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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> stocks hitting new highs today, the dow skyrocketing more than 100 points. boeing united health giving us the gains. making money with charles payne coming up next. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. the department of homeland security rolling out plans today for president trump's agenda to crack down on illegal immigration and implement aggressive enforcement of existing immigration loss. dhs secretary kelly orders today include 10,000 additional ice agents, 5,000 more border patrol agents, and a moratorium on president obama's catch and release policy at the border. the order also allocates funding for victims of crimes at the hands of illegal immigrants and advocating on behalf of those here illegally. reporters grill the white house press secretary on whether this is a blueprint
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for mass deportation. >> the message from this white house and from the dhs is from those people who are in this country impose a threat to our public safety or have committed a crime will be the first to go, and we will be aggressively making sure that that occurs. that's what the priority is. charles: joining me now, mark and steven. mark, let me start with you. seriously what we're seeing is that the trump administration is saying "we're going to enforce the laws" and yet it's coming across so controversial. >> let's put these in context. what these orders actually tried to have is the notion that this administration is sending subs across the country to round up illegal iensnd ripilies apart. it's just not true. these orders do something very underwhelming. it's that they enforce existing law, which is something very novel over the past eight years.
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it's very, very simple. we're going to focus first on criminal illegal aliens and root them right out of our communities and kick them back across the border. there is tremendous support across this country for that move. this is a very underwhelming move. it's simply applying the existing law, charles. charles: you know, steven, i'm looking at so many alders today and some folks have a problem with the guidelines focusing on people who abuse public benefits, folks driving without a license, and things like that. do you see anything wrong with these? i mean, again, we're talking about breaking the law when you came into the country uninvited and then compounding it with an additional things, no matter what they are. >> yeah. basically under the obama administration, they basically announce that illegal immigrants didn't have to worry at all about deportation unless they were in a very narrowly focused group of violent criminals. what this basically says is that all illegal immigrants
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are subject to deportation, though, we will be focusing on the most violent, except for one group. that is those who came as children. so basically what this says is the immigration law is back in business. things have been so relax for so long. we had over a million people who were ordered deported by an immigration judge already who never left. we never followed up on it. and that's one of the places they're going to start first. charles: according to the migration policy institute, which, by the way, is a left-leaning organization, there are 1.9 million deportable immigrants with criminal records. so there's a lot of work to be done. >> well, there is. remember, these people are not being taken from jail across the border. these people are running loose on the streets. so these people, many of them are catch and release situation where they catch them doing a crime, they come back in 90 days. they don't come back. who knows what they're doing. so this is a matter of basic public safety. i don't think there's anything
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crazy or extreme or obnoxious about this. there are people on the streets who are a here illegally and may do future harm. we want to stop that before it happens. charles: of course sean spicer today took great pain to say it's pretty obvious to focus on the hard criminal element. there are obviously a lot of them perhaps as much as 2 million according to left-leaning institute. but, you know, there's always the question of, hey, what about the housekeeper, you know? who came here illegally? and some would argue, hey, this person probably had to forge some working apapers, maybe had to give someone a social security number. maybe driving without a license. er there other things that can snare people in this net as well. are you okay with the idea that perhaps they have to go as well? >> it's not going to happen, charles. i mean, all of that is just political postering by the far left. they're trying to pinpoint these modest little cases where someone might have gotten caught up. it's a complete
