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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 13, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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they stick to anti-doping policy of golf etiquette. i don't think they specify that one. >> most guys i know if they were there they say i've been. right to our toronto. dagen: on trade tragedy there, girls. let's kick off the great together. i maria bartiromo and is monday march 13th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. health care in focus because they released the cost and coverage estimates of the republican health care plan. despite opposition, administration and gop leadership stand behind this bill. >> nobody will be worse off financially in the process understanding the choices they can select coverage they want for themselves and family. not that government forces them to die.
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>> our job to have a system with universal access to affordable coverage. that's what we are according to be accomplishing. maria: the latest from the battle of health care reform coming up this morning. headed towards the northeast right now the midwest kings claim today. the highest snowfall totals of the year expected. we would take you ready for a snowy couple of days. one california town is looking to become a sanctuary city. the outreach coming out. ambushed at an apple store. sean spicer confronted while shopping. now his response is going viral. things rising to an all-time high. more than $500 a year just on caesar and your banking account. future searching for direction today. very much fractional weighting for a lot of things this week.
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federal reserve decision later this week. central bank kicking off a two-day meeting tomorrow when they appeared widely expected to raise interest rates. an announcement tuesday -- wednesday 2:00 p.m. eastern. take a look at markets across the yours. fractionally with a .10% gain. gains across the board to report appeared the hang seng in hong kong are better than 1%. joining me to talk about it, real clear politics political reporter with us this morning. i was a wall street week on-site and former cia officer and radio talkshow host doug sexton is here. good morning. good to see you. welcome back. health care legislation abg 20 kicks off on friday. federal reserve meeting tuesday and wednesday in travel ban takes effect on thursday. >> this is a really big week.
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i'm so interested in health care now president is working behind and over the weekend that constituents coming back this week will be key to watch. >> will speak to a freedom congress member ron desantis. the federal reserve raising magistrates. >> i'm focused on the fed. i'm focused on the bond market. what will happen to longer term bonds because there is a real concern something they are not saying. long-term rates may come down later this week. we know each other for a long time. the bond market is always smarter than the stock market. trade to go into a federal reserve interest rate. stay with us. coming up to join the conversation, u.s. ambassador to
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the u.n., john bolton with us. senior judicial into the list judge andrew napolitano is with us. skye bridge capital founder anthony scaramucci makes a return this morning. richard [-left-bracket is in charge of an important commission on allocating where the infrastructure money goes. congressman darrell iso with us is all. we take it off right now with a congressional budget office to report its evaluation of the gop replacement plan for a public air later today. cbo to look at the numbers of enrollees, with the total price will be. gary cohen, health and human services secretary and speaker paul wright with house majority whip steve scully is yesterday and it shows. >> we offer coverage to everyone. if you're your medicaid today
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just to medicaid. if you're covered under an employer-sponsored plan, you'll continue to be covered under an employer-sponsored plan. >> there will be off worse understanding their choices they can select coverage that they want. >> it's not her job to make people do something they don't want to do. it's a job to universal lack says. this bill does repeal and replace obama cared in the way with a played out over the years. they will keep moving forward and get it done. >> trade to does the cbo score impact passing legislation? once a year for the cbo in terms of the costs, we will also hear the obamacare legislation cost a trillion dollars worth of the cbo expected. >> not to put the question, i would do for her because the cbo
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and the narrative is dirty out there that this step is nonsense. but make a difference? >> the white house was trying to say they would push away those numbers, trying to set up for what we expect this week. several different factions within the republican conference right now who don't want to support this bill. see a scenario in which they point to numbers and say look, we don't want to raise cost of nothing. those selected to support it will look the cbo numbers a project team high. also moderates aren't exactly keen on this bill who might point to the number of uninsured who might come out after this last. people use sick, twisted, whatever whatever way they want to do it. >> the primary objections come from the structural issues in the bill, obamacare to point out, trump care. obamacare light as well has to
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do with the way people are going to be buying insurance on the aspects of the bill can be taken away because it has to go to reconciliation as opposed to the 60 votes they need to get the structural aspects taken care of. a lot of people think republicans have lost their nerve. the cbo score may be useful to have problems with it that the overall structure put forward so far is that the real objection, not just the cost. maria: ron desantis is from the freedom caucus which is putting a pushback on this. let's talk about that for a second. still a cadillac text of this bill is one issue people are upset about. the other issue is to still have a medicaid expansion even if it is rolled back a little. >> go to renovate or change it in 2020. medicaid reform aspect is that what we see in the past based on the individual. states would not keep raising
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the cost of medicaid, but the sunset provision is something people look at and they will start kicking the can down the road already. they will have to address some of the other, for one, you can buy insurance across state lines say this is supposed to be the holy grail. the rest of the market will fall into place. right now they still rely to be fine. if you did health care through your employer, you'll be fine. the people pushing real reform from the conservative side are saying and you have to make the individual in control of this decision of their choices. maria: yes, exactly. some republicans preemptively send me their report on the gop health care plan already. listen to what house majority whip steve scully said about the particular point yesterday. >> we have no choice but to me
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to play better for all americans out there. we would have scored x-ray. cbo will do what they need to do. in the past the cbo score has been meaningless. many more people being ensured that i've actually been insured. >> the ceo of -- cbo you have to go with their numbers. it's important to look historically. they then offered health care estimation a lot over the years. maria: dairy ago. obamacare costs a trillion dollars more than cbo predicted. >> this is a winner for the white house the past week your info because there it is. ironically pointed to the cbo score to not support legislation before. it becomes politically these things in certain ways but they do anticipate these things cost more than their projected two. the idea is to bring down costs about the concern.
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the main concern is the actual policy in the year that extend the programs. >> if they can't get this done, tax reform -- >> wall street will be watching how this plays out. the precursor to tax reform -- as far as kerry is concerned, gary has been on wall street are 35, 40 years. but putting that out there, it is saying they is saying a look at these numbers. this is about the same. maria: will see what the cbo says. the northeast freezing for a possible blizzard while the midwest is getting planned already. the forecast coming up next. white house press secretary sean spicer berated by a woman while he was out shopping at an apple store. we've got the video for you back in a moment.
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the northeast bracing for a blizzard. adam has the latest right now. >> it is the biggest system we are tracking here. just updated through the overnight hours. everything and the pink shaded areas it's a winter storm warning. is a blizzard warning.
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taking in on that every thing from connecticut stretching down to portions of new jersey were talking about near white out conditions. let's time this out for you. currently some snow across the midwest. there is a time snap. and then eventually through the overnight hours can buy need with the system lifting to the south. and this is an area we are really targeting. this will be early tomorrow morning. they are beginning to see the early bits of that snow moving in. and then it just continues to pound the coast throughout the early morning hours tomorrow into the early afternoon hours and as when the real heavy snow will be moving through as well as the wind. 18 inches to 2 feet of snow
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when it be surprised with any areas getting up more than that. is not just the snow it's the wind. these represent 70 mile-per-hour winds. it is meant to be a real big one. we will be here tracking it throughout the entire morning. >> we will be watching that. new security footage is now raising questions about what really happened on the date that michael brown wasatal shot in ferguson. cheryl casone with the details. >> the video released as a part of a documentary called stranger fruit. he are about 1:00 a.m. he was trading marijuana for cigarette was and had to employ hold onto them until later. the convenience store is
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disputing this. they suggest that michael brown didn't rob the store that video does not shed light on the fatal encounter between brown and officer darren wilson. >> out to california this morning. once it is deciding whether to declareç the city as a sanctuary city. it would bar local attorneys from cooperating with federal agents to enforce immigration laws. the council is set to vote on the measure tonight present trump has threatened to cut federal funding for century cities. and finally, this is over devon sending podcast and text messages to its drivers and persuading them to remain as partners. the unions and threaten that threaten the freedom of its drivers to work as much or as
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little as a wish while advocates for the teamsters say that union membership would result in more consistent wages and working conditions. i would also help prevent it were from providing sudden fear changes. another union fight to tell you about this morning. c1 it is interesting about what's going on in terms of unions. >> there has been a lot of negative publicity but as a user of uber it's fantastic. >> people already see the cars that can self drive and what they would be using. i don't think they want to encourage uber to get to driverless vehicles. is a really good point. it's like the burger flipping machine. by the way it's fine.
