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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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abby: have a good sunday, everybody, we will see you soon. >> good morning, will the noise from the left change the president's timeline as he tries to make good on promises to voters in good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, welcome to sunday morning futures. one week from tomorrow president trump hands over his spending plan to lawmakers in his new budget. he is calling for a 51 billion-dollar increase in defense spending. is that enough? white house budget director mick mulvaney joins us live momentarily. the president accusing president obama tapping his phone comparing to watergate.
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house lawmakers this week preparing to repealing and replacing obamacare. complaints from some conservatives. we are looking ahead on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: major battle over the budget could be in the works one week from tomorrow. president trump will submit his budget plan to congress. lawmakers are gearing up for a fight among the biggest issues the president calling for a 54 billion-dollar increase in military spending. some critics are already saying it's not enough and others worried about the debt. mick mulvaney joins me right now. good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: we can talk about the budget and what to expect a week from tomorrow. before i get to that, let me get your reaction on the story of the moment, do we have evidence
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that the obama administration made those requests to, in fact, tap the president? >> maria, i may be wrong person to ask the question to. we have been knee deep in numbers. the office was full all day yesterday and it's full today on sunday. i'm crunching numbers. i have no information and no comment about anything other than the budget. maria: all of the noise from the left whether it's russia, wiretapping, senator schumer calling the president's cabinet a swamp has that slowed you down in terms of the timeline in getting legislative priorities? >> we are here putting the president's policy into action every single day, folks can pay attention to whatever they want to, but across the street in management office we are working. maria: wow, that's tough to
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swallow there. we want to get your priorities down and have an understanding of what those priorities are. we know the defense spend asking a priority. what can you tell news terms of your priorities in that budget that we will hear about in a week? >> sure, that's easy. the priorities are exactly what the priorities -- the president set out during the campaign. he said he we wanted to spend more money on defense, he said he we wanted to spend more money on immigration enforcement, excuse me, it's really cold this morning, i apologize for being tongue-tied. maria: not at all. >> he said he we wanted to spend more money on school choice and he said he wanted to do that without adding additional money to the deficit this year and that's what we have been spending our time on and that's what we will be delivering next week. maria: 54 billion-dollar boost to defense spending is being talked about and debated on the left and on the right. mick, i want to get your take on this. i spoke with general jack keane,
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four-star general last week on mornings with maria on the business network and he had stunning things to say about the readiness of our aircraft in the navy as well as the army where the fleet is the oldest it's been in decades and he questions whether or not $54 billion is enough. listen to general jack keane with me last week. >> to give you a sense of how dramatic it is, 50 to 75% aircraft are not able to fly because of maintenance problems. maria: wow. 50 to 75%? >> depending on the service. the united states' army ground forces, only wasn't third are ady to fight today. that's the seriousness of the problem and all the services are too small. maria: mick mulvaney walk us through, is that enough and what do you say about the readiness of our military? >> sure, i have seen the same data and it does make one wonder what the obama administration
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did with all the money that we spent on defense over the course of the last eight years, i will tell you this, maria n arriving at the $54 billion, there's a couple of things that got us to that number. it's the number that the president promised in the campaign. it's the number that would be for the military, $603 billion if there was no sequester. that's exactly what this does. we sat down with the defense department, with the pentagon to go over how much money they actually needed to start solving some of these problems. we are not going to undo the damage that's been done in just one year, this is the first step of several years of additional defense spending the president wants to see, but, again, we worked in close lock step with d oe to arrive -- dod to arrive at this number. it would be easy to take any number out of the air, but inevitable add to the deficit this year. what i don't want to get lost in all of this the president's
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commitment to move money within our current budget to prioritize defense. he's doing it, this $54 billion of additional spending for the military without adding to the already large 2018 budget. that's exactly what he said he would be do. maria: how important to you and your colleagues to becoming revenue neutral, how important is it for you to raise revenue at a time when you aren't going to be cutting other things in the cuts for domestic spending, where are they specifically? >> exactly where the president said they would be when he ran for office, we are taking -- moving money away from foreign aid, duplicative programs, wasteful programs, a long list of programs that the omb that we think don't work and that create that is source of funds that we could then move over to defense, to border enforcement, to educational choice and, again accomplish what the president said when he campaigned. maria: i want to read you a statement in committee, she
