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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  March 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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robert gone at 70. . john: a mob can be an ugly thing. in the past, mobs kill people they said were witches. today they still kill people with whom they disagree. >> mobs are always is dangerous, destructive things. >> reporter: we focus on american mobs. >> liberals crawl on the mobs. >> get off the campus. >> the koch brothers and their cronies. >> i think they should be in jail. >> private property. john: mob rules, that's our show tonight.
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. john: today, the worst mob in the world is clearly isis. their fanaticism reminds me of threats posed by the nazis 80 years ago. if we talk about mobs, little compares to the nazis or is. but this show is about american mobs, they're not as deadly but do plenty of harm. we start with political mobs. did you know that the democratic party activates mobs, depends on mobs, coddles mobs, publicizes and celebrates mobs? that's what ann coulter's book demonic is about. she says a liberal mob endangers america. come on. a mob? >> yes! the way they gin up their base with the slogans and the repetition, bush lied, kids
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died, and you have the image of paul ryan pushing the old lady in the wheelchair off the cliff. republicans, the party of wall street. all these sorts of slogans, republicans are terrible at slogans. john: republicans have drilled baby drills, secure the border. peace through strength. >> i think those actually mean something, unlike bush lied, kids died, there's more steps involved. to say this is bush's fault, and enron's fault, and it was -- was rich people or wall street that did this. there was a difference in -- i don't know how to explain that other than i don't need any other background other than secure the border, we want the better secured. that's not a slogan. john: it's a slogan earring mob, not a violent mob. >> it's the image that is important. all of this is described in my book, post the french revolution where all of this
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came, from the nazis are now and the stalin. john: from the french revolution? >> that was the first real manifestation. there is no connection between the french revolution and the american revolution, they were just peasants running around. >> the french revolution is like the democratic mob? >> much more like that, in the sense it's always to the barricades, where occupy wall street, the worship of rulers which you absolutely do not see on the right. nobody worships george bush. and i don't say that in a bad way. john: the way people worship obama. >> the way they worship clinton. have you people writing sex dreams about obama and clinton, i promis you no conservative ever had a sex dream about george bush or ronald reagan. john: go back to the french revolution, the american revolution wasn't a mob? >> not at all. what do we celebrate in our revolution? the declaration of independence, that was after years of appeals explaining to the world using god as our
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ultimate judge, we deserve independence now. it was the most thoughtful. they were the biggest chatterers about a revolution, writing tracks, and christian ministers were giving sermons. the french revolution were running around. john: the boston tea party. >> glad you mentioned. that it was not celebrated for 50 years, highly controversial at time. benjamin franklin demanded we repay the india tea company for the lost tea and paul revere and sam adams were very careful to replace the lock that was broken. paul revere punished one guy took tea for his personal use, he punished the tea partier who took tea for personal use, that was not celebrated. what was celebrated is the declaration of independence, the liberty bell which was rung to declare the first founding congress of our country.
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thomas payne's was the most famous of them. there are books of christian sermons defending the american revolution, it was a thought-out, logical revolution, a small step from the liberty we were used to, and it founded the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the world that other countries would do well to emulate, the french revolution, all of the founders ended up guillotined themselves. they didn't get anything resembling republic for 80 years. they are completely different, american and french revolution. john: the french revolution is like the democratic party. >> we worship or hate you. >> when i went to the occupy wall street protests, the progressive mob clearly thinks everyone is entitled to free stuff. >> i know you lie!
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>> we need obama to take care of us. john: government should take care of you? >> yeah, that's how it should be. john: republicans don't do that much. >> no, they do not. republicans have to talk about things like we're going to respect private property. that doesn't get somebody run into the barricades and threatening to guillotine the other side. john: progressives argue it's your fellow republicans who are the mob. here's a democratic national committee ad. >> desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs. their goal, destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. they've called out the mob. >> and i want to know why these people ignore him. >> call the republican party, tell them you've had enough of the mob. >> worth pointing out the first people to shoot down the birth
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certificate was american spectator, sweetness in light, my newspaper, human events, conservatives took it down. you know who started that rumor, hillary clinton running against barack obama. john: i did not know that. >> that starts on the left. and yeah, there's still a few, but all of the spokesmen were it never came up on fog, no one on fox ever pushed the birth certificate thing. john: how about the drug war hysteria. >> i am perfectly calm in my opposition to the legalization of -- john: antiabortion protesters blowing up clinics. >> very rarely. and i will say on that, we worked through the system on on that. for 20 years, pro-lifers have worked to elect republican presidents who promised to appoint supreme court justices, who would overrule roe v. wade just to allow us to have democracy on that one issue. for 30 years we have not been allowed to vote on abortion, not 40 years. if you're going to suppress
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democracy in this underhanded way, yeah, you're going to have some people who are going to react. i'm not defending it, i'm just saying, that is not the same as trying to get your way on something that is decided democratically and the way our founders set it up through the constitution. john: thank you, ann coulter! one area i think she's right is that the left acts like a mob when they get hysterical about climate change. a libertarian had the nerve to go to a protest and hold up a sign saying fossil fuels are good! >> excuse me. excuse me this is private property. this is mine. john: i've criticized global warming hysteria, robert kennedy jr. calls me a totey who lies. >> i think they should be in jail. i think they should be. john: i think it's the alarmists like kennedy who are part of the ignorant mob.
