,nd they also said that they may with
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hold federal funds. we were trying to work this thing out with them but when the president issued his executive order, he just put an exclamation point on that issue. and, for me, it was a no-brainer. it's a $52,000 a year issue for miami. the issue for the county is we're not a sanctuary city, we never have been a sanctuary city. we took oath when we took office that we would defend and protect the constitutional laws in miami, florida. that's what we do in miami dade. liz: miami dade florida is getting rid of the policy. this following president trump's executive order that would cut federal funding to sanctuary cities. president trump praising the mayor's move saying quote miami dade mayor drops sanctuary policy. right decision. strong. now, here's the map showing the largest sanctuary cities that are losing federal money.
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new york city at risk of losing $700 million. chicago more than half a billion dollars. my next guest florida resident whose only child was killed in 2004 by an illegal immigrant with 12 prior arrests. joins me now. carol, we are so sorry about your loss. it's an outrage and a disgrace. can you please tell the viewer about what happened to your only son justin? >> yes. thank you, liz, for your condolences and for having me on today. i am not a resident of florida. i am colorado. but what happened to my son justin was in -- on july 5th of 2004, he was killed in a hit-and-run accident by an illegal immigrant who had been in the country for about 12 years or 13 years prior to the death of my son. we learned throughout the
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investigation that he had been previously arrested on 12 different times prior to the death of my son. and three of those were for hit-and-run, and he never suffered any consequences, never went to jail, was never deported. so that kind of encapsulates, you know, what happened to him. he was killed by a man who had no business being in this country and was continually allowed -- was continually set free into the streets to continue committing crimes and doing harm. liz: carol, this story's outrageous. so i just want to understand. so the illegal alien who killed your son, he was killed also by someone who was here illegally? >> no. no. no. liz: oh. >> no, i'm saying that -- no, he was not killed by someone. he killed my son. the illegal alien killed my son. but he was here for 12 years prior to killing my son. and during that 12 years, he
5:22 pm
had 12 to 13 prior arrests to killing my son. liz: what happened to him? >> eventually after about a six-month investigation, he was arrested and indicted on a felony count. he was found guilty on all counts. he was sentenced to 24 years in jail. he did approximately 10 years, and we spent those ten years going to court over and over again as he played every year or a number of teams each year played a different get out of jail free card at the taxpayer's expense. eventually, it was about a year and a half ago, he appealed to -- he appealed to the courts, and he was granted a new trial. and which then actually eliminated all of his charges,
5:23 pm
all of his felony charges. he had no record or anything. we managed to fight that and got him to plea bargain for at least the two top charges. . liz: so is he still in prison or is he out of prison? >> no. he got out, d i made sure that, you know, they always tell the story -- the media always tells the story or local officials report, well, once they're let out after doing time, then ice picks them up, and they're deported. in the real world, that's not really what happens. it's what's supposed to happen. but they can literally put them out on the street and if ice is not there to collect them at that time, for them to go ahead and have their deportation hearing, then they can just disappear. never be heard of again. liz: right. >> so i made sure that he was held in the county jail until i showed up for him.
5:24 pm
and then within a couple of months, he had a deportation hearing, and he was sent back to mexico. although, i doubt very much that he's still there. i think he probably turned around and came right back. liz: well, we don't know. >> well, we don't know for sure. but interesting part about this situation is about a year and a half after he killed my son, as a family we did a lot of investigation and the rest of his family was indicted on 32 counts of loan fraud. and the man roberto martinez was the signer of the home buyer. liz: so it's a criminal enterprise. carol, it's an outrage, it's a disgrace what happened to you and the loss of your son. we stand with you. we're really upset for you. we would love to have you back on to talk some more about the -- your story, and we're so sorry we're out of but, again, sear so sorry for your loss.
5:25 pm
thank you so much for coming on the show. and you know what? your story, carol, it is a service to the country because the more people hear your story, they understand the issue. thank you so much. >> okay. thank you. liz: sure. now this. a video posted to instagram of a dallas teacher seen firing a water gun at president trump screaming "die" students get in trouble for far less than that. even bringing a water gun to school. but first our interview was a muslim small business. his limo was set on fire by rioters on inauguration day. we have that story after this. >> you feel like thinking feeling. when i saw my limo being damaged and was put on flame, that feels like i was having a really bad feeling about that. my kids were really affected. i remember my daughter
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>> it was a sinking feeling when i saw my limo damaged and put on flame, i felt i was having a bad feeling about that. my kids were affected. i remember my daughter 9 years old hannah came to hug me 3 to 4 times. she said papa, it's going to be okay. people who do these protests, they have to understand this. it affects people's lively shoods, it effects people's daily lives. there are so many different ways to have your voice be heard.