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says, domestic discretionary spending, what the administration proposes to cut to pay for increase in defense only accounts for 15% of spending and less than 5% of spending growth. it's really social security and health spending on the other hand accounting for half of total spending and almost two-thirds of spending growth over the next decade. this is not different than what you've been saying that we need to take an ax to the entitlement programs. any opportunity to do that in this budget? >> sure, i have a lot of respect for that organization. this is a budget blueprint not a full budget. the full budget won't be here until may, that's where we deal with things like policy changes, revenue streams, that's what most people think is the larger budget but we will be introducing on march 16th the discretionary spending budget. we are not balancing the budget on the backs of the state department. it's fiscally impossible to do. what we have done is move foreign aid to defense so we can
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prioritize the spending without adding to the deficit. when we get to the larger budget in may, that's when we get a happens to -- chance to talk about larger issues. maria: i see. in terms of revenue in raising revenue while cutting spending, you're cutting domestic programs, you're cutting taxes, we had steven mnuchin on this program, the treasury secretary last weekend and basically he walked through ideas with us about raising revenue while also cutting taxes, we know that you want to cut taxes for most americans, so do you want to see a border adjustment tax. here is what steven mnuchin told us in terms of a border adjustment tax or a so-called reciprocal tax and raising $1.1 trillion over a ten-yore period. watch this. >> an idea that he's looking at calling a reciprocal tax which is basically saying we want to create a level-playing field so that other countries treat us
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the way we are treating them. we are not going to get into trade wars. what we are going to do is the president believes in free trade but he believes in fair trade. what about that mick mulvaney in terms of the rates? >> i think mr. mnuchin is spot on. if you dig down deeper the house likes border adjustment tax, a couple of different ways to raise revenue but also level the playing field. that will come as part of larger tax reform that will take place in the next couple of weeks. keep in mind the batting order here. we will have to see a discussion and a vote on obamacare replacement first then you'll have a tax discussion tax reform proposal a few weeks after that. maria: so just to be clear, we are looking at priorities in this upcoming budget of defense spending, of infrastructure spending, correct, what are the
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other spending priorities? >> actually infrastructurial will come as part of larger pact in the summer time. the priorities in this budget are defense, homeland security, law enforcement, you'll see increase to the proposed budget for the department of justice to enforce laws that are already in the books and things like school choice and those were priorities in the campaign, they'll be priorities in this budget. maria: you're comfortable with increase of $54 billion in defense despite what we heard from general jack keane, you believe america is safe in case of potential attack or anything else? >> do i. it put it is military in a solid footing to be able to do what we needed to do. maria: priorities that you would like to get tax reform by august; is that correct? >> i actually think it's before that. given the rules on capitol hill is that obamacare repeal and
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replace has to go first then we will move into a discussion about tax reform, then we will have a discussion about infrastructure package. maria: in terms of that budget, defense spending is that the biggest allocator in terms of increases in spending? >> sure, it usually is, the defense budget takes about half of a discretionary budget. we can probably do an hour of federal budgeting but we actually only budget a quarter of what we spend. we spend about $4 trillion, three quarters of that is mandatory spending on social security, medicare, et cetera. the discretionary budget about $1 trillion or a quarter of what we spend is what we actually budget through out of the white house through the house and the senate. maria: mick mulvaney, thanks so much for walking it through with us, we will watching for budget. >> maria, next time can we do in the studio? >> i love that. that would be great. mick mulvaney, good to see you, sir. the white house demanding action
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after president trump's explosive claims. former president obama bugged trump tower before the election. i will be talking to former house speaker newt gringrich about that as well as peter king on the intelligence committee. let us know what you would like to hear from our up copping guests, stay with us, we are looking at sunday morning futures, we will be right back
