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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles: good evening. the fallout from attorney general jeff sessions announcement that he will recuse himself from any investigation having to do with the russian involvement in the election continues to send shock waves through the power corridors of washington. some continue the question whether he was honest. they include the exchange. cnn has just published a story and i'm telling you this i'm not expecting you to know
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whether or not it is true or not. but cnn just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week that included information that russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about mister trump. these documents also say there was a continuing exchange. between the surrogates. now again i'm telling you this is it's coming out. but if it's true it's obviously extremely serious.
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in the course of their campaign. i am not aware of any of those activities i had been called a seer get a time or two in the campaign and i did not have communications with the russians. and i am unable to comment on it. georgie me now barbara smith. first of all i have to be honest. it's a ambiguous convolute. i don't know what he was the same. >> this is a source this is the epicenter of the latest crisis what you make of it. what he said it wasn't true we know that now. is also a question of whether it was a lie or do something he didn't think. it's not unusual to have that. it said something is happening
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right now i don't know if that is a question itself is necessarily clear either. i think what he said it was pretty explicit. whether that was a flip of minds that is totally possible. but we are seeing this pretty consistently that the seer gets people within the trump administration and is something that were very concerning. when something is great with allegations. if to be on your a game. you served as legal counsel for president bush and again to me it seemed like it was ambiguous. i lost track of the conversation. he would have gotten me. what do you make of it. i think when you're talking about the decision whether they should recuse himself you not necessarily talking about whether he misspoke but
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whether there is the appearance of impropriety. i think the decision was based on theesire. it is without any sort of impropriety. i think he you made the right decision. many of the mainstream it is you've all of these so called connection to russia. if it's just about careless speaking are they making it more than it probably is. and i think he did anything inappropriately. it was based on fake news. in other scandalous things that he said there that was undocumented and unproven. we don't know exactly what role they head in the election. and he won fair and square. the narrative that they are trying to push to deal with
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the demise. i do not believe that senator sessions should have recused himself. they meet all the time with ambassadors. he went to the white house 22 times that has been reported. the involvement at the cleveland convention and that was set up by the state department. it was also very kosher. that's not to the information that they would be sending right now. knowing all of the things and how the week started with donald trump. maybe they were trying to that twitter change.
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it is something that could be sloppy. it is that right choice. i really entertain that. i would have loved to see that back during the whole that is very welcome right now. i'm happy to be more hawkish going forward. this is all about politics. >> i think you're gonna see a thorough investigation.
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even he assumed they did noing wrong. i didn't do anythi wro but i'm stepping away is that the investigation itself isn't tainted or corrupted. i think we will see a thorough investigation that everybody will be able to say we know that was complete and thorough. and then we will focus on things like getting the economy started. at least 85 democrats had called for geoff's sessions to reside including house leader nancy pelosi. she really sharp and her closet and took aim at sessions today. the possibility a perjury which is punishable by law for anybody else certainly we should have the standard for the highest ranking law-enforcement person in that country. of course we all know the certain two-term democratic president that was impeached
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for perjury. joining me i want to start with you. calling for jeff at sessions to step down to seems so outrageous and yet it's been par for the course. the outcome of the election. that is right. these champions of unity they had 5 million-dollar castle and they have become the nerve center. that there is no unity the trump administration is not able to conduct the business of the american people. they're not hurting russia or trump. it doesn't matter a bit it to them. i kind of hope they keep it up.
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i hope this guarantees that business as usual will continue to happen with the democratic party and they win big in 2018. you have that russian foreign minister saint he thinks this is a witch hunt. it feels like a lot of these things that they may start off with something that has a legitimate point but they're overplaying their hands and they start talking about impeachment and people quitting their jobs. this is a serious concern at best the attorney general the liberty -- deliberately misled. i think the democrats pushing forward they were call him back to the committee. both in person and in the terms of the interaction that
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they have. a week later they said quite clearly that they have no interaction with the russian government. this gives us a lot of pause. to the degree that some are calling the some turncoats if you will. and it doesn't bode well for jeff sessions. members of his own party seem to turn against him so quickly. i think it shows something that the democrats don't head. it is a very appropriate movement by republicans. it shows that we are absolutely coming together in united around not just that
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built for speed. built fobusiness. it is another case of liberal hollywood got riled. a dentist to the stars said he is unjustly tossed. you must be a trump supporter.
