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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  February 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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jobs, you takeover tv because you are such an expert in rating and i can takeover your job. and people can finally sleep comfortably again, hmm? melissa: he does jokes at his speech, team take it so seriously. david: i think people will have fun with that one. melissa: all right, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: a violent riot by the left, prompts university of california at becialgl berkeley to cancel an event with conservative milo yiannopoulos.
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this is house speaker paul ryan said that tax cuts could be delayed until august, putting obamacare repeal first. and the iran fight heating up. tehran's ballistic missile test. amazon reporting an earnings beat as ceo bezos slams trump's immigration order. by backing a lawsuit against it. this story. small cap chat -- snapchat, filing to go public. we're all over this breaking news and more. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. >> we start with the riots at berkeley.
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they assaulted trump supporters. 6 were injured. here is the gay conservative speaker at the center of this all, milo yiannopoulos, he describes the scene to fox news. >> we got into the building, started preparing for the show, and people starting arriving in black clothes and mask, carrying concealed shields and we weapons, stuch stuff was being thrown at the building, the ground floor was breached and i was evacuated. liz: other people said, about 150 men and women, marched todayed plaza carrying heavy sticks with communist theme flags, their faces were cover. a woman, pepper sprayed in the face by a rioter live on camera. watch this, attacker blind
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sided her, and sneaked up on her from behind. >> the people watching tonight should look at people protesting and look at what color hat they are wearing it is not red. liz: no arrests yet of that -- that person, or the rioters, we seeing on that story, one personal the scene really went after the rioter saying this is what tolerance in america has come to. >> it is every -- everything would be civil. but, these people -- this is what they believe -- this is what tolerance is at uc berkeley. liz: school released this statement, saying that berkeley condemns, in strongest possible terms the acteds of the individuals who invaded the campus. they infiltrated a crowd of peaceful students, they used violent tactics to close down the eventses, we deeply regress that the violence
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unleashed by this group, undermines first amendment rights of the speaker. we take this to christina pearson, outsiders, katrina came in, they said it, they counted 150 people in black hoods, what are your thoughts? >> well, you know this is something that trump supporters are not unfamiliar with. we have seen the same thing the happen at trump rally, this is the hypocrisy of militant left, who claim to be social justice warriors, fighting for equal fee, and diversity. that until they gay immigrant who is here on a visa, has a different opinion than they do. someone like milo whose purpose is to go out there and push the envelope on the first amendment, really has exposed something that many of us have been saying for a vor long time -- very a very long time that is the first amendment is under attack, a free society needs people like milo to make sure we can keep our
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firstm amendment rights. liz: and berkeley said it was not their innocent students but outside rioters came in that is what the school is saying, there are contacts, you are right, myelodoes have a -- milo does have a history of staying, inplanne inflammatory things. there is a concern about the rise of hate crimes on campus, but there it looked like an outside group came in to do the attack, what do you think? >> that something that has been talked about we've seen when the left gets ballistically violent, there are outsiders, but that not to say that students are not involved as well. there is a is up pri is
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suppression much which of speech at manyf e colleges. liz: let's get to that topic, president trump questioned whether federal funds for uc berkeley should be cut. saying, if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on initial people witinnocent people with a different point of view, no federal funds, kellyanne conway also weighed? >> the democratic party is unraveling and it being revealed, a bunch of crybabies who say they are going to oppose a supreme court nominee before they even know the person's name and his academic credentials. i was told yesterday, this is the longest that nation has gone without a secretary of treasury in modern times. this is modern democratic party, i think it will cost them, because they are hysterical about everything,
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there is no -- it is everything that makes them cry and scream. liz: katrina, back to what the president tweeted. berkeley says, is it right to cut our funds because we agree to host miley i milo is a sign of our right to free speech. they said the outsiders started it. >> one the thing that milo talks about, he does this for a living, he speaks at many college campus, the school impose massive fees on conservative speakers, they know that the college students cannot afford the $6,000 to $10,000 they want for security for the speakers to come on campus, if berkeley is participating on something like tha wch is very