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c1 we have haven't dealt work in a talk about and the next block and that's intel acquiring mobile eye. but you say this is it. >> when i saw the headlines i said it kinda gives me shades of things and the late '90s when intel was becoming highly inquisitive we will talk about that more and the show. there is a lot of signs out there. i am concerned about a number of things. if you saw over the weekend insider selling in january was the highest on record going back 20 years. will talk about them coming up. investors are looking at the federal reserve. a rate increase is expected on wednesday. banks are bumping up fees were getting into markets after this short break. ç
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maria: welcome back. we have with a big deal to "b)eport. an israeli newspaper is reporting that they will acquire mobile eye. the stock is up almost 30% this morning we wanted to bring this to you right away. already tweeting about this. good to see. we've a lot to talk about today. we have a fed meeting this week. and now the teller deal what is your thoughts. i think it's 30% man. they want to pay 15 billion
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which is nice. i think we are going to see much bigger deals as the year goes forward i think they're gonna try to put more and more money to work. and actually do some deals. i think they are as we saw over the weekend starting to come back. it will be seen as a vote of confidence in this market. do they sell off as they typically would. the market anticipated at the hike so far have a ahead of time it's really price into the market. every administration does is. he should be thinking about other people say is the trump
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enthusiasm for term enthusiasm for the economy that's pushing us. i think the trump rate that is really 9.4% i think that is a rate he is concentrating on. it is the people who are working but they're not working up to their full potential and there's people that want better work. it was kind of goldilocks. the hourly earnings were .2. also for the fed because it's not too hot and not too cold. so they have a nice pitch. donald trump has been focused on jobs he has been calling up companies for factories overseas see had to attribute some of this change in town to the trump administration.
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>> is this attributable to obama's policies. the jobs number cannot be attributed. >> you cannot attribute anything in january february even march because anybody who is involved with human resources hiring nose there is a lead time. the actual hiring that would kick in and the second quarter.ç >> john, you mentioned about mna and obviously the animal spirit you know that typically at the end of an equity cycle is when it picks up. so you think this is a bullish thing or a bearish thing. i think there is a tsunami of liquidity that has yet to be put to work. they said if they reduce regulations by just a little bit that's a hundred billion dollars more. the equifax and in credit agencies are taking bad credit
6:26 am
marks scores of a people's credit to allow th to borrow more. it's riht on the bottom of the paper right now. those are huge moves that are going to increase the amount of capital and the system. if $3 trillion on the balance sheet. that money has to move off and it's going to move off slowly but it's kind of like a slow boil. you see the huge bed under this market. and that come up with, with tax reform in 2017. don't forget compared to bonds and credit. stocks are still very cheap. they are trading below 17 times earnings and well below 17 times. it's still higher than the 10. how long does this optimism last.
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how much is is dependent upon congress passing legislation on tax reform. we went from overregulation now we know that there's a can i can be any new regulation. now we still have that to roll back. so once deregulation happens to be an even better situation. under a republican sweep when the market goes up it's usually a good year. i more on the bullish side obviously. i think march will be a slow month. as we get into april, may and june we will start to see that. we've come a very long way when we return -- refer to stocks under hundred 70 stocks being cheap. eight years ago something like
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the s&p 17 is something that people were wishing for. and then there's trade. i have exclusive with wilbur ross the commerce secretary he is looking to redo nafta and looking to get to work on that and the next 90 days. watch this. >> our eye activity is to try to deal with the anomalies that exist and update it. this is a old agreement.ç you didn't have much of a digital economy when it was starting out. you he did not have a lot of service industry activity that we have now and it's so important to our country. at worst it is outdated. >> does every do become a disruption or do you think at the end of the day that markets like this. i think the market is more concerned about the border attack adjustment.
6:29 am
just because there simply unintended congress -- conflicts that can be unleashed. the trump administration has not decided on a border tax yet. >> i think we are seeing a softening and tone to try to write that. i think goldman sachs has upgraded them last night. we saw the ppi in asia is doing quite well. i think they're getting better there. china, i'm sorry mexico and canada they have a little bit of a relationship going right now. he needs mexico i think his idea is it's not manufacturing that's good to make america great again its energy exporting that will make america great again.
6:30 am
a lot of jobs that are manufactured could go into pipelines and those types of things. we like the new opec. great to see. relations with russia. new details. meeting with the russian ambassador. that's coming up. an unexpected visitor scene. the wild encounter coming up back in a moment. because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people. (applause, cheering) new york state is filled with bright minds like victoria's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow,
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yeah. introducing essential portfolios the automated investing solution. tree into good monday morning. thanks for joining us. maria bartiromo appeared monday, march 13th. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. rising tensions between the u.s. and russia. russian representatives met with both trump and clinton campaign ahead of the elections last year. the president's wiretapping allegations. >> the reason the intelligence committees are the ones that can do this is the last thing we want to do is compromise the sources and methods of intelligence gathering so we get to the bottom of all of this. >> coalition of the of the relationship with the russians who communicated and underwent circumstances clearly cries out for investigation.
6:34 am
i would also point out we shoula through investigation. train to the latest developments coming up this morning. when turnout leading up to the possible glitter towards severities right now. the midwest getting slammed today. highest snowfall totals of the year expect it. all the forecasts in info as you get ready to face off against the snow. dangerous moments in florida. saved after a cruise ship comes within feet of them. details coming up. white house press secretary sean spicer confronted while shopping at an apple store. his response is viral this morning. customers now pay more than $500 a year just on fees. markets this morning. take a look. future search for direction unchanged of the downtown fractionally on the s&p and nasdaq.
6:35 am
goldman sachs upgraded on china. investors made a decision this week. widely expected to raise interest rates after a two-day meeting tuesday with dave. in europe, stocks hovering at a flat line. you will see games across the board for fractional pft 100 up a quarter of a percent. gains across the board of the best performer was hong kong. china on three quarters of 1%. the boost hitting the slopes. o'reilly countered colorado has some loose runs wild on the ski slopes. first u.s.-russia relations. a kremlin spokesman said the russian ambassador who met with president tribes campaign officials held meetings but that campaign advisers. growing concerns that the president of party. >> there's a lot of aspects of the whole relationship with russia vladimir putin that
6:36 am
requires further scrutiny and so far i don't think the american people of god all the answers. there's a lot more shoes to drop from the centipede. maria: turned us this morning is the american enterprise institute ambassador john bolton. good to see you. clinton campaign spoke with the russian ambassador. is this a double standard for president trump? >> what a shocker for foreign ambassadors talk to american politicians feared both parties for major programs for the greatest video passengers who want to come to their respect to convention spirit in ambassador with half a brain is trying to find out from the various campaign with a new administration might look like. to the extent there were lots of conversation about what policies the ap with the trump campaign, clinton campaign, that should tell foreign capitals around the
6:37 am
world you can't you from your ambassador. trade to the amount of time spent on the subject when there is absolutely no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russian government. how come it's gotten such life based on nothing? >> and media are fueling it. i agree with senator mccain. there ought to be a full investigation. i don't have any doubt the russians were trying to interfere in the process to cast doubt the integrity of institutions. let's investigated it out there. in terms of any hard evidence released publicly right now, they're simply know that the trump campaign was glued in with the russians. if there is evidence come to the american people ought to hear it. maria: here is buck sexton. >> i agree that even if there is the most thorough investigation
6:38 am
of actionable, others looking into this come it's never going to go away. conspiracies have a grain of truth, some evidence they are initially filled with. this is politically driven. do you think there's a process that congress could be a part of short of a special prosecutor that will get people to say there's not a russia trump conspiracy meant to throw the election and now there is the vegetarian kennedy for the kremlin. >> will cover some people are crazy and you'll never persuade them otherwise. people would be hard-pressed to say both chairman byrne and chairman dudas in the house of their respective intelligence committees are going to conduct a full and fair investigation. they work with democrats on the committee. maria: tomorrow president trump
6:39 am
is going to be meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. most leaders to verging on key issues like trade covered the sense like trade, defense spending, immigration and refugees. what do you expect america white house? >> it's obviously a tough extent that on a number of items. merkel and obama disagreed hard critical issue involving trade as a whole range of things. i think trump will prosper very hard in terms of germany's inadequate defense budget and he should. i'm sure they will disagree on the refugee question and we'll see what happens. merkel faces a tough election next year. this may finally be the moment when she is defeated. i'm not sure that will be good for the united states. traded to the travel ban goes into effect this thursday. already at u.s. airports according to the global travel
6:40 am
analysis, total net bookings for international travel are down 4% since president trump proposed the review. any expectations taking effect this thursday, ambassador? >> you will be challenged in court but it's much better traffic. reports of traveling to the united states coming down hard over reaction on the part of many people. it will bounce up quickly. >> ambassador, i wonder how they could use the meeting to turn the page of the things we've seen over the past week terms of russia, in terms of investigation. >> the issue that should be the predominant issue is what is the future of nato. i don't mind saying i believe this for a long time, germany had sheltered under the american umbrella and has not paid its fair share of the nato defense
6:41 am
burden. germany agreed to spend 2% of its gross national product on defense. right now slightly over 1%. that's not fair to us or the other nato members. >> ambassador, want to ask you one thing. a number of stories about secretary of state state and his management style. what is to read 50 days into the administration on how he's doing at the state department. >> i think it's way too soon to tell. what you need is more nominations for the trump administration a subordinate position across the board in cabinet departments. the slowness of the confirmation of the cabinet secretary has impeded that. one of these phenomena is that it takes great umbrage when someone assumes there will be confirmed. cabinet secretaries can't make firm offers to people to come
6:42 am
and take this position or that position because some senator would get it sent him put a hold on the nomination. they can start making decision and the slowness is having an effect. train to be on the cabinet, so many positions are unfilled in the trump administration. you look at all the stuff they get done. it's pretty extraordinary how much work they be doing in the first 50 days without a full staff. >> a lot of it involves taking archer racer in getting rid of executive orders. president trump is proving president obama made several strategic errors try to do so much through executive action rather than legislative change. maria: good to see you. a close call for two jet skiers. a scary moment when a carnival cruise ship comes within feet of hitting those sheds skiers.
