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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 24, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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little bit jeaus. i didn't think cpac s gointo be this cool but her look like he was the best onevernd you guys are right there. >> it was so much fun to be in there. charles: thanks for sharing with me and at home thank you and now here's lou dobbs. lou: president trump today taking a victory lap receiving a rock star welcome at cpac the largest annual gathering of conservatives. mr. trump sounding -- sending in anti-globalist message promising to work for america first. >> there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global plan. i'm not representing the globe. i'm representing your country. >> the president escalating his attack on the left-wing national media saying he wanted to and the scourge of fake news. >> through the entire campaign and even now the fake news
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doesn't tell the truth. it doesn't tell the truth. >> and the president promised that work will start soon on one of his signature campaign promises. >> we are going to build the wall and the fact is going to start soon way ahead of schedule way ahead of schedule. way, way, way ahead of schedule. >> will let the highlights and political analysis with "the weekly standard"'s fred varn's. also tight president trump today blasted the fbi for failinto crack down on dangerous white house leaks. mr. trump lashing out after reports said chief of staff reince priebus asked an fbi official to publicly knock down the trump administrations alleged ties to russia but it turns out the fbi official initiated contact with priebus not the other way around. we take up the left-wing national media attacks on the white house with host tammy
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bruce and don gear donald. the trump rally shows no signs of slowing. stocks staging a last-minute rally with the dow closing higher for an 11th straight session. since election day the market is at a $2.9 trillion. we will discuss the roaring trump economy with former presidential candidate steve forbes. good evening everybody i'm tom sullivan in for "lou dobbs tonight" and president trump today making a victorious return to the conservative political action conference cpac where he absolutely electrified the crowd with his populist message. mr. trump receiving several standing ovations as he delivered a wide range speech pushing his agenda and hitting the national left-wing media. chief white house correspondent john roberts has our report. >> tom good evening. last year the president didn't seem -- and much of that
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conference what a difference winning the white house makes. >> over the years within together and now you'll finally have a president, it took you a long time. her president trump reseda champions welcome at cpac and opened his address by doubling down on his war with the media. >> her want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news. fake, phony, fake. they are the enemy of the people. today the white house correspondents association and the five nrk pool complained that the white house didot invite a number of news organizations to an off-camera briefing wh press secretary sean spicer. white house pool which covers events on behalf of all news organizations was in the meeting along with several other unilateral correspondent to the "fox news," nbc, abc and cbs. when asked about the exclusions spicer said the white house has gone above and beyond making themselves available.
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>> a source says that donald trump is a horrible, horrible human being to reflect and say to my face. the white house spent much of the day responding to bad news. delete the chief of staff reince priebus had pressured the fbi to knock down "the new york times" story about contacts trump campaign officials allegedly had with russian intelligence. senior demonstrations official said to the contrary, it was the app the ice deputy director andrew mccabe to contact the priebus saying the story was quote vs. when he was asked if anything the fbi could do to correct the record he was later told no by mccain and director james comey. comey gave priebus agreement to share the information on tv. >> i have talked to the highest levels of intelligence officials and they have assured me that thing new times story about constant contacts is grossly overstated and inaccurate. the president went off on the fbi for yet another leak
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tweeting quote the fbi is totally unable to stop the f. b. i -- the leakers have permeated our government for a long time but can even find the leakers within the fbi itself laid asked about information given to the media that could have been -- had a devastating effect on the u.s.. find now. in between fighting political fires the president got business done signing another executive order on regulatory reform. this one directs agencies to establish task force is to identify and receive regulations the president claims are stifling economic growth. >> regulatory burden is for people behind the great companies of this country. we are going to to solve a very quickly. >> the next big agenda item for the esent present is as new executive order on the immigration ban. sources say the plan at the moment is for him to sign on wednesday comes a day after he gives his address to a joint session of congress.
