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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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was a deputy campaign manager for one president trump joins us. the newest fox news contributor. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: tonight president trump delivers an agenda and the message is national unity, but sulking democrats are crying foul. a new travel ban expected any day. but will the new executi order see you excellence critics or will it end up back in the courts? the obamas are getting paid how much for their book deal? grab a pen. it's time to right the wrong. did you watch the pivotal presidential speech? democrats were expecting sheky green and david duke.
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but they got an agenda that reached out to both sides of the aisle. he made a mature and reasonable case for the border adjustment tax and immigration and infrastructure spending. that speech could have been delivered in any year by the last three administrations. settling into leader mode, he did a good job. take a look at their mugs when he talks about corporations boosting the economy and keeping jobs in the country. too ford, sprint, lockheed, intel, walmart, and many others have announced they will invest billions and billions of dollars in the united states and will create tens of thousands of new american jobs. [applause]
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kennedy: nancy pelosi looks like she just watched someone blow up her cat. and you know she is a cat lady. it's not uncommon for any opposition party to say see they didn't protest. dems have been doing joint session squats for 8 years. they took advantage of the much-needed rest by sitting sadly most of the night. [applause] here is some footage that fbn obtained at a post speech mixer while congressional democrats shared their micro-aggressions.
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sad. dynamic positions change faster than the move of a 15-year-old girl. here is the part that made me squeal out when the president talked about a girl who deals with the bureaucracy. >> megyn is an example of a father's love for his daughter. our bureaucracy and the fda keeps too many people like megyn from reaching those in need. if we slash the restraints not just at the fda, but across our government, then we'll be blessed with far more miracles just like megyn. kennedy: hallelujah, slash it.
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that's music to my ears. all in all the president hit the right notes and tones. we'll see if it represents a shift. i'm kennedy. let me bring on my jewel-encrusted party panel. meghan mccain is here, co-host of outnumbers on the fox news channel. and president of diligence llc, welcome, everyone. mike baker, i'm going to start with you. do you trust the pivot? >> i was happy to see the pivot.
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it's good to see that focus on conciliatory tone. i was excited to see the looks on the opposition's faces. they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. and it didn't happen. now i think they are all in a room huddled trying to figure out how do we react to this. but i don't know if it will -- i don't know if it will hold. i suspect what we are going to see is a short period of time, then unfortunately sort of the uncoordinated metsages that come out of the white house because of the tush of battles perhaps. kennedy: i think you bring up a good point. megyn, the people who have the president's ear. he does have some flexible positions, and he does -- he seems to be a suggestable politician.
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i'm talking about the pivot to last night's speech where he was mature, on tone and on message and did what he needed to do. will they give that person a raise? >> not steve bannon. it wasn't nationalistic. we weren't talking about american carnage. i was surprised and happy about the speech last night. it could have been given by mike pence or paul ryan. the question i was going to ask both of you as libertarians. but when you are talking about paid parent leave by the government, i was wait, this is a problem write think ideology could be dead. are we for them because obama is for them? >> obama used to be for free
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trade. >> but did that make your skin crawl? libertarians are really passionate about it. kennedy: pretty much everything where you spend a bunch of money, i would say that's not the function of government. that's not what the government is supposed to do. >> the idea of an historic military budget increase. how many times do we need to be able to blow up the world. there is nothing for a libertarian. >> we'll just move some funds around. >> when you count everything, close to a trillion dollars a year on the empire is not enough. kennedy: when the rationale is we spent $6 trillion in the middle east, but when you are
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spending more and you don't address iraq and afghanistan, it ems you could use that rationalizatioto spend a trillion dollars on just about anything. >> donald trump's proposal is i'm going to protect medicare, social security, increase the military and balance the budget. >> the question is -- i posed this to a few of my friends. is ideology dead? donald trump presents something in a different way. just because it's coming out of his mouth and not mine, are you going to renege on everything you voted for? the ideology i thought weed a hired to, it's a fascinating question right now. >> there is a praggism that comes -- there is a pragmatism
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that comes out of the business side. that you could sit in that chair and not be conflicted by an idea want to pursue. you get things done in the center. kennedy: it's his business background that allows all to be forgiven. there were a few topics and isn't from last night's speech. we didn't hear much of anything about russia and allegations of the president's ties to vladimir putin. we didn't hear any bark of the media and the president didn't mention iraq, afghanistan or syria by name. we heard nothing about abortion. that's a hot button issue for many conservatives. >> i was not happy he didn't bring up russia or pro-life and not giving government money to planned parenthood.
