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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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buffer state and losing that buffer state and having a south korea and a north korea that's unified with u.s. support, that's a nightmare for them. rex tillerson, secretary of state, has a lot of work on his hands initially. charles: i think we all do. got to leave it there. thank you very much. at home, thank you for watching now. here's lou dobbs. lou: tonight, house speaker paul ryan exposed. shocking new audio showing the speaker's disdain and disloyalty for then presidential candidate donald trump. >> i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future. lou: and take up here tonight the house of representatives for new leadership. we take that up with congressman chris collins, leading republican randy evans. and growing calls to purge the deep state. saboteurs and subversives trying to bring down the trump administration and they must be stopped. judicial watch's christopher ferrell says it's time to fire
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all of the obama leftovers before they do more harm to the trump administration. good evening, everybody. white house press secretary sean spicer says president trump is extremely confident that the justice department will find evidence the obama administration wiretapped him before the election. >> i think he's extremely confident. there have been i mtied this before, i'll let them do their job and the house and senate and the d.o.j. report this, as i commented in the past, there is significant reporting about surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election. i'll leave it to them to issue their report. i think he feels very confident we'll ultimately come of this, we'll vindicate him. lou: spicer's comments a day after the justice department asked for two more weeks in which to provide evidence supporting the president's assertions about having been
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wiretapped. the house intelligence committee giving the department of justice until march 20th to comply with evidence requests, the same day the committee will hold open hearing on its investigation into russia's alleged interference into the presidential election. and the white house today pushing lack against the congressional budget office's findings that 24 million people would be without coverage under ryan care. >> they have a record that doesn't match up with the ability to count people. they're pretty good at dollars, not as good as people. and i think when you look at the additional phases or prongs of this comprehensive approach, that actually changes the equation a lot. lou: speaker paul ryan today talking with president trump by phone in a conservative rebellion over ryan care is under way. that phone call after "breitbart" released audio of
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speaker ryan slamming the president when he was a candidate back in october. >> i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future. look, you guys know i have real concerns of the nominee. i hope you appreciate that i'm doing what i think is best for you, the members, not what's best for me. lou:ot best for him. joining me now discuss the republican backlash surrounding ryan care, president trump's upcoming budget proposal among other issues is rnc national committeeman former chairman of the republican lawyers association, randy evans. great to have you with us. and let's start with that phone call, the audio of which was released by "breitbart". i mean that is damning an evidence as you could ever have of any faceless follower in
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partisan politics. it's stunning stuff. you were on the phone call, right? >> i listened in on the phone caught. i was shocked at the time, there was reporting at the time that paul ryan basically told republican members to do what they need to do to get re-elected and if you look at transcript of the call and we listen to the audio now, that's what he says which is exactly what voters rejected. this idea that you don't believe anything, you're not going to follow the leader who's your nominee, that you do what you need to do to get re-elected. that's exactly what voters rejected which is the idea that you come to washington and number one job is to get re-elected, as opposed to do something like move, repeal and replace obamacare, cut taxes, do things that you promised to do, and i was stunned then, still stunned today. lou: if i may, i would not argue with your construction but add a partial construction, what speaker ryan was saying on the phone call was to every
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single member of the conference that was on that phone call you will support a strategy that will rest in hillary clinton being in the white house. the subset of that strategy is preserve the house, preserve the senate so that you could stultify and stymie her, just as the democrats are trying to do now with president trump. it was a bald, cynical and vile statement from anyone who is a leader of a political party? >> well, in fairness to speaker ryan, he did carve out hk be anding say we don't want to do things that will help her win but did place a principle emphasis on, i am your speaker, i'm your leader, and we need to do whatever we need do get re-elected, and i'm focused on getting re-elected as opposed to pushing an agenda, pushing the trump agenda, and that was
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the most appalling part of whole conversation. lou: randy, i would say bald faced, he said that he was going to support a strategy in which hillary clinton would become president of the united states, even uses an excuse for how important it was to maintain the majorities in the senate and in the house. let's turn to this issue of leadership now in pragmatic terms. speaker ryan has failed. he has screwed it up to a fare-thee-well the one piece of legislation that was supposed to be his absolute signature, that is ryan care, the repeal and replacement and it does neither, and we're watching a severe backlash within the republican party. >> well, i think the large part of that is the way they're trying to govern the caucusment