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mischaracterization. if these orders had been put in place two years ago by barack obama, would kat kate steinle still be alive today? i think she would. that's why jeff sessions has got to come in and deal with these states and these cities that are creating sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens. people who should be rounded up have no place in this country and are going to harm the next kate steinle. that's what we're trying to avoid, charles. so i'm not too concerned about people getting caught up because that's not the director of these orders. these orders clearly place a priority on those who have been charged or convicted of serious violent crimes. charles: right and, you know, steven, unfortunately, there's an example of katesteinly situation occurring in denver where illegal immigrant with a criminal record was allowed to
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go free. there's a harris poll out that says these sanctuary cities should be handing over these illegal immigrants who are arrested for crimes. so, steven, is this now sending out the ultimate showdown? the one that we know is going to happen sooner or later in one word the federal government is going to have to go into major cities and enforce law? >> yeah. let's remind your listeners basically what happens is an illegal immigrant gets arrested by a local authority, the authorities are notified. they look at the person's records, fingerprints and say, hey, this is someone previously deported. hey, this is someone here illegally. they just ask that local city or county to hold the person for two days at most. a day, usually. and the actual policy is, no, 17,000 times that's happened recently where they said, no, we're not going to hold them. and a lot of those individuals have gone on then to commit
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another crime. so what we're going to see is a real confrontation with these cities that are defying the law, encouraging illegal immigration, and i hope the administration gets tough with them. it's certainly politically popular, and it just makes so much sense. charles: we had the fake news story last of about 100,000 national guardsman. most experts say even with 10,000 additional enforcement officers, the workload is going to be so enormous that they're going to need help. they're going to need local authorities to pitch in and do their part. otherwise, you know, the real violent element are still going to run free. and, by the way, there are on all society especially the immigrant society themself where they live. >> absolutely. you have mayors who are defying federal law, breaking federal law by not assisting in handing these people over. as you say a lot of people get loose, they commit more mayhem, more murder and this
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is for constituents like rob emmanuel and others. and it certainly makes illegal aliens and immigrants look ba b. charles: did you see the press conference with spicer today? >> a little bit. charles: it's one of these things where they were pounding him left and right to the point mark made obviously a situation where you're talking literally millions of people, there are going to be some instances that are going to be blown out of portion with the mainstream media. do you think that's going to happen? >> oh, of course. find one person that says, oh, this poor person was a gardner and those person was booted out. and these kids left behind and their families torn apart. and the left goes further than that. they try to conflate the fight against illegal aliens with immigration in general. charles: right. >> and they say trump' against immigrants. he always said repeatedly he's for illegal immigration. you fill out your paperwork, you get your visa, and then you come here. >> they give them a label of dreamers.
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that's to mislead the public. >> and what a sweet word is that? oh, lovely. >> exactly. and it takes the emphasize away -- charles: hey, mark, we've only got a few seconds. let me ask you. what happens if one day ice goes to someone's house and the little kid runs out the back door and gets hit by a car and someone catches that on a camera phone? you ha like that but as these officers go to work and do their job, something bad is going to happen. and you know that it's going to be the number one story in the country. >> well, sure, charles. but, look, you know, a nation of laws is not guided by emotion. i mean, that would be a great tragedy if that were to take place. but it doesn't take away from the fact that people are here illegally and we've got to take out the most heinous among them. let's secure the border. my goodness. put it on the terms of pure economics, charles. for a cost of $21 billion, we now know we'll have a savings over the years of $64 billion.
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so from a economic standpoint -- charles: we're actually going to cover it more in depth from a economic standpoint. but keeping everyone safe and getting rid of criminals is smart stuff to do and i think ultimately everyone is going to know that and appreciate it. >> amen. job one. charles: president trump said he will handle the so-called dreamers with heart. but will this be seen as a flip-flop by some of his more hardened immigration hard-liners and his fans? we'll discuss it next.
