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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 4, 2017 3:00am-4:01am EST

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answer to our question about examples of failure turning to success. he wrote your career turning success into fox. thanks kirk, it's good to be here at fox where you get to say what i wt to say. glad i tried again. that's our show. see you next week. states, the defense of the free world. european countries are implementing policies and appeasements that are dangerous in the long-run. charles: here is lou. [♪] lou: the white house imposes new sanctions against iran as punishment for its recent ballistic missile test and its overall bad behavior in the region. the penalties targeting 13 people, a dozen companies. we'll take up president trump's retons response to iran with ambassador john bolton. also, president trump saving more taxpayer money.
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the president succeed in giving the jet fighter costs over $100 million per plane. >> we purchased a new lot of f-35s. another big win. lou: we'll discuss the trump economy with steve forbes and governor mike huckabee. violent protests against free speech erupting at another liberal college campus. police arresting 11 people who rioted over a planned speech by gavin mcinnes. we take up what has become a national disgrace, our colleges and universities where there is no such thing as the free speech if you are a conservative. the trump administration imposing new economic sanctions against 13 iranian citizens and 12 companies. freezing any property or money
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they may have under u.s. jurisdiction. is comes in response to the islamic republic's recent ballistic missile test which u.s. says violates a u.n. resolution. general michael flynn issued a statement saying this. the international community has been too tolerant of iran's bad behavior. the days of turning a blind eye to iran's hostile and belligerent actions towards the united states and the world community are over. president trump released this statement on twitter. iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate how kind president obama was to them. to me. white house press secretary sean spicer responded to a question on whether in trump would consider taking military action against iran. he doesn't take options off the
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table, but he understands the impact of something like that. the sanctions today will be strong and impactful. i hope iran realizes after the provocative measures they have taken, they will understand this administration will not sit back and take it lightly. lou: the navy deployed the u.s.s. cole. it's symbolic it was deployed to patrol the watters off yemen and was attacked by suicide bombers in 2007, killing 11 of it sailors. in paris, police shot and killed a man who shouted allahu akbar as he tried to enter the louvre with a machete.
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donald trump treated this. our first guest tonight is here to talk about the iranian provocations and the trump administration focus on radical islamist terror. joining us ambassador john bolton. do you think there is any way the irans will pay attention? >> when you name specific individual and companies, simply new come any, new false fronts appear. freezing asset in the united states, if the iranians learned anything once obama unfroze all their assets, they are not going to leave anything here to freeze. what's most significant are the
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statements made by president trump, national security advisor principle saying this puts iran on notice. i think what it put them on in the about is the obama nuclear deal is a heartbeat away from being ended. and the president himself saying i's not taking any options off the table. for the first time in 8 years there is a credible threat of military force. if donald trump has shown anything in the past two week it's his credibility. if there is the slightest chance iran will come to its senses. the threat of military force is the one thing that will focus their attention. lou: it's interesting to watch this president operate. he has done what he said he would do, what he promised he would do in the campaign. but as you move toward foreign policy in this instance, for example, the iranians have to be
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asking, he is doing what he said he would do. how do we put that io our calculus. his predessor who was one of the most ambivalent and ambiguous leaders in white house history. >> this is the end of 8 years where america's adversaries could size up the mark in the white house and take advantage of him. i think they are uncertain what trump will do. i think there is very little that will stop the ayatollahs from pursuing their objective. the ballistic missile test that prompted these sanctions was reported to the pentagon to have failed wet reentry vehicle failed. you don't need reentry vicks for weather pore communications satellites. reentry vehicle is for the new jar weapon. there is no question about what this is all about and we are on
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to it. lou: the level of disrespect, insult that is rising in the national liberal media. we know all the owners of the liberal national media had to receive their corporate orders, otherwise they would not be taking place, the panels of newspapers, whether it's "the washington post," "new york times," websites. but now the vine offering up these headlines with lady liberty's head in his right hand and a knife in his other. this is a level of you could not have conjured under any other president.
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>> it's out in the open. they can't say they are unbiased anymore. the dir spiegel cover. on the very day the cover comes out. in france police and military at the louvre. police have had to deficit seasons against a man shouting allahu akbar and wielding a knife. if this is where the media will focus their attention, this is another problem for their government. the people will speak in germany like they did in this country. people want their government to keep them safe from terrorist attack. can you imagine that? lou: it's incredible. we had this president in office two weeks and look at everything he has accomplished.
