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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 1, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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to him as a clown and accused him of fake news. >> there are two things, you look at the support that's already come out. i think there's eight senators that talked about the need to have a vote and qualifications and not just the senate, but you look at the widespread support that came out for judge gorsuch last night, it's across the spectrum. no matter your philosophical view of the court, qualifications for the court, academic background, make him an unbelievably highly qualified person. it's not just chuck schumer, the rest of the senate goes up there. hold on, hold on, i understand that, and i think chuck schumer has shown time and time again through the confirmation process with the cabinet he's more interested in politics than moving the government along, and i think that is troubling. i would ask you they think the question needs to be asked to chuck schumer, why are you stalling all of the nominees? why are you insisting on new requirements you didn't assume for sotomayor or kagan.
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they held certain standards in place for incomes both for the bench and the cabinet, and the question is are they going to live up to the same standards they imposed on republicans when they had nominees in a democratic white house? >> does the president think by personally insulting chuck schumer -- >> kristen, the goal is to get -- again, i would go back, chuck schumer is not innocent in this. there's a lot of comments he's made, accusations he's thrown out and politics he's played. at some point chuck schumer needs to be held accountable for his actions and words. blake? >> reporter: vote the possibility on the supreme court, sean, of possibility of going around the nuclear option. if it gets to that point, is the white house comfortable with that path? >> i think the president made clear his goal today, which is number one, he believes judge
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gorsuch is unbelievably qualified and will not confirmed but done with a large bipartisan vote. as i said at the outset, republicans looked at the qualifications of the two justices that got through in the obama administration and while they may not have agreed with the judicial philosophy, definitely greed they were qualified on the merits to be confirmed and they did so. i think we would ask we be held to the same standard that the d nominees. but i think the president made very clear the decision is something we would not have to go down but up to senator mcconnell. >> reporter: thank you, sean, just one question today. leading up to judge gorsuch's announcement last night and him coming out after, there were still rumors that judge hardiman was going to be nominated and he drove to washington. >> no, john, he didn't. that was misreporting.
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my understanding is judge hardiman never left the commonwealth of pennsylvania. with all due respect, i can't be held accountable for reports that falsely stated he was here. he never was at the white house. my understanding is he had a meeting in eastern pennsylvania with another judge, and again, i don't track his whereabouts, but my understanding is he never left the commonwealth of pennsylvania yesterday. so we announced when we were going to make the announcement, it was a phenomenal way to introduce judge gorsuch to the american people and the united states senate. we invited democratic leaders, democratic members of the senate judiciary committee, unfortunately, none of them showed up, but it was an opportunity for them and the american people to see an amazing choice that the president made for the bench. >> reporter: sean, my question is -- >> you said one, john. >> reporter: i didn't ask the question. my question is with the support
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of the people who called the president, it would be safe to say that judge hardiman will be on deck if there is another vacancy soon, say justice kennedy retiring by the end of the quarter. >> there are vacancies throughout the government. he is an impressive, impressive jurist. the four that made the final list for the president were unbelievably impressive. so i don't want to get in front of the president. hopefully, he continues to have the president's support and someone that the president was unbelievably impressed with. we'll have to see what vacancies come down the pipe. anita? >> reporter: i love when you say i have two questions. i do have two questions of something you mentioned at the top. you mentioned the three folks nominated to the department of justice. why are they nominated before senator sessions is there? a lack of people? was he consulted? or the issue with the attorney
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general? >> the normal process of those i mentioned in a few briefings, the deputies, the unders in the pipeline. we introduced one for homeland, commerce previously announced. this is a continuation of the process. >> reporter: senator sessions in speaking with him? >> of course, these are people he's clearly aware of and supportive of, yes. >> reporter: he mentioned the meeting with the harley-davidson executives there. are reports he's supposed to go milwaukee tomorrow or supposed to, that was canceled because of the company. you can talk about that, why? >> look, it was easier for the executives to come here, considering the week and all of the activities going on, and we figured the easiest thing to do was no decision had been made or announced as to what we were doing. we looked at different options and the easiest thing to do in accordance to the president's schedule was invite them to washington to talk about the
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things we've been doing. >> reporter: are you concerned about protests? >> we're not concerned about that. we're concerned about american jobs, moving this economy forward, and we're excited to welcome them here to washington to talk about the great work they do and the many thousands of people they employ. with that, we're going to be a while, we're going to the second skype seat. natalie from fox cleveland in ohio. >> secretary spicer, thank you very much for the rare opportunity. i appreciate it. [laughter] >> you are coming back. >> reporter: two questions if i may. the rst one being president trump has been quick to take action on several issues, he's addressed along the campaign trail. and with that in mind he made a stop in cleveland and said he would like to make cities like ours the economic envy of the world. a bold statement. so our viewers would love to know an example, specific example how he plans to do this sooner rather than later. >> great question, natalie.
