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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ singing continues ] charles: a shout out to all moms who made it to work today, thank you, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, much of the nation focused the conservative revolt within the republican party over the house leadership plan to repeal and replace obamacare, and the trump justice department opening of a criminal investigation into wikileaks, where it is publishing of cia secrets, the united states has quietly escalated war in syria, off with leonardly -- roughly 300 marines have arrived in syria where they are establishing an outpost roughly 25 miles north of raqqa as they fight to take the city from islamic state.
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defense official say that marines are ir are equipped with my explosive rounds. the new marine mission to disclosed after members of armies elite 75 ranger regiment deployed over the weekend northwest of rac raqqa, those troops traveling in heavily armed vehicles, joining us h to talk about latest development, national security and trump administration's response to provocations of iran, north korea, as well as warnings from russia and china. former u.s. ambassador to united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton, ambassador great to have you with us.
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first the development out of syria. expedition unit with artillery there. >> these are not advisers or trainers for syrian opposition forces or iraqi forces. i think this is a tangible indication that trudge trouble hatrump administration has begun to take hold of this strategy even if this was part of the earlier contingencies that military put together with the obama administration. given what he said about destroying isis quickly, this is a significant move. lou: it is. i thought that defense department response on some of this as if it had been underway for some time, nothing is underway now without come understander in chief approve -- commander in chief approval.
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there is a gap, there are some difficult communications, i think, mistakes taking place in this administration. on a number of departments. but that is one where it should not have, a clear line between commander in chief and whatever the mission for our forces, do you not agree? >> yes. no, look, i think -- as i say, even if there was a contingency that might have been envisions before this is now the trump administration's policy at issue. he made clear distinctions what he would do with isis, i know this will shock you, there is a certain amount of hypocrisy going on in obama administration, that we don't really have boots on the ground when we clearly did in iraq and syria. this is a sign that the united
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states is very sirius -- serious about eliminating isis caliphate, not a day too soon. lou: and absolutely. and the islamic state now, in raqqa, the actual capital of the islamic state, this is going to be -- they are now surrounded, the kurds are in position, only way out to the south. had heavy ar artillery there. but bringing in the heavy howitzers is a big deal in support of all of the forces that are now surrounding raqqa. >> yeah. this was always going to be necessary in my view. i think it has been a missio myth to minimize american
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involvement we're the. glue than together. it is clear that the military has in mind what happened after over throw of the taliban, al qaeda regime in afghanistan, what osama bin laden, escaped through the net. and got into pakistan, we faced years of searching for him. it is important that no further islamic state leaders get out of dodge in this case to libya or yemen or whatever they are going to go. lou: and also important we not present this as a nice, tidy operation there. when i talked about raqqa surrounded, we're talking about sunni insurgensurgent -- insurgents forces and kurds. and russian forces as well. this is and one general
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described it as, these forces all are within a grenade's throw of one another. this is also fraught with danger and unintended consequences is it not? >> that is correct. that is why we had the chairman of joint chiefs of staff, presumably talking to his russian and turkish counterparts as we get down to hopefuly the end of the islamic state caliphate to avoid mistakes that could find us confronts russians or confronting turkish soldiers that would be extraordinary bad for obvious reasons. i think this shows hightened seriousness after years of the obama slow roll toward raqqa. i think we're getting very close to the end, at least i hope that will turn out to be right. lou: we were close to the end in mosul as well, that is
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protracted, and this may well, as you caution i be pro tracked as well. we should point out to you on viewers that raqqa is less than 100 miles from the border with turk i, an turkey, and turks are making their displeasure well-known with the arrive a arrival of u.s. army, and marines 11th marine expedition aiary force. turkey is a wild card, as you say here. >> you have to grit your teeth dealing with turks, the point to make this your nato ally coming to help and you others finish off the islamic state. let's keep our eyes on the prize, and do this in a coordinated fashion. it will benefit everyone. lou: and vladimir putin, and
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the russian forces that are there, and that have been there in some conservativable number -- considerable number for some time, they represent, as always a potential threat to our forces. do they not? >> yeah, and it just, it is very unhappy for the united states and our friends in the region that obama administration allowed russia to build up such a military present in syria. not something that will go away easily, i it is important to keep in mind as we close in on the islamic state, this, hopefully this coming victory will be done in a way that minimizes the upside for russia's allies -- iran ands assam regime in hezbollah. when you eliminate one, you advantage everyone element but i think unlike the obama approach we want to do the opposite, and make sure that iran getting minimum upside possible. lou: i know you would not
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forget we're also allies with iran. and iraq -- it gets complicated, doesn't it? lou: thait. >> this another problem for sure. lou: thank you, ambassador. >> thank you. lou: ambassador john bolton, we're coming right back, with much more stay with us. >> speaker ryan and the house g.o.p. leadership facing a conservative rebellion over their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this is the covenant we made with the american people, when we ran on a repeal and replace plan in 2016. this is what our bill does. go on-line. read it for yourself. lou: problem not the besten to tone that speaker ryan could have take glen an taken. >> it had to happen it has, one state government launching a new challenge against trump's newest extreme vetting trump's newest extreme vetting ( ♪ )
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lou: president trump throwing his full support behind house republican leadership, legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. president trump this afternoon trying to stamp out the conservative rebellion that promises to overwhelm the plan.
