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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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people get concerned. right you no the market is climbing a classic wall of worry. we will be strong throughout the next two months. liz: great to see you. jason rotman, lido isle. he is our strong guy today. there is the closing bell. [closing bell rings] trifecta across the board with major averages. david, melissa, you get history making. melissa: that's right. you're making money today. stocks soaring fueling the dow to a brand new record close. losing a little bit of steam into the close you but a record nonetheless. s&p and nasdaq ending at record highs just as well. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. we're glad you could join us. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have you for you this hour. markets get a boost after president trump made comment regarding a major campaign promise. our question from our own buddy
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blake burman that has stocks warning. saying that our military might declined to the point of crisis. we'll look inside of the startling numbers and what it means for another one of the president's campaign promises. major airports grounded. 4,000 flights canceled. thousands more delayed as airports struggling to recover from a massive winter storm in the northeast. we're live at chicago's o'hare for an update. melissa: back to the market setting a new record. dow ending up 116 points. straight to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. what a day. >> melissa great to be here on a record day on wall street. certainly optimism here on wall street. we needed a catalyst. we've had a very stagnant market. 42 days where the dow hasn't moved for man one%. we haven't seen that in 2 1/2 years. we didn't quite cross the 1% mark. we got the catalyst. you see the positive names that drove the dow on the board there. basically president trump
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saying, listen the next two or he three weeks i will give you a phenomenal tax plan. that is what everybody is waiting for. they're waiting to hear about a tax plan and tax cut and roll back of regulation. that will boost the economy. that boosts optimism. coupled with comments from fed president of chicago, charles evans who is fan of low rates. a slow pace of rate rise is appropriate at this time. that too kept things at bay. things that drove the dow, other movers worth noting viacom up 4 1/2%. working on a turnaround plan there. owner of mtv and come my central. last but not least, it is not a record day for twitter. they came out with fourth straight quarter of lower revenue growth. not even president trump could get this one up and running hot. it is down about 12%. melissa: nicole, thank you.
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david: we saw that one coming. stocks getting biggest boost by president trump's most affirmative comment when could see comprehensive tax reform. >> we're way ahead of schedule i believe and we're going to be announcing something i would say over the next two or three weeks that will be phenomenal in terms of taxes. david: blake burman at the white house. blake, you drove the story even further to your question with sean spicer, not only when it might happen, but what might be in a tax reform package. go ahead. reporter: david started with the sound bite earlier from the president today which he talked about tax reform coming but it was really about the business side he was talking about in that meeting with airline executives. so at the white house press briefing few hours later early this afternoon, i asked sean spicer the press secretary if the president was talking about business tax cuts, what about the individual side? is the business side ahead of individual side and that is where he stopped and really broke the news saying it will be
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indeed a comprehensive tax package, both individual and business that the administration is working on, he says we'll outline upcoming weeks. there is mr. spicer from earlier this afternoon. >> we're looking rolling out line of a comprehensive tack plan we work with congress on that addresses both business side of the tax ledger as well as individual rates. it will be comprehensive plan. something we haven't seen since 1986. reporter: david, i asked about details. would it be out like the president on campaign trail or more like house republicans? he wouldn't get into details. there is important timing reading into all of this, spicer said fiscal year '11, starts october 1st could start to get the comprehensive tax package out. it appears at least at this point they are going the administration, republican obamacare first, comprehensive tax reform second is but
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nonetheless, the fact he said comprehensive tax reform, big news. david: but you asked the question when they were going to happen. we're going to get corporate tax cuts first and then individual. he said no we'll get them all together. that is the first time i heard them comment on that point. go ahead quickly. >> i think it is interesting, thank you for the question, this is something david really want to get out there and. david: absolutely. pushing story forward, blake burman. melissa? melissa: scott martin kingsview asset management and senior fellow dan mitchell is here as well. scott what do you think about all of this? >> it is great news. melissa, this is something weighing on the market last you few weeks with regards to trading of s&p. to have this confirmmation they will get them done both together is great. market is forward-looking indicator. plans may be laid out today. the fact that market knows or is confident that trump will follow
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through on promises will boost stocks. melissa: dan, that you couple it with, you know the idea of him talking to air airline ceos as well, we see a boost in the market, what is your take? >> the important thing to look at, the market doesn't drive the economy, the economy drives the market. if you want long rung increased sustained growth you have to reduce burden government. lowering tax rates for individuals and businesses would be a great start. republicans have a bit of a circular firing squad with so-called border adjustable tax. trump needs to break through that and gop speaking off the same hymn sheet and push pro-growth tax reform. david: you're singing my tune. president trump talking about cutting taxes while some establishment republicans talking about new taxes including one that was too much for nancy pelosi.
