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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 3, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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with maria". maria: here is my foot, order the pizza. i am done. happy friday. i am maria bartiroma. we are happy you are here, top stories at 6:00 on the east coast. picture-perfect debut for snap, 44% in its first day of trading, market value at the end of the trading day 21/2 times that of twitter. just $25 a share. up 2%. recusing himself from any investigation, the 2016 presidential race, and meetings with a russian ambassador. >> i believe i should recuse myself because i was involved in the campaign. to a degree it would have been perceived, participating in an
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investigation that might involve that. i think i have performed to the attorney general of the united states. >> because of the total witchhunt, tense moments. russian warplanes buzzing a u.s. navy ship. markets look like this, lower open for the broader averages. investors are somewhat cautious. ahead of a speech we expect from janet yellen. that happens this afternoon. stocks lower across the board in the negative column. the cac quarante is turning positive. it ended the week lower, the cosby in korea down 1%. and engine explosion under investigation at chicago's o'hare international airport, the latest unusual ever since. caterpillar rated by
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authorities, the ceo working with authorities after search warrants are carried out in several of the company's facilities. more on this investigation coming a. lamborghini hitting the gas, the car hitting a new speed record. dagan mcdowell, brian ben berg with us and pollster lee carter. what a week. >> we started the week in washington. the news doesn't stop. the whole conversation around jeff sessions, everybody's take on that. he acted well by recusing himself. liz: the question is how does the trump administration handle itself going forward with you are a language expert, communications expert, they need to have no mistakes about russia
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from this day forward. >> they hear russia, they here fear, the donald trump has been wrong, this will plague him like hillary's emails except people are more afraid for themselves mentoring hillary's time. we got to get this message clear and right. maria: what exactly is the charge? having a conversation? meetings between senators, ambassadors -- dagen: didn't say that when our frank and questioned him under oath during a confirmation hearing. of sessions, the senator, the attorney general is a lawyer. there is a higher bar, the higher expectation of answering questions. give me a hypothetical, i will say i only answer hypotheticals. it was say nothing or explain everything that had gone on and he was in this no man's land in terms of his response. we will see if it moves forward
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but don't give the democrats ammunition. especially on the russia story. maria: we are talking about that. fox news contributor scott brown is with us, the ceo of nissan stepping down. he will join us in an exclusive. sean duffy is here and former ceo at pfizer hank mcconnell joining us as well as chris raines. you have a big show this friday morning and we pick it up with snap inc. soaring on its first day of trading, the closing price 44% above, $17 offering price set on wednesday night, the day was valued at $40 billion, quite a day for snapchat. what do you think of this valuation? >> it is a payoff valuation trading at 60 times revenue.
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facebook, 14 times revenue, netflix at 7, alphabet at 6. you are paying big time for users that snap. the question is will they grow into the valuation. the problem is in the fourth quarter their growth slowed significantly to 3% and the reason is facebook introduced the instagram stories feature which is what snap does. a lot will happen this year to prove whether snap is a fad or they will be the people who capitalize on this space. an open question. maria: are there barriers to entry on this company? you said facebook is on the same thing. that is the question. is this so different there's a barrier to entry or not? >> barriers to entry are low and this is the most fickle consumer segment you can go after, 18 to 34 segment totally disloyal if they find something better, they will move and the cost to them to do that. maria: that is part of the issue. dagen: it is not a similar
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competitor with come along because you have the likes of instagram duplicating some of what snapchat does but the user base moves on. it outgrows the platform and outgrows this form of communication. what is apps has a similar feature. >> this much in price with the revenue model. dagen: there for revenue for the current year, $1 billion. it was more than $400 million still losing money. and they are planning to raise the revenue. that is monetizing the user base. >> investors pay 5 times more per user for snap man facebook paid for instagram.
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they have to grow massively and the problem of the most recent quarter, they didn't. that is the big problem going forward. maria: the net worth after the market closed, the company previously said the salary would drop to a dollar a year once snap went public according to published reports. it is interesting. the net worth is soaring. >> a smart thing when ceos drop their salaries, a symbolic gesture that they are more invested in the company and their employees and they are themselves was when ceos do these things it benefits employee morale it makes it better. it looks good. dagen: one issue if you bought into this stock, bobby murphy, chief technology officer pointed to do this out before, they have 90% voting control, 90%,
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shareholders have virtually nothing in terms of that. one thing that makes me excited about this, the user base is so young. you get young people, teenagers excited in investing. they put a little of their money in stocks, it builds a connection. you start young like that, that is a powerful thing. >> as long as you don't lose your shirt. >> you learn to be an owner. you buy a stock, once you have a stock in a company you are a partial odor in the company and that is such a valuable lesson and build a connection and if you are 50 years of age, 115-year-old quoted in the wall street journal today it build a lasting relationship with investing. maria: janet yellen speaking on the economic outlook this afternoon after other official
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that the fed suggested the fed could resume raising interest rates as soon as this month. do you expect an increased market? >> the market is expected, that is totally reasonable which i don't expect yellen to say it is going up in march. i think she will send a signal that says we will move in march, other people say that and that is good news for the economy, we are growing, the future looks good. maria: the market looks good at this point. dagen: the federal reserve is expected hikes four times at the beginning of the year. we were emailing about this, this is what we do about scott minor on twitter and guggenheim partners. maria: and expecting a tough market as a result. dagen: the market has gotten ahead of itself on a sugar high. also worried about riskier bonds so stocks and lower quality bonds being overvalued.
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>> everybody has to deliver politically, economically. maria: take a short break, at o'hare airport investigators looking at a possible engine explosion. caterpillar headquarters rated by federal agents, the ceo apologizing to employees and promising to cooperate. more on that investigation in a moment. back in a moment on friday morning. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment?
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maria: attorney general jeff sessions announcing he will recuse himself from any investigation regarding the presidential campaign after facing backlash were testifying he never met with russian officials, he explain what he meant when he spoke with tucker carlson last night. >> at a meeting in my office with two senior staffers, both retired military people, nonpolitical, we had a meeting with 25 ambassadors in recent months while i was senator, the russian ambassador, i believe that should recuse myself because i was involved in the campaign. to a degree it would have been perceived that i wouldn't be objective in participating in an investigation that might involve the campaign. i do not confirm or deny any investigation. i felt i should clear the air. maria: president trump tweet did theed in support of the attorney general, here's what he sa,
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jeff sessions is an honest man. he did not say anything wrong. he could have stated his response more accurately but he was not intentional. this whole narrative, he goes on, is a way of saving faith for democrats losing an election that everyone thought they will were supposed to win. they are overplaying their hand, they lost the election and now they lost their grip on reality. the real story is all the illegal leaks of classified and other information. it is a total witchhunt says the president. joining me a senior fellow lieutenanter. thanks for joining us. your reaction to this controversy? >> the observables indicate mister trump is listening to npr as i sometimes do it the former intelligence officer was actually on the air talking about how he felt the meeting with jeff sessions of the
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russian ambassador was sinister and senators never meet with ambassadors. of course they meet with ambassadors, they meet with ambassador is constantly. any insider in town knows that. it tells me the other side are putting up their heavy gun's with his intelligence officer, trying to shape a perception, a narrative saying everything going on regarding this russian narrative is sinister. that is what is going on here. a new level of degree, it is shameful and get in the way of going after the russians on real nefarious stuff they do. the russians are no good. maria: is the simplification that it takes the leadership in the house and administration and you are reacting to something that doesn't matter and taking
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attention away from repeal and replace, tax reform. how much of a threat are they going to get distracted? get off-base with the things they are trying to accomplish. >> defense issues, regarding a viable travel restriction for purposes of vetting. we got to look at the russians, they are up to no good, doing things every day so, with vladimir putin, the democrats are doing with vladimir putin, and the obama administration, with the russian ambassador on the iran deal, you talked about the iran deal, they are trying to convince democrats to go along with it. that is nefarious and does require looking at what they
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did. dagen: good to see you. do you think, communication out of the trump administration needs to be perfect from here on out. >> this is one of the notable things about the jeff sessions issue, took staff in, what if likely was best and i like loretta lynch and meeting with president clinton on the tarmac of the airplane said i will step out. the other thing, you heard me say this on the channel. they are smarter than the average bear. looking for these traps that have been set up on. they will trip another one and
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look stupid again. that is what they need to avoid. dagen: chum in the water for the sharks that are the democrats and it is a feeding frenzy. >> i see all the time anything ambiguous will be interpreted negatively so people here russia they hear something negative and don't know what to feel it with. the trump administration communication is vital, they don't understand so they can't stay there is nothing to see here. people will fill it with the negative image. what do you think they should be talking about? how do they address this and not pivot something else? it needs to be addressed. >> they have alluded to this, i would investigate the people i believe are leaking. in many cases, sources and methods. we have seen sensitive communication and the first thing i would have done if i were the trump administration i
6:19 am
would open investigations involved in the leaking. got to hold people accountable and not be distracted by the policy, and national security and stop the leaks. and the ambiguity leans toward chaos. undermining the situation. >> i'm waiting for the prosecutor, it was no special prosecutor. russia did hackley election. >> the topic of special prosecutor, do you see it happening as a result of the missteps? >> if i were jeff sessions, i am assigning special prosecutors to
6:20 am
take over what i can't do. i was victimized by that. paid to play with clintons, and investigated and go with look at things, regarding contacts, those are legitimate viable gray areas that were never clarified, they were breaking the law. and the leaks over the past six months started before inauguration so those are the things that were legitimate, not political, clearly evidence that it is broken in severe ways. dagen: claire mccaskill, talking about that. we will talk about that later.