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but tyson slocumb, director of public citizens energy program says i'm clueless about this. >> i don't think you're clueless, i think we have a minority fringe. the science is settled. john: about what? climate changes, but anything we're going to do about it is going to make a difference? >> absolutely. john: that's not settled. >> absolutely. i mean co2 emissions are a huge variable in determining the earth's clate. and they're up 40% since the revolution. john:y're up, t it not settled that that's going to cause a big problem. >> the science is pretty clear that unless we do something about that concentration of greenhouse gas emissions, we're going to have problems of species extinction, of issues with drought, ocean acidification, reasonable people have a debate about what
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policy prescriptionstor a clean future and whether clean innovative technologies are in the structure. it is frustrating we continue to debate about climate change, that doesn't excuse irresponsible comments. we need all people to have a civil discourse. john: you agree sometimes the left gets mob like. >> all sides do. the left have fringes that throw stones and toss bombs, that is inappropriate in a civil society like ours, john. i want a debate how we can move our country forward, create jobs and have a cleaner and better climate. john: you can't create jobs if you have subsidies that take money from poor people to give them to your cronies in the windmill business. >> we've had huge price drops in rooftop solar. if the prices are so low, get rid of the subsidies. i think solar can compete with subsidies. john: let it compete. >> the problem is you have utilities whose business it is
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to sell you and i electrons, if i'm producing my own electricity from rooftop solar, i'm no longer buying the electrons. john: too bad for them. they can't stop. >> you they can. in 20 states we're seeing laws to stop net metering. it says if i take the financial risk to install rooftop solar, should i be allowed to sell excess electriityack into the grid. the utility h to buy excess power. it's about fairness. john: forced to buy it, you call that fair? >> i'm forced to buy what the utility is selling. why can't i compete with it. john: put your panels up and go off the grid and support yourself. >> you can. but there's a lot of folks living in cities that are dealing with the local regulations set down by the state and the local utility is influential. john: let's go back to saying i'm part of the fringe. >> i wouldn't call you fringe, john. john: i am one who says you
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people are out to lunch totally, and to say this is a big problem compared to isis and the real problems we have, is just childish and the idea that what we're doing now, if all of us buy electric cars that that would make any difference when china won't and india won't, is just silly. >> i don't think it's silly. i agree that the united states cannot solve this unilaterally, but we do live in a global community, john, and it's important we're taking modest first steps. john: you say this is urgent, we face irreversible damage. put up the chart of the predictions versus what's happened so far. because the ipcc's climate models have all been wrong. temperature is supposed to go up. hasn't. >> well, what's happened is the growth rate has moderated. these models have had some issues of accurate predictions, but this isn't a death nell for u.s. industry, i think it's a massive opportunity.
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john: i think they're a mob, thank you, tyson. if you can join this argument, follow me on twitter, f stossel, use hashtag mob rule, or "like" the facebook pag so you can post on my wall. coming up, the mob against the koch brothers. a rape culture mob. the buy america mob. next, when there were riots in ferguson, who was the mob? the protesters or the police? i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new
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. john: convict and send those killer cops to jail. most protesters were angry because police killed both of these men. watching the protests many americans call these people the mob. some people call the police the mob. >> there's 12 of you, 12 of you on him. there are 12 people on one person. john: the police sometimes do overreact. in ferguson, they showed up with all kinds of heavy equipment. some pointed their guns at peaceful protesters. so who's the mob? the protesters are, says former police detective harry houk.