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a carbon tax. dan, how did this dog ever rise from the dead? >> there have always been some republicans, for good reasons they look at all the command-and-control regulation on this climate change issue, they say this is very costly, very inefficient. what if we have some deal we lower some tax over here, put in a carbon tax over here, get rid of all regulations, on paper it is not unreasonable you but in the real world of washington, the moment you say to politicians, we're going to give you a new tax, then you wind up losing fiscal discipline. that is big mistake. david: oh, we'll get rid of other ones but they never do. scott, the fact is nancy pelosi, one of the most liberal members of the house, she dismissed the carbon tax when she had a democratic house, a democratic senate. they could have passed it. but even then it was too much for her. why are republicans talking about it now? >> that should tell you, david, especially a bad idea.
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funny thing tell you about the beltway, can't do tax reform and can't cut taxes without paying for tax cuts. you know as well as i do, last, eight, 12, 11 years, none of the tax cuts are paid for. paygo, a lot of tax cut obama promised weren't paid for, mortgage deduction, all that is up. going forward with the tax cuts, like dan said about growing economy bringing in more revenues versus having to pay for them. melissa: president trump is trying his very best but even he can't help twitter stock from diving as the social media company digs for profits despite requiring the constant attention ever the entire world. scott, how is this possible? >> well, it shouldn't be possible, melissa. seeing that the twitter earnings report made me crazy like charles oakley at madison square garden. i tell you, if you look how twitter based the last one, two years, and barely grown active users, ad revenues keep dropping if they can't make money in this
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environment that is not a reason to own their stock. melissa: dan, it is just as astonishing. here you have the president of the united states, huge following, you've got to be on twitter, some people use it. yet at same time, can't turn it into anything world while? what happens to the company? >> beats me. no one thing for sure, donald trump should secretly short the stock and announce going off twitter because he probably drive as big chunk of their traffic. melissa: not a bad plan. scott martin, honestly what can the company do going forward? >> looking at q4 numbers when trump was on there, their numbers were not impressive. what is really cautionary tale, look at turnover on executive level, high val employees. turn over a lot of people leaving. leadership at the top is failing the company. melissa: guys, thank you. david: president trump's attorney, general jeff sessions
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has now been sworn in and pick for hhs secretary tom prize can not be far behind. senate debating confirmation. we're live on capitol hill with an update. melissa: immigration stand i don't have in arizona, fearing that an illegal immigrant would be deported. david: 4,000 flights are canceled. thousands more being deplayed as airport struggle to recover from massive winter storm. live update straight ahead. >> so frustrating. >> man, so inconvenient. i got finals i'm trying to get home to study for. i have my little baby here. we're trying to get home. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
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david: massive blizzard slamming northeast from new york city to boston. commutes for millions of folks hitting a stand still. roughly four thousand flights have been canceled as far as west as chicago which is a hub for all the airports. ground stops are issued at washington, dulles, newark and philadelphia. nothing comes in and nothing goes out. snow began falling with six to 12 inches expected to accumulate by time it is over. maybe more up in boston. new york governor andrew cuomo saying as of thursday afternoon there are no plans to shut doesn't long island railroad or subway service. that is kind of immune. melissa: the nation's largest airports from the northeast to the midwest canceling thousands of flights as a blizzard bears down on huth swath of the u.s. with heavy winds. jeff flock at o'hare international airport with the latest. jeff, what is it like? reporter: much of the nation is covered in blue skies and
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sunshine just like o'hare here in chicago but doesn't mean there aren't cancellations. 155 cancellations here in chicago. essentially anywhere in the country trying to get to new york your flight has probably been canceled. i want to look at numbers and boards here. this is new york laguardia. they're showing one flight on time. i'm told by folks that work for the airlines there will be not much going on time to the northeast today. that is bottom line. epicenter is new york. look at numbers on air ports there. lagudia over 800 cancellations. newark, 700. jfk almost 700 at this point. boston another 700. it is a mess. melissa, they tell us it will be a mess for a while. a lot of planes out of position. more flights canceled today then they thought they would be. tomorrow is a big travel day, friday. it will be a mess tomorrow. then maybe the weaken we start to get back to normal.