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tom: tom roberts of the white house thank you. meantime we have much more to discuss about this and joining me now to talk about the president's address to cpac and the trump agenda among other issues executive editor for "the weekly standard" "fox news" contributor fred arnson and fred , what is your take on this war? there are parts of the media that are on this attack of donald trump and donald trump strikes back so they are going back and forth. in the meantime you saw there was an egg deal today. the president signing an executive order creating this group in every agencies to start going to the regulations and getting rid of them. that's important. >> what the president i think need to do is ease off on his battle with the press because it's not helping him any. it may hurt the press but it's not helping him and he's got more important things to focus on. you mentioned the speech. next week to congress. the president really has an opportunity there and it's not
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one where he could hammer the press pay what he can do in that speech is really surprised democrats there and call their bluff. you know tom doma cretz and said we are going to have total resistance everything trump does he's slowing down nominees for congress and other top jobs so they can be confirmed. the president needs to go after them not the press. you need to go after democrats impress them hard. tom: but when you award the press and it's about then that's going to be the lead story, the second story in the third story and all the other important stuff will be lost in the weeds. >> not if the president stops talking about it and i think next tuesday in his speech to congress he will. the press will have to cover that. you know how they do, tom. look, the people that have an
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opportunity to block his agenda, it's not the press, it's democrats. tom: in the base loves it. i've talked to a lot of people may say listen one of the things that george w. bush did was he ignored all that. he put his no's to the grindstone and he went to work and a lot of people on the right side of the aisle go i wish somebody would fight back so they are loving this whole thing >> of course they are loving it at that as many have to keep it going through your entire presidency or even in the early months of his presidency. i think he made his point with the press repeatedly and it has gotten across to the american people but now begin needs to get his agenda passed and democrats want to block the whole thing. he needs to take them on. i think what he should say is look i'm willing to deal with you. why don't we talk? democrats would know how to handle that. they would get frustrated. tom: they'll come to the meetings whether it's labor or ceo or some group or whatever
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might be they come out and say wow we had the most incredible meeting ever. he is one heck of a salesman so is he selling to congress the idea of you had better get that obamacare fixed and repealed or replace or whatever you're going to do and the tax cuts. those are the things that he promised and those are huge and he needs to get them done quickly. >> they really are. if he could get obamacare repealed and replaced the supreme court nominee confirmed all by the august recess that would be a tremendous achievement and it's possible. but the president really needs to concentrate on this and get the public's attention behind this. do -- they know he doesn't like the press and i'm not objecting to what he's saying about that but the focus now has to be on democrats and force them to back down guerrillas they are going to be beaten badly. i have read the art of the deal,
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trumps book and maybe you have credit to tom. it's a very good book. the press as i will deal with you guys if you want to talk about infrastructure cupo the whithouse and we will talk and so on. democrats would be completely flummoxed. tom: i think you are right he could can see the populace. he is not an ideologue's a lot of democrats are complaining and saying wait a minute he's doing things we like so they're going to be scratching their heads soon. fred barnes we have got to leave it there. thank you for coming on tonight. we are coming right back with watch -- with much more so please stay with us. president trump paving the way for economic growth and prosperity for all american businesses. >> this executive order is one of many ways we are going to get real results when it comes to removing job-killing regulations and unleashing economic opportunities. tom: another day another executive action. our president is slowing down anytime soon. media mogul steve forbes joins
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us next. and our commander in chief wants answers and he wants them now. mr. trump calling on the f. e. i do find those responsible for damaging the white house leaks. we will take that up and much more next. stay with us. hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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tom: on wall street today stocks extending their record straight about jones industrials 11 points higher. coincidentally the 11 straight session in a row which is the new record high. as in p4 and closing at a new all-time high in nasdaq up 10. volume, 3.8 billion shares in for the week the dow s&p and nasdaq posting -- gains no less than one person on those numbers. new home sales rebounding in january up nearly 4% a big boost there and a reminder listen to lose finance report coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. nigel farage the man behind brexit will read a powerful speech at cpac declaring reagan's exit from the eu and president trp selection as the end of globalism. >> 2016 was the year that the nation-state democracy made a comeback against the globalists of those who would wish to