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dreaming now to discuss. they would kick them off the plane. this dentist is trained to claim that his muslim heritage have something to do with getting kicked off the plane. number one and number two it looks like he was provoking him. he was upsetting the young boy. it have nothing to do with his muslim heritage. the kid was six years old running down the aisle seen what the heck was going on. it's the attitude in the idea that somehow when people are doing their jobs somehow there
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trump they are trump's supporters or they can publiclyay that being a trump supporter and trying to shame people in that regard. >> part of the problem is so often people get away with these can't of incidents. the turnaround. they turn it around. and then everybody is accused of being racist and the public normally caves. people are tired of being called racist. on their time -- tired of doing things they didn't do. there was a recent fox news paul the protest at times to move on. and only 44% don't give up the fight. it's pretty clear that they are starting to lose in the court of public opinion. absolutely. and so many hoax with regards
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to racial profiling. she was 18 years old she fabricated this hate crime that trumpet supporters attacked her on a new york city subway. she later admitted that she made the entire thing up. the american people and need to be very vigilant and just because somebody says something and claims racial profile it may not be true. and then there was a youtube start who claimed that he was booted off of a he was a speaking arabic. it turned out to be a total lie. just because someday somebody claims racial profiling doesn't mean it's true. when something really does happen down the route road it will be ignored. overall what i want to ask you is president trump talked
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about that again. you people like that. there is no more liberal. agreed with the president. this is a step in the right direction. the polls all over the place and that he was. to be presidential. i think liberals had a real opportunity to get some other stuff that they support. i think they are blinded by the hypocrisy. i don't how to keep jobs. i think it is their job to be professionally paid. while there they ever one of those policies are not.
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anything to derail the demonstration. thank you both very much. president trump's push for a merit based immigration system isaini maybe because it's common sense and it's reasonable. is reasonable. we will explain it next.
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>> we have to make sure that only the best income. and that is why i'm very strongly in favor of a merit-based system that will reward dollars. they will show the great, the determination and hustle. they will come here and from day one they will culturally simulate and contribute. america doesn't need that. they were advocating for a merit-based immigration system.
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they prompted president trump to tweet this. it is a must read. fox and friends are here to discuss. let me just explain to the audience how this works. there is a there's a hundred point system to get in. twenty-five points for education. fifteen points if you had work experience. ten points if you have a job offer and ten points for adaptability. jim, what is wrong with the system. to me it sounds amazing. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. when they becoma bad word. in all of these that were talking about whether it's immigration or immigration.
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there is a virtual circle that ties right back into the bottom of the economic system. the same way that we do and it's coexisting. why should we stretch our resources and the safety net. dinner by opening our borders to other people. that makes no sense at all. it posters the argument. isn't this just a small way to go. they have 50% more immigration.
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they also had many more unitarian refugees. and you have a very large low skill guesswork. we don't really had here in the united states. it's a big improvement. here's the thing. let's face it canada has a tiny fraction of the population that we do. they underscore the idea that maybe this is the way to go particularly in the future. the idea of bringing in more unskilled workers is going to be a disaster for the artificial intelligence world.
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what we need to do is have the hope crushing bearers at the lowest levels of our society. first for our own people and then secondly if we have a matrix that they have to walk through they should be able to access the system themselves. they don't want to be judged by the color of their name. we give it away to what it really is. something that we had had pushed back in this country.
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the notion that immigrants don't learn english in the united states is also false. just one more point i want to make. and not set it by washington dc. it is an improvement but we can't have washington dictate exactly the types workers.
