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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 5, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EST

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he's doing more in 45 days than your guy did in eight years and longer. talks the talks and walks the walk. >> lou: good evening, everybody. attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation of the russian investigation. the national left wing media despicable democrat and some members of the gop engaged in what is a political witch hunt over revelations that sessions had a meeting with the russian ambassador last year. the meetings contradicting session's testimony before congress in january. listen to senator sessions
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remark are and senator al frankin absurd moment about the trump's ties to the russian government. >> cnn published a story and i am telling you about a new story that has been published and i am not expecting you to know whether or not it is trau or not. cnn published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president last week that included information that quote russian operatives claimed to have personal and financial information about mr. trump. these documents allegedly say quote there was a continuing exchange of information between trump surrogates and
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intermediaries for the russian government. now again, i am telling you that just came out, you know. but if it is true, it is obviously extremely serious and if there is any evidence that any one affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator are frankin, i am not aware of combf those opportunities. i have been called a surrogate in that campaign and i didn't have communications with the russian and i am unable to comment on that. >> the senator are had two meetings with the russian ambassador in july and september of last year when the senator was a member of the armed services committee meeting with foreign ambassadors.
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he went on to say he did not have a political discussion and took the advice of his staff. to recues himself. >> i asked the honest opinion of what i should do on certain investigations. and my staff recommended recusement and that since i had involvement with the campaign i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. i have studied the rule and considered their recommendation. they are right and just and therefore i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> lou: the attorney general recusing himself in the investigation as pertaining to
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the campaign. what is most surprising and most depressing about all of this, at least 14 republicans joined the democrats in calling for the recusal of the attorney general. senator susan collin and rob portman. jason chaffetz andidarit issan and tom cole and paul labrador. democrats calling for session's resignation. >> he's proved he's unqualified and unfit to serve in the position of trust. >> for the good of the country attorney general sessions should resign. >> i will reserve judgment until i look at what he said. if if he did this wilfully he is
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step down. >> lou: our guest said the dems have no credibility and the this is one of the most honorable men. joining us a forme trump campaign and deputy manager and citizen's united. david, good to have you with us. this is something quite to witness. people have a awful low view of washington d.c. and to watch this attempt to exploit politically a man of immense character and integrity and stature is gut wrenching. >> it is troubling, lou. i disagree with with his staff that told him that he is recuse himself.
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he's done nothing to put himself in a position of of not overseeing the investigation. it is a dire contrast to what happened in the last administration. this man is s the appearance, just the sheer appearance of impriority. >> lou: there is no appearance of wrongdoing. and the point of fact in each of those two meetings, one in public and his own office other people were present and there is an independent record of what was discussed in both instances. and so this is how far the slippery slope took us in one day as the democrats try to exploit the moment. >> it is democrats have been unhinged since president trump won in november.
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chuck schumer, these men and women in the united states senate when their last attorney general and the democrats loretta lynch was meeting with with president clinton. and there were conflicts of interest abounding, they did nothing and they sat on their hands and covered for the attorney general. and that was fine. >> lou: eight instances in which they refuseed to it reare accuse and also refused independent counsel. and turn to this claire mccaskill tweeting this. >> i have been on the armed services. put it up for the audience, please. i have been on the armed service and no call with or meetings with with the russian ambassadors. ambassadors call members of the
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committee. but turn to 2013, the senator claire mccaskill said this. on the way to meeting with russian ambassador. upset about the end of russian adoptions. 2015 mccaskill. calls for british and russians and german ambassador, on a deal. hash tag doing my home work with. now we need to be know more about the senator from missouri. this is outrageous with what the democrats are doing. this is how the people react as they cross pathses in the isles of the senate. >> they never let the factses get in the way of the good story. they believe if p they continue to attack donald trump and his
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cabinet they will win back the house and senate. they are political tactics by the left to get head wind to try to win the elections. they are decimated and president trump shocked the nation and now his cabinet is getting to work. that's all it is. >> lou: another distraction paul ryan who seems to oppose the agenda with the president again. and to do so with the leaked legislation, not final. but what we see of the leaked repeal legislation, this is a contradiction on his part of the president's agenda and his promise on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. what is to happen? >> first of all, we need to legislate in the daylight. we need to make sure all members