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predict -- restrictive,. liz: i hear what you are saying. but do you think that donald trump will follow through and say that school, you know. what i don't know how you pay for who would oversee that. >> i think if anybody right now still questioning whether or not president trump is going to follow through on anything let's says, then they have not been paying attention, i suspect this mr. trump will make sure that first amendment is being followed on all college campuses that are receiving federal funds, we need to look at all entities, if they are violating the rights of american citizens, we should look at cutting that funding. liz: all right katrina pearson thank you. now democrats in senate delaying the confirmation vote of oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt, he was nominated to lead the epa, this is third
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hearing where senate democrats have boycotted the vote, refusing to show up. >> let's be clear, attorney general pruitt has answered more questions than any past epa administrator nominee in recent memory, he answered a total of more than 1,000 questions. liz: to political power panel. gina loud en and jessica tur love, why not just so up for the vote? >> i think that democrats, really ineste inest rested they can ask as many questions as they want, 1200eems like a lot, but i don't think we had someone nominated for this role who does not think that
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the epa should exist. it is complicated here. he is making it a principle issue. but there is no question that the democrats are trying to delay as long as possible, they are angry over what happened with garland, they will continue togo this until they can't. we don't have the numbers to stop it. it is a time game now. liz: gina, the senator said that mr. pruitt answered over a thousand questions, what are your thoughts? >> so funny, they are doing this because they are oracle posed to -- opposed to extreme vetting for potential terrorists, but they don't mind extreme vetting for someone with a proven career record like pruitt. people should let that sink in. what is it this democrats want, it appears that -- they
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are asking him a thousand more questions than anybody els has been asked in his position, that is extreme vetting, it is not just that it is punitive, we both know it. if the situation were reversed, the democrats would be crying about this. >> do you think that democrats would not put someone up for this role who is not interest in heading the agent. agent. liz: okay. >> he does not believe in climate science. >> i would say that you know it has been proven that past administration, the obama administration obam, use the epaa to pad pockets of his friends by creates false narrative about environmental cast a -- >> all right.
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>> this is legitimate. liz: all right. we'll have you back again. >> amazon promised to add u.s. jobs but now jeff bezos said that company still supporting the lawsuit against president trump's immigration order that is coming out of washington state, new york state came close behind. this as on-line shopper giants just reported an earnings spieafter the biel, the bell shares down 4%. >> snapchat filing to go public at new york stock exchange, looking for $3 billion in common stock, record 158 million people are using the app daily. over 2.5 billion snaps created each day. snapchat warning it may never achieve profit bill tie, go
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figure. uber ceo. is leaving, he will not be on president trump's economic council. he will not be attending a planned meeting with the president tomorrow. with other ceos. he expresses opposition to president's immigration executive order in wake of a boycott against uber. tomorrow we got jobs numbers, maria bartiromo will be all over it, tune in tomorrow at 00 a.m. on "mornings wi maria." >> next up. president trump vows to protect religious liberties at national prayer breakfast today. religious freedom is now under threat from terrorism in the world. my next guest said that is a switch from when president obama used that breakfast in 2015 to attack christians, we
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>> terrorism is a fundamental threat to religious freedom. it must be stopped. it will be stopped. it may not be pretty for a little while. it will be stopped. liz: president trump call for protect of religious freedom today in face of radical islam at the annual national prayer breakfast. quite a departure from prob president obama 2015 speech where president called out christians for the crusade that happened thousands of years ago. >> throughout human history. unless we gets on our high horse and think this is unique
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to some other place, remember that during the crusade, people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. our home country, slavely, and jim crow too often was justified in the name of christ. >> let's take this to former trump inaugural committee member, brunell, what do you think -- god bless you, got to you first, ha-ha. >> god bless you, god bless america. what do you think between the two? >> right now i think that christians in the world should be rejoicing, we have a president in offers, donald trump who understands the power of god and understands he has to be praised. what i say is, when i listen to the former president, talk