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meeting with members of conservative groups opposed to th legislation, freedom works, heritage action group, club for growth, americans for prosperity, among others. white house counselor kellyanne conway said that president trump is confident that they have the votes. >> president trump is very confident about the passage of the american health care act for many reasons, just yesterday here in the white house, he and the vice president, invited in 35 or so whips from the house to discuss this issue. the president is confident that american health care act will pass the law. lou: speaker ryan, claiming this is a good whic conservative plan. >> it returns power, this most important, this returns power from washington back to the doctors and patients, back to states.
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this is what good, which of healthcare reform looks like -- which is what good, health care reform looks like, it is bold, it is long overdue, this is us fulfills our promises. lou: saying that republican leadership plan does not have votes necessary to pass the lower chamber. my next guest introduced a bill calling for a full repeal of obamacare, a clean repeal, he is here with us to talk about effort to defeat leadership so-called american health care act. we appreciate your time here. the president says they have the votes. >> i will say, speaker said, it is good conservative policy. why is everyone major conservative group in the country opposed to it?
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the heritage foundation. we promised the voters we would repeal obamacare. how is that repealing when we say, we repeal but we'll keep the bunch of obamacare taxes and take the medicaid expansion and extend it for years. that is not what we told the voters, today, i introduced clean repeal. let's take put it on president trump's desk. i believe -- i know he would sign it but let's put it on his desk, mr. obama vetoed it, but let's put it on president trump's desk. lou: i want to pursue that, but just as an aside. why is there such push back on the veto.
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>> you have to ask them, my guess is that you know there are some republican governors who in states that medicaid they are concerned about that, it could be a hois host of things. all i know is we make this job too complicated. let's do what we told the voters we said we would do. repilrepeal it, we believe our clean repeal and our separate legislation to replace it with policies will bring down the cost of premiums. lou: idea that i is not a repeal but a replacement. a new president who demonstrated what you said, he is fulfilling his promises, he is not breaking promises, he is doing what he said he would too across the board.
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why we would -- i just have to ask you this, when you hear speaker ryan saying that this is good -- a good conservative healthcare bill. is that not just a little bit condescending when he is talking to pretty good conservatives. >> there are good elements in it, i assume that is what he is focused on, when you have conservative groups saying that is got big problem, have you a number of other conservatives like freedom caucus saying this does not make sense in our judgment. and senators saying that is real concern, so let's do simply what we said, right now we know that republicans, should be able to unite around something, we're all passed before, the simple clean repeal. do that, and then we can have a debate and discussion on what the replacement looks like, those things that we think will bring down the cost of healthcare.