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it's not just cleveland, it's detroit and so many other cities around the country. you heard the president talk about the need to rebuild our inner cities. we were impressed with cleveland this past july. went for the national convention. the people of cleveland, desire and rebound the city has taken. when you go to whether it's cleveland or detroit, through different tacts and regulatory measures, there's a way to bring manufacturing back, jobs back, and whether it's harley-davidson or carrier or lockheed or boeing or the gm, fiat, ford, these companies he continues to talk with how they can bring jobs back, relocate things, again, that was a conversation he had with the pharmaceutical companies yesterday. bring jobs back, ease regulations to do that. so it's about making sure we have an environment, natalie, that allows more cities to compete, to groat manufacturing
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base and to recognize the things that we can do taxwise and regulatoriwise to allow that to flourish. reporter: heard on a recording islam is a dark religion, not a religion of peace, a religion of submission. does the president share the chief strategist's beliefs on islam? >> the president is clear not to target any one religion but places, and areas where we believe that there is an issue. that's what the executive order was all about the other day. making sure areas we don't feel have the proper mechanisms to assure the security that when they travel the united states, we know they're coming for peaceful purposes. the president's number one goa has been to focus on the safety of america, not the religion. he understands that it's not a religious problem, it's a radicalization problem. there's a difference between islam, the religion and radical islamists, the terrorists that do us harm. >> reporter: any comments the president wants to distance
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himself from or elaborate? >> there is a difference between the president's views. yes. >> reporter: multiple reports of people landing saturday in the u.s. with valid visas who were denied entry and placed out of the country. that's in violation of the five federal judges orders that came down. is the white house working to ensure the people legally deported are returned to the u.s., and clerk orders causing further aspect of the order? >> we issued earlier today an update from the council's office that clarifies section 3-c and 3-e that legal permanent residents, no longer need a waiver. the idea was they would go through, be granted a waiver which everyone was issued a waiver coming in. in the sake of efficiency, we have interpreted the guidance to all of the agencies to both
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the acting secretary of state, the acting attorney general and the secretary of homeland security that the guidance is all individuals responsible for the implementation of the order does not apply. they no longer need a waiver, if they are a permanent resident, they don't need that anymore. >> reporter: on glass-steagall, the president said he would look at separating the investment banks from the commercial banks. there is legislation on both the house and the senate side, it's in the republican program, mr. mnuchin, when he was on the hill by senator cantwell, the author of one of the bills was ambiguous on this issue, and i wish you could say something where this stands? >> we've got to get a treasury secretary confirmed, and i think that when we sit here and get asked questions about policy and you go department
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after department, whether it's treasury, energy, epa, hhs, hud, education. list goes on and on, you ask about issues and where the president's agenda is. the reason the president nominated the highly qualified people is to implement his agenda. senate democrats continue to hold that up. you are asking about how we're going to move forward on agenda whether it's glass-steagall or so many other issues, the democrats are holding up the confirmation of the highly qualified people. until that occurs, it makes it a heck of a lot harder major garrett? >> reporter: a broad topic to take on, dissent within the administration and specifically related to the president's lunch with rex tillerson today. [inaudible] is it the president's position rex tillerson should go through the formal process, meet with the
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people and have dialogue as the previous secretaries of state have, and can be rooted in philosophical disagreement that's not necessarily in defiance of orders and can be a dialogue and can maybe inform him differently? >> the president -- >> reporter: you said a couple days ago they should get out. >> no, no, no, there's a difference. just to be clear on this, every american has a right to speak their mind, that's one of the amazing beauties of this country. you have the ability to write what you want through first amendment. people have a right to speak out, and that's not hampered. the point i was make then is if you believe so deeply that the policy is offensive to you, you have to understand the job, the way our government works, you elect a president, the president sets out agenda they set out th t american people during the campaign. they have a right to express it. i think secretary tillerson who has a very open mind and a desire to meet with people and