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destroy everything we have ever done. what happens in 2016 is the beginning of a great global revolution. tom: joining me now editor-in-chief steve forbes and steve listen, this market is just continuing to go. let's start with that because it's been a long time since we have seen the dice roll in one direction this many days in a row. what do you expect? >> well the markets anticipating the future. they are anticipating a big tax cut, a corporate tax cut from -- that automatically adds 15 to 20% and earnings of that's a big boost right off the bat but the key thing is the regulation especially for small businesses. that's why small-cap stocks have done so well since the well since election to the small companies can't afford these big regulations and the trump -- the fact that trump announced one
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executive order to keep hammering on his shows a series of monster roll some of the stuff back. tom: i read that executive order today and it's so businesslike. what he did was he said to the executive branch he has all these departments and agencies prayed he said every one of them you create this group in your agency. you go through your regulations and you start getting rid of all the ones that get in the way of growth. i mean this is a businessman doing that. it's not a government person doing that. tom: every person talks about deregulation in the press conference and a photo op and all that. this guy is following through having a person in each agency specifically responsible for deregulation means you can point to something, what have you done and why haven't you? that is the first death. they continue to follow through with congressional action and the like, that's going to be big. regulations cost this economy
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$2 trillion a year. 297,000 regulations just on manufacturing in this country. that's incredible. tom: it is and unless somebody owns a business, the business people i talked to said they couldn't start the businesses that they started today because of all the regulations. they were just talking about starting a business 30 years ago. scenic and having to turn spend their time on the stupid stuff and not running their business. tom: let's see if they come here because i've often said if you are a member of his cabinet it's not some cushy washington job or you get to go and sit down. think donald trump when the cameras leave the room closes the door and says have you met your goals? have you achieved my objective to get these things done or he is going to do "the apprentice" thing and say you are fired. i think he's going to demand accountability from these people >> the next thing we will get a
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flavor of next week is on tax cuts. they stay away from this crazy 20% border sales tax and go for big tax cut cuts for these talked about like reducing the tax rate on companies just below 15% that will be major news. you could see the market go up again. tom: were talking on the break about your position on the border tax and you make a strong argument and i don't know. time for tonight but i do look at your very concerned about getting the obamacare bill and whatever do so everybody knows what's coming and the tax bill and get those things on the president's desk sooner than later. are you getting nervous? >> nervous about the congressional republicans. i think both -- trump's heart is in the right place. the key thing is if it takes august to september to get a tax bill they should make it after january 1. one is you immediately get more money in your paycheck income
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next year you have a big refund in an election year. >> i knew at the results are from that. thank you. it's good to see you. in the meantime for sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you agree it's president trump have been national left-wing media is the enemy of the american people? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and a reminder follow lou on twitter @lou dobbs like liked the show on facebook and instagram @lou dobbs tonight. malaysian police today revealing that the half-brother of the north korean dictator kim jong-nam was assassinated using the deadliest nerve agent ever created. kim jong-nam's body a colorless odorless tasteless liquid that is deadly and microscopic amounts. the two women why this happens on his face while he waited on a flight in koala lumpur airport last friday.
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up next one of the major themes of president trump's cpac speech was the dishonest media. >> the first amendment gives all of us, gives it to me, gives it to you and gives it to all americans the right to speak our minds freely. it gives you the right and made the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly. tom: the corporate globalist media was amazed @lou dobbs speech. he spoke over the prison came on the stage. we'll have a highly and you can also watch the full speech on the space of page so stay with us. we are coming right back.