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i want to turn to the united nations very quickly. as this president has been admonishing and warning the united nations about the relationship with the united states. turns out in the last year in office, president trump showered $9.2 bion the unite -- billion d nations. what was he thinking? >> this is something i thought would be more typical of his first 8 years in office. but it just took the last one. i think the trump administration should look for every possible way to rescind this money, if that's doable. this is the sort of action that should prompt the kind of review overall of how the u.s. spend money in the u.n. system. as i said before, i would move away from assessed contributions. i would only pay for what we want. if you need any more evidence
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why that's necessary, obama gave it to us as he went out the door. lou: president trump is demonstrating respect for the taxpayers money in renegotiating for the f-35 fighters. there is a lot more to cover and much of it is good news. all about the economy. things are getting better. it's okay to smile. we'll be right back. president trump promising more economic growth and prosperity for business and all americans. 227,000 jobs. great spirit in the country. we are very happy about that. i think it will continue bigley. we are bringing back jobs. we are bringing down your taxes. lou: president trump making it clear, "america first" is not just a slogan.
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we'll assess president's first two weeks in office. yes, two weeks as of today. and leftist protesters and anarchists attacking free speech on college campuses again. this time at new york university. but this time there were consequences. authorities arrest 11 of the violent protesters. when will the leftist lunacy this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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lou: violent riots at berkeley and new york university. gavin mcinnes holding a seminar for the university's college republicans. he says he was pepper sprayed by some one in the crowd. charges range from disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and one drug possession charge. joining us, co-host of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. as an attorney this has to be more shocking to you that these institutions of higher learning, free speech is not even considered relevant to an education now.
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these universities just saying to hell with it. if you have got a conservative, you have got no rights. >> they don't allow any other thoughts, any independent thinking. they don't want to open their minds. the higher the learning in academia. they don't allow people to come forward and talk about the issues. and maybe somebody might learn something. can you imagine if the situation were reversed? i went to u.c. davis which is not behaving well. it's right there with berkeley. it's shameful. you would think it professors and administrators in these universities would give a damn. that they would want someone to be able to open their mind and respect first amendment, respect freedom of speech and encourage students to be able to participate. at berkeley it was sold out. and thin look what happened with the rioting.
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>> one arrest. and that was made by the campus police. a different result in new york, i'm pleased to say. there were 11 arrests. there were consequences for that conduct? oregon take a different direction. oregon decided immigrant sanctuary status would be perfect for the state of oregon, even as the president is talking about all sanctuary irrespective of jurisdiction whether city, county or state. >> they don't have any respect whatsoever for the federal law or the presidency. we'll see how well you can do it on your own without federal finding. and they can't just pick and choose what laws they are going to abide by. that's not how fit works. lou: it seems there is some urgency for the trump administration to act.
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as they move forward here, if they draw one of those famous red lines, there have to be consequences. >> i think -- set an example with one of these wayward states that's very mouthy and lets people commit crimes and not abide by the extreme vetting which will make all of us safer from a national security perspective it's shameful to me they are using politics to try to go against public safety and totally disregarding their obligation to make sure that everybody there in those community has a safe place to be. it many sad to knee and he needs to send an example and i think he will. lou: two weeks he has been president of the united states. in two week it's incredible what he has done. even the white house press corps.
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many of them are begging for mercy. they are thrilled he has gone to the winter white house in palm beach. they need a breather. >> i'm terrified to go to sleep. i don't want to miss anything. i'm staying here tonight in case there is any breaking news. lou: there is that view. certainly everyone in our business, you can't wait to get up in the morning. but i think that's true of most americans. you don't know what is going to happen, because this president is making much happen. >> we saw how hard he worked when he campaigned. he was relent best while hillary clinton was taking naps in the scooby doobey van. he made a promise to the american people to not forget the working men and women. he takes that obligation and
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that promise very seriously and people should give him credit. he's doing what he said he would and he's doing it in rapid fire. lou: the only ones not giving him credit are the national left-wing media and their corporate masters. >> delam00. a technical term. lou: did i mention it was that was moving towards sanctuary cities to all my friends out in oregon. be sure to vote in our poll. rumor or less optimistic about the future after two weeks of the trump presidency? we would like to hear how his president i has so far moved -- his presidency has so far moved you. follow me on instagram. the mexican government reporting
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a surge in murders. official statistics show mexico was almost 21,000 murders last year. that's a 22% increase over 2015. by comparison 15,000, almost 16,000 people were:murdered in this country. the test year available is 2015 and this is a country three times the size of mexico. the dow posting its biggest gain since december. if i pay point something out to all of my friends in the business press and media who have been talking about rising anxiety about trump poll i haves, about the market reacting and investors reacting. there are questions about nominations. i would like to point out that the dow is back above 20,000 and
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$2.2 trillion in value has been added to u.s. exchanges in two weeks. that's right. we are coming right back. we'll have much more. stocks posted -- well, terrific result. and the strong jobs report helping as well. the economy adding 227,000 jobs in january. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> we expect to be cutting a lot out of dodd-frank. there are so many friends of mine who have nice businesses and they can't borrow money because of the rules and regulations of dodd-frank. regulations of dodd-frank. we'll be talking about that in
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lou: a few thoughts on a country that is truly undergoing what someone once called a fundamental transformation.