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we can give time -- they are talking about dr. price, he can do that. we don't need to pass the bill for dr. price to do that, we could pass a clean repeal. lou: dr. price seems to open the way even as speaker of house insists this conservatives support and blindly move ahead, dr. price is saying clearly, he is open to an evolution of legislation in regular order with public hearings, which sounds like an intelligence approach. >> this is american democracy in action the way that legislative body is supposed to work, we met with vice president pence, and talked with dr. price, and mulvaney, they assault said this -- they all said this is a work in progress, let's do what we told the voters we were going
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to do,. let's do what is consistent with what voters sent us here to accomplish. lou: jim jordan thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: vote on our poll, do you believe speaker ryan would be wise to listen to conservatives, rather than dismiss them by saying, this is what a conservative healthcare bill looks like, cast your vote on twitter. twitter @lou dobbs, hawaii, by comes first state to sue over paren trump president trump new extreme vetting order, arguing in part that order inflicts immediate damage on hawaii's economy, educational institutions and tourism industry. >> on wall street today, stocks closing mixed, dow down
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69, s&p lost 5. nasdaq gained 4, volume on the big board, 3.8 billion shares, s&p going more than 100 straight days without a decline of more than 1%, that is the longest streak since 1994. >> crude oil today, plunging more tha more than 5%. >> good news for labor market, adp reports almost 300,000 private sector jobs were added last month, and reminder to listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, james comey, not worried about his job security. should high be -- should he be? should he be? that is the subject of my commentary next. >> and retailers who boycotted ivanka trump's closing line,
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lou: a few thoughts on f.b.i. director james comey. here is the director speak at a cyber security conference. >> you are stuck with me for about another 6 and a half years so i would love to be invited back again. i'm slippery and i won't talk about things i don't want to talk about. lou: comey's comments are downright brains, arrogant and subject to immediate expiration.
10:27 pm
because this is the same man who told reince priebus there was nothing his agency could do to correct the record on so-called b.s. reports on bogus reports trump campaign officials had with russian intelligence. there was nothing to it, but the f.b.i. director wouldn't knock it down. now he demands the department of justice publicly refute president trump's claims of wiretapping. never mind there are investigations that the fine planned to pay the author of the dossier on trump. and how many *'s email server. so as for comey's claim that
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americans are stuck with him, what a statement. he has been in washington long enough to know better. new york post columnist and friend of this so michael goodwin compared comey's power to that of j. edgar hoover. comey doles out information as he sees fit and his most recent and change assessment of same. his credibility is barely existent and not the stuff of long tenure no matter what he says. our quotation of the evening, before a man speaks it is always safe to assume he is a fool. after he speaks, it is seldom necessary to assume it.
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of representatives are fighting back against the house leadership plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the congressional budget office is expected to release its score on the legislation next week. but white house:press secretary sean spicer is already arguing with great facts on his side, arguing that congressional budget office can't be trusted for accuracy if that's important for anyone. >> if you are looking to the cbo for accuracy you are looking in the wrong place. they were way, way off in every as expect how they scored and projected obamacare. lou: our next guest says president trump is being ill advised on obamacare and this legislation and he's blasting republican leadership for unveiling a process that fails
10:34 pm
on repealing and replains the affordable care act. joining us is congress maine dave brat. -- congressman dave brat. this is a top deal. we talked with congressman jordan, and i talked with congressman meadows. you all are raising very important points. your leadership, the speaker said point blank to you saying this is a conservative healthcare plan. and what lo do you guise know about it. how do you deal with that? >> it all hinges on whether you have common sense and the american people do. it hinges on the word repeal. we ran on repeal for six years in a row. american people know that. donald trump said we'll repeal on day one. he said yesterday we are going to negotiate. so this is the first round.
10:35 pm
but 8 years ago the health insurance companies came to the white house look at their shoes, they were embarrassed about the product they were going to offer. it had to do with coverage. before it had nothing do with reducing prices and providing free market price discovery which is what we need. lou: as you point out, that's what the president need clear, he wants better care at a lower cost for all americans. i haven't shared one argument about this legislation that supports those goals. if you will, the house's mission is the president's agenda. >> that's right. it has to do with pending the cost curve down. the cost curve is going up at 25% under obamacare. paul ryan said, the whole goal of this project is to bends the cost curve down.