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of the republican party in congress are able to participate in the repeal and replace process. and so it is the president's agenda and it is reare peel and replace. and it will not happen overnight. they need to put forward the bill. >> lou: where is tom price? >> why are we having a process. some members of the congress are not getting information. i want repeal and replace and high quality health care and that's what president trump ran on and promised the american people. >> lou: i am simpler than that. i want the american people to have this president's agenda in front of the congress and have the speaker of the house and his leadership team supporting that agenda fully and forth rightly and as you say in the light of
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day and not sequesters as it has been so far in this process. david, we are out of time and always great to it have you here. >> thank you. >> lou: we are coming right back. there is a lot more. we'll bring that to you within just moments. be patient, we'll be right back. the trump administration standing behind attorney general jeff sessions. >> he is 100 percent straight and the people are playing partisan politics. >> lou: we'll talk about the cowardly attacks from the left and some on the right. former attorney general mike mukasy joining me tonight. and the heroin epidemic. we'll take up the trump's we'll take up the trump's efforts to break up the criminal
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>> lou: joining us tonight michael mukasy and former district judge for the southern district of new york. great to it have you here. >> great to be tb here. >> lou: let's start first with with the recuesal.
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is it appropriate? >> it is appropriate but not because of impriority. there is a rule if you participated in the campaign and that campaign is ufrnd investigation you can't participate in the investigation. no question. >> lou: he did so forthrightly. and did so keeping that bright twinkle in his eye as he upheld his principles and the regulations of the department of justice. now where do we go. and there doesn't seem to be any convincing evidence of an investigation. and doesn't seem to be any evidence of anything improper having occurred? >> that is is an interesting point. when congressman shift was calling on more investigation by
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the congress. he blurted out he wanted to hear from the counter intelligence agents of the fbi. now the fbi is not only a crime- investigating enitiy. they also collect intelligence and started collecting intelligence under regulations in 2008 under the guidelines that we put in. done at the suggestion of the 9/11 commission. it is an investigation they are simply gath aring information on our foreign compet outers the russian and chinese and british and israelis. they gaerth on everybody. if this games from an intelligence. there is no criminal investigation to be recused and attorney general sessions was
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not pointing out there was a criminal investigation. >> lou: the justice department is not in the business of confirming or denying. it was an awkward moment. the aclu getting in the left wing nonsense led by senator schumer on calling for a resignation. and they said it should be a investigation of perjury based on his response to senator frankin. we ran that question. there was no preparation and seized the focus of the moment for senator frankin and attorney general then senator jeff sessions. >> the focus of the investigation was on continuing contact with the russian and people in the trump campaign. that is continuing contact and with respect to the election. that was the focus of the election and point that
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alfranklin was making and to say that he is have thought i did meet with the ambassador as i met with 25 other ambassador in a different connection is ridiculous. there is no reason it would have occurred. the focus was on the breaking news that the senator was disclosing at the time. >> lou: it is awful to behold the political expediency of the democratic party. it is awful to watch members of the republican party attack this man of principle is just stunning to me and it is craven. it is despicable. >> i hope there haven't been republicans attacking him. i also hope there haven't been republican ares calling for an independent counsel or independent prosecutor, because there is no indication of what it is of what that person would
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prosecute or charges being investigated. >> lou: this is close as it came because of congressman darril issa. the puttin government is a bad actor and actions should be carefully executeinized and regardless of which aisle you sit on. quote we have a vested interest of understanding why it happened and keep it from happening again. that is a cute little remark. >> and congress contact hearings. let them contact hearings. >> lou: he has worn us out with his hearings, darril issis a. up next, despicable dems attacking the trump administration and the political witch hunt. >> there can't be a doubt about the impartiality of the attorney
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general, the top law enforcement official of the law. >> lou: the republicans betrayed one of their own. north korea offering a new reason for the death of kim jong-un's half brother. you will find it fascinating if not credible. we'll be right back, stay with
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s>> lou: a few thoughts on on attorney general jeff sessions who recued himself from the investigations on the campaign. the white house slammed the democrat and adding that it is no surprised that the story is push ped by the national left wing after president trump's successful session of the joint session of congress.