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and this transformation started the day president trump was he atlanticed. he's the change agent he assured us all he would be in the campaign. he brings to the presidency the commitment to make america great again. not even the posh lords and masters of the left-wing media and their minions can suppress his boundless energy. a strong jobs report the last month and president trump is building on that. president trump signed an executive order to begin rolling back dodd-frank. a move the white house economic director hailed as a boost to business. >> the biggest hindrance to growth and job creation is regulations in this country. we have to get the united states banking system working again. we need to make capital available for small and medium
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size businesses and entrepreneurs. lou: the president also taking this pro jobs, pro growth message to business leaders. they met with top executives from some of the world's biggest companies. can you believe it's only been two weeks? president trump has met with 50 business leaders. yet silicon valley is still foolishly working against the man who is work so hard for a better life for all americans. uber ceo is quitting the president's strategic policy forum, apparently overburdened by a president who is the most successful disruptor in three decades. amazon, microsoft, expedia all supporting a lawsuit dropped by
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washington state's attorney general over mr. trump's extreme vetting order. apple taking legal action of its own. and google's co-founder even joking about impeaching the president during a company rally opposing his executive order. think of where we are, companies having meetings over how to oppose presidential orders. of course, the technology tridonated 60 times as much money to hillary clinton and president trump. now they are continuing to fight hip he step of their way. and they will do so until they are overwhelmed by the president's success and the history he is already making. but it is a history he's making for all americans. not just for the elites that must bother and motivate the most elite of the elite, those in silicon valley.
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and that's just a bonus under this president. now the quotation of the evidence from franklin delano roosevelt who said happiness lies in the joy achievement and the thrill of creative evident. i'm just guessing, by think president trump must be pretty happen i about right now. the president today meeting with business leaders with one objective. jobs, jobs, and more jobs in america. >> looking forward to discuss all of the things that you think we can do to bring back our jobs, to get taxes even lower than we are going to be cutting them. lou: we are joined next by republican strategist ed rollins and "the weekly standard"'s ed barns.
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barns. it
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♪(banjo) ♪ooooh ♪i hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow♪ ♪and each road leads you where you want to go♪ ♪and if you're faced with a choice and you have to choose♪ ♪i hope you choose the one that means the most to you♪ ♪and if one door opens to another door closed♪ ♪i hope you keep on walkin till you find the window♪ ♪if it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile♪ ♪but more than anything ♪more than anything ♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪
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♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪ ♪i hope you know somebody loves you♪ ♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish ♪may all your dreams stay big lou: lockheed martin and the white house announcing an f-35 fighter jet contract that cuts $628 million out of the gross price.