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the one thing we learned is the republican caucus is full of entrepnes. they have a bunch of ideas and think on their own. the idea you have a monolithic approach, a take-it-or-leave-it from the top down is antithetical to how the average house member works. i remember when speaker gingrich was elected in '94, we had 55 new members. we had fire brands, but at the end of the day, it was let's hear all the ideas, make it transparent, open, everybody puts ideas in and i think that's what president trump wants. if you remember, he began with it's open to negotiation because he wants the best proposal for america, not just the one that everybody settled on. lou: and this speaker comes right on the heels of obamacare in which there was not a single republican vote, demands that there be no amendments whatsoever and is left with only the only thing he could brag about is he had a record energy and commerce committee
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hearing in which there were still no amendments, ways and means, no amendments. this is the stuff, it is authoritarian and frankly for a legislator, a house representative and a speaker who's never, ever passed a significant piece of legislation. it's pure theater. >> lou, it's reminiscent of eight years ago. it's reminiscent of how president obama rammed through both house and the senate. do it my way or no way and that's not the way to go. that's what voters reject. they want the idea we get the best proposal possible, but hearing all ideas, let the best ideas bubble up and move forward, and i think we're seeing the opposite of that. we're going to have the same result if we're not careful. lou: and careful the leadership has not been, i'm going to be taking up. randy is joining me later in the broadcast as well to talk about the choices that now face
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the trump presidency, his administration and, of course, the house of representatives as to whether or not they're going to remain, well, are they going to keep this particular speaker of the house in office or has his disloyalty and lack of achievement finally spoken critically and definitively on his future. we'll take that up with randy evans when we continue. we're coming right back with much, much more, stay with us. conservative senators and congressmen say the ryan care legislation won't pass the house and won't pass the senate. >> this bill doesn't bring down the cost of premiums. that's what we're focused on bringing back affordable insurance for working and middle-class families. this bill doesn't accomplish that. we want to make sure it does. lou: we take up the ryan care backlash with congressman chris collins. and today's massive storm across the eastern united states disrupting the lives millions. thousands of flights canceled
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. lou: i.t. contractors employed by dozens of house democrats
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are the focus of an investigation. fox news reporting the probe is raising concerns about e-mails that were hacked. contractors also allegedly removing hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from the offices and ran a procurement scheme in which they bought equipment and then overcharged the house. this scandal is just getting bigger by the day. joining me to talk about the outlook for ryan care, the speaker's job and future itself, a member of the house energy and commerce committee and the first member of congress to support the trump presidency, candidacy, and congressman chris collins. representative collins: good to be with you, lou. lou: hard to think that far back he was a mere candidate and now president. so good on you. let's turn to ryan care, what has happened here in the last 24 hours is a disaster by any
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stretch of the imagination. cbo scoring. first thing, we're hearing from sean spicer since last week what a terrible thing the congressional budget office, we had a very good indication which way that was going to go in the report, and it did, but now the protests about cbo, all of the other nonsense that's attending this, this is a rewup of a huge order on the part of a speaker who had told everyone remember the mantra, better way? we're not hearing a lot of better way nonsense, are we? representative collins: well, you know, lou, we're going to have to agree to disagree, perhaps. lou: i kind of thought we might. representative collins: today, the cbo scored that our affordable care act will save $387 billion over the next ten years, that is significantly more than we were hoping for.
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also we're going to be reducing premiums which is a pledge we made and they confirmed it. the only issue we've got now -- lou: wait, wait, wait, congressman, i've got to interject here, if we're going to agree to disagree, let's get to it. representative collins: okay. lou: the first two years, you know the premiums are going to rise, they're not going to fall. that's according to the markup itself by the cbo. representative collins: well, again, it's over ten years they're going down and i don't buy they're going to go up over the next two years. people think that's going to happen because young and healthy individuals without the individual mandate are going to drop insurance. i don't buy that either. it didn't encourage them to have 20 million people opted to either pay the penalty or get a waiver and to not abide by the individual mandate. i would put forth the 10 million people that did, and that's all that were that joined the exchanges, did so because it worked for them. fact they're going to all of a sudden drop insurance doesn't add up --
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lou: congressman, you're not going to win this political argument and you know it. representative collins: if you let me stay on long enough -- >> if i let you stay on long enough, i'm not going to get my humble words going forward, and we're going to get a couple of them anyway. the reality is, it seems to me, the speaker has an immense problem on his hands of his own doing. he has talked about the better way agenda. he has been absolutely disloyal to president trump as both president and as candidate. you've heard the audio, you know this, i don't know if you were on the call. representative collins: i was. lou: this is one of the most objectionable people i've seen in politics, cynical, disloyal, disdainful of the people leading the party and the supporters supporting donald trump. it's raw, pure, unmitigated ignorance, he has never done anything in that legislature. never. not as speaker.
