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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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details of a plan that would effectively change obamacare into something that is much more free market oriented than what we have now. melissa: in the last few minutes he explained how it all comes together. he laid it out. the question is can they do it? david: can we top tomorrow what we did today? liz: at least two are dead after a train collided with a bus in biloxi, mississippi. the bus appeared stuck on the tracks before the train hit the bus broadside. they are still removing people through the emergency windows. we'll continue to bring you the latest on this terrible accident. paul ryan says they do want to lower costs via competition and
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take it power out of washington, d.c. when it comes to your healthcare. house republicans answering the call unveiled a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it's been 7 years since obamacare was passed into law. it's collapsing. it has hurt more people than it helped. tonight we deliver on president trump's promise to repeal and replace. >> we are not pulling the rug out from under people. we are not going back to the days of people with preexisting conditions can't get coverage or lifetime caps. >> the mandates and taxes and penalties in obamacare are gone. we have taken the government out of the equation. the government being between patient and their doctors is gone. liz: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants
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to take this bill up quickly in the senate. but conservative opposition could stop repeal and replace in its tracks. it's a dramatic fight unfolding in washington. it's the first time a big entitlement program has been yanked. the republican replacement for obamacare would do away with obamacare's taxes and mandates? a conservative uprising could stop repeal, even though president trump expressed his support moments ago. >> obamacare is in very bad shape. i believe if we wait two years it will totally implode. i'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encourag by membersr members of both parties. i think we'll have something much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine.
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liz: here are some of the details. it eeps coverage for preexisting conditions. lets you stay on your parents' health plan until you are 26 years old and gives tax credits to buy insurance. what not in the plan? selling insurance tack state lines. also negotiating drug prices. it also promises to lower healthcare costs. fox news contributor senator scott brown. conservatives like jim jordan and the freedom caucus, they don't like the bill. they say it doesn't go far enough. >> you need to go through reconciliation. before i got there they used ref conciliation to ram a bill through and we got obamacare. in order to get rid of that you have to use the same mechanism, reconciliation, and there are certain aspects of the bill that
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can't be included. i thought speaker ryan did a great job of explaining it to the american people. liz: it's important what you are saying. the strategy is to put it in the budget reconciliation bill so it only needs 51 votes so it avoids the democrats fill busker. the freedom caucus and other conservatives could still with hold votes and stop it from being voted in via a simple majority. let's hear what representative mark meadows said. >> a repeal to many meant that we would repeal the entire obamacare plan. all the taxes, all the mandates, the medicaid expansion. when he talked about
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replacement, it took on another meaning others which it meant we needed to cover the preexisting conditions, making sure people didn't get kicked off of their healthcare plan and making sure there was an adequate safety net. those two things are still the focus. liz: so this fight in the house could erode support for it and suck away political capital. the senate sees that, there could be some willies over this plan. >> mitch mcconnell said bringing it up sooner than later so they can do parallel paths to speed up the process. with regard to the objections to this bill, i suggest they get with secretary price and let him know what the concerns are. in the third phase get together and be part of the solution. the president ran on this. a lot of the people cite sizes it ran on this. you can use whatever semantics
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you want to use. but you can't leave people in the lurch. you need a safety net. and people want their kids on a plan until 26. and they want to make sure they can have preexisting conditions covered. it needs work but it's a good starting point. but i'm hopeful they will get on binder stead of being obstructionists. >> it goes back to the states. the states want block grants. the states want to handle it themselves. i think that's a great thing. states can do it better than the federal government. liz: the media asked a lot of questions. >> it's been a full three days since the president said that president obama had his wired tapped, phones tapped at trump tower. in those three days has the white house couple with any evidence to prove that allegation?
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>> i addresses that yesterday. >> the president made a very serious allegation over the weekend. where is the evidence, where is the proof that president obama bugged president trump. >> i answered this question yesterday on camera on your air. >> does the president -- >> the follow-up on the follow-up. liz: that presser was about the healthcare bill. we are tackling what the reporters were asking about later in the show. but the fact that this big important repeal and replace. there was virtually no questions about that. what do you think? >> president trump left us a big mess with obamacare, with the debt ceiling that's expiring in 10 days. i haven't shared word one of that. then you have people leaving gitmo back in if the fight, the military that's depleted.