6:43 am
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>> welcome back. take a look at where we stand. america will open fractionally lower. anything can happen of course. watching the number of names. tesla for one. elon musk setting his sights on australia. offered to help the country using the battery technology. elon musk spoke with australian lawmakers about the issue. another move to influence corporate america. it's leading to blood pressure over climate change and boardroom diversity and how the issues could affect business. blackrock has used his position as the world's largest asset manager to affect change
6:47 am
recently as it relates to government. a dramatic rescue. to have been pulled from the water bullets before they were hit by a cruise ship. cheryl casone with the details. trinity deputies safely rescuing to weapon in the path of the 130,000-ton carnival cruise ship in florida. the video captured by passengers on the ship happened after the girls from spring break. they were dumped into the water in the jet ski they were on overturned. you see in the video the deputy pulled each woman out of the water before the cruise ship narrowly misses them. the deputy described as a hero this morning. if they'd been pulled under it could have been fatal for them. consumers can't do anything about soaring bank fees except pay them. the study says u.s. banks take in record revenues for atm fees. also cashing in on higher maintenance charges.
6:48 am
some pay an average of 666 books a year in bank fees. chase wells fargo found total overdraft revenue grew from 5.1 to 5.4 billion last year. 6% increase. check out the moose on the loose in breckenridge in colorado. the snowboarder had this wild encounter on the slopes. she still managed to shoot the video at the same time. luckily the moose was running sound about as were not chasing her. officials say nobody was hurt, but a good reminder we have to share on the mountains for everybody. i can't believe she was on her board and videotaping at the same time. maria: you're absolutely right. coming up, and this ambush at an apple store.
6:49 am
sean spicer getting berated by women while out shopping at an apple store. his response has now become viral. we will have it next. back in a couple minutes.
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6:52 am
maria: the republican bill promising to bring changes to health care and also made changes to spending habits. the congressman said last week people have to choose between an iphoto device and health care. colonials would build it to say on insurance policies until the age of 26. caleb ewing burns, republican strategist. gop author and wsj video reporter shall be holiday from "the wall street journal." good to see you. thank you for joining us.
6:53 am
what are you expecting as the millennial from this republican health care bill. >> i think congressman chaffetz had a good point. he possibly can save them the right way. we want to expand chorizo you can buy an iphone said of the ridiculous amount for premiums. they call them the young invincible is crushed under obama cared for premiums they don't necessarily need. half the population spent less than $200. the point was you'll have more money in your pockets or you can buy an iphone. >> that's the point. do you feel as the millennial discipline does that for you? >> lycée numbers go up and. not just premiums, but also deductibles. if young people can access a catastrophic plan, something
6:54 am
that covs broken arm, broken legs, i convinced. that what they need. they're not spending $11,000 here in cancer treatment. >> the incentives for air. young people are supposed to help make this work by joining these pools they didn't in the numbers they were supposed to. you weren't able to attract young people because a lot of young people think they don't really need it and maybe the bare minimum showcases. the big take away from obama cared less young people didn't feel like they had to buy into it. young people get it through their employer and are not concerned about the rest of it. >> glendale's footage of the health savings account our site because colonials are the most fiscally conservative since the great depression they understand
6:55 am
the value of saving be up for a car. >> they know instinctively. >> we came of age and understand what it's like to live hand to mouth and not have anything to fall back on. maria: let me ask you this, speaking of apple in a new iphone, sean space-bar is at an apple store over the weekend. it wasn't no-space for around the store of periscope into her and capture. >> you work for a fascist. have you feel about that destroyed our country, sean? do you feel good about the decision are making, lying to the american people? are you a criminal as well? maria: are you a criminal as well? >> she's not a front runner for the 2020 democratic nomination.
6:56 am
they think they are standing up for some sort of values and they are only hurting their own cause and coming off as completely crazy. maria: people of the right to go shopping without being accosted. >> she went online and later said i fear for my life. sean spicer said that a great country that allows you to be here. what a great country that allows you to ambush the press secretary in posted online. this is freedom of speech in its purest form. it's totally gone wild. you're accusing him of working for a fascist. over the line. >> young people do not show up in the numbers they needed to. now you see this activism from young people coming in question is where we do in november. democratic party talks about how they are the party of young people. they attract them on social
6:57 am
issues but not fiscal issues. they will have an uphill climb attracting young people and getting them involved in a political party is hard because they are not ideologues. they like different things to different parties. they have a lot of work to do. maria: we have more on this from you guys. stay with us. i want to get into the other issue which is robocalls with hillary clinton's voice that our voice calling people trying to get them to vote in the next election. thank you very much. that is the creed, caitlyn and shelby holly. the sun issuing a recall on 54,000 calls. the safety concerns next outside of this break. "mornings with maria" will be right back. stay with us. why pause a spontaneous moment?
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[dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [dad] really? [chancellor] adam baily. [chancellor] adam baily.
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maria: good monday morning here thanks for joining us. maria bartiromo. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a big day for the president. his first cabinet meeting. what's next for the administration? winter not letting up just yet. possible blizzard towards the northet d dwt plan today. some of the highest snowfall totals expected. i need to know about for the forecast. nissan recalling cars over an airbag problem. taking gasoline to a whole new level. drivers used in a less than a
7:01 am
dollar a gallon. what's behind the pricing coming. google is levi's tv now. this jacket will play the time. it does not come cheap. get ready for march madness. time to fill out your brackets and when he's had to give away in the middle of those brackets. features searching for direction this morning. fictional decline of the broader average. the set will make a decision on when day. central bank to raise interest rates. that's a decision most people expect. i can rates come when day. not expecting a major selloff but we see a hike. although the other side we've got some game to tell you about. although fractionally above the flat line and higher across the board.