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maria: welcome back, the white house demanding action after president trump accused former president obama of wiretapping trump tower before the election. a white house statement says this, quote, reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations immediately ahead of the 2016 election are very troubling. president donald trump is requesting that as part of investigation into russian
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activity the congressional intelligence committees exercise their oversight authority to determine whether executive branch, investigative powers were abused in 2016. joining me right now fox news contributor newt gringrich. mr. speaker, always a pleasure. what do you make othe situation we make this morning develop as we speak? >> i would say that if you want to sophisticated analysis go to andy mccarthy's column. convicted the terrorist who is bombed the original world trade center bombing back in '93. he's had a 20-year experience looking at these things, does so as having been a professional justice department prosecutor. he thinks there's a lot here. he thinks that there's some very troubling things about how the executive branch under president obama behaved. and he thinks it's absolutely worth digging out and understanding what went on and
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he points out that it's very unlikely that the fbi happened to go in october to ask for wiretap and got it from the court with nobody in the obama white house knowing they were doing it. i mean, to get a wiretap that included a presidential campaign in the last weeks of the campaign is a pretty extraordinary request and that's mccarthy's point. to this this happened to be done by some bureaucrats with no supervision when you know, for example, that the attorney general spent an hour in secret with bill clinton just before they dropped charges against his wife. all of this stuff smells despite the best efforts of the elite media to cover it up. maria: what about that, you heard mark levin's commentary about this, he was on "fox & friends" going through points of evidence that show that the obama administration did, in fact, make two requests to the
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foreign intelligence surveillance court and the first one was denied and the second one was accepted. it sure looks like maybe the -- look, the white house -- the obama white house, rather has put out a statement basically saying, trying to distance themselves from the entire story that they did not order any of the surveillance but we know that there were requests to put in a wiretap at trump tower. >> right. so when you look at it, this is the point that mccarthy makes this morning. you notice how carefully they word it, they didn't order it, did they know about it, did they approve it and allowed the fbi to do it. you have to ask yourself the question, remember the only person that has ever been in the trump official campaign who has ever been in any way evolved about this, paul manafort.
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paul is a good guy, he had been gone for months, what's their case, what the devil are they trying to do in this circumstance? maria: right, we still don't know exactly what they're suggesting, in any event, people have meetings with embassadors and senators all of the time but we still don't understand what they're trying to charge in terms of these russian meetings. look at what john, the speech writer for president obama points out and he basically says, i would be careful to about reporting that obama said that there was no wiretapping, the statement that the white house, the obama white house released was that neither he nor the white house actually orderedderred. we are parsing words a bit here, aren't we? >> it's very funny if you think about it because you have this circumstance, you know, if "the new york times" had hope of being neutral, one thing is they
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can do is simply print all the pictures with democrats meeting with russian embassador. nancy pelosi was meeting with the russian embassador. maria: right. >> i think one of the things we have to recognize and i keep trying, frankly to say this to the trump team over and over again, they have a group of people who are their mortal enemies, the new york times is one of them. the post is one of them. the folks are going to be against him every day, they are going to attack them every day and they have towns that they're living in a hostile environment. maria: we are trying to figure out if there was legality done. corey lewandowski told judge janine that then senator jeff
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sessions was wiretapped. >> let me just say, if they were actually wiretapping the united states senator, that is a very serious problem. maria: yeah. >> it is is dangers to freedoms no matter who the senator is. maria: all right, we will seef it there.
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maria: welcome back, gop lawmakers saying saying that house committee will start with a plan to start and repealing obamacare. they are hoping to have legislation on the president's desk by easter congressman is member of house oversight committees and house caucus, great to have you on the
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program. >> my pleasure. thank you. i think what you just described is it. i mean, i think that this is coming. we are going mark up this week at the ways and means committee level and energy commerce and, again, i think the easter time line holds. there's a bit of a tug of war as to exactly what that's going to look like. maria: unfortunately the tug of war seems to be happening within the gop, you have rand paul's plan, susan collin's plan. whose plan is most members getting behind? >> we have house companion plans, i have house companion plan that sent tor paul has proposed. we won't go through all the plans, you have leadership. maria: that's the point, sir.