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doesn't matter where you are, no matter how blue your skies are you got cancellation. melissa: there is impact because of the domino effect. jeff, what is the mood like as you're talking to people? what are they like, what are they saying? >> i was talking to a guy trying to get to europe. he has a flight scheduled out of jfk to go to europe tomorrow. he is on one airline going to new york. different airline going to europe. the one airline doesn't care he can't make it to get to new york to get to europe. frustration is a headline for mood. melissa: it is. so many people frustrated today. oh, well, jeff flock, thank you very much. meantime we have breaking news right now. news corp reporting second quarter results. let's go to nicole petallides with the numbers. nicole? >> we're taking a look at the numbers. turns out the second quarter, melissa, the adjusted earnings per share beating analyst estimates by a penny, coming in at 19 cents. the estimate was for 18 cents. still a drop from year ago of
4:17 pm
20 cents. fiscal second quarter this is good news, beating the street on earnings per share. adjusts earnings per share. now move over to revenue for news corp and we see that right now, coming right in line at 2.12 billion. that is exactly right in line. we are watching the after-hours trading on news corp. news corp closed by the way at $12.39 a share. analyst target, when you look at analysts over all have a target of 16.82 with 54% of the analysts actually with a buy rating. we're watching news corp on the move after beating the street. this is the parent of dow jones, "the new york post." this is the print side, mostly print and digital side of the media operation of news corp. back to you. melissa: nicole, great, thank you so much. david: branded as enemies. how the growing boycott of the trump name is creating a lot of havoc for consumers who actually like the brand. plus racially-charged hate mail for supporting one of
4:18 pm
donald trump's cabinet members and one lawmaker is reading it out loud on the senate floor. >> you are a disgrace to the black race. a white man in a black body.
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melissa: the next confirmation battle of the senate, getting prepared for long night preparing to vote for representative tom price for secretary of health and human services. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. what would we look for. >> it could come out 2:00 a.m. if democrats are tired of all-nighters. but dr. tom price is seen ideal to address the problems of our health care system by republicans someone who has been a orthopedic surgeon, served here on capitol hill. understands the intricacies of health care and also the bureaucracy of washington. price offered ideas how
4:22 pm
republicans could replace obamacare. senator mitch mcconnell said on capitol hill that price is the right person for the job. >> the american people need dr. tom price applying his practical knowledge and legislature at the department of health and human services. an agency in great need of new leadership. >> republicans appear to have the votes to confirm price. they also appear to have the votes to confirm steve enough mnuchin to be treasury secretary his nomination is after dr. tom price. they shifted focus to labor nominee and drew puzder, from the fast-food giant that oversees hardee's and charles, jr.'s. democratic leader chuck schumer says puzder should withdraw. >> he has proven imself to be an enemy, not a champion of workers rights. nominating puzder is oversee the labor department is clearly
4:23 pm
having a fox guard the henhouse. and a pretty sharp-toothed fox at that. reporter: interesting shift because this week we've seen the basically, democrats going all-out on each of the cabinet secretary nominees as they have come up, for betsy devos for education, then of course for tom price, also before that jeff sessions for attorney general. now they have shifted to somebody who is barely on the radar, andrew puzder for labor secretary. he has a confirmation hearing one week from today. we expect that should be feisty. melissa? melissa: wow. i guess this is just how it is going to go. mike, thank you. >> thank you. david: even when the vote something over it is not over. backlash for supporting president trump's attorney general pick. republican senator tim scott receiving harsh criticism for standing behind jeff sessions. the senator reading some of the hate mail he received as a result. take a listen. >> a white man in a black body. you are a disgrace to the black
4:24 pm
race. how did a black man turn on his own. senator tim scott is not an uncle tom. he doesn't have a shred of honor. he is a house kneeing grow, like the one in jango. i left out all the ones that used the "n-word." just, felt like that would not be appropriate. melissa: wow. david: here now gianno caldwell, red alert come picks, senior contributor and republican strategist. gianno, the word intolerance is something you're always hearing from the left when at the talk about conservatives whether inside the beltway or college campuses. intolerance. this is the definition of intolerance, is it not? >> absolutely. this is another case of do as i say, not as i do. when it comes to what senator scott said, it is disappointing, me having been on television for a number of years now i can tell you that i have received that same level of attention, especially coming on places like fox news channel and others defending my republicanprincipl.