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no, the police are says mickey conc, a former democratic congressional candidate. the police are there because we want safety. how are they the mob. >> sure. john: occasionally there's an issue, but it's rare, right? >> it's not as rare as we think and definitely not as rare in communities where communities of color, underprivileged communities where there is a lot of injustice, there is racial prejudice. john: there is prejudice, there are some bad cops, ty have enormous power. a few do bad things. your side is blocking traffic. that is innocent people, this is mobs. >> this is a serious issue, and people haven't been paying attention for generations. >> everybody has a right to protest. there are certain rules and regulations you have to follow to protest. there are thousands and thousands of people going home from work, they spend a hard day, tough enough driving in new york or wherever you are from, to have to deal with that
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kind of thing, and you're actually making more enemies than you are friends. john: what about the abuse of police? it changes you to put on a police uniform. i did it for stories, and people react to you in a different way, you feel powerful. >> you get over that. john: hundreds of thousands of police officers in the country, some will be jerks and bullies. >> exactly. the numbers like 10% of any profession out there. john: that's a lot. >> that may be a lot, but to put a blanket over the police department and say they are inherently racist, especially white police officers. >> nobody is saying that that all the police officers are doing that. john: what do you say about this? watch the woman in the dark shirt on the left side of the screen. >> an officer in a white shirt appears to punch her in the face without warning. john: this was in philadelphia, and the police officer was fired, but then he used the
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police union appeal process to challenge that. he testified that the woman refused his order to drop a bottle of bee she was holding. he claimed he was trying to swap the beer bottle out of her hand when her foot went fruit under her when she slipped on a can. sounds dubious to me, arbitration board reinstated him. cops rarely get fired. >> it's the way our system works. i'm sorry. if he convinced people he should be back on the job. >> happening in oakland, philadelphia, happening in maryland, all over the country. john: a lot of video out. >> there are instances where there was a woman using a video and because of the unions have so much money and able to sxooel can pay for the lawyers, they said that the woman was wiretapping so they couldn't use the video. john: so the union is the mob. >> yep. i think that all unions need to have accountability, and it is
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our system. >> not only can the police use the system, they have their rights just like somebody else has rights to use a system. >> when you're hurting another human being. you know, people trust their police, they trust their police and have awesome amount of power. when that trust starts to be violated, you're going to have a community issue there. john: what about the trust on your side, the occupy wall street protesters were provoking the police, spitting on them, throwing things at them? >> that was also at a time when police were pepper spraying them, beating them. john: that came second. the protesters started it. >> it's a result of what they did. >> just as you can't blanket all officers, you can't blanke protesters. i was a protester. john: fair enough. my adventure with the anti-free speech mob. >> get off the campus. we don't want you here.
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. >> rape culture is a huge problem on college campuses. >> a rape culture we need to deal with. >> sexual assaults are epidemic levels across the country. john: there's a rape culture, i hear that a lot. the author of who stole feminism, the group says a group of zealots speaks for all women. since the rape culture charge is hysteria from a mob of bullies, that is author christina hoffsomers, explain. >> it's not an epidemic, the idea of rape culture means everything in society is reinforcing it and making it seem though it's a legitimate thing to do. of course that's not true. >> the best recent example of the media mob feeding hysteria is the rolling stone article, men routinely assault women, the article got lots of
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attention but what? >> it was an absurd story. the rolling stone author, not that she made it up, she believed a young woman telling a tale, a hoax. john: she wanted to believe. >> the hysteria around campus assault, the false information, the misinformation has been building for so long that we've reached a point where people are willing to believe anything. and that story was so implausible from the beginning. any sensible person would have to doubt the wait story was told. and she didn't even get genuine cooperation, she didn't check her facts but for several days people in the media believed it and publicized it and anguished over it. john: and it spread, and last year the president added to the hysteriabout a supposed culture of rape on campus. >> it is estimated that one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted during their time there.
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one in five. john: one in five? we hear that a lot, how believable can it be? at the allegedly horrible university of virginia in 2012, .46 sexual offenses were reported per thousand students. the next year after publicity about alleged rape, the number rose to 1.2. it would have to be 200 per thousand students to make the 1 in 5 from the president true. that'sa because most sexual assault is reported, that's plausible. >> the bureau of justice statistics has done meticulous crime surveys and the figure is closer to one in 50, not one in four or one in five. you can get what appears to be an epidemic, if you ask a nonrepresentative sample of people vagary worded questions. john: they are vaguely worded, you have been brushed up against? >> the cdc called it sexual
9:29 pm
violence, if you said yes, has anyone pressured you to have sex by telling you tales and making you feel guilty. that counted as violence. john: really? the cdc? >> the cdc. i still don't understand how this passed a serious research, yet people believe it. it's almost as though when students are out of college, they're divided between potentl survivors and potential rapists. john: i once got a taste of t progressive student mob when i tried do a "20/20" story on the new definition of rape. rape went clear physical force, i don't argue that's the best definition. today, young men are called rapists if they have sex with a woman who says i was drinking, i didn't mean to give consent. that happened at brown university and a freshman boy was driven out of school because of the accusation, i went to brown to just ask students about it. >> get off campus. we don't want you here.
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>> i'm just trying to educate myself and people with me. john: i did a politically incorrect thing. to spark debate i questioned the activists broad definition of sexual misconduct. >> inappropriate behavior. we can't hear you with the people yelling. john: when some did want to speak, the demonstrators righteously shouted them down. can i ask you why you are screaming? >> kept screaming so i couldn't interview people, eventually they ripped out my microphone chord. so this is a mob that doesn't even want to discuss the truth. >> no, and history is one long example of the dangers of combining misinformation with moral fervor. and young women are bearing this label they are survivors when what happened to them, almost anyone with an ounce of common sense would describe it as something else. panics don't shed light, they
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create confusion, and they cover up serious cases of abuse. john: thank you, christina. coming up, buying american. most of you, perhaps, most americans think it's a good thing, but it's not. but you better not say that to the mob. >> you should go away, i think you should go away. [ sirens ] .
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