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there's so many plans, how are you going to come to a decision on -- on what is the most viable, what are you arguing in terms of the plan? >> refundable tax credits versus not. the leadership plan what we know about it at this point includes refundable tax credits. the plan for instance with senator paul does not. if you look at the earned income tax credit, there are about 25 million people that basically get a check. you did this with health care, we are looking at maybe 40 and 50 million people getting a check, given what we have seen with the earned income tax credit, the amount of fraud, waste and abuse, if you want to call it that that exists with that program, i think it's problematic in this case that people object. maria: people are saying, that's obamacare like, that's the same
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thing that obamacare has although you are calling it tax credits. >> yeah, it's a different version, different side of the same coin and that's why i think there's a big divide in essence the conservative camp within the caucus saying we feel uncomfortable at this point with the idea of refundable tax credit and other folks saying wait a minute, this is a way of funding a health savings account that would be applicable to everybody regardless of whether or not you have a tax liability. maria: people are wondering, if in fact, there's enough transparency on the process. we saw senator paul last week carrying around a copy machine around the capitol basically making the point that how come the plan is not being discussed in terms of the specifics. nancy pelosi told us a long time ago, let's get the plan out and read it later. he wants to make sure americans understands what it is before it becomes law. >> i'm part of the legislature,
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shouldn't i be part of the process? i was elect today represent my state and i'm not allowed to read the working progress so i comment on it? >> why not putting it out there? >> i think it will be put out ther typically we get a bill to review as it's about a couple of days from what they call mark-up, the committee level. you generally are not going get a bill before that. i think the difference here is given what nancy pelosi in the past, feeling burn on vote on it and then you can read it, what the speaker has said i promise full transparency in this process, we are going to have it out there, bottom-up process, in fairness to leadership, we get four meetings alone on health care just this last week and full republican caucus level. but what you hear -- what i've heard, folks saying, wait, a minute i want the more full,
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more robust version of transparency. but this is a meeting in the middle. this is what typically happens with a bill and if we don't get it after mark-up, then we have a problem. i think we are getting a little bit ahead of ourselves in terms of pushing a full drop. maria: all right, congressman, we watching for that mark-up. we will see you soon. >> my pleasure. maria: alleged ties between russia and the trump campaign, but that's not enough for the left. some call forking incomment counsel, up next why one former special prosecutor says that will never happen. we are looking ahead on sunday morning futures talking with peter king. up next liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that...
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maria: welcome back, the white house asking congress to investigate the obama administration for allegedly wiretapping trump tower right before the election, congressman peter king of new york sits on the house homeland security and intelligence committees and congressman it is wonderful to see you, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: should there be an investigation. >> yes, and right now the intelligence committee has been investigating the matter as far as russian influence.
6:34 pm
i know the chairman david nunes asked to meet with fbi director comey and all the people involved in the intelligence community to find out what happened here, what the basis of it was, one thing, maria, what i want to emphasize before i get side-tracked, everything that we know is that all of the investigations that have gone on, there's not one piece of evidence connecting any one in the trump campaign with any collusion or collaboration with russian intelligence or the russian government or any criminal action whatsoever and that is really important to get out there, despite the headlines and "the new york times", you always find something saying that so far there's no evidence. there is no evidence. now there may end up being evidence but as of now there's none and there's a real question of who is leaking out the secret investigations to the new york times, who is leaking out information from the intelligence community all of which has a grain of truth but
6:35 pm
then you get to the bottom line it's exaggerated and so the times will go in headlines about ceks between intelligence agents and the trump campaign and then you see the number two person, the fbi going to the white house saying this is all bs. maria: you're absolutely right. i remember when this russian narrative started. it was at the democratic national convention back last summer when i know debbie wasserman schultz was pushed out because of all her emails trying to take down bernie sanders. we were only talking about debbie wasserman schultz for 15 minutes and all of a sud tennessee conversation changes to russia and they have been riding the wave and the media is happy to go along with it even though there's no evidence of this. let me ask you this, congressman, we now understand that the obama did make requests to the foreign intelligence courts to actually bug trump tower. what can you tell us about that? >> i can't comment on the
6:36 pm
intelligence committee. if for some reason there was a purpose, for some reason a tap had to be put on, that should have been kept in upmost secrecy and never seen the light of day. now it's being leaked out. jeff sessions was also being tapped, listen to this. what we have seen from the previous administration is they did spend time listening to conversations between then senator jeff sessions and the embassador to russia while he was in his u.s. senate office. if that were to take place which supposedly did take place, what other conversations did they listen in on?
