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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in their best economics not to buy insurance. david: the answer of that california congressman was very interesting. melissa: raise premiums and give them more taxpayer dollars. >> my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country and to take it back swiftly from the special interests who i know so well. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we all are about to say. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. liz: tt promise to drain the swamp about to bece a reality. the cuts the president wants to
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the u.s. god are being called historic and massive. the healthcare plan would reduce the deficit by 337 billion. but it could cause 14 million people to lose insurance over that time. this as the northeast is bracing for a major blizzard. also, the brain cancer patient who was called a nazi because of his hair by a shan thank bee. his gofundme page has raised $100,000 to fight cancer. the president is set to shape the federal governor to its core.
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it's the first time the government has executed cuts of this magnitude. it will be the deepest cuts since the end of world war ii. ron paul has wanted cuts to the government and he's here next. the northeast is here for extreme weather. 40 million americans are in the path of this storm. now a blizzard warning has been issues for the new york city area. rick leventhal is on the ground in long island. >> it could be rough and dangerous. we spent much of this day at the public works department for the town of oyster bay. they have been putting plow blades on 300rucks. so they can get ready and start plowing the roads as soon as the flakes start falling.
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and they have loaded them with salt and sand. liz: we have breaking news. let's go to sean spicer on obamacare repeal and replace. >> let me turn it over to dr. tom price, the secretary of health and human services. >> it was a good cabinet meeting we had. the cbo report came out during that meeting. we have to question compared to what? this is about parole people's lives, about the coverage, the health coverage they have, but the healthcare they receive. the fact of the matter is right now current law, we have individuals who have health coverage but no healthcare. it's important to appreciate that. coverage numbers are going down. if obamacare, the aca went away,ed the fact of the matter is there would be 20 million that would not have coverage.
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the cbo did not look at the entire plan, the regulatory service to make sure patients are helped and costs are decreased. they also ignored completely the other legislative activities that will be put in place to make sure we have an insurance market that actually works. we believe our plan will cover more individuals at a slower cost and give them choices they want for the coverage they want for themselves and their family, not that the government forces them to buy. i'm pleased to be joined by the, mb director, mr. mulvaney. >> we haven't had a ch to read the whole report yet. one of the parts i have seen beyond coverage. that's deals with premium costs.
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we believe for reasons that have been basic tenets of republican conservative thought for a long time is competition lowers cost. cbo told us that's right. the numbers i have seen, the cbo says premiums will go down by at least 10% with this plan. it confirms what tom and i have been talking about publicly. we think the idea of taking market competition, putting it into healthcare and getting government out of the way, quality goes up and costs go down. something the cbo may have gotten right is they said the premiums come down in cost. we'll take a couple questions. >> the cbo reports 14 million people will end up without insurance next year. >> if you look at that, it's virtually impossible to have that number so curl.
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just look at the numbers. there are 8 million people on the exchange currently. i'm not sure how they are going to get 14 million people uninsured with only 8 million people on the exchange. they are indivuals who are on medicaid that they assume will not take the medicaid policy because the mandate ended or something happened? it is just not believable is what we would suggest. we'll look at the numbers and see. >> without that mandate to buy coverage, would you not concede millions of people will not have insurance under this plan? >> if i wouldn't concede that at all. >> you don't think millions of people will lose their insurance. >> they will be able to buy a policy they want. they will have choices. you think about the numbers at the top line, just top line on
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the cbo report today, it basically says that we'll be right back at pre-obamacare status with 14 million people uninsured. we believe the current plan will insure more individuals than currently insured. we think it cbo has it wrong. >> the cbo score assumes that if you are on medicaid today that you choose to get off medicaid after the mandate goes away. does that make sense to anybody? so what the cbo told you, if you are on medicaid, the day the mandate goes away, you will get off medicaid. tell me how that makes sense. the cbo is saying it happens on day one.
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>> they say fewer older people will be getting coverage. that the older people with higher costs will drop off of the insurance marketplace. do you agree with that aspect of the cbo report. >> no, we don't. i would point to the fact that apparently what the cbo looked at was simply the bill pending before congress. it didn't look at the state grants. it didn't look at the flexibility. that's what the states are demanding and asking for so they can care for their most vulnerable population. it didn't look at the legislation we are look at so we can provide for greater choices an greater competition. >> we don't have all these questions about just wait, we have more stuff coming. why not do it all that once. >> it's being rolled out all at once.