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>> investigators looking at a possible plane engine explosion at o'hare international airport. >> images from the scene show a skywest plane missing part of its cover. the faa says it is unclear if there is an explosion. no passengers on board at the time and no injuries were reported. shares of caterpillar fall after federal authorities rated three
6:25 am
of its facilities in what the company described as a tax investigation with billions of dollars at stake. searching the peoria headquarters and two other facilities. the exact reason for the raid is unclear. the company said in an sec filing according to the irs, they owed $2 billion more in taxes to 2010-2012, caterpillar ceo apologizing to employees and pledging to cooperate with investigators. data plans for all of its cars, gm says it will offer a prepaid data plan, for million vehicles equipped with the onstar wi-fi hotspot. the plan is available starting today and includes buick, gmc and cadillac vehicles with the
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hotspot was the price of the coin tops out for the first time ever, bit coin close at $1200 while an ounce of gold set at $1233, the current high is attributed to surging demands where authorities are warning it is used to channel money out of that. the surge is a reversal for the crypto currency, digital currency which sank in value after one large exchange which its trade collapsed. maria: a short break. the battle of healthcare heating up. grandpa blasting the gop for hiding the replacement bill since call for transparency coming up, lamborghini races across the finish line at record speed, what may be the fastest production car. back in a moment. what powers the digital world. communication.
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that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected.
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maria: thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday march third, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. rand paul searching for answer this is morning. former presidential candidate blasting gop from keeping obama plans secret. >> we are here today because i would like to read the obamacare bill. if you recall when obamacare was passed in 2010, 2009, 2010, nancy pelosi said you'll know what's in it after we pass it, the republican party should act in the same way, we want to see
6:30 am
the bill, there are many objections, there are many parts that they are proposing and, of course, we have not gotten any of this in writing. we are here asking for a written copy of this because this should be an open and trance parent process. maria: the very latest on the fight to repeal and replace coming up. the fire strike it is trump international hotel in new york city, a small blaze has been contained an we have got all the details coming up. nearly 2,000 boeing union workers taking a buy-out what the move means for the aircraft's future. american express offering free uber rides but comes with a steep fee. markets looking like this. we hit record this week, 21,000 and could wanting. we are looking at a pullback this morning from broader averages. nonetheless, the other averages also negative even if fractionally. we are waiting on comments from federal reserve janet yellen. we will watch for any impact.
6:31 am
the others down fractionally. in asia overnight markets end the week lower, kospi index in korea, worst performer better than 1%. hang seng in honing count down three quarters of 1%. lamborghini to set a new record. review for hugh jackman's last ride as wolverine. house republicans are working on a replacement for obamacare and they are facing from inside their own party. senator rand paul protested outside of capitol meeting yesterday where he claims the new bill is under lock and key. >> i have a replacement bill that has market reforms. they are going to have a new tax, a new government subsidy program and a new mandate, that sounds like obamacare under a
6:32 am
different name. these are democrat ideas in republican clothing, let's just hope for repeal, that's all i'm asking. maria: he we wanted to make a copy. joining us fox news medical member dr. david, it's great to see you. >> good to see you again. maria: is senator paul right here, the idea to have more transparency, what's wrong with that? >> there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. he's coming across as a physician and speaking our language than a politician and i think if you're going -- you have to be be have careful here if you are going the change obamacare and send it out with another name, that's going to fail big time. nobody is looking at the quality of the care between happens in operating rooms and hospitals, these are transparent about the cost and quality that the public need to know about this and he's absolutely right.
6:33 am
keeping all of the tax, making the government and expand medicaid is not a solution over here. we need to get the government out and really bring the doctors and the patients closer and get all the bureaucracy out. dagen: you're not going to get the government out of health insurance because the government runs medicare which is actually a single payer insurer, so that -- >> so that's a good point you're bringing up. what has happened, the medicaid was lowered process, medicare for elderly, these two have come close together and compromise something called obamacare with more regulation intact so there has to be better resolution for this. dagen: the current administration says we are not touching medicare despite the fact that it's going broke in 11 years. it'll be able to pay 87 cents out of the dollar in benefits. if you have somebody that's not going to deal with medicare, you need to deal with medicare when you deal with repealing obamacare and they're not going to do. >> you're right, they have to protect it.
6:34 am
bottom line we are better doctors today and people are living longer and longer. people are taking advantage of the system. you're 100% right. at the same time we need to make sure that we incentivize patients themselves. they have to be in charge. if you're going to have a medicare card and you're going to maria and get your cat scan and keep repeating the tests, somebody is paying for it unless you're in charge of it, thest going to come out of your pocket. so having some sort of saving account, incept vising people to become healthier, we are doing medical care right now. nobody is doing health care. maria: right. >> prevention, screening, key points that have to be part of that. >> when doctors see republicans fighting over a replacement like this, how nervous do they get? does this affect their outlook for the future, optimistic they are about the system getting better? >> we have to be very smart. there's discussions among doctors every day in the
6:35 am
hallways and i hope some of those discussions should really go with politicians. they need to ask our opinions, what's going on in the level in the operating rooms in the hospitals at the level of patient care, we are spending less time with our patients, we are seeing more patients, reimbursements have gone down that reduces the quality. yes, you may have access to health care, but what kind of doctors? if the insurance -- maria: what's the easiest way to get the cost down? >> well, you need to -- pharmaceuticals is one thing, making sure you stay healthy, diabetes, diseases that we are dealing with trying to prevent them. maria: they are preventible? >> absolutely. dagen: one idea as we are talking about the cadillac tax on the employer, very rich employer insurance plans is to cap the tax benefit that you get through your employer or make it a level playing field between when you buy individual insurance and that that you get through your employer. but that's a bone of contention
6:36 am
because some republicans don't want to do that. some republicans don't want to put a lid on employer-sponsored plan or at least level the playing field. the people who have really great health insurance use too much health care and that's part of -- part of the pricing issue, the people who have high deductible plans -- maria: they don't use the deductibles. >> there's no question that everyone needs to have healthcare insurance so having some sort of catastrophic insurance that will give you access in case you need an operation, you should have that. other than that, you need to be incentivized. have taken care -- take over the entire state and you have no choices. i've had insurance companies that call the patients and say, you don't need to go see dr. samadi, we have someone cheaper for you somewhere else and they are interfering with
6:37 am
the care. there's a lot that republicans can do and they should be doing not just to modify obamacare. >> i think it's so important because people who say they want to take out obamacare are not humanitarian. obamacare is hurting the care that people are getting and it's important that people understand that. >> obamacare has become popular recently and the concept makes sense except the way they rushed it and put it out there it became expensive that it's just not affordable anymore. maria: we will be watching this. a fight that continues. thanks so much for joining us. coming up springing into action, hope depo's plan to stock up on employees to keep up with the busy season, we will tell you about their plans. make some room, the shack opening nationwide today but will it bring the house down? a look at the weekend box office coming up liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i
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maria: welcome back, markets are flat right now but, of course, a record-setting week. futures indicating a fractional move upwards for the dow industrials and a fractional move lower for the s&p, we are taking a look at a couple of names this week. home depot to hire 80,000 employees, seasonal workers in nearly 2,000 stores as well 75 distribution shares, home depot shares are up this year. the cause mind the outage of the cloud services outage earlier this week, a typo, amazon says it will add safeguards to prevent events like that from happening again. that stock is up nearly 50% year over year. fire has broken up in tower. >> the new york city fire department says the fire erupted on the 47th floor earlier this morning, there was one minor injury this morning. the fire was put out at 5:00 a.m., no evacuations, officials are trying to figure
6:42 am
out what caused it. boeing is cutting back by offering buy-outs to some of its employees, two of the companies main unions say more than 1800 workers have accepted the buy-outs, cutbacks to improve efficiencies, boeing is working through a backlog of jet line orders. new perks and higher fees are coming your way, up to $200 in annual uber credits as well as uber vip status, invite to an exclusive pop-up restaurant in the hamptons and another $200 for airline feeses, but the benefits, they don't come fees, american airlines raising from 450 bucks to $550. don't leave home without it. it all comes down to five seconds, eternity in the world of car racing, his or porsche is
6:43 am
trying to beat in production germany. ran a single lap, five seconds faster than previous record which was held by the porsche 918 spider. real secret is that they had dagen mcdowell driving. [laughter] maria: you have something to tell us, dagen? [laughter] >> you can get this hurricane if you have a couple million bucks. maria: what color would you say that color is? >> i don't know how -- i want that job. maria: we want to get back to the story, dagen, she put out tweets. >> trying to embarrass jeff
6:44 am
sessions, she put out a tweet almost 24 hours ago. i've been on the armed services committee for ten years, no call or meeting with russian embassador ever, period, embassadors call members to have foreign relations committee, well, it turns out she tweeted about a 2013 group meeting with the russian embassador and tweeted about a 2015 call with the embassador to discuss the nuclear deal with iran and then she had to revise and say, well, i met one-on-one, there wasn't enough room and she tweeted about four hours later, i meant one-on-one. >> if you don't have room, don't tweet it. that's the point of twitter, there's no room. maria: meet with embassadors all of the time. this is totally -- it's not anything that is sinister because you have a meeting. lee: it's hypocrisy of all this that makes people crazy.