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hear ideas as does the president as evidenced through what he did through the transition and what he's done since he's become president. he's met with groups, businesses, associations, republicans, democrats, independents, that have been supportive of him. that have not been supportive of him, and i think that he's going to continue to do that. so people have a right to speak their mind, but the difference between expressing dissent and concern and not implementing lawful order as the attorney general did the other night. again, i don't mean to keep coming back to this, you are asking what will happen when rex tillerson becomes? i can't answer the question because democrats are slow walking the nomination. in presupposing what rex tillerson is going to do, it's ironic we're asking what the secretaries will do once they get into office, and we all know the votes are there for him. >> reporter: you are talking about a process that has
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historic -- >> i know, to presuppose what secretary tillerson designee is going to do, he probably will, i don't know, but it will be irresponsible to answer what he's going to do before he is formally nominated. >> reporter: bitter over the manner in which judge merrick garland was treated when he was nominated for the supreme court. do you feel the president feels that bitterness is well-founded? >> i don't know, i'm not a senate democrat. they have a right to feel the way they do, we have explained our position during last year when this was going on, that we felt this was up to the voters to make a decision on and as i pointed out yesterday, so many voters made up their mind, based on who they believe the candidates would appoint mr. trump, then candidate trump, now president trump was
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clear about the type of people he was going to put forth, a list of 10 and 11 additional ones, so i think the american people knew clearly where he was going to go. he followed through on the campaign promise, and i think when you look at number of people who solely base their vote on that. never mind, and you expand that. it was clear that was an important factor in the election. i understand it, but i think we had an election, it was a major issue in that election and i think that when you look across the spectrum, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, judge gorsuch has an unbelievable record and praised for that record because of that. >> i want to ask about -- there will be a meeting between president trump and jpmorgan ceo and others. can you tell us who else would be there? and what message does the president have specifically on financial reform, it seems like
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financial reform is fallen by the wayside. >> i wouldn't agree with that. when you lookat regulatory reform and tax reform and all the steps he's taking to help the economy grow and create jobs. that's in the wheel house. i hope to have further updates for you tomorrow, but i'll know tomorrow. >> reporter: sean, you have a question about foreign policy. you didn't answer the question about what the people who were put on planes who are lpr's, back on planes to where they came from. what about them? >> if they are not an lpr, they go through the application process. if they are an lpr, legal permanent resident, they are waived and go right through. >> they come back again? >> i don't know how many cases that applies to. if they are not a legal permanent resident, they go back, that is part of the vetting process. >> reporter: question about the fighting iukraine and russia
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and russian cked rebels are moving the lines forward. i'm wondering if the president feels that russia is testing him because this is coming so early in the administration before he's had a chance to assemble his team and what he plans to do? >> the president's been kept aware of through national security council and national security team as a whole what's going on in the ukraine, and we'll have further updates as we go on. >> reporter: during the campaign last january, donald trump promised he would get rid of gun free zones in schools and military base. when can we expect action on that, and can you share details what we can expect? >> you've seen that the president has been very active in terms of getting executive orders out and following up to the campaign pledges that he made to the american people. last night another example of that. we'll have further updates with respect to the process. with that, i want to go to third skype seat, lars larson.