6:37 pm
maria: do you expect that this investigation will include the obama administration tapping the trump administration? >> i think it has to include the whole spectrum here how much was legitimate and how much political and if how this information was maintained and protected. if you're going to be involved in any investigation of a can date for president and nothing comes from that, that has to be -- no one should ever, ever see that. the fact -- there's no government. people starting in december when someone in the intelligence community started leaking out about russia and dossier. that's leak aflac. this is in many cases criminal. general frin, the conversation with the russian embassador. that was a crime whoever leaked that. maria: before we go. i want to switch conversations on you given you are a member of the homeland security committee. we are expecting the president
6:38 pm
to come out with a new executive order as early as tuesday of next week in terms of the travel ban, how would it look different? >> i think it's going more more specific and refind and probably allow people with visas and green cards to come to the u.s. there's some talk of iraq will be on the list and probably not going to target syria but basically apply to all refugees not just syria. listen, i was fine with the first executive order but if this what it takes to get it done because i think it's porn. maria: always a pleasure to speak with you, sir. we will see you soon. attorney general jeff sessions recusing himself from any investigations of alleged ties between the russians and the trump campaign after meetings between sessions and the russian embassador were revealed. some democrats, though, wanting to further and get an independent counsel. joining me right now to explain why robert ray is with me, former whitewater independent counsel and former federal
6:39 pm
prosecutor. is that what we need here an independent counsel? >> i don't think so. it sounds like this is a political issue and i think the first question is unless there was evidence of collusion or promising made during the campaign or in the transition with regard to russian officials, what is exactly would a prosecutor be investigating, now, there are intelligence matters that need to be addressed. that should be handled by congress but not by special counsel. maria: it's really interesting, here we are talking about the potential for president obama to have tapped president trump's phones and, you know, the media wants all these questions about it and they want, you know, more specific evidence about it and, yet, when referring to the russian story, we don't have any evidence that, in fact, there was any collusion or there was any interaction whatsoever between the trump administration and -- and russian operatives and yet as if it's common place the way you see it on television and in the papers.
6:40 pm
>> prosecutions aren't fact gatherers. that's why while an investigation is appropriate, that's something appropriately handled by congress in the first instance. you don't talk about special counsel or appointing extraordinary measures and certainly in this instance, there's no reason to think that the justice department can't adequately address this if questions regarding the commission of crime are raised. but only in the exception or extraordinary case would you be calling for special counsel. the department of justice is perfectly capable of handling this even though the attorney general has rescued. maria: this is serious stuff. the president came out yesterday, wow, just learned that president obama was actually tapping my phones at trump tower. what did you make of that tweet? >> i take that seriously. the president is the chief executive. if anybody is in a position to know president trump would know. maria: so in other words, he said -- then sean spicer said, we have nothing else to say
6:41 pm
about this, we are not going to comment further until we see investigation that includes looking at this potential tapping. >> because it's an intelligence matter and as congressman king explained. it's a rather extraordinary thing for that to be dump intoed the public domain. maria: what would you like to see happen now in terms of getting to the bottom of the claims? >> i think it's for congress to decide. that's where the people's representatives are. they should investigate. calls for special counsel, frankly, are overstated who cares whether they were meetings with russian officials, that's not the issue. we get to the question of whether crimes were committed only if there's evidence to suggest that there was collusion, complicity or proms made during the campaign or the transition absent such evidence while there are legitimate intelligence questions to be addressed and the congress can address them, there's no need for calling a special counsel under these circumstances. maria: what did you think of president obama's answer, his
6:42 pm
spokesperson say, we didn't order it. >> well, he doesn't order it, the court orders it. maria: parsing words. >> the court orders stuff because the executive court applies for a warrant. maria: there you go. thank you very much for that. we appreciate your time. thank you very much robert ray joining us there. president trump getting ready to roll out immigration order, a version 2.0. we will have a fair and lance debate on what it could look like with our panel. we are taking a look at what's to come on sunday morning futures, we will be right back this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select
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maria: president trump expected to sign a brand-new order, we are expecting it by tuesday. of course, later blocked that one. we want to bring our panel.
6:46 pm
tony, executive vice president of jamestown associate and fox news contributor, steven, senior vice president of global strategy group and democratic strategists and lee carter, good to see, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. maria: what do we need to see to feel like it's not going to get blocked again, tony? >> the reality is, maria, i get the sense that the opposition to this even partly in the courts is so political. when you look at the ninth circuit, for example, they went well outside the usual criteria for making the ruling and they cited to rule against this order. things that donald trump said on the campaign trail, things rudy giuliani as surrogate said on the campaign trail, they didn't base it on precedent statute. we know both through supreme court cases in the past and the u.s. code, the president has the authority when it comes to immigration, when it comes to national security and he will make, i have no doubt an
6:47 pm
executive order that will ultimately sustain the judicial requirements but the political one i don't know how quickly -- maria: steven, we are expecting that iraq is not on that list of seven countries and in this new executive order and we are expecting that the refugee point is going to be much broader than just from syria? >> look,ic the problem with the order in the first place was that it was a mess, right, it was a political mess. i don't know about the constitutionality of it. i'm not a lawyer although it has been blocked constitutionally so far. but the reason that it backfired on them politically is because of the stories behind it, right? the stories of actually people who this affected. i happened to have dinner last night with syrian refugees and others that he had built a business 150 people over 25 years and he had to flee syria, spent 25 days on the street in new york city and spent two years getting his family here because they are vetted and now he's washing dishes. those are the kind of stories that you're talking about.