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we are working on the regulations right now. we had a proposed rule to nail oh the window so the insurers are able to stay in markets. one third of the counties, over a thousand counties only have one insurer offering coverage on the exchanges. five states only have one insurer offering insurance on the exchanges. you tell me that's what the plan was. the federal government has vested them to only have one choice for coverage. that's not our plan. our plan is to allow individuals the opportunities to purchase if the coverage they want for themselves and their family in a market that he lous them an array of choices so sit suits them. -- so it suits them. >> are you encouraging law makers to disregard this report? >> no. we'll read the report and look into the report beyond the top
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lines and have further comment tomorrow and talk to our colleagues about why we believe the entire plan we recommended moving forward and adopting is one that will provide greater opportunity to purchase the kind of coverage they want and put patients and families in healthcare. thank you all. stay warm. liz: the white house responding to the cbo estimates for the obamacare replacement bill. you saw tom price and mick mulvaney and sean spicer out. the cbo is sayingur the new legislation would cause the deficit by 332 billion the next 10 years. and 14 million people will lose coverage next year.
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only 10.4 million people were even rolled on the exchanges. 10 million more went on to medicaid. dana, the one issue that sticks out here and i would like your thoughts on this, tom price and mick mulvaney says 14 million who will be uninsured by next year, basically the cbo is saying they will be uninsured by choice if the obamacare mandate tax goes away. they are saying they could buy covering next year. they are saying the cbo is wrong. what are your thoughts? >> i kind of agree with them on this issue where the cbo could be wrong. the cbo has an awful, horrible, no good, bad history where it concerns free predicting what obamacare is going to do. test and the cbo his toirkally
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has been so politicized we know they score what is given to them and this is used to bolster one parties agenda over the other. i do not trust the cbo one iota. particularly now that this mandate -- though there still is this individual mandate or penalty that people will have to pay to the insurance companies, usually the penalty is always less expensive than what the coverage is going to be. so there is going to be a significant number of people who will say this isn't insurance as to how i wouldork with my house or auto, so i will forego it now. the longer we have to look at this and mull it over, there will be more things we have to agree or disagree with the cbo on.
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i just don't trust them. liz: tom price says the report is not believable, simply has it wrong. he says look at what we are seeing in the obamacare exchanges. 10 million people in the ex changes. so 10 million exchanges, 10 million on medicaid. if you get to 14 million uninsured next year you have got to take people off medicaid. that doesn't make sense according to tom price. >> no, it doesn't. the cbo's math. i wish they would use dynamic scoring with us. that would help us be more accurate and give everybody a more realistic picture of what they can expect with this. i know there is a lot of discussion over the scoring. but i wish it would be more accurate. in terms of the number of uninsured and medicaid, there are a lot of criticisms with this particular piece of
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legislation that republicans are hoping to push through. when you have people who don't want to go willingly two not want to sign up and get insurance, we do have the freedom to not purchase a product from an insurance company. we didn't have that freedom under obamacare. we were told by being americans we had to purchase his product or pay this penalty. we'll see how effective this is and we'll see what happens. it just came out right when i was getting off radio, this scoring came out and i was quizzical and had a lot of questions. i can't emphasize this, bold i tall is, underscore. the cbo was used by democrats to hammer republicans over the head. the cbo has a horrible track record. i want to look -- i would trust our own math on this and that's
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pretty much as much as i can emphasize it. liz: the white house responding to the cbo replacement. they say it will reduce the deficit by $337 billion over 10 years. dr. ron paul is here to react to the report. don't go away. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance liz: we are getting ready for a big fight that will break out tomorrow over the cbo's estimates on the gop's healthcare replacement bill. the cbo says the legislation could reduce the federal deficit over $336 billion over the next
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10 years. let's bring in former representative dr. ron paul. let's stay on this idea that you will see a lot of talking points tomorrow. you will see democrats saying there are going to be 14 million people without insurance coverage next year under the gop bill. missing in that nuance is an important point. they could forego, they could not buy insurance was the obamacare mandate tax goes away. what are your thoughts? >> even if they were sincere and apolitical, i don't think they are capable of making those predictions. we have a bureaucrat i can monster and trying to transition into something more market oriented.