7:02 am
we'll check markets along with a big week this week. federal reserve on day and of course health care. stories coming up this morning. real clear politics national political reporter is here. gary kaminsky is at best. radio talkshow host buck sexton as well. great to see everybody. thank you for joining us. the $15 million acquisition. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. barbara trent transition member anthony scaramucci returns to the side. richard lefrak is with us in california congressman darrell issa is at best. stay with us. we kicked the hour off as
7:03 am
president traveled in his first official cabinet meeting. according to fox news. congressman ron desantis, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: would want to get into the obamacare replacement and health care bill to the pushback for the freedom caucus. the head of the department of that culture labor secretary still not confirmed. the president has his first cabinet meeting
7:04 am
administration and they are far behind where new administrations have been. maria: i've been looking forward to talking with you about this and obamacare. 2000 positions are still vacant. that includes two people who actually withdrew. for crucial deputy secretary positions. treasury, defense attorney general celeb filled. the slow process to the democrats looking to stall.
7:05 am
panthers. there is a peak work product process as well. >> a lot of people were happy about vincent viola. let me switch gears to obamacare
7:06 am
and replacement of repeal. tell us what the freedom arounde
7:07 am
7:08 am
7:09 am
when that's not what we promised the american people we do. we said we would be more aggressive. how do you see the role analogous. >> the best we've done as president in a long time, maybe ever. he was a good final product. i don't think you slated to this particular bill. he is wedded to the idea we need to fill the promises he made. if you look in his presidencyhee
7:10 am
more choices, competition and their lower cost options available. >> capital markets want to go with a there's a lot of other movie parts of the tax i do those things have to get iredell. true to this brings up a broader point. while your caucus is pushing back on obamacare, you know better than most how high the
7:11 am
stakes are appeared all of the president's priorities. backed up. the stakes are high. how far are you willing to bashir, pushback on this replacement, a lot happens.
7:12 am
good for job creation and good for the budget as well because where people work and pay taxes. maria: you are not going to push so hard to destroy the bill. >> this is a let's get ts publishes kit ts on
7:13 am
a product that will actually do what they told the american people that would do. none of us said that he of us have every incentive in failing to this endeavor and we want the president to succeed. maria: ui changes in the bill so far appeared good to speak with you as always. so happy to have you today. coming up, to 4000 defense. what you should know about the recall before you get behind the wheel. how google is working with levi took the technology up your sleeve. back in and it -- and i meant it. i moved upstate because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people.
7:14 am
(applause, cheering) new york state is filled with bright minds like victoria's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin.
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7:16 am
adamsometime apologist for the weather the weather center. >> tomorrow through the overnight hours of watching closely. no wonder through the mid-atlantic stretching up to the northeast under a winter storm warning. everything you see in the paint. right into the red area is a blizzard warning which means they are whiteout conditions they look at at least know one way and getting up to 60, 70 miles an hour. this is part of the system.
7:17 am
stretching for portions of northern indiana and illinois further to the south. this will intensify coverage way will intensify coverage way that the system off the coast. here's to future forecasts antimissile for you. monday morning continuing to watch this across the country combining with the system off the coast spirit late tonight new york city is very a receiving lizard warning. we begin to see the snow in new york city after midnight continue to intensify through the mid-warning and over the day on tuesday. this is where we see the big snowfall start to see the snowfall start to see the deep blues up to 18 inches then there's another important thing. when moving up to the area tomorrow afternoon. 50 to 70 miles an hour talking about a blizzard. maria: that the thing. it feels that much colder.
7:18 am
>> we get a trip to becomes an issue for folks. maria: we will keep checking back with you, adam klotz, and the weather center this morning. the recall of 50,000 cars. cheryl, over to you. reporter: i recall of 54,000 nissan vehicles. companies says the recall affects the 2012 nissan versa to be specific. the problem is the mounted arab bags not only deploy, the dealers will fix cars free of charge and give you the number here. 86477261. no credit, no problem. good news if you don't love your credit score. sperry on a transfusion start removing small judgments for reports. the firms will make the change
7:19 am
in the data doesn't include a complete list of personal information, name, address and social security number. to help decide how much consumers can borrow, could a home loan. the move could pose a risk for lenders for banks. call island becoming king of the weekend box office. >> i'm sorry, but if you want to make the sacrifice worthwhile link to this homeless proof. monsters exist. reporter: kong taken the number one spot with an estimated 61 million over the weekend. the budget 125 million. loken brought in over the weekend. the horror film came in third with a little over 21 alien
7:20 am
dollars followed by the shot that brought in $10 million. that rounded out the top five. and finally this. jackets are getting as smart as your phone. google has teamed up with levi is make a fabric that connects to your smartphone. anyone worried this jacket could find direction and phone calls. later this year cost $350. >> everything you talk about can be recorded on that front as well. good to know. thank you, cheryl. what you can expect at the pump that a wendy's cashes in on march madness. how you can score the freebies coming up. back in a moment.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> crude fell 9% last week with u.s. stockpiles to record levels. joining us to talk for "the wall street journal." good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. a big scare last week with prices coming down as much as they did. >> for a month or two, relative calm in the oil market and now people are nervous. traders concerned there's too much production in the united states. we got out of a million barrels a day earlier this year, late last year. people expect we will hit
7:25 am
10 million a day by 2018. people worried about excess supply. trade to too much supply will pressure prices lower. and yet when the equities have started focused on oil it can have a riddle me that. >> the conservatives pockets of the economy and markets as well, high yield were susceptible to lower energy prices. a lot of low investment-grade producers have troubles, could go wonder where oil keeps dropping. i agree it helps the consumer and u.s. economy overall. we'll ramp up up production and export abroad. a lot of positives as well. speed that the correlation was not what it was two years ago in terms of oil stock market.
7:26 am
you have a good sense on this. someone was making a lot of money last week. was that hedge funds? speculators were -- where was the money being made. >> electric ctas and other hedge funds. they've got burned over the years. they didn't see the prices over a year ago. see wall street traders as such. they aren't there like they used to. still the big european trading houses. they are still out there. kudos to the traditional speculative player like you used to. maria: lines of cars wrapped around chevron and texaco stations yesterday where gas prices kept going until they hit 70 cents a barrel. pretty incredible. >> don't expect that any time here. in texas the key to this whole
7:27 am
thing is the production solar in the key is production costs have come down. being able to ramp up prices at $50 a barrel. don't expect them to pull back as much as opec wants in two. guys who aren't in texaco ceo of continental resources once a slowdown but is ramping up like everybody else. maria: we will leave it there. take so much. the clock is ticking for the justice department appeared when lawmakers don't think the aclu will make the deadline. president tribes wiretapping claims. march madness kicks off this week. while julia louise dr. s. is sharing. she's a basketball bob. coming up. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
7:28 am
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maria: welcome back. thank you for joining us. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. hyssop was provide evidence that this wiretapping allegations. senator tom cotton weighed in on the probe. through a deliver cable process of examining all the intelligence at issue here. the very latest development's
7:31 am
coming up. the device recharging. a new name on your pension. insurance companies could start picking up the tab. the details coming up. and jcpenney moving into your home. they are now looking into took -- take on lowe's and home depot with new technology. a brawl breaks out on the racetrack. what sparked two drivers to come to blows. we haven't come up this morning. looks like a lower opening for the broader average. then ounce increase on wednesday. as you can see fractional moves upward.
7:32 am
on to the asian embassies. under the controversy following crete borough. the congressman elijah cummings made a selling allegation. allegation. and certainly there is a lot of questions coming up as to whether mister trump but the jurisdiction of the u.s. attorney. maria: he is trying to make the case that there was a reason that president trump took out this attorney general. judge, what you expect happened today. obviously he left his office kicking and screaming. i was fired.
7:33 am
>> and i think there's any basis with the allegations. so many people have filed complaints with the united states attorney. they are continuing to see the income from the businesses. those complaints are frivolous.ç i doubt they even reached that level. it means they were probably looked at in an intake office. and rejected right there. i think he just plain some political games. >> when you are the u.s. attorney you serve at the pleasure of the president. you know this from history and day one. that's part of the job and the president is entitled to have
7:34 am
his person in there. but there is a little oddness here. he received a phone call from the president of the united states on thursday and didn't take the call. the reason he gave was i'm not allowed to discuss ongoing cases with the president. in terms of that being the real but the president may have very well of have been kind to say look i want to give you heads up i decided to change horses in all offices. that would be a perfect goal rational thing. within the personality of donald trump to do but can you imagine the present and you don't can't take the call and then you don't come back and then when they ask you to resign you refuse to sign and and then you force them to fire you. see mckee is very self important obviously. they are now talking about the person getting the justice
7:35 am
department. loretta lynch is gone. when the travel ban man comes up. they send out an e-mail to her 90,000 employees say were not going to enforce it. why would you trigger your own firing when you know you have to go anyway because of the publicity. perhaps to trigger some involvement. he is kicking and screaming as if he is the only one who can run the southern district of new york's office. based on nothing. why does this position have a job as a national importance.