6:45 am
if you look at this, you can't do it. it's so hypocritical. dagen: why do we hate government? lee: want to know why donald trump is president right now? maria: short break, slicing out the competition, hugh jackman's logan anticipated to be big blockbuster of the year. take a look. back in a minute this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh!
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hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> i haven't seen her. misty. >> i'm really sorry, mr. phillips.
6:49 am
>> that was the clip from the new film of the novel, a man's spiritual journey as he copes with the loss of young daughter. michael, good to see you. >> good morning. maria: big names, octavia spenser, tim mcgraw, what do you think? >> i think this could do pretty well. probably everything that manchester lacks from my point of view. octavio spencer. maria: she's so good. >> one of the hardest-working actresses in show business. maria: is that right? >> a really good job at targeting christian and faith-based communities and tend to be loyal to projects, this thing 10 to 12 will do better than that.
6:50 am
maria: let's talk lowingan for a second. the latest chapter in the xman franchise. what do you think? >> number one, this weekend, probably the best tribute xmen movies and one of the best box office of wolverine ever. hugh wrapping it up. i was logan premier was friday night and i had to be in oscars. let's see how she did. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> as a comic book fan this is as close as we will get to the old men log and story line in the comics. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i read all logan when it came out, i read everything about it. that wasn't the idea, we didn't
6:51 am
school play version of logan. hope is stripped away. where there isn't as much as there used to be. >> whether you're a super hero or not, i like the reluctant hero that grows into it and i think this film is really the climax of truly accepting his destiny. >> get the hell out of here. >> a story among humans be told and humanities and i say people gravitate to those types of movies. >> logan. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> logan. >> just stop. >> be careful. >> i need to girl. lock her up. >> i wanted to ask because this has been plaguing for forever, how do those claws fit -- is there a hook? >> there's a brass plate that goes in here and they mold around your hand, literally hold on and here they are. >> that's amazing.
6:52 am
>> so much more simple than people believe. when i meet 6-year-olds and 7-year-olds, they all look at my hand, it's very sweet. >> out of all of the movies, what's the favorite friendship that wolverine has done with character? >> xavir. the man who knows more about him than anybody. >> she's like you. very much like you. >> no, no, the opening scene in this movie that we shared together just the two of us in this horrible upturn massive tank in some kind of ruined factory, it was a wonderful scene. so much in it, so much complexity and richness, i think i enjoyed that most. >> when it came to this last movie, we really we wanted to focus on that and that relationship and it's really all maybe about family on this one.
6:53 am
>> how great did she do? maria: she did great. >> great question about the claws. maria: the last word, reshape how she's remembered. >> probably one of the favorite moments when she stepped out to present. she's a legend. it's a dramatic comedy. probably not crack the top 10 but one of those movies you will watch in cable for a long time. maria: sounds like a great story. i like the story. just to give you great week at mornings with maria, take a look at the top moment from this program. the administration also looking to take on tax reform. >> we focused on regulatory relief and we are focused on just a whole lot of changes to make the middle class tax cuts and to make business competitive. maria: will the president be
6:54 am
touching on that? >> he will be touching on tax in terms of speech. maria: how did that happen? >> it was our lack of willingness to ask for the resources and secondly a culture in the va of not willing to come forward and talk about what was really happening to hide those -- those long wait times. i want people to watch our results, we are committed to fixing this, we know we have to do vert and we are going to do better. >> we have to work together to try to get the best replacement plan. >> there's going to be a lot on the shoulders of president trump here. he has to go out and sell to skeptics the idea of repeal and replace. >> she is a moderate on health care, democrats maybe missing an opportunity to reach out to get if you will, obamacare plus. >> sanctuary cities provide a safe haven for criminal illegal aliens involving some very heinous crimes. >> it's not fair to my son, like i said, where is his sanctuary. he thought he could walk down
6:55 am
the street in the united states without being shot to dead. we don't need new laws, just support the ones we have and that will make us safe. >> when a court forces the president to justify a national security decision, you have a lot of problems that are raised by that. the public should not know, the courts should not know the president is thinking as he decides what national security decisions to make because it's based on classified material. the border adjustable raises revenue. huge tax cut on rates and it's powerful for the economy. border adjustable right now is how it's all put together. if there's alternative somebody needs to write it down soon. >> the whole business community would like to see tax reform done as rapidly as possible in 2017. it's an enormous opportunity
6:56 am
because we have kept our economy shackled by way outdated tax system. we have to be for something as democrats, how we are going the get the economy moving that includes everybody, so they just can't be against president trump. >> i thought that his change of tone signaled, i hope it signaled that he's about to start doing business rather than play if for camera. >> in the house chamber, for schumer, you can't applaud, elizabeth warren came in, she actually is angry, she looks like a librarian that will look at the books. she's not going the play. maria: will it be a picture perfect day on wall street? >> they have a lot to offer the youngings. maria: for sure. the skepticals are causing a frenzy. tell us thousand spectacles work. >> you're recording a video. maria: you're recording us right
6:57 am
now? >> you tweeted yesterday before the oscars watch celeb, i would rather a colonoscopy. i like your tweet this morning, you say it's russia's fault. >> yeah, russia hacked the oscars and got into the whole system. everybody makes a big deal about last night because the things got screwed up at the oscars, i'm the only one here without a morning with maria cup. maria: what? >> the guys complaining already about not having a coffee cup. come on, coach. to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
maria good friday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday march third, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. it could soon be harder for you to try to travel europe. the european union is considering halting visa-free travel more americans. controversial call coming up. here at home the president's cabinet continue to go take shape. dr. ben carson confirmed as the next secretary of housing and urban development while rick perry was confirmed as the next energy secretary. not all good news, democrats are lushing out at attorney general jeff session this is morning again over a meeting he had with the russian embassador. despite the ag recusing himself from any investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign.
7:01 am
>> there cannot be the doubt about the impartiality and fairness of the attorney general through the good of the country, attorney general sessions should resign. >> the fact that the attorney general, the top cop in our country, lied under oath to the american people is grounds for him to resign. maria: president trump responding to the situation calling it a total witch hunt. secretary of interior ryan zinke showing up to whooshing in style, check this out. why he chose to ride a horse to his first day on the job. we will tell you why. gang illegal immigrant killing in long island, the outrage. ford recalling vehicles of air g concerns, at you need to know before you hit the road. the parent company of snapchat soared 44% yesterday in first day of trading, up in the
7:02 am
premarket, 1%. 24.75. got more expensive to buy in bulk, why cosco said it's raising prices coming up. mixed opening, largely to the downside. fractional moves, nasdaq s&p 500 all down by a fraction this morning. we are waiting on comments on fed chair janet yellen, she will speak this afternoon and we will watch for my market movement n. europe, take a look at indices, cac quarante in paris is the winner of one half 1%, other major indices lower. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, the king's college business and economic's professor bryan and pollster lee carter. happy friday. lee: happy friday. dagen: markets, politics, trump administration and it's all like this. it's intertwine and interconnected. lee: heads are spinning this week. one thing after the hour.
7:03 am
the speech, 21,000, look at us. maria: it was all connected. >> they are watching the sessions stuff distract from that and the question is where does it go from here. maria: that's what the democrats want, they want to take them unmessage so they don't undo what president obama put in place. dagen: absolutely. get in the way of the all-important critical legislative agenda and the policies that the american people are clambering for. maria: absolutely. dagen: out of the white house. maria: we have a big show this morning. coming up we are talking with the ceo of nissan carlos, soon to be stepping down, the chairman of nissan, he will talk to us about that and the auto in general. hank and chris is with us as well. you don't want to miss a moment so please stay with us. eu parliament looking to scrap a visa-free travel for u.s.
7:04 am
citizens, this coming after american law continues to evolve and exclude five eu countries from no visa regime. parol meant issued this statement saying the eu commission is legally oblige today take measures temporarily reintroducing visa requirements for u.s. citizens given that washington still does not grant visa-free access to nationals or five eu countries, joining right now massachusetts senator scott brown. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, happy friday, guys. maria: the request unlikely to change eu policy but what does it say about europe's attitude now toward the trump administration? >> well, obviously there's a little tit for tat going on. you have a situation where the united states prior this president being put in place had some restrictions for five countries, clearly it's an effort -- it's a nonbinding, nonbinding vote, they can still obviously change their mind,
7:05 am
it's unlikely but it's going the hurt their economy and there's a reason why england left the eu, because it's so big and encompassing to think that we are not going to have americans traveling throughout europe right now, it's going to hurt economically, it's going to hurt the region quite a bit. >> senator, can we get beyond this? is it possible to get beyond this sort of tit for tat or are we going to see two years, four years of the same bickering that are distraction from bigger issues? >> well, i think we have a new secretary of state in place right now and i think obviously someone should pick up the phone and see what the concerns are on those five countries, see if they can be addressed or not, but i'm hopeful we will, but when you have a situation where the president doesn't even have his full cabinet still two people outstanding and there are thousands and thousands of deputies and undersecretaries and embassadors that need to be approved and you seeing the delaying tactic, we have to get past it because it's hurting america, it's hurting american
7:06 am
business, it's hurting american interest and they need to go in there and do their jobs, i'm hopeful. gosh, please tell the other side. america, first, guys. dagen: who is going to lose, european countries. see america rather than go into europe first when you go on vacation, drive through the four corners, drive through canyon lands and great west and even dakotas if you will. why do we hate politicians? because of this nonsense. maria: we know that the borders are porous and we know that this is the big issue right now so i don't know why the europeans are sort of getting, you know, starting a fight about it. dagen: only over a few countries, by the way, that we are not part of the visa waiver program. it's over bulgaria, croatia,
7:07 am
cypress and romania. lee: the polling numbers say they think it's the right thing to do. maria: that's right. lee: now we have their governments completely out of touch with their people as well. maria: you made a good point, scott, march third, we still don't have the entire cabinet in place, ben carson was confirmed to lead -- governor perry was receiving approval for next energy secretary. those two now have been confirmed. do you expect to see more action from this administration on these confirmations? what are we left with in terms of the -- the confirmations still pending? >> well, there's two left and bottom line is they should have been done, they need to be done and what's happening is you have a lot of the cabinet secretaries are in their positions finally but they don't have any deputies. like they're in an island, they can be the deal with the leaks, they can't deal with policy.