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about us, as far as religion, i would say, we have to understand that religious freedoms are important for all of us. you have 215 million christians persecuted on the daily in the world. and slavery he is talking about? slavely was under all different kinds of religions, it very unfair for former president to just put it under christ. liz: president obama was downplaying islamic terrorism. >> yes. liz: and his speech, with you know president trump saying, wait, we'll stop it. >> that is what we always did that, is why we're in the trouble we're in, that is why we have an executive order where people who are -- from country where terrorist funded are not should not be allowed in country, it because of downplaying, and cow towing and powing of the former president to terror that
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donald trump is now our president, having to deal with this issue, and be the grown up in the radio, and say, hey, we have to protect american citizens that is his first job as president, to make sure you are in national security in order. liz: a good point, and president obama twice passed visa restrictions as antiterrorism policy, in as senator, he decried open borders saying we have to stop illegal immigrants that was senator obama. >> absolutely, it was actually his department of homeland security that picked out yemen and somalia and sudan, and iraq and iran. that was not donald trump. he is enforcing he sided syria, but he is enforcing when our former president did, to you, i say, as a nation we have got to come together. we have got to get behind our president, donald trump, american lives christian lives, peaceful muslim lives
5:21 pm
are at stake, i think that we have to get beey behind him -- behind him, and make sure he is doing what he is supposed to do as far as religious freedom and our security. th is what we has too. all this fighting, and burning of property, that is not american that is very un-american. liz: you know brunell you talk about lives lost. and near chicago to mayor rahm emanuel. >> oh. >> doing a 180, saying high will now accept federal help, to address violent crime in chicago, this is after president trump addressed the issue at a listening session for african-american history month yesterday. >> they are not going to solve the problem. what you are doing is right thing, we'll solve the problem for them, we'll have do something about chicago. what is happening in chicago should not be happening in this country.
5:22 pm
liz: you remember mayor rahm emanuel, he immediately attacked donald trump saying he is too divisive, he, you but no -- now mayor saying send them in. >> you know what. that is so good thing. what happened is that democratic leadership has failed the people. i am a democrat who voted for donald trump. for that very reason, reason why donald trump is president right now. and i am so happy that to know that our mayor, rahm emanuel has citizens first. to put our inner-city youth, blacks and latinos, poor whites the people in stay of chicago all of our citizens in chicago, whether they are poor or rich, i am glad he is putting then all first. i am just grateful for, that and at least that is a start in the democratic leadership in the right direction. liz: can i bring up a point that "wall street journal" raised. really interesting, that for last two years, a big country,
5:23 pm
a country that was a brig backer -- big backer of terror, pakistan is seeing a drop in terror as economic grow ces up in the middle class comes up. but in chicago, you had murders rising, by 2/3 from last year from 2015, so the economy issue is still at play in chicago, look at in pakistan, terrorist dropping as middle class and the economy growth comes up when a story. >> correct, we know that when jobs, and education, and all of that is first and foremost, and the people have access to that, then you will have see a drop in violents it is the lack of jobs, lack of education, and economic improve and opportunities that is keeping people opressed and hurting, what do hurting people do? they go out and hurt others, many of them, we know. i think your president donald trump and the mayor now, is onboard with is making sure there are invest om the in community that people have
5:24 pm
jobbed and access of school choice, great education, this is an opportunity for democratic leadership as well as republican leadership and our president, to you know, to ban together and put americans first, i think that is good to be the icing on the cake, of hoping that to stop this divide in the nation. liz: god blis bless you brunell. >> god bless you, and god bless america. liz: we're still tracking whether or not that man who vin violently assaulted that woman in the face with pepper spray, whether or not he has been arrested. coming up. we have the woman whose coat was slashed by rioters at trump's inauguration. >> and the muslim immigrant whose lim limousine was set
5:25 pm
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look at the people watching. that was basically a trumpet supporter being pepper sprayed at the uc berkeley protest last night. she was a trumpet supporter. i had had many people on this program who had similar experiences take a look. they pushed us and said a horrible vulgar things as things i would never think to say.
5:29 pm
i was having a really bad feeling about that. there are 70 different ways to have your voice be heard but the pilots is not one of them. >> we also had i guess who's limo was lit on fire. start with you emily first. do acts of violence every help any protesters cause quacks. >> the moment you take violence into the equation you've lost the ability to speak. differences are where we learn from each other. have this is just and takes out the ability to talk to each other. you don't want to be near you don't want to listen because you don't know when they are going to attack. we have milo you not.