7:36 am
has had national importance it for generations primarily because it is new york city which is the financial and media capital of the united states. the u.s. attorney is also known as kind of a lowbrow phrase. the sheriff of wall street. time do it was the u.s. attorney before he became governor.ç neither of these guys it became president but they both achieved great notoriety by locking up and prosecuting huge well-known targets. it's also the largest federal prosecutor's prosecutors office and the country. this is also going to be discussed this week. the investigations the house
7:37 am
until community. and ranking member. to turn over any evidence. the fbi has been in full cooperation with the probe. watch this. >> and very it very critical of the fbi. i can say that that is substantially changed. you can ask for evidence of it if a person doesn't have it they can't cough it up. they have not served a subpoena on the fbi. i doubt the fbi has anything. if president obama ordered surveillance on donald trump it would've been done after foreign intelligence agency so there's no fingerprints on fbi
7:38 am
if there are so many people at trump tower. doesn't the wiretapping umbrella . >> they have the digital version of everything they've had since 2005. with the nsa. they would acknowledge that they have it. something they have never acknowledged publicly. but intelligence sources have told fox news that if obama causes trumps to be prepared surveillance during the campaign it would've been done by a foreign intelligence agency probably your former colleagues in great britain. >> do you think there is anyway that if donald trump as commander in chief he can declassify anything he wants. if are going outside of the criminal justice realm for a
7:39 am
minute. if it wasn't a standard criminal warrant donald trump could just ask for it. i don't think there's any mechanism to deny him. he could just make a phone call saying give me records of all of this if you have it. the nsa may not had it if was acquired by dc hq. and they passed it on to the obama white house. it bypassed the americanc intelligence community apparatus. they say truthfully you don't have it. it is the very serious issue. that congress would have to do something about.
7:40 am
they're pointing to insane we wish the fbi would come out and say this to happen. it's not and the business of doing the white house is bidding. by saying something is true or something is not true. however having said that there is a lot of animosity at the moment between the fbi and the white house. they've said some critical things. about the intelligence community. they do have an intelligence branch. he has some bruised egos some incredible allegations by the president some fantastic allegations. and may not be able to do so. to come to washington.
7:41 am
this week would we know anymore. the public hearings on this star a week from today. a week from today we will have a lot to talk about. they will acquire mobile eye. the stock was halted earlier. it's up almost 30% this morning on this deal. for $15.3 billion. is an almost 30% premium.
7:42 am
your next check could come from an insurance company. what it means for the turnaround plan.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
a deadly fire caused by charging a hover board. >> this is something a massive house fire caused by a charging hover board killed the 2-year-old girl and injured two other girls in pennsylvania. is the first fatality link to a hover board related fire. a firefighter also died after he was injured in a crash while responding. the governor has ordered a flexed to be flown at half staff to honorç that firefighter. there some news now from retirees. according to the journal.
7:46 am
they are cutting deals with insurers to take over responsibility for those old-fashioned pensions from companies. this growing business is called tension risk transfer. it allows them to reduce the in exposure while giving insurers the source of growth. >> jcpenney's wants to branch out into home remodeling. they hope it will recharge the turnaround efforts. the plans will roll out of the service they will offer services such as bathroom remodeling, blind insulation water systems smart home technology even. they are certainly coming off of a different --dash disappointing holiday season. a few moments ago. confirmation intel has agreed to i mobile eye for about $15 billion.
7:47 am
he'll be the largest ever acquisition of israeli technology company. more than 30% and the pre- market. right now at least two companies are already collaborating with bmw on up project. a big deal and a big story for the markets this monday morning. that will be one to watch day. when i see deals like this i don't get ended classic. these are late cycle transactions. this is when companies are thinking the market is going to turn on us and we have to be a seller and we have to be cognizant of everything. i don't look at these transactions as at of the beginning of a bull market. at this point the economy as late cycle.
7:48 am
>> i think managements when they feel like they have to get the growth and they have to basically pay up for it. you're looking more for organic growth. these transactions when you go back and look at history are typically late cycle deals. maria: that is almost 30% premium. we will take a short break. when we come back broader markets really flat. march madness gets"a celebrity fan. the former actress who is now a basket mama straight ahead.
7:49 am
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maria: welcome back. the ncaa men's basketball tournament kicking off this week. here's a look at march madness. the team the 10 is there. the consensus favorite to let -- to win it all. guns i got as a number one seed for the second time. arizona's second and the west. they are a top of the bracket. they won the title game yesterday. the number one overall. and despite not even been made the number one seed the duke
7:53 am
blue devils are favored to win it all in las vegas. a five-one favorite. north carolina favored 13-two odds. with dimension this favorite dancer. gift remember this actress julia louis-dreyfus. charlie hall is on the wildcats. we are going to the ncaa for the first time in celebration. julia louis-dreyfus sent this tweet yesterday. she included the video of her seinfeld dancing days. tomorrow when they play mount saint new orleans. they take on providence. this is the first for the opening round. the official hamburger from
7:54 am
the ncaa. it is set to drive across country. even if you don't happen to be in one of these spots it will get into the bracket challenge. you just use the hashtag wendy's bracket. you also get game tickets and the raffle we came back from the segment. sometimes the winner is the one who throws darts at the boards. so he didn't know the difference between the two. it always works. how about this trouble on the tracks. the crash leads to a post rate fight. they rammed into the car at
7:55 am
the end of the las vegas race. lugano was in position he finished fourth and then that's where kyle busch went out.ç it was like a hockey fight out there. he actually got bloodied on the four head. he was taken to the infield care center. my first thought when i watch us was i think this was good for nascar. it is a down and dirty is poor in its breath. if you're going at it. it's not like you're on the road. this is a controlled environment. i want to be a proponent of violence but i don't necessarily had that with the sport. the rate goes up and up after the speed they are coming off of. the speed they are coming off of. they get passionate about things.
7:56 am
other sports people would relate to it as well. it's not like it used to be. big is to be huge. they really curtailed it. and so stupid because everybody gets hurt. you punch someone and the pads you can break your head. >> catch jared's sports updates. there is more still to come. president trump building the economy through the infrastructure. how is he working with the private sector. angie's list, we there are certain things you can count on,
7:57 am
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because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. .. .. c1 thanks for being with us. it is monday march 13th. 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. health care in focus. the congressional budget office set to release the cost and efforts. despite opposition that ministration in gop leadership are sitting behind this bill. >> i would say there's over 80% of the spell that has a universal agreement above republicans. and and the final pieces of
8:00 am
their having conversations about. he doesn't repeal and replace. and we have this opportunity. working to do whatever it takes to get it passed. bracing for a blizzard. the northeast is prepping for record snow tonight into tomorrow. until acquiring mobile i for more than $50 billion. these are two games that will be heavily traded today. that is basically what one automaker is rolling out my southwest. a closer look at the self driving car. mark is this morning not too far from where they ended. they are very close to unchanged.
8:01 am
the central bank is a widely expected to raise interest rates. we had gained across the board. it is up 101 percent. in asia overnight gains across the board to report. the best performer. the index isç up better than 1%. the details coming up on that one. all of those stories coming up this morning. the host of wall street week. and the former cia officer. thank you so much for joining us this morning. the trumpet transition team member back and the house here. walk him home.