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tom: president trump at cpac saying his elections quote a
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victory for conservative values. also among the list of speakers someone you know, that would be lou dobbs who was there at cpac addressing the nation and its prospects. here are some of the highlights from lou's speech today. >> the left, the opposition party of the national left-wing media as the vice president said our not idle. when have any of us, think about this, what would be the last time you heard a republican vice president of the united states call for our citizens to march to mobilize for crying out loud? o. i have to tell you that is music to my ears and it lifts my spirits and i hope it does yours because i need to march and i
7:27 pm
hope you will too. [applause] republicans, conservatives all of us have been called to the ramparts to defend this administration and its policies. that ladies and gentlemen is exciting. it is absolutely exhilarating and we are now part of this moment and this history along with the president who has made it possible. [applause] we have been called to action at home in washington d.c. and constituent town halls all across the country targeted by the left. does anyone here doubt that we have been targeted by left-wing activists? as we go about the business of reclaiming our country, our values, our land and our destiny
7:28 pm
the left-wing media the opposition party refuses to credit this president in his 36 days in office. they are at war with this president that they are ignoring also about $3 trillion in market cap that has been gained in our equities market since he was elected. [applause] you can run all the popular polls you want. you can run all the metrics and indices you want but the $3 trillion in american stocks is one heck of a statement by the american people about our new president. [applause] the left who would bleed this nation, believe this nation with wrist -- redistributed economics in ever greater power and strip bar citizens of their individual rights, trying to eliminate individual freedom and make no
7:29 pm
mistake the mean and vicious attacks against our president and his administrator by the left-wing national media will continue unleashed by the large global corporatists who owned them. it is a mistake to ignore who has given them permission to be what they have become. this national left-wing media is doing good bidding of the establishment, the elites against whom this president campaign. i don't believe it's a fair fight either way. i think this president and his administration will easily prevail. [applause] i have absolute confidence in you. i believe you will march, you will mobilize and will support this president. you will support his administration, his policies and president trump and this country are most importantly of all and
7:30 pm
you and i along with them are on the right side of history. [appuse] tom: look at him, the audience loved it. lou -- for lou's complete speech go to our facebook page. we are coming right back with much more so stay with this president trump promises to fight all enemies of this country including fake news. >> a few days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. tom: we will talk about the presidents wharton state knows with talkshow host tommy -- tammy bruce and don giovanni. and hang on tight for this race in chilly. up next in the video that and much more straight ahead. stay with us. we will be right back.
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tom: the "new york times" taking a not so veiled punch at the president.
7:35 pm
well, that's the "times" first tv ad in 7 years. they will air it sunday during the academy awards. tammy, wow, that's something, what do you think? >> the message of that ad is they are the moral arbiters of truth it's a smug statement that they are the ones who know and that is the last newspaper in the country that should be claiming it can be relied on for accurate information. but this is what's fascinating about what donald trump is doing. he's trolling the media all the time.
7:36 pm
the moment he mentions them, it all turns out to be about them. they have and the president is right abouting about the enemy of the people, the embedded washington cabal of washington. they have thrown over their charge of being fair reporters of news and are simply representing one narrative and one political points of view. and how dare they. yet it exposes their arrogance. tom: dom, i find this fascinating. if a major media house did this with president trump, the cat calls would be coming forever. >> i was unaware they are doing this. but how appropriate they are doing it in the middle of the oscars. the more these people rant on
7:37 pm
sunday night at the always cars in -- at the oscars. and next weekend i have had people on my show in philadelphia and around the country that's there will be pro trump rall liz that will be started up that are grassroots that will push back. i don't know what the paper. record anymore is. i don't know where it is. maybe it's a good thing. a multitude of media sources are sort of jockeying to be the paper or the source of record. tom: tammy, i have mixed feeling about this. point one hand y have got all of this work being done and the important work that affects you and me is getting buried by this back and forth between the white house and the media. and on the other hand there is people that say but bush never
7:38 pm
fought back. it's about time somebody pushed back. >> this business the defense of the country. when we talk about caring about the pillars of democracy. the media is one of the funds amountal parts of that. the ability to speak truth to power. but it does not mean going out to deliberately harm or stop the president especially after 8 years we have seen what think did in the last 8 years which is generally remain silent or support the president. this is what americans have realized. and at the same time we have a responsibility to call out those in the media it's not everyone certainly, who are doing this, so there can be a preformation of the media -- a reformation of the media as well. >> it isn't the media of what the "new york times," it was the old gray lady. she is kinds of weak right now.
