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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  March 12, 2017 1:00am-1:31am EST

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savings time. >> change your clocks tonight, see you back here tomorrow. >> 230,000 new jobs created during donald trump's forced 4 months in office and that was better than expected, some say repealing replacing obamacare can make those job numbers better than ever. this is boules and bears. the trump administration ready to the campaign trail and a major healthcare push, and if they get the bill they want it will push jobs way up. here this week the boules and bears, gary smith, john layfield
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and chuck roach, thanks, the gop healthcare bill>> we have seen t of obamacare on the economy and jobs is downplayed under the administration. there was little gdp growth and that was tied directly to obamacare. we are seeing small businesses talk about how they are excited about regulation and taxes and mandates such as 150 employees come you have to provide health insurance to your employees, they weren't hiring so don't want to go over certain thresholds laid out in the obamacare legislation so they are positive about it. small business owners say this is one of the biggest wet blankets on the economy and they look forward to it being gone. arthel: the employer mandate encouraged companies to not hire full-time workers, it encouraged companies to hire part-time workers to avoid that 50 employee threshold.
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>> by that logic there would be no more coverage by employers at all. anytime an employer by self-insurance you slow down hiring, that is already -- that said some of these changes will improve the job market because there are pieces of it that make it difficult to hire workers and it seems the government gets the difference in money in taxes which in some way will keep the jobs in healthcare and i don't want to underestimate, this plan created a lot of jobs, gave millions of people insurance -- that is why premiums are going up so it will keep that piece of the equation you take away the part that employers have to deal which which is negative the job so it could be a bigger boom than before. arthel: will create jobs because it surely will lift the burden many businesses, small and large have felt. 's >> to some degree. when you talk about regulations and taxes that have stymied this economy, obamacare -- i don't
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think this is a fix because you are not doing anything to fix the real problem. you are arguing about who pays. the problem is with healthcare obamacare never addressed healthcare. all you did was argue who pays. 70 million people under medicaid right now, now you are shifting the medicaid burden back to the states, the states are not going to be able to handle that burden. why is taking an aspirin tablet in a hospital $8 or $10, a fix for healthcare. this is not a fix for healthcare. it is all about arguing who pays which has nothing to fix the problem. arthel: in terms of jobs the gop plan out of the house does cut taxes in many ways, gets rid of this additional investment income tax for wealthier americans, the additional income tax for wealthier americans, that will give them more money
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to spend. 's >> in theory. look at the flip side. what john hit on is this fix is more of a health insurance fix versus healthcare but let's look at it from a jobs perspective. why did obamacare, i disagree with jonas, not help the jobs market at all? because it was a burden on us all. now you get rid of the individual mandate come you have tax credit but where does that money come from? it still comes from us but the bigger part of why it was such a drag and is still a drag obamacare versus whatever we're calling it, trumpcare, you still have the government heavily involved with 16 of the economy. when you put that monkeywrench of the government inside the flywheels of the health insurance industry making them still in sure people, children under the age of 26, making sure people with existing illnesses are covered, making sure they still have all that cadillac stuff, you are making a major
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efficiency charge against the health insurance industry. i don't see how you can stick that broomstick candle into the health insurance industry and hope to see jobs rise. when you affect 1/6 of the economy and just by moving money around as john implied you might actually hurt jobs, you are not going to help jobs. arthel: this gop plan does lift a major burden off of smaller businesses and you being a small business owner should understand that. >> it will help a lot of people get jobs, you need to get two or three more jobs to afford the healthcare now. a small businessman like me, exactly right. it is just shifting the burden, will help the economy grow, we are helping poor people a lot and folks like me, my healthcare went up my healthcare is
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probably going to go down and poor people at healthcare goes up. they will need to get an extra job to pay for healthcare. arthel: poor people get medicaid and i point to one of the taxes that will go away, the medical device tax, in three years, destroyed about 29,000 jobs out of the commerce the payment, 7% of all medical technology jobs in the country. >> not just 20,000s of destroyed now that is an industry that needed to look at the future with engineering jobs, students going into engineering to go to the medical device industry and what are the consequences of that, because of this tax that was put through obamacare. it may not be a direct jobs bill in the sense that it might not create growth right away but when you look at the other implications this will have if this can get hot limited healthcare costs down and it
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premiums down people will go into the country, spend more money on tourism, more money on every day spending, that spurs more growth and businesses to hire more people because the economy as a whole is growing. get the economy growing, repeal and replace obamacare and that will create more jobs. arthel: i do you to disagree with her. 's >> that is the more as president obama got in. he first that with healthcare and a 100% partisan fashion and republicans worked on him the last 7 years, the trump administration looks like they might be falling into the same trap. fix the economy. if you fix the economy with tax reform, regulatory reform, you can do that at any point because you have the political capital because you fixed the economy first. getting trapped in this
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healthcare mess just the same president obama got trapped in in 2008. arthel: if you look at the bill it alleviates so much taxing pressure on small business or at least regulatory pressure because it rolls back all these taxes or at least kicked them down the road like the cadillac tax, that get kicked to 2025. >> obamacare was not perfect, this is not perfect, to do something that does create jobs and doesn't stop with jobs or stop small business people like me but you are talking about something almost impossible behind me, two, and since people coming together, nobody has common sense, that is a problem to begin with. dell mac they do listen, president trump to small business owners and time and time again they say the biggest concern is healthcare, the biggest burden is healthcare, this bill alleviates that. >> the single-payer doesn't have
