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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. show, dvr it. you don't want to miss a moment. also you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. next. lou: his enemies have the trump white house surrounded and insiders are selling out the president. mr. trump today blasted government officials who are leaking to the media. leaks about general michael flynn forced him to resign his national security adviser after only 24 days on the job. we take up the damaging consequences of these leaks with one of the top republicans in dc, the former chairman of the republican national lawyers association randy evans. also, russia testing the trump administration again. we've learned about three new instances of russian aggression. a russian spy ship now patrolling off our east coast.
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russian military aircraft buzzing one of our navy advisory. and the kremlin has secretly deployed nuclear tip cruise missiles in russia. former un ambassador general jack keane among our guest tonight. and california officials are trying to prevent the failure of the lake orville dam. but struggling to shore up the dam's emergency spillway as the forecast calls for rain in the region tomorrow. >> just know that the government, the representatives are doing everything they can and will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure we have a safe dam up there and all the other places where we have these kinds of potential threats. >> but there is good news for the annual 200,000 residents who live below that dam. we'll have a full report on the crisis and the forecast. next. lou: good evening, everybody. white house sources tell fox news the leading candidate to
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replace general michael flynn is retired vice admiral robert har ward. a navy seal commander under general james mattis. howard went to the a to the high school, the man who inspires others to keep going when they would otherwise perhaps not measure up. a senior administration ficial alls tells fox news the president has talked with him twice in the past few days. once last week and again yesterday. also on that list, retired general former cia director general david petraeus we're told and lieutenant general keith kellogg, who is now the acting national security adviser. the white house today insisted that general flynn did not violate any laws concerning his conversations with the russian ambassador. but it was instead an erosion of trust as the white house put it that prompted his
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resignation. according to the two administration officials, vice president pence did not find out he had been misled until february 9th. and president trump released a statement pointing to his underlying concerns about the resignation tweeting this: "the real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of washington? will these leaks be happening as i deal on north korea, et cetera?" here to discuss where those leaks are originating, whether potential laws are being violated, and the onslaught of talks now coming from the left and from the democratic party, my first guest tonight is chairman of the republican national lawyers association randy evans. randy, good to have you here. there has never been in my memory an instance in which a white house is being leaked against like this one. it is to say the least disturbing.
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it could also be undermining our national security, could it not? >> it absolutely could. but let me take you back a little bit in time to 1995 after the republicans took over the congress. i remember when speaker gingrich took over and the first onslaught was just vicious ethic attack after ethics attack along with leaks from every part capitol, and it was because we had not been there for four decades. that's what happens is they fill them up with their own people, and then when somebody else comes in, they try to destroy them with both ethics charges as well as frivolous and meritless ethics charges as well as leaks. and the difference is these leaks can be extremely dangerous. dangerous to our national security, dangerous to us here at home, and dangerous to the economy. lou: and why in the world are they being permitted? one understands that this president has been in office less than a month. but we have to have a national
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security apparatus that is absolutely leak proof. the president has to have absolute assurance that when he speaks with leaders and with our military and intelligence and other agencies that there is absolute confidence that those words are secret and exchanging confidence will remain so. >> well, and you have to weigh the two different parts of the problem. one is what i ca the jay edgar hoover problem. which is you've literally got people who are eneesf the president who are in positions of power to try to undermine his trust, undermine his credibility, and they're willing to do it. we have to find them, root them out, and get them out of there. then you have the other ones, which are just literally people -- lou: i'm sorry. go ahead, randy. i didn't mean to interrupt. >> no. go ahead, lou. you're with me on the jay edgar hoover. you knew how dangerous it was, and i think we have a little bit of that going on right here right now. i think there are people in the intelligence community who hate donald trump. they're committed to doing
