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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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record highs. for the first time ever. take you for having us. have a good weekend. making money with charles payne is next. >> welcoming his very first have of state into the white house. as they prepare the negotiation. the british people take their country back. i can often tell how i get along with someone very early and i believe we will have a fantastic relationship. and there will be times when we disagree. the point of the special relationship is that we are able to have that open and frank discussion. a moment now when we can build
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an even stronger special relationship. joining me now to discuss. let me start with you. how great was it for the press conference. it was loosey-goosey. donaldrump was humorou they lived up to the billing. and i do believe americans probably feel a lot better about our relationship. >> i would refer to this as the mother to reset moment. i think it's been missing may be for the first week. and i haven't felt this way about an ally standing strong with us maybe go back to the days of tony blair and george bush. it felt good again. i like what you said when you said a confident america is good for the world. and that's something to as something to build on. these two even when they disagree seen together. >> what was missing. it felt like it was a huge
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week for the president. i think the president after his conversations needed to show maybe some confidence and steadiness himself. and what a moment it was for thersea may to come through and show that britain and america see i type. it wasn't just a coup my out moment she also gave donald trump some instructive lessons about what to do and how to stand up and showing up in leading. there is a responsibility for that. and there's some words about russia. in total it was a moment where two nations with a long history of pulling together all together once again in very difficult and challenging time. >> is a democrat watching this. it was a great week for donald trump. it ended up out of his point i think it was the perfect visitor considering the historic alliances and also
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brings it and i thought the press conference went very well. >> it was interesting to see these two world leaders who had done something historic. what was interesting that they were very comfortable with one another and this is a very important alliance for us. what was interesting about what she said in some instances was she was gonna push him and nato and the fact that i was very important. and push up on russian sanctions and what that reveals as foreign policy is in binary. there is can be a time when she wants something and putin want something else. >> let's take a listen to that. i thought with president trump afterwards was also pretty revealing.
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>> on defense and security core inflation with united in recognition of nato as a bulk of our collective defense in today we have reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to this. you confirmed that you are 100% behind nato. >> it was interesting because you don't know is someone leading the witness that's leading president trump she must have. good evening. that was a first and an externally moment. it really shows you the difference between donald trump. in thersea may the prime minister prime minister of the united kingdom and great britain a great talented and shrewd politician. you notice she got him on the record in front of the press corps she also pushed that she felt that she needed to continue sanctions against russia for their actions in the ukraine.
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she is smart enough to know that she is put him on notice. we have a special and a strong relationship but she is willing to assert sovereignty for the best interest of great britain where she needs too. >> she is also put europe on notice as well. by achieving this meeting and reaffirm that she's gonna come from a position of strength. this is of course is somehow that they don't messes up which is a whole different topic. is looking more and more like maybe brexit will bite the dust because the elites had found a way to kill it but if they don't i like the way she put europe on notice as well because she doesn't want to trade. i call her a globalist. and the more recent definition of it she wants to do business with china. she's talked about her historic alliance with india and so forth. >> she re- defined today the
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words nationstate. what does it mean to be a nationstate in the modern world and that means partly measuring up as i said and be responsible. it also means making sure you remember who you are representing and that's one of the great connections. they both recognize that they represent the people that starts with the people and being responsive to them. and even with that i like the words you are just talking about. she was talking about reform and renewal i think donald trump can live with that. i also believe in terms of russia it was very reaganesque when she said engage but beware. as opposed to trust and verify. there's something good happening again. there was a feel-good moment in this country that the new administration had more than itself they have a friend.
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>> talk about the connection with the people. i feel like president trump's connection with the american public gets better and better every day. your party spent the better part of this week try to figure it out. i have to tell you some awful moves post election with leadership and other things like that. are the democrats starting to understand what the american people want and why they elected donald trump in the first place. >> i think what they're seen possibly from a nonparty perspective i think there are people who saw what happened they are standing up and saying this is what we think about immigration. i think maybe the democrats are struggling a little bit. it's something we haven't seen before. it's good to be a really
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interesting thing. >> week one has been fantastic for the new president of the united states. i thank you all very much. coming up the chairman of the ways and means committee. we will talk to congressman kevin brady next. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me.