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god forbid the press focuses on the things at hand that affect the american people. they want to go in if the gotcha direction. that's why you have 2009 tell jones committees doing their jobs. we'll get answers one way other other whether you like them or not. liz: kentucky republican senator rand paul criticizing the new healthcare plan's obamacare light. >> we have broken the insurance marketplace. and i think obamacare light doesn't fix it. the negotiation will be conservatives saying we are not going to take obamacare light. liz: dr. marc siegel, you disagree. >> he's worried about the cost. he's saying $64 billion were originally given for subjects does for the state exchanges
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falling apart that we have been talking about on this air. and wee it would be nice to roll this back and end up spending $16 billion instead of $64 billion. but senator paul is saying if you have these tax credits for people that are making under $75,000 a year, you are going to end up getting close to the $64 billion again and you are not going to save money. here is why he's wrong. the philosophy is the exact opposite. the individual mandate, the business mandate we were just talking about. that's unethical. that's roping people in to buying product that doesn't necessarily give them what it's promising. even if you say healthcare is a right. hugh does health insurance become a right? does health insurance. guarantee healthcare? not my office it doesn't.
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a young person is paying for services that an older person needs. liz: i understand what you are saying. >> you have need to do something unethical to pay for the other. here is twat tax credits do. they take a group of people in the gap and don't have any insurance and say here's a lollipop. here is an incentive. go to the free market and get ca -- getcatastrophic insurance. use a health savings account. liz: you can see the end game for the democrats is to stop the president and stop his growth agenda. so the headlines come pouring in you didn't get the 4% growth you promised and they take back the house. speaker ryan says this version will pass. >> this is the beginning of the legislative process.
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we have a few weeks. we'll have 218 when this thing comes to the floor, i guarantee that. liz: one thing the president was saying is that they are going to try to push this through. do you have think this version will pass? >> i think this version will get through the house. i have two words of caution when it comes to the senate. i'm not so sure about e dicaidxpansion. i think in the senate they wil be more worried about that. 20 republican senators are from the states where it's been expanded. city would like to see a more efficient medicaid product where you have to pay in with a premium if you want the bells and whistles. liz: you are talking about the republicans in the senate being
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worried. connecting with this will get more opposition. liz: president trump says he has a plan to slower drug prices. he tweeted out, familiar working on a new system where there will be competition in the drug industry. pricing for the american people will come way down. i have know elijah cummings and bernie sanders would like that. what's the plan here? >> he wants to get faster drug approval. i don't know if he's talking about importation. again after hef have been exported. we have our own pharmacies that do that negotiation. the other thing would be, medicare negotiating prices. liz: which it does not do now. >> usually conservatives are against that. maybe he will try to do that. liz: silicon valley protesting
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the president's readvised refugee pause from those six countries. my next guest says that has not stopped them from making a lot of money from the trump rally. we'll show you how much money they made since the president took office. a new report shows facebook live streaming app has mistakenly broadcast crimes including gruesome murders.
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especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. liz: major tech companies slamming president trump's refugee pause. tech companies condemning the new order. some are hinting at possible legal action.
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they joined forces against the original order. they generally don't like the president in silicon valley. but what they are not telling you have is what they do like? they have raised billions of dollars. mark zuckerberg owed $10 billion in paper surge. katie, it's so good to see you. we were reporting yesterday about the refugee pause and the 300 refugees here are in terror probes and possible ties to isis. we know silicon valley doesn't like the president. i mean, hasn't president trump
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been good for these companies and great for investors when it comes to trump rallies? >> he has been fantastic. zuckerberg and all these guys are sitting in their high rights and grinning. trump gives them a ton of money by boost up the stocks and they can bring their high-skills immigrants from overseas in h-1b visas that knock out high-skilled american laborers for less money. silicon valley is in california which pushed hillary clinton so far ahead in if the popular vote in the election. it's a good deal for them really. liz: you have done a lot of reporting. what are you hearing about silicon valley ceos getting involved in politics. should they do that or just
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stick to improving the bottom line and making investors happy? >> i think at this drainage where special media is everything. like twitter and facebook. for them p.r. and the advocacy and standing up for what's quote-unquote right is good for the bottom line. thp. that hillary clinton base they are surrounded by in california makes everyone happy and makes them want to use twirtd and facebook and feel good about buying the products they are buying or take a lift or uber. but i don't actually think they are helping anything. er in not helping the american worker who is being put out of a job no one seems to care about anymore. liz: national security never seems to come up in these conversations.