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you can't predict human action. they may or may not do it. if the rules change where the insurance companies could be insurance companies and not dictated to on what they had to sell, who knows what the result would be. but you can't make predictions like this. it depend on so much what is available. the one thing is people are misled when they talk about the ibs that existed. once the government gets involved they destroy the whole principle of measuring risk. you shouldn't when you are 65 be forced to pay for o.b. care. but it will be tough overcoming the political demagogues because it will be wholesale from those who want to keep obamacare. liz: you are saying 14 million could turn around and use the tax credits and buy insurance. is that our saying?
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>> if they do the right things where they make it more available. i can go back to my doctor again, you may have a tremendous surge in it. i know the republicans would like to see more competition with insurance companies. you know, easier to purchase the insurance. if that happens, i think savings accounts would be very, very important. but those individuals who love government medicine and they love total control, they don't want competition. and some of the drug companies, insurance companies and others, they like protection from the government. but the competition is the secret to it, and that's the big thing we don't know what will come of all this. but it would be absolutely
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different than what the cbo is saying. you could have a lot more people insured if you make it competitive and people make their own choices and change a few of the rules on the insurance business. liz: speaker of the house paul ryan explained why less people could be covered under the obamacare replacement bill. >> how many people will lose coverage under this? >> i can't answer that question it's up to people. here is the premise of your question. are you going to stop mandating people buying insurance? people are going to do what they like. it's not our job to make people do something they don't want to do. it's our job to make sure people have access to universal coverage whether they choosing to do so or not. liz: 14 million americans will
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lose health coverage in 2018 according to the cbo. the headlines will be 14 million people will be without insurance. but do you think there should be less government in the healthcare system? >> i happen to believe that very strongly. i think that's where the basic flaw is. i always maintained there is together in constitution nor in a sense of morality that you can say people have a moral right to mandate or dictate and take something from somebody else because they need it. that's not a right. people have a right to their life and liberty. the fallacy also on top of the understanding of rights is this whole idea that governments can plan things and dictate. because they usually backfire. we never had a program that when the tvs came out we worried about the poor people having tv
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sets. we need a mandate to make sure not only the rich -- i remember when tvs came out only rich people had them. but if you have had a rule that said it's man dated, we are going -- it's mandated, we are going to take over and we are going to distribute to tvs to everybody. people don't believe services can be delivered in that manner, but they can. this is a bureaucratic monster in people who believe? central economic planning and it always fails. but this an example of the most intrusive central economic planning, this obamacare it's atrocious. the proper lesm is you can't wave a wand and say we agree they don't have a right and markets can do a better job.
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it's impossible to go back on that, that's why you have squabbles that go back and forth. i would say tough did the right things you will have a lot more people with access to medical care. liz were the cbo says pins premiums could go down 10% under the gop plan. next up, media outrage over president obama's decision to let go of 46 federal prosecutors. but it turns stout janet reno did the same thing. letting go twice as many prosecutors. don't go away. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions?
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> breaking news concerning the abrupt order for 46u.s. attorneys to resign.
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>> it's very unusual. i can't ever remember seeing a case like this. liz: media outrage over the trusm administration's decision to threat go 46 federal prosecutors landed with a thud when anchors reminded that presidents obama, clinton did the same thing. janet reno fired twice as many in one day, firing jeff sessions at that time. janet reno ended up firing jeff sessions. >> janet tree know fired every shoastledover u.s. attorney across the country. >> i asked for their resignation at the request of the president. >> all u.s. attorneys, a one-day
5:30 pm
clean sweep. >> i have been following this story all day, i did not know that a fute attorn general of the united states was among those fired in 1993 by janet reno. u.s. attorneys serve at the me sure of the president. they know that before they get the job, they are reminds of that during the job and can be terminated at any time they want. when the attorney general says it's time to go, it's time to go. liz: in 2009, representative waters complained president obama didn't get rid of bush era attorneys fast enough. is she trying to have it both ways? >> i think she is. people in both parties are
5:31 pm
trying to have it both raise. the president can designate what generals go into the field of battle, he can designate who are the attorneys who will prosecute federal lou as he wants to see it prols -- federal law as he wants to see it prosecuted. i don't know anything newsworthy about it except some of our colleagues a few blocks from here have been talking about it. i think it's an example of their dismay and misunderstanding of donald trump, and any time theyv can criticize anything he does directly or indirectly. whoever you put on before who said this never happened before, you showed that's not true. liz: what do you think of the cbo study?