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what they can, and they've got to be found and rooted out. lou: and i know you don't mean to imply acceptance when you describe what happened in 1995 or what is happening now of what is an obvious effort, and you said so, to destroy this president. and to destroy the speaker of the house. but the fact is american people should not have to under any circumstance tolerate politics of destruction, and it's interesting what would happen donald trump as president said, and we're going to destroy these leakers and the political organizations behind them and those organizations to which they are -- with which they're aligned. >> no. i completely agree. you have to be like speaker newt gingrich and like president trump. you have to say it's going to be 100 days. you're not going to stop us. you're not going to slow us down. there may be occasional distractions that you throw our way. but every day we're going to move forward with another
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executive order, with another piece of legislation that's signed into place, with another registration that has been overruled. notice that a day doesn't go by, lou, that one of those things doesn't happen. lou: i ao notice here we are on valentine's day, and there are has been chaos in this white house from day one. now, there comes a point where we're talking about the administration of government and this white house. i want to get your view first on who do you think is leaking in this instance whether it be intelligence, whether it be the fbi, whether it be the white house itself? >> well, i think you've got a fair number of people who are very important and like to consider themselves important. you've heard me say before generally saying the people who know the most say the least and the people who know the least say the most. and the reality is they like
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to see their names in the newspaper. so on this valentine's day they're out there, and they're trying to impress their relatives and impress the media and make themselves look good. lou: randy, you make that sound very benign. and, by the way, those who know the most must be reassured by your raffrism. the matter is we were talking about trips of general flynn's conversation with the russian ambassador. i don't know of a circumstance in which that has ever occurred before and general media types left-wing media principally are being treated to good read and stories that santa ana. new ensue. this looks like a very serious thing to most americans, and i think they're right? >> i do too. i think what you're going to see what's called the blue dye test. which is literally a way we can identify the leisuring, we can segregate them aside, and we can put them in jail. yore going to see the most sophisticated process now
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implemented and underway, which ispefically designed to feed misinformation to leakers, let them leak it. but because it's misinformation, identify them and to capture them. lou: what is your sense? this white house compare it to others very quickly. we're out of time. but reince priebus we saw the chris ruddy, friend of the president talking about how he was over his head. he didn't leak that, he said that to the washington post. he said it to cnn then and we're looking at really strange things coming out of this white house right now and a very serious leak problem, and a very serious problem with the way in which the white house is being administered. >> well, i think part of that is because you literally have a brand-new cast of characters all thrown together and put on stage immediately without any
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opportunity to really get to know each other. i think over time, that will start to settle down. but i do want to say this, lou. happy valentine's day and since i'm with you and not my wife, i want to say linda, happy valentine's day. thanks for the tie. lou: you're more than welcome. if you think i'm going to let you get off with a happy valentine's day with your wife and me and just say thanks for being with us and we'll see you soon, you're exactly right. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. we're coming right back. >> thank you, lou. lou: with much, much more. stay with us. a lot to cover tonight. israel's prime minister netanyahu says he's ready to strengthen alliances with america. >> the alliance between israel and america has always been extremely strong. it's about to get even stronger. president trump and i see eye to eye on the dangers emanating from the region but also on the opportunities. >> we preview the important meeting between the president and netanyahu with ambassador john bolton here next.
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lou: russian military aircraft buzz the u.s. destroyer in the black sea move a navy spokesman for the european command called quote unsafe and unprofessional. i don't know about you. i was really hoping the new trump administration would help our military with their public relations and the passive language they use in such instances. i was thinking maybe reckless and provocative. the u.s. destroyer in international waters 186 miles southwest of russian crimea and roughly 50 miles off the coast of romania. a russian spy ship today spotted off the east coast of the united states. the russian spy ship was 70 miles off the coast of delaware in international waters heading north at about 10 naughts. the ship armed with surface to airplane missiles capable of intercepting communications as
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well as measuring u.s. navy sonar activity. and a u.s. official has confirmed to fox news that russia has deployed a nuclear tip ground launch cruise missile to two locations inside the country. one reportedly located at a russian launch and development site in the country's southeast. it's known as gasputinyar. it violates the nuclear forces treaty. well, joining me now one of the finest minds in foreign policy in this country former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, ambassador, good thave you with us. your thoughts on what today is a wide rang of challenges and threats to power specifically from russia and first, that russian spy ship off our east coast. >> well, that's clearly a provocation. you know, i'm not sure what they think they're going to see off the coast of delaware, but they're advertising that russia's back.