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400 people injured in 10 terror attacks near the united states, isis-inspired, many of them. 113 people killed. do you see that crossing the radar screen of any of these tech tits? >> i do. in terms of free speech and privacy it's a tricky line they are on. there is that totally valid concern you want to make sure people are safe. if they have the information to do so, they can help. but it's that privacy concern. but if you look at democrats, nose don't actually count because no one really died. they are the minnesota terror attackers. to them they don't count because someone stabbed someone but no one died. liz: 113 people died in these terror attacks.
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facebook life streaming service under fire. a new report says the life stream has broadcast more than 50 violent acts including murder and suicide since it launched last year. so will mark zuckerberg of facebook be able to turn that around or will the gruesome violence continue to pop up on your computers for your children and family to see? reporter: former facebook employees say 70% of facebook live trial ice were college or high school age with a large amount of video content broadcasting from classrooms. zuckerberg says they need to do more about violence going viral saying there have been tragic event like suicide live streamed that could have been prevented if someone realize wad was happening and reported them
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sooner. there are cases of bullying and harassment. facebook is rolling out real-time suicide prevention tools. they will offer live crisis intervention and make it easier to report suicide or self-injury. facebook hopes the software could stop live videos mid-stream. and they are working to get the program to understand the difference between a news story about terrorism and terrorist propaganda. but that technology could take years to develop. facebook is still figure out what content is inappropriate to broadcast. videos that condemn violence are aloud. but others that celebrate it aren't. zuckerberg says their standard
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must adapt to allow newsworthy content. he said i often agree with those criticizing us that we are making mistakes. facebook live could be a big liability but there is a big opportunity for the site to compete with their rival snapchat with the younger users. liz: four dead, 35 injured after a train collided with a bus in biloxi, mississippi. we'll continue to bring you the latest on this terrible accident. my next guest says the intelligence leaks are a scandal. so much so, his organization is suing the cia, the justice department and the treasury department because of it. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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>> if the president doesn't have strong circumstantial evidence trump tower was should correct the record. >> i just proved it was tapped and you proved yourself it was tapped. >> there were taps. >> that's where general flynn was. that's where flynn was. >> very interesting point. liz: former house speaker newt gingrich telling bill o'reilly michael flynn only made official phone calls within trump tower. somehow those phone calls were captured and leaked. so trump tower was tapped. >> i think it's important for people at home to know some of the intelligence we are talking about such as the conversations
5:28 pm
between mike flynn and the russian ambassador. i spoke to people who go 30 years in the national security agency and they never see a transcript. this was that the most secret levels of the intelligence community. the fact that it was leaked to reporters is something that that hasn't been crossed before. liz: my next guest says he wants answers. his organization is suing intelligence agencies to get them to open up. he's chris farrell, the director of judicial watch. >> what you are talking about is electronic surveillance and concealed monitoring.
5:29 pm
those are technical definitions. it's a special access program. it's highly classified information. and so there is no way in the world that reporters can have any inkling of what was discussed between general kelly and the russian across bass doer unless they got access to this communications intelligence. and that leakage is very grave, it's by political operatives within the intelligence community seeking to undermine and destroy the trump presidency like general flynn. the fact that that has been released and exposed to the public is quite grave. instead of just talkinabout it, we are seeing the word russia over and over again. what we are ited in is getting the facts of who had access to that information and who most likely leaked it.