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i was happy with the tone shift of this speech. i think this is a sign of good things to come, hopefully. >> that in and of itself is a victory if we are talking about the policy and not some other distraction or chaotic element. >> i didn't have a dog in this election. i was happy with the speech. i was sitting there want to go watch but not really. kennedy: were you worried he would bring up the media? >> i could have seen him everring off and talking about the media again. but overall, i guess i'm like -- there is a segment of people happy with the tone like you said, that are willing to say jury is out and at the same time, i want the best for this country. so i want it to work.
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i spent a lot of my time not so much focused on the president but people in the second and third tiers coming into the administration. kennedy: i don't think jeff sessions is a pragmatic person. i worry he's one of the people who has the president's ear. the posse isn't about just pot. >> the war on drugs isn't about pot, it's about mass incarceration destroying inner city neighborhoods. but i'm just saying -- i'm making the point it's not just about pot. it's an awful, evil policy we have been pursuing for decades and decades. kennedy: democrats responded to
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the former funeral homer on and governor from a diner in kentucky. >> we democrats are committed to creating the opportunity for every american to succeed by growing our economy with good-paying jobs. educating and training our people to fill those jobs. giving our bills the freedom to inoaf rate. keeping our country safe and providing healthcare families can afford and rely on. kennedy: are the democrats offering up a better vision for the country? and was this the right guy to offer the message. first and foremost a proud republican. what did i just say? >> where am i. >> i would buy gold and catheters from this guy. there is no doubt about it.
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but we are talking back in the incredibly posh green room you have while we were sitting in the shot tub before this show, i was saying you can imagine chuck schumer and nancy pelosi chief siding who can give this response. x have to find somebody in the party who can talk to these people. kennedy: do we have any democrats in coal country? can we dust him off and bring him back out? kennedy: what did you think about it. >> i think it's ridiculous. there is young talent coming up in the democratic party, you hey don't give you the opportunity to rebut the president's address. i thought i was just watching the wronthing first. kennedy: it was like a campaign commercial. if you are going to give an interesting analysis of the
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speech from the other side, i would like to hear it. >> i thought this old man bought time on cnn for a minute. >> he should have given the speech from inside the washing tub. ken report party panel returns because we are going to keep this party going with reaction to the most emotional moment last night's speech. a standing ovation for the widow of a fall fn navy seal, ryan owens why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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kennedy: welcome back. the return expected to announce a new travel ban. we are told it will have key differences from the original order. according to those in the know, it will exclude green cardholders and those with existing visas. we still don't have a clear idea on what's going to happen with the ban on people from 7
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predominantly muslim nations that caused such a stir in the first place. let snow discuss this with judge jeanine pirro. do you think it's smart to just rewrite the whole thing? judge jeanine: we know what their objections are. they said we don't care what he says, so we knew then it had to be changed right away. than was no points in lit getting wehat something that can be mooted by a new executive order. in addition to the green cardholders and visa holders. there was a criticism that there was a minority, the christians being referenced in this and it made perfect sense to me. in order to be granted asylum, if you are a minority religion in one of these countries you
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get a preference. the liberals couldn't deal with that. kennedy: they say the applies a religious test. >> but asee you slum allows for a religious test if you are a minority religious community and you are percent cute. and they aren't just being percent cute. they are being killed. they are having their heads chopped off. to answer your question, start all over again? does that mean that they will not reli re -- relitigate it? of course they will sue. i think after watching the president's joint session speech zooms, watching democrats who sat on their tails while the president said things like america first and we'll get back jobs in this country, i'm convinced there are people who
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disspies him so wholeheartedly, it matters not what the man says. kennedy: i agree with that. i points that not you my monologue, there are certain things we can all agree on and we would like people in this country to have great jobs. those are our beliefs that know no party. if it's something you minutely agree with. are you surprised he didn't talk specifically about dreamers and this retooling of his immigration stance? >> yes, and no. i think he did. i read it into it base said it's not going to happen without concessions from both sides. you juxtapose that with what he said ahead of time, these kids, they are undocumented, but they came here as young children. they were educated in tour schools.