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not as a congressman from the first district of wisconsin. he's put through three pieces of legislation. it was all the most remarkable part was naming a post office. and we're sitting here talking about somehow we should take seriously his nonsense about this legislation because he's supposed to be a wonk? i mean, you can complain about the cbo, and congressman, i've got the highest respect for you, you can complain about the congressional budget office all you want, so can the leadership of the house and speaker ryan, but you knew what was coming. you knew what had to be scored and you still pressed ahead in your committee, the energy and commerce and in ways and means as if, the hell with everybody, no amendments, no regular order, we'll just cram it down the throats of our conference. it is horrible, a horrible strategy and a horrible way to treat, in my opinion, your .
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representative collins: well, lou, it's going to be very interesting two weeks. and i will say this. it is up to speaker ryan to get the bill passed with 218 members. right now, there's skirmishes going on, certainly with those on the farthest right, the freedom caucus who want to end medicaid expansion completely, they want to pull it back by an extra year. these discussions are ongoing. i will grant you it is up to the speaker, the leader and the whip to get this passed, if we don't, we can't move into tax reform which will stimulate the growth we need in this country and will be all of us in 2018 if we don't get fundamental health care reform and tax reform. this is step one, clearly on the speaker and the leader and the whip's shoulders. i do believe we're going to get the votes. we may see changes. i've got an amendment i am pushing behind the scenes to get into the managers' markup when it goes to rules week after next so they are open to
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some level of change -- lou: that's awfully big of them. you sound like you're talking about the pilot bureau and not the house of representatives frankly. i tell you, this president, you know this better than anyone, this president was elected because the american people are sick of the elites, sick of the establishment nonsense, and if you go through the list of donors for the speaker, it looks like he charged up both the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce simultaneously, and i mean, it's appalling, it is absolutely appalling what we're witnessing here, and if the congress thinks it's going to pull -- the congressional leadership thinks it's going to pull this stuff on the american people and on the president, we're head toward a very severe conflict in the house of representatives. look at this. jim jordan, mark meadows, the leaders of the freedom caucus, you've got a group of people
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who are not going to put up with this t and they made that clear. the senate already told you, it's dead. it's not happening. what does it take to break through to the leadership of the house of representatives? representative collins: at some point very quickly, lou, it's going to be a binary choice, either we accept a compromised bill, and this is certainly a compromised bill. we're going to remind everyone a new york or new jersey republican is not the same as louisiana, texas or florida republican, and that compromises what you're seeing here. it's the speaker's job to get it passed in the house and the leader's job, mitch mcconnell, to get it through the senate. and when people come right down to it, there were a lot of those that said we weren't going to get rex tillerson or betsy devos through and we did. it's a binary choice, we either get rid of obamacare or it's here to stay. that's the binary choice, and i think when it comes down to that, the freedom caucus will support it, and i believe the senate will pass it, we'll get
7:22 pm
this signed so we can move on. the fundamental tax reform to get this economy growing -- >> you know, congressman, you're talking about the reason to run a bad bill in a binary choice as you styled it and as speaker ryan styled it, it is because you want tax reform. that is plain crazy, and it's the kind of legislative -- congressman, it's the legislative construct that's gotten the republican party before in trouble. representative collins: no, so i guess the question would be the sticking point is the medicaid expansion in 2020 being there at a 50% reimbursement that the freedom caucus doesn't like. here's what they're not acknowledging. under the waiver program of medicaid that option has always been there. new york has that expansion piece -- lou: we've got to go, congressman, we're getting lled here. i'd love to give you the time
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to go into the medicaidstension but all of the issues are in front of us. the speaker knew, that the leadership knew that, the president of the united states right now has his -- his administration on the line because of the foul-ups and the outrageously absurd, unimaginative thinking of a speaker who thinks he is somehow presiding and who has been absolutely ugly awful to the party's candidate. i think people are -- he is absolutely, in my opinion, speaker ryan, the sooner he goes, the more likely you have a chance of having a binary choice, and hopefully it would be a good one, not another artificial hubson's choice that is the favorite of the leader and speaker. congressman, thank you for joining us. representative collins: okay, lou, stay warm. lou: you, too, partner. be sure to vote in tonight's poll --
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it's that simple, that plain. cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." nearly 15 million people in the northeast and new england still in the grip of a nor'easter that's hit the region with heavy snow and high winds, more than 20" of snow reported in parts of upstate new york and new jersey but new york city and philadelphia spared the worst of the storm. in all, nearly 9,000 flights canceled since sunday. on wall street stocks moved lower, that was sort of expected because of the weather ahead of tomorrow's fed decision. the dow down 44 points, the s&p down 8, nasdaq down 14 point. crude oil settling below $48 a barrel for the first time since last november.