5:30 pm
that's what's required in this case. i say that because i command the army's detachment that conducted physical and technical aerial surveillance, counter intelligence and human intelligence targets. i have done this firsthand. i know what the requirements are. and we are in a grave position with this kind of information is thrown around loosely. liz: going backtracking the story, there seems to be a fisa request, we are trying to track down who filed it. last summer a year ago in 2016 to track possible money coming from russia into the trump campaign. there was a fisa request to look at these russian computers at russian banks talking to trump tower computers. that's what we are finding is the fisa request inch we don't
5:31 pm
know who filed it. then it turns into general flynn's conversation being surveilled and leaked. we have a nearly four decade nsa veteran, he's saying you don't even need fisa or a warrant. the nsa just goes ahead and does it. >> i would say his attestment is accurate. this all vacuumed up. it wasn't just the nsa looking at the communications to the russian ambassador and general flynn. every first class intelligence operation on the planet was looking at that communication including the russians, the is reallies and the japanese. they are all trying vacuum up the signals and conduct the intelligence to find out house saying what to whom. liz: it could have been loretta lynch the u.s. attorney general. you see in the "new york times"
5:32 pm
in january saying quote this is a story by michael schmidt in january saying american law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communication and financial transactions as a broad investigation for possible links between russian associates and donald trump. they say the wiretap. one official says the intelligence reports based on some of the wiretaps communications had been provided to the white house. >> when president trump says obama is wiretapping me. he doesn't mean that literally. he means people within the obama administration, law enforcement intelligence persons were conducting intelligence activities that they gleaned the information and shared it or at least certain partisans shared it for political purposes with the administration.
5:33 pm
that's my interpretation what he is saying. and that's based on my own first-hand experience from my former professional life. there is all sorts of intelligence collection going on. when i was running an operation in germany, i can assure you the president didn't personally approve my activities. by was acting in his name or the name of the united states as a commissioned officer in the army. but my activities and my actions were eventually briefed back in the white house. so when president trump says, look, obama was wiretapping me, he's talng about the administration and the activities of e telligence and law enforcement officials. liz: what do you want to find out? >> we need to identify what exactly this leaked material was. these agencies engage in
5:34 pm
activities of collection we need to know who was doing what by what authority.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> it was jarring. president trump accusing president trump. >> this still no proof tonight, none, to back up president trump's twitter claims. toopt wire tasm claims seem to cross a line. democrats and republicans called on in trump to provide evidence. liz: president trump still under
5:38 pm
fire for after he cueing president obama for wiretapping phones. but media outlets focus on a narrative that strum collude with russia to rig the election even after james clapper said there was no evidence of such collusion. a new study shows since saturday networks like abc, cbs and nbc devoted 107 minutes to refuting the president's claim that trump tower was wiretapped. sheer the director of the senator, he joins me now. how much time of does the story usually get, rich? >> a couple of minutes per network per night. this is a big story. we have had a lot of the these since donald trump began his political career. i'm not sure if it's over yet, by the many definitely on the large side.
5:39 pm
liz: the president has not offered proof yet. he's asking house and snaint tell jones committees to look into it. it's interesting we were talking about it before, the january 19 edition of the "new york times" reported that's u.s. intelligence was look intoy intercepted communications between russian officials. one official said intelligence reports based on the wiretap communications have been provided to the white house. >> i have the paper here. it says wiretap right in the headline. yet this got a little bit of coverage about the investigation. but the idea the wiretapping of trump associates on the eve of the inauguration got 13 seconds on the cbs evening news, otherwise it was passed over.
5:40 pm
if it's so controversial, worth 107 minutes for the president to say there has been wiretapping, how come the leaks about the same wiretapping when obama was on his way out the door, why didn't that get more than a few seconds. it's because the media didn't think it was a big deal. and president obama didn't wonder was this overstepping. liz: in october the "new york times" reported there was surveillance from law enforce, intelligence authorities to the computers in trump tower, possibly tucking to computers in russia. who knows if it involved financial transactions. you have point out most new presidents enjoy a honey noon when elected into office. but it doesn't looks like president trump has had that. your studies show that 88% of the time abc, nbc, cbs, has been negative.
5:41 pm
this is just first 30 days of the administration, just the evening news, an enormous amount of coverage. this is a new new story line. it's amazing the way the networks are earning the moniker opposition party in the way they cover this administration. next up, u.k. prime minister theresa may suffering a new blow to plans for great britain to leave the e.u. a new law gives lawmakers the right to object to leaving the e.u. its departure from the e.u. could be delayed. this as france and germany head into national elections. we are hearing that it could hurt the trump rally.
5:42 pm
the fallout from the violent berkeley protests. a berkeley student caught destroying one of the college republican signs. a virginia school district the entire district preparing to close for a day without women. my next guest says is this a protest or just a chance for a day to leave work.
