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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. charles: stop, here is lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: congressional think about office today weighed in on cost of ryan care, and speaker ryan has a lot to explain. the bill would lower federal deficits by 337 billion dollars over next 10 years, but 24 million americans, would lose their health surance. >> it is implodi, and 17 will be worse year, and i said it once and again because obama gone, you know. the things will be very bad this year for the people with obamacare. lou: we take it up with former speaker of the house newt gingrich and health care expert betsy mccoy, also, trump administration moving to counter growing threat from
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north korea, department of defense, today announcing it is stationinga attack drones with hell fire missiles in south korea, is that enough to stop north korea aggression? and major nor'easter threatening to shut down the north east, the east coast braces for a blizzard up to two feet of snow, winter, not yet over. >> we know the cost of ryan care. and it is likely, too high a price to suit president trump. the congressional budget office today releasing its long awaited respect on house leadership -- report on house leadership american healthcare act and main findings the bill would lower federal deficits by 337 billion over next 10 years. largely as a result of cuts to medicaid. also, average premiums for
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single policy holders would be roughly 10% lower be that obamacare. by 2027. however, around 24 million people, would lose their health care coverage, by 2026, health and human servis secretary tom price saying he disagrees with the cbo mindings -- findings because it takes a narrow view of the bill. >> they looked at just a portion of our plan but not the entire plan. charles: in defensive and weak statement, speaker paul line, asks everyone to remember this is just first step of what is
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a 3 pronged approach, and over weekend, speaker warned about dire consequences if his colleagues down approve his bil bill. >> if we don't act the system will collapse and beautiful thing about this plan that we're proposing is more freedom, and more choices and more market and lower prices that gives us better access. lou: joining me new to talk about the cbo projection, slammed by trun trump administration, and whether so-called ryan bill can survive. republican strategist edrollins, and michael goodwin. as a little bittal document, because -- as a political document, that is what this is, how would you character this? >> as you said, ryan said that basically it is armageddon if we don't act, but it may be armageddon if they do. and it is not just about the
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rit supporters of republican party rising up in anger, it is about how this bill will affect a lot of people, by rushing it through, there will be plenty of time for the flaws to show themselves before the midterm election, so, this desire to get it done quickly, seems to be more important than everything else. lou: it is the leadership desire to get things through quickly, think about this, if they waited a week, two committees, merg energy and commerce and ways and mean could have had the cbo stor score in front of them. >> paul ryan needs to be the speaker of the house, not the arthur of this bill, he is dull and boring. lou: he enjoys being dull and boring. >> to a certain extents, he needs to play nancy pelosi
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card, you never saw her up front until the end, she put the votes together in the end, she created obamacare. lou: behaved as a practical speaker. >> i think, we have seen him do the dog and pony show. lou: i don't know his motivation is, butly is asking the president of united states to pay a high price with what and i think a slack performance on the parts of the speaker, on part of a person who professes to know something about health care. >> they have to get this through, there is no question. if it takes two weeks or 8 weeks they have to get it. lou: you are not saying this legislation -- >> i am saying, an obamacare repeal and fix, and they have to make sure it is good as they can get it. lou: think about that, dr. tom price, head of health and human services, is the guiding spirit, if you will, architect
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at least at large here, on this legislation, and the best he could do today is say that cbo is a flued entity -- but thatted flawed entity, this is getting to be dangerous stuff. it not good. >> i think by phases, there seems to be good stuff comes later. >> is that not the way of washington. >> like christmas. all this is structured because of reconciliation requirements, i understand that. but -- lou: i don't. >> but it is presented in a way that you just to to wait and see until it is fully implemented, i think that is a very asked for people who are already unhappy with the government program. lou: i heard was, from a few republicans, including speaker goody goody it saves 337 billion over a decade, as if
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that is sufficient reason, purpose and design to put the fropresident's signature on it. >> argument we made about repealing, we wanted a better healthcare system for those who are using the health care system, they will get choices now, but equally -- lou: yeah, what could be one of 24 million people by 2026. >> some are not buying into the system. lou: my point that this is a preposterous document to suggest we saved 337 billion and taken 24 million people off of obamacare. orion care. -- ryan care, as if like a great bargain. >> it's not the selling document they would want to put my communication plan together, and equally as important, i think that white house staff, what has been effective at pushing programs out have to get much more on the ball on selling these things. lou: they have to decide, is it going to be president
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trump's bill or is it going to be paul ryan's bill? is paul ryan is he speaker or president in waiting or whatever the hell he envisions himself as, right now, he is an ineffective tool not at disposal of the president or republican party or majority in his own house of representatives. >> it has to be the president's bill at the end of the day, he needs to pull it back, get it fixed and get price involved. >> price better get to work, because it looks to me like dr. tom price, and speaker paul ryan, have not been working very damn hard. or damn well. >> i don't think that trump will emers himself that much in details. lou: he is the president. >> he is going to make the final deal, but i think that price has to be, his eyes and ears on this price has to. take it from ryan. lou: it looks like leadership of house of ep
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representatives, have been providing over a -- presiding over a process, and paul ryan, one of the most offencive images is paul ryan with power point presentation with his sleeves rolled up, i guarantee, that is first time rolled his damn sleev up, th bill does not portray a lot of effort this is potentially a dagger to the heart of the republican majority. >> it could be. and by being first it jeopardizes all other reforms taxes and even immigration. lou: then have you geniuses in senate saying, we're not getting to tax reform until the summer, if there is a light breeze bloazing. blowing, you don't know what the hell these people are thinking bull we'll find out. >> thank you. >> you should not get me this excitessed. we're coming right back with much more stay with us.