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optimism among ceos rising under president trump posting the biggest quarterly increase since 2009. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, i've called on speaker paul ryan to resign. you just heard me. i'll tell you why, next in my commentary. and north korea stepping up provocations. this time threatening what they termed merciless strikes against the united states. we'll have a full report on the trump administration's response to what is a rising threat, here next. stay with us. we'll be right back. say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering?
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. lou: a few thoughts now on speaker ryan and his leadership. speaker ryan's disdain for president trump during the election season certainly no secret, the speaker in october
7:30 pm
vowed to no longer defend the republican nominee, and now "breitbart" obtaining audio of the speaker slamming mr. trump during that conference call with house republicans. >> i am not going to defend donald trump, not now, not in the future, look, you guys know i have real concerns with the nominee, i hope you appreciate that i'm doing what i think is best for you, the members, not what's best for me. lou: yeah, i'm sure everybody appreciated that. what's best for house republicans, not himself. that's laughable. perhaps he meant what's best for his donors, corporate, banks, health insurers, i said ryan seem hell bound in destroying the republican party, that back in october and he had no concept of unity or responsibility of speaker, it was worse than that. he was determined to destroy donald trump. and now five months later ibelieve the speaker is in the exact same place as he faces
7:31 pm
opposition from dozens of conservatives in the house and other conservative groups as well on his plan to repeal and replace obamacare. a new ppp poll conducted in ryan's home state of wisconsin in that district finding more voters oppose ryan care than favor the legislation. that's in his home district. that same poll showing more voters in ryan's hometown have a favorable opinion of president trump than they do of speaker ryan. ryan's achieved next to nothing since he became speaker a year and a half ago. he achieved next to nothing in his entire career before becoming speaker, and he's worked against his party's presidential nominee and he has lost. he put forward a mantra instead of policies he lost again, and yes, that's right as a vice presidential nominee of his party, he and mitt romney also lost. it is time for his party, if
7:32 pm
not the speaker himself, to recognize his limitations, his decidedly poor judgment and poor prospects for in any way finding a bett way. i believe it's time for ryan to vacate thepeaker's office in the interest of his party and, in fact, the nation. now, our quotation of the evening, this from woodrow wilson who said -- that's president trump. how would you describe speaker ryan? we're coming right back. speaker paul ryan says either support his bill or the health care system collapses, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says legislation will be open to amendment in the senate. >> it will be to open amendment in the senate like all reconciliation bills are. we're anxious to get past the status quo. lou: leading republican randy
7:33 pm
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. lou: just moments ago on the fox news channel speaker paul ryan responding to that leaked "breitbart" audio of him back
7:37 pm
in october bashing then presidential candidate donald trump. this is the speaker during that interview with martha maccallum on fox news moments ago. >> thi that was back then when the video came out. look, it's no secret donald and i had our ups and downs during the campaign but we merged forces at the end of the campaign. i campaigned with mike pence, i supported donald trump. we merged forces and since then we've been working hand and glove together. i got thick skin, this is such an ancient history, i'm surprised it's even a story. lou: well, that's interesting, he's got really thick skin and ancient history and five months ago and he never did campaign with president trump. back with us now, rnc national committeeman former chairman of the republican lawyers association, randy evans, one of the country's leading republicans.