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president trump has total confidence of his attorney general. and he is a man of principle and great integrity. they shamelessly rushed to pounce on their colleague to exploit him. and a few of the fellow republicans besmirched themselves as well. 14 republicans called on himself to recues himself. democrats demanded his off thor. that charge led by the head clown as the president calls senator chuck schumer, the craven and senate minority leader who is doubling down on his calls for a special prosecutor. i would like to remind the
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senator that the obama administration rejected all calls for a special prosecutor including on benghazi. do we remember benghazi, operation fast and furious and leaks of classified medical on targeted terrorist and the internal revenue service targeting conservative and conservative groups. we know what the dems are. their conduct today entirely in keeping. but to watch a dozen republicans craven and awful as the left to attack attorney general sessions is unfathomable. even in these times that without question try our soulses. our quotation of the evening on the mob that the dems became under the head clown leadership. from wilpen. passion is the mob of a man that
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commits riot on their reason. what a spectacle the dems as they sought to bring down to the lowly lechl. we'll come right back. >> in the president's rousing speech he affirmed that his administration will always put america first. >> america must put its own citizen ises first, because only then can we truly make america great again. my job is not to represent the world. my job is to represent the united states of america. with the chairman of the house freedom caucus. congressman mark meadows. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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>> lou: joining us to discuss the president's pledge to small thinking behind us and answer whether house republican leadership can do that when it comeses to the repeal and replacement of obamacare. congressman mark meadows joining us tonight. great to have you with us. there is some rising concern about it is leadership's view of what is acceptable and what will make sense for the american people in the repeal of
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obamacare and right now, that does not mean true and compeete plete repeal of obamacare in the minds of many, your thoughts. >> lou, you you are spot on. partial repeal and replacement is not what the american people want us to do. president trump said he will repeal it and replace it and that doesn't mean keep the taxes or create a new entitlement program. my concern we have to get it right. the president wants to get it right and make sure there is a safely net for the people who need it. but we can't raise taxes on on the manufacturing workers across the country. >> lou: the speaker of the house, once again, it is within his control and power to bring
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this into line with the 2015 repeal that you voted on and president trump vetoed. why not as so many of your colleagues have said, why not just move that legislation and be done with it? > lou: you are right. we voted on something and passed it in the house and senate and sent it to president obama he vetoed it. let the this president sign it. i am in favor of putting a replacement plan on the the floor. we are making it not really a replacement or repeal. it becomes a big government program that it will replace one that doesn't work any better and defying history and we have to get it right. i have been working with my colleague and chairman brady on
4:35 am
way and means to see if we can find something that makes fiscal sense for the american people. >> lou: that don't include taxes on the american people and wouldn't include income credits. i mean, we go through this. it is deeply troubling to me as i watch it from affair, i will tell you, because this president promiseed to drain the swamp. it is his agenda that is responsible for the election, not only his but so many in the house and senate and to defy, to defy the american people on this, is a big mistake for speaker ryan and his leadership and there would be an accounting and very damaging to the president. >> the president is committed to
4:36 am
doing it right. i believe him to be a man of his word are and he wants to do it right. we in the house. >> lou: i am being clear. i am not talking about him could be the architect but i am saying paul ryan is. it has to stop. >> it is it a leadership plan at this point and what we have to do, lou to work to make smur no tax. one of the issues thas a refundable tax credit and a check come from this federal government that goes to those who make 250,000 a year and million a year. they get the same amount as someone getting 40000. >> lou: does it go to the individual or insurance company? >> it would go to the insurance company the way they are talking about about.