4:25 pm
i've been called a coon, sellout, house n word like senator scott has been called. number of other things people tried to insult my intelligence especially when i beat a liberal on their viewpoint. this is disgusting, more what we see for the left who claims to be tolerant. david: right. >> we see great intorans for them. david: i want to use another word bigotry. bigotry and racism. >> racism. david: which specifically says because you have a certain color, you have to have a certain political view. that is bigotry. >> no question about it. an this is the thing. i mean, us being out here, we're talking about african-americans lodge these kind much comments. you see white americans of any breed lodging these kind of comments but especially when it comes to drill in on the african-american community for one point here which is to say, it benefit the african-american community to have strong leadership on both sides of the aisle.
4:26 pm
it shouldn't be a detriment because democrats disenfranchise african-americans every turn. leadership in the house and senate, senator tim scott employs one of the black senior staffers in the senate. paul ryan, chief of staff's african-american as well. when you look at this, democrats are not offering those -- that is very true. all the senior level staffers in the house and senate are african-americans. david: final point, gianno, it cams down to power. inner cities, the experiment, the pete very dish if you will of -- petri dish of experiments last 40 or 50 years. all have failed to specifically raise up minorities in cities. you have free marketeers, particularily bet see devos in education, might that not change power structure of inner cities and give advantage to conservative ideas that had no
4:27 pm
play there at all before? >> you know what is particularly interesting to me, you know that i'm from chicago, i think what is really interesting, you mentioned devos. that is one great example. urban partnership academy. chicago school, african-american, 100% college acceptance rate. these are kids from poverty stricken areas. another good example, especially considering chicago where i'm from, president in the white house wants to do something and provide a level of resoces at the cy that have not yet capitulated too but need and desire. this will break the back of the liberal agenda. in addition to that fact, make it so african-americans all oversee there is another way and there are folks that really want to help because what we have seen for the last 50 years hasn't been effective at all. david: certainly bigotry is never effective. gianno caldwell, no matters what side it comes from. thanks a lot, my friend. melissa. melissa: european leaders denouncing the u.s. european
4:28 pm
immigration ban you but a new poll that majority of european citizens would welcome the idea. ambassador john bolton weighs in. david: protests in phoenix after undocumented immigrant is arrested there. details how officials are responding. >> pretty nervous but trying to stay strong and positive. we're out here with our communities trying to stop this van from leaving. we have to stay strong. i told her i love her and it would be okay. special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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david: history made on wall street. dow, s&p 500, nasdaq driven higher by primarily by president trump we may see details on comprehensive tax reform in two or three weeks. melissa: bridging the gap with the middle east, president trump speaking with leaders from qatar, afghanistan, kuwait and iraq over the phone today and he is promising positive changes. take a listen. >> we just had talks with qatar and couple countries. afghanistan, i would say that is a tough situation, we'll do something about it. we'll have good conversations with other world leaders over the next two hours. a lot of things are happening, a lot of positive things. melissa: here now ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. what do you think those phone conversations with about, ambassador?
4:33 pm
what went on in your estimate? >> sure, they involved discussions about iraq and afghanistan, qatar, places where there are substantial deployed american resources to critical oil and narrowly gas producers gulf cooperation council, key players in the middle east. i think this is part of the expected series of calls that the president will have, perhaps, he spoke with these leaders in the transition and courtesy calls with them and these will be more substantive. sounds like this is the business of the president working his way into key national security issues. melissa: here we are. here on the third week, people are complaining they're not hearing about, one on the list is afghanistan, that he is not paying that much attention on there.