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>> i have a broad question. the federal government owns two-thirds of the billion acres of america. i don't think the founders envisioned it that way. does president trump want to start returning the people's land to the people, and in the meantime for a second question since that's in fashion these days, can he tell the forest service to forest aggressively to provide jobs for americans, wealth for the treasury and not spend $3.5 billion a year fighting forest fires? >> thanks, lars, the president has been very clear that part of overall comprehensive energy solution that we've got to utilize the resources we have that the federal government owns. whether that's the forests or natural resources or minerals that exist above and below the ground. that we have too infrequently looked at our own resources and counted too much on foreign sources of energy. so we're going to continue as
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congressman zinke goes through the process in the interior department, and governor perry goes through his confirmation process, to get the individuals through, and working together in areas where they have overlapped and areas where they will act individually, to realize, to look at those natural resources that we have and figure out how to best utilize them to benefit not just our energy but also economic growth opportunities with that. daniel halper? >> reporter: executive orders, you haven't explained why the president is using executive orders in the manner he's doing, so why not take this tree vetting to congress, and have the congressional bill. what is the philosophy? >> i don't think it's a binary choice, dale. in the area of immigration, he's been very, very clear this is a huge priority for him. and i think that he is going to continue to look at this from a holistic aspect.
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visas, visa reform, the wall, our southern border, our northern border, all of these things, vetting, there is a veryvery comprehensive no things hcan do through executive order and action he will, those things he can do through working with congress legislatively, he's going to continue to do as well. >> reporter: the president's top adviser peter navarro told the financial times he believes the euro is grossly undervalued and germany is benefitting from that, and that's why we have the trade deficit with germany and europe. does the president agree with t undervalueed? >> when it comes to currency, valuation, i'm not going to get into it. we have a secretary of treasury in the confirming a process. once that happens, then secretary mnuchin will address that as well. >> reporter: dan housley, 7 news boston.
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ask you about kelly ayotte's role sheparding, hoping you don't say the patriots. >> i second it. >> reporter: can you talk about sheparding judgegorsuch around capitol hill? >> sure, senator ayotte is someone respected on both sides of the aisle. she has great relationships, a former attorney general, she understands the judicial process very well. this process is a relationship process by and far. you're going around introducing a judge, someone who is not generally been exposed to the legislative process, definitely not the congressional process to the extent -- >> reporter: her relationship with president trump is strained during the campaign. >> correct, and that goes and shows as i mentioned for the transition early, the president's not holding some kind of test about what degree of support you had for him. he wants the best and brightest to continue to serve the country in whatever capacity they can. i think senator ayotte very, very helpfully offered up her
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services, she's got a lot of relationships on both sides of the aisle. a tremendous amount of experience in this field and i think the president thought she was extremely qualified to do this, to shepard this highly qualified justice througthe process. she as well as the team we gathered of individuals on staff here are going to help get judge gorsuch through the nomination process, i would say as a side note, if you look at the amazing job done by the team during the transition and now to get the individuals through the process, despite all of the type that continues to go about, this individual is going to face this problem, each of them have really sailed through this process, and you know story after story says democrats tried to land -- take them out and couldn't land a glove. they're unbelievably qualified, unbelievably prepared and i think that the same process that we followed with this is going to be followed with judge
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gorsuch and we're going to have -- >> reporter: can you offer your super bowl pick and president trump shown an affinity for tom brady. >> i will, i think you know where i come down on that one. >> senators murkowski and collins say that leaves your vote to spare and vice president pence would cap the vote. how confident are you that you have all of the other republican senators locked down and what's the level of concern in the white house that her nomination is going to sail? >> i have 100% confidence she will be the next secretary of education. she is qualified, advocate for teachers and parents. i think that the games that are being played with betsy devos are sad. she has been a tireless advocate over the last couple decades to support reforms that benefit children, and they are going to be winners with her as
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the secretary of education. >> reporter: in terms of the senators voting no on betsy devos and early this week how you dealt with the travel ban, is there more that the trump administration and trump himself should be doing to ensure his party is on the same page with priorities. and secondly on the yemen raid, you can give us more of an understanding about the risks lved in this, was it a straightforward decision do you view it as a success? >> yeah, so first, i would note, sarah, i've heard story after story in the last 40 days about whether or not going back to the last question about the nominees and not getting through. rex tillerson is going to go down and so on and so on. every senator when they met with both sides of the party have shown why the president chose them. they were unbelievably qualified, unbelievably ready to lead and act agenda in an area of responsibility they're