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you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. president donald trump and his sheep allies in congress explored ways right now to pay for that 2000-mile order while in the event the ways and
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means committee thanks so much for taking the time. if y cecause i kw th terms are used interchangeable. are they to separate things. >> you are one of the few there is a lot of confusion because people are mixing up border adjustability which is a tax reform that every country uses in border taxes and tariffs. we are getting tax issues and trade issues intermingled and i think this while funding is the perfect example of it. tell us the benefits because i know there was a point maybe a week ago or so were present
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trump said it was comp located. i look at the schematic of how it would be played out. i think it to the average person trying to figure it out maybe. it is actually simple and powerful. for jobs, wages in the u.s. commenting. lead them back to some of the best place on the planet. we are proposing something very simple. if your product or service is concerned -- consumed in the u.s. is taxed at the equal weight. whetheit's a foreign company itill be taxed exactly the same. it is a powerful approach. and what it does is it nears
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what our competitors, china and yes mexico. they take their tax off of the time each -- chinese product. they put it on our american product headed their direction. one of the few countries that doesn't do that. so today they have a tax advantage. they have a tax advantage. if it is consumed in the u.s. it will be taxed at exactly the same route one creates a level playing field for the first time for made in america products so you will see two competitions. it allows us to simplify. it eliminates dissent equal taxation and any tax incentive for them.
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in fact just the opposite it really establishes america as a 21st century magnet. it is the simple principle but it's powerful and it's impact. of general motors if they moved the plant to mexico there is a 16% value added tax that's removed once the export products go back. what about this one small thing i'm really concerned about and that's dumping. i think some of them they don't care if they're losing money as long as they can produce the products and create some jobs at home. even if it's something at a loss. you would still need to be able to have selective tariffs and you have to enforce the trade rules that are in place. certainly that is not on the tech side.
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the good news is has incentives this earlier last year. led by the ways and means committee. new enforcement tools to insist that china, texaco connate plate by the same trading rules. i wouldn't be surprised if the president uses those new found powers to level the playing field. >> i have to tell you. it sounds great like it's a major step. think of the spotlight. it covers the whole stage and then it just focuses on one character. so when the tax code is really
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only a powerful not only a powerful principle it levels the playing field and really creates the powerhouse. it creates a lot of comp gated tax code. when they're talking about imports and exports our proposing is equal taxation. thank you very much. we really appreciate your time and the weight you explained it for the audience. i think it was extraordinary helpful. thank you. the fight against century cities taking a dramatic turn in president trump's favor.
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made from pure, 100% organic cotton. we made it our mission to perfect every detail. until finally, the softest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. rick: earlier this week they threatening to hold funding from illegal immigrant safe havens.
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watch this. and the president issued his executive order when the president issued his executive order on the issue. i really was a no-brainer. here to discuss. you're down you are down in that neck of the woods. i know some democrats are saying that the guy didn't really blink it was he blinked. he is the mayor of miami-dade. it's a huge county in south florida. his to follow the law he doesn't have a chance to pick and choose. he have an oath.
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you have to be lenient because they were the only breadwinner in the family i think he gets airtime for it. there is lawlessness. it has really backfired. i like to see cities enforce the law. the dreamers would be a great place to start. let kids who are start here they didn't have a role in it. and stay in become contributing members of
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society. but just to have that disregard it. and speaking of which. chicago they had been extraordinary and defiant. defiant. we have seen how badly the city overall is run. the illegal immigrants who are criminals. they are the people that waited in line they're coming into this country the right way and now they've come here. charles e would assume that chicago would want to do everything in their power to reduce the violence that is occurring there. you talk about over 3500 people injured in shootings there last year. thing and everything that is at the disposal of the mayor
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and the government there. should be done to protect the citizens tree. they should be giving the excuse to go ahead and begin following federal law. and to protect the people that live in chicago. >> i hear what you're saying some form of a compromise or clarity president trump talk about a so-called dreamer in a while. maybe he won't go as far to deport him. something does have to happen. i think there is a major showed on coming. should the federal funds be withheld. >> that is a pretty good stick to wield on this. there was a time when we came very close to a compromise on immigration. he made an election issue. and now trump is in power. he's get a run with it. our immigrants that come here legally or in or illegally are
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much more likely to be members of the faith committee. to contribute to the economy. >> and we have these discussions and we intermingle them. leslie on the show someone said they commit them. i don't know if it's right to mingle all of those. that is fair point. on the other hand we've seen a demonization of immigrants in general. it's a very scary place to be. that doesn't drop that distinction. have a great weekend. we should do it but allow them to do it legally. twenty-four hours ago it looked like war with mexico anthe trump administration. and now they're on the same page. the art of the deal bites
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his strong points are and he's willing to use them. i think that is evidence now. >> is a fantastic point. some of the things we are hearing out of mexico very reclusive billionaire that press conference one of the things he said is mexico is one of the partners. it's good for them but i really not really good for us. and i'm really happy to see the present with america first mentality. it will be an important
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movement for it. obviously now and a number of other areas. there are some people that are clearly pissed off. we have not been considering the prioritize. this is gonna be a change that people ought to get used to. they're all saying be careful of the trade war. that should make you feel better. my segment of the show. it's not my area of expertise. but we haven't been successful academically. i think although donald trump is about as subtle as someone landed on a grand piano i like what he's doing. >> but do you like the mo part as well? >> i think it's a different set of negotiation. but so what. why is everybody shocked. this is what he said he's going to do. he his going according to his behavior.