8:02 am
they are joining us this morning. we have infrastructure they will weigh in on all of the above. a big hour i have. it is a big date for healthcare the congressional budget office is set to release costs and coverage estimates. life at the white house this morning. the white house has already been down plane that expected numbers. they are expected to show at the high cost for the house house republican repeal in replacement plan. potentially millions of people who are covered. according to some pulmonary limiter estimates from outside groups. the citizens all have a choice. we have no choice but to make the plan better for all americans out there. we will get escort next week. we will see what the score is in and the past the past it
8:03 am
has really been meaningless. they are not meaningless to some house conservatives. the very conservative republicans they are very worried that this repeal and replacement plan could increase the deficit in in fact one think they would like to do immediately is repealed that big expansion of medicaid that we saw under obama care today on the president's agenda is a meeting with what the white house said his victims of medicare. will be watching that. thank you so much. anthony, great to see you. thank you so much for joining us. i was trying to give you the heads up on that. on everything going on with
8:04 am
regard to obama care. first we have to talk about you. we all expected to get a job and the trump administration what is happening. >> that is my expectation as well. unfortunately our business sky bridge capital very complex business was sold on january 17. likely to close april 15 or there about. when you look at the potential issues around the business and the recusal's and it is betterç to just cut cleanly and then start the job. i think reince preibus and the white house counsel think that that is the cleanest way to do it. make sense by the way. >> even around the trump administration a lot from campaign to election what you hear.
8:05 am
the president loves the job. is a perfect job for him. you know he's one of the most energetic people that you will meet. a tremendous amount of energy and he's tried to do everything at the same time which is typical to his style. i think he's can be phenomenal. if you look at the first 50 days and is think about directionally what he wants to do with regulation, taxes and healthcare . if you just think about the speech he gave it is a very inclusive speech. this is a president that wants to bring people together and unite the country around several common causes. if we put the rate policies in place. >> have you ever seen anything like this. he doesn't even have his cabinet in place. there is so much
8:06 am
obstructionism going on on the left. and he has is all of this done. my question is where getting into policy here. we think the present has on the line. also campaigns as a negotiator. i've also talked people who said that accountability is on congress. >> i think it's a combination of different things. there's a couple of phases here to healthcare. you like to put the plan out the new will see the biggest issue will be will be a tax reform. we have to do is lay out the right policies prior to the
8:07 am
august recess. i know with a different economic team. they really do want to get tax reform done and the first session here. that's gonna be the biggest issue i think. >> august is really aggressive. i think that is a game in washington. most the people here are newark -- new yorkers. in washington is a totally different game. president trump has saidç that he would be willing if there is a fight that goes on to let obama care continued to fail for a while so that people really understand the full weight of what has been done here. if they don't go along with this.
8:08 am
i would let more bowling and pizza take place before we go in that direction. right now what the president wants is to help the american people. for those strategies are probably neck not can help the american people what will help the american people is like it's get the plan in place. let's find out what the cbo is saying the president is a smart negotiator. one of the things that reagan often says as liska is liska for 80% of something instead of driving our car over the cliff. so might be a negotiation. i want to speak for the president directly. i don't think anybody wants it to happen. because it's very harmful to the american people. let's try to make some news. let's give us the back story
8:09 am
of everything that happened and the sense that you are trump tower. tower. you are there every day. there is a meeting and the phone call. what you make of this. i wasn't privy to those meetings. it is not is that clear to me what actually happened. obviously there is two sides to every story. but my guess is that the president did make a decision between that meeting that he wanted to clean house. of all the democratic nominees. i know there is a little bit of a brouhaha related to that. i think the president and the attorney general want to put their own people in place. at etiquette makes sense. president obama wanted to do that. do you have any idea who might get that position.
8:10 am
>> he went to harvard law school. anthony did go to harvard law school. judge napolitano just told us that the president called him on thursday and he didn't take the call. i heard that. i don't know enough about it. there's probably some politicians here in new york. it is government protocol that he does not speak directly to the president. you talk a lot about politics. what you think about the markets right now. >> we did tweet it out. they were reflectedç the trump rally. the problem when you say trump rally is that when the market starts to roll over we don't want to blame the president
8:11 am
for that either. when you think about expectations and mark has run on expectations. you may be right but if they do get the tax increase through if you see the tax cut and you get the 20 to 25% increase in earnings for businesses large and small then you look at the valuation measures. they will get that tax cut done. you and i are close. david is very bullish right now. you're making very good points about the mergers. users had been scarred by the late '90s. we were acquired a couple of times. like right now. great to see you.
8:12 am
will be watching the development for your job. a powerful and nor'easter putting plans in for a early spring on ice. and then the monster snowstorm is expected to arrive and the northeast. an automaker startup debuts and self driving concept.
8:13 am
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with that nor'easter, put in position pay attention to stamp in the corner when do we start to see heavy snow hit mid-atlantic northeast beginning late tonight the area where a blifd warning, we begin to see that snow lifting on and up into very early, tomorrow morning, 3:30 beginning to see frontal in more and more, early morning stretching into afternoon
8:16 am
hours, at times very, very heavy snow in strong winds with this how much snow recent forecasts numbers, you get very deep blues, that is indicating from 18 inches some cases we are talking about up to two feet of total precipitation so that is big one again not just the snow, i do want to really illustrate here that we are talking about very strong winds of, this is the wind wrapping around this system dark blue 70 miles per hour lighter blue 50 miles per hour, all that coming together, makes a blizzard, moving through the -- mid dra atlantic northeast. >> thank you so much adam klotz. >> man jumped with jumping white house fence in court. cheryl: bond hearing is scheduled for the 26-year-old california man jumped the fence friday night told the secret service is a friend of president trump. man was carrying two cans of mace a letter to the president
8:17 am
when arrested he is not ooe is now facing to up 10 years in prison, a gripe group of environmentalists vafrnd president trump's golf course in california happened on sunday, members of the group called anonymous environmental collective brokered into club rakes to carve no more tigers no more woods in the grass by sunday afternoon the covered up by tarps. >> daylight savings time to save energy o could be health risk especially monday 2014 study of michigan hospital data shows 25% jump, in heart attacks, on monday after daylight savings time research shows disruptions small ones sleep patterns can cause major health issues if not bad enough there is more car accidents reduction in productivity on monday after
8:18 am
the clocks spring ahead, daylight savings time doesn't cut the are energy bill the purpose of moving the clock in the first place, and for more sun anyway, finally -- check out hot wheels a car company called leo unveiling two autonomous cars described as family room on wheels, it will turn that he boring commute into enjoyable experience for all, you can even catch a nap on your way to work the cars expected to hit market in 2020, no one knows how much they will bring but nothing but commuting, a train ride. >> incredible. >> thanks cherpaving the way to infrastructure real estate mogul will join us to talk about roll in president trump's one trillion dollars proposal to improve roads and bridges. >> the surprising number of college kids planning to use
8:19 am
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clinton. asking people resist president trump after messages from former attorney general loretta lynch and hillary clinton called for democrats to come together to quote resist, back with me millennial panel republican strategist evan seeing debrising, about those "the wall street journal" reporter,
8:23 am
shelby, kate burns great to see kwhau do you make of this evan getting calls notes on twitter from president obama and hillary clinton. >> weird doesn't play into what president obama has done post presidency world we know not a big fan of the current president but i don't know what goal he is achieving, by going out and doing this i think some in urban legend mill, and it is sort of self-per pettateing skeptical of rumors that start on twitter. maria: you don't think it is actually happeninging? if it is happening you have to wondered how it is going to impact people people want to see washington work. they don't want the this rbis. >> right whether or not it is real whether actually recorded by president obama and hillary clinton or they are not people will be getting these messages, so it could have an impact either way, if these are fake he he impersonations people should report them to fcc. if it actually is the president like you said that
8:24 am
is a very different tone would he be striking, that in terms of a few years away less than years away everything political you can't really -- be surprised by any. >> a lot do before midterm elections if they don't get some stuff done like repeal and replace tax reform we are going to see angry voters. >> absolutely democrats are not inclined to support any of this, right they are not going to give any votes on obamacare because it will be unraveling even if they say they support things like infrastructure and tax reform not clear we will get there, you do have this liberal bys putting pressure on democrats to resist anything related to donald trump or republicans there is liberal groups talking about primary, democrats have incentives to work with donald trump a lot of pressure. maria: i don't think it is going to work people do not want to -- refuting. >> they don't want disfunion unfortunately for if a democrats doesn't matter
8:25 am
expect senate trying to pass bills need you a supermajority people want washington to work part of the reason donald trump was elected want something done. maria: right because that is scatering number of college students apparently taking out student loans not what you think may be, a student alone web site found nearly one-third plan to apply at least some student loan funds to the spring break vacation, what? [laughter] >> talking about before on show mill mill millennials like yolo doesn't surprise me. >> sort of younger end of the spectrum millennials aren't familiar with student debt millennials understand the problems of student debt saving they are again, the most fiscally he conservative generation since great depression the millennial
8:26 am
graduated with average 35,000 dollars student debt whether or not they went to spring break in daytona remains to be seen. >> an important dunks two classes of millennials, the other spectrum have been through that people coming up now have a little bit better of autonomy in other you know chances opportunities, seems to me -- >> you are right another study, of millennials they say millennials are frugal the study found that this bank rate, they found that nearly 40% of millennials are planning to save or invest tax refunds, largest share of any group, by comparison only 33% baby boomers plan to do the same so youngest generation of all right now less likely to spend the money. >> you know, to get young people interested in politics, policy, start with tax reform young people really feel when they write checks for personal you know, from he personal income money they are making they realize now how much money they are paying back in
8:27 am
taxes, i think that is why tax reform could be way to kind of get people -- >> i think so. >> roommate in college said she was democrat in college until entered workforce then a republican had to pay taxes democrat give all money to the government. >> you have to think about it closely. >> somebody needs to explain how come all millennials were in bernie sanders camp was ent looking at 75% tax rate. >> the issues impacting them starting this my book, whereabouts by those went out talked about soon doebt whereas republicans laughed said you are young you don't vote dismissed them, so we have to give them a reason to come to the table listen to us as republicans, that is what we have not been doing, it is very distressing for future. >> leave it there great to see you you a thank you so much evan shelby see you soon thank you so much, of course, caitlin with me the rest of the show investing in restructure real estate mogul with us, behind scenes of
8:28 am
president trump's one trillion dollars proposal to rebuild roads, bridges in the country. >> automaker is planning to role roll out a luxury model from its china plant. back in a minute. ♪ healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. then you're a couple. think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever.