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. charles: president trump vowed to deal with the issue of immigrants who were brought to the u.s. children with quote heart and seems to deliver on that promise today. but reporters pounce on white house spokesperson sean spicer
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on the issue of so-called dreamers. >> dhs guidance did not eliminate dca. does that mean the program remains in place and it is not going away? >> no, jordan, what it means is that this particular enforcement is tailored to what i've been referencing over and over again. that what we're talking about today is the implementation of those two executive orders. what it means more than anything is that this order does not address that. charles: joining me now to discuss gina and michael. let me start with you, gina. it says that the order that president trump is going to leave in place, president obama's his daca action. i looked at both of these orders, and i guess you can get into the minutia. but it feels like president trump living up to what he
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inferred that he was going to deal with this with heart. that he was grappling with it. that these so-called dreamers were probably going to be allowed to stay as long as they don't join gangs and keep their noses clean. >> charles, i think this is a brilliant move on the part of trump. what he's doing is gaining our trust. he's going to let these deportations begin, watch our crime decline, watch our terrorists threats decline, and then continue with the rest of his plan. and i think it's important that he says, hey, i'm going to have a heart in this. trust me on this. and don't forget too, charles, some people will self deport. but you cannot eat a whole elephant in one bite, and i think that's where this expert ceo is going with this. . charles: michael, you've dealt with immigration policy for a long time. i think what gina is saying is probably the right approach.
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i mean, we're dealing with lawbreakers. and of course there's the gray area because these kids were brought here. but by the same token if you leave that area open, then it's always going to be an excuse for future illegal immigration knowing i can bring a child here and/or have kids in this country and not have to leave. >> every president in our nation's history has had to grapple with some form of immigration issue. the way they are addressing this will hurt the bank. they're going to do 10,000 agents, but they have accommodated for one more immigration judge. when it comes to dreamers and a lot of these kids are in the military, about it they don't understand any other flag, they don't have an accent, but they were brought here by no act on their own. the president received a huge backlash with 200 people stuck in airports over a weekend. imagine 820,000 people. now, i use the word imagine for a reason. my dad represent john lennon when he took on the nixon administration where they
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discovered this deferred action prosecutorial seduction. an discussion. and it's only because president obama himself, and i say that as a democrat. after deporting so many people and being upset in washington stepped up to do something for these kids. now, 820,000 people not 200 people in a airport. what's the right thing to do? well, look, i'm all for getting rid of hardened criminals. i'm a former federal prosecutor and a mayor. and i believe there's lots of room on airplanes to get rid of hardened criminals. but when it comes to these individuals, the president is showing heart, and i tip my hat to him on that. charles: yeah, gina, again, it does to me seem like it will be ultimately low hanging fruit with respect to the more complicated issues that the president is going to deal with when it comes to immigration, particularl particularly trying to get new laws. but by the same token, i think the media is going to overplay their hand and there will be some of these kids who will have gang affiliations and
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there's going to be resistance to even having them lead the country. it's one thing if someone joined the marines. another one if someone joined the crips or the bloods. >> yeah. there are a couple of other possible tripups here, charles. one is that more people will send their children over unaccompanied. that could lead to dangerous things too. but i think what your other guest said is key that what president trump's strategy here is to get rid of the criminals. body wants the dangerous criminal minds here. once the president has gained the trust of most of america, then the rest of the problem will be so obvious to all of us, as you just pointed out, that we will demand he do something about it. >> interestingly, i don't mean to interrupt. but nobody with a dui with some kind of minimum crime can get daca relief. it's only 16 to 31-year-olds, and it's designed for the most
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children that are innocent. . charles: all right. guys, thank you, both, very much. next can president trump make good on this pledge to unite the country? he made that once again today on his visit to the african-american museum. katrina pearson is next. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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trump: we're going to bring this country together. maybe bring some of the world together. and we're going to bring this country together. we have a divided country that has been divided for many, many years. but we're going to bring it together. charles: president trump today announcing bi bigotry. earlier, but with overwhelming obstructionism across the aisle and arising dissatisfaction with the race relations in this country. will the president be able to make his pledge a reality? katrina, long time. nice seeing you. >> good to see with you be
6:23 pm