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maybe president trump is redefining that term presidential. i think there is no time --dash make no doubt about it. if we were to go back to what they intended it is that he represents the people and the citizens and he has his own career and things outside of politics. so i think perhaps he is a throwback to what the founders intended. it's a beautiful example of how our constitution is so will done that it sort of self corrected. we will watch and see. i did a lot of people are feeling better. he is not afraid to use it. thank you guys. but we will talk about is that tariffs at one point was a central plank for the republican party and they worked. we will be right back. just like the people
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appointments available now. two new executive actions this afternoon. or at least how it may be.
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>> after they have that on 20,000. this is just reloading time. next time we will see big-time earnings releases. so be ready to rock 'n roll. this week of course tariff was the word that was tossed around a lot. many republicans. it wasn't always consider. it was part of the republican orthodoxy. it was the use of tariff. it was once the central plank of the economic policies.
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they protect the economy. it was the landside victory who gained popularity for championing the use of terror. signing the tariff act. that imposed them. america then begin the impressive rebound. we were coming out of the panic of 1893. business investment research and ultimately resulted in mckinley on a side note he was considered the first president to also manage the media. so keep that in mind. they champion trade as a way to pull the country out of depression the tariff of 1921 and allow the president to
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hike tariffs for those that they railed against. president coolidge actually borrowed the line. the roaring 20s ushered in an economic boom. it was the best ever for the stock market. free market disciples. the stock market crash of 1929. it was the second highest tariff in history. from key trading partners. many of them think it was actually the act that turned the aftermath of what should've been a dip from a stock market crash into the great depression. so they moved away from the idea of tariffs as an revenue generator because it was is no
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longer a slam dunk for them. two historians themselves. it's fascinating add that and they worked. >> they not only worked but tariffs go way back alexander hamilton was the first to say is very muchn far of it. he goes way back. there is a more important issue here. donald trump ran on this in these actually doing what he said he was going to do and so some of the things and why we are surprised by this is that person to parcel to create a fair trade policy and those who are unfair to us might feel the wrath of the tariff. you do have a lot of republicans and high make ranking members there is a lot of influential business leaders particularly something
6:42 pm
that could launch a trade war. let me offer this. he was a noted economist. he was really against protectionism. he warned that they were declarations of war. and yet in the same work he also said that good and fair trade is the extinguisher of war. we need if you really play by the rules and you have a level playing field everybody benefits things can work. of course ronald reagan imposed the tariff president obama opposed a tariff on chinese cars. what is new and this really goes into what we just heard was a different attitude. it says we want everyone to
6:43 pm
win. but right now we see a trail of eight years where america has not been winning. the president has said we've had enough. the information from two noted historians. you ve a great weekend. donald trump declares he won't have the final say when it comes to torturing terrorists. we will be right back.
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just a couple of hours ago at the pentagon he participated in the swearing-in ceremony.
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to rebuild the military and the executive order on extreme vetting. earlier today they clarified at the stance on torture. we have a great general who is just been appointed secretary of defense. general and james mattis. and he has stated publicly he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding or wever you want to define it. i don't necessarily agree but i would tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power. he is the generals in general. i think it is fascinating that president trump who seems to have a very strong opinion on this and has heard a lot of voices is going to defer to general matus. >> i think he should defer to him.
6:48 pm
after he talked to him he was against it. i hope you can also give him --dash may get him to change his mind on brush as well. i think now listening to donald trump he seems like he is for again. it's interesting a general with that. it would be against torture. but what he make for others though. this is a technique that we may have to use occasionally because there can be times specific times in american life where they're at risk and you have to try everything you can and a small window. i think a commander in chief commander-in-chief wants his top military advisers to tell him what they need and what's necessary and what works. and the definition of those things can change over time.
