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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 30, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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all have social media feeds, people, the level at which people go at each other, anyone that voted for trump, and names they are called. >> people are proud to be deplorables. >> right. >> all right, here is lou. >> thank you. lou: the dems are getting hysterical, and head clown chuck schumer is not only whining but weeping over trump's order, president trump is not sure that schumer's tears are for real. >> i noticed chuck schumer yesterday with fake tears, i am going to ask him, who his acting coach, i know him well, i don't see him as a cryer. lou: and ignoring evil george's role in these protest, we take it up with congressman jordan.
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also iran conducts its first ballistic missile test under the presiden trump presidency. we take it up with ambassador john bolton. president trump said he will reveal his supreme court nomination tomorrow night, dems you already plans their filibuster. we'll have the latest for you on the dems' track tick tick -- tactics of obstruct and delay. lou: we begin tonight with breaking news. president obama's political appointees are trying to undermine the trump administration. acting attorney general, sally yates, has told justice department attorneys, to not defend president trump's executive order on refugees and immigration suspension, and extreme vetting. yates is an obama appointee
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who serves until president trump's attorney general and nominee jeff sessions is confirmed. there are cases filed challenges trump's executive order in 5 states, they are virginia, new york, massachusetts, washington, and california, today, president trump defended his executive order. >> we're moving things along, fast. we actually have a good day yet. in terms of homeland security. some day we had to make the move, we decided to make the move. lou: it has been a cu couple of tough days for senator chuck schumer. failed in attempt to undo the executive order following his emotional break down yesterday.
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>> this executive order -- was mean-spirited. and un-american. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country, it will only serve to embolden and inspire those in the globe who'll do us harm. lou: you would think a man so effecte emotionaly incentive to have human props behind him would not break down in tears. but there it was. senator warren, voicing her opposition to the plan, leading protesters at logan international, a chant, promising their voices will be heard. >> we will make our voices hear heard.
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lou: tha that that didn't seem like such a difficult chant they needed a leader? but you have to admire the little red mega-phone. that outrage, we're told it was outrage, concerning 109 travelers who were detained and questioned in our airports over the weekend. 109. all of them were released. now that is .1% or less. of the 325 thousand travelers who come in to this country. here to discuss the hyper ventilating protests over mr. trump''s executive order, jim jordan. member of the freedom caucus, and i have to imagine congressman that as a member of the judiciary committee you
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are beside yourself, concerned about the constitutional basis of this executive order designed only to secure the national security and protect american citizens? >> and lack of justice department. to defend. that -- you know we thought eric holder and loretta lynch were gone and justice department would no longer be political. that is not how this work. isis has said they are actively trying to exploit our refugee laws, this is what president trump campaigned on. he is saying we'll have a pause in this and do the common sense thing, and check out people coming in here and making sure they are not afilliated from terrorist groups from the countries where the terrorist groups are at, that is common sense. most people, when they look at the facts will agree with. lou: would you say, right now.
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someone has been dispatched from white house. to tell acting ternial general -- attorney general she is fired. >> let's hope that they say, you work for the president, and let's hope that jeff sessions gets in quickly. after san bernardino, we passed a law here that in essence what the president's economist order says -- economiic -- executive order says. let's just make sure we understand this is just good peopleon sense. something that i think against most americans strongly agree with. lou: there has been a -- it
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has to be oh, traded, your -- orchestrated, your opinion this unfoldedded in national lowest wing media in concert with immigration attorneys who showed up in the most efficient way. as if they were on call to the instant. and we saw these lawsuits in 5 states, attorney general in washington says he will go even a farther, i suspect attorney general nominee, jeff sessions, i think senator sessions not quivering in his boots, but this is all optics, all play acting and present politic -- pretend politics. >> the left is going to be the left, they will get hi hysterical on anything you see
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from conservatives and this administration, this does not surprise me. i come back to the basic, we want to protect. that is who america circumstance but we want to do it in a safeway, this is again, a common sense safeway to make sure people who need a safety and refugee status they get it, but we check them out first, in particular when they come from the terrorist hot spots in the world, that is all this is, for the left having this reaction is just the left being the left. lou: they are aided and boosted, you are looking at a map, at home, of 7 nations affected by the executive order, it is about the dangers. and the vetting is being asserted, the country should feel safer. i have to ask you, congressman, i think a lot of