5:30 pm
he is have been -- he is a conservative speaker. he said the left is against free speech. i like you to take a listen and give us your reaction after this. let's listen. >> my whole thing is the left is hypothetical to free speech. my point is been proven to me over and over again. it free speech only free if it's a liberal left wing point of view. what are your thoughts. everybody has to look at it like you can have all of your point of use. he heard by so many different ways. but the violence is not one of them. and affects people's life and people's mindset and my driver he has still been shaken by what happened to him on that day.
5:31 pm
it is still affecting us. it's been over two weeks we are facing challenges one after another. and have lawyers been able to work that day easily. without any disruption everything would have gone according to plan. and now we are waiting for insurance to tell us if they're going to cover it. it's been two weeks. i don't know what we are able to a compass from that. nationwide chauffeur services have been serving the city for over 25 years. we've never had this kind of experience. your small business is ruined by it. can you give us your thoughts and what milo just said. >> it hurts me. we should all have the right to be proud to say what we
5:32 pm
believe and not worry about attacks and it is permeated through society if you don't have the hollywood belief the neuron. i experienced it after i was briefly on a week and a half ago. people have come back and said things that they assume i believe that i don't. that i don't. you have to have a right to have your unbelief. i just want to say i lost the ability for a few weeks. he has lost his income. and the safety for his children. that cannot be acceptable. thank you so much. please come back soon. we want to hear an update on your story. inks again. >> are they putting a run on notice.
5:33 pm
they're also blaming them for instigating an attack on a saudi ship. as early as tomorrow. we have the breaking details for you next. from her homeland homeland security department ranking member scott brown is here to wait on that and more. we're back in two minutes. alth strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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the world is in trouble but we are going to straighten it out.
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that's what i do. i fix things. straightened out. believe me when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having to worry about it. just don't worry about it. we have to be tough we had been taken advantage of by every nation in the world. as i can happen anymore. president trump explaining what happened what went on after that latest fire starts is what went on. the two have a heated argument over a prior deal that australia had reached with the obama administration. president trump accused australia tried to send america the next boston bomb us. i will study this done deal. with me now the former
5:38 pm
massachusetts center. of the homeland security. love having you on. the trump administration is in the wrong here. what do you think. i think john carey and president obama are in the wrong. they should've have a transition approach where they left to the esident and his team no. that is the first thing. the second thing is australia is one of our greatest allies. they are very frank talkers and speakers. we will have a very frank and open conversation. i'm sure the president is going to review it. ultimately we will work something out. the prime minister he has a court order to do certain things and he does need our help. , located but i'm complicated but i'm hopeful it will work out.
5:39 pm
the refugees that were cited in the phone call. he did arise from those refugees. because of their own tough policies consistently said is not going to accept people coming in the boat. we make of that. in their path tough policies. i don't disagree with them. australia is a vibrant wonderful country. they are doing what they feel they need to protect the sovereignty. we need and we are doing the same thing. that's of the people of this country want. i believe in freedom and democracy want. he also is the courts are now involved i'm sure we will find a solution and i would encourage the president and the prime minister to find a solution. we have a report that new sanctions on iran could come as early as tomorrow. this after the warning from
5:40 pm
the nassau security advisor. the obama administration failed to respond adequately to the actions. weapons transfers and other violations of international norms. as of today we are officially putting iran unnoticed. >> where is is headed. is not going to bow to any threats in the u.s. and it's good to continue its missile activity. they could reach israel. what you think. of course i can reach israel. they wanted them to wipe them off the face of the earth since the e of israel. they are exporting and terrorism around the region in the world. it has facilitated and increased their ability to do just that. i think obviously we can have some real problems with iran. there can continue to move forward with not only
5:41 pm
sanctions about potential military action. i would not doubt that that is can happen. everything is in fact on the table in the is a good thing versus what president obama did which give them billions of dollars and give him an ability to continue enhancing and enriching nuclear materials. he sang the trumpet ministration that is extremist what is your thoughts. >> i voted for the president. i spoke to him the other day. i told him your kicking butt and taking numbers. people are worried on the left they are actually doing what you said. and these leaders are put on notice. it's about time. i feel safer just listening. we will see. we really appreciate it.