5:43 pm
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liz: first a day without immigrants. now an entire virginia school district to close for a day without women. the alexandria school district saying given the unusually high number of requests we have
5:46 pm
decided to shut schools for students for the day. angela, what do you think of this? >> i think it's deplorable to use one of hillary clinton's terms. my question is yes thee people want a day off, but are they getting a paycheck? are virginia taxpayers paying these folks to close down the district to do whatever they want because they don't like the president. the campaign behind the shadow campaign. these people are against donald trump and our children are suffering. >> i think what's deplorable is women make 79 cents to every dollar a man makes. 70% of the college degrees
5:47 pm
earned in this country are made by women. let's increase the pay for women so it's ual m. liz: aren't they protesting president trump. >> he stood on the side of not having equal pay. they fought against the ledbetter act which said let's equalize pay. let's level the playing field for women and men. liz: that's a tough thing to do. president trump did sign a law to promote women entrepreneurs in areas like science, technology, engineering and math. and pushing for more work for women in places like nasa. >> donald trump has not passed any laws. the bottom line is if we were so upset about our rights being trampled on we should have done it in the last administration. do rib rall progressives really
5:48 pm
want to make a difference? with i -- wait until the next en and run for office. >> she is right, he hasn't passed any laws. it's 47 days in and he hasn't passed anything. and they have all three branches. they should have already repealed obamacare and passed their tax reforms. >> they are not on the same page. what people need to do is put he goes aside and leaders need to lead and lead this country because we are supposed to create a great america, a better america. we are not doing it because demoats and republicans are not working together.
5:49 pm
>> mitch mcconnell is the house majority leader and paul ryan is the speaker of the house. they are both republicans. donald trump is republican. they ran together, held hands and said they would make america great again. we are 40 days in. and donald trump has a problem within his own party. he need to get the party in order. >> mcconnell is the senate majority leader. and there is diversity within the republican party. liz: angela, richard, love seeing you two. the fallout from the violent berkeley protests continues. an alleged berkeley student out after destroying one of the college republicans' signs. >> i just vandalized private
5:50 pm
property. liz: a berkeley college republican joins me to tell you how it went down. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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liz: caught on camera, a u.c. berkeley student caught destroying a college republicans' sign. >> i mean, you just vandalized private property. >> you are supporting violence. liz: there is an investigation
5:54 pm
into that. according to my next guest. this gentleman is not even a student of u.c. berkeley. we are trying to figure out who is. mike wright, you were with the berkeley college republicans. there has been attacks on signs from your you group. what's going on? >> there have been attacks on our group starting really intensifying from the beginning of this school year. it's been the election season. we have haa numberf assaults on our members, not just destruction of property. though that's happened, too. most recently we had that sign destroyed. and that was done by a student -- somebody who was a student of another college locally.
5:55 pm
and then next day we had our other sign destroyed by two people on bicycles and those people were students. so it's out of control. there is a sense here that we get accused of being the fascists. but these groups like the ones that showed up at the milo protest, those people are the modern-day fascists. they are the ones who prevent free speech. liz: who is together assaults? >> it varies. sometimes it's people from various student groups. sometimes they are students. there hasn't been a lot of effort to identify them up until now. so we are hoping that the university will put its full
5:56 pm
energy into identifying them. but, you know, we are not going to as berkeley college republicans, we are not going to be silenced by these people and we'll continue to bring speakers. if people at home are look at this thinking what can i do to have an impact on this horrible situation going upon on college campuses, they can come to our website, berkeley college and donate to us and we'll continue fighting the good fight for free speech. liz: we'll be back after the break.
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liz: our own neil cavuto has the first interview with andy
6:00 pm
puzder. tune in thursday at 12:00 p.m. eastern time for that exclusive. thank you for having us in your homes. make money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. the architect of the american gop act, introduce legislation on capitol hill, moments ago speaker paul ryan along with gregg walden and republican leadership. here are some of the highlights. >> i'm prepared to lead our conference to do what we said we would do in the election. reran on a repeal and replace plan. i have been doing conservative healthcare reform for 20 years. the most important thing this does is it takes power out of washington.


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