10:17 pm
i think when you combine it with it is certainly reckless and provocative what they did to our ship in the black sea and these various other moves. there's no bromance emanating from vladimir putin and the kremlin. he's testing this administration. it was entirely predictable, and he wants to see what the response is. and i don't think it's coincidental. it comes at a time of turmoil at the national security council. putin's going to see what he can get out of it. lou: and as you suggest, those four russian jets flying over are destroyer in the black sea. perhaps not related to the position of the russian ship simultaneously off our coast. what do you make of that, and i guess the question is why do we persist in the black sea and why do these instances continue? will work has what we're doing in the black sea is maintaining freedom of navigation rights in what are international waters.
10:18 pm
the russians want to sale the ship up and down the east coast and look at the delaware river. that's fine. but it's really part of a larger picture of the russians trying to throw their weight around in eastern and central europe and in the middle east. remember, they buzzed a ship of ours in the baltic sea some months back. the obama administration didn't react at all. so i think when they engage in that kind of activity, we ought to protest. we ought to make it clear we find it unacceptable. let their ship sale in international waters wherever it wants from that perspective. i think the bigger question, though, as you alluded to earlier was the deployment of this missile. which violates the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. and this is something -- they've been violating it for years. it's just the obama administration wouldn't use the v word and say they had violated. this really does call i think for a unequivocally reaction from trump. lou: what can this government do?
10:19 pm
and what should we do? because we have heard for so long in this country, frankly, empty words emanating from a white house that neither the american people nor likely our rivals and outright enemies around the world would pay much heed either. >> yeah. look, it's a phenomenon in american diplomacy. the arms control people hate to say the russians are violating this or that arms control treaty. it's just a word they can't stand. and our trade negotiators can't stand saying china's violating its obligations to the world trade organization. lou: we sound like pretty thin milk toast. >> you got it. that's a diplomatic way of putting it. lou: well, thank you. >> so i think we need to take strong steps. i think this violation of the inf treaty has got to be written up, delivered in a foreign protest, and we have to go through it diplomatically to show we're taking attention. i would go further, frankly. i would withdrawal from the inf treatedy.
10:20 pm
i think it's a good idea at the time it was signed. but there are only two countries in the world that are even theoretically bound not to have intermediate range nuclear tip ballistic missiles. that's the united states and russia. and russia's violating the treaty. that means north korea's not bound, russia's apparently not bound. we're the only country bound by it. i think we ought to ditch it. that would wake the russians up. lou: excellent points. but that way we do look like fools, don't we? >> that's another diplomatic way of putting it. lou: thanks. well, i lost my edge on the diplomacy around that one. thanks so much, ambassador john bolton. always diplomatic and insightful. thanks. breaking news now. the office of government ethics calling on the white house at discipline counselor white house counselor kellyanne conway saying that the counselor to happen violated ethics standards by endorsing ivanka trump's clothing line during an interview. it was a throwaway and
10:21 pm
obviously jester on her part. press secretary sean spicer. conway was counseled on the matter. there is a funny matter to think the counselor to the president would be counseled. in my opinion, it went too far. president trump, in my opinion, -- well, my opinion is he shouldn't wasthis time on the matter. but then again, i think the oge shouldn't waste its time either. please vote in tonight's poll. the question is should the fbi and cia urgently and immediately investigate all leaks emanating from the trump administration and the bureaucracy of our government? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram. on wall street stocks climbing to all new time highs. the trump rally is now -- i think it was roaring, i think it's now raging.