7:08 am
their handcuffed to be able to do their jobs, maria, and i think it's inappropriate and hurtful to america and to american citizens' interests not only in america but around the world so we have to get this done. we have to figure it out. they need to get in a room sit down and hammer this thing out because it's starting to not only affect credibility but safety and security potentially and our ability to do our jobs. maria: yeah. well, we will see about that. meanwhile the new secretary of the interior ryan zinke road on a horse first day on the job, good pictures. it was a nod to the 26th president of the united states, i should upheld belief that our treasured public lands are for the benefit and enjoyment of the people and we will work tirelessly to ensure our public lands are managed and preserved in a way that benefits all americans for generations to come. wow. quite the showing there, senator. your reaction. >> better him than me.
7:09 am
[laughter] >> i would have fallen off. god bless him. listen, the interior secretaries are usually folks that really care so deeply about our environment and our country and the ability for people to actually enjoy the lands, everyt i think of robin williams at night in the museum, he was riding the horse and being exciting and uplifting and energetic, so i'm hopeful that obviously the new secretary of the interior is going to do a great job. dagen: by the way, it goes to exactly what i was talking about. our land and our parks in this country, it's owned by the american people, you have an ownership stake in it. it's one of the reason that is we can borrow at such cheap rates because we have this vast investment and hard assets in the united states and i always encourage people to go see them and now you've got ryan zinke overseeing those national treasures. maria: america, the beautiful.
7:10 am
dagen: exactly. what's wrong with me? lee: i love that he did this from optics perspective. this one goes unnoticed. now we are talking about this and the parks, plan your summer vacation, go see them. >> there you go. i just want to see dagen on a camper, all right and whether she brings her shoes or sneakers. dagen: camping for me, senator is a pickup truck and a tent, okay. [laughter] maria: there's no camper involved. there's a truck and a tent. [laughter] dagen: that's it. >> we will see. dagen: and some guns. [laughter] >> okay, good. all right. go get them, thanks, guys, have a great weekend. maria: luxury and a message or a spa or something. you can't find that in the woods, though. senator, good to see you, thank you. >> good to see you, guys. maria: have a good weekend. coming up trouble on the road
7:11 am
for ford, what you need to know about the faulty air bags causing the recall of 32,000 cars, is your car on that list? we will tell you. how the social media company stacks up against other big names straight ahead, snap did real well yesterday, back in a moment ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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7:14 am
maria: welcome back, federal prosecutors alleges 13 gang member that is killed teens in long island. adam shapiro with details. >> members to have notorious ms13 street gang now. ten of them have been here in the united states illegally, two of the victims 15 and 16-year-olds girls killed after being attacked with machete and killed for violating gang rules. one of the suspects had been previously deported. president trump has cost méxico's richest billionaire, billions of dollars since he took office carlos slim has lost $16 billion from his fortune because the u.s. president wants to build a wall along the border and has targeted immigration, the mexican peso has fallen -- being and that has slim,
7:15 am
mr. slim's wallet. don't feel sorry for mr. slim, he can still feel the family, he was losted at the top billionaire in the world, that's fallen to sixth place. ford issued a safety recall for three models to replace faulta tekata air bags. edge and lincoln mk x. if the air bag is deployed it may not inflate completely or the cushion may detach and that could increase the risk to injury to the driver. finally, shares of snap soared on the first day of trading up 44% yesterday. the social media or camera company, the camera company depending on who you ask is now valued at $34 billion putting it on par with the value of such well known companies as marriott international and target and investors, well, they may see
7:16 am
more gains today. snap has been up 1% in the premarket this morning and when you're worth, what, almost $40 billion, you can call yourself whatever you want. maria: what a day? we knew it was going to have a strong ipo, what happens now. would you put more money to work in this stock today? >> yeah. maria: that's the question that investors are asking. >> the fourth quarter was a tough quarter for snap, will they be able to recover this year, i think facebook is going after them with everything they've got, the instagram stories feature very tough for snap. it was telling for facebook and twitter as well. you look at first year performance, investors learned a lot. dagen: facebook was weak first week. >> we took the glasses out they said very cool but they wouldn't spend $199. the problem is no live streaming and only ten seconds.
7:17 am
if snap, however, can create a technology that allows you to have a small device that let's you stream and go live with this thing for longer than ten seconds, they would be onto something. maria: maybe that's why subscriber growth is slowing and they are word about growth at snap. >> there's no -- switching is no problem, unlike facebook you have nothing saved there. that's the whole purpose of snapchat, switching means nothing for ill -- millennials. fear is they will do it and it's going to hurt snap. adam: it'll be a problem for them. maria: we will take a short break. real estate trends. buying in bulk is going to cost you more, why cosco says it's raising price of membership plans, stay with us two become one.
7:18 am
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maria: are you in the market to sell your home, there's a two week window that will get you the best bang for your buck, we want to tell you the two weeks, the best time to put your house on the market is between may first and may 15th, that's according to new report from zillow, it will sell faster and for a 1,500-dollar premium if you sell within two weeks, may first and may 15. rogers, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, how are you doing? maria: we heard so much about the hot spring selling season, why is the first two weeks of may so important? >> so here is my theory, every year whenever college kids graduate they normally move
7:22 am
between may and june and so their leases are expiring like march, april, the beginning of may and so whenever it's time for them to buy after end of 12-month lease it's an early may close and so the seasons usually start in any large city, any small city, doesn't matter, we see the cycles continue so it's a pretty relying season that we have seen specially with the millennial buyer. lee: why wouldn't it be the markets that were on before? >> yeah, it just depends. again, it depends on who the first time buyer who. a lot of the guys who are in markets like dallas, chicago, atlanta, charlotte, they are between ages 25 and 28 and they really are getting out of their lease for the first time and maybe, you know, they had a lease that was up at the end of april and closing in may. it just depends on the market but that's a busy time of the year. 1 and a half to 2% higher, you know, that's the beginning of may.
7:23 am
maria: wow. dagen: rogers, it's dagen mcdowell. is it that some of the people don't like buying and looking at real estate when it's cold outside? >> yeah, luckily we don't have to deal with that in cities of dallas. dagen: january is cold for texans, by the way. maria: you could clean house and plant stuff and looks better. lee: yeah. maria: there's also according to this survey from zillow, the study, the best day of the week to put your house on the market is a saturday. why? >> yeah, because -- people are obsessed with real estate and like i said, it's a hobby for people whether they are buying, selling or staying put and our goal as realtors is to go hit him when we have their attention and most people wake up in the morning and after they go and read the paper, read the bible and watch you guys on tv they are going through their phone
7:24 am
looking at real estate and so there's something psychological about having someone see a house the first day on the market would just trick and they wanting to see it even if they didn't think they were looking. >> you start to ask yourself, well, what's wrong with this place, isn't there element of the freshness there? >> yeah, it just depends. in cities like dallas who has seen such growth where the days in the market stigma isn't there because there's so much new construction that sol builders put it on the market the day they break ground. you see houses selling 400-500 days on the market and the buyers are educated. but, yeah, i think the average days on market in a top 15 cities is about 30, buyers specially and first-time buyer category seem to have freak-out on why it's day 31. stuff happens.
7:25 am
beggars can't be choosers at this point. maria: they have a new is set of problems, higher prices, lower invent other. there's a study out and says the first-time home buyers account for 30% of the housing market and that's down 40% in 2005. what does that mean for, you know, millennials longer term? >> yeah, i think a lot has to do with the fact that cash is still king and millennials that are trying to purchase home is great. it's going to continue to happen, but when you are competing with people between what used to be 40%, a lot of those people are second-time buyers, third-time buyers and they are paying cash. when a home owner has two offers on the table, one for contract for higher price and one for cash lower, they are probably going to take the cash deal. it goes back to the thing we talked you have to be able to save your money and attractive as possible when it comes down to submitting an offer. maria: rogers, good to see you. >> thanks for having me.
7:26 am
maria: we want to get this tweet out that the president is putting out, president trump frustrated by the confirmation process just tweeting a moment ago, it is so pathetic that the dems have still not approved my full cabinet. that is just coming out. look, there's truth to that. we -- there are two left, it's march third, president obama had his entire cabinet in place just a couple of weeks in. lee: yeah, absolutely. dagen: appetizer of obstruction in terms of what's to come with the democrats getting in the way of trump's agenda. maria: by the way, it's worked, right, because right off the bat he comes with the executive order that was bungled and because he didn't have his team in place, so it does have implications, the fact that he's not getting confirmation. dagen: absolutely. maria: take a short break. lee: doesn't seem like there's good reasons. maria: coming you mean changes in store for nissan, ceo giving us exclusive vision.