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>> president trump vows to save all americans from the imploding obamacare. >> my entire administration and a lot of people in the senate and a lot people in the house, are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous healthcare plan that lower costs, and expands choice, and insures access for everyone. >> we will take it up with betsy mccoy next. >> and tens of millions of americans in the path of aye mass of nor'easter, we'll have latest on what is shaping up to be a record breaking storm. to be a record breaking storm. will it be? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. lou: welcome back, breaking news, justice department requested more time to respond to a congressional committee about evidence that president trump was wiretapped by president obama last year. house intelligence committee set a deadline of sorts at end of business today. as they look into russian interference in the election, and subpart of the investigation, that is president trump's allegations that he was wiretapped by
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president obama. see, an indefinite exe -- tension on part of the department as they look for a little more time. senator john mccain must be beside himself. he has not sought that deadline. >> president trump, making his case for ryan care on social media, tweeting -- obamacare is imploding, it is a disaster, 2017 will be the worst year yet. republicans will come together and save the day. the president also tweeted, if obamacare is so great, why did they spend tens of millions of
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taxpayer dollars to hype it? bad. the president linking to an article showing obama administration spend 77 million to market obamacare over the past year. 77 million. >> joining me now. that voice with the face, to discuss congressal think about fice report on -- congressional report on ryan care, betsy mccoy. you could not contain yourself. >> because, if it is so good, why do they have to force people to buy it? why is there a penalty. lou: and the mandate. chief justice roberts, educated us better about what it is. >> thank you. lou: that document is a suicide note in my opinion. they have to deal with it because of the inept talent
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put to to bear. >> in the cbo report there are a couple of interesting things, one is a special fund, that will reduce premiums, they should beef up that fund, and eliminate the subsidies. lou: you are dealing with a document we don't have. >> right. lou: a first of three stages. >> i am saying when it gets to senate. reporter: three prongs, this is -- lou: you believe that the najt majority could survive this. >> yes, i . yes, i tl you, first and foremost that bill, to rebiel obamacare is a jobs bill, cbo does not say one word in its report about the impact of this repeal on.
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am. employers faced with that expensive employer mandate pushed so many workers remoted them, declined to hire. lou: this is the congressional budget office, this is not a conjuring act. >> they only report what they are asking for. lou: why would ryan not have waited a week to address these things, in committee in ways and means and energy and commerce, judge i. why would you not wait. >> i agree. lou: what to they do now? >> assess the impact of the bill on job. lou: right now have you a reality, a president who needs this bill, or, a effective bill like this, he needs tax reform and agenda. right now ryan has hijacked the process with a loser piece of legislation. >> we can't get to tax reform
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without repeal of obamacare. lou: you could. >> they scheduled it this way, unfortunately. lou: so. >> i would like to see tax reform first even though i hate obamacare. lou: everyone hates it, but we're come back to president of united states is right. let obamacare take everyone to hell, and be done with it and leave it as the -- listen. i am just talking hypothetically. >> okay. lou: don't defend donald trump to me, all right. secondly, let the democratic party figure out what they are going to do. because every delay should be a frankly a rune around the necks of the democratic party. >> absolutely. lou: and republican leadership in hughe house and senate are not smart enough to play the game, right now we're looking at a. >> i believe that white house will take a stronger role now.