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charles: a mexican politician has gone to new heights to knock president trump's plans for a border wall. tweeting pictures of himself sitting on top of a 30-foot wall. i don't believe the guy scaled the wallaby himself. i saw him do it afterwards. he's way out of shape. i don't think he did it. but the wall is going up. >> the bottom line is if it were that easy to scale, that's all the more reason we need a wall
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like a builder like donald trump would do. when he does things, you notice he does it with excellence. he won't be able to scale this one. charles: i want to show you a photo of the saa saudi arabian . it has under fraud movement sensors. 1.5 million fiberoptics. you can't dig under it or go over it. some walls can be impenetrable. >> it looks expensive. come conservative wonks are concerned that it won't have an
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impact on the amount of illegal immigration coming into the united states. just spending money on a wallaby itself won't necessarily stall what the president talked about. not only amping up border security. but also aid to the countries that have systemic problems that aid to people immigrate together united states. just building a fancy wall is not going to be enough to get to the root of these problems. charles: i would like to see these countries take the initiative top reef ignite their own economics. what about the idea that wall in conjunction with trade policy, currency policies, things that would actually create middle class economics south of the
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border without them having to come to this country. >> free trade and the free flow of currency is a fantastic policy. that's why i'm worried about the trump administration arguing for more trade barriers. the best way to get control of the border is what the governor did during the eisenhower administration, to create a guest worker visa program to allow the vast majority of people who want to come here to do so illegally. charles: didn't eisenhower send a bunch of illegal immigrants back south of the border? >> that's a statistical mirage. the ins at the time basically legalized people. they drove them down to the
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border, made them take one step over the border and then let them come back legally. and because they were able to come back legally, the government can control it. the government can't regulate a black market. char there are from what i read it was a little different. i understood they took them deeper to the border after they came back. the wall is going to go up. it's no longer equitabling about whether it will be successful. i think most people think at the very least it's a deterrent and that's the crux of tall security, isn't it? >> i live on the border. i can see mexico if i walk out the door where i live. charles: that's where they are going to spends most of the money, where you live. >> i can tell you that when you
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watch the people come right up on the beach. i have children? school with friends whose parents literally surf across the border on a regular basis. all the border patrol under obama has virtual live disappeared. and the crime has increased in my neighborhood. so for those who want to pontificate on policy. the crime in my neighborhood which is mainly legal hispanic immigrants. charles: you are going to get what you wish for. in the meantime it was a crazy session. but stocks were able toique gains at the closing bell. a walk through history. ipos, what do they have mean
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charles: just a short while ago a man allegedly behind the threats to
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charles: the ipo snap you have on the second day of trading. shareholders are hoping the amazing debut doesn't vanish. there are cautionary tealts from hot ipos worth reeve visiting. first the a couple of college under grads took chat rooms public pan and set the world on fire. the initial public offering at $9 a share. it rallies you have to $97. it settled in for $63.
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this took the tech ip information market into overdrive. one of the founders was known for hitting the town in leather pants and he had a model girlfriend. o the pants oartd girl as the stock went down to 10 cents a share. and dutch tech company was successful, subscriber growth was growing. there was the issue of profits. but that's not where the death blow came from. goldman was a lead under writer. what could go wrong. it was a party, march 17, 2000, the stock oversubscribed 21 times. but it was interesting. by the closing bell they were trading unchanged.
6:42 pm
it still had a $12 billion our oaf valuation. in the midst of the party someone asked the ceo what they thought and what she would do with her new found wealth. then she admitted she already sold her company for 6 our overs. a week later the s & p 500 hit and all-time high and it began to implode. i'm not here to say snatch is either the globe or world online. but all the unicorns will come public and some will be looking for dogs. so be careful. janet yellen spoke today, and she gave mixed signals, leaving a march rate hike open, but stressing a certain amount of
6:43 pm
prudence what cap fed interest rates to just 3 for a year. i think wall street figured they have could live with that. it won't be perceived as getting ahead of themselves and stopping an economy that is only just now getting out of the starter's gate. the major indices finished the session higher. a vote of confidence that believes in the white house eave gent today will get through. speaking of rich people spending money, that's because they have think taxes are going to go lower. while they are making more money, i'm work on a special report. the real wealth effect is going into effect. go to my website the we are going to discuss the gop
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>> this bill according to the tax foundation, 1.7 million new jobs. this is about jobs and american competitiveness. it's about not hollowing out manufacturing in america. bring manufacturing back to america, and that's healthy for our economy. charles: house speak per paul ryan talking taxes with fox's bret bare. saying the gop is committed to tax reform to create jobs and spur economic growth.