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us thought that there was vetting at this level already going on. we're in -- now approaching the 16th year of this war against radical islamist terrorists, do we have a. i mean do we have any sense of what the heck to do here? >> there is some screening, but we want to be as thorough as possible because of what isis said. remember they said we're going to try to exploit your refugee laws to get terrorists into the country who are going to do american people harm. they have done that in europe. let's take them at their word, they are bad guys who do bad things, they are saying what they are going to dry to do try too do, let's check it. 47 democrats, after two terrorist attacks said this makes sense, that is what this executive order does and just for a short period of time,
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hero are again, for the other side to get so wound up about this, this is really that basic and that common sense, i don't see it let's do it now. were there mistakes maybe, with the green card spa status, but this is say common sense thing to do that 47 democrats supported when obama of president, but now with trump president, they are not there. lou: there is a larger should be a large margin of tolerance here, at some mistakes are made with securing the personal safety of americans. and the national -- i mean, i have to ask you about george soros, funding a protest, de demonstration, lawsuit, at what point does he become a sub-- subversive. >> i don't know. we know what left is capable
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of, what democrat party was caught doing. lou: we know what left wing media is capable of. >> right. it should not surprise us this goes on. just, typical of the far left wing of that party. lou: i have to ask you quickly, this retreat from that comes a picture of obamacare. replacement. i think just as we assume that there was some level of vetting going on, that far greater than the case in refugees, and immigrants from the countries. majority muslim, with history of jihadism, terrorism and complicity in global terrorism, i think we're also a little taken back there is has been overall these years, more than 60 votes in house to repeal, obamacare. the leadership has never,
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never produced a package replacement for the obamacare. >> yeah. the most important thing is repeal, we have all kinds of bill that would be replacement, i think we peal -- repeal it all get more to a market that is when you get bringing down premiums and cost, repeal every tax, mandate and regulation. if you don't do that you don't get a chance to bring down costs and deductibles that so many family have to pay, then. health care will be better and cost less, when obamacare is gone, let's get rid of it replacement is free market. lou: where is this coming from? it may take a long time, not this year i? maybe next year? this is not trump time. you are not operating on time schedule of this president and his sense of urgency. and direction? >> right, we have some members talking about a 4 year phase
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out. are you kidding me? this is -- we promise the voters we would take care of this, for it, this congress it makes no sense, i don't think that it is consistent with what we told them we would do when they elected us in november, repeal it all, let's do that, then replacement is expansion of he'll savings a-- health savings account. that is thing that empowers families, patients and doctors. >> congressman always good to talk to you. >> you bet. lou: congressman jim jordan, we're coming right back, we have a lot to cof cover today, it appears our new president has speeded up the process, even perhaps exponentialy as a result we have an action packed hour, stay with us we're coming
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right back. lou: president trump calls out dems for delaying votes on his cabinet nominees. >> we're awaiting for many approval from the senate, democrats are acting deliberately slow, they 9 94 9are not behaving well at all. lou: tomorrow, president trump announces his highly anticipated nominee are in the supreme court, but the defiant domethe dedemps are already threatening with a filibuster, stay with us. hey there, starting your search for the right used car? i don't want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo!
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lou: u.s. officials tell fox news that iran in an act of defiance against united nations security count tested a range for ballistic missile, a violation of the security council resolutions, it is the first of its kind under president trump presidency, that launch occurred about 1060 miles eve of -- 160 miles east of tehran, missile flew about 106 miles before exploding, again this is a test. they are barred from launching any ballistic missiles until
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2023. senate voting to end debate on rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state, that would lead to his co first confirmation vote by wednesday, and stev -- mun -- was delayed until tomorrow morning, committee votes for senator sessions. governor rick perry. betsy devos for education, congressman tom price for health and human services, again devos, in another democratic delay. a full vote is expected for elaine chao. so far just 4, of trump's nominees have been confirmed by the senate.