7:27 am
a danger in the skies, record number of firearms confiscated at airports, that's next special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select n you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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7:29 am
maria: good friday morning everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i have your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the president is lashing out
7:30 am
on twitter this morning. it is so pathetic that they have not approved my full cabinet. there are two cabinet members pending as we speak. this comes after the president warns our enemies there in big trouble. while visiting the brand-new gerald r ford. this aircraft carrier provides essential capabilities to keep us safe from terrorism and takes the fight for many years in the future. the great admiral limits who commanded the u.s.'s specific specific fleet through the second world war one side is a function of the navy to carry the war to the enemy the details as the details -- is a u.s. as a u.s. launches airstrikes in yemen. the staggering amount of guns
7:31 am
that the tsa found in carry-on bags. in just one day. i just got a little bit more expensive to buy in bulk. and there's a whole lot of changes coming to donuts. check out markets of this morning. were looking at a flat opening. we are waiting on comments from federal reserve chair. as people are expecting an interest rate hike fairly soon. open both corners would present it paris. the end of the week lower. talk about a golden paycheck. one nba and start me nearly half a million dollars for just two hours of work. talk about the unexpected.
7:32 am
the denver zoo welcomes a new giraffe. investors have their eye on nissan as a leadership is shifting on april 1. the u.s. ceo will set back step back on the day-to-day running of the company. he will remain chairman. carlos, it's great to see. it has been plant the first move was in october when i have designated chief executive. i will remain chairman of the board. i'm obviously considering that. i moved in the position of the board of mitsubishi but supporting the team and the revival of the company.
7:33 am
i want to get into the trade is situation that we talk about so much as a result of the trump policies coming out. but how would you characterize business right now. overall china is still growing india is growing. europe has a surprising start to the year. the united states is a stabilizing stabilizing at the very high level. overall the state of the business is good. were talking about a border adjustment tax. we will come out with a policy on tax reform. but they are an interesting story line within this border adjustment tax because when you're building a car you have components that go into that vehicle and may cross the border six or seven or eight times. we will just do any rule that will come. it was the only rule that we knew. now it seems there will be a
7:34 am
change in some of that. i will come from the political -- particular area. no matter what is the decision. it will adjust the flow of products. but how do you adjust. he said to me the average car right now in the united states is about $30,000 i think that price goes to $40,000. i don't know if you're looking at a gain of between $2,000 or $10,000 but would automakers be posed to raise prices at the to pay more at the border. >> on the mid to long-term i would say no. i don't know that anybody can sit comfortably with the price hike. there is a surprising change
7:35 am
that is going to impact the cost of makers. immediately after. what would you expect from the tax reform package. different competing schools that's why we try to guesstimate what's can happen we wait too. it looks like this is could happen during this year. people are saying we will get a tax reform product. i wonder what happens with an international automakers automaker like yours as a result of a new tax at the border. some countries have the tax at
7:36 am
the border. you don't know exactly what's good to get out. so patients, attention and obviously quick action will be an accessory. how do you anticipate a sales mix changing and nissan. >> we had been late to follow the trend. it was 5050 not that long ago. we are much more participating. we are catching up with a lot of introduction. do they prefer maybe if the audience likes.
7:37 am
they are pushing the trucks. on the ultima or the city in. i think the trend has been a lot going into that. i would not be surprised if there is even a come back. if there is even a come back. he went to check what your engineers are telling you. president trump is pushing automakers to bring production to the united states. do you think the president's plan and these cleanup companies how does that work. has that dictated different behavior. obviously it's working because all carmakers are paying attention to what the president is saying.
7:38 am
the market is in good condition. a natural tendency to move more cars in the united states. this being said we are all watching carefully what's good to happen. by lateral agreements we don't know but in the meantime without any doubt everybody is paying attention to more capacity. what's most important. you've lived with her at this point. you know the benefits of it. what he we want to see from a by lateral deal. i asked my people in mexico what can be done better. they have a hard time. we have adjusted so much in a
7:39 am
certain way we like the system. that doesn't mean there can't be another system. but we will adjust to a new system the priorities are mexico, india and japan. walk us through those countries and what you would like to see is most important from a carmakers standpoint. what happens between the united states and india will not have an impact on us. so far this is what agreement. we all align our strategy. what is a big change that you
7:40 am
would anticipate? >> higher prices? >> what i understand is the main issue is the fact that there is the imbalance from the trade. every everything goes towards less imbalance. and also the self driving cars. that must have been something to watch. these are the three elements. you want to see a lot of technology coming into the production. it's will allow other people to be able to continue to drive even though a lot of them are losing their drivers
7:41 am
license today. it means i could get in the car and drive it myself but that i press a button. you are still in the car in your belly empowered to say i want to drive or you don't want to drive. >> do you need everybody to be a driverless. >> they are mainly for commercial use. companies like huber and tax companies. one of the limit to the extension is the fact that they cannot find enough of drivers today. in order to continue that expansion they need to be able to add driverless cars. it allows you to do that.
7:42 am
except that the difference is that you can have this very well. today i have prototypes working very well in terms of a driverless car's or autonomous cars but were going to need some time to make sure that in 100 percent of the cases that would be there. to think going forward with driverless cars you will see fleets. i don't think it will be either/or. it will be both. let's not forget that 2016 has been a record year for the car industry. even though they are not
7:43 am
buying cars we have a lot of that and the in the classical industry. on top of that you will have other markets like shared cars, shared services, this is not there. it's in addition to that. we've to we have to be ready to compete in that. >> i think it's adding something new the same time that they may be taking some of the needs you've a lot of people accessing the car market by moving from the motorcycle into the car or tricycles like countries in india where they are making this move from something else it's great to see you. a colorful change at dunkin' donuts. what they will be eliminated from their food next.
7:44 am
back in a moment. to stay with us. so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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7:46 am
before they begin.
7:47 am
c1 welcome back. it's setting a new firearms record. adam shapiro with headlights this morning. >> the tsa said that they found 21 firearms across the country and one day last week. this beat the previous record of 18 which was sent back in 2014. passengers are permitted to travel with the firearm in their checked lover -- luggage. it is gonna cost you more to shop at costco. it will increase june 1 it will affect 35 million members. the goldstar and business memberships will rise by $5 to $60 in annual fees for cosco executives will increase 120 mollis -- $120.