charles. charles: you know, this is one issue where you have a tremendous amount of anxiety by all americans, and it's fair to say it got extremely worse under president obama. so how does president trump deal with this? because i think inheriting race relations is worse than the economy he inherited. >> no. i think you're absolutely right, charles. but if anybody can bring people together, it's going to be president trump. in my lifetime i have seen race relations this bad and particularly in communities that were targeting police officers. but president trump all throughout the campaign trail even with talking about uniting the country and that is because he loves people in general. and i think that's something that the mainstream media
6:24 pm
missed. they were too focused on trying to demonize him. but what they're going to find out is through his legislative agenda exactly how his policies are actually going to help those people that the media says that he hates. charles: so we know policies help because ultimately like economics the same tithe. list all boats and people willful better. but how does he get around the mainstream media and the civil rights organization or even some of the older folks in a congressional black caucus like a maxine waters who will never, ever come to the table and talk heart to heart with president trump? >> well, i think a lot of people even in those communities, they realize that those particular congresspeople really haven't had their best interest in mind because they've had their own scandals. but i do think he's been willing to bypass the media. and these policies at the end,
6:25 pm
i think it's really going to make people think twice, particularly when it comes to education. we can't talk about another policy that's going to impact inner city communities and the children there other than education. that is the great poverty equalser. not only that, but he's the only one that wants to help combat crime in those cities because we know that the vulnerable people there are going to benefit from trump's policy. charles: real quick. i want to ask you about anti-semitism and president trump speaking out on that as well. almost immediately you had the media today with sean spicer really taking him to task suggesting that for some reason he continue to suggest that president trump is antianti-semitic. >> at this point i don't think it really matters what the president says or when he does it it happen the mainstream media is going to find
6:26 pm
something to complain about. it is very well established that donald trump is not anti-semitic. his daughter is jewish. he holds israel in the highest regards. he has a lot of respect for benjamin netanyahu who wants to be sure that america holds its relationship with america sacred. so, again, it's the mainstream media taking anything and everything they can to try to demonize this president and the public. charles: and netanyahu last week saying israel has no greater friend than president trump. >> absolutely. charles: next, president trump has been -- well, he's been on a whirlwind; right? taking care of all of that stuff some call it low hanging fruit. but the biggies. obamacare, taxes, even infrastructure. have made lurking and everyone wants to know where is the plan? gop where is the plan? don't let us down. scott brown. next.
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>> we are going to be submitting and a couple of weeks a great health care plan that's going to take the place of the disaster known as obamacare. it will be repealed and replaced. charles: i was president trump a gorelli over the weekend reassuring supporters set reassuring supporters setup, care will be repealed and replaced and promising a great health care plan is only a few weeks away but how fast will it
6:31 pm
actually happen and then again where does that plan fit with respect to tax reform? former senator scott round is here to discuss. we tried to give new zealand the play but we couldn't get the rights for it. i don't know if it's premature or not, scott and i do want to ask you about it. >> very premature. charles: i want to ask you about the anxiety and be keep hearing seeing and feeling within the party over taxes, obamacare and infrastructure. how to actually get it done. we know what we wanted we know at the american people want but how do you actually do it and can it be done? we have repeated answers on all of these issues. >> that's a question charles and we have spoken about this before. the bottom line is i look at obamacare as a tax cut for many businesses and individuals when you repeal it. those 18 taxes went into effect by three-quarters of a trillion dollars of cuts to medicare so you take care of that, so that's a tax reduction.
6:32 pm
obviously looking at a proper tax plan i tell people who are anxious yeah eight years and you need more than 30 days to fix fx it. he finally got secretary price and anthony batts secretary mineta chin and so they were able to move forward 1000% in dealing with his issues. i spoke to some former colleagues. they are absolutely working on repealing and replacing. they are going to keep catastrophic care and coverage. they're going to keep covering kids up to 26 and pre-existing care and coverage than they are also going to fix the workweek so people don't work three hours a week and allow for more than 49 employees. there's a lot of things they can do and don't forget charles and i will be quiet they could have done all this when i got elected. we filed 300 amendments and they chose not to do any of them and now they want to all of a sudden fix fix it. give me a break. charles: scott i want to bring the panel and with this
6:33 pm
discussion. i read one publication is that the g.o.p. voted to repeal 62 times and now the ball is in their court. i will start with you on this. it's easier said than done and in addition to ibeing overwhelming because the health care is a large chunk of our economy that certain bad things have already occurred because of obamacare. spinach conservatives are worried at the end of obama's care that he was tying donald trumps hands with these executive orders and things like expending monuments but i think what he is going to go down in history pours almost like an fdr figure that he changed how americans even perceive what their rights are and now the republican party took the times is listen the the government doesn't provide your health care. your employer does. people have a different mindset about that now they have to try to figure out a plan which doesn't take health care way from people and they fear these terrible commercials coming at them.