4:34 pm
what is do you think about the criticism? >> that is misguided. i don't know what time he is spending in briefings and conversations about afghanistan. we know in the case of the fight against isis he asked the pentagon for alternative war plans, any new administration is well advised in both the transition and weeks afterward to review what has been going on, to get the facts on the ground. one thing to know what you have heard from the or classified briefings during the campaign. another thing to get into real deep dive. administrations in the past taken a time to formulate the policy and you know, to think about it before they open their mouths. and insert their foot. doesn't bother me we haven't had extensive briefings from the president. let's let him get familiar with this material, which is important, it has a long history.
4:35 pm
when he is ready he will speak publicly. melissa: we're eight waiting ninth circuit court of appeal decision on immigration ban but the ruling could be released at anytime. we get new polls abroad, staggering 55% of europeans from 10 different countries agree muslim immigti should be stopped. is according to a survey from chatham house. i mean, i don't know, i always have my doubts about these polls because all in the way the question is asked but at the same time, there are people looking at this saying, this is how people who have gone through it feel. what do you make of it? >> yeah the poll is broken down country by country in europe. i have to say having looked at the top line numbers, strike me what i would expect country by country. varies across the european union. it is far more sweeping a ban, total muslim ban according to the question than we're considering here, that trump is considering here. melissa: right. >> that anybody is advocating here but i think what it shows
4:36 pm
is the concern many people have visceral level it is not that they oppose islam. just that they think they ought to be able to determine who comes into their own countries. and i think it is entirely possible to hold the view. i certainly hold it for america, that i would like to see substantially more immigration into this country. i think we benefit but i also believe we have the absolute right to determine who that is. they don't get to determine it. we determine it. you see it reflected in poll and reflected in election results all over europe. significant elections in france and germany and italy to come in the near future. melissa: ambassador bolton, as always, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, melissa. david: keeping it on immigration, protests erupting in phoenix, arizona, after an illegal immigrant who had been convicted of a felony in 2009 was taken into custody during a routine parole check-in with immigration office there. according to officials, mother
4:37 pm
of two american-born children was deported earlier today and was released today in nogales, mexico. here is conservative commentator david horowitz. author of the new book, "big agenda." president trump's plan to save america. david of course immigration is a big part of the president's agenda but this is obviously, it is a heart-breaking case. you have two kids. the woman is 36 years old. she was apparently convicted of a conviction for falsifying information on i.d. cards several years ago. she was meeting with parole officers. we're not sure of the entire story. but you see the pictures. i'm wondering about the protests. americans seem to be getting fed up with these protests for one reason or another, good or bad. do these protests actually help this woman's cause? >> i don't think they help the cause and i don't think they're going to help the democratic party. this is about the future of this country. we have to have borders. and we have to have laws. and there are a lot of people
4:38 pm
waiting in line to be legally brought into this country. who haven't committed crimes. and while this woman has created a hardship for herself, so, i don't really have any sympathy here. i think -- david: but you, david, you have to look, forgive me for interrupting, you see pictures of the kid. she has two kids who are young teenagers. they were born here. there has to be some sympathy for them at least seeing their mother leave the country. >> it's a tragedy. but she is responsible. we don't hold people accountable. we have these sanctuary cities. and now california talking about being a sanctuary state. the leaders of our state, need to be prosecuted for sedition. you can't be in defiance of federal law. the whole system breaks down, if you have mayors like de blasio, or rahm emanuel. david: they're all over the country now.
4:39 pm
there are dozens, if not hundreds of these sanctuary cities. on to protests again. it is not only on immigration we've seen protests. we've seen a lot on all kinds of issues. i'm just wondering if the left understands it all. you used to be on the left. you used to be one of the big minds of the left. do they get the idea that americans are fed up with these things? >> no, they don't. my book, big agenda, which is out, amazon best-seller, is about that. a lot of it is about the nature of the left because i came out of the left. this is a passion. this is an emotion. it is a religious movement. they're not thinking in practical terms. you know, actually people like rahm emanuel in the democratic party are very disturbed by what is happening because the democratic party will be in the wilderness after these four years. as i explain in my book, "big agenda." because the american people don't think that way.