4:37 am
you have all kinds. >> lou: it would be a subsidy for the insurance companies. these games are played by a leadership who think that the we are foolish as the democrats were in 2010. >> we are not. i am hearing for a lot of people in the country who said what we have to do is repeal it. we did it in 2015. we need to do the same thing today. senator rand paul has a good proposal that i believe is better than the one we are asked to consider from our leadership. and perhaps we find a way of some of what dr. rand paul has done and provide a better safety net. i think we have to get it right. but we have to do is quickly and we have tax reform and fix the
4:38 am
va, and make sure our military is there and get it done before august. >> lou: if the leadership of the house is going to try to keep the american people in the dark and play game with tax credit and subsidies or whatever you call them and at the same time bring further a cadillac tax on certain plans, i mean, this is a disast are -- disaster in the making. and i salute you and the freedom caucus and the study group who are trying to make the leadership accountable and appeal to their honor if they have any reare maining and do the right thing for the president and themselves and the country. what will the outcome. >> i appreciate your kind remarks and mark walk are, the chairman of the republican study committee and came out and made
4:39 am
a bold stand. there is no consensous today. we have are to get a real bill that repeals, replace and make sure we handle those preexisting conditions that we are committed to do. >> congressman mark meadows, thank you for all you do and thank you for being here tonight. we appreciate it. >> lou: we'll be right back. stay with us. president trump vowses tougher immigration laws. >> we'll raise wages and save billion and billions of dollars and make our communities safer for everyone. >> lou: it is america first. ed >> lou: it is america first.
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>> lou: welcome back. president trump breaks from his predecessors when talking about fighting terrorism. >> our obligation to preserve and protect and defend the citizens of the united states. we are also taking strong measures to protect our
4:44 am
nationing from radical islamicic terrorism. [applause] >> lou: i may have noticed he said clearly that phrase. the president using the phrase "radical islamicic terrorism" despite reports that the national security advisor urged him not to use the phrase even has jim mattis had urged him to do the same thing. we have ed rollins. your reaction to the deliberate way in which the president delivered that phrase and naming the enemy. >> it is very important. it is what he said all the way through. no disrespect to at this time the advisor. they are advisor and that's what the president says and believes.
4:45 am
and that is a point he needs to make. >> lou: the president also, and i concur with you on that. i find it troubling that some of his advisors might be suggesting caution in that. we saw it with george bush, it was a disastrous idea on the part of rice and his national security team, president bush's. we saw the same thing with president obama and now 15 years later in to the conflict and still discussing things like terms of reference when talking about radical islamist. it is troubling. >> i think the president was emfathic and his top priority is the u.s. military. tremendous thing he did the navy seal owen and his wife. >> lou: wonderful moment. >> he said if we put young men
4:46 am
and women in combat we'll make him sure they are equipped. if i was sitting there thinking about strike i would be concerned. and the military would be pleased. >> lou: our president dominated that room and owned the evening. his command and connection to the audience and i am talking about beyond those in the chamber. remarkable. >> the overwhelming numbers that are coming back. anybody who gets 70 or 80 percent approval is amazing. the expectations were low as i said on the show before. it is a difficult speech to make. i he came off with great strength. and this was a reaganesque speech. he's not as practiced but the
4:47 am
strength and words were there and reagan could have stood up there and read are the teleprompter. it was the strength that trump showed i found encouraging. he was not scared. this is the problems i see in america and solutions i will take and together, is the mission. i thought it was a good speech. >> lou: he entered the room he was the most comfortable person in the entire room and knew what he wanted to say and he was prepared and carried it off terrifically. and turn to one of the issues that is becoming increasingly troubling i believe for the administration and certainly for the house of of representative, taking with mark meadows, chairman of the freedom caucus and the republican's study committee.
4:48 am
there is a division in this house because the leadership, speaker ryan is trying to run a game instead of driving the agenda on the part of the president and there will be trouble that results? >> president trump ran on the agenda and paul ryan did not. he presides over the house of representatives and in the end of the day tis the president's agenda that he ran on and he has a right to get what he wants. hay can put up details. this is a trademark on the republicans. we are taking on obamacare as our responsibility and we better fix it right. and no qualms about how we do it. >> lou: what is the motivation from ryan. >> i think he hasat piration.
4:49 am
and i 99ing the back of his head he sees himself as a presidential candidate. but. >> lou: are you saying he is sabstaging one president to achieve ambition? >> no, he is a creature of the house. and we haven't had a president for a period of time and he's had a short speakership. but the role of the speaker is to preside over the house. >> lou: you think he will come to his senses? >> i assume he will. >> lou: if he doesn't. >> 218 people making up the house. and the president who sits down and said it is his way or ryan's way. if it is ryan's way it will be a disaster. >> lou: president trump promises to rebuild the depleted
4:50 am
military. >> after endless budget cuts that impaired our damage. i am calling for one of the largest defense increases in history. >> lou: we take up the trump this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow.