7:48 am
they tell one of 4% after hours. the push to dump artificial flavors and colorants. they announced they are the latest food chains promising to dump artificial coloring. only naturally sourced die. it will affect every product sold by the two companies. as millions of people worldwide are watching a youtube live streaming video waiting stream video waiting for a giraffe to get birth and is in new york my weight. another giraffe drops the surprise and this happens in denver. it was born early tuesday morning. measures 5 feet tall and
7:49 am
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c1 welcome back. sharpish you are steph curry last night one of the all-time greats he set the mark in the third quarter of the golden golden state warrior's games
7:53 am
now good news the warriors lost to the bulls. it's a first time in 698 days. talk about a golden paycheck. josé calderon was paid nearly half a million dollars for just two hours work and he didn't even have to work the warriors. they were forced to wave him a couple of hours later the team signed matt barnes after kevin durant got hurt. if it wasn't on the field but in the dugout. the one-handed grab at the bat. he caught the bat mid air. undoubtably the greatest play of the game. now he told espn he will see it for the national anthem season. just two days ago we told you that he would opt out of his contract so he is a man
7:54 am
looking for a team and said he will stand for the interim. >> now he's get a stand. some people get referee -- reputation defender. it is so rare that athletes get to experience that. adrian peterson the future hall of famer got to be a man on the street. they are doing a story on road
7:55 am
rage incidents and he displays enough is if he's just another guy. what you quite think this guy looks out of normal. he's from houston he's out there. i want to ask you guys about that pga of america is now saying it's going to allow short and practice rounds at the championships. it will take place in charlotte north carolina. this is a big deal in the gulf war. there will be magazines. i love the changes that are
7:56 am
coming to golf. to cut the number of rules. thirty-four .-dot a 24. if the ball if you type it on the grade no penalty anymore. they are trying to make the game better. kurt busch spoke to me about it the other day. every sport is trying to figure out how we sustain our audience sent to again 102nd form of communication that some of the leaks are fighting against. that some of the leaks are fighting against. that's all we want to know. i think we need to bring back
7:57 am
the 80s basketball shorts. it extends the line of what they can sell all the sudden who has a best legs. it's great for the sport because it opens up something new. coming up. revolutionizing cancer treatments. i was making the way for them comp mornings with maria will be back in a moment. a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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8:00 am
. maria: good friday morning welcome back thanks to much for joining us i am maria bartiromo it is friday, march your top stories right now 8:00 aem on the east coast. controversy in our capital attorney general jeff sessions, reaccusing himself from any investigation surrounding 2016 presidential election, following questions, over his meetingss with russian ambassador many including the president himself, calling this situation, a witch hunt. >> where i am a lot of -- today, washington, that i do believe, are troubling a lot of it would appear to be in violation of the law. and it is unhealthy trend we've got to do better about it, i do believe, every department needs to take greater i don't think that was said about that meeting i had
8:01 am
with the russian ambassador was legitimate i think hiked beyond reason and i think it was unfair. i am glad to be able to address it today. >> senator rand paul searching for answers to repeal replace obamacare copier carrying around the former presidential candidate blasting gop for keeping plans secret protest on the hill coming up. >> picture-perfect debut for snap parent company snapchat 44% trading up again this morning, the end of the trading day yesterday 2 1/2 times that of twitter, that stock up another three-quarters of a percent trading up to 2467. investors awaiting comments from federal reserve chair janet yellen this afternoon, are the markets are pretty much on hold we are waiting on no i commentary out of that speech, she is going to speak 1 pm eastern in chicago market
8:02 am
flat in europe stocks mixed eurozone you see cac quarante in paris up two-thirds of one percent other major averages lower a core of a% ended week lower he worst in korea kospi down better on that 1%, nintendo switch hit -- shelves he will it live up to hup we are going to check it out a former consumer honors our here's a look at president bub's attribute to warriors this morning all coming up this hour joining my to talk a bit fox business network dagen mcdowell, kings college business and sxhiekz o professor brian, pollster lee cater. >> good morning. >> fun show so far. >> lots to talk about. >> yealways fun. >> lot to get into we are, of course, talking with jet sessions news bring you a lot of stories around that, joining the conversation, this morning, is wisconsin
8:03 am
congressman duffy former pfizer ceo hank mckinnell will and viewray ceo chris raanes with ussu stuart varney -- >> stuart is here sacks, firestorm around jeff sessions reducing themselves from investigation surrounding 2016 presidential race following questions over meethsdz with russian ambassador blame blame live with latest. good morning to you. >> good morning to you as well jeff sessions admits that he met with you russia ambassador in his senate office, last year, however he is pushing back on the claim that he misled congress this year when he told them in confirmation testimony he did not have communications with rugs with a sessions is trying to say that he meant that he wasn't communicating with russians as a surrogate of the trump campaign how he ended press conference >> and, in retrospect i should
8:04 am
have said what i did meet one russian official a couple times that would be the ambassador. >> thank you all take care. >> president trump is standing by his attorney general, he released this statement, last night started with the following, quote, jeff sessions is honest man he did not say anything wrong. he could have stated his response, more being a accurately but clearly not intentional end "democrats on hill calling for sessions' job as they say he lied under oath. >> because the department of justice, should be above reproach, for the good of the country, attorney general sessions should resign. >> soegs announced yesterday that he will recuse himself from any investigation that might involve russia and the past presidential election this morning, russia's foreign minister is weighing in calling this entire story a quote witch hunt. maria: yeah especially reading a story right now,
8:05 am
blake, that says the russian ambassador, actually visited the white house 22 times. under president obama's tenure. >> visited white house sitting with glats at joint address to congress other night he is a top diplomat makes rounds in washington the question was anything nefarious happening, between top russian officials this official kislyak any folks in campaign that is the investigation on hill o potentially fbi. >> why would we even suspect such a thing? because this has been a democratic narrative the a apple democrats narrative since democratic national convention. >> at white house saying sean spicer continuing there is no "there" there this is looked into. >> wlaik blake white house this morning bring in avoids congressman sean duffy your thoughts on sessions
8:06 am
reaccusing himself all you heard good morning to you. >> good morning to you, listen -- decision for sessions, in conjunion with president trump i got to tell you i don't -- i don't think he should recuse himself seems some there there when you recuse yourself with any investigation with regard to a russia's at white house 22 times chuck schumer met with putin in new york hillary clinton het with you the positivein in about russia, claire mccaskill with russian ambassador democrats republicans in high office meet with officials from government all the time. and to think that -- democrats or -- a story some connection between republicans, and russians is absolutely foolish you recuse yourself lead creed tense on that i think sheriff maintained his current position, he is -- you know attorney general, press forward. >> does this hurt the administration the fact he is
8:07 am
recusing himself you mentioned mccaskill we know the democratic senator was quick to criticize attorney general sessions explanation regarding meetings with russian ambassador tweeted i have been on armed services committee 10 years no call or meeting with russian ambassador ever ambassadors call for members of the foreign relations committee, contradicted her, i am off to a meeting with russian ambassador upset about the arbitrary cruel decision to end all u.s. adoptions even though in process, and then here is what she tweeted in 2015. today, calls with british russian german ambassador regarding tehran deal hashtag doing my homework. i mean -- really? >> dagen. dagen: that is me laughing, congressman. >> continue. >> go ahead. >> what lo and behold democrats playing politics with russia in -- my goodness
8:08 am
i can't believe it. >> point out though that republicans there was a growing chorus of republicans jason chaffetz chairman of the house oversight ghost reform committee calling for jeff sessions to recuse himself immaterial was not just democrats it was fellow republicans as well. >> three republicans i can say dagen i disagree with them -- give me the evidence of what connection there is between republicans and russians partnering in elections or in government, doesn't -- >> we haven't gotten it still waiting on that. >> if democrats had it they would present it there is nothing there, this is just a great story to undermine trump administration i would just, maybe uncover this look to loretta lynch, a lot of commentary met with bill clinton on tarmac democrats did not call for her recuestimate offe hers she did voe fundamental eric holder "fast and furious" games played never called for recusal
8:09 am
and/or resignation of attorney general. >> brian, lee carter, hillary sold 20% u.s. stock tile of uranium to russian company overseen by russian government. >> narrative makes no sense to me, think about, okay wait a minute, they want the republicans in power, because those are going to be easier on them? that is not the way -- the democrats have been easy on russia a long time why want to tinker have republicans in power -- >> "the wall street journal" editorial page points out today, that it this is they call it jim carey cover up jeff suggestions that it is so inept in terms of yes is the jim carey of cover up artists no way you can hide meetings, but they point out the most important facts so far about the larger trump russian story is there are few salient facts about it. and potentially, the recusal by jeff sessions puts it to
8:10 am
bed it doesn't give am ingestion to the democrats. >> if he says i recuse myself that is it they don't have anything to complain about potentially. >> how did this story get such legs when it actually is -- it is -- like we have no evidence. there is no evidence of in fact the hacking of the you russians into u.s. election we don't, i know that is the storiline has been that is what hillary and her team have been saying throughout election throughout campaign where is it? >> it keeps going back to saying one thing then having to correct that or a having to clarify that, that is the problem that we are getting time and again congressman i just want to ask you how distracting is this for congress, as you are trying to deal with big issues tax reform it seemed you need to be focused as possible every week you have got something paul ryan having to make a statement about it, how much does this distract the real work that you need to get done? >> listen, i think not distracting at all we -- stories to greet speech state of the union from president
8:11 am
trump alternatresonated, so tha not going to detract the last point why getting so many legs, you have democrats and the left wing media a big part of media, pushing stories, against republicans and vast majority american voters, agree in direction of president trump wants to take us, so it is really challenging for us, when not just democrats it is media that is chomping at bit to drive stories we have to push back on them then also work on tax reform work on health care reform meal i i replacement dodd-frank next 10 months big things through house senate have president sign them meet examinations the markets of for us in congress if we do that, there is no looking back i think apple democrats realize that how great president trump has done in
8:12 am
the first six weeks, if this continues, they are going to be a minority party for a very long time in future, they can't let that happen, liberal progressive agenda going to be dead media democrats have to partner try squash this before it rolls frankly one admission we are not going to let that happen. >> you are not going to let that happen a special prosecutor on the russia stuff, you are confident that you've got repeal and replace and you will get these things done this year. >> i am more confident and health care, we are going to get that done. in taxes, as we talked before, the border-adjustment tax created controversy within republican party, there is a vision in the house, you know you have 100 scenarios think they have idea on tax reform all different we got to get them on border we have more time on tax, still very, very hopeful, that we have to have unity on pathway forward how you get a trillion dollars of revenue to drop rates on
8:13 am
corporate side, on the individual side. that still has to be worked out but yeah, i am feeling greet about where we are at where we are going. maria: all right you don't have that much time right steen mnuchin told us august that is coming get to work! >> in washington -- get to work. >> why are you not in washington. >> seeing constituents in wisconsin, great snow behind me? >> your lovely family, too. >> congressman good to see you thanks so much we will see you sign congressman sean duffy fight for remote pennsylvania ymca pulling plug on 24-hour news channels a gym what happened. >> nintendo switching up video game company new a consul hitting shelves, back in a moment. truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style.
8:14 am
it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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8:16 am
maria: intense manhunt this morning in nevada, after an officer-involved shooting. adam with details. reporter: police in reno, nevada are searching for a gunmanman after an officer was shot and injured they say, the suspect's name is eric by reasonel believed a local gang member, another suspect was shot and killed, in that shooting, the injured officer is expected to survive. sweden redroofd military draft government says the country current all volunteer cute. was not provided military with with enough trained personnel says the decision was made
8:17 am
because of a deteriorating security environment, in the region. there have been reports, of airspace violations by russia's aircraft in the baltics, the russian military buildup near sweden, the draft will cover men and women born in 1999 or later, this comes less than 10 years after swede ended its compulsory military service, today is day nintendo fans waited for after all the buzz nintendo switch out today one of the big about attractions two gadgets in one, it is a console can be used with tv and also can be detached used on the go there won't be a top of games to play initially, the titles 10 released nintendo adding a way for people two people who have they ever played together to become friends on the down sole the switch sells for 299 bucks. if you did not preorder your switch good luck finding one
8:18 am
today, walmart target best buy a limited number of switch units skriebl for walk-in customers ymca scranton pennsylvania wants people to work out not fight over politics no longer broadcast big three 4 hour cable networks at gym in the gym only espn weather channel are allowed there have been several recent incidents in the gym political discussions apparently turned threatening. >> -- movies an lifetime. so photocopy politics getting everybody up in arms, while on treadmill. >> i think make you run faster get angry, lifting weights run faster. >> gym i work out not loud to use the cell phone, and there was a woman on treadmill next to all of them us he on phone really loud everyone kept looking finally woman on this side of me yelled over shut up!