6:34 pm
it's going to be extremely difficult. obama has essentially changed the game for the republican party and if they try to shove something through right now again like you said that affects a large portion of the economy they could end up with another catastrophe. charles: these town halls and chuck grassley didn't get a chance to speak is on town hall and they are hammering away at these republicans. i don't know how much is staged as senator chaffetz said that all those folks were bused in from somewhere and paid but the point is they are hearing this in the public making the job that much more difficult. >> good evening troy was to put points of that. first and foremost a lot of these protesters are professional agitators. you have heard of course organizing for america the arm of four president obama's training folks and giving them a manual on how to disrupt these presentations how to show up for these town halls to yell and shout down republicamembers of congress through the second and most important way republicans have had eight years to take and
6:35 pm
look at how to better replace obamacare, how to have a market-driven system and some of the frustration you are seeing by the constituencies after all these time what you guys have a coalesce plan where you march results around and say this is what we are going to do with our health care system. charles: i don't know if my timing is wonky or not but let me read it to the president trump is put out because it pertains to what we are talking about right now. the so-called -- and home districts of republicans are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activists , sad. of course it will keep you posted on any other tweets. just as we are talking about and president trump tweeted about it so what do you make of it and we know that the left is working on it in that fashion. >> of course charles they are organized and here's what they are forgetting. unions, teachers police and firefighters those people who have those cadillac plans are being dramatically affected by what's going into effect regarding obamacare.
6:36 pm
if they really want to have a conversation they could. these are obviously an effort to disrupt and frustrate. the bottom line is they have a plan. there are many plans but if they screw this up by just rushing it out there we are going to be dealing with a mess. i would rather have them take two, three or four weeks and actually sit down close the doors and figure it out and do it right than rushing it. i'm cool with the way things are going right now in terms of the timeframe. it's only been 30 days and he doesn't have his full canet. give me a break to. charles: gentlemenhank you very much. thanks a lot guys. brick-and-mortar stocks another record close. my market commentary is next.
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charles: graem rates on the rise many u.s. cities and having a major impact on the economies. how can we fix fix it? we have a guy who has a plan, next aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price.
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invest with confidence. wh yyou want somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. charles: it was another wild run for the bulls in new york and this time in more ways than one. in fact in the middle of the day up all escaped the slaughterhouse in queens new york and after a while chase the bulls finally captured and perhaps from the dozens of tranquilizer darts used to slow down its from. the bulls romp and wall street eats tranquilizer darts for breakfast. those fans seem more fundamental justification and underpinnings for this rally. back this morning strong results
6:41 pm
from brick-and-mortar stock including walmart and home depot and also news out of europe very impressive as well. while i note it becomes an economic island with a big moat around it the fact is the global economy is here to stay and it appears the united states is having a positive impact on it. the most recent evidence is the purchasing manager of data in europe eurozone pmi numbers spiked to the highest level in months driven higher by germany and france pricing to their steepest levels of july 2007 but the key as is they were successfully passed on to consumers. germany's pmi 56.1 driven by manufacturing france is even higher believe it or not and that was driven by the service economy. overall effects of this report are very robust. the backlog with the sharpest increase in 69 months. employment the best level since august of 2007.