6:48 pm
maria: is he legal right now? >> yeah, he's an american citizen. >> no, no. he's here on political asylum. he would be the kind of person that would be blocked. if you're talking about you're poor and you're yearning to be free. maria: i want to make sure that we are not confusing legal versus illegal because that's what's been happening lately. there's a lot of confusion. >> i get it. he is exactly who would be blocked. >> i think we have to be real clear here. to me this has been a complete failure of communication because what's happened the band went out and became a muslim ban, a travel ban, nothing that it was intended to do, it was 90 day that is we were going to evaluate and what donald trump even said himself, he said this is a communication failure more than a political failure and what he needed to do this time is really get the communication set up right oh he could see these are principles that we can all agree on.
6:49 pm
we want people to be able to come here safely. >> you know what has been grossly missing from the conversation, the idea that the american people do support the macro effort of president trump in what he's trying to accomplish with the immigration executive order which to lee's point is a temporary period where we enhance vetting and tracking of people who come from failed states in which we have no strong bilateral. >> that's not what the bandied. it unfairly targeted just seven countries and maybe six in this case and didn't target the countries that actually have had experience sending people here that have committed terrorist acts. >> the seven -- but we have relationships with the saudis, we have relationships with the pakistanies that allow us to work to improve vetting process. we don't have with the sudan, we don't have with iran, somalia and others that are on this list to. your point, maria, was established during obama administration.
6:50 pm
>> i think it's true that american support the notion of having a better vetting and -- safety. maria: for sure. >> the problem is having a fairness problem. they support doing this across the board not targeting specific places and specific people. >> but what we know is that isis has made very strong claims that they're going to infiltrate the syrian refugee program to the point where they want to import their terrorism. maria: they have a passport-making machine. awe want to get back to president trump demanding congress investigate alleged wiretapping at trump tower by the obama administration. where does that go from here? our panel is going to weigh in on that, we are lo
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maria: welcome back, we go back to top story, the white house alleging that president obama bugged trump tower. we know that the obama administration tony, did request wiretapping but the first request was denied? >> correct, maria. i think the response to this charge from the obama camp tells a very important story that we need to pursue a little bit deeper here. while they deny that the president himself or a white house official ordered this, it's abundantly clear and substantiated and media publications since that there was an application in june that was denied and retaylorred in october and granted and dealt with trump associates, potentially operatives as well during course of campaign and likely came from the justice department which is under the jurisdiction of the president.
6:55 pm
the truth is the deeper you investigate this, the more likely it does become that there was some sort of approved surveillance of the trump campaign. maria: first request, the fisa, steven. >> that's the point. it would have had to been approved fbi court and a warrant for it. it's not the president saying go wiretap donald trump. there had to have been some reason. maria: very different meaning than just go wiretap the people. court of law approving a wiretapping. a court has to approve it. >> the question of whether or not all of this, the russia
6:56 pm
narrative that's been going on since the democratic national convention or anything else is this going to slow down the trump administration priorities, the legislative agenda? repeal and replace, tax reform? >> clearly it's a distraction, right, we are all talking about this, is it happening in august. most people don't know what i'm talking about. trump is in russia -- russia influenced the election, trump, russia, nobody knows what they are talking about. it's a bad negative halo the people are feeling. maria: the media is riding with it. >> donald trump has a very clear stage here, i am going the fight back, you call, i'm calling your bluff and putting it right back there. >> the president steps on the message that is you're talking about. he gave, this is the third time in a row he's given a good message speech and set it on
6:57 pm
fire for tweeting on something completely. >> the liberals have weponized as obstructionist tool and it could work potentially but you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i'm all-business when i, travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro.
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ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. >> lou: good evening, everybody. attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation of the russian investigation. the national left wing media despicable democrat and some members of the gop engaged in what is a political witch hunt over revelations that sessions had a meeting with the russian ambassador last year. the meetings contradicting session's testimony before congress in january. listen


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