7:39 pm
we can get our news from a variety of source. so they aren't addressing that problem of the fact they think they are the truth but there are a lot of people where we can get our information. >> the administration through sean spicer, they called upon people on talk radio and skype and put blowingers and others in there. they are broadening the tent, and they are not just paying deference to the "new york times." that's another way to push back on this to say there are alternative sources that not just are minor players. and we have seen that play out. the lou dobbs show is a perfect example of that. tom: there was a pool cram in
7:40 pm
the meeting but cnn wasn't involved. and they acted like they have a right to be in every one of these, i'm glad to see sean spicer mixing it up. >> the answer toys have more voices involved and more people in that room. and that's what they have common the daily briefing. i disagreed with different was an exclusion of the "new york times," cnn and other reporters from a general press gaggle earlier today fitch remember when the obama administration tried to shut down fox news and major garrett who was a reporter here for a while and now with cbs. and we didn't like that either. so i don't think the answer is necessarily shutting people out, but exposing mediums of problem and bringing more voices in. tom: sunshine is the best
7:41 pm
disinfectant. thank you both very much. roll the video. a few of the world's most daring pro bikers ghering for one of a kinds race. watch them topping down steep staircases fan squeeze through narrow pass pangways in chile. they line the streets by the hundreds to cheater bikers on in this annual event. up next, president trump keeping his promises including making america safe again. >> we are getting bad people out of this country. people that shouldn't be. whether it's drugs or murder. we are getting bad ones out. and they are the one hots go first. basically all i have done is keep my promise. tom: we'll take that up with "the five" co-host kimberly
7:42 pm
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administration will start accepting bids for the border wall. the president said the wall is ahead of schedule during this speech to cpac. he announced harmful government leaks on twitter it turns out not even memos warning about leaks are safe from leaks. the state department prepared a four-page memo warning about the risk of leaks and that memo promptly leaked to the "washington post." how do you do this? how do you find them? >> this shouldn't be as difficult as people might think. you will slowly start to see certain people removed from the building and their security clearances closed off and shut down because you can't have these kind of leaks at that high level. and it's very disturbing.
7:47 pm
but there is on a certain number of people in the pool who have access to that information. so you have to go through process of elimination. tom: i wouldn't use the company phone. so can you get access to my phone? >> will we are both working in the white house and we have access to certain top secret for confidential information, there are only certain people that are allowed to have that. by process of information you go through. sometimes they put out disinformation and see where it goes. if i tell you something and tell lou dobbs something else, i see who the get out to, judge, jury and ex kiergs. but they have to take this seriously. it's unacceptable as it relates to matters of national security.
7:48 pm
you need them work on the same team. you have to work with this strong and aggressively. you could be put in prison for it if it's national security secrets or information. you can't do this type of thing. that's why you see people in the intelligence community talking about it, going on the record saying this is pretty outrageous. lots of information about who could be behind it. is it former obama administration officials or people within their own party that don't want to see the president succeed you have got quite a cast of characters to go figure out who is the bad guy. tom: up to chicago, you are a former crime fighter. >> yes. tom: wednesday there were 7 people shot and killed in chicago. deadliest day of the year. 21st time in the last 16 years.