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in terms of how he feels about people educated here, and going back to their home countries, why don't we take advantage of that? i think he handled it perfectly. kennedy: do you think the dreamers should be given citizenship? >> given that immigration will be one of his signature issues, i think he uerands there are certain things he has to give on. now we are going to ends it. we never earned it. he has to ends it after he makes a decision where he's going to bends them. peace great to see you. judge jeanine. a successful as last night's speech might have been for the president. his administration was dealt a big blow at the u.n. when russia and china blocked sanctions on syria. ambassador john bolton is here with reaction.
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kennedy: yesterday china and russia bad down a ban on the sale of helicopters to syria. bashar al-assad's syrian regime is a dee key ally in the middle
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east for russia. expwhrieng now is form u.s. ambassador john bolton. more importantly, china also vetoed this resolution which made the whole thing a no-go. the 6th for china, and the 7th for russia. what does it tell you about their alliance? >> it's something that should be of concern to all americans, particularly in the context of the middle east. and it reflects a pattern of russia and china working together to protect their allies, in this case iran protect and china protecting russia's ally. it's ama pattern we have seen for a long time and it should
8:28 pm
tell you a lot about the nature of those two regimes. kennedy: how does rex tillerson work on a relationship with russia while our u.n. ambassador nikki haley has spoken toughly about russia. >> let me take issue with the premise of the question. i think people may be misunderstanding what trump is trying to say about russia and putin. he's saying i don't want to rule out the possibility on something. but in the meantime what nikki haley has done, this is the second time she has take and side different from russia, and about a month ago over the question of the ukraine sanctions. i'm not so sure the media fuss about trump's desire to get into
8:29 pm
some kind of deal with putin necessarily reflects where he is on the broad rank of issues where russia national interests are in conflict with american interests. kennedy: we have had clear form policies. and nikki haley is doing the job you did. and you are right the united states and the world should stand up to what russia has done in cr -- on crimea. and it's easier to voters to get confused. >> i don't think this confusion if that's what it is will last that long. i think particularly when you deal with a country like russia that has a coldly realistic view of the world and what it's seek to achieve we'll run up against that reality. in what arena it will come, i don't know.
8:30 pm
but we have seen the russians in the past weeks once again violate the 1987imf treaty against intermediate range ballistic missiles. it directly threatens europe. and it's something the trump administration will have to confront. this is russia one more time violating its commitment. so when you talk about a deal with russia over ukraine, you have to look at their long record of breaking international agreements they reach, especially with the united states. kennedy: we should be more sceptical. at least re torically. it's unnerving that china isn't willing to vote for the sanctions on russia at the security council meeting when their close ally north korea is involved. does that give you pause with
8:31 pm
the vx gas stuff? >> of course. but it doesn't surprise me. i think the north korea nuclear weapons program and human rights violations are as serious as iran. i'm flat the democratic party discovered the threat in moscow. and while they are at it, look at north korea, and china, too. get back to new york quickly so i can grill you in person. thanks for being here, appreciate it. the party panel returns in just a bit. the former president barack obama and his wife michelle hit the jackpot on a multi million did the publishing company just throw away a ton of money?
