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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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provisions in all places including the united states have bought u.s. borders and or -- ports of entry in the issuance of visas is prohibited sending further orders from this court. we will leave it there. lou dobbs has it to our special and donald trump taking his case for health care reform to tennessee. lou: president trump's in nashville tonight for his first campaign rally since the release of ryancare. the president is there to push his agenda and put the full weight of the presidency behind ryancare. president trump also paying homage to andrew jackson who was born 250 years ago today. we will have special coverage of tonight's rally and among our guests congressman dave -- who opposes ryancare and also tonight trumps justice department taking actigainst russian spies. the doj announced the indictnt
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of four dependents including two russian intelligence officials for stealing data from at least a half a billion yahoo! accounts we will have the full report for you. president trump supporters and detractors alike with a bombshell announcement regarding his accusation of president obama wiretapped him during the election. >> wiretapping covers a lot of different things. i think we will find interesting items coming to the forefront about two weeks. lou: what can it be? we take it up with former senator and president of the heritage foundation chef -- jim demands that enough republicans charges ed rollins and charlie hurt. they are here tonight. good evening everybody. the embattled ryancare legislation faces its biggest test tomorrow as the house budget committee votes on whether to approve it.
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three members of the power for freedom caucus served on the budget committee and only four republicans joined democrats in voting against the bill, it would fail. all of this comes as president trump prepares to hold a rally this hour in nashville. he is there to promote the ryan plan to repeal and replace obamacare. and breaking news tonight, a federal judge in hawaii has just put president trump's revised extreme vetting on hold. u.s. district court judge derrick watson and obama pointy issued his ruling just moments ago after hearing arguments on hawaii's request for a temporary restraining order against the president executive order. his ruling prevents that executive order from going into effect tomorrow. more than half a dozen states are trying to stop the order. federal courts in maryland,
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washington state and hawaii hearing arguments today about whether it should be allowed to go into practice. hawaii arguing that the ban discriminates on the basis of nationality and it would prevent hawaiian residents from receiving visits from relatives in the states, predominantly muslim nations covered under the executive order banned. again, federal court judge blocking president trump's extreme vetting order. the first-order was put on hold back on february 3. our first guest tonight says the ahca bill or ryancare fails to hault the parts of obama carob even driving the cost of insurance higher for americans. joining us tonight to discuss how conservatives have derail the legislation conservative president of the heritage foundation former u.s. senator jim demint. it's great to have you on the show.
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this has been a remarkable period since ryancare was revealed. is it your judgment and as speaker ryan himself says that he has the votes in the house and likely the senate? >> i don't think so lou and i know the white house is working feverishly to listen to ideas that can approve the bill so my hope is obviously that this bill will at least take a pause, accept some amendments because as you mentioned if this bill does not do the things we need to do to push down the cost of health insurance and health care were create more choices for the people of this country and it keeps one of the big problems of obamacare which is the medicaid expansion which means it has large incentives inherent to expand medicaid to able-bodied americans and that is at the expense of older or disabled sicker people right now so a lot
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of this doesn't make sense. i'm still optimistic the white house is listening to some of our ideas that would create the competition and lower the prices over the next couple of years. lou: which is what the president himself said he wants to be the outcome in any revision, repeal and replacement of obamacare. let me ask you this though, this bill as it's revealed to the public, to the senate, to the white house, speaker ryan himself is basically saying no amendments, take it or leave it. the two committees that heard the legislation that is energy and commerce, and ways & means no amendments in either committee and apparently no inclination to accept amendments. can this proceed in that
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fashion? >> well that's not the way it will proceed. what they are doing is going through a perfunctory committee and markup as they call it but then in the end they will have what's called a manager's amendment. the republican member who is managing the bill on the floor will offer an amendment that they believe will have the votes to pass. i hope at that point as they have included some of the amendments that the conservatives have been talking about, that the white house has been listening to. our hope is the final manager's bill will actually be a big improvement and pass, so we just want to be able to say it's a move in the right direction. we don't expect this first phase to be perfect lou but a lot of the things that have been promised like interstate competition, association health plans don't happen until what they called phase three. i know from being in washington from us 20 years now if you bet