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♪ we can try to understand ♪ the new york times' effect on man ♪ remember it's only two steps: call 9-1-1. and push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of 'staying alive' until help arrives. ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive ♪ ah, ah, ah, ah ♪ stayin' alive >> lou: joining me now radio are talk show host leslie marshal
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and republican campaign strategist tony sayed. starting with the increase in military spending, leslie, i am kidding. we'll start with jeff sessions and the recusal and the brain dems that attacked him and who nothing of his character and stature. >> well, from where i sit. the republicans are attacking as well. from some some asked for rez areination. but largely from democrat and republicans recusal and i think he did rightly so. you you keep it from being a huge distraction and i think it was the right thing to do because he did have a closed door meeting and the confusion that comes from democrats saying going further than recusal. if you can't remember a meeting
4:55 am
last month and this month you remember the meeting and what you did and did not speak b. that is precarious for many people, not just democrats. >> lou: mostly democrat and only 14 republicans turned iena. >> first of all jeff session ises were not hiding anything. they were part of the public encounter and the second one was a chance encounter. he was not doing anything at all. i don't think it was necessary, but he clearly put the institution, and the department of justice ahead of himself by suggesting that he is recusal. that is not something that loretta lynch. after she had a meeting with with the husband of someone under investigation. at least jeff session ises held himself to a standard.
4:56 am
but the other piece, is that he knew what he was saying nothing that meeting. he thought they were talking about campaign operatives meeting with russian people. >> lou: we ran the full clip of of senator frankin on the breaking news and he was laughing about the absurdedly of the context himself, leslie. you talked about a closed door meeting, but it had 2 or 3 of his associates and staff members with him in meeting with the ambassador. >> yes, he did. and this is part of the bigger problem, lou. how come they didn't come forward and he didn't remember that and now he's remembering what he did or did not say. i have two children. 8 and 9. if they had said something to me in the context in which the
4:57 am
attorney general did, i would consider it a lie and this is why. >> you are a tough, tough, tough. woah. there is no -- are you saying that your children lie. i will not put up with a charge on this. not from a mother of two. >> father of four and all four perfect. here's what is interesting. jeff sessions is a senior senator on the armed services and the idea he would meet with a russian counterpart is not shocking. president obama's first ambassador met with the russian counterparts before obama won. was there any question to that then? i get that al frankin and others would say resign. but the democratic leader joins,
4:58 am
i think it just shows awe sad state for the modern democratic party leadership. it is lacking to have the head of the democratic senator turn to a foul ball. >> lou: that is an absurd notion in this country that barrack obama is on and he's ready to roll. what is he going to do. valerie jarret living with the the obamas now and they are headquarters in washington and there's going to be a shadow government and a dope state to rise up and commit what? commit sedition and try to the usurp the trump administration. is that true? >> that is not true. the president talked about things that concern him.
4:59 am
one of the things that concern him was the lack of access for african-americans which he has a personal investment to voting with gerrymandering and push back in change in voting rights. this is not a shadow government. this is a young guy who was president and looks at his party and said hey, the democrats don't have the house or senate or white house, what can i do as a former president and as a democrat and as an attorney to assist with that? working alongside the former attorney general eric holder. >> they lost that after eight years of the presidency and this is nothing other than than a legacy defense project because p obama understands history judging him would not be nice because of eight years of eight years of economic and failure of foreign policy. >> lou: we have to close it.
5:00 am
it would take a lot of spiffing to get that legacy to where he would want it, i think. leslie i appreciate you being here. tony, thank yo >> i have a plan. >> i plan to raise new jobs. plans are supervised experts. >> that's why i have asked vice president biden to lead a tough unprecedented over site effort. nobody messes with joe. >> lots of people messed with joe. fraud was massive. >> what is the alternative to government's plan. >> let us alone and we


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