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to pay for any of it but it is great to get rid of these taxes, capital gains, at the end of the day when you are taking on something like this, that cost is going someplace. it hasn't been figured out yet but some premiums are going up because it is not economic to ensure people who are already sick and that part is staying so selling stock is going to get lowest tax but someone else is picking up the healthcare tab. arthel: dedicated dagen: what have you got? >> the healthcare battleground, the greater risk it dragged on stocks. investors are betting on that. plus this robot may be proving the president's first pick for labor secretary at the bottom of
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stage. dagen: resident trump pushing the infrastructure plan. he wants states to guarantee they will streamline projects to rebuild the roads and bridges, something supporters say will build up the economy. you are worried about building up the debt >> it - are president obama. and this led to the debt which us grant opened the railroad to
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the west. when airports build around the country looking at commerce, we are not talking about opening commerce like before but infrastructure building. we talk about 60 dilapidated system. and this is going to be stuck from the federal deficit which has got to get under control at some point. dagen: the idea is it is a public-private partnership that would be trillion dollars in us borrowing. a lot of the money would come from the private sector, companies moving their money back onto us shores. >> does anyone remember president obama's stimulus package to infrastructure, the white house is saying we need to fast-track this bill, there are a number of dilapidated
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highways, freeways and bridges that need to be fixed but you can't fast-track it through, we have to make sure there are a bunch of political paybacks in the bill like there were under the to me was package and the bridges never got fixed. we have to make sure the bill is going to go. arthel: dagen: one of the criteria laid out by the trump white house is there has to be a 90 day start time if the states get any of this money you got to break down quickly on these projects if you expect federal money. >> i'm sure most of them will be shovel ready like they were under obama, ready to go. john and katie hit a lot of good points. the problem with these infrastructure things is states wants to tackle the big project. know what is going to be fixing the underside of the tappan zee bridge. they want to put a new big bridge to nowhere so it trillion dollars will get wasted like it was under the stimulus plan
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under obama unless john is right, unless you have a supergas tax where does the show you come from? you mention the private partnership. it worked in the dc area, rebuilding parts of 95 and i-95, the problem is most of the project we need, fixing the bridges, replacing asphalt, the way a public-private partnership can make money, and putting in a new tollway mixed that wasted. i see this as another boondoggle. i rooted for donald trump and president obama but this is the same rabbit hole we just went down. dagen: liberals and democrats like yourself love some infrastructure spending. the change makes my mouth water just about it. think where we are with $1 trillion, estimates today,
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enough damage for $4.6 trillion, if you want to see it explode, say that number twice. what you need, i as a small businessman, you talked about this, i am paying too much taxes, paying enough taxes but never drove my truck down the road without water all over the place because it is full of potholes. we don't want anymore total -- a political consultant, let's go right along. don't give more corporate welfare to somebody but fixing roads. dagen: slowly chipping away at you. slowly becoming a republican. tell your liberal friends you drive a truck. dagen: he doesn't want to pay or in taxes or infrastructure spending. is this bad for the debt? >> not paid enough for a $4
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trillion infrastructure bill. we never had a better president to oversee a large infrastructure project. we feel we should do it. it will pay for itself. it is going to have to have to offset these costs. don't have situation today like reagan had the advantage of expanding it so it has to be partially paid for. dagen: thanks, everybo. eric, what have you got coming up? >> the government using your tv and phones to spy on you. how creepy is that, and being accused of not being supportive of working moms. we will see you at 11:30. dagen: we will be watching. he has been called a great negotiator, democrats calling on
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>> we presented a proposal to the president which would allow the federal government to negotiate drug prices, more and more people say they cannot afford the price of their prescription drugs and i must
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tell you the president was enthusiastic about a proposal. dagen: resident trump and democrats found polygram, the president tweeting i'm working on a new stem where there will be competition in the drug industry pricing for the american people will come way down. will it work? >> we are talking about opening up the industry for competition, getting rid of crony capitalism and big pharma being in bed with the government, find, the government has no business negotiating drug prices. the whole reason we had the epipen schedule with the price going up with a direct result of obamacare, people can't afford prescription drugs because their insurance doesn't kick in until they pay their $6000 premium or whatever. the federal government has no business directing, negotiating drug prices.
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>> the government can negotiate. it is a trade-off of what they want. let's take example denmark which pays a third of the prices for prescription drugs. what happens if we adopt that model with the buying power of medicare which we could do. the flipside is r&d to these companies would drop by 30% is where do we think the new drug come? not just from the us but the world rides on our pharmaceutical shoulders. you cut back on the r&d, you can pay less prices for the drugs but less new drugs coming it. >> you can lower prices, but you have less drug development. you want more drugs don't negotiate the price, less availability than you can negotiate. dagen: they will negotiate on past medicare. >> when i go to buy dog food i buy a big box to get it for cheaper money. we see the same with drugs.
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dagen: final word to john. >> i agree the government can negotiate these like they do with medicaid and medicare. you have no competition in the pharmaceutical industry is so good, keeping generics off the market, that is where competition comes in. dagen: 4000 generics pending approval, thanks, everybody, special thanks to katie and chuck. as we get ready to spring forward this weekend a new study forward this weekend a new study says half of all workers
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>> stock is up 20% in a year. >> people have trouble sleeping worrying about their jobs. i recommend an old standby, up 20% a year. dagen: you need something to calm you down. thanks, everybody. charles payne now. >> this is a positive solution that puts patients and families and doctors in charge of healthcare. >> we are divided on replacement. a year ago we voted unanimously to repeal the whole thing. i think that is all that will pass. on replacement we are very divided. charles:can the white house convince healthcare holdouts to get on board? the administration makes a new weekend pitch. is the time for republicans to put this back on the bed with tax reform? i'm charles


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