7:49 pm
it's getting worse in chicago. do you have a sense that anybody is doing anything? >> no, i don't. if they were doing something, you would see these numbers go in the reverse orders and you would see a deis key laying in the violence. as we see often types children are the victim of these gang-related shootings. it's a absence of leadership in chicago. what is rahm emanuel doing to stop the bloodshed? tom: they sent an army of f.b.i. agents into ferguson, missouri, did that help? >> the president said if he's not going to get it done, maybe we need to take matters into our own hand? tom: dose have that authority? >> certainly he can go ahead with national guard. i'm sure rahm emanuel would not welcome that.
7:50 pm
if you do not have a police department and mayor's office walking in lock step in terms of what should be happening. you are not going to be able to get the guns off the streets from the criminals and protect these community. he a lot more can be done and he hasn't couple with any good ideas because the numbers bear that out. tom: kip werely guilfoyle, you can catch her, guest hosting the hannity show, 10:00 on the fox news channel. the trump administration putting leftist activists nationwide on notice. >> despite the best efforts of liberal activists in town halls around the country, the american people know better. obamacare has failed and obamacare must go.
7:51 pm
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tom: gop lawmakers facing angry crowds at town halls nationwide.
7:55 pm
>> i had to go for a mammogram every year. if i lose that i code up dying of cancer. [we are voters] tom: you get the idea. the white house dismissing the uprecord as the work of paid leftist activists. according to national review, many of the democratic senators who are facing elect fights, they are avoiding their town halls. they are not doing them. joining me noise rachael campos duffy.
7:56 pm
and brad blakeman and rachael, let's start with you. i don't know what the giveaway was, but the lady with the bernie sweatshirt and black bernie hat, i think they are bernie supporters showing up. >> lot of them are paid and organized by paid groups. we have the first ex-community organizing president starting from the very top. his organizing for america, indivisible. a lot of this is astro turf. but some of this is genuine anger. upset that donald trump won. thousand it will go back to a repeal fan free market healthcare policy. so there is genuine anger. these congressmen will face even more anger because those leftist
7:57 pm
protesters will be joined by republicans if they don't do what they said they are going to do on november 8. tom: there is some of everything there. there is the people that were democrats who don't like donald trump. the bernie people who don't like donald trump. the never trumper republicans who don't like donald trump. so there is a mixup of everything. there is the paid and organized ones there as well. but i have worried about the white house dismissing the people's voices because some of them are worried about is congress going to do their job? are they going to repeal obamacare? are they going to give us a tax cut? they are genuine. >> donald trump was elected on the fundamental promises that he willific that which is broken. first and foremost, obamacare. if democrats were smart, they
7:58 pm
would read his book "the art of the deal." if you come to the table you will get something to eat. if you don't, you will go hungry. there are some things in obamacare that will continue, preexisting conditions and keeping children on a parents healthcare until they are 26. democrats made a bad choice when they jammed through obamacare without one republican. if we pass a bipartisan generational healthcare bill, it will be one most americans appreciate. but we can't take the dissent that's out there and the uneasiness of americans when there are big issues that have to be solved, including healthcare. tom: i look back at some of the comments made by nancy pelosi and others dismissing the tea party. you don't want to dismiss anybody.
7:59 pm
you want to listen to them. you mentioned indivisible. tell the audience what that is. i find that group to be -- you see the same signs in arizona that you see in miami and seattle. somebody is organizing part of this. >> absolutely. indivisible is a paid leftist community organization and they are giving them pamphlets. they will actually act the same way. they tell them how to act. how to clear at these moments and confront their congressmen or senator at these town halls. and i can guarantee, i was at the 2009, 2010, tea party town halls and rallies, and nobody was passion out pamphlets telling republicans how to act. this is different. tom: it was much more grass roots then. ank you very much forego on
8:00 pm
board. lou will be back monday. that's it for this week. good night from new york. [♪] >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." gary: welcome to "wall street week." i'm gary kaminsky. trish: i'm trish regan. trish: u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin laying out an aggressive tax timeline. >> tax tree form is our number one objective. it's critical to get economic growth. there is trillions of dollars offshore that will come back and


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