6:42 pm
there was a ripple that started in the global economy last summer and it's now become the riptide and it's going all around the world keeping the stock market on the move to the upside and sooner or later that's going to create jobs in this country as well. joining me to discuss shelby holliday in eric schiffer. where my wrong on back? >> you are not, you are not. i think you are right on the moneypenny think what's happening is just that. i think you are going to see it happen even more. there will be a further drive. europe is hot and certainly france, overall germany is hot. will be interesting to see what these elections because will the nationalism pull things back invalid slow it down? i think it could. i think we might see a slowdown towards the end of the year but right now it's smoking. charles: i get e-mails and tweets and a lot of people are like it's gone too far too fast. i want to wait for the pullback. i have a list of people waiting for the pullback.
6:43 pm
i started in 2008. good luck with that one. this is happening despite fears about brexit and fears about greece despite all of these global uncertainties. look at all of the markets across the world. you mentioned europe's growth, the fastest pace in six years. that's huge and you look at the retailer and you say i think those are important because despite all the headwinds these retailers faced declining foot traffic at malls pressure from retailers like amazon uncertainty about trade the bottom line is consumer confidence does drive stocks. it does drive growth and i think we are seeing that notches in the u.s. but around the world. charles: walmart the seventh quarter of year-over-year comp source sales higher. people are going into the stores and the internet strategy this helping out but home depot the same thing. i guess shelby brings up the notion of climbing the wall of foray. are we to the point where we are
6:44 pm
too salient and it doesn't matter ultimately if indeed the president and g.o.p. get through all the things that have as excited about the possibilities of america reaching its potential again. >> well we have some headwinds. one of the headwinds really will come down to the appreciation of the dollar and how we are going to manage that. you can't keep an economy like we have right now growing without it affecting us and i think it probably will. the fed is going to try to slow it down with some rates but the question will be whether it will affect the dollar. that's going to ultimately have some effect on our economy and the last question is will trump be able to push the stuff through? i think the state of the union is going to be a big important speech. we are going to see how far he's really going to go. we are going to see congress respond. that's going to tell us a lot in terms of the policy side and policies drive a lot of this in my opinion. charles: the market is anticipating a great state of
6:45 pm
the union. next with the skyrocketing crime and murder rates mean for the economy because we all know one thing, it is ultimately a job killer. we will be right back.
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6:49 pm
about this in life-and-death turns that ultimately you can't have any form of prosperity with crime running rampant in the city and we both know new york city crime. >> about to 1994 when rudy giuliani took over but nobody was coming who worked worked here in lived here and want to go to school here and why to stay here. he said for every percentage point we drop the crime you are going to see an increase in all those things. economic development real estate values and literally for every percentage point drops we saw increases in all that stuff all the economics in new york city including tourism which on september 11 of 2001 the highest time ever in the cities of those cities have to realize and learn the same thing. you have to put money into public safety because without public safety, without people feeling safe they don't want to
6:50 pm
live together and they don't want to work and go to school. charles: in chicago for instance i think i read where one third of the black families have moved to the people who could afford to get up and leave they leave and leaves the most vulnerable. those families are left at the mercy. >> bear left behind charles. in the meantime you have the vulnerable living in communities that are like war zones. >> i don't think enough attention is paid to the kids in these areas who live in those areas. smart kids. they have trouble may be in these beverage showing how smart they are because they become a target and to be able to go out and get the word resources they need to take themselves out of that situation. it is never framed that way his eyes framed in a different way when they talk about the quote unquote weren't crying. >> that's what the president's been talking about for the past
6:51 pm
two months in the cities like chicago. the communities are victimized, who is most important in those communities, the kids. the kids have got to be taken care of. they have to be taken care of and i think that's the president's concern and that is what he is looking at right now. i think that's why they, what he called rahm emanuel on the carpet and said listen if you can't do your b if you can cleanup chicago thing come to me and come to the feds and we will help do it for you. charles: i just want to switch real quick because big news on immigration today. you've have a lot of the cities who are saying they are going to fight the president including i think rahm emanuel and of course here in new york city. these illegal immigrants who come here and commit crimes they devastate the people that overwhelmingly vote for these politicians or these politicians claim to try to help.