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the dow jones industrials gaining 92 points today. the s&p up 9. the nasdaq up 19 points closing all of those indexes at record highs. and market cap value added since the election of donald j. trump to the white house. well, it's $2.5 trillion. the big board shares today 3.5 billion shares health insurers are throwing in the towel. anthem seeking $13 billion in damages. also terminating its deal with humanna. both mergers blocked on antitrust grounds. humanna also announcing it will leave obamacare exchanges all together next year. fed chair janet yellen today testifying it would be unwise to wait too long to raise interest rates after the december increase. perhaps the chair needs some restraint given her track record previously forecasting for rate hikes for last year, there were none.
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and a remindero listen to my report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. did i say one? or did i say none? there was one. up next, president trump outraged at the leaks that have exposed his conversations with foreign leaders and those of his national security adviser. but can the president contain the leaks? that's a subject of my commentary here next. stay with us. we'll be right back your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. lou: a few thought on the unprecedented leaks plaguing the trump administration. the real story is the leak coming out of washington in relation of law.
10:28 pm
now the chair of the house intelligence committee, congressman devon nunes is calling for an investigation. >> if the shoe was on the other foot and this was a democrat, you can manage they would be going crazy if that happened within the obama administration. lou ared obama administration took -- lou: the obama administration took more legal action against more leakers than any other administration combined. but the trump administration has an unprecedented leaks especially at this stage of the administration. information already leaked about president obama's calls with
10:29 pm
leaders from australia, mexico and russia, as well as the inner workings of his white house. the establishment and left-wing media all mean to wage their ideological war against the trump administration. enemies are headed towards subject version if they continue on this reckless course. there is no question that the justice department should prosecute he single leaker to the fullest extent of the law. these leaks and the left's assault on every quarter of the white house are intended to obstruct, block, under mine and subvert every trump policy and activity.
10:30 pm
the leaks must be stopped. the quotation 69 evening on leaking. this one from benjamin franklin. we are coming right back. >> i think the issue -- the situation became increasingly unsustainable and he decided to resign. lou: the administration want to know who leaked flynn's phone calls. you won't need cupid's wings for this experience. we'll bring you these wing we'll bring you these wing suiter's breathtaking flightsy a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension,
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lou: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu arriving last night at st. an drews base in preparation for his meeting with president trump tomorrow. rex tillerson holds a meeting with heads of state. his first official as secretary of state. joining me now, former senior
10:35 pm
advisor to david cameron. great to have you here. do all of these leaks make you think the good old days of 10 downing. >> leaks are part of your life if you work in government. but the volume and the pace shows there is something serious going on. but it's not surprising. trump went to washington to say he was going to take on the establishment, he was going to drain the swamp. this is the swamp and the establishment fighting back. that's not surprising. and it's okay as long as he actually wins. what that means is getting a grip of these agencies, getting a grip of these government departments. putting in the people he needs to advance his agenda, and actually he and his team focusing on what that agenda is and getting a move on. lou: that agenda seems to be set aside for the new the news of ty
10:36 pm
whether it be the internal staffing of the white house or general flynn and the relationship with the russian ambassador. praipts's too strong a statement to say the relationship with the russian ambassador. >> there were many things the president promised during the campaign which he wants to deliver on. if there is one thing he was elected to do, if we have to choose one, most people would agree the economic agenda. bringing back jobs. raising incomes, and getting the economy going. he has done a good start but there is so much more that needs to be done. it doesn't feel like there is a sense of urgency, not necessarily from trump, but from congress.