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lou: they have no choice, they humored paul ryan and his act lead and he delivered this nonsense. >> they can deliver a good bill, that will not leave 14 million uninsured because it will reform medicaid differently, and it will pay the direct cost of very sick people. >> president said that premiums will go down, president has said that cost will be less. >> right. lou: president has said, every american will be covered. this piece of junk, will not accomplish a single thing that the president has promised the american people. and only paul ryan would have the arrogance and imcompetentes too put a -- incompetence to put a bill like that in front of the president. >> he is "the art of the deal." lou: he has to overcome this idiocy, in the leisure shi leadership of hughes of republican represent.
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>> seeds of success, are in this bill. in this section of this bill, that pays directly for the cost of the sickest allowing premiums to come down on the individual market for healthy, he could offer the conservative a beefed up stabization fund, and no subsidies they will sign -- and ram this through both houses, that is the way this succeeds, i hope they are listening, we -- lou: i hope tom price is listening, i really do. i hope that the nick mulvaneyise speaker ryan is listening, any more of his nonsense, it is going to cost the republican party dearly if he stilt cares about the party, i don't know. betsy mccoy, i do know this, you lov your stuff. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you think that speaker paul ryan has vastly oversold the
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attractiveness of his acha legislation? cast your vote on twitter. and follow he on twitter, like me -- facebook, tonight, more than 60 million people, on the nation's east coast tonight are bracing for what is expected to be one of the more powerful nor'easters in 20 years, forecasters saying that late season storm could slam some areas with as much as two feet of snow, winds as high as 60 miles an hurry, late tonight, and tomorrow. nearly 6 thousand flights have been canceled for next few days -- wall street stocks closing mixed. fed meeting kicks you've tomorrow, dow industrials down 21, s&p up a fraction, and nasdaq up 14. volume on the big board light trading, 3.1 billion shares,
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and crude oil falling for a 6 straigh6th straight session. up next, former house speaker newt gingrich said that president trump means to purge the deep state saboteured from his government and now, he joing us here. >> tensions rising in east asia, deploying attac adrones on south korea, we're coming right back. stay with us. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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lou: i have got to say how much fun it is to have betsy mccoy on this show.
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she cares, she is passionate, d she is so deeply engaged in the subject. as tensions are flying asia, rising to a break point, secretary of state rex tillerson will this week attends meetings in japan and south korea and china. tillerson's meetings motivated by those rising tensions. north korea is preparing for a nuclear test after firing four ballistic missiles, and china not constraining its clients state, but supporting kim jong-un's threats. the united states began the position of the fab miss i will system last week which has a 100% success rate in
10:29 pm
interception and destruction of ballistic missile. armed drones have been stations 50 miles south of seoul. and u.s. special forces including seal team 6 participating in joints it in drills with south korea. beijing is nearing completion of the artificial islands it built in the south china sea. japan sending its warship into the south china sea where the charles vinson is already on station. beijing must wonder if the response from the trump administration. it was less than a year and a half ago president xi jinping stood in the rose garden and
10:30 pm
figuratively patted president obama on the head. xi jinping would make a mistake to assume the present administration is as rue luck and the as the previous administraon to meet any challenge. our quotation of the evening. do you want to know who you are. don't ask. act. action will delineate and define you. unprecedented, dangerous. the deep state trying to subvert and sabotage the trump presidency. >> very similar kinds of pattern we are seeing whether it's leak or wiretapping or in a variety of other collusions between the deep state bureaucracy and the this is the silverado special edition.