5:30 pm
but the violence fills not one of them. >> you are interview with the immigrant small business owner, you the viewers expressed your outrage at the anti-trump rioters who set his limo on fire and crushed his american dream because insunce won't cover it. and was not alone. we spoke to two other victims of the riots. one whose coat was slashed with razor blades and the mother of a gold scar widow was spat on. >> i think someone with razor blades typed their fingers touched us. >> they said horrible, vulgar things to us. something i would they ever think to say to anyone in that circumstance or even at all. >> another dreadful incident.
5:31 pm
my next guest is barbara smith. she was attacked by riot i ares making her way to the inaugural ball. can you tell us what happened? >> i was on my way to an inaugural ball when a man in his apartment opened his window and started yelling at me and pelted me with eggs. it was unfortunate, but i was lucky that a kinds couple saw what happened and they invited me inthe their apartment and let me clean you have and i went to the ball. liz: how did that incidents make you determined to back president trump. >> i think it's a sad indictment on the state of our political discourse that people think it's okay to throw bricks or eggs or insults based on an assumption about people.
5:32 pm
it wasn't true in my case. i don't want the live in a country where we make those asuch shuns about people and have those temper tantrums. liz: we are showing a split screen of hooded, they are wearing black hooded jackets. the rioters were also in masks, which is against the law. many in the f.b.i. say these are paid for an aists. the protesters -- paid for an aist --anarchists. we saw it take place during the campaign. it looks like the campaign violence is not stopping. what are your thoughts? >> we could all do well to take
5:33 pm
the advice to be open minds and thoughtful and considerriast one another. i wish we did have more space in political discourse. since this happened to me and i published my open ed i received hundreds of emails from folks all around the country saying i voted for donald trump because i want something different. but i'm afraid to admit that because of the way they talk about trump supporters. liz: she is opposite our show last night. today the president saying he may pardon her son. the mother is back to react. viewers on the internet of this video found this video disturbing. it's a high school teacher. she is seen shooting a water gun at an image of president trump screaming "die."
5:34 pm
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liz: a teacher from balance has, texas on administrative leave
5:38 pm
after posting this video on her own instagram account. along with the video, her caption read, quote. watching the inauguration in my classroom. teach them better. at least it's friday. administrative leave, is that enough? >> there are things that are obviously going on in that video. they have to determine if children were in that classroom at the time. it was at the time of the inauguration it was projected on one of those white boards. and she came prepared with the squirt gun. you hear laughter in the background. you hear this engagement in the background. but they don't know if it was other staff or students.
5:39 pm
i think her career is now over to some degree. no one is going to come save her. these are people because of the 24/7 hostility of liberals all day long, it kind of pushes them over the edge. liz: what if this happened with an image of barack obama. >> it doesn't matter when it happened. liz: my question is what if it had happened with president witt obama, what would the reaction have been. >> significant. we have had a darkening of our discourse in this country. we have become a less gracious country and incidents like this reflect that. it's not just this teacher who acted poorly. the author on "saturday night live" who mocked barron trump.
5:40 pm
and madonna saying she wishes she could blow up the white house. liz: tammy, there are student and kid involved. is this what teachers are teaching our kid. >> i found it appalling the joke or attack on barron trump. this is not only the suggestion of violence. but the physical acting out of it in front of other people. that take a different kind of step. we heard the secret service is also interested. americans voted for trump because we have seen the rule of law sort of dissipate. you have a person taking an action shooting at a president. demonstrating it. wishing for him to die. that's the kind of thing the secret service should investigate. this would fit with what i have seen as some kind of criminal framework at the federal level.
5:41 pm
is thigoing to b banal so everybody hate them. it goes then on the internet and people see it. >> from top to bottom into this group like this. you are saying everybody should stop with the rhetoric and dial it back. >> one of the things i was proud of in supporting secretary clinton, she said we need to be a kinder nation. not fight or disrespect. and move on. liz: we brought this story yesterday. a mother pleading for her son's pardon. it turns out the president possibly was watching us. find out what president obama fold fox that could lead to her son's pardon.
5:42 pm
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liz: dozen of types this past year a mother fighting for and pleading for her son's pardon. now a glirp of hope. president trump telling fox he will look into it. >> if another event didn't happen, i would look at hip. but how can you have somebody else get away with such a tremendous amount, then this person who takes a picture of his desk on an old submarine. if china or russia wanted information on that submarine, they have had it for many years.