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willing to take over. the same is true for everyone else that's remaining. reporter: [inaudible] >> the vote hasn't taken place, we've had concerns in the past and the nominees met and shared with them their thoughts throughout the process, and you can go back story after story and each one of these folks whoo i heard isn't going to make it is going to go over the finish line each time. we hear it over and over again and succeed every time and yet another roadblock is put up. yet it's worked beautifully every time and i think we're going to continue that path. with respect to yemen, i think it's hard to ever say something was successful when you lose a life, but you got to understand that chief owens, he went back, deployed 12 times because he
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loved the country and believed in the mission, and knowing that we killed an estimated 14 aqap members and that we gathered an nbelievable amount of potential attacks on american soil is something that most service memrs understand that's why they joinedhe service. so, you know want to call something a success 100% when someone is hurt or killed and that was the case here. but i think that when you recognize that an individual like this loved this country so much and deployed over and over again because he knew that the mission that he was conducting was so important to our protection, our freedom, our safety, and i know that when the president spoke to karen,
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his wife, and talked about the three children that he left behind, she continued to be impressed -- impressed upon the president that while it was an unbelievably sad time for her and her family, he loved doing this. so, you know, again, i don't think you ever call anything 100% success, but what he did for this nation and what we got out of that mission, i think i truly believe and i know the president believes is going to save american lives with. that, let me go to the last question on skype and continue. jeff job of jeff job publishing in south central kentucky. jeff? >> reporter: thank you for allowing me to be part of today's white house press briefing. clearly anyone paying attention will see president trump is aggressively acting on campaign promises. this gives hope to my state and the region i grew up, appalachia. we saw countless politicians
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make promises and not only forget us but turnous, so my question is how soon or when will the rules restricting coalmining, coal burning and coal exports be reversed? thank you. >> thank you, i talked about this a couple times so far. i believe, or the president has clearly stated that clean coal, in particular, is an issue that's so important to our energy, independence as well as our job creation in this country. whether you are talking about kentucky or pennsylvaniar we virginia or so many other places that rely on coal, bringing the production of clean coal back is good for energy independence, good for economy, good for job creation. something he continues to talk about and i think once we have secretary of energy confirmed that we continue to take steps to move forward with. fin gomez?
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can you tell the story. >> i think on an airtime issue that something were not suffering from when it comes to attention and i think the president does a phenomenal job of getting attention and getting his message out. his use of social media in particular when you look at the number of people 11 million people watching the address on facebook live last night. we will request time i don't think we will spend a ton of time figuring it out.
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the request from democrat for the pop possible violation. i think countless if not hundreds of retired flag officers joined the speaking barrow. that is something that has kept in practice and the department of defense is the appropriate place for them to review it. when you look at so many countless retired flag officers i think it's something that generally keeps that. >> how they offered criticm about the obama administration. is that something you should hear more from. going forward. i think in areas where there is can be a sharp difference in particular in contrasting the policies that this president is seeking to make the country safer he's can
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draw those distinctions. in this particular area i think when it comes to the iran nuclear deal he was adamant in his up position. he will continue to make sure that the american people know that some of the deals and the things that were left there. those are what his position is. in the action and the notice that he put iran on today is something that's important because i think they voted on change. with that think you guys. i will see you tomorrow. >> you are just listening to sean spicer a little contentious there. you heard him talk about those
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credentials. they had promised a real battle on that front. the question is are they get a pull of the trump card and invoke what is known as the option. we've a lot to talk about right now. i do want to mention that the federal reserve just issued a statement they are keeping interest rates unchanged. it is on track to a new the gradual increase in rate. that's a good thing. it shows that they have some confidence in our economy for a change. up about 41 percent. the senate is set to vote any moment now on the nominee rex tillerson. you're looking at a live picture coming in. on this one as one they want to put up every roadblock that they can.