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on the coffee usually lose that bet. lou: and if this legislation moves ahead, it is important that their be some sort of design here that the president can sign. the president has made it very clear at least it seems to me, very clear he's not going to sign a bill that doesn't do what he has promised to the american people namely reduce premiums, extend health care coverage itself. these are tough standards. your reaction? >> i think he wants to keep his promises and i believe again as i mentioned lou the bill that has been presented cannot pass the house and if it did it would not pass the senate. i believe all the republican leaders know that at this point so i think they are going to ultimately be anxious to find those ideas that will improve the bill and help it passed. that's what we are hoping for
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obviously hear as we have presented a number of ideas that they are to foundation which we think can pushown costs and give consumers a lot more choices. lou: tomorrow a test, the budget that vote against tomorrow. it will be taken tomorrow. your sense about the prospects? >> i think the conservatives will stick together. whether or not they can get the four votes that are needed, i'm not sure. i haven't done the vote counting that as i know from serving in the house they don't need your vote, dana white your opinion. unless the conservatives their opinion isn't going to count. if they can pass this bill without conservative votes they will. my hope is that they won't be able to pass it. they will listen to our ideas and we can help make the bill better. lou: very quickly at 7:30 we understand the freedom caucus is meeting and we are expecting to
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hear from both senator rand paul and congressman mark meadows perhaps congressman jim jordan. your thoughts about what is at play here on the part of those conservatives? >> well if you want to know who the patriots are in congress is the house freedom caucus and mike glee's group in the senate that includes rand paul. these folks are smart, they are tough. they want to get to -- they want the president to succeed. they do want to betray the promises we been making to america for over six years and if this bill goes there and we cannot say that it's an honest-to-goodness repeal than i think a lot of people are going to be disappointed. lou: all right, jim demint always great to talk with you. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you lou. lou: we are awaiting a trump rally set to begin this hour in nashville and there you see it,
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the folks filling the venue. we will bring that to you as soon as president trump takes the stage. we are coming right back. it's an action-packed and absolutely full newscast evening. stay with us as we cover it all. we are coming right back. stay with us. the trump administration thousand to push and obamacare replacement forward that serves all americans. cynic at this moment are is pursuing a mall to step strategy to repeal obamacare and replace with something that works. lou: will ryancare survive on the budget committee vote smart? congressman ve rat aember of the house budget committee and the power for freedom caucus joins me next. russian spy ship sailing only 23 miles from our navy submarine base in georgia. what are the russians up to? that and much more straight ahead. stay with us, we will be right back.
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who met president trump set to release his first budget tomorrow when the moose military spending by $54 billion cuts in non-defense programs by the same amount. we will take a look at some of those reported cats and as you see here 31% cut into the epa,
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28% cut out of the state department budget, 18% cut out of commerce, 14% reduction in the budget of housing and urban development. my next guest serves on the house budget committee and is said he will vote against the g.o.p. leadership backed plan to repeal and replace obamacare. joining me now congressman dave brat also a member of the freedom caucus and congressman is great to have you with us. >> thank you lou. lou: before returned to the budget and some of the issues of the day let me ask you, can you give us a sense of what's coming from the leaders of the freedom caucus, senator rand paul at the bottom of the hour? >> yeah i mean it's basically keeping our word that the person that comes is when you repeal obamacare that's what they expect to see and the major problem is we don't want a federally run health care system. that's the problem. everything the feds touches insolvent. medicare is insolvent social
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security is insolvent. i talk for years so we can get to a yes vote. if we get the insurance or rags that the only piece that will bring the cost curve truly down. that's a herculean lift and ted cruz has shown us the way. vice president pence goes in the chair we can get reconciliation to bucket to its called into law we don't want this for your shift of dueling executive agencies going back and forth. we want to put this into law so we been the cost curve down and health insurance rags, no young person can go out right now and shop across state lines to get a low cost health insurance policy lou: let me make it very clear, he wants to see that. speaker ryan has said in due time. you and the freedom caucus say what? >> yeah while we say the creature -- crucial air with obamacare was the health insurance guys went to the white
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house looking at their shoes and only paid attention to coverage and didn't pay attention to price and then in the cost curve down so that we have a disaster. we have the death spiraling costs are going up 25%. the cbos gorges came out and said we will reduce costs 10% but that's after costco up 25% so if you do the math 10% from 25% costs are going up 15% of mass after three years. loupe most of us also can't do what you call math in washington d.c.. effectively two years of rising premiums according to the scoring of the cbo and the net decline for where reason is a matter of conjecture. where are we in terms of the vote tomorrow in the budget committee? >> the budget committee will be tight. there are six votes in place so we will see how that goes that you had it right, the health care system and the free market,