10:37 pm
when they say we have to do the obamacare first then we'll get to the corporate tax cut. to me that's crazy. these are the same people congress who couldn't run, you know, any part of their business for years, and now something they are telling the man that showed them how to win an election telling him what's going to be the priority. >> it's incredible when you hear people say you can't do two things at once. who says that that's not how things work. the whole points of donald trump's election was to say to washington, now it is going to work differently. i'm going to shake things up. i think it problem is the more he gets mired in these
10:38 pm
distractions, the less leverage he has to say to paul ryan and others in congress, you have got to get on with it to get the economy moving. lou: congressman jim jordan from ohio, one of the:finist congressmen, i think, along with mark me deens others pnt freedom caucus and conservatives have had a belly full. they want to repeal obamacare. and the president directly rants to cut taxes. those things can be done in a matter of weeks, not months or certainly not years as even the speaker of the house -- >> i can't understand how they have got the nerve to save we can't do two things at once. >> they may be guilty ofeing honest on that. >> what do they they they are
10:39 pm
prepared to do? there is a big fight trump needs to win. the exact rate on the corporate tax cut. there is a huge difference between the 15% he promised and the 20% ryan and his gang want. difference is in the global competitiveness factor and also the confidence boost. when people hear 15% -- lou: and the import tax ryan and others in congress want, which i think the trump white house flirted with for a bit. i hope they have come to their senses and say no. >> it's so complicated. the more complicated you make things, the more it gets in the way of what we've need. end prize, growth, people creating jobs. and he's got to get on with it. that's the stuff he knows how to do. he's got right instincts on that
10:40 pm
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lou: kim jong-nam's brother was
10:45 pm
murdered. two women stabbed him with poisonous needles at an airport. the leader of the cal exit movement spark concerns about his ties to russia. lewis manelli is the leader of the yes california campaign is working to make the state an independent nation. marinelli currently lives in russia. he has received support from a far right russian nationalist group. he's prove motoring the idea of a cal dem exit. it raises questions on whether russia is behind the california secession campaign in california, and god those what
10:46 pm
else in california. fox news military an list general jack keane. let's start with kim jong-un and the test of a ballistic missile into the sea of japan. what options the president has and should he use any of them. >> what's happening the iranians and north korea. they are testing this new president which we said they would do. i think the president will take a different path with all three of these nations than what his predecessor did. he will be want to go confront them if necessary. doesn't want conflict, but he's willing to confront them. president obama was always in fear of adverse consequences. lou: adverse consequences, the resignation of general mike
10:47 pm
flynn from the national security advisor position. how damaging is that? your thoughts by the. >> my thought is a great american paper yot. he made a mistake, that's clear now. he provided inaccurate information to the vice president of all people, and president trump chose not to overlook that. that's his call. it's disruptive because general flynn put a team of his associates in place in the national security council, the body that provides advice to the president. a new head of that organization would likely make some changes. so yes it's sruptive what s taken place. i thk e president will november rather quickly to find a replacement. lou: and he has to find out who's leaking. general flynn, for bert or worse is the victim of leakers as well as his own mistake.
10:48 pm
but those leaks are constant. they are rising, and they are getting increasingly more important within the administration. >> all administrations have leaks. but this leak with general flynn is particularly disturbing because this is transcript of a foreign national. most people even in intelligence circles are not privy to that information. this is very high up. only a few. susan rice, the former national security advisor, director clapper, the head of the defense national intelligence, and the head of the cia, the defense chief in the department of defense. it's just a handful of people would be privy to something like that. lou: the f.b.i. as well? >> yes, counter intelligence people in the f.b.i. there has got to be an investigation to run this to ground and see if we can determine who is the head this
10:49 pm
conspiracy. lou: the politics of this, the white house hit self, senior staff, would they have such access. the ability to focus or to carry out a leak like this. >> they should not have had that kind of access. but i don't know exactly how the obama white house worked with that staff who was around him. he made a lot of national security decisions with people around him who were not national security experts. they were close advisors to him. he was very comfortable with them. lou: president trump wants to fix the leak and it's you are gentle he gets staffed out in all departments. >> we have got to get the people into these departments and putted the culture in that needs to be. this is a serious administration and they will have to control things within their departments
10:50 pm
in terms of information flow to protect the secrets within those departments. lou: general jack keane, thank you. thed mandatory evacuation order around the lake oroville spillway has been lifted. 200,000 residents who live below the lake oroville dam can return to their homes and businesses can reopen. but the threat is not entirely over. a large amount of rain is expected to fall. a half inch arriving thursday morning. more to come friday. this as more than 125 nng crews, two helicopters continue their efforts to shore up that emergency spillway and officials say the spillway has been stable for four days.