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>> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. [applause] kennedy: if you missed it, it was easily the most emotional high point of last night's speech. president trump thanked the widow of a navy seal who was killed in a controversial raid. van nes said he became t
8:36 pm
president of the unistates in that moment period. that was one of the most extraordinary moments youv may have ever seen in politics. ryan owens father refused to meet with the president saying his son was killed unnecessarily. mike baker, i'll start with you. there is always some utilization of emotion when you have people in the audience. >> my soul hasn't sunk that low that i will attribute nefarious motives to this. a lot of those moments are genuine in a sense. i agree there is a political purpose behind it, but i still like the fact that we highlight important things. if a person is willing to put
8:37 pm
themselves out there. i would say, there has been a lot of this discussion about ryan's dad and his dad being upset. that's every parent's right. so i think that the problem with president trump's reaction is that he should have just said i made the call, i thought it was important, and we have suffered such a loss and leave it at that. anything else in that situation is always open to be taken the wrong way. that operation, no matter what anybody says, was a fairly long time and the thought process and the planning. but the president no matter who the president is has to take that responsibility and live with it. and i can't imagine living with it if you are the president. but he needed to be more concise and disciplined how he talked about it.
8:38 pm
kennedy: were you surprised his widow was attacked on social media? >> it was disgusting. i can't manage being in that situation when the entire world is watching you and your husband has just been killed and you have to stand up there and honor him in front of the american public and the first daughter and the first lady. i started crying last night. i didn't even cry in the notebook. it was really hard. kennedy: it's difficult to see someone in that position. i was actually sceptical when president obama had the wounded warrior at his last state of the union speech. i felt like here is a president who let so many presidents die and wither in the va. >> it's horrible what happened to that guy and it's crazy to see her going through that emotion.
8:39 pm
but i don't think it has any place at an address in congress. i also feel for the 8-year-old girl who was an american citizen who was killed in this raid. no one talks about that. congress is really good at clapping for a fallen soldier. they are not so good at avoiding an unnecessary war and taking care of the soldiers when they come home. >> you know who doesn't object to the risk? the spec-op soldiers. we are in a society where we think there is no risk to anything. if you are going to stand up and fight for something, it's messy and people understand the risk. >> but that 8-year-old little girl did not. >> it's a messy world out there, i would love it if no one died against. but unless you want to draw the
8:40 pm
curtains and say there is nothing fighting for, i'm just making a point i'm not quite sure i should have. kennedy: i understand what you are saying. i think this is really important. i think the people who fight for freedom, who truly fight for freedom and put their lives out there, they are so incredibly heroic. as libertarians that's the most important thing we have. i guess the political objection is not valuing human life as politicians seem to forget where the people who do put themselves in harm's way. they have the greatest value one could argue for. >> if my freedom was genuinely threatened i have no it doubt a lot of these men would which -- risk their lives. >> there is not enough time to go through the nuances of what we do and don't agree with. i sat on tarmacs watching my
8:41 pm
brothers deploy, crying my eyes out at the time. i think we have to be careful with the rhetoric used on both sides. people say it was an illegal war, you are a war hawk. i think we need to meet in the middle. everyone had a different response to the widow. as a general whole i would love it if there were no people in the audience. i was touched and moved by the widow. but i don't think it's necessarily a place for all of the moments. i have had problems with this since the first bush. i hope we go forward and are respectful about each other's views. >> i understand what you are saying and if you just remove everybody from the gallery. but there is something important about the general public seeing sometimes, sg what this means. whether it's her or whether it's
8:42 pm
the taught more lost his son who was killed by the criminal illegal immigrant. kennedy: at least we live in a place where we can have these discussions in the open. >> i'm not talk the kim davises of the world. kennedy: thank you so much, dave, megyn and mike. leonard dicaprio allegedly flew an eyebrow artist all the way from australia for the oscars. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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kennedy: we know the man at the center of the greatest screwup in history was told to stay off social media while he was backstage work and he didn't. and we know what happened. he reportedly gave presenters the wrong envelope. apparently he was tweeting
8:47 pm
pictures of emma stone. he was warned not to use social media so he could focus on his job. there is a news story about leonardo dicaprio's night. according to reports he flew an australian eyebrow artist 7,500 nielts u.s. so she could touch up his eyebrows. leonardo dicaprio is supposed to be an environmentalist. so this would make him a little bit of a hypocrite. lee owe denies all. one look at that wax job and all is forgiven. my goodness, lie o -- leo. rehave gre ask.