6:52 pm
>> at this left-wing ideology. charles: there's no way around it. is it a sickness? >> it's this ideology that you can change in the bottom line is who is the victim? it's the communities and the mayors have to come to realize at some point rahm emanuel you have 762 homicides last year more than new york city and l.a. alone. you need to focus on taking care of your people. don't worry about the sanctuary cities. charles: commissioner thank you very much and i'll mention your new book. now back to helping us get our life together appreciated. i can't wait to read it. the iranian ayatollah calling for the destruction of israel -- destruction of israel. we have the details, next.
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charles: iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei calling for quote holy intifada. expressing support for the violent extreme for its cruel occupation of the region by joining a lieutenant colonel schaefer. colonel schaefer thanks for joining us. it's so amazing that we had a visit by benjamin netanyahu and they were so much negativity in the press with the way that the israelis are treating the palestinians and i think we forget the enormous pressure that the state of israel is under and now iran with all this cash and now weapons from america in a position to really inflict serious harm and damage. sid you are completely correct and we have not considered the fact that the palestinians working through hamas and other organizations have done some really horrific things.
6:57 pm
the iranians were helping arm these groups with rockets and things like that. as you said we have helped make them flush with cash. this is going both ways. this is going back at the israelis. we know there's a horrific secondary effect and frankly we have to recognize charles the iranians are helping fund the north korean nuclear program which is a clear and present threat against our allies on our west coast. so be it by iranians by not actually requiring as part of the iranian nuclear deal the need for them to stop all terror activities and i think jim mattis the new secretary of defense and others have said the iranians are the largest state sponsor of terror on the planet so they are going to terrorize the israelis and terrorize other folks and frankly we have made some poor choices to help enable that. charles: of course there was a last-minute cash infusioto this palestinians from barack
6:58 pm
obama. >> to hamas, absolutely. so i was going to say the last administration the obama white house has done everything they can to embolden our enemies and essentially make our friends fearful. now that's going to change the michael the iranians are getting the message that with mr. trump a new sheriff is in town and you cannot anticipate doing the same bad behavior without some consequences being tied to it. charles the iranians did all sorts of bad things under the last white house. i just don't see that happening under the trump white house. now we have a new national security adviser and so i think you're going to see different behavior with this white house. charles: will there be one time where we have two come out and do something? can we browbeat them retort he
6:59 pm
after eight years of belligerence and you know i think they are going to continue to test us. so what happens? how do we show them that we mean business now? >> i know for a fact that and i'm not saying this to be glib but it's absolutely true all options are on the table. i don't know if mr. trump all react like present reagan did during the time the libyans were pushing doing the same thing but remember this when president reagan was told mr. president the libyans are testing, are flying airplanes in a dangerous way against our airplanes what do we do? president reagan said shoot them down so pc the iranian. >> provocative ginti see them doing things with the pithy and doing things with hamas i think the consequences are going to come very quick and very securely and it may include military action and other things so the iranians have to understand there's a new approach from this white house. bad behavior will not be
7:00 pm
tolerated and they expect bad things to happen to them. charles: colonel schaefer thank you very much. folks at home we appreciate you watching every night at 6:00 p.m.. if you can't watch a dvr. in the meantime lou dobbs. keep it right here. lou: president trump today following through on his campaign promises to take control of our borders. the department of homeland security announced criminal illegal immigrants are now the top priority and dhs had issued new guidelines calling for the hiring of 10,000 immigration and customs enforcement agents and another 5000 border patrol agents. >> we have to have a safe country. we have to let people -- lou: we will talk to radio talkshow host michael gallagher and political analyst gail trotter also to my president trump stands over religious freedom in a tour of the national museum of african-amer


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