6:49 pm
i think any elected commander-in-chief wants to be making it does kind of calls of themselves. a cabinet lead management approach. one point on the campaign trail than the candidates knew more from the generals. does he give them an outline of what you like to see accomplished and then let them go with it quacks. >> it is his job to basically give them the core principles he believes in. and the key objectives he has task that much going. we are not in the same kinds of conflicts we were in the immediate post- 911 environment. and so it calls for different kinds of approaches.
6:50 pm
those kinds of techniques that were used they are extreme techniques used under extreme circumstances and that the manual. to rebuild the military readiness. how far as i could go even beyond the idea the aging equipment i understand has declined dramatilly over the last eight years. we now have a commander-in-chief and the secretary of defense in there to ensure that there are forces on the ground in afghanistan and iraq there to get the equipment they need. more importantly there can actually have aircraft that they don't have to go to a place. it's good our military well have bullets. the parts it needs to continue to support our forces on the
6:51 pm
ground. it's can be with intel and special operators and were actually can get this right. to be able to kill the enemy. we heard about these. they identified and enemy targets and either they were given the go-ahead where they were asked to shoot near or somewhere in the vicinity but not go for necessarily the kill shot. we've increased capability to use intelligence to actually pinpoint targets and use american airpower to actually affect ices. it shouldn't be an air fight. it shouldn't be one of dropping bombs on civilian targets but one where we slow down and make it an intelligence driven operation.
6:52 pm
thank you both very much. we really appreciate your expertise. the pro-life and supporters in dc today for the march for life. they are joined by vice president mike pence. the first time ever that a sitting vice president attended. we will be right back.
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thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? >> because of all of you and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is winning again in america. charles: vice president mike pence declaring life is winning again. contrast to what we saw in blast
6:56 pm
week's women march. gina louden and kirsten haglund. the way they presented themselves to the world. no vulgarity. i agree with president trump, the so-called celebrities hurt the women's march. this was an he nomous success. >> it truly was. i think because the march for women last week got so much coverage, there was a lot more press for the march for life than there had been for years. it was also a huge success to have vice president mike pence there. notice the messaging at his march like pro-life things have been in the past. it was focused on compassion for women who are vulnerable making this choice.
6:57 pm
how can we devote resources and focus on prevention. no one wants more abortions. they have been going down in this country and that's a trend we want to see continue. charles: ultimately it's about protecting life from inception, and i don't know, maybe next thursday president trump promised he will share a supreme court nominee. is there a chance we can see roe versus wade overturned? is that an admirable goal right now? >> you mentioned this. i think it is important to point to the fact that this is a billion dollar industry. half a billion dollar industry. $1.5 billion every day of taxpayer dollars goes to fund planned parenthood. it's a lie that they are the only ones that help women with mammograms. there is a women's clinic on
6:58 pm
every corn. th is a personal iss to . i have an adopted son with down's syndrome who was slated for abortion. 90% of children with down's syndrome are slated for abortion. it's just un-american. life is the most fundamental right we have. and the hypocrisy of the left on this is mind numbing because of course this organization, planned parenthood was found by a known you general sift margaret sang were who wanted to eliminate people of color. charles: would you like to see roe versus wade overturned and see the federal government intervenal. >> i think it's very flawed. many of our social ills are
6:59 pm
based upon the moment that roe versus wade was instituted. so absolutely i would like to see sit overturned and i hope it will be. >> millennials who you would think they love obama. there is no chance they would be super pro-life. they are the most pro-life generation. even more so than baby boomers. half of them believe abortions should be illegal in all cases. but it's important to note that since roe versus wade, abortions have been going down in this country incredibly. it's not just that contraception is more available. people are having more unplanned pregnancies. the pro-life movement has been a huge part of that saying we do value life. this is a culture we want to encourage and taking care of vulnerable people in community where they would be more likely to seek out an abortion. prevention is key.
7:00 pm
whether we are able to overturn roe versus wade, prevention is key. charles: thank you guys a lot. tweet me. in the meantime, here is through dobbs. have a great weekend. [♪] lou: president trump and mexican president pen yea -- talked forr over the phone after the mexican president canceled his meeting with mr. trump. >> the united states cannot afford to lose vast amounts of baines companies and millions of people losing their jobs. lou: lou: it's been a packed week for


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