5:32 pm
>> i think mark twain was correct when he said there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. it's very, very diffult to predict how people are going to react when a tax credit is impose on their tax bill and what they will do with that money. i agree with paul ryan when he said we are what free country and we have a right to spirit or not purchase it. i disagree with him when he says it's our job as the federal government to make healthcare affordable. it's nowhere in law. the's a self-assumed job on the part of the congress because they are afraid to take away benefits that obamacare unconstitutionally gave out. see you in the morning. liz: comedian samantha bee apologizing for calling
5:33 pm
attendees of a conservative conference nazis just because of their haircuts. >> this year the bow ties were gone, replaced by nazi hair, nazi hair, nazi hair. >> the problem is this guy is suffering from stage 4 brain cancer and he's a democrat. he joins me with reaction to thu outpouring of support next. we ar wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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>> this everrerrable conference has long celebrated conservatism. last year cpac was dominated by ted cruz supporters and bow ties. but the bow ties were replaced by nazi hair. nazi hair. nazi hair. liz: it turns out one of the people ridiced is undergoing treatment for stage four brain cancer. he's also a democrat who started out not supporting donald trump. kyle, thanks so much for joining us. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well.
5:38 pm
liz: did we get that right that you are a democrat and never trumper? >> i have been part of the never trump movement since day one. liz: what did you think of samantha bee's apology? >> i'm glad she apologized, and she donated $1,000 to my gofundme. i also peel it was a half an apology. it would have been nice if she apologized to all those she threw together under the nazi hair and to anyone with cancer who she offended. liz: samantha bee says we deeply apologize for offending you. we only learned of four condition today and removed kyle
5:39 pm
from the piece. basically not addressing name callg, cling your haircut a nazi haircut. >> it go beyond me. it didn't just oh fun -- it didt offend me. she just lumps all of us together as one. she should have apologized to everyone. liz: when you first heard this, what was your reaction to samantha bee ridiculing you? and what was your reaction to her lumping you together with a nazi air cut. >> i watts surprised at first. afriend sent it to -- a friend sent it to me as a screen shot. i sent to it my sister and she is the one who got it started. it's irresponsible and ignorant
5:40 pm
to lum of everyone together as having a nazi haircut when in reality this is the hairstyle that's kind of in, short on the sides and long on the top. it doesn't have anything to do with nazis. and putting people under the name nazi is a slap in the face to people who actually fought nazis during world war ii. it's just irresponsible and inconsiderate. liz: what did your family say? >> i know my momnd dad ander were more offended than i was. but they agree with me that it's just -- it goes beyond me, and that she should apologize to everyone she lumped together. they were as shocked as i was as
5:41 pm
well. liz: we hope you do get better. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. liz: my next guest says liberals are ramping up rhetoric. white house press secretary sean spicer called a fascist while he was trying to do an en an errane store in d.c. >> you work for a fascist. how do you feel about destroying our country? h your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh!