5:42 pm
from the guild awards. now we have movie stars he's actually calling on hollywood to embrace donald trump. we have that next. don't go away.
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>> then i have a choice now. he is our president. and it's very dynamic and divisive of an eggnog ration time that we've ever had. at the same time it's time for us to embrace shake hands with us. and be constructive. >> matthew mcconnaughhay said they expected donald trump. it's quite a different stance from the 50 other stars who opposed trump including meryl streep and jennifer lawrence. my power panel is back with me now.
5:46 pm
i have to check this to gina. is he right. >> maybe talk some sense into the dying on the vine party that seems to have gotten themselves in such a pickle. i don't know how they will climb their way out of it to survive. i live close by. i kind of in like i can tell you there are a lot of them there that agree with what he said they are afraid to say it publicly that they will whisper it to me in droves. why are they afraid. they're absolutely blackballed. like any environment that is politically charged they had been told how to think and if they differ they might not work again and they know that.
5:47 pm
they're calling for the military to overthrow donald trump. wake up. join the resistance. once the military is with us. sashes get overthrown. they go bye-bye. what do you think. i don't think she really means it. and then they won't admit it. >> you don't think they know something else about it. i think there is a difference. between being a not my president person have being a resistant person. they are finally attacked. to encourage it.
5:48 pm
that was irresponsible of her. i would not had it tweeted it. i would never tweet something like that. they have done many things in her life. i would not tweet it out. where is the outrage from the left. the people that would be attacking conservatives in droves. why are they attacking lexi alexander. these people should be shot
5:49 pm
that they should all be set. i don't get this. i don't know anyone in that saying the pilots whether it was students or people who came in is all right. i just that i don't think it's acceptable. i want the next four years to be productive. your outrage where is your sense of horror at muslim people who work in bodega who are being attacked and cab drivers. she will be all heated up about this. final answer and then we have to go. >> the actual violence were seen from students who are undereducated clearly needs to be stopped. that you would do something constructive.
5:50 pm
president obama there is a new study. it have little to no effect. we will talk about the results next. don't go away. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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5:54 pm
articles were circulated. we started. together as many fake news articles as possible. and then using data from facebook as well was her own well as our own survey we tried to benchmark how many times these articles have been viewed. between the 250 million adults we probably saw on the order of 700 million where did you find them. the fake news i think is largely spread through social media sites and then you kick --dash my click to a site that specializes in the fake news.
5:55 pm
they had decided to set up fake news websites and earn added revenues. he found like it had had no effect on the election what did you find. thus not exactly what we found. how many times they viewed fake news articles. what they are going to do on the election. first fake news to be pivotal and to turn the election in favor of trump seen one of fake news article one what needs to be 36 times more powerful. what kind of traction is your study getting.
5:56 pm
it's been covered in a number of mainstream and otherwise media outlets. we been excited to see data get out in the media. getting it has any effect at all on anything. our study my interpretation of our study is that it's unlikely that fake news swung the election in favor of trump however that is different than saying that it doesn't have anything. it suggests there were a number of votes that were probably moved by virtue of seen the fake news articles. i think this is a serious problem that it's worth considering. thank you very much. it really interesting research. thank you for your time. basically investors are not really taking in much of the threat to follow up with a lawsuit the latest on amazon's
5:57 pm
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amazon holiday sales are moving down. making money with charles payne is next. good evening. i'm charles payne. word just moments ago that the founder and ceo of huber is resigning from the president's economic advisory board just a day before tomorrow's scheduled meeting. this on a day when major american tech companies had ramped up their fight with the president trump present trump over his immigration order. he praised samsung a korean company which is considering building a factory in the unit seats. while the foreign tech company may be creating jobs and in the united states american tech giants are fighting to bring foreign workers into the united states. mich


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