6:48 pm
kelly, i think we all agree we love lower taxes it just feels like we are not sure from moment to moment which is at the top of the list. >> i think house republicans are being optimistic saying they will get a tax reform bill before the august recess. they still have to deal with obamacare and the repeal and replacement on that. if you saw senator rand paul on the capitol this morning, they need to put something in place right now. but there is still a lot of haggling going on among republicans on that first essential part that needs to be done before they can start to look at tax reform. charles: i love when vice
6:49 pm
president pence speaks. you have three, maybe more republicans saying they want to reveal and replace tes. but on the tax side, that's one of the big things. i'll acknowledge obamacare has its own share of taxes attached to it that helps to drive this market. a lot of things are happening under the assumption tax reform happens. by kelly's point, august is cutting it close. >> they have a small window they have to work with. charles: you do lose some of the confidence. you are an advocate of the border adjustment tax. i'm not because maybe i'm note smart enough to understand it. tuesday president trump didn't
6:50 pm
mention it explicitly. he mentioned a level playing field and that could be part of this. could they find another place to make the adjustments? i say make the corporate tax rate 25%. >> i think the border adjustment tax is a brilliant idea. i don't think it costs up porters money. it makes them more competitive. we are one of the only countries who do it and the rest of the world gets enormous advantage from that. charles: i wouldn't want to live anywhere else so i don't know why i would want to follow their economic system. >> if we are double taxing them -- charles: not the whole tax reform thing, just lower the rate. >> it's extremely difficult. you don't get the rate low enough to matter.
6:51 pm
we pay 15% rate. you have to get the rate competitive and that means moving it down into the 20% range. all of this reform and ending up with a 20% or 25. charles: they will still do business overseas and keep money overseas. >> i think you will find there are a lot of companies that pay substantially less than 15 in the u.s. they would rather pay it to ireland. we have to check from the guides who are pay degree zero. charles: i think the fact that the market was able to rebound today. 300 points even after the fed said they may hike rates. wall street saying they believe president trump will be able to
6:52 pm
lasso the got folks together and get it done. but we are walkin razor's edge, aren't we? >> we have had at greatest stock market run since 1987. they don't have to do it through the budget process like they are saying. they could pass a bill with 60 votes in the senate with lower corporate tax rates, and with bringing down repatriation tax which would get this economy humming again. they seem to tie themselves to this path they are taking and they don't necessarily need to do that. let's get a revival of this economy. and we have to make sure all those taxes are basically going into action in 2017 this year. >> we are not going to get the democrats to come along on repealing obamacare and repealing taxes. we have to pass reconciliation.
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charles: new details on intelligence gathered in the anti-terror raid that claimed the life of navy
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charles: major developments in yefnl. u.s. forces conducting airstrikes overnight. sources say the information recovered in that's ladies actionable. it shows show is connected to who in the al qaeda network. captain nash, apparently they recovered a laptop, 10 cell
6:57 pm
phones, a backpack and all kinds of material. some are saying it's almost as good as abadabad. >> it took a long time to go through that data. but it was a terabyte of data that was collect. it's at the media exploitation center right now. they will go through that. but it looks like they have already got some actionable intelligence. we are active live pursuing leads. some of these guys that weep already found out are in the west, not in the united states. but could be a threat in europe. so they are running these guys down. in that information not only targets which have recently been struck, but also they found out where some safe sites were. this will be interesting and we are just probably now at the tip
6:58 pm
of the iceberg of exploiting that data. charles: a snroft questions re -- a lot of questions revolve around the raid itself and how wefl it was organized. the osprey that was sent to help evacuate them had a crash landing and they had to go alternative routes. is it fair to criticize this raid just because some things didn't go correctly? >> absolutely not. this is combatant enemy gets a vote. these operations are literally deep in country behind enemy lines. and done at extreme risk. you can plan as much as you can plan, and that plan will hold together until first contact with the enemy. then things change. these are tier 1 guys which means they are the best of the best. when they are in something like
6:59 pm
this and it turns into a one-shower firefight. they weren't planning on a 1-shower firefight. three were wounds and ryan owens was killed. it's a shame we lose a gave as great as that. but he signed up to do that job. you get invited join that particular tier 1 unit and you strive hard to get there. he was doing what he wanted to do. he was serving the country and we owe him the deepest respect. charles: we haven't heard about al qaeda in a long time and yemen keeps rearing its ugly head. is this a new course of action in regards to the fight on terror? >> al qaeda has been there from the beginning. isis stole the head lines from them with the caliphate.
7:00 pm
this group of in yemen has always bent worst of the worst much al qaeda because of their bomb-making ca >> lou: good evening, everybody. attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation of the russian investigation. the national left wing media despicable democrat and some members of the gop engaged in what is a political witch hunt over revelations that sessions had a meeting with the russian ambassador last year. the meetings contradicting session's testimony before congress in january. listen


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