8:19 am
so -- examine if depends where you are. >> that wasn't over politics why saying no cable tv? >> because -- yes, exactly. it is people get in fights over it. >> anyway -- fisticuffs on the phone -- >> -- the holidays don't bring it up at you know, at dinner. >> don't bring up gym holidays, at work. >> story -- >> all right, make america great again hat. >> show up with a hat. >> [laughter] >> thanks, coming up no vanishing value for snap, the snapchat apparent company dazzled fellow wall street debut we talk about it next, and a brush with greatness we will talk to one of the subjects president george w. bush's painting exhibit, he dedicated to our veterans back in a moment.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
. . >> welcome back snap beatinging expectations first day trading yesterday ended up 44% on public debut, fox business network nickel, about those nicole petallides with more. >> an exciting morning yesterday, it went off like a well-oiled machine huge crowd here spiegel murphy cofounders there you can see video taken with the spectacle glasses hardware, of the open at that time. you have the market maker on phone with goldman sachs guy upstairs book runner-up stairs adler go to guy for alibaba executing this talked to
8:24 am
fidelity wellington vanguard off beautifully took off like creates a by the end of the day up 44% i will say this morning, people servers are probably pretty happy to see that instead of selling off some huge gain 44%, in fact we're seeing it holding on to some of that, plus 1.6% looking around 24.90 here in premarket, that being said, we are seeing the cofounders on the rise, as spiegel very much on -- person as we know from history, they rang the bell both got in the car, with fiancée miranda's parents here father hung around after lunchtime really soaking all in, what an exciting experience it was both went to goldman sachs a lot of optimism that you have the up arrow analysts are concerned about a electrify things, obviously, blowing through a lot of cash not seeing a profit no vision, as to when they will be profitable, but i will say maria, that they are
8:25 am
eating up the advertising, and that is where everybody salivating analysts lot of it 1 to 24 years olds make up 60% base we use 18 to 35 that young base they say once they get ads brand dedicated for 20 to 30 years going forward. so that is it, looking good advertisers still loving snap. maria: nickel thanks so much greet roundup there for snap, 5.16 billion dollars new net worth of spiegel, the founder, how does money losing company get to be worth this much -- like 1999 -- >> the bet that is the 16 to 20-year-old eyes are going to stay on snapchat for years and years and years, until user base grows, but i just think the gator right now data does not the suggest that growth much much slower because much more competition from instagram remember we saw twitter pop 72%, on first day
8:26 am
of trading, facebook less than 1% the first day has not been a good indicator of where companies go long term i think you got to look at this investment over at least one-year period to figure out where it is going,. dagen: does come down to supply and demand supply of shares flooded the heavily restricted, 200 million shares in the offering 120 more than half in hands of 12y5u69 and investment firms, 50 million to a group of investors, there are subject to one year lockup so only 30 million of the 200 million shares for everyone else, including friends and family there was a very title controlled supply. >> people getting -- >> right. >> there is a long term story not paying much attention to going to come in coming days. >> we will watch that coming up next caterpillar reeling at federal agents rated headquarters top rated investigation hitting the stock the search for remedied
8:27 am
to rise in prescription drug prices former ceo pfizer weighs in on president trump's plan to fight, skyrocketing expenses for drugs back in a minute. ♪ ♪ sweet caroline, your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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. . . maria: happy friday i am maria bartiromo, thanks so much for joining us friday,
8:30 am
march dwrourp stories right now 8:30 aem own east coast. senate rand paul searching for the purposance in fight to repeal and replace obamacare, former candidate blasting gop for keeping the plans secret. regardless where bill is vice president mike pence promising america change is coming. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to be over. despite best efforts of some he activists around the country the american people know the truth. obamacare has failed obamacare must go. >> failed -- crippling american economy, and putting an enormous a wet on families. >> talk about your fake news! . >> look at all the broken promises they made about obamacare remember that you just heard dr. pricey mention it told us that the cost of health insurance would go down, not true. they told us if you liked your doctor you could keep him remember that one? not true. maria: very latest on
8:31 am
obamacare debate coming up this morning, caterpillar officers have been raided by authorities, the ceo promising to work with authorities after search warrants carried out several facilities, more on investigation in any case actually affecting the stock this morning, of cat shares nearly 2000 boeing union workers a buyout what move means for the future plans that itself coming up, checking markets this morninging opening bell an hour flat opening dow jones industrial average continuing to trade up about 8 points right now cracking the 1,000 mark this week nasdaq s&p 500 negative, we are waiting on comments from federal reserve chairman janet yellen, she speaks at 1 pm eastern this afternoon, in chicago. in europe stocks are mixed take a look at eurozone indices cac quarante paris up a half percent other averages lower, in asia overnight, markets enit had week lower as you will see the kospi in korea down better than 1% japan nikkei average down one half one percent a former
8:32 am
commander in chief honest heroes president bush's tribute to america's warriors president trump's bold agenda to make hvbl favorable about twablgdz trend of sky rocketing prices here is what he said to joint session of congress this week. >> we should implement legal reforms that protect patients and doctors, from unnecessary costs that drive up price of insurance work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs bring them down immediately. . >> this comes after a number pharmaceutical companies have come under fire for steep increases in prices of life he saving mixes formereo of phaser mckinnell with us ceo of viewray chris raanes thank you for joining us so much to talk about my favorite part of the health care story is innovation, you have got a great product i want to get to hank first talk about this
8:33 am
issue, of rising drug prices you were the ceo of phaser how does pharmaceutical industry feel about what president trump is saying and efforts to i stabilize the price of drugs. >> we certainly understand, that there is concern, about the high price of medicines. the facts are however, that if you take the top 10 selling drugs from 10 years ago, today they are 80% cheaper because the path patents conspire generic products are available pharmaceuticals 10% of total health care costs 50 years, if you made all pharmaceutical products free, two years later you would be back exactly where you were before you took that action. of the so the issue really should be the cost of health care not the cost of medicine. >> how do you do that how do you get health care expenses down look i recognize, that you really need to have private investors in health care. in order to see the innovation process, prosper people need to believe they can make
8:34 am
money, in -- in -- in putting money toward he innovations and not see the government controlled pricing but the question remains how do you get the price lower. >> well that is the question we should be discussing. 64% of all health care costs in america are ask consumed by 10% of the population we need to better manage that 10% we need to ensure better outcomes for 10% of the population, and that is what new technology such as view ray's innovation does. >> talking about that in a second, chris the president plan concludes provisions to make health insurance more affordable for americans the fight over obamacare listen to this. >> we should help americans purchase their own coverage, through the use of tax credits and expanded health savings accounts but it must be the plans they want not the plans forced on them by our government. >> what is your take? >> you know from thes cancer business point of view the
8:35 am
unfortunate truth independent of what health care system an aging population more people need cancer treatment we are going to make it available to them through -- >> where are we in the fight against cancers in you're view. >> on our way pharmaceuticals made a huge difference it is made in he innovations like viewray system more important people living longer giving higher quality of life, with this mri guided system bringing to the market, we are giving oncologists ability to see everything so accurately with an target cancer spare health tissue longer lives what it is all about. >> interesting i want to get to that a new study finds obesity strongly linked to 11 cancers as more between cancers other conditions discovered focus on treating disease, okay. so you just received the fda approval, for the world's first mri guided radiation treatment therapy tell us how it would issues.