7:38 pm
i can't wait to hear your reaction to that. randy: couple things, first time i heard five months be ancient history. i must have learned history differently when i was in school. but the bigger history that speaker ryan has to confront is this, the consolidation of power inevitably leads to the loss of power. barack obama consolidated power, he ended up losing the house, the senate and the presidency. nancy pelosi as speaker concentrated power, she lost the speakership. harry reid concentrated power as the majority leader, he lost the senate. speaker jim wright and speaker tom foley lost the speakerships when they consolidated. i was in the speaker's office when speaker newt gingrich decided to consolidate power and we had a coup attempt. leads to the same destination, you either conclude you are the leader of many ideas or a totalitarian, authoritarian leader who says it's my way or the highway. that's what bothered me so much
7:39 pm
in the earlier interview, it's a binary choice. trust me binary choices are my way or the highway. lou: hobson choices are putting up false choices of the two worst possible alternatives. i mean, this is -- and speaker ryan continues, randy, to pretend he's an intellect for god's sake and these are new ways, new approaches and effusing capitol hill with the brilliance of his mind. my god. what do you think? do you think he can remain in office or for the good of his party, for the good of the house conference, for this president, for the american people resign? randy: i think he'll either adopt a different leadership model or he won't survive. there is no way can you operate the speaker's office with that kind of control and expect to survive over a full two-year or four-year period.
7:40 pm
it's not possible. i was there 14 years and having seen two different speakers, every time there was this effort to force this binary idea, this, you know, you have two choices, you either pass the bill to read it or don't pass the bill. any time you do that, you necessarily stifle the best ideas in favor of the leadership's directive who answer to a completely different constituency than the american people. lou: right, i think you put it as well as it can be put. and to hear congressman i have great respect for, chris collins of new york, to hear him with talking points, binary choice, binary choice, like paul ryan, he would be willing to entertain a few amendments. my god, randy. when do politicians talk like that even if they are thinking like that? i mean the arrogance of the moment is overwhelming for the good of the president.
7:41 pm
for his administration, what does he do here, in your judgment? randy: well, lou, the bigger problem is that it's directly the opposite of president trump's initial tweet on the issue of health care. what was his initial tweet? it's open for negotiation. what is the speaker's initial response? it's not open for negotiation. you either accept it or you reject it. now when you have them on completely different sheets of the music, bad things happen, and it's why we really need to focus in on trying to say to the speaker and to the staff and to the leadership, we're a party of entrepreneurial ideas and i think majority leader mcconnell has it absolutely right. it's got to be open to amendment and more importantly, lou, open to improvement. it can always be better than the first ideas that came out of a set of bureaucrats hidden in a room nobody could see. you have senator paul on the floor talking about it. lou: you wouldn't think you
7:42 pm
have to instruct a leader of the house of representatives about the importance of democracy and -- and his support and his guidance of good and great ideas rather than to continue with this better way nonsense. i'll tell you that is a gag worthy line that he continues to emit from time to time whether voluntarily or involuntary, i haven't discerned. randy evans, great to have you with us. thanks so much. randy: thanks, lou. lou: please roll the video now. this freeskier soaring to record heights. david wise soared an astounding 45 feet into the air as he, whoa! he went over an axe before landing safely. i don't think the axe was a particularly necessary or good idea, do you? up next, the trump
7:43 pm
administration fighting back against the deep state and government leaks. >> no resource will be spared in holding those account who leaked information that could well constitute a compromise of methods and a compromise of our national security. lou: christopher ferrell of judicial watch joins us and warns there's a soft coup attempt against the trump administration. he's my guest here next. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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. lou: joining us now to discuss the need to crack down on government leaks and purge the deep state from government is christopher farrell, he is the director of investigations and research at judicial watch and it's great to have you with us. chris, let me start with today. white house press secretary sean spicer saying that the president is confident that his claims of surveillance on the part of the obama administration will be substantiated. your reaction? christopher: i agree with him. whether it's literally wiretapping or electronic surveillance, concealed monitoring, some type of signals intelligence or communications intelligence, any of those different intelligence sort of collection methods appear to be to have been used against president trump, then president-elect
7:48 pm
trump and his transition team, how else do you explain this sort of verbatim transcript of the phone call with general flynn? it's very dangerous stuff. people are flirting with comments which is a special access program and using it with the press to try and destroy the president. lou: yeah, they're trying to destroy the president. have you said this amounts to a soft coup, frankly, this looks like an all-out effort to subvert the president of the united states to sabotage his administration. it rises, in my mind, it appears it could easily rise to the level of sedition. your thoughts? christopher: i agree with you. i think when this is all played out, when it's exposed, it will make watergate look like a third rate burglary. it will show that the national collection assets were focused on a political candidate and
7:49 pm
then later on as the president-elect and his transition team in an effort to undermine and destroy him, and this will dwarf any scandal you've seen before. lou: and fbi director comey, he is one of the most peculiar figures in all of this, whether it be because of his reversals with the investigation of hillary clinton. it appears by the way the only thing that was not wiretapped successfully or surveilled was her private e-mail server. your thoughts about comey? christopher: comey is completely compromised. i'm surprised he's still around, frankly. not just on this issue of the election and the outlaw e-mail server and the wire trapping and electronic surveillance of president trump, but, look, there's other major corruption issues that comey's turned a blind eye to they know he knows about because i brought it to senator grassley and to the
7:50 pm
i.g. at the justice department. there are corrupt agents in the el paso office of the fbi. all sorts of internal problems. fbi agents who are serving and rently retired tell me that the mood in the fbi is comey is basically what they refer to as a dirty cop and they want him gone. lou: chris farrell, as always, good to have you here. thank you for joining us. christopher: thank you, lou. lou: director of research for judicial watch, board member and great american. up next, felony or freedom of speech? rapper snoop dogg at the center of a political firestorm. that's coming up next. ♪ . lou: former governor mike huckabee joins us. he'll weigh in whether the secret service should be, well, giving snoop dogg a little attention. we'll be right back.