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i have on my adam smith tie for symbolic purposes. lou: good for you, i wish i had one and i'd be in solidarity with you on that. >> we way to start off with the free market. they get 300 million people in free markets where you can go out and buy across state lines and compete. trump has a big heart. we want to see him succeed but to do that there is 5% of the folks with pre-existing conditions that are over 50% of costs of their uninsurable. let's take care of them with a big heart but let's not mess up up -- lou: very critically and itg if. 5% those with the most severe illnesses, half of the cost of all health care. >> right, and their uninsurable so the insurance markets don't cover them. lou: this is new. the republican conference has been one of the many regrets,
7:19 pm
complaints against obamacare and yet the republicans do not have a ready solution at hand so that the president's agenda can move forward. >> there is too much political pressure in the bill and not enough friedman and hayek. lou: are you really going there? >> the fatal conceit is all you need to know thinking that our finest human mind can capture with renewed million people need in california and texas acros the state. we can dthat math soe need to let the free market system work for three and a million people and let's take care of those with real needs and we will do that. lou: congressman u.n. the freedom caucus all i will say is godspeed and hope you prevail
7:20 pm
and can prevail. let's turn to a couple of things that just happened. one of them is a judge has just issued a stay against the president's executive order, his revised executive order on extreme vetting and this was to it take effect tomorrow and now it will not. your reaction? >> that's what we have going. that's why it's important to put the stuff in law. they will lose that one. the extreme vetting thing came up when congress passed it and obama chose the seven countries and there are countries that are either failed states or are a threat to the united states of america so it's a no-brainer and unfortunately we are playing politics. we finally got a cabinet only a week ago so the evidence is overwhelming. the left is playing hardball. trump is doing everything he can to make this country safe and we are all with him on that. lou: all right and with that
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congressman dave brat thanks for being with us. a reminder to follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me on instagram that lou dobbs. tonight the justice department announcing charges in connection with the 2014 cyber attack against a half-million yahoo! accounts. the justice department finding to criminal hackers into russian spies involved. all four were indicted today. the first-ever criminal cyber charges against russian government officials, members of their intelligence service, at least two of them. on wall street today stocks closing higher on the fed decision to hike rates. the dow up 113-point. most of that gain in the exhilaration after raising rates counterintuitive i know but there it is. and the s&p up 20 points, the nasdaq up 40 3-volume on the big board picking up to 3.8 willie
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and shares. and i want to add that what i'm hearing from washington d.c. right now is that the trump administration is considering a tax on certain products imported into the united states but it is a targeted tax on imports that includes amongst those products automobiles according to what i'm hearing from washington. crude oil snapped a seven-day losing streak closing near $49 a barrel. the federal reserve today voting to raise interest rates by a quarter%. officials still projecting to more interest rate hikes this year. a reminder listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next the house leadership not winning any fans with the rollout of ryancare. >> the problem is this though, the leadership in the house is
7:23 pm
weak-kneed and they are afraid, they are afraid so they are giving you something that is half as much as obamacare but does not fix the problem. lou: congressman michael burgess joins us next. he supports trying care. we will debate the issue with him next and we are waiting the presidents rally in nashville. no debate there. we are covering it right here on the fox business network. stay with us for our special coverage preclude dobbs tonight continues right after these words. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles]
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search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. lou: president trump slamming nbc for releasing his 2005 income taxes showing he paid a higher rate than either president trump or senator bernie sanders. so take that. >> i have no idea where they got it. but it's illegal.
7:28 pm
you are not supposed to have it. and it's not suppose to be leaked. it's not an embarrassing tax return. but it's an illegal thing. they have don't before, and i think it's a disgrace. lou: president trump will be with tucker carlson at 9:00 p.m. eastern time in the, unless the rally goes longer than that. he's set to start a rally in nashville on healthcare. joining me to discuss the prospects of vine-care is michael burgess. he's the longest serving doctor in congress, so he knows everything about acha, obamacare and healthcare more importantly of all.
7:29 pm
great to have you with us. >> you are very kind. thank you for having me on. lou are that may expire when we talk about obamacare and ryan-care. i know you have feel strongly about the ryan-care legislation. the conservatives in your caucus are deeply disappointed in what has been produced. >> wait just a minute. this is only one step of a multi-step process. we are right on the cusp of the 7-year anniversary of the afford care act. i have waited for this day for seven long years. sure i want to get rid of the individual mandate and the employer mandate and we are on the verge of doing it. the burton bill reported out of my committee last week, is it perfect? no, in many what is it's not, but it's a positive first step.