8:36 am
>> mri together withation treatment maintenance as doctor is delivering beams to kill cancer you can see exactly what is going on things changing shape if things moved, and from first principles you can do a better job if you can see surgeons are so effective now we have radiational oncologists can see while treating. >> this just got fda approval, give us a timeline when do you expect this to be in doctors and hospitals offices. >> second generation first generation out there three years great clinical results the second generation now that we have green light from fda rolling it out this year, this is when it gets interesting for the investors. >> hank, what do you see in terms of innovation right now you have got mri radiation machine what else k you identify in terms of what is happening as it relates to cancer treatments. >> this clearly is the -- golden age of discovery, and innovation, a particularly in cancer field where there is many more options available to
8:37 am
patients, and the promise of much better medical outcomes the viewray machine is a great example of how with a much less invasive surgery possible to destroy the tumor spare organs, breakthrough in radiation treatment. >> is there a difference as relates to where in the body the radiation is needed? in other words, does -- is it more effective in certain parts or certain kinds of cancer? >> it is anywhere if you can see the the cancer, on the diagnostic treat with this machine the other nice thing it is foesht because you can see it clearly you can hit cancer harder know you are not going to miss you are going to miss all the critical organs nearby instead 6 to 8 week cancer treatments do them effectively in five days. >> so as opposed to the 6 to 8 week radiation treatments. >> people still do chemo
8:38 am
alongsideed. >> chemo alongside to doctor what he has to do the radiation part itself we can take about from a 6 to 8 weeks to five days very, very effective. >> wow, that is effective. so what a would you say in terms of of the foot he against cancer in terms of where we are. >> well, we will be fighting cancer for a very long time unfortunately. but i think we are going to see more progress next 10 years than we've seen in all history quite an exciting field. >> do you still see the some kind of investment that you want to see i mean i know the -- nih funding slowed down quite a bit over the last couple of years is that right? >> that is correct. except most of innovation in health care is supported by private investment and so long as there is a reward for that investment, the -- the investment there be. >> this is what i am talking about, you want to see that kind of investment continue, and they are not going to invest if they feel like the government can say this is a top as far as how much you can charge for it right. >> that is not going to happen frankly. it has happened in some countries, where health care
8:39 am
is rationed that is not going to happen in the united states. >> is this the major product for viewray what are the next steps the company? what are you looking to achieve now. >> we are all about the concept if you can see what you are doing while doing it you can do a better job so we are starting with this radiation the roommate where i can see we are going to increase the types ofs cancer that you can see we are going to put softly ware applications easier for doctors to do different things around the body like you said different types of cancer built already cleared for anywhere in the body radiation indicated used as very broad strum defies. >> what do bookings like like in terms of possibly purchases who are the customers hospitals. >> pretty, this gets sold to hospitals we are sitting on 23 firm orders already 133 million in backlog, like i said fda clearance that is opening the gates to roll out that, putting hospitals around the world. >> difference in terms of the radiation machine is you can see it, while applying
8:40 am
radiation. >> right before and while we never stop looking, here is what it turns out as one of the important factors we didn't know this we started three years ago nobody was looking not only maths that your aiming at it matters what the shape is, thing change shape cancers chaining shape during treatment every day you come in you rejustify a the shape make sure there is nothing in the way that is why effective. >> you can see, if -- it were from a test site. >> metastasize. >> not -- you look at karps you know where it is it shrinks we're hating with radiation starts shrinking. >> you can feel he changes you are shrinking it. >> you need to otherwise health tissue pulling in gets hit with radiation you do dooj to healthy tissue every time it changes we make real-time adjustments doctors have that capability. >> what changes in terms of innovation look at industry today, of course, you have been part of so long having been ceo of pfizer, biggest
8:41 am
change in health care from to your standpoint? >> well the biggest change on the technology side is new scientific information we certainly understand more about human genome targeting able to rewrite human genome with crisper technology now, there are some really exciting developments, the problem is the amount of time, and compensat expense this takes to develop new drug us two to four billion dollars, 12 to 14 years. this is a very expensive under taking over very long period of time may be able most potential right now almost exclusively in american industry. this is technology made in america. >> you make a good point though because fitch d.a. bureaucracies of just that is just the name of the game, i mean the bureaucracies the waiting, has fda gotten better. >> fda is definitely gotten better of the 12 to 14 years, the fda in the device industry
8:42 am
is as little as 90 days, in pharmaceutical industry review is about one year, so the fda is not the important part of this. it is scientific and medical research that is necessary to demonstrate the safety effectiveness new treatment. >> amazing in terms of 20 years ago mapped the genome great to see you both our entire audience wishing you will with new radiation machine thanks for joining us today. >> thanks very much. >> creates raanes, hank mckinnell joining us. >> stuart varney will join us with stunning new study on hostility that president trump is facing from media first month. >> have boeing buy out over 1800 cash out at aerospace giant looks to cut costs back in two minutes' time back in a minute. tate is already in motio. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations.
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maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from the opening bell for friday, market looking flat this morning, of course, we yakked 21,000 in
8:46 am
the week going to pullback this morning fractional couple names watching caterpillar dow component federal law enforcement officials conducted criminal probe into three facilities a selloff in stock caterpillar said this it believed search part of irs investigation related to profits errand by swiss subsidiary, shares 2/3 one% boeing accepted more than 1800 layoffs in machinists engineers to cut cost through reductions being shares up nearly 53% year over year media hitting president trump hard first 30 days for sure a study found that 88% broadcast news coverages of trump and team quote hostile joining is right now host of "varney & company" stuart varneyaway in on that, i could have guessed that, i mean look at headlines every day. right? >> absolutely.
8:47 am
maria i want to try out as a network news anchor just going to read you what scott pelley read on the cbs evening news see if i pass the heft here we go there has been a busy day of presidential statements divorced from reality how about that that is what he said that is very typical of the 88% hostile coverage of president trump in first 30 days in office, the media research group did very good study they analyzed this not just content but tone as well found season sarcastic hostile as we said looked at it 30-day period, 54% of the stories covered were about president trump, and 88% of that coverage included hostile comments, sarcastic from reporters anchors i guess we needed solid proof this was the case we've got it. you add that to the print media stealing contempt for
8:48 am
president you have got a media soolidly aligned against esent trump, and i don't know how far this is going to go i don't see it changing next for you years. >> all of this while the administration is trying to accomplish really important things that will be impactful for the economy stu trying to get he tax reform done trying to get obamacare repealed and replaced how come not interested in looking at getting jobs back to america. >> because they hate president trump. >> right. >> they are astonished he beat hillary clinton. they can't understand why. they are in par objectionism of anger about loss they won't get over it, at the elites detest trump and supporters, they have contempt for them up and down the line, it is astonishing, never seen the it before. >> we will see if it changes when needle moves on economic growth more jobs i don't know,
8:49 am
i mean will they ignore it, or change tone. >> put holes in it result of something else, they will never give credit to president trump. >> right see you 10 minutes i know more on that "varney & company" begins top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart right after the show next portraits of courage one of the wounded warriors inspired pet george w. bush's painting exhibit. he is with us. back in a minute. your insurance company
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. . >> i paint a lot even when i wasn't paipth living with these n paintings hang out, and, look at the paintings,
8:53 am
and -- think about the individuals. involved, every one of the stories ahead of time. >> that was former pet george w. bush talking about his love of painting with sean hannity the 43rd president combining that with work to help military veterans with a new book exhibit called portraits of courage a commander in chief tribute to america warriors bush 4 has known many would you knowed warriors since painted important tritts one retired staff sgt. johnny in the exhibit joins us thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> incredibly humbling to be here with you this morning. >> humbling to talk you with you first off thank you for incredible service to our great country, how did that feel former president is honoring you and colleagues with paintings? >> s absolutely overwhelming i can tell you but incredibly to be included in the book for sure. of the but i got to fell you
8:54 am
after witnessesing the entirety of the exhibit, just incredibly more so overwhelming that our president george bush would take so much time and dedicate to painting so many of us. >> it is dagen mcdowell how important is it for the american people to -- to see they see warriors who have served this country? how important is the message that the president is helping get out there with portraits? >> i feel like the president is trying to do is to get the people who are able to either read the book, or have the ability of visiting the bush center in dallas on campus, an opportunity to actually form a personal connection as he s been able to do in his post presidency, with those of us that are worn the uniform served this incredible country, humbling again to be
8:55 am
included in the book. >> i think one of the things that is so to me impressive about this the president to transcend politics show hurt compassion opened the world how people viewed him i think this is one more way we can be nonpartisan but when so important i am so thankful for your service that he is doing this is, sending this message out when all comes together i just want to know how do you feel about the political environment right now? . >> well, i mean it is obviously a tumultuous environment country has differences we have to unite common good advancing this nation building upon the bedrock that people have come before us built i am optimistic that we are moving in the right direction. and you know people can't -- can't trust all that they see on the news. they need to get out into
8:56 am
communities see what people are doing involved with what matters to the people in their own communities. and try to just do as much good within your community and around you as you possibly can. greater nation to life. you are right you are right. >> it is great to have you on the program how did you feel when you got the call he wanted to paint your portrait. >> again, blown away, they -- they sent me a release that i needed to sign so that i can be included in the book, and it is just overwhelming i've got obviously i have the book right here. this was a -- a personalized copy that george bush signed and sent to all the people included in the book. again, more so than just being in the book it is about the entirety of the work, and about the work that george bush does with the military
8:57 am
service initiative bush center. >> we so appreciate your time sergeant good to see you. thank you more of the interview with former president george w. bush tonight on fox news. we'll be right back. so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. because safety is gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are using smart traps to capture mosquitoes and sequence their dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before.
8:58 am
if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. ...
8:59 am
>> final thoughts from our all-star panel. brian brenberg. >> a question on snap, do we have a twitter on our hands or a facebook? i don't think we have a facebook, i think it looks more like twitter. >> diane carter.
9:00 am
>> it's fascinating the russian thing plays out. maria: dagen. >> no more mistakes with the trump administration, especially. >> the media has their shoe on your neck. have a great week and everybody we'll see you sunday. here is "varney & company." stuart, to you. stuart: much ado about nothing, that's a comedy by william shakespeare written in 1598, it's about political intrigue. it could have been written about today, couldn't it. gorge, everybody, much ado about nothing. no wonder why politicians are held in low esteem. jeff sessions during his confirmation hearing he did not fully answer a questions about meetings. uproar, d.c. is consumed by it. president trump calls it a witch hunt. he sayhe has total cfidence in the attorney general. on the other se of the aisle, senate minority leader charles


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