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lou: a question last night. do you think speaker paul ryan has vastly oversold the attractiveness of the healthcare legislation. and 86% of you say he has.
7:55 pm
let's start with sean spicer saying the president is confident he will be val dmaitd his claims that he's been surveilled by president obama. >> i think it's gointo come out that there was an attempt and an active surveillance of things at trump tower, including donald trump. probably not. but how did they catch mike flynn? they were surveilling him. where? he was at trump tower. it was not like it was some big shock. it was upon when donald trump sent out his tweet that they forgot what they wrote. yeah, i think it will be validated. lou: going to this business with paul ryan, either you vote for this piece of legislation that
7:56 pm
seemingly every conservative in the house that every conservative is repealing about and the senate says will not fast no matter what. he has fouled just about everything he could up in this enterprise to repeal and replace obamacare. hasn't he? >> that's the political language you use when you don't want anybody to mess with what you have done. what he's selling is not girl scout cookies. what people are looking at this thing and realizing, they are bragging about they are not going to have subjects does. it will can tax credits. a tax credit is a subsidy, lou. except you get it a year later. but you didn't have the money to begin with. for poor people who can barely afford health surae, they don't need a tax credit. they need affordable hlth
7:57 pm
insurance. there are a lot of things that need fixing. to say it's all or nothing, this or forget about it, i think that's a little bit on the bold side by the speaker. lou: randy evans who worked with speaker gingrich, one of the country's leading republicans. he was talking about the authoritarianism exhibited by speaker ryan it's truly a still shocking insistence on his way or the highway. and i don't quite understand where he ever got the idea, the confidence to be so i am peer was. am -- to be so imperious. he has never done anything. >> donald trump has invited just about every critic he has over to dinner and bowling. this is an attempt to bring
7:58 pm
people together, even if it's elijah cummings. i think paul ryan could learn something from donald trump in how to lead and how to govern. he's doing a good jock of showing what leadership looks like. lou: you took paul ryan off the hook which i afraud your adroitness. the trump rally for which he doesn't get as much credit as i think he deserves, and we are talking about $3 trillion in the stock market. we are talking about confidence at 15-year highs. whether we are talking investor or consumer confidence. we have people playing games with people who frankly aren't qualified to carry his briefcase. he needs to clear the desk of these folks who are impeding the progress of his administration. >> i don't disagree with that. there are some folks in washington that need to realize
7:59 pm
the entire coury elected him. peop in the hoe were elected by 1/435 of the population. they do need to get themselves just steel away with the attitude that donald trump is the president. we want him to be there. many of us really like him. we support him. we think his agenda is the right agenda for america. when they had it all for themselves, they really screwed it up. lou: to your point. this is the man who showed them how to win. you would have thought they whether architects of his victory. not the inverse. governor mike huckabee, thanks. a quick programming note for my colleague birmingha -- colleagua
8:00 pm
bartiromo will be interviewing speaker paul ryan. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight the white house pushing back against the cbo report on their healthcare plan. they need to start from scratch or should the haters relax. the number of so-called socialists skyrocketing in just last year. who is to blame for that. legendary comedian and actor chief marin is here to talk about his book and the assault on the so-called drug war. the new president has some new fans and they e not just hillbilly at ride nationists. this time it's small business owners


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