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liz: house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer respond together cbo report. white house press secretary sean spicer ambushed by a woman in an apple store last weekend. she proudly posted the
5:45 pm
confrontation to social media. >> you work for a fascist, how do you feel about that? how do you feel about destroying our country? do you feel good about lying to the american people? how does it feel? have you helped with the russia stuff? are you a criminal as well? his * what were your thoughts when you saw that exchange? >> gotcha politics at its worst. i thought she was disrespectful calling him sean this, sean that. you are a fascist. these are people who want you to be so tolerant and respectful yet they can't offer that same tolerance and respect. it happened to me, it's happened to other public figures and athletes and celebrities. somebody said something on the phone and it's immediately part of social media and they are a
5:46 pm
big star because you got somebody to say something bad on tv or your iphone. i know sean spicer. he's a patriot. he served in the military. he's a great american and so is our president. they should be treated with dignity and respect. he's not a secretary, so she is uninformed there, too. liz: we have kellyanne conway and sean spicer and trump supporters dealing with people coming up to them. some trump supporters we have shown on camera have been physically assaulted. what do you make of chris cuomo who says i feel like my life is in danger because the trump administration constantly says fake news. >> he needs a thicker skin. somebody that's in the media like he is, he's held
5:47 pm
accountable. when his station and other stations editorialize and don't print the fact, the fact that he's fearful, you can get a bodyguard to help protect him. it's sad, i hope it doesn't happen. i think he does a pretty good job. people need to relax and let us be americans first and let this commander-in-chief get his full cabinet. that would be nice. after 3/4 of a year if you don't like it, then you can complain. but he's fighting it without his fullrsenal of cabinet secretaries. liz: the woman in that video kept using the term fascist. we just talked to someone who has brain cancer who was called a nazi by the samantha bee show. there is ramping up of the
5:48 pm
rhetoric. are you concerned about that? >> yeah, i have been concerned since day one. these are peeks saying we should be tolerant but there are burning buildings and burning cars and throwing names around like there is no tomorrow, elizabeth. and fascist? is that new term? really? we are all hitler youth? really? it's time to grow up and remember the world is watching us and watching how we are handling this orderly transition of power. we have an orderly transition of power. some of the things going on are getting a little ridiculous. liz were it's not just administration officials targeted. "saturday night live" decided to continue the attack. they are spoofing the first family.
5:49 pm
my next guest says the first family should be out of bound. we'll play you the clip and you can decide for yourself. don't go away.
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>> he man knows her name. he woman knows her face. when she walks into a room, all eyes are on her. she is ivanka. a woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own, a scent made just for her because she is beautiful, she is powerful, she is complicit. liz: "saturday night live"
5:53 pm
making fun of the first family again calling the first daughter and successful bess woman colicit. and whatever unforgivable bad things they think the white house has done. this after she was verbally berated by a liberal passenger in front of her children and rosie o'donnell suggesting barron trump was autistic in a tweet. >> i think the left doesn't like it when the left thinks for themselves. they are after andly attacking ivanka by using a fragrance ad suggesting she is complicit in the decisions her father makes. they are using incredibly sexist tactics. they think every woman should be
5:54 pm
on board with their extreme abortion agenda, and any time a woman disagrees or thinks differently or is related to someone who thinks differently, they will savagely attack her using her sexuality or her appearance. >> i don't advocate for people talking about -- speculating about barron trump or attacker her while she is on a plane. but she is a public figure. liz: what about making funf chela clinn or malia. >> i think chelsea clinton is an adult. if people want to satirize her, that's fine. malia isn't an adult so that put her under protection.
5:55 pm
protection. protection. >> the cbo reported that the republican bill pushes 24 million people out of healthcare. this is a remarkable figure. it speaks oh eloquently to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker calls an act of mercy. liz: the white house brief saying the cbo report is not believable. it has it wrong. the 14 million in that number that they will choose not to have coverage by choice. they will forego health insurance coverage. if the mandate penalty goats away. those $14 million, they could step up and buy, repurchase healthcare costs. >> i think it cbo is full of it and they have a long track record of pushing bad numbers. they said 23 million people
5:56 pm
would be insured through the obamacare exchanges tanda the number is only 9 million. and the insurance plans people have purchased through the exchanges is crummy insurance. one of my woe coworkerrers. her premium went up by 96%. liz: president trump just tweeting this out about obamacare. saying if obamacare is so great why do they spend tens of millions to tax dollars to hype it? >> i think this was a damning analysis by the cbo. you can say all you want that it will cut the deficit. but you are cutting access to health insurance to a lot of populations who need it most. you may be saying they are choosing not to spend money on
5:57 pm
health insurance, they are choosing to spend money on rent and food. a cancer diagnosis can
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visit quickbooks-dot-com. liz: thank you for having us in your homes. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: breaking news. congressional budget office releases its score on the obamacare replacement bill. the highly anticipated report suggesting the house leadership american care act with lower the deficit by $337 billion over the next four years but would also result in 14 million people -- 24 million losing their insurance by 2026.


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