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>> joining us tonight, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, republican strategist, ed rollins, let's start with all of the hyperbole and hysteria. and the nonsense and protest by the dems over a ban temporary ban on refugees and im grand immigrants and 7 nations, mostly muslim. >> difference between chuck schumer and harry reid is clear, harry reid made he cry many a night, but idea that chuck schumer is whining like a baby -- lou: you have to -- i have known him like you for a long time. that was a performance i have never imagined was in hi. >> i think that critical thing, message to send, sally
7:21 pm
yates should have been fired about two minutes after saying she is not implementing the president's -- lou: have weot inword whetr e has been fired yet? >> she should be. lou: not yet, this is a loud message, they got noticed on election day they are out of jobs, president gets what he wants, and all power in his agencies is delegated from him, she should note be ou not be out there growing what she is doing. lou: all right, democrats made it clear, a war, they are i irrational and repugnant as you can imagine, what would cause mitch mccance mcconnell to hesitate. >> i think the quicker you get it out of the way, premise of
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this thing, used to be 2/3, now 60. it is now used as a tool to obstruct things. i would clean it up right now, get it done. maybe tomorrow before you start the judicial process on new supreme court judge. that will be drawn out. lou: within senator, mccain, and graham, criticizing attacking president. i mean what is going on with those two individuals? >> well -- lou: it is spite? >> they are joined at the hip, they are relevant in criticizing you know -- mccain should be biggest ally of all, chairman of armed service committee this administration is going to builbuild up defenses. tip he needs to get onboard. lou: do you think he will? >> we'll see, and john is unpredictable. lou: but so far, maintained
7:23 pm
his opposition to the president even as when he was president election and candidate. tomorrow? 8 p.m., eastern time, president trump reveals his nominee for the supreme court. . >> this is the big appointment, the three people that are talked about are superb. i think he will put someone in court that will be there for a long time, and a driving force, it will be a battle, but it will be confirmed. lou: all right ed rollins thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: make sure to vote, do you agree with president trump's executive order? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs, follow he on twitter, like me on facebook, and follow he on instagram. on wall street, stocks closing lower, dow suffering worst day since president trump was elected. down 123 points.
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the s&p down 14. nasdaq down 47. 3.6 billion shares traded. i have to say to you, only up -- market is up a couple trillion dollars now since he was elected. maybe we can get through this little cycle. among reason cited by business press, president trump's executive order on immigration, tomorrow's fed meeting. taking profits, and earnings. take a guess when one most in the popular littl pop political media chose? that is right, anxiety and conserve over the trump's executive order, up next, senator mccain and his bu buddy lindsey graham want to be known as president trump's
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lou: a few thoughts on congressional obstruction. the democratic kind is annoying enough. but i'm talking about two senators who lost their way again and are obnoxiously obstructionists. senators mccain and graham attacking president trump's executive order suspending immigration from 7 terrorist hostile countries. they said the president's order may do more to help terrorist recruitment and help our national security. they gain nothing but mockery of
7:30 pm
those who disagree with them. it puts them in company with head clown senator schumer as well as they work against president trump and the national interest. mccain only grudgingly supported rex tillerson to support him as secretary of state. he warned that renegotiating nafta could have serious consequences as if having nafta didn't have its own set of serious consequences. and the president's withdrawal from tpp he says is harmful and a serious mistake. to be clear. i believe he could hardly be more in error. graham and mccain mystify all with their gop choices. they went to cairo to push president obama's plan to
7:31 pm
include the muslim brotherhood in el-sisi's new government. but it answers one lingering what if. had the election gone the other way in 2008, we clearly would have had a third bush term. regrettably for the star, he's not president. and fortunately for the country. donald trump is. our quotation on the president's response to the judgmental senators. this one from will rogers. a remark generally hurts in or portion to its truth. making their remarks generally harmless and i'm sure the president's return recourt painful indeed. and that's the truth. we are coming right back. the trump white house pushing back against criticism of the president's executive order on
7:32 pm
refugees and immigration. >> i think the president's goal is the pro particulars and safety of the united states and its people. lou: ambassador john bolton joins me next. this thrill seeker taking his incredible stunts high above beautiful thailand. we'll show you his daring series of impressive amazing tricks next in the video. that and much more straight ahead.wh we are coming right back. yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance juswho own them,ople every business is different.