4:40 pm
they're not building this -- david: rahm emanuel should take his own advice. he has a sanctuary city of his own. not doing well with the crime in his community. >> that is because of pressure from the left. bernie sanders, a lifelong supporter of communism would have been the democratic nominee if it weren't for the crooked clintons who fixed the primaries with the help of donna brazile and debbie wasserman schultz. this party is going off the rails right in front of our eyes, which is a bad thing for this country. we need a two-party system. not this party. david: david horowitz, we have to leave it at that thanks very much for coming in. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: america's depleted military. why top officials say budget constraint could make us less prepared for combat. plus the war of words between president trump and senator john mccain over the deadly raid in yemen. we'll talk to lea gabrielle, former navy fighter pilot. that's next.
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david: new statements from top u.s. military officials suggesting suggesting that the america's military become more depleted and less ready to fight due to budget restraints and other hurdles. fox business's lea gabrielle former fighter pilot joins us with details. apparently it is pretty bad. >> the vice chiefs of services are saying, put in words of navy number two officers we're able to still put the first team on the field our bench is largely depleted. vice chiefs of four services told lawmakers in the house foreign services committee, high demand under forces because of budget constraints and uncertainty over past several years. officers gave specific examples. in the army of its 58 brigade combat teams only three have what they need if called to fight right now. david: wow. >> only a third of those teams
4:45 pm
could be ready in 30 days. marine corps says 80% of its aviation units are below minimum number of ready aircraft for training. the navy says it is smallest it has been in 99 years, with more than half of all navy aircraft grounded because they need maintenance or spare parts. david: where your heart. >> is that is. the air force chief of staff says his service is flying less hours today than what he called the hollow force of the '70s. take a listen. >> today's modernization is tomorrow's readiness. right now, our average fleet is over 27 years old. we've got 21 of 39 fleets of our aircraft that exceed 27 year average. >> to put that into perspective the average commercial plane for major u.s. airlines is 13 years old. all the services need congress to repeal the budget control act of 2011. that put caps on military spending, triggered deep across the board spending cuts known in washington as sequestration back in 1930. the military is look for increase to the budget about $30 billion this year.
4:46 pm
the republican chairman of the house armed services committee pushing for increase of 100 billion to next year's military base budget. that would bring it up to $640 billion. david: not just money. trump talked about wasted projects. whether future weapons program or a gas station in afghanistan nobody is using, cost 40 million bucks. so prioritizing as well, right? >> that's right. he has been making statements to that effect. for example the f-35 program, basically sending out a shout to makers of some of these products that we're going to be expecting them to do more for less money. david: right. let's hope he is successful. i want to turn to the dust-up over the military operation in yemen that led to the death after serviceman. president trump slamming senator john mccain for questioning mission success. this is trump speaking, senator mccain should not talk about the success or failure of a mission to the media. it only emboldens the enemy. he has been losing so long he
4:47 pm
doesn't know how to win anymore. just look at the mess our country is in, bogged down in conflict all over the place. our hero ryan died, the seal on the yemen mission died on a winning mission according to general mattis, not a failure. time for the u.s. to get smart and start winning again. leah, obviously mccain is decorated war hero. trump is not even a veteran but, on the other hand, i know what it is like to have member of the family to be in the military. you don't want to hear he is going on a mission that is a failure. >> right. david: that is just bad, not only for the service people but also the families, right? >> right. you certainly don't want to hear your son or husband or brother or sister died on a mission that was a failure. so that i think is where president trump's criticism is coming from. but the flip side of that is, that senator mccain, because of his military service is very sensitive to putting our troops in harm's way. and i think his point is that he doesn't want to call it a success when one of our
4:48 pm
greatest, one of our seals died on that mission. david: yeah. of course i must say in defense of the trump -- sean spicer did say any mission in which a service person is hurt or killed can't be a 100% success. so they admitted that. >> they did. this of course goes back to sort of the infighting, and sort of the rhetoric going back and forth between president trump and senator mccain, starting back during the campaign. david: hasn't stopped. lea gabrielle. thanks very much. melissa. melissa: public enemy number, 250? growing calls not to shop at amazon or walmart. don't buy ivanka trump clothes. how the anti-trump boycot may be doomed to collapse under its own pure weight. mainstream media may change how it covers the first lady but one magazine is still planning to showcase melania trump. if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely.