7:30 pm
credit so many people who put so much work into this. the vice president president has been with three groups i monitored today. whether it be moderate or conservatives he thanked us for having the steadfast courage to be with this from the get-go. lou: he's a imagine of immense patience and trying to put together a deal, to his credit, a deal which he frankly -- your leadership has made it more difficult than it need have been. seven throng years, as you put it. we know about chronic care and the immense burden that places on all healthcare dollars in this society. that bill does not address it. we know also the premiums should go down because the president of the united states said that in his campaign for the office, correct?
7:31 pm
and premiums go higher according to the congressional budget office in the first two years before going into decline not necessarily at the rate or depth we would like them to. and it does not expand healthcare itself and if you look at the medicaid expansion or whether you have look at the actual coverage and the choices made not on the part of younger people primarily to take the coverage, we are talking about somewhere between 7, 14, and 24 million people who will be without coverage. is that a fair statement? >> extensively from the congressional budget office i will say this about the congressional budget office, i am less impressed about their ability to predict human behavior. they were wrong on the number of sign-ups. they were wrong about part d and
7:32 pm
immediate care. care -- on medicare. as far as the delay in the reduction of the premiums, it does take time because of the way the actuarial content of insurance policies is put together. impossible to affect anything for this year because the contracts are already out. it's difficult to affect hug for next year because that data has been collected. liu i comils rate except in that -- lou: i miss rate. -- i understand. but we have had 7 years to address those elements that are frustrating to us all. but now the refusal to accept amendments in the house. ways and means and energy and commerce did not accept amendments.
7:33 pm
now we have to take it on faith it would be moved to the senate for a vote there for what happened? there is no public hearing and no public discussion. and we have your speaker telling us it's a binary choice like we are third-rate tag-alongs on citizenship. >> we had a 27-hour markup in our humble committee. lou: but you didn't amended a thing. >> the amendments were principally recommended by the democrats. so they were in effect poison pill amendments. and we did defeat all the democratic amendments. i was proud of of the men and women on the energy and commerce committee for standing strong on that. the president and the vice
7:34 pm
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lou: dan coat was confirmed
7:38 pm
85-12. president trump earlier this week slammed the senate democrats by the head clown as he called senator chuck schumer for slow walking the three remaining nominees. , commerce, agriculture and the trade representative. andy ryan, matt schlapp, and ed rollins. great to have you with us. i want to put this up. this just happening in hawaii. a federal judge in hawaii has just stayed the president's travel ban or extreme vetting order, and this is what he said
7:39 pm
in part. this from the obama-appointed hawaiian judge. because a reasonable, objective observer, enlightened by the specific historical context, con tell pore rain was public statement, and specific sequence of events leading to its issuance would conclude that the executive order was issued to disfavor a specific religion despite its stated religiously-neutral purpose. a reasonable observer in the mind of this law hold greater weight than the law and the facts and the constitution before him.
7:40 pm
extraordinary writing in supporting this order against the president's extreme vetting order. matt: that's what these extreme judges do. the executive order had expert legal research done to write it. he looks at trump's remarks at some rally and equated them with the constitution and what's in the executive order. it's one of the reasons the american people are crying out for some sanity from their government. lou: hawaii look like it created a judiciary from an altered state.
7:41 pm
ed *: they can do whatever they want to do, then you go to th theth court of appeals to the most left-wing court in the country. matt and i both served in the white house and tried to undo that by putting a few conservatives on it but we didn't succeed. i think they did the best job they could. i think it will win out. but you have got another period of time that goes by and clogs up the concept and ultimately the vetting and legislation is what's going to be critical, and that needs to get moving, too. lou: so we are back where we have been since the first day february 3 against the original order of president trump. it was this revised order was to go into effect tomorrow.
7:42 pm
it's now been stayed by a clearly impartial and highly objective and utterly reasonable fellow out in hawaii who thick he can decide just exactly who has their head on straight and who doesn't. let's turn to another issue. speaking of head on straight. the house leadership. the way in which the rolled out. they are within the thinnest of vote, four votes in which ryan-care could go down if the freedom caucus and others do not support the legislation. matt: we watched john boehner. taking a piece of legislation cooked up in the speaker's office and jamming it through will not work.