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they can refuse to play ball. but it's not going to get them anywhere. i would go right now to our whole team coverage. in university of maryland economist good to see all of you guys. i will start with you right now are they unnecessarily getting in the way of what needs to get done. >> of course they are. sometimes if you don't give them what they want they might hold their breath or something feet. the way that you can have an up or down vote on nominees is to win elections. they thankfully in my view have been in a systemic decline over the last eight years old at the statehouse level in the congress. because the american people have given them a mandate they can protest all they want. they are going to get to work. in other words you have this opportunity and you shouldn't be trying to play games at the h
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hour. because you didn't get your way in the first place you didn't put in the kind of time and effort and thought into what needs to happen in this country. why not go there right now. when it comes to do we push through the supreme court nominees obviously they have the chance. where the real contention is to come when he puts up another federalist society judge. that's can become very contentious. i'm going to change th supreme court for a generation or two take the opportunity to go if it comes down to it and i can't get another good nominee through.
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>> this is removing the filibuster. it would go to a majority vote. and then they would go vote. then with that hold. >> that's part of the problem. once they do this it sets a precedent for the future and republicans are concerned if they do it now democrats are getting use it against them in the future. my point lead if you can get a couple more fortysomething nominees onto the court they will be there for 30 or 40 years. they want to make themselves heard. if you're a democrat like chuck schumer your constituency expects to to oppose this. so perhaps in some ways he's just doing politically what he needs to do however this is one of those battles you're not going to win. how long do you keep up the fight.
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helen to keep the fight going if you know the handwriting is on the wall. you're not getting it your way. there you keep gonna keep it up for as long as they can. i don't think the nuclear option is going to go in. there is can be a lot of acrimony and that's been building it's been building up on both sides they reserve a lot of the blame. stay with me i want to take a quick composite because pause because our own blake burman was just in that room. in person he joins us now th his thoughts on all it. you have reporters now from all across the country that are calling and via skype.
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>> for reporters from all over the country different states and different issues. of course one of the big topics that you had been talking about is the whole nuclear option. it invoked earlier today which would essentially envy the filibuster threshold and it should be there. here was the president talking about that earlier today. >> that. >> an absolute shame if the mean meaning of this quality was caught up in the web. at the press briefing i asked the press secretary if this is indeed a possibility with the administration going down that path and here is his response. the republicans looked at the qualifications of the two
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.-dot this -- justices i got through and while they may not had agreed with the judicial loss fee they definitely agreed that they were qualified. and they did so. we ask that would be held to the same standard when they had nominees out. the decision is something that we would not had to go down there you heard him say. they would rather not go down that road. it's something that he would have the final say with. the 60 vote threshold is the right thing to do. but of course. it would be washington without it.peter lets not forget one of
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the reason that donald trump has the job he has right now is because americans are sick of this. they're sick of washington's inability to get anything done. they want someone who can actually get there. as much as you hear me say. his constituents want him to. are they increasingly putting themselves at risk because they are seed as the opposition party. they have no actual real way to get things accomplished. the democrats are to go on like this until their base as enough is enough. the outcome of the election that they're pushing back. at the end of the day if he does well on the hearings we
2:40 pm
have to see him answer the questions and put up with the grilling and if he comes through that wall and doesn't lose his cool there can have to relent or at some point the nuclear option will seem reasonable to americans. that's the time to invoke it. not now. he's basically saying look you heard them there. he said if you have to do this, go ahead and do it. ned, it seems as though he is setting the stage he's putting the wheels in motion basically putting them on notice that it could happen. the interesting thing here as he's behaving like that crazy tv personality. reality tv whereas at some
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trump that is looking at. it is a switching of roles. he is behaving like a brat. i think the think he's really indicating is go for it. i'm behind you 100 percent. you expect these things with supreme court fights. in the first week of obama's administration we had ten of his cabinets confirmed in the first week. nine of them by voice vote. we see the behavior that's taking place. at some point these guys are sitting in red states. i think it's gonna kick in. to confirm rex tillerson as secretary of state. you are looking at a live picture.