10:36 pm
that means instead of going up at 25%, not going up at 15%, if the speaker shows us the cost will go down i'm a yes. but we have no evidence that's the case. lou: you heard sean spicer take apart the congressional budget office on its projections of obamacare. they were entirely inaccurate. dr. tom price, the health and humances secretary says the point is to drive down costs. yet there is -- i think you are completely correct when tough state that doesn't seem to be in evidence here at least yet. and i know we are after he xes from scoring the cbo estimate on it all. but where do you think we are with costs if the plan as put forward by -- we'll also take
10:37 pm
note that everyone is talking about changing it. but at this point what are the cost implications of the leadership plan? >> it's not good. we'll replace the mandates with a tax penalty and the subsidy into and refundable tax credit. i don't think president trump anticipated that. this is a brand-new federal program, and that's the problem. medicare is insolvent in 2034, social security is insolvent in 2034. we have $20 trillion in federal debt. do you want the federal government managing can? trump is a marketing genius. he knows products and price. he knows marketing 101. so the goal with that diversity, let's drive this down to the states, we'll fully fund it. a transition so no one has the
10:38 pm
rug pulled out from under them. but block grant this thing down to the states. trump said the states are the laboratories for technological innovation. that's what we have to do to get this economy booming. we want trump to have a victory so we can move on to tax reform so the markets will take off. the markets priced in tax reform. the goal is to get the yes by the has to be a free market system we are pursuing. the promises in bucket two and bucket three. lou: when you can't solve all the problems, congressman, in corporate america and business, and wall street, you just segment everything. you never get to the end. the's great to have you with us. come back soon.
10:39 pm
it sound to me like you and president trump have a lot in common. he's just one -- he's smart about a lot more than markets. >> that's right. he's a genius across the board. we want to make sure the american people win and that's the goal. lou: that's right. you pulled off one of the most astounding victories in congressional history, and he did in presidential history. i think you guys will be able to talking to the. >> we are listen together american people. trump has a big heart web's listening to the american people. they just found out two days ago what's happening. the phone lines are burning down. we'll get it right. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe peaker ryan would be wise to listen to his
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conference members rather than dismiss them saying this is what a conservative healthcare bill looks like? please roll the video. we'll show you -- this is a fisherman. he's got the fish by the tail making a daring rescue to save a struggling shark off the florida coast. the two fishermen racing to remove a fishing line from the shark. i have mixed emotions about that story, to be candid with you. lou: more evidence the left-wing media is obsessed with the president's tweeting, but they turn blind eye when it comes to former president obama's spying on this president. we take that up with former
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federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy. stay with us. we'll be right back. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans... or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance lou: the left wing national media's war against the requires
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intensifying. nbc, cbs, abc devoting 110 minutes on trump's tweets on wiretapping. but when the "new york times" reported in january that members of the trump team in trump tower were under surveillance, just one network, cbs, covered the story. devoting 13 seconds to it. the "new york times" change their narrative on this story. the head fine the january 20th print edition read this. wiretap data used at inquiry trump aides. but the headline of that same article online freeze, intercepted russian communications part of inquiry into trump associates. i tweeted out, doesn't the "new york times" have any kind of
10:46 pm
code of ethics that would not allow that sort of thing? the answer is pretty obvious, isn't it. the federal government is launching a criminal investigation into wikileaks after it published stolen documents. both the f.b.i. and the cia opening that joint investigation to look into how wikileaks obtained those documents and whether they should have been leaked by a government contractor. joining us tonight to discuss the wikileaks probe, the wiretapping claims and president trump, and the national left-wing media's attempts to undermine this president and the deep state.
10:47 pm
the idea this is a full-on assault on the president of the united states is not escaping any of us. and you drew mccarthy, great to have you here. what are the odd they can find the person who stole this material from the federal government? >> with a theft of this beads -f this breadth they have a better chance. but catching the person is not going to do much to rectify the damage which is immense. lou: it appears the cia did not know this material had been stolen when it occurred.