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maria: welcome back, good to have you with us happy monday monday, march 13 i am maria bartiromo. thanks for being with us, your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. deadline day for president trump supposed to provide
8:31 am
evidence, of the wiretapping allegations to congressional intelligence z committees today john john mccain weighing in on investigation how it ties into questions over russia. >> i have no reason to believe that the charges true but i also believe that the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute there is a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with russia and vladimir putin that requires further scrutiny and so far i don't think the american people have gotten all the answers. maria: we've got the very latest there, plus fixing ebb america' broken infrastructure how president plans to pay for it, coming up. >> a bracing for a blizzard heavy snowfall hitting twest already midwest snowing northeast prepping for record snowfall the latest for you today into a snowy tuesday tomorrow, big deal to report on wall street intel acquiring mobile eye for more than 15 billion dollars up 30% ahead
8:32 am
of the on, on that deal, 0% premium ford looking to capitalize on soaring sales in china what ais planning coming up, markets this morning, very close to where they finished the day on friday take a look futures searching for direction right now with the dow jones industrial average a gain as s&p 500, nasdaq fractionally negative he investors waiting on from aa division whether central bank will raise interest rates widely sxrpd thursday 2:00 pomona eastern that announcement. >> in you're, take a look ft 100 up a quarter of a a percent the other fractionally higher all higher across the board, in asia overnight similar story gains across the board as you will see hong kong hang seng up he better than 1% infrastructure, president donald trump is working on keeping his campaign promise, to we have improve bridges and roads, joining us right now is one of the people in charge of watching this development framer cec joining us good to see you. thank you so much for joining
8:33 am
us. >> thank you for having me. >> by the way, congratulations, you are on a infrastructure guy the president knows that you know donald trump for a long time. >> we have been friends for many, many many years. >> so how does this come about? did you -- have you spoken to him in the past, about deficiencies in this country in terms of what we need to do. >> well, i think he is aware of the fact that myself and the other gentlemen on the -- in official advisory council of his people familiar with building know how to get things done, so i think -- the idea was we have a broken process, infrastructure process in united states is underfunded situation. it is -- done in a very let's say slow regulatory manner which is costing a lot of more than. and he asked if we would look into it see if better ways to go about it. maria: nofrng you can get two better titans you and steve
8:34 am
ross in terms of looking at real estate and infrastructure, in america, today. >> rotting. >> steve rotting. >> steve rottiroth. >> i think enthusiastic about doing this for countried on president. >> why things have gotten dilapidated as they have is it large a regulatory situation i mean there were so many laws and bureaucracy that have tried to get to the finish line. >> well, i think you have to start off with the funding, and what we've been investing in on national infrastructure. the number that is basically accepted for fair amount of money vested is 3%, of the gdp, and we've been infer he vesting about 20 years, so the cup just hasn't been spending money to maintain infrastructure improve infrastructure, and it is kind of a tragic thing right now. >> really is because it impacts people you feel it,
8:35 am
you just drive around you see. >> it is not only congestion, which you know everybody is aware of, but it is the broken water mains, it is -- airports that are you know, under -- down to capacity, it is the fact we have no broad band in rural areas, you know infrastructure represents a lot of things not just roads, bridges and tunnels. that is, you know, that is just the small part of it, an important part but a small part of it. maria: you had a meeting last week with president regarding this issue. and a lot of people are wondering how the president is going to carry out so many of his important priorities i mean doing repeal and replace obamacare right now, that is supposed to be followed by tax reform, supposed to be followed by infrastructure later in the we are he has spoken about so-called private/public partnerships talk how that works what are you looking for in terms of how you pay are for this in
8:36 am
terms of private partnerships. >> in tend everybody has to understand about 70% of the money invested in infrastructure in the country, comes from state and local governments. not agent the federal government. so in order to get increased investment in this area, they have to be some sort of revenue whether it is tax revenue from local or state entity or tolls or taxes, there has to be some funding for it. and the majority of that comes from local governments, or state governments. the public/private partnership is a relatively new phenomena here but has been in use overseas in australia canada, europe for quite a bit longer. and the purpose of having these things is not only to gain capital from a private sources, but also to provide the discipline that private capital comes with.