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confirm rex tillerson as secretary of sta you are looking at a live picture. another busy day here in capital one -- capital. my next guest said in the number three position in the senate republican leadership. they need to get on board. they need to start cooperating. welcome back to the show. good to see. i you. i want to talk about the supreme court and whether or not we are going to see much of a fight on this one. do we need to actually be in a position where the nuclear option is what is exercise. that assumes a level of cooperation with the democrats. it is an exceptionally well-qualified nominee. in was confirmed by the senate
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i hope the democrats come to the conclusion eventually they will come the conclusion that this is somebody that we ought to confirm. you guys could very easily get rid of that. you are hesitant to do that now. first off the has not been the practice with supreme courts. he have both justices without a filibuster. the only real reception to
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that in 2006 and then we have to have a vote. we do get more than 60 votes. historically when it comes to the supreme court both sides have a sort of cooperated. as a senate is voting. the democrats they are doing everything they can. one of the reasons why the vote is coming so late is because they effectively put into place a 30 hour rule which proposed -- postponed it for 30 hours. they took a lot of things into account. to your point if you don't have the vote they have to act as the previous guest was sane.
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saying. when they see schumer doing what he's doing. what clearly this is is a delay and obstruct. there's no other gift and or butts about it. two just drag everything out. they want to change the rules. they want to be confirmed with 51 votes. with antics that there using. can i stop you on that for a second. if i don't shop at 2:00 there's dead air. it's my job to be here. it is your job as a senator to be there and vote to be at these meetings i don't like what's going on. at some point shouldn't the vote or had more in all of this. should they be penalized for
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just saying i'm not going to participate. i suppose that is up to the people they represent. i have not seen in the time that i've been here. by now and president obama's first term he had 17 of his nominees through. these are important positions. secretary of treasury. they were consequential positions that work needing to be filled. they've spoke in the middle -- many people. thank you very much. i hope they start playing ball soon. they need too.
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we're waiting right now to hear the vote results there on the senate floor. of our new secretary of state. to confirm rex tillerson as secretary of state. joining me right now donald trump and his and ministration never informed the department of homeland security about the temporary order that they were putting in place that would block people from seven countries from coming here. it was picked up by mainstream media pretty much everywhere.
2:54 pm
everybody was out reporting. donald trump never told general kelly secretary kelly what was going on. then only to find a of course he came out and gave a press conference and said no actually i did know was going on. here we go. here we go. from day one in terms of the integration finishing touches i have to put it this way. they will be put on the executive order. the high-level folks in the government and attorneys as well. people on my staff were generally involved. probably wednesday we learned or tuesday or wednesday that it would probably be during the week that it would be signed out. he was talking how his staff have been involved.
2:55 pm
dan, what's interesting to me and perhaps extremely sad to me is that one, these organizations got that reporting run. and then when the administration turned and clarified it except instead of actually taking the entire press conference and showing the viewer they got right out of it. ms nbc msnbc backed right off of that. and didn't cover the press comment at that point. how do you react to that. it reminds me of the movie. do they have a preconceived agenda here. they wanted to pick the administration in chaos of the new york times. and anything to conflict that. didn't want to push. you sit there and you go with
2:56 pm
that story all morning long. you don't show the viewer the correction. you open it up and you can find a different corrections. really silly minutia. it's been unleashed in general kelly said it's bogus. you won't see them back. i'm all for being a skeptic and as a journalist we need to be skeptics however this is bordering on something else entirely. and then pushing an agenda on the opposite side. we are going to take a quick break we are back right after this.
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the one we have a new
3:00 pm
secretary of state. the former ceo of exxon mobil rex tillerson. the senate has confirmed him as secretary of state. a lot going on. make sure you stay tuned in. liz over to you. he has been confirmed it's betsy devos who may now be in troue. there are two replicant senators who say they will not vote for her as education secretary the breaking news it is official because we heard the gavel the senate has just confirmed a mega businessman former exxon mobil chairman and ceo as the next secretary of state. this is a major victory for president donald trump. his cabinet continues to come together. the fight might be a little tougher for the man of the hour.


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