10:48 pm
>> it's difficult until after a theft like this happens because you don't know it will be difficult accept night. if you have -- you don't not will be disseminated. you don't know they have done something improper with it until after they have done it. lou: let's turn to president trump's allegations that he has been wiretapped and his sore associates. this was -- and his associates. your thoughts, your reaction now that an investigation is broadening in congress. >> i thought it was unfortunate the president's tweet took a story where the trajectory of the story is in his favor, and he pulled out one fact, obama
10:49 pm
talking to him personally in surveillance which probably isn't accurate. we haven't seen any reporting to indicate that that happened. but that doesn't undermine the overarching story which is the likelihood the incumbent administration at the very least was conducting surveillance of associates of then candidate trump who had connections of varying degrees to the campaign. lou: if i understand you correctly. he was under surveillance in all likelihood. the other part is it is a misapprehension of many people that there is only one way that a surveillance can take place and that's through a fisa court. and it excludes what we know for a fact, that this administration, the obama
10:50 pm
administration hacked the senate intelligence committee. no, they surveilled whomever they want. james rosen, the associated press journalists. the list goes on. that was an administration that was in any way reluctant to ignore the constitution or law. >> they did not he lou american -- they did not allow american law to be an impediment. the alteration of the headline is interesting. the way they changed it now is to suggest that surveillance was directed at russian operatives and that to the extent trump people may have been intercepted is because they were calling into monitored lines, not that they were the targets. lou: we should point out whether it's from director comey or sources within the obama administration itself, and
10:51 pm
current government officials, is there not one scintilla of evidence that anything improper occurred in any discussion or act by the trump people as candidates or as the leaders of our government. >> the hacking the elect story is preposterous. the idea it was done in cahoots with the trump campaign is preposterous. the perception that an investigation was being done, but once it's clear there wasn't anything to the story. the now the investigation is a problem for the democrats and the media. lou: the justice department and the f.b.i. are moving straight ahead. jim comey saying he will be with us for 6 1/2 years. i don't know if you heard my commentary. i suggested that would be
10:52 pm
subject to ned change. >> i'm kinder to my friend in comey than you are. it's a presumptive term. it means he doesn't get a day more than 10 years. not that he's guaranteed the 10 years. lou: ivanka trump's fashion line sales up 436% from january to february. surge comes after nordstrom announced in early february it would cancel her clothing and accessories lines citing poor product sales. some people thought it was about politics. we'll tell you the surprising source bankrolling the day without women strike. former republican presidential candidate governor mike huckabee to discuss that and more. my business was built with passion...
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lou: joining me, governor mike huckabee. let's start with the investigation on the f.b.i., the cia, the trump administration opening that investigation. do you think it will lead to the conclusion the president wants? >> i hope it leads to the truth. i think that's what the president wants.
10:57 pm
i know there has been denials from people like james clapper who said nothing happened like that. this is the same james clapper who lied to congress under oath and said we weren't keeping records on people. turned out we were. the credibility of people issuing denials is not really good. lou: john been nanls cia was sush veiling the senate intelligence committee, then he lied about it on top of it. you are right. these folks are hard to take when it comes to their credibility. let's turn to the gop conservatives in rebellion against their leadership, the repeal and replacement of obamacare. your thoughts on how that's going to unfold. >> it's not repeal and replace. what they put out is revise and reward. that's not what they promised and it's not what they
10:58 pm
delivering. i think they are in trouble with this. it's a good start. i get it, it's hard, this isn't easy lifting. but they have had several years to pro pair for it and i thought they would come out with a better plan. they don't push enough power back to the states, they need to block grant medicaid. they have to also understand if until you change the paradigm from an intervention-based health model to a prevention and cure-based health model you will never be able to catch up to the cost. they will always be unsustainable. there are fundamental things not in this plan. this whole idea of tax deductions and tax credits instead of subjects does. it's the same thing, it's just worded differently. but it will still be government cost. lou: it's odd ryan and the other leaders -- it looks like they would welcome the opportunity to
10:59 pm
be in regular order and have public hearings. but to restore the public's faith in government which is -- congress is at its lowest in regards to public approval. this is an opportunity and they are treating it like they should be in a bunker mode. >> they can't do that. that's what the democrats did to pass it. remember nancy pelosi's line, you will know what's in the bill after we pass it. we need to explain to people not only what we are trying to achieve but how we are going to get there. there noise reason to put that underground. put it up in the sunshine where everybody can see sit. lou: governor mike huckabee, thanks for being with us.
11:00 pm
congressman kevin brady, please be with us. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. charles: a shout out to all moms who made it to work today, thank you, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, much of the nation focused the conservative revolt within the republican party over the house leadership plan to repeal and replace obamacare, and the trump justice department opening of a criminal investigation into wikileaks, where it is publishing of cia secrets, the united states has quietly escalated war in syria, off with leonardly -- roughly 300 marines have arrived in syria where they are establishing an outpost roughly 25 miles north of raqqa as they fight to take


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