4:49 pm
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melissa: branded as enemies, blacklisted for their ties to trump, more than 250 companies including macy's, llb, bloomingdale's have landed on the anti-trump boycott list causing a lot of confusion for consumers. here is bruce turkel, turkel brands. there are 50 brands. it never ends. go on twitter, look online, there are five new brands you're supposed to boycott because they had something to do with trump. is it impactful when there are so many? >> well, it really depends. the bottom line for the companies of course is that they have to know who their audiences are. if you look at audiences demographically it is safe to assume some companies in fact appeal to one side of the aisle or the other.
4:53 pm
but at some point, what are you going to do? stop shopping, stop buying all together? you need a boycott consultant, melissa just to figure out what to do. melissa: there are some companies try to take advantage of it successfully. there was uber dropped their surge pricing at airport when there was a taxi strike. that was seen as hostile. these guys are out on strike. instead you lower your prices so you steal more of the business and make it easier for consumers to come over. then people were mad at uber for doing that. saying delete our account go to lyft. lyft was trying to capitalize giving money to the aclu. seems like they should focus on driving their cars. >> that one will be actually studied. that is really a business school case. uber stuck their foot in it, whether they meant to. that was big mistake. travis kalanick, ceo was on
4:54 pm
trump's economically tee. lift was brilliant. would give million dollars aclu. more importantly they didn't say boycott uber. they said delete uber. this differentiated lyft. melissa: except for that i don't know someone actually did it until lyft didn't come by. i wonder how many went back. we'll follow up. another issue keeping with tradition. despite publicly endorsing hillary clinton, "vogue"'s anna wintour said "vogue" will not break the first lady trend. we have tradition always covering whoever is the first lady at "vogue." i can't imagine this time would be any different. so think broke with tradition. and they endorsed a candidate. they came out for hillary clinton. which they have never done in the past. now they're saying, well i guess we're going to have melania on the cover.
4:55 pm
she happens to be very stylish. she is a model wch is supposed to be their brand. this is all dicey territory for them. what do you think, bruce? >> i think again there are two-ways of looking at it. one way they are the bible of fashion. they always put on a first lady and melania trump is beautiful. she is a model. she is all the things we want her to be but that makes sense. let's also remember magazines are in business. just like your show, melissa, just like politics they strive for controversy. there is no margin in the middle. you have to take a side to get people to pay attention. they don't care if you like seeing melania trump on the cover, you hate seeing melania trump on cover. you pick it up and buy it because it piques our interest. they have no political stake here. they are trying to sell magazines. melissa: i think she is lovely around fashion icon. i would be interested in it, but people who hate trump are very left-wing. they're in style. it is very much "vogue"'s audience. they hate melania too.
4:56 pm
so i don't know that even, if this is something like getting them buzz because really who buys magazines anymore, it gets them buzz but for them, even though i think ethically it is the right choice, it could be the wrong choice financially. >> let me suggest we don't take our political suggestions, our political direction from "vogue" magazine. melissa: or celebrities. >> or take it from "duck dynasty." exactly. there is politics and entertainment. we should know enough to keep them separate. melissa: bruce, always here to sort it out. always love seeing you my friend. >> thank you. david: anna wintour, the devil wears prada woman? melissa: yeah. david: until trump do us part. how it is actually splitting up marriage. melissa: oh, my.
4:57 pm
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melissa: love is a battlefield, the woman leaves her husband of 22 years because he supported donald
5:00 pm
trump. denver: shy decided that is the ultimate deal breaker, the husband did try to reconcile but the damage had been done. melissa: i feel they had more problems than just the election. denver: i think you are right. melissa: "risk & reward" ♪ this land is your land. >> i have not called for the impeachment yet. >> we've seen nothing that i can work with president bush on. >> mean spirited, un-american. liz: democrats settling down on stopping trump, news coming thick and fast. democrats may launch a government shut down this year, when it comes time to do the federal budget. after two more nights of cabinet protests, and amid that senator sessions sworn in


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