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lou: president trump holding his cabinet meeting, but the meeting short of a full cabinet with the president slamming democrats for
10:35 pm
delaying confirmation his nominees. >> we have four empty seat which is a terrible thing because senate democrats are continuing to obstruct the confirmation our nominees, the atlanticor of labor, national intense jones and trade representative. somebody i want badly. lou: the american people elect the president and the president gets to have anybody he wants. newt gingrich, great to have you here. let me start -- it's simple, but chuck schumer is make it very complicated. do you have a silver bullet that the president could employ here? >> i think republicans and people concerned ought to say schumer is adoopght strategy
10:36 pm
that says weaken america to strengthen the democrats. that's what he's doing. he's deliberately, maliciously slowed everything down, making it harder for the elect the president of the united states to take control of government, and the best case study is the director national intelligence who is in fact a former senator, dan coats, a terrific guy. i suspect 90 of the senators in a secret ballot would confirm him. to have him hanging out there is maliciously destructive and makes no sense for the united states of america. and to the best of my knowledge there is no issue that matters. this is willful destructiveness hoping if they screw things up the blame will come on president trump. lou: there is no question
10:37 pm
senator schumer has done exactly that. and there is no strategy that could be employed by mitch mcconnell to accelerate the confirmation of those appointees? >> if the president wanted to go out and stump on this he could. he's doing so many different things as you saw today with this executive order which is the most sweeping step toward cutting government that i can fleb my lifetime. every time i turn around donald trump is doing something new and decisive as an entrepreneur, moving us towards a smaller, more effective, less expensive government. lou: the congressional budget office releasing its long awaited report. speaker ryan saying this is the first of a three-pronged approach.
10:38 pm
this report is not helpful to the president, speaker ryan, or his majority in the house. >> one of my great disappointments with the republicans in office is their failure to abolish the congressional budget office. we fought the bureaucrats at the congressional budget office every day. they brought in the architect of obamacare to score obamacare. their core was wild think corrupt, dishonest, misleading and not defensible at all. when you look at the record, you would say any private sector institution thatas this wrong would be fired. they would be abolished. i think republicans should be clear, this is a dishonest bureaucratic organization. hire outside professional firms. get three to five scores on
10:39 pm
major bills and be honest about the fact that no group of bureaucrats in a complex world who can tell you what's going to happen the next 10 years. lou: by the way, the speaker -- former speaker refer together years '98 through 2001 with a balanced budget. it's unlikely improbable that we'll see a partnership develop like the one between you and president clinton. this is not a time when that is likely to occur. >> no, no. i think just the opposite. because you have republicans in the house and senate leadership. i think you are going to see a won't be like its when you had a republican speaker and democratic president. i know this from talking with them constantly. you will see president trump and
10:40 pm
his entire team working with speaker ryan and leader mcconnell on tax relief and infrastructure development, on reforming government, on completing the job with healthcare. lou: i was referring the bipartisan partnership that existed between a democratic president and republican leader. >> that ain't going to happen. lou: this is -- how about this -- >> mcconnell's big test is the supreme court seat. i think he will get gorsuch approved. that's an enormous step toward rebalancing the supreme court. lou: now that very important tax reform legislation.
10:41 pm
the tax cuts. very important obamacare replacement repeal and replacement legislation. give us your outlook on the prospects for those two possibility. >> i think you have to see the obamacare process, resetting our health system as a minimum of three steps, initial bill designed to get through the senate with 52 votes, the follow-on vote coming in the fall that takes 60 votes, and in between tremendous regulatory changes done by dr. price and the secretary of health and humaservices. it will move toward a more conservative, more free market, decentralized and expensive system. none of it thrills me. it's the kind of mess you get in a great society when you are trying to do something big. tax cuts and tax reform i think are coming. i think they will be very, very helpful to the economy.
10:42 pm
i'm have much in favor of the border transfer tax that paul ryan has put together. it will gives a tremendous advantage in trade. i'm tired of europeans and chinese and others having designed their trade code to help their exporters and hurt ours. lou: there are idea like absolutely opposed to like the border tax. but the other part of that is, there is a problem when you have got congressmen like mark meadows and imjordan and senators like rand paul and tom cotton opposing this repeal. i have got to run. come back soon.
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lou: president trump releasing his first budget thursday that includes 14% cuts to house and urban development and a 20% cut to the epa. 18% cut to commerce. $54 billion in domestic none discretionary spending cuts. joining me now to discuss the president's budget is the latest on brexit as well. steve hill to the former senior advisor to prime minister david cameron. newt gingrich earlier referred to the wide open action and initiatives of the trump white house right now the trump presidency, and it's true, isn't it?
10:48 pm
we have never seen in this country a president attacked on so many fronts status quo. >> that's right. and it's great news. this executive order on reforming government could be the biggest news of all. i haven't had a chance to dig into the details. you mention cuts. i'm all for cuts in government and cuts in spending. but actually we have had politicians on the right of politics for decades saying government is too big. we are going to cut back government. but nothing really seems to change. you still get the breweriate i and the pending and the below the. the reason for that is it's not enough just to cut and trim. what you have got to do is add a radical rethink of the whole purpose of government and ask yourself some fundamental questions. should the federal government be involved in this at all?