7:43 pm
it create more animosity amongst republicans. it's a big problem. you will not pass an obamacare replacement without conservatives feeling they have a fair shot. that's what they have to do to heal this republican rift. lou: heal it, fix the bill, come to terms with whatever reality is it seems like the leadership in the house -- and i have got to say, i understand there are lots of extenuating circumstances like arcane parliamentary procedures and paths down which all of this legislation is passed. but for crying out loud, they have had all these years and really making very clear, they know very little about what is
7:44 pm
necessary. they had plenty of time to adjust to president trump's demand it create lower premiums, that it cover more people and create better healthcare in this country. where do we head from here in all likelihood? ed: if you don't open this up so members can correct it you will end up with a bad bill and we flow that failed miss a repli'. we need to -- failed miserably. they need more vote in the house and senate. they need to let this thing be worked. lou: these are people choosing not to work. that's one of the issues i want both of you to address.
7:45 pm
this president is working 24/7, 7 days a week. week in and week out. the house and the senate, you would think you were watching a country club where somebody has a book for every three days. they so up, pitch somebody the keys to the car then show up three days later. this isn't a job for them, it's a venue and something from the taxpayers. these people are not working hard, at least most of them. this no me africa for succs whether ey are re-elected again whether it's two years or six years. matt: the other side of this, and ed knows this well as well.
7:46 pm
if they don't mass an accessible obamacare replacement, it will be off with their head. this is something republicans have been crying about doing for 7 years. it's a shame to squander this. lou: it's betrayal of a president-elected to change the status quo and root out the establishment and the of ossifieed way of doing things. ed: until they repeal it, there is no real pressure on them. lou: a russian spy ship returning off the east coast of the united states. we'll have that for you. stay with us, we are coming
7:47 pm
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lou: a russian spy ship returning off the east coast of the united states. it's off the coast of kings bay, georgia.
7:51 pm
the spy ship is in international watters. international watters extend to 12 miles offshore. f.b.i. director james comey and nsa director mike rogers to testify before the house intelligence committee march 20. the chairman of that committee devin nunes outlined the investigation ahead of donald trump's claim that his campaign headquarters had been wiretapped by president obama. >> if you are going to take the tweets literally, clearly the president was wrong. but if usual not going to take the treats literally and there is a concern the president has about surveillance activity look at him or his associates appropriately or
7:52 pm
inappropriately, we want to find that out. lou: back with us matt schlapp and ed rollins. this story gets more bizarre every passing day. the house intelligence committee making a demand that you prove something or not within 24 hours is preposterous. ed: i would suggest he talk to the two gentlemen in the committee because necessity work for him. if there is anything there, go forward. if not, suggest to the committee, there is nothing there. what the committee is trying to do is make the president looks fool i and i don't think that's fair to him. lou: do you agree, matt? matt: if the obama administration was not surveilling trump world why did
7:53 pm
the "new york times" and the washington post write storey after story after story about how trump was so wired up with putin in russia, there were several investigation going on. what was the obama administration look at these connections with putin or not. they can't have it both ways. i think the president is making a fair points. let's put on the table what happened. let's go through the inteen committee. i want to know what happened. lou: i'm -- i'm astounded by this. we have had six months of innuendo that there is a rip between trump and putin. there is not one scintilla of
7:54 pm
evidence. and yet we have a situation now cowith devin nunes and the house intelligence committee attaching a date certain in which to prove president trump was surveilling, wire tapping of, whatever expression you want to use, president trump. this an absurdity. ed:require's a continuation -- it's a continuation of the circus. there was some evidence, we have to so it. i think at the ends of the day there won't be anything valid there. lou: but there is the continuation of leaks from the government led by president trump and it doesn't appear to be improving.
7:55 pm
it seems to be worsening. matt: i want to go back to this idea, the press has been covering there is an investigation going none trump world and they have been talking about the fact people have been surveilled. i do think the leaks are a big problem and i think they are criminal. i think they are trying to create a cloud over president obama's head and the administration. i think the american people can see this for what it is and we have to stay on it. lou: the correction you are looking for, matt. was about page 33 in lower left. cold day in hades. is there an elk in your bed?
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lou: president trump holding his first rally since rollout of obamacare. we are told he's in the building. but there are so many people trying to get into the venue, they are not quite ready to start the program to begin the rally. and joining me is fox news mercedes schlapp and attorney
8:00 pm
and political analyst gayle trotter and charlie hurt. good to have you all with us. let me start with you, gayle, if i may. charlie hurt, i want to start with you, i'm told. charlie: i tnk this is a continuation of what we saw during the campaign it's evidence that donald trump is not -- the campaign is not over. he's going to keep going, and he's going to keep going pushing his agenda and take it out to the country. i think he will prove to be very, very effective. i can guarantee there are a lot of democrats and republicans as well who are very, very nervous about the fact if they oppose


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