5:46 pm
liz: her son is serving two years in prison for taking pictures of his low-level submarine. he's the father of a young baby. many would say what he did was less than what hillary clinton and chelsea manning did. after all your fighting and work and speaking out, how did president trump's comments make you feel? >> thanks to you and fox for letting me on. i'm so hopeful. i'm hopeful and i can tell you what i'm hopeful for. sow it will come in stages. i'm hopeful it's being reviewed. i believe when they review it they will see the clear injustice that occurred. that's where i'm hopeful. i recognize and across knowledge there are other people who experienced injustices. it's not just about my son. as a mom i'm screaming about it.
5:47 pm
but i have to be cautiously optimistic because i'm grateful and hopeful it's being looked at. i feel strongly when they view this they will see the injustice. >> mishandling much bigger amounts of classified information goes unpunished. that's the double standard we have been talking about, right? >> absolutely. six photos of the area he worked in. he should not have done it. we never said he should have. but that in comparison to hundreds of thousands of emails by chelsea manning and thousands of emails by hillary clinton at much higher levels of classification and there was no prosecution. it was merely things swept under the carpet. so i think even if there was prosecution, people were telling knee, you should be quiet, because if they prosecute hillary clinton your son won't go free. i'm thinking to myself at what
5:48 pm
level would she have to be prosecuted to even have the same standard as my son. six photos. he never transmitted them. had no intent to harp our country and didn't harm our country compared to those other two people we just described. his wife went to visit him today, and she did let him know what happened. what was said last night. liz: what was his reaction? >> i don't know yet, i haven't heard from her yet. i am just believing he's probably very hopeful. liz: we had you on many, many times on this show. are you surprised at how much attention your case has gotten? can you tell us about that? >> at first i was surprised. i think that i'm an average person. i'm a person that went to work
5:49 pm
every day and had to resign my position. i'm an average american person who believes in my country. i believe that's what our american people are speak out about. that's who voted for donald trump. average american people who want our country to be back where we govern our country. then they serve us as service which is what they should be doing. taking care of us, looking out in our best interests. they are believing they should have the same standards as everyone else. liz: if your son gets pardoned, can you come on this show to bring the news to our viewers? they are interested in your story. >> i will absolutely do that. you guys have been great to me. i appreciate you guys being willing to speak the truth, even when it wasn't popular. liz: thanks again.
5:50 pm
we'll stay on top of your story. we have four stop state department officials abrupting quit their state department positions. it's unclear as to why. the media says they are resigning because of donald trump along with many others. but my next guest says good riddance. this is draining the swamp. don't go away.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> we're going to washington dc and we are going to drain the swamp. >> for top state apartment officials abruptly leave the state department. others are cheering their exit
5:54 pm
saint the swamp is being drained. he was involved in hillary's e-mail controversy. a lot of negative media headlines with what's going on there. the entire senior administrative team just resigned. there are concerns about the loss. and then trump it ministration administration ask top state department officials. did they ask them to leave. what i can tell you is whether they were asked to leave or whether it was self-selection one thing i can guarantee you the donald trump once we surrounded by the best and the brightest. anybody that is part of the amp are not willing to work hard probably should go the
5:55 pm
people he's can replace our people that work hard. that's how he gets things done. when you look at the state department spending under hillary clinton it wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. your tax dollars spent on everything from crystal stemware to buy copies of rock obama some books. should we be upset that with their basically stepping down. these are the people that were there through that financial mismanagement. if it's any big shock why they might be asked to leave there you have it. what we want in these departments are professionals. one of my own people.
5:56 pm
a true professional who has been there. and is there to do the job of the people. that is what we want in government. people that are there to get the job done. and that i guarantee you is he down trouble higher. people who are ready to work. the employees coming to work because of trump victory. trumpet victory. what is your reaction to the headline. >> we've seen something else. it's a 30% of government employees said they were getting quite if a donald trump one. and that's about the perfect amount. it's about 30%. so i hope they all follow through with that promise. these people are not them. (announcer) at boll and branch,
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record highs. for the first time ever. take you for having us. have a good weekend. making money with charles payne is next. >> welcoming his very first have of state into the white house. as they prepare the negotiation. the british people take their country back. i can often tell how i get along with someone very early and i believe we will have a fantastic relationship. and there will be times when we disagree. the point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that open and frank discussion.


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