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lou: six people killed after gunmen opened fire at a mosque in sunday night prayers. ed the suspect is in custody. a 27-year-old university student. president trump called spell justin true dean offered to help canadian intelligence agencies any way he could. trudeau's approval ratings are fallen to 48%. that's the lowest since he assumed office in 2015. john bolton, great to have you here. extreme vetting. suspending immigration from 7 countries because of their location. training grounds for jihadism. what's wrong with the executive order? >> i don't see anything wrong
7:37 pm
the substance of the executive order. it mirrors and expands early sister orders by the obama administration. it identifies the secretary of home seattle security find out what these countries needed to do to supply information. >> the demonstration and protests. various quarters the of the democratic party and the left. this always serious matter when you are talking about national security the wait president is and safety of the american people as he promised throughout from the day he threw his hat in the troingt office he holds. we are talking about national security. this is not as the national liberal media seems to wants to treat it, some sort of campaign. we are talking about the well-being of this country and the american people. it's his job top assure both. >> think has a purely political matter.
7:38 pm
the democrats may think they are rallying their base. this measure will redound to trump's benefit. every time the democrats try to oppose him. they are bolstering his popularity. whether you agree with this order or not, people want to be safe in this country. that's the president's principle responsibility. lou: iran has fired another test of a ballistic missile in contravention of the security council resolution bang exactly that. in contravention at least with the spirit -- i never read the iranian deal obama con koctd and paid for dearly -- but what is president trump to do here? >> i think he should shred the nuclear deal. i think it was a strategic mistake when it was agreed to in 2015.
7:39 pm
this is an example of why the deal can't be even forced. those who say hold iran strictly to the terms of the deal. it's not possible. it's like trying to nail jell-o to the wall. this is an extremely poor agreement. lou: this president is not a lawyer lost at sea in some leaking boat of comprehension. >> that's why strictly even if forcinged the terms of the deal doesn't work. lou: what should we do? >> we should abrogate the deal as soon as possible. we should tell the world we don't believe the iranians had any intention of adhering to it. we should examine the intelligence i believe is out there. in both case they have technical arguments because john kerry is such a lousy negotiator. on the ballistic missile point
7:40 pm
says they may not test ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. so the iranians' position is they are just to launch satellites. lou: thank god they will have power for centuries to come. it's a difficult position he's in here and it's an early test. it's the test from north korea. you hear people cluck all over the political spectrum about his just an opening, if you will, to vladimir putin. that is to knee one of the most mindless reflexes i have seen when you are talking about issues so important, for example, the survival of the planet, that he would be derided
7:41 pm
for at least extending a hand to begin discussions towards something that with make sense for both countries. >> i think there are some issues on which we can and should work the russians. there are others where we are hopelessly far apart. were it not for the close cooperation between russia and iran, the assad regime would have been gone long ago. lou: without the russian military, crimea would not be part of russia. lou: trump is determined to test this relationship. he made that clear. i have little do it's only a matter of time before putin disappoints him. lou: disappoints and perhaps threatens all of us. sally yates, retbiewsing to defend the president's executive order. should she fired? >> absolutely. she was kept on to keep some
7:42 pm
continuity. but the basic integrity of the department of justice rests on being non-political it's being reported -- lou: it clarified that. >> it's being rorptd the department's own internal general counsel reviewed the executive order and approved of it. she is flying in the face of her own best lawyers. lou: she is flying in the face of so much. this is dishonorable conduct on her part. john bolton, good to have you here. please roll the video. we'll show you a test of balance and perhaps a very brave nature. watch as this stuntman does the 360 degree flip off a thai rooftop on to a neighboring building.
7:43 pm
also wobbling along the edge. doing a handstand. parkour is an extreme sport described as urban gymnastics, acrobaddics and full-on pure raw courage and imagination. i marvel at those folks. up next, president trump has often been compared to ronald reagan. so how does the president compare to his predecessors. we are joined by presidential historian doug wei. there is so much more, please stay with us. we'll be right back. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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lou: joining me now, presidential historian and senior ad visor to ron paul's presidential campaign. we did a comparison between reagan and trump. your thoughts? >> yeah, i interviewed ronald reagan self times, and once after he left the white house, and i asked that question that
7:48 pm
you always "a former president, would you have done anything differently. he said what they always say which is no, no. but later on deeper into the interview, he came back to it and said you asked me if i would have done anything differently. i realize i would have probably done more when we had the house and the senate. they say we have one year. that's all we really had. we had one year to get it done, and so help me, this donald trump is using -- he's going to use his year. he's already used his first week. this is something to see. lou: it's an extraordinary spectacle because he's breaking every preconception. all the orthodox yet is that ossified the executive branch. but very slow moving.