10:51 pm
they hope to bring it elevation down 40 feet which is considered a flood control level. good news for the folks in lake oroville. up next, president trump's administration being undermined daily by leaks. why isn't there a sense of urgency to stop the leaks and a left that's determined to topple the administration. we take that up with charlie
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lou: the president's extreme vetting order halted by the 9th circuit. 56% of voters describe the action as a restriction on people entering from known terrorist hotpots. 37% support a muslim ban as an accurate label. joining me now, the "washington times" opinion editor, charlie hurt and gayle trotter. let's start with general flynn's resignation, obviously the result of his own conduct and the consequences therefrom.
10:56 pm
but it's leaking that's behind it all and this administration is a is is a sieve. >> white houses have always had to contend with leaks. lou: this looks like subject version to me. it looks like the left whether in league with the intelligence agencies and in league with the dems on capitol hill are the national left-wing media. this look an an evident to stop, block and subvert seditiously in my view this presidency. >> there are a lot of whispers in washington, d.c. about this having to do with the iran deal. that michael flynn was have much against the iran deal and information would come out that he knew about the iran deal. whether that's true, there is a
10:57 pm
concerted evident to take hip out. howie: the intelligence agency surely has higher record for the national security than to get involved in that madness. >> i think for the vast majority of them they do. but it on takes a few bad ones. the leak are coming out of the highest levels of the intelligence community. michael fine was taken out by leakers in the intelligence community and bureaucrats it's a genuine national security matter. and the fact they were successful -- no matter what you think of flynn, the fact that these people were successful at this should be terrifying, and also raises serious constitutional questions. forget what you think of mike flynn one way or the other. but the fact that he picked hip
10:58 pm
to play this vital role inside the white house and these people were able to kneecap him in three short weeks is staggering. lou: did the president make a mistake in this? the vice president i thought graciously and generously accepted general flynn's apology. and the president had an option here. at that point when you have an option, then you have to wonder about the staff around him. what your thoughts. did the president do the only thing in your judge the available to him? >> he could have stuck by his man and said we are not going to leave anyone behind and resisted the drum beat to drill mike flynn out of the city. but the president needs men he can trust. so ultimately it's his decision. lou: generals like general mike flynn have a high regard for
10:59 pm
him, as you both know. you get deciding vote on this. >> also a guy who has been a tremendous asset and served his country for his entire life. none of that should be taken away from him. but it's very worrisome to think that the lives cop out for a guy like this and these people -- these unmade leakers and bureaucrats are able to score this kind of scalp this early. by, you know, that set. he did lie to the vice president. and that is a real problem. and i think donald trump did the right thing there. lou: now the right thing to do with the white house. we have about 30 seconds here. you get to answer this one question. what should the president do in terms of the administration of the white house that's having a difficult time moving ahead?
11:00 pm
>> he many got to be thinking about the target on his back. lou: thank you both. we appreciate it. show, dvr it. you don't want to miss a moment. also you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. next. lou: his enemies have the trump white house surrounded and insiders are selling out the president. mr. trump today blasted government officials who are leaking to the media. leaks about general michael flynn forced him to resign his national security adviser after only 24 days on the job. we take up the damaging consequences of these leaks with one of the top republicans in dc, the former chairman of the republican national lawyers association randy evans. also, russia testing the trump administration again. we've learned about three new instances of russian aggression. a russian spy ship now patrolling off our east cot.


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