8:48 pm
greg: i made a terrible mistake. i thought it was an artist who collect of eyebrows off corpses. kennedy: why would it be corpses? greg: i wouldn't take it off a living person. so it's somebody who works on somebody else's eyebrows. that's okay, because eye browfs play a big role in survival of the fittest to make sure we don't get sweat in our eyes. leo needs to hunts because he's always look for a new mod toll sleeve with. that's why you wear the glasses. eye braws are the welcome mats to your face. kennedy: is that why john stossel is welcome in so many countries? >> they say you have got stossel.
8:49 pm
and he says i am stossel. then everybody drops the to their knees and start weeping and start pointing to the sky. kennedy: there are a couple news sources they say they checked and vet. they are pretty sure lee so wasn't part of it. i've it on good faith that everything from the daily mail is 100% factual. >> i want to talk about this. why does every adult who uses social media turn into my 11-year-old daughter. greg: george washington would have been tweeting pictures of a tree and the british would say i know where that triefs. your glasses hide your eyebrows.
8:50 pm
kennedy: i have got eye browts of a russian dictator in my locker. greg: here is a story that will raise a few eyebrows. kennedy: a prestigious dance company is replacing human dancer with "topical storm" is next. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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kennedy: today is hump day. i have got my camel load up with parcels of strange news. come ride with me. this is the "topical storm." topic number of one. the lads over sat boston dynamics hard sat work constructing robots that will one day frolic on our defeated corpses. this new robot is understandably turning heads in the tech community. handle is its name it's agile and deftly balanced and seemingly impossible to knock over. it can carry boxes up and down stairs. lord knows where else. handle. but wait a minute. speak of robots. whatever happened to the marty bot5,000? did it lead a robot revolution
8:55 pm
to kill all of humanity? >> hi, there, if you are a human, you probably have problems. follow the bacon hotline. it's that easy and it's free. kennedy: topic number 2. irish people love potatoes, whiskey and going on a far irto see he will -- going on safari to see elegant. >> oh, my god! kennedy: sometimes they might use the scare as particulars to
8:56 pm
justify the failed war on drugs is why republicans use the elephant as their mascot. topic number 3. you know when you order chips and guac and your friends doesn't order chips and gurks ac. look at this little kid's face as his cousin tries to bogart the old chips and gauc. that face could fill volumes of human emotions. here is what happened to the kid's father when he put his hand into the guacamole. that child sprouted facial hair and quite a temper. a bloody stump, that will learn
8:57 pm
you. topic number 4. yesterday was mardi gras. people all over thworld celebrated the oncoming len oncg lenten season. the brits get ready for lent by car bo --by carbo loading on pa. pancakes for everyone. president trump addressed the joints session of congress. the house of lords raced against one another before the mps won. in response to president trump, parliament reconvened when prime
8:58 pm
minister theresa may said this. come on. topic number 5. speak of pancakes. , a chef specialize in make pancake portrait art. it may not look like much from the top side of the pancake. wait until he flips it over. it take 20 minute for each flap jack work of art. the chef is thinking about getting vacuum packs for his pancakes and opening up his own art gallery. >> i also make gluten-free pancake art.
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here are the tom shillue pancake i ate this morning. here is tom and i holding hand. later i'm going to put one of these under his door in his office because he started lock it for some reason. and it's just friendly banter i wrote on the pancake before deduct taping it to the windshield along with the hatchet. later tonight at 3:00 a.m. watch "red eye." i'll be watching and eating your face. thank you for watching the show tonight. i have enjoyed every moment. follow me on twitter and instagram. email tomorrow on the show, guy benson
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and brian brenberg and katherine mangu-ward. >> dad had a talent. >> there's nobody out there who does what he did. he was just that good. >> but it's lost on his son. >> when you're 16 or 17 years old, the last thing you're worried about is your dad up in a building, building models. >> this strange inheritance ultimately brings them together. >> when his father was alive, he did not want larry to touch them, and i can only imagine what he's thinking now. >> how would you describe this inheritance? >> a little bit more of a journey than i was prepared for. >> so, is it time to take a new tack? >> i know you've said, larry, that you'd never seriously considered selling, but now that you hear this... ♪


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