7:49 pm
do you think it's entirely possible this president will have 8 years, not one year, because he has a house that could be even landing and a senate that could be favoring the republicans in 2018. >> it's entirely possible. i think his advisor steve bannon is right. the opposition will be the national media. that will be the opposition. lou: they are the most effective i think bannon has it right. the national left-wing media is attacking unfettered always in opposition to the republican party and conservatives. but this is no holds barred it's full on. >> there is no pretense. you and i will remember the reagan years where it was a little bit more subtle.
7:50 pm
but now it's out of the bag. it's pretty open. and it's a little bit frightening. but i think the numbers are with trump and what he's doing. lou: he's on the right side of history if i may borrow from mr. obama who found himself ultimately on the wrong side of history. he's moving in a direction that is decidedly and obviously man my opinion unequivocally in the national interest and the interest of middle class america and working men and women and families. and this is a place we have never seen a republican other than ronald reagan for a period in the first term. >> he's got an opportunity here with twitter and social media. part of the desperation of the mainstream media is they sense the vulnerability. dwight eisenhower feared the power of the television networks.
7:51 pm
he said the founding fathers couldn't have anticipated this and he was afraid it would upset the balance of judicious, administrative and congressional. he said these are good men, and eisenhower's comment was i'm and old army man. i don't believe in good men, i believe in the system. eisenhower saw this coming crisis. trump has the chance to get out from underneath it. lou: to this point i would have to say in he challenge and every problem eisenhower could have anticipated, trump is a man with answered. we'll have to continue the conversation. we are out of time. but i would like to you come back. thanks so much. up next, president trump slammed senator schumer's accomplices and the dems' manufactured outrage.
7:52 pm
>> where was the outrage of the democrats when all of our come any were fleeing to mexico and other places far away and leaving the jobs behind. now they are all coming back. lou: matt schlapp and leslie marshall and whether this looks best for trump or the dems. it will be interesting to get their views, and we'll see how well they think, this remarkable new president is performing. we'll be right back. ery dollar . that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked you, do you believe democrats are only hurting themselves and the country by pursuing a so-called scorched earth policy? 97% you of you said yes. president trump tweeted the democrats are delaying my cabinet pick for purely political reasons. joining me now, radio talk show host, fox news contributor, leslie marshall. the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp. what is going on with schumer breaking down in tears? a number of my folks who follow me on twitter sent me notes saying you have got to give it to president trump.
7:57 pm
it's only 10 days and he already made schumer cry. what is your reaction? >> chuck schumer's grandmother had 7 of her 9 children die in concentration camps. i think the tears and pain were very real. jotr not just democrats. lot of people are saying this isn't why i voted for you. it was about the economy. it wasn't about what many call a muslim ban. lou: matt? >> there are 16 countries around the globe that don't allow people with an israeli passport to come to their country. we never talk about that. there are countries that go after israel and other freedom-loving countries. if they man on terrorists and jihaddists coming to america, i
7:58 pm
think it's exactly what we need to do for our national security. lou: irrespective of our determination. schumer doesn't have the votes in the senate. mitch mcconnell has no other choice because of the obstructionism of the left in this. but to go nuclear and reduce the vote to 51, what's the point of his exercise here? he's going to be overwhelmed by simple math. >> well, if you are talking about the nominations, if you are talking about even the nomination'supreme court which the president will announce tomorrow that's one thing. but when you talk about congress and whether the votes will remain what they are. all of the judges on a federal level. not all left-leaning judges placed a stay on this.
7:59 pm
it will be interesting what happens once it goes to the supreme court whether we have 8 members or 9. lou: it does mat were, but it's important to remember, leslie, the reality is nons of their orders go to the merits of the order itself. none of their actions. this is a pure stalling tactic. sally yates, what she pulled today, i keep waiting for one of our writers to tell me the president has fired her. that hasn't happened yet. do you think it will? >> as soon as he replaces her. there might be a lot of bad options. back to the question, these are the 7 most terrorist-laden
8:00 pm
countries on the globe. we call them the t-7 in commercial circles and it needs to stop. lou: indeed it does, and that was his intent. thank you for being with us tonight. and join us tomorrow as the special coverage as the president announces his nominee. dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in for kennedy. president trump is set to announce his candidate for the supreme court tomorrow. is china gearing up for a war against the u.s.? one senior military official says yes. what's the beef? we'll get started.


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