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it will also add 1,800 jobs in fort worth, texas. good good on you, mr. president. joining me, the executive editor at "the weekly standard," fred barnes. were you laughing? >> it made me feel tired. but ed is probably more involved than i am. i tell you that as compliment. >> we haven't all been winning, but we all tried. >> you had reagan. that's all you need. lou: let's turn to this extra. we are talking about -- talking about significant money. it wouldn't have happened if the president had not engaged
3:36 am
directly with the ceos of lockheed martin and boeing and other companies to make it happen. >> that's right. lockheed o and the pentagon said they were going to do it anyway. of course, they weren't. like the nato countries spending more on their military. it has nothing to do with trump. lou: if we can get those countries to couple with 2% of their budget for nato, everybody is in. >> this is a first giant step forward. i think to our men and women who basically fight these battles and protect us, it's very, very important we get the best equipment at the cheapest price. he has set a tone that people have to be very careful for people and i think it' a great move forward. lou: the defense secretary is
3:37 am
setting quite a tone in asia saying to kim jong-un that it's now adult supervision time and there will be no more nonsense from him without affectively truly disruptive response. your thoughts on what the general said. and how it will be received both in north korea, china and japan. >> it will be received unfavorably but it will have an impact in the same way trump's decision to impose new sanctions against the iranians, that will have impact, too. he said he will respond to all these disruptive acts by rogue countries. and it will have an effect. do you think it iranians know the difference between trump and president trump? i think they just learned about that today. >> i think they are getting a
3:38 am
strong sense of it. south korea and japan have to be thrilled. a very important mess and the president isn't by putting the u.s.s. cole. he put it back right there in the strait where they were attacked. the message is don't mess with us. lou: off the coast of yemen replete with 90 guide guide missiles and cruise missiles as well. it's also significant because it's such a symbolic. i think the navy chose the cole carefully for that precise reason. >> the commander-in-chief executed the order and it's a good one. lou: let's turn to iran. and serving notice on iran and moving the cole.
3:39 am
this is certainly not have obama-like on the part of this administration. do you think that escapes the iranians to get to that particular point? >> it sure doesn't. if they didn't get it yesterday from the white house announcement, they got it this morning from the tweet by donald trump. he said you all had an easy time with president obama and he didn't go after the violation of u.n. resolutions. but then he said, not me with an explanation point. they will get that message. everything they do that they shouldn't be doing, he's going to respond to noisily. and the iranians i think learned that today. >> a great thing is president trump for 8 years thought the iranians who for 35 years have
3:40 am
been our enemy and have never behaved themselves ever since they captured our hostages in the 70s. president trump has given them a warning and this is more than a warning. this is a line drawn in the sand. you go across it, you will pay a heavy price. lou: please roll the video. one speed rider won't let a little thing like a glacier slow him down. he spins through a glacier in the french alps. he's going over the glacier through the ravine. the boston glacier has a drop of 8,500 feet. it's the 23569est moving. almost keeping up with the speed
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rider. >> the dodd-frank act is a disastrous policy that's behind derpg our market, reducing the availability of credit of. lou: steve forbes weighs in on the administration's latest actions. what does he think about dodd-frank and deregulation. wield finds out.
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lou: president trump signing executive ordersst scale back financial regulations. trump making good on his campaign promise to review dodd-frank wall street reform. the regulation would call for them to act in the best interests of their clients rather than commission for themselves. steve forbes, glad to have you here. >> we'll know next week whether i have to have surgery. lou: we are pulling for you. >> i would like to think it was fighting regulations and
3:46 am
liberals. lou: overall your view on dodd-frank. >> it's been an utter disaster. if we had dodd-frank before the financial crisis we still would have had the financial crisis. all it did was raise a huge cost. hurt small business's ability to get lending. and they have this consumer protection agency which is accountable to no one. the president should start look at that one and get rid of it and denying access to credit to people who need it. lou: small banks, those banks moving a lot of money hopefully to small business owners. and driving the economy. one of the things we are struggling against is the economy is creating great velocity for the money we are moving into the system. we also have $4.5 trillion in
3:47 am
overhang on the balance sheet of the federal reserve. we have somewhat do they call it on wall street, head winds? >> i thi we are start something get some tail winds. there is a serious deregulator in the white house. that's a good thing instead of wake up each morning worrying about what are they going to hit me with next, it's what will they relieve me of nengtd. lou: we are talking $2.2 trillion. >> fit would be $4.4 if we moved as fast as the president wants to do on a big tax cut. lou: what's wrong with your buddy paul ryan? >> the epa wants to do something useful it would examine the water and air in washington.
3:48 am
why people who go there suddenly behave in strange ways. lou: does it have to do with k street and those lobbyists who make up so much of the swamp? >> also crazing ideas. lou: what do you think of this ryan idea, 20% tax on imports. >> and subjects does for exports. talk about iran. that's $16 billion fax free. and american consumers pay more? i don't get that arithmetic. lou: i don't get the idea why paul ryan submitted to that and is selling hard on the white house. >> he had the dinner last night with jared kushner trying to get that door open. and a lot of republicans are supporting this. not just ryan.