10:49 pm
should this be a function of the government and is it necessary? and why should we be doing it at the federal level? let's have a priority for the power and accountability in the hands of individual people and consumers. state government, and rethink the whole basis, not just cut a few percent here and there. lou: it's staggering when one steps back a bit and thinks by the. we were handed the blue print for decentralization of power and the protection of rights in the constitution and this federalist system. this constitutional republic envisioned decentralization from its birth. we wax and wayn d wax and wane e values and are oppose when we see federal government grow ever larger.
10:50 pm
>> we talk about the e.u. and brexit in a moment. sometimes it reminds me of the brexit debate in the e.u. federal governmt in the u.s. has the merit of being democratically accountable. but it's the same concept, why should such a vast country with so many different people with different priorities and needs be governed from the center, just as in the case of the e.u. all the different member states of the european union, it's ridiculous to claim they should be run by a bureaucracy in brussels. lou: center in terms of power, but not political spectrum, to note. let's turn, if we may, to merkel, the future of the e.u., brexit.
10:51 pm
the vote today before the 31st of march. and the exit in brexit will take place. you have got to be thrilled. >> yes, to be completely honest it shouldn't be a surprise. to a certain extent the last few months -- i hesitate to say a complete waste of time and energy. but it's pretty much that story. from the moment the vote happened, it was very clear the british people voted to get back their snation national sovereignty. >> there is also the matter of theresa may required some education and rehabilitation in her opposition to brexit. but the good news is it's under way. steve, we are out of time. it's always great to have you here. thanks for being us. look forwa to seeing you soon.
10:52 pm
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. quilted northern works their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face. lou: the results from our friday night question, do you believe the deep state and the left wing national media fully intends to subvert the trump presidency?
10:56 pm
96% of you said yes. and so it is. joining me now, chief political correspondent with the washington examiner and fox news contributor, byron york. let's start with the executive order on government, the president signed today. your response to that, we are two days, three days away from his budget. byron: he's kicking in some of the ideas he has about trying to reorganize the government. the budget which comes out and probably has been declared dead on arrival certainly will be declared when it come out, is a statement of the president's priorities. what he wants to do. and i think with the obamacare thing, with the budget, with plans for a tax cut and his escalation of the fight with isis, you are seeing the
10:57 pm
contours of this is the presidency donald trump promised and is trying to deliver. lou: he has a speaker in the house of representative who just got a score from the cbon his repeal and replace legislation and it's not a pretty thing. >> republicans have criticized the cbo for a long time, and the cbo was wrong in its assessment of obamacare. but it's a terrible score in terms of the coverage of americans, offering them healthcare. obamacare sort of forced a product down some their cans' throats that they didn't want to buy. so they didn't bite or the ones who did buy it are the ones who were offered substantial subsidies to do it. in this case they won't be required to bite, they aren't
10:58 pm
going to bite and fewer people are going to bite, but that's not a good thing as ryan seems to be arguing. lou: reminding everybody this is the first of a three-prong approach. byron: that's tough. lou: especially when we have never seen the second and third prongs materialize as positive and productive realities. byron: this first one causing so much trouble is specifically designed pass through the senate with 51 votes under the so-called reconciliation rules. part b and c, part two and three are not going to be able to pass through the senate on reconciliation, which means the deal centimeters will filibuster and it will require 60 votes. and democrats so far are totally united against it. lou: republicans in the senate
10:59 pm
saying they don't use the word dead on arrival, they just say dead. byron: the house could get some sort of bill through, and then the senate has control a, select all, delete and just rewrites the whole thing. lou: you are strike me as such a grounded gentleman. fantasy there. byron, thanks so much. you could well be right it's washington, after all. that's it for us. we thank you for joining us. congressman chris collins and former attorney general bhieblg mukasey. we hope you will be with us tomorrow as well. good night from new york. [♪]
11:00 pm
charles: stop, here is lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: congressional think about office today weighed in on cost of ryan care, and speaker ryan has a lot to explain. the bill would lower federal deficits by 337 billion dollars over next 10 years, but 24 million americans, would lose their health insurance. >> it is imploding, and 17 wi be worse year, and i said it once and again because obama gone, you know. the things will be very bad this year for the people with obamacare. lou: we take it up with former speaker of the house newt gingrich and health care expert betsy mccoy, also, trump administration movg


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