8:37 am
so the -- the cost overruns maintenance, on time, on budget, all private capital must take that risk so basically, the private capital will put up the equity, there has got to be a revenue source whether it is a toll, or you know, some a tax in some manner and that is that is -- what is going to pay the private capital back. >> but they take the risk, on time, on budget. and if -- >> that is thing private investor needs to know that they can make money on this if they are going to actually take -- >> countries like canada, australia, germany use these models take into account even though cost of capital may be a little higher, the fact that the discipline that is brought by the private sector into the process is well worth it. >> what is your he sense of how the banks participate here? i mean is this -- are all the banks now trying to get in there in terms of creating
8:38 am
vehicles to do that? >> well, you know, i think there is plenty -- huge amounts of capital all over the world for this, i mean, i think it is pretty obvious between pension funds in united states, sovereign funds all over the world, and generally plenty of private capital here the banks, can harness that if they -- get into it, but i think the critical things where is the revenue source going to come from, the service he to service the capital, one of the things we discussed a big no-no in washington, and you know it is raising the a gasoline tax gasoline tax has not been arrived since 1993. maria: seems like a good place for revenue. >> even if you just adjusted forflation it would provide billions and billions of dollars more than it is being provide now but it is a little bit thirdly -- thirdly rail of politics for congress they have been runt to do it if you
8:39 am
think for a main in 1993 a car o got 15 miles to the gallon, today 30 miles to the gallon, gasoline tax has not changed really probable paying 30 or 40% in real terms what you were paying, for use of the roads, in the last 25 years. >>. maria: so you would veer toward yeah, we should rethink about gasoline -- >> i don't want to make political decisions for -- >>, of course. >> you know, i don't i don't think that is what we are thinking about i think we want to offer a bunch of options for the president and for congress, let them see what is most palatable to them in the end doesn't come free somebody has to pay for it. >>. maria: do you think it will be a trillion dollars. >> again -- yes, it maybe t trillion dollars not year or two years talking about increasing funds about a hundred billion dollars a year if you think about math that means up of to -- you have to
8:40 am
have sustainable revenue of about 5 or 6 billion dollars, in order to support 100 billion dollars worth of debt the numbers are big. but not -- when you break it down overtime it is doable it is doable. >> of about you go let me get your assessment you are one of the big titans in real estate, in the country. where do you see right now can you assess real estate and the economy for us right now? we know what the markets are thinking, you know they want tax reform up have to 2% this can we're going to get it how would you characterize things right now. >> two things about tax reform, some things that that have been mentioned by the house ways and means committee on tax reform are radical in the real estate business so i think the real estate business is holding breathe right now not knowing exactly what is going to happen. maria: a lot of tax breaks go away. >> because for example, they have some mention where is interest will not be deductible expense, so some things in real estate could be dramatic. in general the real estate
8:41 am
business is healthy, because the banks have been under writing things far more conservative way risks now he borne by parties that should be bearing the risk, private cal hedge funds private equity, sovereign funds, it using al servers i think that is correct generally business is healthy the business really depends on job a creation family formation so if we have good job creation good family formation that is bode well for the business. maria: it is a cycle want to get tax reform to improve jobs job creation for real estate. >> i was asked you know we've had, we have been living off low rates low interest rates for the last several years, and somebody asked me, you know if i thought you know a quarter of a move or half a point move in treasury was going to change things, my answer was, you know the people who invest in real
8:42 am
estate and rely on that very low cost financing better grow up okay? because it has been you know we've had a bit of a party last few years, because rates have been so low. but when you do these projects you have to do them in a way that normalize the cost of the capital, so i am not -- show a you are that that is going to have that big an effect on the business. however, dramatic changes in tax law in washington will. maria: for sure, so your sense that once we get higher interest rates and we get a tax reform package that concludes what you are talking about in terms of real estate the real estate market slows down. >> yeah if we get double whammy going to see we are going to feel it but, again, always the marginal player that feels it, it is to capitalize developer on under capitalized owner going to feel. >> it phenomenal insights from you richard thank you good to see you joining us there we will be right back.
8:43 am
welcome back to another tennis channel court report for fox business. the first sunday indiana wells saw three of world tours biggest stars in action, what is called the -- in men's draw nadal last won in desert in 2013, spaniard team great against argentina. despite not being at his best. >> the spaniards closing out 6-2 in second set. ♪ novak djokovic advanced too much for kyle edmonds third taking care of business 4 and 6 an hour and 51 minutes. >> don't forget tpp plus tennis channel live coverage from indiana wells continues monday 1:00 pm eastern. ♪ edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh!
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. maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a monday, markets
8:47 am
looking flat on the day so far, couple names we are watching, mobile. cheryl: anything but stock up 30% to acquire the driverless intelligent company more than 15 billion dollars, the announcement come this morning, this will be the largest ever acquisition, of an israeli technology company surging better than 30% in premarket, intel down 1%. ford motor planning to produce luxury lincoln suvs in china by late 2019, ford plans to build all new vehicle to suit chinese tastes using an existing chinese plant, sales jumped 180% 2016, on to weather, northeast bracing for a blizzard that could bring over a foot of snow, and whiteout conditions, the twest buried bring in host of "varney & company" stuart varney has have a thing or two to say about that hey stu. >> first of all, my hart goes out to those people with young children, who are not going to be going to school got to
8:48 am
figure out what you are going to do with young kids, then my heart goes out to people with very young children want to go outside if storm got all bundled up, they stay outside maybe 5 minutes then come back in again, and you got to warm them up, so there is all of this stuff going on, and you've got all negatives for the market as well. interest rates probably going up, elections in europe here comes the budget, here comes the cbo scoring the obamacare repeal deal you've got all negatives, and then the storm and then i look at futures, say that we're not -- might be up 15, 20 points opening bell no sell-off despite excuses to sell stock i am intrigued about that really am. maria: it is good stuff, stu i know you have a lot more 10 minutes show see you top of the o hour varney & company top of the hour 9:00 a.m. after "mornings with maria" stay with us for stuart coming um lawmakers greeted by rowdy crowds across the country over the weekend the growing
8:49 am
protests next talking with darrell issa back in a moment the congressman. your insurance company
8:50 am
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8:52 am
maria: welcome back california residents swarmed town halls to in an answers from elected about officials over the weekend, california congressman darrell isaiah questioned from bill to april repeal and replace to climate change. >> tell me who the bill no mandate no single-payer system? >> my question is, why do you blindly support donald trump's agenda, to gut the epa to gut basic science? >> this coming on heels of rowdy protests across the country last month joining us right now california congressman darrell issa, congressman good to see you
8:53 am
thanks so much for injejoining . >> thanks for covering get togethers we are all having. >> what is going on, was it -- you were feeling like you were being ambushed or tell us what went on this weekend. >> well, you know these town halls can be blib ambushes with invisibly packing the crowd yes, you are going to get a certain flavor, at the same time, these are people, who feel like the system is telling them we won't listen, so when you invite them in thousands of them many more streaming, you change the narrative to yes, we will listen yes, we're going to open process yes, there have to be changes in our health care system or it is going to go broke. >> so are people mostly upset about the trump agenda or were they upset about health care was there one issue you feel that people are most upset
8:54 am
about when you -- speak out and go to these the gatherings. >> the organized question the ones that were written you know, and they were reading off most often were related to health care. but we have a lot of other questions, we had and we had some people who for example won woman had a specific challenge with her son, and mental illness was concerned they were going to lose coverage, he was in conventional medicaid would not lose coverage and, yet, she came with that concern and needed to address it, that is one of the good things about teletown hall and live town hall meetings questions answer that had otherwise wouldn't be able to figure out where to get. >> congressman buck here i want to ask if you had constituents being asking you coming up raising concerns about obamacare from the conservative perspective, saying that they think it won't go far enough based on house gop bill so far? are you getting that as well you just mentioned somebody
8:55 am
who had a very specific concern but are those who are saying essentially what the gop promising to do right now you is not what project to do before? >> absolutely. those were the town hall costco home depot microbrewery this weekend when you go just getting a cross section of concerns, as you go around your district, you do hear those. you know i have had to tell both sides one side yes we have to make reforms the other side, no, we are not going to immediately repeal we are not going to pull rug out from underneath the system even if it is failing we are going to transformation to cost-effective more to the individual. >> affordable care act said federal government will basically pay it was an going towards single-payer, i think that is something that most
8:56 am
people that have lived under single payor don't want to see he -- >> congressman i though i people are wondering what impact this constituent activity will legal in terms of fluffing lawmakers on policy, are you hearing from others or colleagues that they are taking something away from them in terms of how they are going to vote on things. >> well it depends, as clearly are people who always come back with the single issue say this has to be in the bill or i can't vote for it, that would not be productive. the reality is health care is becoming too expensive, and we have to fix health care and oh, by the way, affordable care act was vast expansion of federal insurance. the compromises are going to be tough, but the process is open i think that is important thing, that one constituent with concerns about mental health my staff checking to make sure comfortable with in
8:57 am
final bill for most members they mother they're not getting everything in this bill going do have to come together, but we still have a process, including the scoring, and then some of the details i suspect that there will be floor voting i have one area i pushed hard on which is this question of the pools that some say were destined to file some with preexisting conditions can get into affordable package not automatically end up in a high-risk pool. >> peel really want to make sure that happens thanks for working on that great to see you thanks for stopping by this morning. >> thanks. >> see you soon congressional darrell issa there and we will be right back. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do.
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we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. >> thanks to our fabulous panel, have a great day. "varney & company," take it away. stuart: it's going to be a big week, politics, money and the weather. good morning, everyone. we will start with a blizzard warning, this is march 13th, remember. this time tomorrow, one or two feet of snow arrives with that there nor'easter. the east coast could take a hit. it will take a hit actually. a lot of people are going to be staying home and we will deal with that. like we said, big week. wednesday, odds are, interest rates go up for only the third time in ten years. also, on wednesday, the dutch election, why do we care? because


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