3:49 am
lou: those republicans -- i hope -- whatever they are doing, remember the idea of taxing the american people before you cut taxes is a bad organization of priority, and it's absutely foolhardy. i don't know if you join me in this. it's absolutely foolhardy to do. i would never use vulgar profane terms to describe it. >> the great tax cutters of the past reagan and kennedy never tied tax cuts to the spending side, knowing that would be a death nell. get the tax cuts in. trump is going to focus on spending as well. get the tax cuts in. the other thing they don't realize, when they make a tax cut, investments take 2, 3, 4 years to bear fruit. why do they think the revenue is
3:50 am
going to come in overnight. lou: he's a businessman and understanding investment. thanks so much for being with us. stove forbes. up next, the patriots and the falcons. this is their weekend. president trump says politics is a much bigger draw. >> amazingly it never happened before. the politics has become a much bigger subject than the super bowl. to use super bowl terms. politic is more interesting to people. that's good. lou: does governor mike huckabee agree? we'll ask hip next as we examine, which is the bigger draw? the super bowl or perhaps the
3:51 am
the super bowl or perhaps the florida white house.
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lou: a federal judge in seattle granted a nationwide temporary restraining order that blocks president trump's recent executive action that bars nationals from seven countries from entering the united states. attorney general of the state of
3:55 am
washington, the order represents a main challenge to the trump administration is expected immediately to appeal. the judge declining to stay the order suggesting travel restrictions nationwide could be lifted immediately. joining me now, former government mike huckabee. this an anniversary. it's the second week to the day of the trump presidency. can you believe it's on been two weeks? seriously. >> he has been full throttle from the moment he put his hand on the bible. it's been shock and awe. one of the things the media has seen is they can't keep cup with it. i tweeted today they are still playing checkers and he's playing chess. he's working so far out in front of him that they can't stand it. it's amazing what he has pushed
3:56 am
forward to do in just two short weeks. lou: it's clear the trump white house is doing something that previous administrations, at least the last two, perhaps we can include the clinton administration. they did not work that far ahead. it's clear that president trump has people laying things out days and days in advance. n and are moving strategically here. there is no accident to the fact that this is moving at this tempo. >> one of the things we are seeing, this is what happens when an executive who is used to getting things done collides with the government which typically says let's slow walk everything. we need to justify the people we have working here. this guy went in and floored the accelerator and he hasn't let's on it yet. a lot of mayor cans are saying
3:57 am
bravo. he's doing exactly what he said he would do. >> the mood of the country. national liberal media are getting increasingly vicious. at the same time we are seeing every sign whether we look at markets or surveys, the american people are responding to the prospect of what this man is going to get done. and they have done so since november 8. >> there is so much excitement out in the country. even people who didn't vote for trump are having to say to themselves, this guy has taken this job seriously. he came to work with his lunch pail and hard hat. thank god we have to be paying attention to the things that matter like jobs and regulatory environment that's been strangling businesses and causing people not to get a job. it's a new day because there is
3:58 am
a you are in sheriff in town. what they really don't get is the american people have dismissed them out of hand and are no longer paying attention to them. lou: a lot of people are not paying attention to the national liberal media. we have seen corporation after corporation attack this president's executive orders and policies. they are doing it as individual ceos of individual come any, not waiting for the chamber of commerce because they think those lobbyists would look bad putting forth their case. but we are watching the corporate masters of the left-wing media, whether it's cbs news. whoever it might be. the corporate masters are giving the go ahead to go left, go hard against this president. >> well within lou, the "new
3:59 am
york times," i call it the new york sliems. they used to be the paper of record. they have become the paper of broken record. saying the same things over and over again and it's so tiresome. i think they have marginalized themselves out of any sense of credibility. and only the far left is taking them seriously and treating them as a legitimate news source. most people have said forget about it. lou: governor, great to have you with us. have a great weekend. mike huckabee. we want to give a special shout-out to a special fan of "lou dobbs tonight." mila mcdaniel is 8 years old. she loves politics. she watches "lou dobbs tonight" regularly. and i want to wish her sister a happy birthday. because she had to share her birthday on january 20 with
4:00 am
president trump on inauguration day, her sister myla called it trump day. she's also a big fan of president trump. we wish you have the best. . >> start taxing, goods coming from china. john: every day, politicians propose more rules. >> i'm very supportive of the mayor's proposal to tax sodas. john: unions love groups, they say they want, but are the protesters the real deal? >> i do not work for a fast-food restaurant. >> which fast-food restaurant do you work for? >> i don't work for fast food. john: bad rules give us warning labels. >> this may contain fish, warning. john: some bad rules rip


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